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Good morning, afternoon or evening and a happy Weirdy Beardy Man in the Skyday to you all.

Now the chances are that you won’t get to read this on the day that it is intended for due to me not starting writing it until nearly 7 AM.

Never the less, the majority will have been written on Sunday and as such, treat it as being released on Sunday. That way I haven’t got to change loads when I do the edit.

Okay, lets start with the right useless James Duddridge – one of many MP’s in this country taking money under false pretences.

And as you will know, the shameful reply that he gave me to the detailed e-mail that I sent him was as much use as a glass hammer.

Never the less, my daughter Stacey is now going to write to him. After all, her and Clayton are the victims in all of this. I mean, they have both been scared to death by all this malarkey and her bedroom was invaded and subject to a 2 AM fingertip search by four very rude thugs who didn’t even bother searching my bedroom – what the fuck is that all about?

Moreover, it his her son that the Social Services seem intent on stealing despite her doing absolutely no wrong as his mother.

Indeed it is all to do with getting at me. After all, the two charges that they arrested me for are bollocks and you only need look at the time and effort being put into trying to make the charges stand up in court  – despite me not having been charged yet – should be enough for the dumbest person to realise that the police and social services are acting without honour or integrity.

Indeed, the SS and the Corrupt Police have another meeting about us tomorrow (Monday 24th).


I mean, they have extended my bail, which was expected to try make me look guilty, although if they think that will make me sweat then once again they have vastly underestimated me.

Yet it seems that the corrupt wankers are trying to find any little excuse to take a loved and happy little boy off of his loving mother and condemn him to a life of misery… And all on a trumped-up charge of harassment and an indecent file that they themselves planted on my computer.

Are you content to let this keep happening to innocent people? Because I’m not!

Now, neither of those trumped-up charges make me a danger to Clayton – who absolutely adores me. I mean, even if the file was mine – and I cannot stress enough that it wasn’t – since I write about child pornography I would be much more likely to have the file for work purposes than for any sexual gratification.

I mean, logic dictates that since I have 5 children, the youngest of whom I have brought up alone for the past 18 years, with none of them having even so much as being expelled from school, let alone ever been in trouble with the police, I must have done something right.

Couple that with the fact that there have had numerous little children stay overnight as friends of Stacey’s without there ever being so much of a hint of any sexual impropriety and neither have I ever had a job that brings me into close proximity with children having first worked in construction then tattooing and now working from home… I hardly fit the profile of a kiddie fiddler do I!

And then there is the fact that Clayton has lived here with me since he was born and I have looked after him numerous times (at least twice a week) on my own with no harm coming to him whatsoever… Never the less, Stacey has now had to give up collage because we cannot take the risk of giving the SS reason to snatch Clayton.

That is two years of hard work down the pan for Stacey and the end of any hope of a career in social care… Yet as I say, she is the one suffering most because of the wholly corrupt authorities.

Worse still,  the SS are going to all this trouble to try to find some wrongdoing when it is patently obvious that Clay is well looked after, much-loved happy little boy whom I am no threat to him whatsoever.

And since they are going to all this trouble, you can only conclude that the bastards are conspiring with a view to removing him or breaking up my family and that must not be allowed to happen.

These people are supposed to be professional, yet if they are not now acting without integrity then they certainly are not fit to be doing the jobs that they are doing.

And after tomorrows meeting we then have Nicole Miles and her manager invading our home again on Wednesday.  I would therefore request that you all make your anger known over this blatant victimization to Duddridge, Cameron, your MP, the Essex Plod, the Castle Point Social Services, the newspapers and anyone else you can think of.

As I say, there is absolutely NO REASON why these people are on our backs.

Remember, these are dangerous, heartless useful idiots and the only way to stop them is if enough of you fight my corner. They need to feel as threatened as what Stacey and Clayton do. And no I do not mean that you should threaten violence.

However, if you ring them rather than write to them then try and record the conversation and send it to me.. They need to explain themselves because those two trumped-up charges do not warrant the attention that we are getting.

Make them squirm. This is fucking England not communist East Germany.

1005628_10201545082009509_402081967_nRemember, Me, Stacey and Clayton have done absolutely NOTHING wrong. We are being stitched up in revenge for me exposing government frauds… Nuff said.

Mind you, talking about Fascist Regimes I had to chuckle at the way Russia is being portrayed as being proper oppressive. I mean, did you know that you get arrested in Russia for posting political comments on Facebook:

“Kill all of these whores at different NTVs and Channel Ones, kill them, kill them like they’re rabid dogs!”

Pavel Shekhtman wrote that on his Facebook page on Aug. 15. NTV and Channel One are two giants of Russian state-funded journalism. On Wednesday in Moscow, Shekhtman was arrested by Russian authorities, Russian organization OVD Info reported. The cops gave no statement on the reason for his arrest, but news site said his detainment was related to this particular post.

The Russian activist and publicist was inspired to add it as commentary to a repost of something Ukrainian blogger Roman Davidenko wrote on his Facebook page: “Russian terrorists are murdering Ukrainian prisoners of war who refuse to comment to the Russian channels.” Before threatening all journalists who work for Russian state-funded television, Shekhtman wrote specifically about one photojournalist, Andrei Stenin, who worked for the state-run RIA Novosti agency before he was killed in Ukraine: “Ukrainians! I hope you haven’t released Stenin? I hope you’ve shot him?” Yikes, Shekhtman—looks like you’ve gotten yourself into a house arrest situation.

Pavel Shekhtman is the perfect example of how the right words, even when written on Facebook, threaten the Russian government on the level of a BUK missile. He was released from temporary detainment Thursday morning and issued a statement of house arrest, reports. He could face up to four years in jail under a charge called “extremism.” His Aug. 15 Facebook statement is no longer posted for the public to see. Vocativ scooped up the details of his post from Source

Fucking Hell! Can you imagine if that happened in England… Oh wait a minute, it does.

Hypocritical fuckers.

And France looks to be just as oppressive as England is:

Four entertainers could face the sack after photos emerged of them re-enacting a Jihadi execution at a children’s summer camp in France.

The leaders at the retreat on the island of Groix, off southern Brittany, took 18 pictures while acting out executions similar to those carried out by the Islamic State terror group. Source

Now as far as I can tell, these photos were taken in private and were not part of the entertainment although there may or may not have been a child present – the usual half arsed shite that passes for reporting these days.

And of course, since the Chimp doesn’t know if there was a child present or not then they do not know the age of that child either. I mean, a child could be a 15-year-old for Dogs sake, although I doubt very much that there was a child there at all and the possibility has in all likelihood only been added to try to stir up moral outrage.

However, any outrage that I feel is aimed at the cunts who can’t see this for what it is… A fucking mess about… A laugh… A fucking joke.

It was a mock execution taking the piss out of the mock executions that our respective governments are trying to pass off as real… The dirty twisted fucks.

However, it certainly comes to something when this shite is taken so seriously that people stand to lose their jobs for messing around. And fuck me, if any of them has kids then it is a good job that it didn’t happen over here or else they would now be fighting to keep them from being stolen.

And talking of mock executions, I have some photos for ya.

jiji7ji17And still the bullshit flows faster than the ‘blood’ in those photos:

A female doctor says she left her comfortable middle class life in Malaysia to join the Islamic State – where she married a jihadi she had never before met and whose language she could not speak.

Calling herself Shams, the 26-year-old has since kept an impassioned diary of the time she claims she spent in ISIS-held cities Taqba and Raqqa – updating a number of social media sites with florid descriptions of her marriage to a Morocco-born terrorist who uses the nom de guerre Abu Baraa.

As well as posting detailed accounts of her day to day life as an a terror bride, Shams also posts words of encouragement for other young female fanatics thinking of joining ISIS – often updating her websites with chilling images, including one of a doctor’s stethoscope wrapped around a rifle.

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A doctor! From a middle class background! Deja vu or fucking what:

A woman believed to be a British medical student who left the UK in order to join ISIS has posted an image on social media of herself holding a severed head.

The woman, who goes by the Twitter name of Mujahidah Bint Usama, claims to be a doctor for the terror group based in Raqqa, Syria.

In the image, which was used as her profile picture but has since been removed, she can be seen wearing a full burka and white lab coat while holding the head of a man.

Looks like she is holding up a black square to me, although fuck knows what the young fella next to her is holding… Best get Nicole Miles on the case. However, the message that the purveyors of bullshit are obviously trying to get across is that EVERYONE is a potential terrorist.

Never the less, returning to that story about the Malaysian doctor and you may have noticed that she is rather appropriately calling herself ‘Shams‘… Which I suppose is a better name than the British doctor who called herself Bint.

Never the less, if you were paying attention to the beheading photos you will have noticed that one of the pictures carried a caption stating: “Know that we have armies in Iraq and an army in Sham”.

Now, according to Wikipedia:

Alpha Sagittae (Alpha Sge, α Sagittae, α Sge) is a star in the constellation Sagitta. It has the traditional name Sham or Alsahm which comes to us from Arabic سهم sahm and means Arrow, the name formerly having been applied to the whole constellation. Alpha Sagittae is the third brightest star and is four times more massive and 340 times brighter than the Sun.

Therefore I can understand why the Malaysian doctor has adopted the name Sham, but that photo caption would now read: Know that we have armies in Iraq and an army on Alpha Sagittae… Which is a fucking strange place to have an army.

Course, if the photo caption had read: “Know that we have armies in Iraq and an army in  AL-Sham”, that would have kinda made more sense since Al-Sham refers to an undefined region around Syria. Yet it would have been very sloppy of them to leave out the “Al” bit in such a fine production.

However, thinking about it logically the photo caption is translated from Arabic to English, so it would follow that the word ‘Sham’ also pertains to the English word as opposed to the Arabic word.

And since Sham means hoax or fraud it is indeed totally appropriate for the Malaysian Doctor and the ISIS army… Just sayin’.

Especially so in the doctors case since she is Malaysian but tweets in English.

Chilling: In August Shams uploaded this sickening photograph of a doctor's stethoscope wrapped around a large assault rifle. She described it as a 'selfie' of her and her terrorist husband

Yep, just the kind of thing a doctor would tweet… Totally, totally believable… Although she wants to be careful writing a diary because if her husband catches her doing so then she can look forward to being stoned to death… And I am not talking about overdosing on a big fat zoot.

And whilst we are on the subject of all these professional bods fucking off to become Jihadists, the car mechanic who is an explosives expert – like the vast majority of car mechanics tend to be – is also worth a mention, even if it is only to laugh at ISIS paying their fighters “housing benefit”:

A former car mechanic who fled Britain and joined the Taliban after serving a prison sentence for fraud has joined the Islamic State and is now fighting in Syria, it has been claimed.

Hamayun Tariq, a divorced 37-year-old who was born and raised in Dudley in the West Midlands, is understood to have joined ISIS seven weeks ago, and has been claiming a salary and housing benefits from the terror group ever since.

Fuck me, it is no wonder so many Brits are joining up. I mean trying to get housing benefit over here is like trying to get blood from a stone.

Mind you, no one can say that MI 6 are not on the ball. I mean they know the names, the movements and where all these Jihadists live… It’s just capturing them that they have a problem with.

Indeed, it’s just a shame that MI5 are not as on the ball since they don’t seem to have a Scooby who and where the terrorists are over here.

Small wonder then that the government insist that we are in so much danger that the only way to protect us is if we are all assigned an MI5 agent each.

Course, according to Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner Mark Rowley, it’s all Edward Snowdens fault that we are all seconds away from being beheaded in the street by a fella called Michael… Although I am still struggling to find out exactly what Edward Snowden revealed that we didn’t know anyway:

British intelligence agencies have ‘more blind spots’ when monitoring potential terrorist threats than five years ago, the country’s top anti-terror police officer has said.

Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner Mark Rowley said the revelations by former US data analyst Edward Snowden and advances in technology left counter-terrorism detectives at Scotland Yard operating on a ‘shaky platform’.

It comes after three men appeared in court yesterday over an alleged terrorist plot, following a police operation three days before Remembrance Day.

Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner Mark Rowley warned that Britain's intelligence agencies have ‘more blind spots’ than at any time for five years

Smile ya grumpy fucker. It’s not as if you will ever get targeted is it?

And there is some good news for all those who refuse to believe anything other than the official party line. You see, the CIA have at last released proof that Osama Bin Laden was buried at sea.


Sadly, the real truth is that you are all being taken for right mugs.

There is no terrorist threat. Not from ISIS, the Taliban, Procal Harum, Al Shaboom ShaBoom or Al Qaeda… Talking of which, have you noticed how Al Qaeda have now become surplus to requirements. In fact fuck me, ISIS have really shown them how to do the do haven’t they… Well that is to say, the script writers have.

I mean, just check these 2011 statistics out for a reality check:

– You are 17,600 times more likely to die from heart disease than from a terrorist attack

– You are 12,571 times more likely to die from cancer than from a terrorist attack

— You are 11,000 times more likely to die in an airplane accident than from a terrorist plot involving an airplane

— You are 1048 times more likely to die from a car accident than from a terrorist attack

–You are 404 times more likely to die in a fall than from a terrorist attack

— You are 87 times more likely to drown than die in a terrorist attack

– You are 13 times more likely to die in a railway accident than from a terrorist attack

–You are 12 times more likely to die from accidental suffocation in bed than from a terrorist attack

–You are 9 times more likely to choke to death on your own vomit than die in a terrorist attack

–You are 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist

–You are 8 times more likely to die from accidental electrocution than from a terrorist attack

– You are 6 times more likely to die from hot weather than from a terrorist attack

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And remember, practically fuck all has changed since 2011.

In fact in 2012 the Telegraph – an MSM newspaper – even ran an article reporting on how little chance we have of being killed by terrorists:

Bee stings kill as many people in Britain as terrorist attacks do, according to a report by a Government watchdog who claims the risk from extremists has fallen “markedly” in recent years. Source


Turning to Royal news now and I see that the Duchess of Alba has kicked the bucket:

A huge crowd of wellwishers gathered at Seville cathedral today to mourn the Duchess of Alba as her coffin was brought in for her funeral service.

Friends and relatives including her widower Alfonso Diez, daughter and sons, attended the ceremony in the grand surroundings of the 16th century building.

The six children are set to inherit a palace each following her death aged 88. Source

Indeed, it is a fact that she was a lot more Royal than Bizzy Lizzie ever was or ever will be! And whilst I don’t buy into the Reptilian thing, the Duckess of Alba wasn’t human that’s for sure… No human looks like that!

Wedded bliss: Maria del Rosario Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart y Silva, 18th Duchess of Alba de Tormes on her 2011 wedding day to third husband Alfonso Diez, who is 24 years her junior

Now, as it happens I actually wrote about the Duckess in May 2013. You can find that article by clicking HERE

However, I should warn you that she had a penchant for walking around nude and the article includes photos like these:

I was also tagged in an interesting Facebook post about Prince Little Willie today.

The post which was left by my friend Sandra Bar was about Little Willie’s handler David Manning, who I must confess to never having heard of:

This is prince William on Friday night, his handler David Manning likes to stay well clear of pictures, but his reptilian wee gob managed to get caught in this one!

I published the following on Manning a few years ago, this is the first time I have seen him in the press since! ” On 17 January 2010 a man called David Manning was appointed by the Queen as senior advisor to William. I am sure that most people have never heard of this man, but he is one of the shadowy elite, who work behind the scenes, he is one of the puppet masters as opposed to a puppet.

Princess Diana referred to these people as “The men in grey suits”.

Here is a point bulletin on David Manning’s Pedigree

1. Sir David Manning, who is Jewish, (Zionist) was in Washington meeting Richard Armitage around the time of 9/11. He was flying over Staten Island when the planes hit the towers, and had a bird’s eye view of the destruction. He helped plan the Iraq war, and memos have revealed that a year before the war, he knew that Blair planned to go to war.
Some conspiracy theorists might speculate that Manning was one of the planners of 9/11.

2. On 16 November 2008, he won a £50000 U.S. defence job. Manning also holds a senior post with U.S.-owned arms company Lockheed Martin., who are one of the biggest arms manufactures in the world. They have been charged with espionage and they were given the contract to conduct the UK 2011 Census. Lockheed earns large sums from the British Ministry of Defence, and they are one of the most corrupt companies in the world. Lockheed made billions from the Iraqi war.

3. Manning was UK ambassador to Israel between 1995 and 1998, foreign policy adviser to Blair from 2001 to 2003, and UK ambassador to the USA from 2003 to 2007.

4. Manning is one of the people who wanted the Bank of Scotland to be taken over by an English bank. He is on the board of Lloyds TSB.

5.Manning is on the advisory board of Hakluyt, a private intelligence firm partly staffed by former MI6 officers. It was set up by former M16 agents to spy on campaign groups. It once spied on Greenpeace on behalf of oil companies.

taken from my prince William Messiah blog.

David Mannings Wikipedia page, the most recent pic they have of him was taken in 2005!

And as we know, the Royal family are all into Satanic child abuse, a subject of which my friends over at the Coleman Experience have just written an article about:

We all know Britain is run by lying, sociopathic, thieving, murderous, paedophilic filth.

What’s less well-known though is their secret obsession with the Devil.

You see, hard as it is to believe, the rulers of this septic isle are, in fact, practising Satanists.

They  love nothing better than to partake in gruesome rituals that the average person would find sickening.

Child Killer Mirror Headline

They also see no wrong in abusing or even killing children and babies during their filthy gatherings.They’ve even been known to sell the organs of their victims when they’ve finished the abuse.

Their sordid secret is shared with royalty, judges, intelligence services, teachers, social workers, MP’s, the police and even showbiz ‘stars‘,( to name but a few).

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And of course, Prince Little Willie had a flat in the Dolphin Square luxury complex of which stories are now beginning to emerge in the MSM about, with lurid tales of politicians murdering and abusing little children:

The claim was as clear as it was chilling: behind the genteel façade of one of London’s most famous apartment blocks, children faced abuse on an industrial scale.

Every weekend, groups of vulnerable boys from local care homes were being smuggled to an address in Dolphin Square, Pimlico. There, after being plied with alcohol, they suffered sickening sexual assaults.

The paedophile ring orchestrating these crimes had, over time, come to believe it enjoyed immunity, a whistle-blower told police at the time. 

After all, members were said to include a cross-section of Britain’s most influential politicians.

‘I had been specifically told that we were dealing with Conservative MPs,’ that whistle-blower, John Mann, recalled to me this week. ‘That’s one of the things which stood out for me.

‘Another was how violent it sounded. There was talk of dogs being involved and beatings. I would describe it as quite awful; the sort of thing you don’t easily forget.’Source

Course, we here in the AM have been writing about Dolphin Square for years, yet I don’t expect former residents like William Hague and Derek Laud to fall under police suspicion any time soon.

Instead the police will concentrate on the dead such as Cyril ‘fat boy’ Smith and former Men in Tights boss Peter Hayman.

The vast complex of 1,250 flats on a 7.5-acre plot close to the Thames was built in 1937 to provide homes for individuals its developers described as ‘notable in public life or society’

The website has this to say about the insidious dwellings:

If the walls at Dolphin Square could speak, they would reveal a history rich with colourful, distinguished, and sometimes notorious characters. Politicians and peers, spies and foreign dignitaries, glamour girls and stars of stage and screen have all enjoyed the many benefits of life at Dolphin Square.

The proximity of the Square to Westminster has inevitably led to its popularity with politicians. Many have lived here in the past, including Harold Wilson, David Steel, William Hague, Estelle Morris, Beverly Hughes and the late Midlands MP Iain Mills. In 1994 alone, 59 MPs lived in the Square. Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies, famous for their involvement in the Profumo affair, were both sub-tenants at Dolphin Square.

In the past, many foreign dignitaries graced Dolphin Square’s hallways and gardens. In 1940 the Free French occupied Grenville House, and when General de Gaulle was in the Square, workmen had to be issued with special passes before being allowed entry.

Dolphin Square also has past associations with the worlds of espionage and subterfuge. Ian Fleming’s M was partially based on Maxwell Knight, a senior figure in British military intelligence, a former member of the British Union of Fascists, an accomplished jazz drummer and a long term resident of Dolphin Square. Whilst at MI5, Knight recruited Ian Fleming and a fellow resident, William Joyce. An extreme right-winger, Joyce became an infamous figure during the Second World War – ‘Lord Haw-Haw’, a leading German propaganda mouthpiece during World War 2 who was ultimately executed for treason.

Oswald Mosley, fanatical ‘blackshirt’ and, along with Joyce, one of the British Union of Fascist’s prime orators, lived at Dolphin Square with his wife Diana, one of the Mitford sisters. He left the Square in June 1940 to face internment at Holloway Prison, where he lived with his family for the rest of the war.

During the 1940s and 1950s Dolphin Square was the home to several comedians including Arthur Askey, Tommy Trinder and Vic Oliver. Oliver’s wife Susan was herself a famous actress and the daughter of Winston Churchill. After a party at Nelson House one night, the brass numbers on a number of doors at Nelson House had been swapped around, giving rise to rumours that this was the prank of some of these residents. Former music hall star Bud Flanagan – one half of the hugely successful double act Flanagan and Allen – lived in Raleigh House. Flanagan he enjoyed particular success during World War 2 with songs like ‘We’re Going To Hang Out The Washing On The Siegfried Line’. His voice is still familiar today singing Dad’s Army’s ‘Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler’.

Dolphin Square’s connections with espionage were revived in the early 1960s. Tenant John Vassall, an admiralty clerk, was exposed as a Soviet spy in 1962. It is rumoured that agents from both sides of the former Iron Curtain lived here.

And in 1999, the Guardian newspaper also wrote about the place:

A £3 black cab fare from Westminster, the building is a mini parliament with about 50 MPs renting apartments. Alistair Darling, the social security secretary, could share a taxi home with Estelle Morris, schools minister, Gisela Stuart, health minister, Beverley Hughes, environment minister, and David Clelland, a whip.

Or if they were chauffeured in their government cars they would be able to give lifts to some of the many Labour backbenchers with flats there, including Stuart Bell, Gavin Strang, Hazel Blears, Tom Pendry, Anne Begg, Sir Ray Powell, Brian Iddon and Lynne Jones.

The Hagues, William and Ffion, live in Keyes House at the back of the complex to lead a Tory contingent that includes the former cabinet minister Lord Jenkin of Roding – who, coincidentally was until recently president of Friends Provident, which triggered the controversy by trying to regain the lease.

David Weeks, Dame Shirley Porter’s sidekick during Westminster’s homes for votes scandal, has an apartment and used to sit on Dolphin Square’s management committee, which sets the rents.

Lords Desai, Tordoff, Dormond, Brooks, Gregson, Sewel, Campbell of Croy and Belhaven and Stenton have set up home in the blocks.

The Tory MP Iain Mills drank himself to death there and lay undiscovered for two days.

Past residents include Princess Anne and her husband, Tim Lawrence, who quit Drake House after supposedly labelling it “naff”.

The one-time world speed record holder Donald Campbell had a pied-à-terre and novelist CP Snow wrote about his tenancy. Charles de Gaulle lived there during the second world war. Harold Wilson had a flat, as did Oswald Mosley. Source

And of course, I believe that I am right in saying that MI6 spy in a bag, Gareth Williams was found dead in his Dolphin Square ‘safe house’.

Now you may have noticed that Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice Davis also had flats at Dolphin Square and of course Cameron’s in-laws, the Satanic Astor family were heavily implicated in the Profumo scandal along with the two prostitutes.

So, it is quite apt that the Chimp ran an article on the abhorrent Astor family earlier this week:

Judging by the pictures that emerged from her hen night this week featuring an outsize inflatable phallus, bride-to-be Victoria Hargreaves’s pre-wedding party at 10 Downing Street promises to be a very racy affair.

Victoria is marrying Jake Astor, the party-loving younger son of Viscount Astor and the half-brother of Samantha Cameron, who is throwing open the doors of No 10 for a gathering of perhaps the most fascinating and well-connected family in the land. Source

Now, according to the aangirfan website:

“Britain’s intelligence services listed the names of all those who went to Russia from the thirties onward…

“The records show visits to Russia from members of the Astor family.

“Lord William, 3rd viscount Astor, was to hold sex and black magic parties at his grand house, where Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies seduced the rich and famous.

Photo: Stephen Ward

“Stephen Ward, was a master occultist who at these orgies would conjure weird spirits to visibly appear, which sound identical to those at Bilderberg ceremonies.

Photo: Churchill who took an interest in the occult.

According to T Stokes:

“MI5 informant Stephen Ward treated Winston Churchill for alcoholism and depression, and got him painting for therapy, it was said to be what Ward knew of Churchill that ensured his murder.

“Sir Anthony Blunt then bought up all Stephen Ward’s drawings of the royal family and destroyed them, so no links would be found of Satanism and perversion in any inquiry, between the royals and a black magician…

Photo: Queen Elizabeth and a Druid ceremony.

“Attendees at these parties told of Sir Anthony Blunt asphyxiating young boys…

“Sir Anthony Blunt could do as he wanted he … would trawl the late night London lavatories for young men incapacitated by drink or drugs, to bring back to their flat over the Courtalds institute…

“The top catholic exorcist Dom Robert Petit-Pierre claimed the exorcisms he had to perform at the Astors huge estate and Wards cottage, contained the most potent satanic entities he had ever come across, including the spirits of several murdered boys.

“The evil spirits were similar to the entities surrounding the devils chimney, the Aleister Crowley wartime rituals on Britain’s south coast for Winston Churchill’s occult Black group experiments.

“Dennis Proctor, who helped run the pre war ministry of power, helped government supply contracts only go to those Jews approved by Rothschild…”

Photo: Herbert Morrison, of Jewish origin.

“The grandfather of Tony Blair friend Peter Mandelson was former government minister Herbert Morrison.

“Intelligence files from this period, state quite clearly that Morrison was instrumental in informing other powerful Jewish businessmen connected to the Russians which products would be going up in the annual budget…

“Dame Shirley Porter who is the daughter of Jack Cohen founder of Tesco supermarkets, had close connections to the late Herbert Morrison, and all these people are linked to the Rothschilds, who fund both Britain’s New Labour and Conservative parties…”

One of Stephen Ward’s girls, Mandy Rice Davies, with Israeli soldiers. According to Henry Makow: 

(Profumo Affair Exposed Illuminati Control /Profumo Affair Exposed Masonic Control): “A tightly-knit satanic sex cult subtly controls all states and pits them against each other in a profitable and diverting Punch-and-Judy show… “Keeler witnessed the ‘Communist’ Stephen Ward meeting with ‘Fascist’ leader Oswald Mosley. “In Oct. 1962, she overheard Ward tell Eugene Ivanov, his Soviet contact: ‘a man like John Kennedy will not be allowed to stay in such an important position of power in the world, I can assure you of that.’ “Ward was a spy master who used the innocent Keeler to get information from important men… “Ward made his subordinate Soviet Naval Attache Ivanov seduce Keeler in order to compromise Profumo. “Stephen Ward was an Illuminati agent whose job was to undermine the Conservative government to make way for Harold Wilson’s Labour Party…

Written by TV personality Michael Bentine.

“Christine Keeler… slept with everyone from Ringo Starr to George Peppard…

“The Masonic elite were/are into every form of sexual depravity and have inducted society as-a-whole into what is in fact a pagan sex cult…

“At Cliveden, the seat of the Astor family and a center of British power, Keeler reports finding in the wood ‘a witch circle, the real thing, about ten feet in diameter.’

“Keeler describes orgies: ‘Stephen knew all the Masonic handshakes and he said that at some of the parties the girls would just wear Masonic aprons. They would be flicked up and down like a sporran,’ he would laugh.

“Some of the women… were heavily into sadistic sex and there were ‘black magic’ parties which were really just an excuse for group sex sessions. There would be phallic totem poles around which all these women would bow and scrape.’

Ward lived in Spring Cottage on the Astor estate Cliveden “which became a site of both magical & more hedonistic activites.”

“The ‘cream’ of British politics, business, culture and law participated in this scene…

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Hmmm, says a lot for our [dis] honourable Prime Minister doesn’t it?

And talking of Dave the Rave, I see that Andy Coulson has been released from prison after serving less than 5 months of his 18 month sentence:

Shamed former News of the World editor Andy Coulson was spotted leaving his home early this morning following his early release from jail yesterday.

The ex-Tory communications chief was let out of Hollesley Bay, an open prison in Suffolk, less than five months into an 18-month prison sentence for phone hacking.

He was seen driving his car bright and early this morning as he left his home in Kent, wearing a black coat and blue T-shirt. Source

Coulson was seen walking his dog later this morning as he carried a stack of the national morning papers
Coulson was jailed for his part in the News of the World phone hacking scandal yet he only served a quarter of his prison sentence.

Mind you he did four and a half months more prison time that Cameron’s flame haired, former bit on the side, Rebekah Brooks served… And to think that they say that crime doesn’t pay.

Coulson was of course previously Cameron’s spin doctor – allegedly hired as a favour to Gideon Bean for Coulson going easy on him in regard to his relationship with S&M specialist, Natalie Rowe.

Our justice system truly is a fucking joke… As is the American justice system.

I say that because veteran actor and comedian Bill Cosby is still walking around free as a bird despite 9 woman (16 according to the Washington Post) having now come forward with allegations against him ranging from sexual assault to rape:

Bill Cosby’s appearances at Las Vegas and Arizona casinos have been canceled amid widening allegations of sexual assault.

No reason was given by Diamond Desert Casino in Tucson, Arizona for the canceled February 15 show. 

Las Vegas’ Treasure Island confirmed on Friday that the comedian’s show, the day after Thanksgiving, had been canceled, reportedly by ‘mutual agreement’. 

Broadway Center in Tacoma, Washington also just pulled out of an April Cosby show according to TMZ, saying they took into consideration ‘the financial harm we will suffer by cancelling, and even greater financial risk of moving forward with the performance.’

In the past week, numerous allegations of sexual abuse against Cosby, 77, from a number of women have led to canceled interviews along with NBC and Netflix projects. Source

Bill Cosby appeared on stage in Barbados on Thursday night for the first time since nine women came forward this month to claim they had been attacked by the star

Vile Cosby has of course had many allegations of sexual abuse leveled against him in the past.

And finally – as you may know – one of the legal “indecent” images found on the computers that the corrupt plod thugs stole off of me was once owned by Elton John.

Moreover, after re-reading the article about the singing drama queen in which I used that photo, it struck me at just how much difference there is in the way that the haves and the have-nots are treated in this country.

I mean, just think of the hassle that I am getting off the SS and then read Brown Dirt Cowboy, my article about Elton John which I have republished below in full.

You may also want to read the Chimps article about the vile little man which can be found by clicking HERE

The revolution really cannot come soon enough for me.

Brown Dirt Cowboy

Chris Spivey

I see Elt and Dave have nipped to the market for another baby.

I don’t suppose what I have to say on the matter will be too popular. Never the less, I’ll say it anyway being as that’s the kinda guy I am. I will however, let you read the following from yesterdays Sun Newspaper first:

SIR Elton John and David Furnish have become parents for the second time, according to reports in the US.

We exclusively revealed in November that Elton, 65, was “over the moon” that a new arrival was on the way.

And the New York Post has said the couple have had a second child with the same surrogate mother who gave birth to their son Zachary.

Two-year-old Zachary was born on Christmas Day 2010 by a woman based in California. Her identity is unknown.

David Furnish, son Zachary and Sir Elton John 

Happy … couple with son Zachary

No details have been revealed about the birth of the couple’s latest addition have been revealed.

Elton’s representative Fran Curtis refused to confirm or deny the news, and told the Post: “We never discuss our clients’ personal lives.”

Last year Elton told how he and Furnish, 50, were keen for their son — full name Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John — to have a brother or sister.

He said: “At what stage we don’t know. But we definitely will. I don’t want him to be an only child.”


I imagine that we are all suppose to Rejoice, Rejoice, now that Elton Toilet & Funny Furnishings have ‘given birth to another baby. I certainly won’t be and neither has that fact got anything to do with the pair of knobs sexuality.

What it does have to do with is the kind of man the drama queen is.

This kind of fiasco needs putting a stop to by my way of thinking. Course, we all know that when your rich you are more or less above the law, but what if Elton Bog and his smarmy boyfriend were just your average everyday folks?

They certainly wouldn’t be allowed to adopt.

For starters, there would be a huge question mark over the Rocket Mans age. His weight could also be a negative factor – but lets not go there because he is known as being a bit sensitive and prone to tantrums… Which would also go against his suitability to bringing up a baby. As would the old baldy’s vanity too.

He also keeps very, very dodgy company. I can connect the singer (and very good he is too, but that isn’t the point), to just about every politician and celebrity who has ever been involved in a sex scandal over the past decade; if not before… Birds of a feather, and all that malarkey.

And what of his past… Hmmm. Lets have a butchers shall we?

A good place to start is with rent boys. If you have read my new article, Derek! Who the fuck is Derek, about Derek Laud, you will know about the rent boy, Jeff Chevalier who was Lord John Browne’s ‘lover’.

He was also the person responsible for Lord Browne having to resign as CEO of BP. Lord Browne met up with the filthy vile nonce Laud just after Christmas. The obnoxious pair are in fact  both on the board of Directors of Stanhope Capital, based in the City of London.

Browne, is also very well in with our Royal family – no surprise there. Elton Lavatory is also good friends with Lord Browne and the Royal Family. He even sang at Princess Diana’s funeral.

So, keeping Chevalier in mind, the following passage is taken from the Daily Mail in 2007 is very interesting:

Mr Trickey, who last saw Chevalier five weeks ago, said that after he had split from Lord Browne he boasted about having met Tony Blair and about staying with Elton John and David Furnish at the pop star’s holiday home in Venice…

‘…Then he told me that he had met Tony Blair and stayed with Elton John and David Furnish in Venice. He mentioned lords and duchesses that he had met, but the names meant nothing to me.’

Read in Full

And here is another passage from a different article on the same subject:

Lord Browne and his younger lover enjoyed a champagne lifestyle and holidayed with the likes of Elton John, it has emerged.

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Oh look, its our old pal David Brewer in that last photo… Just sayin’ and interrupting… Sorry.

Course, those of you who read my stuff regularly will know that as well as being sexual deviants, the Royal Parasites are also practicing  Satanists. However, if this fact is new to you I suggest you read my lonnnnnnnnggggggggg article entitled Monsters Inc.  By doing so, there will be no surprises in learning that Elton Pisspot is also a Satanist:

Like so many artists who have sold their souls for rock and roll, Elton John has been immersed in Satanism. In fact, Bernie Taupin who has lived with Elton John and wrote most of his lyrics stated that Elton John’s “home is laden with trinkets and books relating to Satanism and witchcraft” (US, July 22, 1980, p. 42) Taupin like Elton John, with whom he collaborates, is also into Satanism. Taupin admits that he decorates his walls with “satanic art” and has further declared that, “the occult fascinates me”(People, June 23, 1980). 

Many artists like Elton John and Bernie Taupin recognize the devils hand in their success and realize that their fans do not have a clue that much of their inspiration is the result of demonic beings that use them as puppets to deceive the public.  Elton John has admitted that he is deceiving his fans, “Its all a big con,” and adds, “But as long as the public laps it up, I’m quite happy to go on giving it to them.” (Rolling Stone, July 15, 1976, p. 30)

Like all those who rebel against a relationship with the Lord, Elton John lives a lifestyle that is doomed and headed toward destruction. John has stated, “In most artist there’s a self destructive streak. Drugs, sex and doomed liaisons were my form of destruction.”  Besides his sexually perverse lifestyle Elton John has been known for his temper tantrums and deep depression. Elton John has had multiple sex partners, “I would walk into a club a see someone I hadn’t even met and I would already have them on the conveyor belt,” declared John, “They’d come out with a Vercase shirt and a Cartier watch at the other end.” 

After all of John’s worldly success he has not found the true happiness that can only be found through a relationship with the Savior Jesus Christ. John has stated, “One thing that depresses me is that there are so many successful people that are [expletive) miserable with it.” Elton John has sought to fill the depressed, Christless void in his heart to no avail with sexual perversion and materialism. “I haven’t met anybody I’d like to settle down with—of either sex,” says John. John’s sexually perverse influence on the masses is taught by example, through songs as well as in interviews. He has stated:

“There’s nothing wrong with going to bed with someone of your own sex. I just think people should be very free with sex…They should draw the line at goats.”(Rolling Stone, October 7, 1976, p. 17)

Both bestiality and homosexuality are condemned in the word of God as unnatural ungodly. God’s word warns that Homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God and that the sexually immoral will go to the lake of fire. (1 Cor. 6:9-10, Revelation 21:8) Elton John has sung about suicide, Lesbianism (All the Girls Love Alice), glorified prostitution (Sweet Painted Lady), sniffing glue (Bitch is Back) and encouraged teenage rebellion (Bennie and the Jets). John lives for pleasure, but as God’s word declares that those who live for pleasure will never be satisfied. 

Elton John has struggled to fill the empty void in his soul with sex, drugs, fame and even food, “If I was eating a curry, I couldn’t wait to throw it up so that I could have the next one.” Elton John would regularly spend almost one hundred thousand dollars per shopping spree. He once spent nearly a million dollars in a single day of shopping. All of this has not filled the void in Elton John’s heart. So deep has been his depression that he has attempted suicide more than once. John once reportedly took 60 valiums and jumped into a hotel swimming pool, yelling, “I’m going to die!” 

On yet another occasion he turned on an oven and laid his head in the range but subsequently aborted the suicide attempt.

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Course, I have no idea if Elton Crapper & David Fungus are – like most Satanists – into Child Sacrifice or not. It is however very rare that someone heavily into such a vile form of worship ever gives it up. The Royal Spongers certainly haven’t.

Neither do I know if Elton Loo is a Nonce or not. However being Knighted by the Queen after first receiving a CBE from her doesn’t help with all the rumours of paedophilia that surround the Superstar.

Neither did the Sun Newspaper help dispel the rumours although they were sued by Elton Khasi over their front page story which stated that he had sex with under-age Rent boys.

This then from Wikipedia:

In January 1987, MacKenzie published a front-page story alleging that pop singer Elton John had had sex with underage rentboys. These claims were without any foundation and entirely false. Shortly after, MacKenzie published further allegations that the singer had had the voiceboxes of his guard dogs removed because their barking kept him awake at night.

Not only were these additional claims also completely untrue, but MacKenzie confirmed their inaccuracy shortly after publication by sending a reporter to the singer’s house, who quickly discovered that all of his guard dogs were quite capable of barking (MacKenzie later admitted that in retrospect he found it difficult to understand why he had believed, never mind published, the claims about the guard dogs which he later realised were self-evidently absurd). Elton John sued The Sun for libel over both these claims and was later awarded £1,000,000 in damages.[15] MacKenzie later said of Elton John

“I think The Sun should have its million quid back. It hasn’t damaged him at all, has it? Libel can only have a value if there has been some kind of damage, right? Where is the damage? Where? There’s nothing wrong with him. So no, I don’t feel bad about him, not at all”

As a foot note to the CBE and Knighthood that the singer was awarded by Bizzy Lizzy. It is telling of the warped mindset that the Old cow has by the huge number of honours that she bestows on those with a dodgy past, don’t cha think?

Then there is the matter of the Penis’s Pianist’s Class A Drug taking. Elton John was so heavily into Cocaine that he told Piers ‘prat’ Morgan that ‘Drugs nearly killed him’. I can’t imagine that something like that would count in Mr & Mr Ordinary-Gays favour when the pre-adoption assessments were taking place, can you?

Especially when you add Elton’s alcohol abuse  &  Bulimia in to the mix:

Sir Elton John was ‘very close’ to being killed by drugs, he says in a television interview tonight.

When he looks back, he shudders at his behaviour, he says.

Interviewer Piers Morgan asks him: ‘How close did drugs come to killing you, do you think?’

The pop star says: ‘Very close. I mean, I would have an epileptic seizure and turn blue, and people would find me on the floor and put me to bed, and then 40 minutes later I’d be snorting another line.

This is how bleak it was, I’d stay up, I’d smoke joints, I’d drink a bottle of Johnnie Walker and then I’d stay up for three days and then I’d go to sleep for a day and a half, get up, and because I was so hungry, because I hadn’t eaten anything, I’d binge and have like three bacon sandwiches, a pot of ice cream and then I’d throw it up, because I became bulimic and then go and do the whole thing all over again. That is how tragic my life was.

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And then there is this interview which is testament to his sleeping around with every Tom, Dick & Harry – without even bothering to use protection to boot:

 Meanwhile, Sir Elton admitted during his interview with Matt Lauer on the NBC Today show that he ‘wasted’ much of his life on drugs. The singer also admitted that he felt like the ‘luckiest man in the world’ to survive his drug addiction at a time when people were dying of AIDS.

He said: ‘I wasted such a big part of my life, when this epidemic was beginning to happen in the early 1980s.

‘I was a drug addict and self-absorbed. I was having people die right, left, and centre around me, friends. And yet I didn’t stop. I was consumed by cocaine, booze and who knows what else.’ 

He added: ‘When you take a drug and you take a drink and you mix those two together, you think you’re invincible. I came out of this HIV-negative. I was the luckiest man in the world.’

Read in full

Now, a book brought out in 2009  entitled Elton John: The Bitch is back, written by Mark Bego, could have scuppered the flamboyant Star and his ‘filmmaker’ husbands  hopes of adopting for a first time, let alone the second. Here is what the wendyista.blogspot had to say on the matter:

 Sir Elton John is none too happy about a new tell-all book that exposes the singer’s past as a cocaine and sex addict.

Written by Mark Bego, who has penned best-selling bios on Cher, Billy Joel and Michael Jackson, the book (Elton John: The Bitch is Back) claims Sir Elton tried to “commit suicide as he struggled with his sexuality and details a kinky homosexual threesome that took place the week of his doomed marriage to (female) recording engineer Renate Blauel in 1984,” reports the National Enquirer.

This book, which will be on sale later this month, could not have come at the worst possible time, as Sir Elton and his partner David Furnish have been trying to adopt a child.

“There’s some shocking stuff here,” a source said. “Back then, Elton went through mountains of cocaine and rivers of booze. He really only straightened out with the help of David — David really saved his life.”

Mark told the tabloid Sir Elton “routinely lied to the press about his cocaine and his sex addiction” for most of his life. What I did was find people who were there with him, doing the drugs and having sex with him, to tell of their encounters. I actually had more Elton sex and drugs stories that I could fit into another book!”

Course, it would be easy to say that the past is the past. But that isn’t applied to us ordinary Joe’s so neither should it apply to the ‘Elites’.

However, if the idea that ‘the past is the past’ was applied to us all, then I suppose the above could possibly be forgiven… If it wasn’t for the fact that Elton WC owns some of the sickest Art I have ever seen.

This ‘Art Collection’ – and I use the term extremely loosely – led to a Police investigation into the Singer and his ‘partner’ in regards to them possessing child pornography (

The sick collection includes the following Picture, that I have Censored.

Never the less, it still looks to me like one girl pissing on another. And that is the warped fucks idea of art:

In Conclusion, I find it hard to understand how Elton Shithouse and his lover David Funnyface were allowed to adopt (albeit through surrogacy) their first child, let alone any more.

After all,  I presume that some sort of adoption procedure still has to take place, even with a surrogate child?

Then again, it has always been one law for the rich, and another for the poor. Well, to my way of thinking, it’s about time that the balance of power was redistributed.

The fact that a person is a multi millionaire does not automatically qualify them to be good parents. In fact, from what we now know about the rich and famous, you wouldn’t entrust most of them with the care of a pet dog… Especially not a rich person with Elton Crapper’s credentials.

Elton John, therefore qualifies as my Sleezebag of the day.

Until the next time,

Much love, Chris.