The Spiv on Sunday 13/9/15


Christopher Spivey


Good morning, afternoon or evening, and a happy Weirdy-Beardy-Man-in the Skyday to you all.

Fuck me it has been a while since I said that and to be honest – which I am – I only decided to do this ‘Spiv on Sunday’  at 4:21AM this morning whilst having a look at what old fanny the Chimp was putting out on its webshite.

And indeed, there was that much crap on the shit-rags news feed that despite being tied up with legal matters and writing about the Shoreham Flight-Shite (which is now going to go to a Part 3 and possibly maybe even Part 4, such is the wealth of evidence of a fraud taking place that I have to document), that I felt it prudent to comment on some of the Chimp’s attempt at real journalism.

Nevertheless, time is at a premium so I will warn you now that this edition of the Spiv on Sunday will in all probability, be a shadow of its former self.

Still, let’s see what I can come up with and as good a place to start as any is with some ISIS bollox – and there is plenty of old bollox to chose from.

You see, it would now seem that the government scriptwriters have finally cottoned on to the fact that people are questioning why these so called Terrapins always target innocent people and never attack our politicians or the Royal family.

“No problem”, thinks they and quickly conjure up the following fantasy:

 ISIS spies have hacked into the email accounts of a number of cabinet ministers in a sinister plot to assassinate politicians and members of the royal family.

British intelligence agency GCHQ uncovered the assassination plot, which targeting the accounts of some of David Cameron’s most senior ministers, including Home Secretary Theresa May.

The jihadi suspected of masterminding the operation was British computer hacker Junaid Hussain, 21, from Birmingham, who was killed by US forces in August.

“ISIS spies” no less, fuck me they are organised!

Mind you, I would have thought that hacking our MP’s accounts would have resulted in blackmail rather than assassination but there ya go.

Yet some-fucking-how, although Dog knows-fucking-how, these MP’s who had their accounts hacked led to GCHQ AKA the MIT declaring the hackings to be assasination plots… Moreover, having declared the hackings proof of assassination plots, the MIT were then able to name the chief suspect behind the *aherm, aherm, assassination plots.

Indeed, assassination plots by our security services require the planning of senior, high wanking, Oxford & Cambridge graduates, whereas ISIS can rely on the expertise of a 21 year old, comprehensive school educated, Brummy boy… Roger that. Do carry on:

By hacking the private offices of senior ministers, the terror group would have had access to the scheduled visits of government ministers and the royal family. 

The attack is eerily reminiscent of one of Hussain’s former plots, which saw the hacking of Tony Blair’s electronic diary.

Hussain, who was only 15 when he masterminded the attack on the account belonging to Mr Blair’s special adviser, was jailed for six months in 2012.

A 21 year old, comprehensive school educated, Brummy boy, with form then… Roger that. Do carry on:

The hacker fled to Syria in 2013 while on bail for a violent assault, accompanied by his Muslim convert wife Sally Jones, 46.

Hussain met the former rock singer and perfume saleswoman from Chatham, who calls herself Sakinah Hussain, online.

The strike that killed Hussain came just three days after the British drone strike on ISIS’ de facto capital Raqqa, which killed 21-year-old jihadi Reyaad Khan, from Cardiff. Source

Fucking hell there are some major coincidences included in that load of old cobblers isn’t there?

I mean, not only did our 21 year old, comprehensive school educated, Brummy boy with form become a hard man fugitive from the law; the young upstart then went and married 46 year old wrinkly, “Our sal” from Kent… Mind you, Sammy Lou Lew is already married – again – as well as being possibly dead… Or alive… So he couldn’t really marry her.

Not that it matters now since Kevin Hussain is apparently brown-bread. Nevertheless, to prove that the Monkey-Kuntz were not making up this shit, they added a photo of “Our sal” from Kent.



What do you reckon to Banana Dacre’s Dunces publishing that picture Asim Qureshi?


Yeah, me too.

You see, as I pointed out over a fucking year ago, the above photo of Sal has been cropped down from the photo that you see below.

British Muslim convert Sally Jones, 45, mother-of-two who calls herself Sakinah Hussain and uses the pseudonym Umm Hussain al-Britani holding a large handgun.  Sally Jones who allegedly travelled to Syria to join her Islamic extremist husband had earlier been tobsessed by "witchcraft and voodoo". TIM STEWART NEWS LIMITED:

However, the photo is also flipped which when you flip it back gives you the following:


Which in turn came from a Gun Control online forum:


I should just say that in the bottom left hand side photo in the above, I have overlaid the photo of Sally onto the forum photo… Matches perfectly.

But it doesn’t end there because that gun control poster is taken from the cover of a book called “Divorcing jack”.

So much for real journalist then… And I wouldn’t count on any of our MP’s being assassinated either.

But nevertheless, in other foreign news I see that Egypt’s government have resigned following allegations of corruption:

Egypt’s government resigned today in the face of intense criticism from state-friendly media following a corruption scandal.

The mass resignations included the Prime Minister and his cabinet whilst President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi has asked Petroleum Minister Sherif Ismail to form a new cabinet this week.

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb had submitted a report detailing the performance of the government, which two officials from the president’s office said el-Sissi found ‘unsatisfying.’ Read More


Which is a shame really what with the Egyptian public using people power to overthrow the government in 2013 – allegedly.

A real case of meet the new boss, same as the old boss, then.

Mind you, I wish that our corrupt governments were as easy to get rid of… Just sayin’.

Meanwhile the Monkey-Boyz have also been busy keeping olde false flag Terrapin attacks in the news with a ridiculous story about a 13 year old boy crippled by the Tallywacker Terrapins in the Pakistan school shooting last December, which allegedly saw the murder of 132 people – mostly children.

A schoolboy paralysed in one of the most appalling terror attacks of recent years is making a ‘miracle recovery’ thanks to a British medical team.

Muhammad Ibrahim Khan was left for dead after being peppered with bullets by Taliban terrorists, who burst into his school in Pakistan last December and slaughtered 132 children, one of them just five years old. They also killed about a dozen staff at the Army Public School in Peshawar, burning one teacher alive in front of her pupils.

Muhammad was shot five times, with one bullet shattering the base of his spine. Fragments from the AK-47 round exploded into the bone, leaving him effectively paralysed from the waist down. Left bed-ridden for months, he was told by doctors he would never walk again.

Pity that GCHQ weren’t on the case. They would have found out about the plan in no time just by uncovering a bit of “Hacking”.

Nevertheless, the young fella was shot FIVE TIMES, with one bullet shattering the base of his spine… Roger that, carry on:

Despite a televised appeal in his native Pakistan and the support of celebrities including Imran Khan, no one seemed able to help.

Why on earth would the doctors need someone to help?

And have you noticed how Imran Khan is always involved in these matters – same surname as the boy too… Imran Khan obviously being the ex husband of Jemima Khan?

Sorry Mr Real Journalist, just filling the readers in with a bit of trivia… Do carry on.

But now surgeons at The Harley Street Clinic in London have succeeded in ‘making the impossible, possible’, in the words of his emotional father, and Muhammad has now taken his first tentative steps unaided after a painstaking six-hour operation.

Harley Street surgeons obviously watch a lot of Pakistani TV shows… Sorry, just ignore me:

Neurosurgeon Irfan Malik said last night: ‘We took a chance on him, and a week after the operation we started to see a miracle recovery. He has made much more progress than we had expected.’

Well he fucking would do wouldn’t he! I mean it would be pointless reporting the old fanny only to have Art Malik say “well that was a fucking waste of my time, I fucking knew it wouldn’t work”… Come on, gerron wi’it:

Muhammad, 13, and his brother Asad, 15, were among hundreds of boys who had gathered in the school’s assembly hall on the morning of December 16. The teenager recalled: ‘We heard gunfire outside – a lot of it. The gunmen came through a door in the rear of the auditorium and started shooting all the boys in the back. Everyone tried to escape but the other doors were locked. It was complete panic.’


Big fucker for a 13 year old isn’t he? Carry on Mr Real Journalist:

Muhammad says that he and his brother kicked a door down and, with others, helped about two dozen fellow pupils out of the room. But Muhammad went back into the auditorium to assist a friend who had been shot, and was himself hit.

Now there’s bravery for ya… Mind you, I have heard that 13 year old boys are not in the least bit frightened when seeing their peers slaughtered and dodging bullets… Nevertheless, it would have been easier to just open the door though, rather than kick the fucking thing down.

Come on Monkey-Boy, what happened next, don’t keep us in suspenders:

He recalled: ‘The first got me in the shoulder. Then I was shot four times in the back and stomach and I collapsed on the floor.’

With the bodies of fellow pupils littered around him, Muhammad lay on the floor waiting for death. ‘As the gunmen went passed they stomped on my head, twice, and twice on my body,’ he said.

He lost consciousness.

Well, he fucking would do wouldn’t he after being shot 5 times – by an AK 47 – and stamped on 4 times… He has a very good memory doesn’t he… In your own time Mr Really Real Journalist:

When he woke up, heavily sedated in a hospital bed, he could not move his legs. There he stayed for eight long months, his hopes of ever walking fading by the day. His mother Shebano, 45, said: ‘When Muhammad was in hospital, month after month, I would cry day and night.

‘I would sit by him and watch his feet, to see if there would be a miracle and that they would move. They did not, and the hope dimmed. I became broken inside.’

That is a lot of crying from his mother Sherbert. Perhaps she should have tried watching TV instead… Not that i can understand why he spent 8 months in bed when we have pilots smashing into the ground in jet planes who leave hospital after 3 weeks.

Therefore, 8 months in hospital brings us to the 16th of August 2015 – or put another way, around 4 weeks ago.


PHOTO: Dr Malik who bears an uncanny resemblance to the Scottish MP Humza Yousaf who was a flower giver in the Glasgow Bin-Lorry Bollox. 


Which is of course an excellent rating considering that I to get similar results when comparing myself to myself:


Just sayin’… Again:

Politicians and celebrities including Imran Khan came to visit, with the former cricketer even promising help, but nothing materialised. Increasingly desperate, they broadcast a television appeal for help.

A local property developer called Riyaz Malik got in touch, offering to pay the cost of surgery – if a hospital would operate. Muhammad’s father Sher Khan, 53, said: ‘We contacted hospitals in India, Singapore, Cambodia and Greece but none could help.’ A team from the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Birmingham, where Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai was treated after being shot by the Taliban, flew to see Muhammad. But despite extensive experience of wounded soldiers, the team said there was nothing they could do.

So, despite nobody being able to help this young fella, someone with the same surname as the Doctor who ended up doing the operation that no one knows needs doing, rings up pledging to pay the cost of carrying out the operation of which nobody seems to know exactly what needs doing… Least I think that is the situation… Bit hard to fucking tell really!

But all the same, the young fellas dad, Sher Khan then rang everywhere except Blighty to try and get the operation done – ha, ha, ha, ha, Sher fucking Khan indeed.


Yet despite not contacting dear old Blighty, a team from From the QEII hospital got in touch to help!

Now I know a lot about the Queen Elizabeth II hospital in Brummingham let me tell you that for nothing. In fact there have been more than enough dodgy doings going on there to write a book… Yet the hospital flew a team over to Pakistan to have a butchers at Young Muhammad – like ya do – before deciding that they didn’t know what operation he needed either… So why mention it in the fucking article?

Anyway, tell us what happened then Mr Really, Really Real Journalist:

Mr Khan said they were unable to break it to their son that he would probably be paralysed for ever. Their benefactor, who knew the surgeon’s work, contacted Mr Malik. The Pakistani-trained doctor, an expert in complex spinal surgery who came to Britain 15 years ago, agreed to look at the notes. He said yesterday: ‘I decided to take a chance.’

Less than 4 weeks ago, remember:

The Harley Street Clinic agreed to accept less than the £50,000 the operation and associated care would normally cost. Mr Malik said Muhammad was an extremely tricky case. The bullet that shattered one of his vertebrae was designed to fragment on impact to cause maximum damage, meaning shrapnel was embedded in the spine. Furthermore, in the eight months since the shooting, the broken vertebra had set awkwardly, putting intense pressure on the spinal nerves, which had themselves become sheathed in scar tissue.

Why did they do that when Kind Old Mr Malik had gone above and beyond with the offer to pay the costs?

‘It was a mess,’ Mr Malik summarised. ‘When he arrived here he was completely bedridden, he could not even move his trunk from side to side. I did not hold out any huge hope that he would get any better after surgery, but I thought we should give it a try.’

Muhammad underwent the six-hour operation on August 28 with Mr Malik and colleague Professor Thomas Carlstedt, a specialist nerve surgeon, resetting the vertebrae, paring away layers of scar tissue from the nerves, and unblocking spinal-cord openings.

For the first week after surgery, there was little progress. But then the boy started moving his legs, then he began sitting up – and finally he asked for a Zimmer frame.

Last weekend, some ten days after surgery, he took his first tentative steps with the frame. He has since started making steps without it.

Mr Malik said: ‘He has started walking now. His parents have taken him out to the park, and he is recovering well. I expect him to be walking on his own – without a frame or help – within three to six months.

‘His mother has told me that she now cries not because of her son was injured in the attack, but because she never thought her child would stand and walk again. They are tears of happiness.’ Source

Does Sherbert never stop fucking crying!

Nevertheless, it is a modern day miracle and the upshot is that the plucky 13 year old is now having trials with Manchester United… Probably.


Thirteen years old my arse.

Course, like most of the updates on one or another false flag operations, the individual in question has rarely been mentioned at the event itself… As is the case with Muhammad.

Mind you, the Terrapins in these foreign & domestic false flag operations are always terrible shots. I mean, just look at the mess that they left behind at the school in the photos below – and don’t even talk to me about shoes… There are always shoes:


Indeed, the scriptwriters cannot help themselves adding a photo of shoes to their false flags.

Shoreham for instance.

PAY-The-scene-on-the-A27-near-Shoreham-after-yesterdays-air-crash (4)

And indeed, that being shot exactly 5 times with an AK 47 malarkey is also quite common to hoaxes.

Take the Tuna Fishy Fable for instance. I mean, Kirsty Murray – who I don’t recall reading about at the time of the attack – was shot 5 times in the legs… Or so she says when she appeared on TV earlier this week with her fiancee Mr Unpronounceable… Who was also shot in the legs – are AK 47’s incredibly heavy or summat:

Relaxing in the pool of their all-inclusive resort, when Kirsty Murray and her fiancee first heard a series of bangs they initially put it down to fireworks.

The 26-year-old nursery nurse was on an all-inclusive break with partner Radley Ruszkiewicz in the resort of Sousse, Tunisia.

It was only when they saw people rushing towards them, terror etched on their faces, that they realised something was terribly wrong.

Miss Murray was shot in both legs after gunman Seifeddine Rezgui opened fire, killing 38 tourist and injuring a further 39.

The couple were separated for 24 hours and both believed the other was dead.

That is well bad! How do you feel about that Kirsty Murray:

‘I get angry because the life I had has been changed beyond recognition,’ said Miss Murray, who has undergone 10 operations and faces further surgery.

‘I’ve worked since I was 16 – now I can’t. I can hardly walk – although they say I will.

‘I am a young woman, I’ve always cared about my appearance, and now the whole bottom half of my body is covered in wounds and scars, I’ve put on weight with all the medication and I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same again.

‘All my dignity was taken from me.

‘I know I should be happy to be alive when so many people died, but at the moment I just feel sad.’

She continued:  ‘If I’m out and there’s a bang, or someone drops something, I panic until I know what it is.’

I wish I hadn’t asked now. What about Mr Unpronounceable? How did he get on Real Monkey Journalist:

Mr Ruszkiewic, who has been diagnosed with PTSD and panics at the slightest bang, admit they don’t really talk about what happened.

‘I don’t want to say anything in case it upsets Kirsty,’ said 29-year-old Mr Ruszkiewicz. 

Fair do’s.


She doesn’t look like she has been shot in the legs 5 times does she?

Nevertheless, you can read the rest of that old fanny by clicking HERE

And trust me, it is worth a read just for the bottom clenching value of the couples recollection of their ordeal.

There is just one more thing that I have to say about this fraud couple and that is that they both resemble a couple closely connected to the Shoreham drama.

Course, having said that, the face similarity software says different, but then again, the Shoreham couple have had their faces quite extensively photoshopped.


Only 5% likeness between Ruby Murray and the uncle of one of the Shoreham victims – who has had her eyes artificially widened.


Mind you, that is a lot better score for the fellas, although you are all doubtlessly saying to yourself that matey on the right is far too old.

But then again if you blow his photo up you will see that he has been artificially aged.

And when you compare the Tuna couple to another photo of the Shoreham couple you get a totally different comparison result which is testament to the photoshopping that has gone on.


Going from 5% likeness to 49% is one hell of a jump, don’t cha think?


Whereas matey has gone from 50% down to 31% which is understandable given the loss of Mr Blackenwhite’s beard and ears.

Furthermore, Mr Unpronounceable is very like Matthew Grimshaw, the Worthington United Goalie who was killed at Shoreham.


Moreover, he looks even more like the fella who tried to add me on Facebook last week.


But all that is obviously just speculation, unlike Tuna ‘victim’ Ross Thomas and Glasgow Bin-Lorry Bollox participant, Ross Lorraine.


As there is also little doubt in my mind that the father of Glasgow Bin-Lorry Bollox ‘victim’ Stephanie Tait, also played Bin-Lorry Bollox crash investigator George Gilfillan as well as playing the Tuna Fishy Fable doctor in charge of bringing the victim’s home.


Indeed, I would even hazard a guess that Tuna Shooter, Seifeddine Rezgui is a hybrid of two other Terrapins who were accused in the Chimp of doing some old bollox – despite them being the same person.


And for no other reason than to placate the nay-sayers, The Computer says:


You can read all about the Tunisian fraud by clicking HERE

Course, the Chimp does like to present one person as being two like the stewardesses who were featured in an utterly pointless Chimp article earlier this week, about a fad for cabin crew having their photo taking whilst laying in their planes overhead luggage compartments:

They’re the picture of professionalism during the flight, but once passengers have disembarked the fun takes off for cabin crew. 

A craze has emerged that involves stewards and stewardesses clambering into the overhead bins and photographs of them crammed inside being uploaded to Instagram with a hashtag of #overheadbin. 

While some have posed for an individual shot, others have gathered their work colleagues to join them for the memorable picture.

But they all have one thing in common – everyone featured has a beaming smile. 

One air hostess revealed that the act of squeezing into the luggage storage bin is a rite of passage for a flight attendant.

Here is a choice selection of cabin crew getting in over their heads. Source

2C237F8700000578-0-image-a-30_14418725683212C24494700000578-0-image-a-39_1441873551566bollox12C237F8C00000578-0-Welcome_aboard_This_black_and_white_snap_shows_latergram_overhea-m-35_1441873358010 (1)

Now I have to tell you that I am convinced that the mush in the 2nd photo down is TV Fashion Eggspurt, Got Cock Wang when he was younger.


And the bird in the top photo is definitely the bird in the bottom photo.


Mind you I also think that she looks like Kayla Mueller who apparently had her fingernails pulled out before becoming Isis leader, Al-Baghdadi’s sex slave which seemed to me a bit pointless as she would be in too much pain to give him a handle crank, but there ya go.

But as it happens, the computer says no to the match.


Nevertheless, the only reason that I can come up with this totally unworthy news article is because of the Monkey-Kuntz current love affair with all things to do with the negativity of aeroplanes.

Mind you, in light of the Shoreham airshow crash I was quite surprised to read that the Monkey-Frauds never referred to the old bollox so much as once in their article out today about the Southampton boat show which featured a display by the Red Arrows:

All eyes turned from the sea to the sky as the Red Arrows took to the air at the Southampton Boat Show.

The world-famous aerobatic display team put on a spectacular show across the harbour in their first ever performance in the city.

Crowds gathered at the dock to watch a series of showstopping stunts that left their famous red, white and blue smoke trails across the sky.

As well as performing their trademark Diamond Nine Formation, they also impressed with a stunning star formation during the 20-minute display. 

The 47th Southampton Boat Show, which is the biggest boating festival in the UK, kicked off on Friday and is expected to attract thousands of visitors across the week. Source


Then again, I’m sure that Banana Dacre was given a kick-back for promoting the boat show and avoiding any negative publicity.

However, the same can’t be said about the Chimp’s agenda to vilify India, hence the shit-rag reporting that two Brits were killed in an Indian train crash the other day:

Two women passengers have been confirmed dead after a specially-chartered train carrying 37 British tourists to India derailed in the north of the country.

As many as 12 people are also reported to have been injured.

The train, put on specifically for the tourist group, was travelling to the Himalayan town of Shimla when it crashed at 12.58pm local time.

According to reports from the scene, the narrow gauge train – a type used commonly in mountainous regions – came off the tracks near Kalka in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh, with the cause of the accident as yet unknown.

Dinesh Kumar, Divisional Railway Manager at Northern Railways told the Press Trust of India: ‘The accident occurred when the train was about 3.5km away from Kalka.

‘The accident site falls in [the state of] Himachal Pradesh. 

‘Preliminary reports received from the site said that two persons have died in the accident.’

The four-carriage train had been booked through a travel agent. 

York-based travel company Great Rail journeys confirmed that one of its tour groups had been involved in the incident, but said that ‘very little’ was known…

The company, which takes around 2,500 people to India annually, said it was sending three senior members of its team to the scene, along with a qualified counsellor.

Yes, make sure you take a counsellor along, the survivors are going to need months of therapy by the sound of it… Carry on:

‘The administration provided immediate relief to the injured and made arrangements for shifting them to hospital. The railways also provided ambulances and other necessary assistance.’ 

A police spokesman confirmed that at least two tourists were killed instantly.

“Killed instantly”, Roger that:

But the seriousness of the conditions of the up to 12 injured passengers has not yet been confirmed, nor has it been confirmed if the death toll is likely to rise.

Those injured are being treated in a hospital in the nearby city of Chandigarh…

He called upon the state government and the railway authorities to provide all possible assistance to the families of the victims, and the best medical attention to the injured. 

The narrow gauge train, known commonly as ‘a toy train,’ is a tourist attraction in a Unesco world heritage site, and does a scenic route to the mountain resort town of Shimla.

A Foreign Office spokeswoman said: ‘Following a train crash in Haryana, we are urgently looking into reports of British nationals affected and stand ready to provide consular support.’ Source

Strewth to Auntie Maffy, you really do take your lives in your hands going on holiday these days – although it could have been worse knowing how packed those normal Indian trains get.


“Room on board for one more up top”.

However, what I want to know is HOW the fuck were the two Brit’s even killed in the first place never mind instantly?

bollox 2

Hardly the stuff of nightmares!

However, not only am I confused as to how two people were killed instantly as well as the crash resulting in another dozen passengers being hospitalized whilst the rest need counselling to get over the horrors that they witnessed, I’m even more confused about the train itself.

You see, the article clearly states that it was a specially chartered 4 carriage train: “The four-carriage train had been booked through a travel agent”. 

Yet the second photo down clearly shows the leaning over, derailed carriage as being number 12 whilst the 3rd photo down clearly shows that carriage as being a totally different design with a 3 digit number ending in 5!

And going by the accompanying video, that carriage would be Number 635.


Strange… Very strange indeed.

Okay, let’s wrap this up by looking at Jelly Corbyn’s victory in becoming the Labour Party Leader.

And obviously being a Tory mouthpiece the Monkey-Kuntz have slated Corbyn at every opportunity. For example today they have been reporting on the T-shirts that Jelly was selling on his website made by factory workers earning just 49p an hour:

Jeremy Corbyn swept to victory backed by cash raised from the sale of T-shirts made by factory workers earning just 49p an hour.

The Socialist firebrand’s fighting fund got a £100,000 boost from the ‘Team Corbyn’ garments, which sold out on his official website.

Moments after taking over the Labour leadership, Corbyn spoke of his determination to combat poverty and inequality in an impassioned victory speech.

But an investigation by The Mail on Sunday reveals that scores of workers in Nicaragua and Haiti toiled to produce the T-shirts, which cost supporters £10, plus £3.50 postage. Source

Now as it just so happens, the Chimp also has a crawl arse, positively gushing article out today about the total waste of space Pippa Middleton:

She completed a gruelling 50 mile race just days ago.

So it’s no wonder Pippa Middleton was in the mood to let her hair down on Saturday night.

The sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge looked fantastic in a bright blue embellished gown as she attended Gordon Ramsay’s Boodles Boxing Ball in London.

The 32-year-old author showed off her sensational figure in the dress as she entered The Grosvenor House Hotel for the charity event. 

Pippa was a picture of elegance as she glided into the event in her bright blue number. Source

Pippa Middleton_07d_Tatoohearts.preview

Course, that article is just one of the many that are a gold mine for Banana Dacre – who will doubtlessly be taking a cut from the sale of imitation dresses that look fuck all like Peppa’s, being flogged in the article alongside the old fanny.

Nevertheless, it is very hypocritical of the Monkey-Frauds not to mention the fact that the Middletons have made millions off the back of slave labour – who are in fact being payed 39 pence an hour less than those making Corbyn’s sweatshirts. Source

However, the Chimp’s rubbishing of Corbyn is just another part of the elite’s masterplan and unfortunately the new Labour leader is just another pawn riding on the gravy train.

I mean, fuck me, the fact that Corbyn has made Tommy ‘ten bellies’ Watson his deputy is testament to his lack of credibility:

Tom Watson and Jeremy Corbyn are tipped to form a ‘Tom and Jerry’ duo of a Prime Minister and President in waiting.

‘PM’ Watson will be in day-to-day charge while ‘President’ Corbyn carries on campaigning.

The arrangement was illustrated when Corbyn yesterday pulled out of a scheduled interview with Andrew Marr today – to the dismay of the BBC. He was ‘too busy’, with Labour insiders, saying Watson would appear instead. Source

After all, Watson has been feeding from the fatted calf for years and his new role is no doubt his reward for the part that he played in the government nonce cover-up.


And as some of you long time readers of mine probably know, I also had a very public spat with Watson on Twitter, following a few angry souls urging him to read and act on my article about the NSPCC employing the South African Terrorist Hein Grosskopf as a social worker.


You can read that NSPCC article by clicking HERE 

You can read my expose’s on Watson by clicking HERE, HERE and HERE

Right, that’s your lot, time and tide etc, etc, byyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.