The Shoreham Flight Shite.

Christopher Spivey.

I see that the dead man walking got a ‘not guilty‘ verdict at his manslaughter trial… Which saves them putting the stooge in fake prison I suppose.

I am of course referring to the pilot, Andy Hill who supposedly crashed his jet plane at the Shoreham Airshow in 2015, killing eleven people:

The Shoreham air crash pilot said today that he would remember the 11 victims of the disaster for the rest of his life, as families of those who died hit out at his not guilty manslaughter verdicts. 

A jury unanimously found Andrew Hill not guilty of 11 counts of gross negligence manslaughter after his 1950s Hawker Hunter jet exploded into a fireball on the A27 following a botched loop-the-loop attempt on August 22, 2015.

Relatives of those killed said they felt ‘let down’ and ‘denied justice’ after Mr Hill walked free from the Old Bailey today.

Sue and Phil Grimstone, whose son Matthew, 23, was among the 11 who died in the crash, said they were ‘devastated’ and called for bans on future air shows.

Speaking outside court, Mr Hill read the names of each of those killed and said he was ‘truly sorry’ for the part he played in their deaths. He added that he would ‘remember them for the rest of my life’. 

He miraculously survived the air crash after being thrown clear from the burning wreckage into brambles. Source

Now “Miraculous” is one way of describing his survival… Total and utter bollox is another.

I mean when you take a look at the photo below you have to ask yourself at what point was Hill “thrown clear” into the brambles:

I mean what was he doing whilst the plane was exploding into flames along the road? Undoing his fucking seat belt?

Jet pilots do not survive crashes unless they eject and it is a matter of record that Andy Hill did not… Indeed, anyone who believes that Hill was in that plane and survived needs a serious check up from the neck up.

Course, as always the Chimp could not help themselves and had to go that bit further with the old bollox:

And the arse-wipes are nothing if not consistent since this is exactly what they are now doing with the pilot who allegedly flew the footballer, Emiliano Salsa to his death:

They have to sensationalize everything, yet they do not realise that the more they do; the more unbelievable it all becomes.

Course – just like Andy Hill – much has been made in the press about the fact that Salsa pilot, David Ibbotson was not a full time pilot, so it is highly probable that there is some agenda there.

Especially with farticles like the following from Sky News:

The pilot of a plane which crashed during the Shoreham Airshow, killing 11 people, has told a court his experience of flying the aircraft was “very limited”.

Andrew Hill was at the controls of a 1950s Hawker Hunter fighter jet when it plunged to the ground on 22 August 2015.

The aircraft exploded in a fireball on the A27 in West Sussex, killing 11 men.

He has been speaking in public for the first time about the crash as he continues to give evidence at his Old Bailey trial… Source

So, with the Salsa crash coming at the same time that part-time-pilot, Hill was on trial for allegedly killing 11 people… THREE AND A HALF YEARS after the fact, you just know that the Shoreham jet crash was bollox… Although there was most definitely an explosion on the day that it happened.

Then again, that explosion would have been a piece of piss to rig and would explain why there were [apparent] extensive roadworks being carried out on the exact spot that the plane supposedly crashed.

You see, not only would those roadworks have allowed a crew disguised as construction workers to rig the explosion, they would have also allowed the security services to control the traffic on the day.

Course, looking at the above Hollywood-type-photo you have to ask yourself how the plane ended up in “the brambles” since the nose of the plane is heading towards the camera… Mind you, you also have to ask yourself what kind of mad cunt calmly stands and takes photos whilst an exploding plane is coming towards him!

PHOTO: The plane nose is heading in the direction of the red arrow but ended up in the circled “brambles”, where it exploded again… How the fuck does an exploded jet plane explode twice?

How the fuck does a crashed jet pilot survive two explosions for that matter?

You will also note that the “brambles” are not burnt or flattened. How the fuck can that be?

Mind you, sometimes those tree’s (brambles) were not even there:

Explain that?

Mind you, if the plane were heading towards the camera, that would explain why the car on the opposite side of the road was crushed and caught fire:

But since the plane carried on in the opposite direction to where its nose was pointing, then you can only conclude that the crushed, burning car was dumped there.

And keeping that first explosion in mind, do you really believe that the plane somehow landed on the car in the photo below?

Yet the fact is that the cunts who organised the debacle could not even agree which direction the plane was travelling when it crashed!

You see, originally they had the plane crashing from a ninety degree angle onto the road which then changed to it crashing in line with the road.

However, I have already gone into great detail about that anomaly in the three major articles that I wrote on the subject back in 2015 and as such I feel no need to repeat that evidence again.

You can read Part 1 by clicking HERE

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You can read Part 3 by clicking HERE

Not that any plane really crashed. I mean look at the photo below which shows the jet travelling towards the camera man instead of into the brambles.

Now going on that photo, the wing MUST have come off the jet and landed on the road… But there is no sign of it:

In fact the scene looks nothing at all like a plane crash! Moreover, when you look at those gawpers in the photo of the plane crashing, do they look like they are witnessing a plane crash?

Do they fuck!

Mind you, it would seem that a jet plane crashing is akin to the Boston bomb in so much as some people in the crowd were unscathed whilst those stood directly next to them were fucked up beyond all recognition:

Survivors of the Shoreham air disaster have described their terror and agony after being engulfed in a ‘fireball’ as they ran for their lives with burning limbs when a plane came crashing onto a main road. 

The Old Bailey heard how a little girl turned to her father to tell him his ‘face is gone’ after a 1950s Hawker Hunter fighter jet plummeted on to the A27 in West Sussex killing eleven people. 

Harrowing accounts of survival were read to the jury in the manslaughter trial of pilot Andrew Hill, today, who survived the crash after ejecting on August 22, 2015.

House husband Paul Snellgrove was watching the show with his family, including his granddaughter when the plane came down.

He was taking photographs of the Hunter as it performed a loop-the-loop stunt.

At first he thought it was going to do an ‘impressive manoeuvre’ but then noticed it was going slow and low, the court heard.

As the plane crashed on the dual carriageway, Mr Snellgrove heard a ‘crunch’.

He described how he tried to cover the buggy and his daughter.

‘I started to feel a burning sensation down my face,’ he said. ‘I was in absolute agony.

‘My daughter said ‘Dad, your face and ears are gone’. I shouted ‘Run’. Source

What a fucking hero… Or should that be: What a load of old bollox. I mean for starters had his daughter seen her dad’s face melt off she would have been screaming hysterically not calmly stating the bleedin’ obvious.

Yet she wasn’t hurt! Fuck off witcha.

Course, as I have told you in my last two articles which were about Michael Jackson and Shamima Begum; when the Monkey Kuntz are plugging a fake story, they totally over report on them.

Likewise, when they are burying a fake story, they under report on it and whereas this court case should have been massive news, the Chimp has only carried THIRTY farticles on the old bollox in the TWO MONTHS that the court case was going on – the majority of which did not even appear on the shit-rags news feed since they were written bulletins from either the Press Association or Associated News.

Now to put that in context, the Monkey Kuntz published well over TWO HUNDRED farticles about Shamima Begum and well over ONE HUNDRED farticles about the HBO Michael Jackson documentary – both sets of farticles coming within a TWO WEEK period.

Nevertheless, I proved that the Shoreham Flight Shite was fake in 2015 and I still stand 100% by my findings – three & a half years later – in 2019.

Just sayin’.

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