The Shoreham Plane Crash: Part 1


Chris Spivey


The Shoreham plane crash is without doubt the most easily pulled apart government hoax that I have investigated to date.

Indeed, it would seem that the more ambitious the hoaxes get, the more the script writers have to try and shore the old fanny up with the usual tell tale signs that point to a fraud having been committed – which is a bit of a Catch 22 situation for them really.

Mind you, it is no exaggeration to say that the Shoreham Flight Shite needed a lot of shoring up and as such every single indicator of a government hoax had to be brought into play… Or at least it did in their minds.

But all the same, having said that I also have to say that the hoax was a mighty ambitious project by anyones standards – especially going on their past Am-Dram efforts – and indeed, it must doubtlessly have taken an awful lot of planning as well as having been a logistical nightmare to set up.

Unfortunately, I have not got the answer as to why this shit was staged, although as I reported a few months ago, not a day goes by where the Chimp doesn’t carry a story about a near aeroplane disaster which quite often rises to as many as 3 or 4 – whereas a couple of years ago, there were hardly ever any.

And as such, I cottoned on to the fact that TPTB were deliberately ramping up the terror factor of flying… But as I say, I haven’t a Scooby Doo why.

Moreover, because the Shoreham Flight Shite is so easy to pull apart, I am not even going to bother playing along with the official story like I usually do, whilst pointing out the anomalies along the way.

Instead I will just give you a quick synopsis of the MSM narrative and then I will just get on with demolishing the old bollox.

Now, the story goes that:

On the 22nd of August 2015, whilst attempting to perform a loop the loop air stunt in a vintage Hawker Hunter Jet at the Shoreham airshow, pilot, Andy Hill got into trouble and his plane crash landed on the A27 road, killing 11 people on the ground and injuring 16 others. 

Preliminary reports suggest that Hill – who remains critically ill in hospital – hadn’t gained enough altitude needed to pull the stunt off successfully

Indeed it is as simple as that on the face of things, yet contained within that brief synopsis is a mountain of controversy, deceit and conspiracy.

So let’s start with pilot, Andy Hill whose story is in fact straight from the land of Make Believe, where the script writers spend their working hours.

You see, according to those script writers it was only by a twist of fate that Hill came to be flying the vintage jet that day because a pilot named Chris Heames had been scheduled to do so. However, having committed himself to the event Heames then went and booked a family holiday – in true dishonourable style for a professional aviator:

Chris Heames, the pilot originally listed in the airshow’s programme before being replaced last month by Andy Hill, has said he was alerted to the crash by worried friends while holidaying with his family in Cambodia. Heames told the Daily Mirror he is now praying that his “best pal” recovers from his injuries.

I was originally pencilled in to the fly the jet at Shoreham. But after organising it I booked a three-week holiday to Cambodia, so Andy did the show. Both of us are equally qualified and experienced to fly the aircraft and each do half of the displays each year.

[My friends] saw it on the news and knew it was the plane I usually fly. They thought it was me. I watched the footage, of course I have, but I’m not going to speculate on what might have gone wrong. The Air Accident Investigation Branch are looking into it and will publish a report in due course. It would be entirely wrong to speculate.

If I may just interrupt you for a moment Mr Real Journalist.

Those “friends” that you speak of must be very close to Heames in order to know the exact plane that he flies:[My friends] saw it on the news and knew it was the plane I usually fly. They thought it was me”.

Yet here you are telling us that despite these pals being close enough to know Heames’s plane, they were not close enough to him to know that he was on holiday?

However, despite not knowing that Heames was on holiday, these friends you mention still knew exactly where to find him… On holiday: he was alerted to the crash by worried friends while holidaying with his family in Cambodia”.

Moreover, with Heames describing Hill as his “best pal”, does it not follow that Hill would also be included in Heames’s list of close friends and as such those friends would know that it had been Hill who was flying the plane?

Just sayin’.

C’mon gerron wi’it, I haven’t got all day:

Heames described Hill as an “exceptional pilot” who used to fly Harriers for the RAF.

“That shows how well respected he is. Only the best pilots were trusted to fly the Harriers.

He is a great friend and an exceptional pilot. I haven’t spoken to his wife, I’m leaving her to be with Andy”.

Not that fucking close to him then… Sorry, pray do continue Mr Real Journalist:

“I’m just hoping he pulls through. Right now he’s still in a critical condition”.

Asked what his friend would think about the loss of life, Heame replied: “He’ll be devastated, obviously.” Source


Now it is interesting to note that “best pal” Heames says – in so many words – that him and Hill were all but partners in this stunt flying malarky: Both of us are equally qualified and experienced to fly the aircraft and each do half of the displays each year”.

You see according to his employers, Andy hill was already partnering another pilot named Alister Kay:

Hill also works as a pilot offering flight experiences to the public for the company Ultimate High, according to its website. He has years of flying experience, having worked as a light aircraft test pilot, an RAF Harrier GR7 instructor, a commercial pilot captaining Airbus planes and as a stunt and aerobatic display pilot.

According to Ultimate High, he began his career flying Bulldogs on a university air squadron and, after excelling in fast-jet training, he was picked to go straight into instructing on the BAC Jet Provost, a jet-powered trainer aircraft used by the RAF. He then operated the Harrier GR5 and GR7 jets in Germany and has flown Airbus A340 and Boeing 757 and 767 airliners, working as a captain for Airbus.

The company’s website said: “He is a very experienced formation instructor and display pilot, and regularly displays the RV-8, Jet Provost and Hunter.”

Hill works as an aerobatic stunt pilot as part of the flying duo the RV8tors, which perform close formation aerobatic displays at speeds of up to 230mph. The RV8tors – Hill and fellow display pilot Alister Kay – perform at events, private functions and weddings in RV-8 aircraft – small two-seat, home-built planes.

A profile of Hill on the company’s website said: “In 2011, as well as displaying with the RV8tors, Andy flew formation displays in the Hunter and Bulldog, and solo aerobatic displays in the Jet Provost.

“Andy and his wife Ellie took two years to build their RV-8, both are airline captains with over 12,000 hours each,’’ it said, adding that they were also building an RV-3. Source

He builds aeroplanes too!

And he is an “Airline Captain”!

Does the man ever sleep?

You mark my words, next the newspapers will be telling us that he is an “airline captain” for British Airways:

The pilot of the Hawker Hunter jet, who also flies for British Airways, remains in a critical condition after being pulled from the wreckage and airlifted to Royal Sussex hospital. Andy Hill, a 51-year-old former RAF instructor with more than 12,000 hours of flying experience, is a skilled aerobatic flyer and a regular at airshows, said fellow pilot, who flew earlier in the show.

“Andy Hill was a British Airways captain and very well thought of,” David Wildridge told the Chichester Observer. “He is a highly experienced pilot, well-known and well-loved. He is highly professional and it is totally unusual for this to happen. He was a Harrier pilot in the air force. They are the top RAF pilots – the best of the best.” Source

Told ya.

However, it is interesting that David Wildridge – one of Hill’s fellow pilots – states that: He was a Harrier pilot in the air force. They are the top RAF pilots – the best of the best.”

Now I say “interesting” because Hill’s ‘best pal’ Heames also described Hill as an: “exceptional pilot” who used to fly Harriers for the RAF. That shows how well respected he is. Only the best pilots were trusted to fly the Harriers.

Both very close in narrative.


Yet try and find out the nature of Hill’s injuries and you meet a brick wall.

Not that I have a Scooby-Fucking-Doo how he survived in the first place.


Shirley Hills would have had no chance of survival?

“He did Spiv and don’t call him Shirley”.

Fair do’s, but look at those people in the right hand corner of the photo happily chatting away… You would have thought that they would have moved 6 or 7 ft over just to be on the safe side!

However, in the photo you can clearly see that the canopy has come off.

Moreover, from that point the plane travelled another 243 metres:

The aircraft broke into four main pieces which came to rest close together approximately 243m from the initial ground contact, in a shallow overgrown depression to the south of the A27.

The report goes on to say that investigators are not sure whether Mr Hill attempted to eject from the craft or was forcibly removed due to the significant impact.

Investigators wrote: ‘During the initial part of the impact sequence the jettisonable aircraft canopy was released, landing in a tree close to the main aircraft wreckage. During the latter part of the impact sequence, both the pilot and his seat were thrown clear from the cockpit.

‘The pilot sustained serious injuries.

‘The investigation continues to determine if the pilot attempted to initiate ejection or if the canopy and pilot’s seat were liberated as a result of impact damage to the cockpit.’ Source

So fuck knows how the canopy could have landed in a tree close to the main wreckage, since the main wreckage was an eighth of a mile away.

And stranger still, the plane is heading in the totally wrong direction in that photo to where the Real Journalist’s tell us the wreckage ended up… But more on that later.

Course, that 243 metre distance was only one newspaper’s estimate.

Another shit-rag did in fact have the distance from impact to where the main wreckage came to rest as being 360 metres:

A crane is expected to lift the wreckage of the aircraft today, when police fear more bodies may be discovered. The site of the crash stretches for more than 360 metres, and has been described as hazardous because of the amount of fuel still on the plane. Source

Do fucking what! “hazardous because of the amount of fuel still on the plane” !!!


How could there be any fuel left on the plane?

As for the contradiction in the distance that the plane travelled after impact? Well what is 117 meters between friends aye… Apart from over a sixteenth of a mile obviously, but close enough all the same.

The only thing is, not only is the distance in dispute; but so is where Andy Hill actually came out of the plane wreckage. For instance, the above report states:

‘The investigation continues to determine if the pilot attempted to initiate ejection or if the canopy and pilot’s seat were liberated as a result of impact damage to the cockpit.’

And to be fair, that would tie in to the above photo where we see the canopy in free flight, although we don’t see Hill.

Moreover, that report ties nicely in with the following:

The AAIB found that the pilot and his seat were thrown from the cockpit as the plane hit the ground. The investigation has not yet determined whether this was caused by an attempted ejection or the impact of the crash. Source

Although with the huge volume of photos available you would have thought that someone would have caught Hill in mid-flight… Whilst independent of an aeroplane.

And then comes the muddying of the waters, which – like I said earlier – is of course vital to hoaxes of this magnitude:

The interim report said the cockpit canopy was open and that pilot Andy Hill along with his ejector seat was thrown clear of the aircraft during the later part of the crash on 22 August.
The AAIB said it was not clear whether Mr Hill initiated his ejection, although the safety bolts had been removed and stowed  and the pilot ejection seat properly primed for use before take off  by an engineer at the jets home base. Source

So not the initial impact then?

Yet if the following photos are to be believed, then once again I cannot see how Hill could have possibly survived:


Unless of course he had the radio on when the plane hit the deck in which case the Hill is alive with the sound of music… Sorry, I’ll just carry on like I never wrote that.

Now I say that “if the photos are to be believed” because other photos tell a different story altogether. For instance, in the photo above you can clearly see the planes tail on the far left of the picture but since the plane supposedly hit the ground tail first, would it not have snapped off on impact?

And whilst I am showing you the anomalies surrounding the different explosions caught on camera, we may as well look at the loop the loop maneuver that led to the crash since this is also crucial to the explosion and final resting place of the wreckage.

flightnum2m_85136796_map_shorehamCrash-involving-a-plane-near-Shoreham-Airshow-in-West-Sussex (2)2f

And now here is the thing… Although I have to say that it is a fucking big thing.

You see, the plane hit the road in the exact same place as where that caravan, or tent, or whatever the fuck it is, was sitting.


I suppose I will be accused of harassing someone now?

Nevertheless, I shall carry on and as we now know the explosions differed greatly depending on which side of the road you were sat.

Now, you can see the direction that the plane came in from the photos above and by doing so it should have carried on into the airport. Yet as we know the plane defied the law of physics by changing direction and following the road.

However, there are photos that show the plane coming down in line with the road.


Don’t cha just love being lied to by your government?

Mind you, they didn’t lie about the plane coming down tail first… Apparently:

“The ground marks and photographic evidence show that the aircraft struck the road in a nose-high attitude on a magnetic heading of approximately 230 degrees. The first ground contact was made by the lower portion of the jetpipe faring, approximately 50 m east of the road junction.

During the impact sequence fuel and fuel vapour from the [recently filled underslung wing] tanks was released and then ignited. The aircraft broke into four main pieces which came to rest close together approximately 243m from the initial ground contact, in a shallow overgrown depression to the south of the A27.”

AAIB Special Bulletin S3/2015  Source

And then there are those photos that look as though they have been lifted straight out of a James Bond movie.


And just to insult our intelligence a huge dose more, the Chimp came out with the following old bollox – which I have taken a screenshot of, so as that there can be no making their claim disappear later on in the future.


Yet look at the photo below and tell me that a burning jet plane has ploughed through the trees to where that crater is.


Very strange, don’t cha think?

Lets have a look at some more.


Indeed, not only did 11 people on the ground die, 16 more were supposedly injured.

Moreover, we are supposed to believe that there was an awful job identifying the 11 victims:

West Sussex County Council’s senior coroner Penny Schofield said the formal identification of the victims has begun.

But the plane crashed with such force that specialists – including forensic archaeologists, anthropologists, odontologists and pathologists – are having to examine the DNA, teeth and human remains to discover who was killed in the disaster.

Ms Schofield said: ‘Recovery of all the remains from the scene is almost complete due to the extremely hard work and dedication of police teams and archaeologists, who have been working in extremely difficult conditions.’

‘We will now begin the formal process of identifying all the victims of this horrific tragedy. Source

Now I find that report to be total bollocks. I mean, we have seen the photos of the people stood looking unconcerned by the fireball.

And then when you look at stills taken straight after the plane crashed you immediately realise that the very quick fireball couldn’t have been that hot at all.


So why did they make out that they had to re-tarmac the road surface?

2 9 21

And I think that will do for Part 1.

I will of course start work immediately on Part 2, in which there will be just as much government old fanny evidenced as there is in this report… How much fucking longer people?