The Shoreham Air Crash: Part 3


Christopher Spivey


If you have read my first two articles on the Shoreham Hawker Hunter Hoax – appropriately Shhh for short – then you should by now be in no doubt whatsoever that the airshow plane crash was exactly that – a hoax.

If on the other hand you have read those first two articles of mine and you still insist that the old fanny was a real event then I can only conclude one of three things about you:

  • You are a troll
  • You have not got the intellectual capacity to take on board the most basic of facts
  • You don’t want to step outside of your comfort zone

However, if you haven’t read those articles you can find Part 1 by clicking HITHER


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andy hil raf piolot

And Andy Hill, the pilot of the crashed plane certainly is fine.

After all, he was only in hospital for two weeks and was spotted out and about without so much as a limp just five short weeks after the old fanny had happened.


Course, if you want to believe that a jet plane can hit a tarmaced road at hundreds of miles per hour, missing dozens of traffic lights and sign posts, from two different directions…


Exploding into a massive fireball…


Causing  the following amount of damage to the road…


Before slamming into a load of trees…


That are not really there…

2 9 20

And yet the jet fighter pilot is out and about just five weeks later, walking with a gait in his step, having only spent two weeks in hospital…


Then that is absolutely fine with me… Just don’t come on my website telling me that the flight shite was a real tragic event because I have no interest whatsoever in listening to the opinion of dumb-fucks & nonce-protectors.

Indeed, I would wager that Andy Hill is also “hero” Virgin Atlantic pilot, David Williams, from Horsham in Sussex (22 miles away from Shoreham) who in December 2014 saved 447 lives after having to land his 747 on faulty landing gear at Gatwick Airport (see HERE).


Course, that is just my personal opinion to which the computer says no.


But then again, the computer says no to Williams being Williams and to a lot lesser extent in most cases than it does saying Williams is Hill.


So go and figure.

Now there were supposedly 11 people killed and 16 injured although those 16 remain a bit of an enigma since nobody seems to know much about them i.e their names and the extent of their injuries.


Yeah, she looks in a bad way doesn’t she in her clean white top and neatly combed hair.

Course, there has much been said of the dead – some more than others. For instance, Maurice Abrahams – now there is a good catholic name.

Abrahams is of course the ‘hero‘ wedding chauffeur and all round good guy… Too good to be true in fact.

Here, have a butchers at the following article allegedly written by a friend of Mo’s who just so happened to also be a real journalist:

ON SATURDAY at 1.18pm I was walking past the Saltdean Lido as the Hawker Hunter flew over.

My husband recognised the plane from his RAF days and remarked on its heritage. We stopped to watch it swoop and invert before it headed west towards Shoreham.

Coincidental, but plausible I suppose… Go on:

I thought his obsession with the crash that happened minutes later was because he had known the plane.

As the day progressed, my husband kept frantically checking for updates, his mood becoming ever more sombre. I was running round after the kids on the beach, distracted. I didn’t know the aircraft had crashed on the A27. I didn’t know anyone was hurt.

My dear husband let me enjoy my Saturday in the sun and my family meal out in the evening with my brother before showing me the photos of the crash. The reason he had kept them from me, and the reason he had been online all day, is because the burned out Daimler limo in the photos belonged to my friend Maurice.

Now that is coincidental. The husband knew the plane and he was agitated all day because he had a premonition that his wife’s friend’s car had been hit by the plane.

I mean, it must have been a premonition since the photo’s of the Jag didn’t appear until the 23rd of August.

However, note the wording: because the burned out Daimler limo in the photos belonged to my friend Maurice.

The Daimler BELONGED to Mo… Roger that, carry on real journalist woman.

More than this, he knew that Maurice had a wedding at 2pm in Lancing as we were talking about it the day before, because we spoke every day.

Roger that – the much younger married couple spoke to 72 year old Maurice EVERYDAY.

Maurice was a friend like no other. He came into my life as a handy-man, but he soon became my rock.

He visited every day. Though he had seven different cars, the dog knew the sound of them all and would wag his tail in delighted welcome.

My, he did have a lot of cars didn’t he? And the dog knew the engine sound of them all because Mo was a don and he visited this young married woman EVERYDAY… Roger that, carry on:

The noise would alert the children who would call out in chorus “Maurice is here” before turning back to their playing.

The noise of the dog wagging his tail would alert the kids who would get excited too and shout “Maurice is here”, although they obviously were not bothered about seeing him or fuck all since they just got on with whatever they were doing… Roger that, what’s next?

No need to let him in, he has his own key. “Hello old man,” I’d say, walking over to put the kettle on. “Hello lady,” he would reply and pull up a stool.

HE HAD HIS OWN KEY! So this bird could be walking about naked or whatever and she would just casually say “hello old man”, before wandering off to put her muff away… Roger that.

Our friendship flowed like water. There was nothing we didn’t talk about. He was my go-to for advice on everything from where to get my car towed to what flowers to plant in the garden.

He had so much patience. He’d explain the art of wallpapering to me when I wanted to rush through: “Put the bloody paste down!”

Can you explain how to wallpaper? I mean, if you don’t know the basics then you really are best not starting. But we will assume that this real journalist doesn’t have a computer and as such, no access to Google… But that was no problem because she had Mo… Roger that, c’mon, gerron wi’it:

He showed me how to use a Stanley knife properly seconds after I’d used it wrongly and sliced my hand open cutting off my stair carpets (on a whim).

Where abouts on your hand are your stair carpets then? Are they sure that this tart is a real journalist? I mean, she doesn’t know how to decorate, she doesn’t know how to use a Stanley knife – what the fuck does she know?

Mind you, I sliced my FINGER on a Stanley Knife once and had to go to hospital to have it stitched… Perhaps I have wimpy skin.

That’s what I loved about Maurice, he went along with my madness. He’d come and repaint walls he’d just painted, or hang up pictures, cheerily remarking: “I’ll be taking this to the dump next week when you change your mind.”

She must have a very lazy, understanding husband with a lot of money is all that I can say:

When my car (regularly) broke down on rainy school mornings, he’d come to my rescue, cramming me, the kids and the dog in the back of his Mini. He’d beep and wave the whole way, laughing at my fake embarrassment.

Okay, so we now have a journalist with a working husband who can afford to paint and then re-paint walls on a regular basis but can’t afford a car that is roadworthy. However, that is no problem because Super-Mo with his 7 cars would come to the rescue in the smallest one he had, make the bird sit in the back with the kids and the dog – who couldn’t stay at home – and then drive them all to school whilst making a proper cunt of himself… Roger that.

When I went away, he had milk and bread waiting for my return or strawberries and cream.

Went away where? It wasn’t with the fairies was it?

He delivered The Argus to me at 8am every Friday, having checked my column was in it. Often, he’d pick a flower from my own garden to hand over with it, and take another couple back for his beloved wife when he left.

So, the ex-para, come ex-copper, come ex-handyman, come chauffeur who was also a paperboy would read the newspaper she worked for – but which she had to buy like everyone else – which he would then deliver, picking a flower that she had spent time growing, on the way into her home and then stealing a load for his wife on the way out… Roger that, he sounds like a proper piss-taker to me.

There was nothing he liked more than creeping in and waking me up just to call me a lazy cow and brag about how he’d been up since 6am doing all sorts.

Anyone else find that totally creepy?

My dear old man saw me through an awful lot of pain and heartbreak.

Which to me sounds like he was the cause of to be honest:

My heavy troubles never fazed him. I’d sit and cry my eyes out, he’d tell me stories about his days in the Paras or the police until I stopped.

So instead of listening to her woes, he interrupted and started talking about himself… Cool

This would lead to her forcing herself to pretend that she was fine since it was the only way to shut him up – needs must I suppose.

On my birthday last year, when life was low, he turned up out the blue. I was wearing a filthy T-shirt and some ripped jogging bottoms. My children were naked and covered in ice-cream.

Did he phone the social services?

He was dressed in his chauffeur suit, looking a million dollars. “My lady, my little ladies, please come this way,” he gestured down the drive to where his Daimler was waiting, shining in the sun.

Not his mini then?

He poured me Prosecco and drove us round and round the block. He made me feel like a princess.

Are you sure that you are a real journalist and not a 10year old writing an essay about when you grow up?

On Sunday we painted my staircase grey and yellow. On Monday he cleaned my windows. On Tuesday he bought me some plant pots. On Wednesday he gave me a lift to Kemptown (and told me off for slamming the door of his precious Mini). On Thursday he came to see the house we are hoping to buy. On Friday he came round to tell us how much he thought of it and how he hoped it would be ours.

Piss off!

My dog has been looking at the patio door all day. I have checked my phone for a call that is never going to come, and I know I will continue to do so. I have lost a friend of the rarest kind.

A pervert in a suit?

I cannot even attempt to understand the grief his family must be feeling, based on this small grief of my own.

My only comfort each time I see his face on the news is that the world now knows the name of a truly amazing man. Source


Are you having that, because I’m fucked if I am?

Course, if you have read my articles on the Alton Towers ‘Smiler’ hoax you will know that Mo is also John Wardley.


Nevertheless, never interrupt your enemy when they are making a cunt of themselves – or so the saying goes… At least it’s something like that anyway.

And as such, we will carry on with the pretence.

The following is from the Sun – Britain’s biggest selling newspaper shitrag:

A family statement released police paid tribute to the latest named victim Mr Abrahams.

It read: “Maurice is a well-respected and loved father and husband. He enjoyed his work chauffeuring his beloved Daimler car and he enjoyed gardening.

“He was proud to have served in the Grenadier Guards and the Parachute Regiment. He served in Cyprus and Bahrain with the UN. In his thirties he served as a police officer with Hampshire Police.” Source

Did you clock that? chauffeuring his beloved Daimler car.

I have underlined the all important word in that sentence for you.

And then there is this:

Neighbours who regularly watched Mr Abraham cleaning his car on the grass came out in their droves to pay their respects to his family.

Which car? He has 7 – allegedly.

Mrs Abraham said: ‘We thought it would be so busy in Shoreham so we wanted to do it here where everyone knows him.

‘The police said they would take us if we wanted to go, but we felt this was right for us and for him. The police and everyone have been fantastic.

My, my, the police are accommodating in these government orchestrated hoaxes aren’t they?

Whereas in real life they are nothing but a bunch of mug-thugs run by nonces… But there ya go.

Mr Abraham’s son Edward did not know about the crash until Thursday. He works in Thailand as an English teacher.

Huh-Huh… Roger that, you will like this next bit:

Eventually after desperate pleas by his sister through social media, the British Embassy were able to track him down.

So, this wonderful, close knit family hadn’t a scooby-fucking-doo where the son lives in Thailand… No phone number… They don’t know what school he works at… They don’t know if he has Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin… In fact the only way that they could try get hold of Abraham’s the Younger was by putting out a plea over social-media, which the British Foreign Orifice in Thailand picked up on and then tracked him down… Roger that – MI6 are as helpful as the British Cunstabulary in these Government Orchestrated Hoaxes.

He said: ‘I normally phone on a Friday, so I had no idea. It’s been difficult to come to terms with. It’s awful. We were very close. We went on a lot of his jobs together.’ Source

Huh! “We were very close. We went on a lot of his jobs together”?

Well, not that fucking close as it happens, but how does he mean “We went on a lot of his jobs together”? His old Pot & Pan had been a wedding chauffeur for the past 20 years for crying out loud!

The following is from the Sun again or as the shit-rags dopey-as-fuck readership like to call it “My Sun”:

Devastated Jay Sherwin, a colleague at wedding specialists Chariot Chauffeurs, said: “I can confirm that it is one of our cars but at this stage I do not know what happened to the driver.

Surely you mean HIS car Jason? He has SEVEN don’t cha know:

“I am waiting to hear from his wife and the police.

“All I will tell you is that he is a lovely guy and has worked for the company for 20 years. He was on his way to pick up a bride just along the road from Shoreham. Source

There ya go, twenty years – man and boy.

And according to Britain’s biggest newspaper, that is the car in question in the photo below.


Personalised registration and everything.

So I had a look at Chariots Chauffeurs and that car is still for hire as it happens.


Although the car only has that number plate in the one photo by looks of things. In the other photos it has the registration F627JHA.


Which does indeed tally with a photo that appeared in the Chimp, of a car that Mo Abrahams is stood next to.


The only thing is, the caption actually says that the car is Mo’s and it has part white wall tyres unlike the car in the photos above the one in the screenshot.

So why does the car have the number plate WED 1 on the website? And why is it still advertised as being for hire?


Different background to the WED 1 car but once again it is stated as being Mo’s motor… Remember the “Premier Carriage” for later on.

Moreover, that isn’t the car that is photographed in the aftermath of the accident.

2B979B8400000578-0-image-a-5_144045534725101_23002735_a13a43_2460005a (1)

Same tyres as the Jag on the website though.

Huls (1)


Mind you, you would have thought that there would have been a bit of a mention on the website about poor old Maurice since he had worked for the firm for 20 years… And especially so, since the firm itself is only twenty two and a half years old.

But then again, having said that the blog section on the car hire firm’s website never really got going and after a half-hearted test blog written in late 2014, that is basically as good as it gets – although the website wasn’t started until November 2012… Which is on a par with the firm’s facebook page which wasn’t started until April 2012 – with the phone number: 01273 468 134… So the Luxury Car Hire Firm appears to have been a bit slow on the uptake then.


Those links are dead by the way.

A bit short on ‘likes’ and comments too.


A bit careless on the old grammar there and notice that they call themselves Chariot Chauffeurs – no ‘S’. That is an important point as you will see shortly.


“Been in business for a number of years”!!! They had been in business over 19 years at that stage, but why so vague?

Also notice the lack of an ‘S’ at the end of ‘Chariot’ again. And still dead links.

Yet come the end of October 2012 the company apparently changed phone numbers.


Very strange for an established firm.

They then announced that they had a new website – which given that both the website and Facebook page were started in 2012 suggests to me that the company was started in 2012 and not June 1993.


And if you click on the ‘YELL’ link, it takes you to what you see in the screengrab below:



CHARIOT (no ‘S’) Chauffeurs is a Middlesex firm with a London phone number, although there is a firm called Chariots Wedding & Executive Cars, which has no reviews but shares the same address as Chariots Chauffeurs although it has a different phone number to the other two phone numbers that I have already listed.

And as for the company’s address, as you can see it is “Merlins”, Uckfield Road… And who owns Alton Towers where John Wardley AKA Mo Abrahams designed the ‘Smiler’ ride, which allegedly cost two young women a leg each?… MERLIN ENTERTAINMENTS.

But that is probably just a coincidence… Again.

Nevertheless, onwards and upwards and November the 8th had the following on Chariots Chauffeurs Facebook:


Now the link is a 404 but if you are paying attention you will remember that Jay Sherwin is a colleague of Mo Abrahams… Although I suspect that Sherwin is the boss of Chariots, despite that mention above and the one below suggesting that he isn’t:

The boss of Ringmer-based Chariots Chauffeurs in East Sussex called Maurice “one of the most likeable people you could ever meet”.

Jay Sherwin added: “Always one with a joke to hand, he was not just a colleague but a friend too.” Source

And my suspicions arise from Sherwin’s Linkedin page…


… And the fact that Sherwin spent 7 years in the Royal Navy as Chief Petty Officer Marine Engineering Artificer.

You will also notice that the Facebook post is ‘liked’ by a Sara Page, who does not have Sherwin as a friend but does have a fiancee called “Nick”.


Don’t ask me what is going on with their skin.

Now, I definitely know Nick, I just don’t know where from at the moment… But it will come to me.

And then there is just one more interesting post on their Facebook which is the following:


And that is about it since the last post made on their Facebook was on the 9th of May 2013… Or put another way, the account is a spook’s account in my humble opinion.

Course, once again the MSM’s promotional overkill on Mo Abrahams is exactly what alerted my suspicious nature in the first place. I mean, have a gander at this:

Among the hundreds of messages pinned to the bridge was a note to chauffeur Maurice Abrahams, 76, a father-of-two, who was driving to pick up a bride-to-be when the jet hit his Daimler limousine. It read: ‘Our thoughts are with your family at this very sad time. A true hero in every sense of the word.’ Source

No he wasn’t a “true hero” in every sense of the word.

However, have you noticed how all these drivers in these hoaxes are old men. For instance, just off of the top of my head there is:

  • Harry Clarke aged 58/The Glasgow Bin Lorry Bollox.
  • Maurice Abrahams aged 76/The Shoreham Sham.
  • Kailash Chander aged 77/ The Coventry Cobblers

Yet the fact is, the Jag wasn’t even there in the immediate aftermath of the explosion.


And of course, there is then the question of how the Jag got there, facing the wrong way up the carriage way.

Now obviously, a good indication that a hoax has taken place is by how much muddying of the waters witnesses can stir up.

And this is what has happened with the Jag which had no business ending up where it did.

For starters we have the “bride’s tale” which sees old Mo heading towards the bridge on the way to collect Rebecca Sheen to take her to wed Rajendran Asekaran when the Hawker Hunter fighter jet plunged on to the A27:

The top half of the limousine was sheered off in the tragedy as Rebecca was waiting nervously at home.


Yeah, but how was it sheared off since the plane came down on the other side of the road… Allegedly:

“My thoughts are with the families and we want to know how the driver is,” Mrs Asekaran said as she arrived home yesterday at Goring-by-Sea, West Sussex.

He’s brown bread love… How did the press get your details?

“We’re fine. The wedding wasn’t ruined. It was beautiful; it was lovely.”

After failing to contact the driver, the bride and her bridesmaids were ferried to the ceremony by the photographer.

Later, Mrs Asekaran’s father read of the tragedy on his mobile phone during the ceremony at The Findon Manor.

“I looked on my iPhone and saw a picture of the carnage and could pick out the car that was meant to be here,” he said.

Sooo, not only did the bridegroom’s father know the make and model of car which was meant to pick up his future daughter in law to take her to the church… He saw a photo of it on his phone before the photos had even been released… Roger that

The limousine driver’s Daimler DS420 was heading from Brighton towards Worthing when the plane crashed on the other side of the road.

The aircraft first crushed a Vauxhall Corsa which was heading along the busy road past the airport.

And then did a 90° turn apparently before doing another 90° turn to head into the trees that are not really there… Roger, Roger:

The limousine was then engulfed in flames as the disintegrating jet sprayed burning aviation fuel across the carriageway.

Despite the council truck parked in the middle divide of the road somehow being exempted from being sprayed with jet fuel… Although that does not explain how the roof was sheared off… So c’mon, tell us all about how that happened:

The plane “broke up”, witnesses said, destroying other vehicles as debris flew across the road. Source

Ahhhh, so the Jag’s roof was sheared off by debris from the plane which broke up despite the official report saying that the plane came to a halt in 4 pieces in the trees that are not really there… Roger that, but where are these other destroyed cars that these ‘witnesses’ talk about?


Don’t cha just hate being taken for a cunt?

Mind you, I’m sure that there will obviously be a simple explanation that no cunt will be able to provide us with.

In fact I am pretty damn sure that Judge Andrew/John Woollard – as a man of fair mind & integrity – would be able to explain these anomalies… And how a single Tunisian terrorist can arrive at the back of a hotel via jet ski from the sea and from the front of the same hotel arriving in a white motor via the road – at the same time… And how Jet Fuel can melt fireproofed steel causing two skyscrapers to collapse at freefall speed, whilst another Skyscraper can do the same without being struck by fuck all… Yet should anyone ask for answers to those straightforward questions or repeat that President Franklin Roosevelt knew Pearl Harbour was going to be attacked by Japan but let it happen so as to gather public support to take America into WW2, then they are nothing other than sad conspiracy theorists sat in their bedrooms obsessing about ‘things’, despite the latter fact now being a matter of public record … And they certainly are not real journalists either… They are just very naughty boys… Pilchard.

However until Judge Woollard does offer up a plausible answer to those questions, he will remain as bent as fuck… And anyone else who trots out the same party line deserves treating with the same contempt… Just sayin’.

But anyway, we have had the wedding party’s version of events, now have a butchers at this report via “my” Sun *gag:

THE driver of a flaming 4X4 who was the last person to escape the Shoreham air crash fireball alive yesterday said: “It’s a miracle I survived.”

The grandad, 71, leapt to safety from his moving BMW X3 after its rear windows were blown out by the blast.

Now this is obviously the BMW that is seen in that last photo-batch hightailing it out of the engulfing inferno.

So first things first, he is remarkably agile for a 71 year old isn’t he. Nice motor too… Carry on real journalist at My Sun:

His motor was immediately in front of the doomed wedding limo which was destroyed in the disaster, killing 76-year-old chauffeur Maurice Abrahams.

“Immediately in front of the doomed wedding limo”, yep Roger thaWHHAAATTTT?

So, we now have Mo on the other side of the road heading away from the bridge, engulfed in the fireball, behind the BMW… Two major newspaper reports which couldn’t contradict each other more if they tried.

So who is the fucking liar: Grandad or newly married Barry Becky Sheen?

Carry on for now, My Sun real thingy type person:

The BMW driver — who we are not naming because of his trauma — spoke yesterday as police said the death toll from Saturday’s tragedy was not likely to go above 11.

The Sun is not naming Grandad, but the Express is naming Ms Sheen… Roger that:

The survivor was on his way to a friend’s barbecue when the Hawker Hunter jet plunged on to the A27.

Our astonishing photo shows his silver car emerging from the towering fireball.

“Astonishing” being a vast fucking understatement.

Still dazed by his ordeal, he said: “I was driving along when I heard a deafening bang. Something went through the rear windscreen of my car, causing it all to cave in.

Did you not hear the deafening sound of the jet engines then?

“I then had flames engulfing the vehicle. I was panicking and frightened because I thought the car was going to blow up.

“I was jumping up and down in my seat and my hands were going.

Going where?

“My immediate thoughts were, ‘What the hell is going on? Get the hell out of here’, so I jumped out and rolled over.

Why the fuck did you just not stop the motor… A hell of a lot easier than jumping out whilst it’s moving, a hell of a lot safer than jumping out when its moving and very nominal in time saving terms… Why on earth did the real journalist not pull Grandad Colt Seavers on these glaring anomalies?

“The car is an automatic and it just kept rolling on for about 200 yards. I eventually got up, looked back at the carnage behind and thought, ‘My God’.

Yes, yes but why didn’t you stop the motor. There might have been a child in the road or something?

“It was awful. I couldn’t believe what I’d come through.”

Funnily enough, neither can I.

The driver said Maurice’s Daimler limo was “wiped away”.

He explained: “I was the last one to make it out of the inferno alive.

“Two seconds later and it would have been me in there.

So how the fuck did Mo’s motor end up on the opposite carriageway?

“As fast as all this happened, I was stood there looking to the sky, thanking God for being alive.”

Did he reply?

As well as suffering burns to his arms, the motorist is struggling to sleep and having flashbacks.

No burns to the back of his head then… And it sounds like he could do with a bit of counselling.

He said: “After I had rolled out and the car had moved forward, I went back, pulled out my mobile and keys and backed away.

How do you roll out of a moving motor?

“As I was walking I realised I was the only one there. No others were about and no other cars came through. I was there on my own and it was so eerie.

Grandad is the liar… Then again so is Barry Sheen or whatever her name is.

“I realised I was the last car to make it. There was a red car and a blue car next to me but I have no idea where the drivers were.


“I’m still in shock. But I came out of it very well, considering.”

Describing his sense of confusion immediately afterwards, he said: “One of the firemen came up and said, ‘Don’t go back there, it’s awful’.

Someones con-fucking-fused that is for sure. First he’s on his own, next he’s with a fireman and still we are none the wiser as to how the Jag came to end up on the opposite carriageway.

“He moved me to the other side of the road. I stood there but didn’t know what to do.

“My arms were burned. I wasn’t in pain, I didn’t even feel shock, I just didn’t know what was going on.”

I do, you are lying your fuckng arse off pal. And with that being the case, it is safe to assume what I have been saying all along namely; the photos of the cars emerging from the flames are bollox… Which in turn makes the whole affair bollox.

He went on: “I am devastated for those that didn’t make it. My heart goes out to all of their families.

Yes pal… There are a lot of people like yourself whose hearts have gone out to strangers over the past 15 years… Heartless, the fucking lot of ya.

“It’s just a miracle I survived it and I am so lucky to have made it when so many others didn’t.”

I wouldn’t describe it as a miracle.

The final pieces of the jet were removed from the scene yesterday. No further evidence of other victims was discovered.

What a surprise.

Sussex Police Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry said: “It is 11 people that we are classifying as highly likely as being victims.

“It’s becoming increasingly likely that will be the final figure.”

Then again, Sussex Police Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry would know wouldn’t he, what with him being Adrian Evans, one of the Tunisian victims

SHOREHAM, ENGLAND - AUGUST 23: Royal Air Forces Association CEO Nick Bunting (not pictured) and Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry conduct a press conference after a Hawker Hunter fighter jet crashed, on August 23, 2015 in Shoreham, England. The aircraft came down while performing at the Shoreham Airshow yesterday, killing at least 11 people. The pilot is said to be in a critical condition in hospital. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Although the computer says no.


But then again they forgot to put Evans his ears on.

As they did the fella in the following photo who also looks like Evans.


But I will tell you who he is later.

And before anyone goes spouting that they are not the same fella and that they look totally different, think on, they don’t.

Course they don’t look identical but that is because… Now concentrate… They have been digitally altered and if a crisis actor did look identical to every part he/she played then the scriptwriters would never get away with it… It ain’t fucking rocket salad.

What you have to ask yourself is how come all of these false flags involve people who in any other scenario would at the very least be closely related… But I digress.

Now Barry the plod can spout his eleven dead bollocks all he wants but the original tally given over by the Ambulance service was seven dead:

But seven people died on the dual carriageway and a further 14 were injured, South East Ambulance Service announced. Source

And that to me sounds like a definitive figure.

However, the whole ludicrous scenario takes on an even more surreal quality when 3 days after the *aherm, aherm accident happened the bent-come-pretend-plod announced:

It comes as the final death toll from the tragic Shoreham Airshow crash could rise to 20, as rescuers begin to remove the strewn plane wreckage.

I mean, notwithstanding the fact that the trees in which the plane came to rest are not really there; yet even if they were are we really supposed to believe that it would take over THREE days before the rescue services could get to the wreckage in order to account for more bodies?

And are we also supposed to believe that a further 9 families were ringing up the plod squad in those 3 days reporting loved ones who attended the airshow having not returned home, to enable the god-playing-plod to come to that figure of 20?

After All, they allegedly found pilot Andy Hill “by the side of the wreckage” almost straight away and a burning plane heading into trees tends to leave a clearing behind it… People really need to wake up to these transparent frauds.

Yet even then – three days after the event, when the plod were warning that the death toll could reach twenty – they had the following to say:

Sussex Police yesterday confirmed 11 people were “highly likely” to have died when former RAF pilot Andy Hill’s Hawker Hunter jet failed to come up again after a loop-the-loop, crashing into the busy A27 dual carriageway in West Sussex.

Sussex Police Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry this morning warned that the death toll could rise to 20 as specialist teams scour the large crash area where they have begun to remove the bodies of those killed.

He said: “It’s too early to tell but I’d be surprised if [the death toll] doesn’t go above 11.

“To give people a sense of scale and also the number of people we are trying to work with in terms of the movements of their loved ones, then I would be really surprised if it would be more than 20.”

He said there had been cyclists and onlookers in the area at the time of the crash, adding: “It makes it very complicated to establish who was where and who we can actually confirm has been a victim of this crash.” Source

So, two days after the old fanny occurred the plod can only say that 11 people were “highly likely” to have died – fuck off witcha.

I mean, despite the MSM’s orders to portray the crash site as resembling a post-apocalyptic earth, the photos do not correspond and whilst I know that even the creme-de-la-creme of Britain’s bogies are not the sharpest tools in the box, do they really think that the likes of me & you are going to believe that they couldn’t have a definitive death & casualty toll two days following the hoax when at its worst the crash scene looked like what you see in the photos below:


I mean, there is taking someone for a muppet and then there is taking someone for a proper mug cunt.

Yet I am sure Dogman and the other mods will confirm the high number of comments that we have had on this Shoreham hoax, usually along the lines of: “You’re talking bollocks Spiv, I was there – my friend was there – my neighbour’s, brother’s daughter in law who shops at Tesco was there – and saw horrifying things that no one should see, blah, blah, blah, *white-noise”.

In fact if memory serves someone even claimed they knew the coroner/forensic eggspurt or someone like that, who attended and told them it was one of the worst disaster scenes they had ever witnessed… But I never take no notice of what Noddy writes about the goings on in Toy Town.

And neither is it any good just dismissing that old bollox above, reported in the Express newspaper, stating that there may be up to 20 dead, as just being newspaper talk – because they are direct quotes from a high-wanking copper, albeit no doubt a fake-un-bacon. And besides, the nonce protectors claiming that I talk bollox can’t have it both ways i.e one minute the MSM are full of shite, the next “if it’s in the papers then it’s true”.

Nevertheless, let’s continue from where we left off with that Sun Scum newspaper report published so as Grandad Colt Seavers – or whatever the made up anonymous monsters name is – can spread the government propaganda about an event that was nothing more than an illusion:

West Sussex coroner Penny Schofield has warned that identifying the victims will be a “slow operation”.

On account of they hadn’t at that point decided on how many there was going to be or who would play them.

Tributes continued to pour in for the four men confirmed dead.

Friends of bodybuilder Matt Jones, 23, have traced the owner of his first car for his funeral procession.

WHY! Were they pals or summat?

Ashlee Spooner posted a message on the Toyota Celica UK Facebook page which read: “My mate was killed in the Shoreham Air Show.

Ashlee – not to be confused with Ashley – Spooner is either a Grade A Cunt Crisis Actor, a Grade A Cunt Nonce Protector (albeit there is little difference between the two groups) or a Grade A Cunt Non-existent Person.

“This was his car a few years ago, we’d love to get it to his funeral.

WHY! He must have sold it because he didn’t want it anymore. In fact that is a bit like having your hated ex-wife as the chief mourner.

“If you’ve got the car or one that’s very similar let us know.”

So, any old motor that looks a bit like a celica will do then… Way to go Ashleeeeeee.

The message was shared more than 30,000 times before the owner was found and offered to help.

And there is the proof that there was at least 30,000 brain dead imbeciles who were gullible enough to believe the government orchestrated old shite, thus reinforcing the reason why you won’t find the word “Gullible” in any English language dictionary.

Builder Daniele Polito, 23, of Goring, West Sussex, is also feared to have died in Matt’s car.

Daniele Polito – not to be confused with Daniel, although Daniele was a fella apparently – being another made up name. Mind you, Daniele Polito is an anagram of ‘Aliened Loop It’ – the definition of “Aliened” according to being: Owing political allegiance to another country or government. Just sayin’.

The parents and girlfriend of Jacob Schilt, 23, left moving messages for the Worthing Utd footballer close to the crash site.

Jacob died with team-mate Matthew Grimstone, also 23.

Now these two are the only ‘victims’ that I’m struggling with, being as they were both amateur footballers. Mind you, both appear to have joined Worthing United FC at the same time – 2014/15 season, with Grimshaw making 36 appearances that season and 4 this season.

Schilt made 29 appearances last season and 4 this season.

However, I doubt that they were really killed although the possibility cannot be totally dismissed.

And I haven’t come across a British false flag yet which doesn’t involve some connection or other with football.

Moreover, Worthing United is a small club with an average attendance of just 50, therefore 50 people crying “foul” to the newspapers or anyone else is not going to make so much a ripple if you understand what I mean.

Indeed, it seems to me that these two players have been hyped up to be better than what they are.

Certainly I would say that at the very least, the photos of the pair playing football are photoshopped.


Moreover, the WUFC coach named as being Matt Evans also plays for the team IN GOAL and is a dead ringer for Matt Jones, the fitness trainer/builder who was also allegedly killed alongside his workmate Daniele Polito in this old fanny.


Very, very coincidental don’t cha think?

PAY-Matt-Jones (1)amatevans

Talk about coincidence?

  • two Matts, both identical
  • both with Welsh surnames
  • one of them killed in the same incident as two footballers, whose team coach is the deceased’s doppelganger
  • both living in the same area

And of course Matt Jones’ face has been messed with, I mean just look at his chin for fucks sake:


And his skinny neck is also off centre.

Mind you, I doubt very much that this is Jonesy’s first appearance in a hoax and as such his participation in this old fanny obviously necessitates an altering of his features.

Now, anyone who has been following this site for any length of time will know that I am a bit lapsy daisy with my extensive photo collection.

You see, I never fail to come across a photo that will relate to something else that I’ve written whilst looking for a photo on whatever article that I writing at the time. And instead of filing the later photo properly, I will just save it in the folder that relates to it without changing the name of the photo so as I know who the person is, what its relevance is etc, etc.

This means that when I come to use the photo I haven’t a Scooby-Fucking-Doo who the person in that photo is – my bad – which is the situation that I find myself in now with the fella in the photo below.


Although I do know that he is a former paratrooper – that is to say that at least he is in the hoax he is taking part in which has something to do with one of the two Malaysian Airline frauds.

Nevertheless, I am fairly confident that he is also Matt Jones.


And the reason that I saved the photo of the former paratrooper was because I believed him to be Richard Mayne – and do in fact still believe that to be the case.


Richard Mayne (top left photo) who allegedly snuffed it in the Malaysian flight MH17 old bollox was your text-book false flag victim:

  • University Brainbox loved by all
  • Adventurer/Explorer – travelling the world helping impoverished children everywhere
  • Despite being a Type 1 diabetic from the age of 8, Mayne was an inspiration to all and refused to let his disability get in the way of his goals
  • Had a foundation set up in his name following his death

Blah! Blah! Fucking Blah… The cunts who write these scripts have about as much originality as a Royden Jones post… Then again they would have wouldn’t they?

Mind you, pointing out where the MIT give themselves away is probably the main reason that they haven’t bumped me off yet… So every cloud and all that bollocks.

The Mayne man also had his fair share of photoshopped happy snaps which have been altered to the usual standard and as such they are more than adequate enough to fool even the most astute of dumb-fucks.


Course, Maynes death was accompanied by the fake broken hearted girlfriend posting a heartbroken message to her lost love on Facebook… A dead give away to a hoax taking place, I hasten to add:

The girlfriend of flight MH17 victim Richard Mayne has paid a loving tribute to him.

Abby Clark, who lives in Desford, posted a touching tribute on Facebook to her boyfriend, who was one of 298 people killed in the Malayasian Airlines crash in Ukraine last Thursday.

Abby, 20, and Richard, also 20, were both pupils at Dixie Grammar School, in Market Bosworth, and the couple went on to study at Leeds University together.

In her Facebook tribute to Richard, who lived in Leicester, Abby wrote: “I honestly can’t believe what has happened and what I am writing. Sleep tight, Richard Mayne.

Note not: “Sleep tight Dick”, but “Sleep tight Richard Mayne”, for the benefit of all of her fake Facebook friends who don’t know who the fake victim is I suppose… Gerron wi’it:

“Not only were you my boyfriend for five years, you were just so much more!

“You are my best friend, my rock and I don’t know what to do without you now.

“Reading through everyone’s messages to you makes me feel so proud to have been in your life.

“You have so many people in awe of you, including myself.

“I just keep feeling like you’re going to walk in the kitchen and everything will just be back to normal. I need you so bad right now, baby.

“I have so many happy memories of us that will stay with me forever. I just wish more than anything there could be future ones, too. I love you, always will x.”

Abby, who is studying medical sciences at university, posted the words along with a montage of six pictures of herself with Richard.

One photograph is of the time they trekked to Everest base camp together, earlier this year.

Abby’s mother, Debbie Clark, said the whole family had grown fond of Richard.

“I know it sounds a cliche but Richard was genuinely the most lovely person you could ever meet,” she said.

“He came to see us two days before he left to get the flight.

“He was very excited about the trip. Abby was planning to fly out to see him at Christmas.

“Richard was part of our lives for five years and everyone loved him. He will be missed by all of us.”

Meanwhile, donations have continued to pour in to a JustGiving fund-raising site Richard set up for Kidasha – a charity which helps youngsters in Nepal.

Richard and Abby’s trek was to raise money for the organisation.

His original fund-raising goal of £680 has been surpassed since his death, with the total standing at more than £11,000 yesterday.

Richard and Loughborough University student Ben Pocock, along with eight other Britons, died when MH17 was apparently shot down by a surface-to-air missile en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. Source

There ya go, that is what it is all about, raising money off the back of a made up mush… Fraud by any other fucking name.

His parents even got in on the act:

The parents of flight MH17 victim Richard Mayne say they hope to help a diabetes charity in his memory.

Simon and Elizabth Mayne, of Western Park, Leicester, say the Leicestershire Parents’ Support Group of Diabetes UK is a cause that Richard, who was diagnosed with the disease at the age of eight, supported for most of his life.

Following the 20-year-old student’s tragic death, more than £14,0000 has been donated to Kidasha, a charity set up to help children in Nepal, which Richard had been raising funds for earlier this year. Source

And of course the Shoreham flight shite is no different – same writers see.

I mean, lets return to Matt Jones as an example.

First off, all things being equal and if you have been paying attention, Jones should be a match for Mayne, shouldn’t he?


What about that aye? Even the deformed chin matches up.

And neither do Matt Jones’s family’s actions and reactions to his death ring true – cue the trolls: “Everyone reacts different to the death of a loved one Spiv – you cunt“.

Which is true, especially when it comes to government orchestrated hoaxes where EVERYONE involved reacts different to the norm… Probably because the psychopathic MIT scriptwriters can only mirror the grief of others, thus making it nigh on impossible for them to accurately portray grief in writing from the perspective of a sane person in a fictitious scenario.

The following is taken from the Monkey Express shit-rag:

Matt Jones, of Littlehampton, West Sussex, has been named locally as one of the victims of the crash on Friday.

Mr Jones, a 24-year-old personal trainer, left work at 1pm, 20 minutes before the crash, and was giving a friend a lift in his beloved silver BMW when it was hit by the 1950s vintage aircraft.

Mr Jones career as a personal trainer looks to me to be on a par with a bird who pays to pose for some professional photographs and from that point onwards calls herself a model.

You see, this “personal trainer” malarky later changed to Jones being a builder come “personal trainer”

His sister, Becky Jones, wrote on Facebook this morning she was “devastated” to announce he was one of the eleven confirmed dead.

She said she was desperately trying to call her brother after learning the plane had crashed into the dual carriageway, but he did not answer.

The 26-year-old thought he was safe when a friend claimed to have seen him on the beach, but it turned out to be a false alarm.

She wrote: “Thank you to everyone who has messaged me. We are devastated to say Matt Jones was one of the fatalities.”

There they go again! Why use his full name when she is writing on her own Facebook wall?

Carry on lying:

And a witness confirmed they had seen his burning car on the busy road near Lancing College.

Well if Matt and his mate Daniele were killed in the old fanny, then people are bound to have seen his car aren’t they?


Only thing is, I have looked and looked at the crash site and I am fucked if I can find Matt’s posh BMW.

I mean, I am not sure what that is on fire in the photo below but I am pretty sure it isn’t Matt’s BMW.


Far too small for a start.


So I best offer £100 reward money to anyone who can find it first.

Not that there isn’t plenty of money already being raised:

A Facebook group set up to raise money for family and friends of the victims has more than 1,000 members.  Source

And the following are just a few of the other fund-raising pages that I have come across:



And then there are £20 tattoo ribbons with all proceeds going to charity:


Hmmm… Not the greatest effort and I do know what I am talking about.

And I am sure there are plenty more but to be frank I find it all very cringey and bottom clenching.

Indeed, it smacks of “look at me, look at me”. I mean statistically, 9 people die every day in RTA’s in the UK so where is their fundraising? … Exactly!

I mean, do these fundraisers know for a fact that the families need financial help?

Answer: They don’t, because they do not know these made up people.

Indeed, all the fundraising is another sure sign of a false flag; which if you have reached this far after reading Parts 1 & 2 then you will hopefully be in no doubt whatsoever that the shoreham flight shite is exactly that – a false flag.

And being a false flag, all those who have read a newspaper report about the old fanny will now need counselling… At least that is how the script writers perceive tragedy:

Local NHS services in Sussex and Brighton & Hove have joined together to offer support to those affected psychologically or emotionally by the tragic events at the Shoreham airshow.

Many people may have witnessed or been affected by the events – some of them at very close quarters. It is understandable that this may cause significant psychological or emotional impact.

It is common to experience a range of reactions in response to traumatic events, including memories of what you saw, feelings of distress, nightmares, sleeping difficulties, jumpiness or feeling like you want to avoid all reminders of what happened. These experiences are normal reactions and usually reduce over a period of a few weeks without any professional help.

It may help to consider the following:

  • Keep life as normal as possible
  • Get back to your usual routine
  • Look after your physical health
  • Keep in contact with friends, family, or other people you trust and talk to them about what happened
  • Try not to get into the habit of avoiding situations or information that reminds you of the event
  • Be careful when doing any activity that requires concentration, such as driving, as this can be affected 

However it is possible that for some people, the impact is more unsettling and distressing and the local NHS is offering the opportunity to talk about the experience with a qualified NHS wellbeing practitioner. Source

Absolutely fucking pathetic. Nevertheless, I will deal with the namby pamby brigade in part 4… Yes, there will be a part 4 as there has already been too much to deal with in this issue.

However, returning to Richard Mayne briefly.

Now Mr Payne not only looks very like Worthing United’s coach, Matt evans, he also looks very like WUFC midfielder Patrick Rose – What the fuck is going on at that tiny club?


And in turn Pat Rose looks very much like fellow team mate and aircrash victim, Jacob Schlit


Go on, tell me he doesn’t look the same!

Course, it is pointless running them through “Twins or Not” as they all have different ears… Not necessarily their own ears mind, but different nevertheless.

However, all that has been done to morph Pat into Jacob is that the crows feet around Pats eyes have been ironed out, the eyebrows have been thickened (blow up the photo and check Jacob’s out close up), the eyes have been blacked from the pupil to the outside corners, and he has been given new ears which are put on too low.


Mind you, to be fair, WUFC do look like a team of clones with 4 different prototypes. And as I say, football always plays a big part in false flags.

Right, that’s ya lot till Part 4… Byyyeeeeeeeeeeeeee.