The Sergei Skripal Poisoning Bollox


Christopher Spivey


It would indeed appear that the Right Horrible Transvestite, Terry May is now trying to portray this Sergei Skripal poisoning bollox as an act of war… Do me a fucking favour!

I mean, as if the poisoning of a Russian Spy, carried out by Russian Spies – albeit on British soil – is enough to start a world war… Even if the old bollox was true.

Nevertheless, that is the angle that the national press are now touting: 

Yesterday at Westminster, Theresa May made perhaps the most momentous statement of her political career.

In a dramatic scene in the Commons, she effectively accused the Russian state of an act of war by instructing its military intelligence agency, the GRU, to assassinate the defector Sergei Skripal in March.

Backed up by a wealth of irrefutable evidence about the two Russian intelligence agents who carried out the assignment, which ultimately resulted in the death of a British citizen and three other serious poisoning cases, May’s assertion has huge implications, not only for Britain’s relations with the rogue Russian regime, but also for European and Western foreign policy as a whole.

The Salisbury incident is truly shocking. It is the first time that a Briton has been killed on our home soil by a chemical weapon deployed by a foreign power. Yet until it happened, Britain seemed utterly indifferent to the brutality of Vladimir Putin‘s government. Source

Course, as the last attempt to start a war with Russia showed, there is no chance of that happening… You remember the one, where Trump told Putin that if the Russians bombed Syria there would be serious consequences – yet there wasn’t when Putin did… Albeit that was another hoax too.

Mind you, from what I can see no one is shitting their pants yet because many don’t believe this Skripal made-up old bollox and those daft enough to do so lost interest in the story a long time ago… Proof that over reporting can have the opposite effect to what the cunts are trying to achieve.

Course, in order to help with the government propaganda the Monkey-Kuntz are trying to portray the Russians as being barbaric cutthroats.

However the Baboons are also hampered by the incompetence of the script writers; who because of their mistakes are now desperately trying to pass off the Kremlin as trolling the story.

And indeed this tactic is the very same blueprint that the cunts use to write off conspiracy theorists i.e they try to make light of very serious accusations.

Nevertheless, in the above we see the usual type photo showing the ‘casually dressed suspects‘ walking down the road without a care in the world – and how many times in the past have we seen the exact same thing? The Boston Bombers for instance. Yet it is these two Russian ass-assins that are now causing the government so much aggravation.

You see, the story is totally made up and as such so are the two Russians… And that fact is instantly obvious to me by the way that the Monster Minions have gone way over the top in trying to present the dynamic duo as credible:

The grandfather of one of the novichok spies unmasked by Britain was a commander in Josef Stalin’s notorious ‘death to spies’ SMERSH counter-intelligence, it is claimed today.

Alexander Petrov was named on Wednesday with Ruslan Boshirov as the two agents who poisoned Russian former military agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

There has been speculation that the chemical weapons attack was revenge on Skripal for secretly spying for Britain.

Today’s claim suggests that Petrov’s grandfather Ivan Starchenko served under Stalin as a commander of SMERSH’s 31st shooting brigade on the First Ukrainian Front during the Second World War. Source

See, the dopey-bastards can never keep things simple… There always has to be a story within a story.

Nevertheless, the biggest fuck-up came about when the METROPOLITAN POLICE released two CCTV photos of the assassins arriving at Gatwick Airport.

Now, the only possible reason for the MET to release these photos is to further convince the public that the story is real. Yet the two assassins are caught on camera in the EXACT same spot at the EXACT same time. But how can that be? I mean, even if they were walking like Billy Wizz you would still see one behind the other. But you don’t.

In fact you don’t see ANYBODY at all behind either ‘suspect’ which is extremely suspect in itself.

Therefore the photos HAVE to be fake and as such you then have to ask yourself why the fuck are the Metropolitan Police releasing fake photos to the public. Course, if you read this site often enough you will know why. Indeed the MET always release fake photos for all government sponsored hoaxes because the organisation is not fit for purpose… Our countries police forces are all headed by criminals.

Nevertheless, as far as I am aware, the photo anomaly was first picked up on by Craig Murray (see HERE) forcing the Chimp to go into damage limitation mode:

Last night Russia accused Britain of tinkering with Gatwick CCTV images of the two alleged Novichok spies.

Pictures show Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov separately walking through gates at the airport.

But the images are timed at the same moment – 16:22:43.

Foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zhakarova said: ‘Either the date and the exact time were overlaid on the image, or the staff of the Russian GRU learned to walk simultaneously – but their images are captured in two different photographs.’

Last night police said the wanted men walk through customs before being faced with a number of automatic gates.

They split up to and each go down a different thin corridor at the same time. 

At arrivals at Gatwick Airport you leave the plane before heading to passport control and then move to collect your bags at the carousels.

You then go through the section of the airport where you have to declare items.

After walking through this and prior coming into the main part of the airport to get your taxi, pick up your car or get a train, you are faced with a number of thin gate corridors.

Frequent flyers will know you can’t go through the gates together and rather than queuing up in single file you split up and go through different segments.

This is what Petrov and Boshirov do and why the time is exactly the same.

The pictures released by the Metropolitan Police were being mocked on Russian social media.

One said: ‘Yes, the corridors (at Gatwick Airport) are different.

‘These are corridors at border control.

‘But what an amazing synchronization of the GRU’s staff.’

‘Don’t worry it happens – people will swallow such ‘evidence’,’ said a social media comment mocking Britain over the pictures.

Meanwhile, a. top Moscow politician tonight denied Theresa May’s claim that Vladimir Putin’s GRU military intelligence agency was behind the novichok poisoning.

Leonid Slutsky, chairman of the Russian parliament’s international relations committee, described the claim as ‘absolute nonsense’. Source

Indeed, it is all absolute nonsense although the Russian response is also a play act. After all, the world is just a stage and the world’s governments are actors playing a role for the same production company.

Moreover, the photos of the spies, Bellendov & Dickheadski are taken from the same source photo.

Indeed all that has been done here is one of the photos has been flipped. Petrov has had his nostrils extended upwards to give him a more snub nosed appearance and Boshirov (who makes up these fucking names?) has had shadow added to his eyes, lipstick applied and a fake beard and moustach added – as well as a fringe. Both of their ears have then been altered.

Nevertheless, it is a piss poor example of photoshopping and another example of just how slap-dash & smug these cunts who shape our future are.

Just sayin’.