The Royal Clampets

Christopher Spivey

Did ya see it? Did ya? You know, the national press coverage of Sweaty Betty shedding a tear for our war dead?

Course, I would like to say that the only thing that Bizzy Lizzie sheds is her skin, but I think that we know that isn’t true.

Now strangely enough, that photo bears no resemblance whatsoever to the Queer “wiping away the tear” caught on video:

In fact her hand never went anywhere near her eye… But then again, why would it? I mean she doesn’t give a fuck about those who died in the war.

Well, at least not our war dead. After all, she is German through and through.

However, it is more than fair to say that this parasitic family do not give a fuck about anyone but themselves.

So let me give you a few reminders about this family… Starting with the now deceased, alcoholic, nonce, commonly known as the Queer Mother.

You see, despite her fabulous wealth, the former Queer left her two retarded nieces – Nerissa & Katherine – to rot in state mental homes… Both of whom were then buried in paupers graves.

The following is taken from an article written in 2012 – at which time Katherine was still alive:

The Queen’s  cousin Nerissa was 22 and the Queen’s look-alike  cousin Katherine was 15 when they were sent to the grim Royal Earlswood Mental Hospital.  Both were severely handicapped and virtually unable to speak. They were said to have a mental age of six.

Cousin Nerissa is now deceased but cousin Katherine, aged 86, is still alive as of 2012, although severely mentally retarded. She is neglected and never visited.

Burke’s Peerage which records the “who’s who” lineage of the British aristocracy, recorded false information that the first cousins of Queen Elizabeth II died in 1940 and 1961.

Despite the Queen’s fabulous wealth, she spent not one penny on cousin Nerissa’s burial. Nerissa was buried like a pauper in an unceremounious grave marked by a 6-inch-high plastic tag bearing a serial number and the name ”Bowes-Lyon”.

Cousin Katherine who spent decades in the Royal Earlswood Asylum, was moved to Ketwin House for the mentally disabled. Following allegations that male staff members were washing female patients, Ketwin House was forced to shut down. Witnesses found bruises on Katherine’s hand and hip.

Despite the Queen’s fabulous wealth, she spent not one penny to keep her cousin Katherine at Ketwin House. The cost ? About 770 pounds per patient per year. According to a former staff member, Katherine is alert, understands what she’s being told and communicates by pointing and smiling. Not one member of the Royal family has visited her in 60 years.

It turns out that the Queen’s mother also had cousins who were locked away in the same mental institution on the same day in 1941 as Nerissa and Katherine.

An ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach to family members with “embarrassing” problems like mental illness and epilepcy is nothing new in the royal household.

In 1905, George V (Of name change fame) and Queen Mary had a son, Prince John. Until the age of four, Prince John was just as much in the spotlight then as Prince William was in 1986 at the age of four.

When Prince John suffered his first epilepticfit, his royal parents excluded him from official family photographs.He wasn’t even allowed to attend his own father’s coronation as King of England in 1911.In 1917, the King hid his epileptic son by sending him to die in an isolated farmhouse.John never saw his parents again. He died two years later – reportedly in his sleep.

Another propaganda Oscar winner,The Kings’ Speech, focused on the Queen’s father and his speech impediment. There was no mention in the movie that the cause may have been from generations of royal inbreeding.

Monarchy blockbusters are designed to sell the image of the filthy rich royals as sensitive, caring, human and deserving of adoration and taxpayer support. No one would dare make a Hollywood movie about the King’s nazi brother, Edward VIII who abdicated.

Alice Battenberg was the mother of the Queen’s husband – Prince Philip. Alice was near deaf and a religious zealot. As the years went by, she began to have visions that she was Christ’s bride. She was declared a paranoid schizophrenic and committed to an asylum by force in 1930. Alice is Prince William’s great grandmother.

(Source T. Stokes)

Now, in regards to the above photo of Bizzy Lizzie and her Mother, does that pose not strike you as odd? I mean it looks to me like the nonce is fondling young Liz’s breast!

Nevertheless, the fact that the two girls were never visited or financially looked after by the Queer or her mother just goes to show that they don’t give a fuck for their own – let alone those who died in the war.

Moreover, the Queer Mother used to hold some fucked up tea parties:

Guests witness a little horseplay by the Queen Mum

By Chris Hutchins

A FRIEND of my aunt Jane’s took tea with the Queen Mother the other afternoon, and by all accounts, Her Majesty was highly amused by reports that the BBC had rehearsed the day of her passing.

“I hope it’s not all too solemn,” she said over a cup of the Earl Grey. “They ought to come up with some amusing stories—after all I’ve had lots of fun in my time.”

Indeed, she has. Permit me to convey to the editors at the BBC a story about some after-dinner entertainment she obliged her guests to take partake in at Royal Lodge Windsor not so long ago.

Ma’am decided that they should all play indoor point-to-point—without the horses, naturally.

The distinguished guests—one of whom bore a striking resemblance to the Archbishop of Canterbury—were required to circle the room on all fours “jumping” over strategically placed cushions.

One slowcoach was encouraged to go faster by the Queen’s mother “whipping” him with a furled napkin.

On another occasion, when Lord and Lady Carrington were present at Windsor Lodge, HM got guests to dance a Highland reel after dinner having first placed an appropriate record on the gramophone. At the end of the reel, the diners were surprised when their hostess announced that she was going to take the salute.

They were required to line up and march past her, saluting as she stood to attention returning the gesture.

Perhaps it was a mischievous retaliatory gesture of Lord Hailsham’s to sing the Marseillaise at breakfast next morning…

Very fucking strange!

But then again, she was a very strange old bird – which you would be if you were married to a borderline retard… Which her husband, King George VI most certainly was.

However, the truth is that she was infatuated with her husband’s brother, Edward – he of abdication fame… But Edward did not want to know. (source)

You see, rock-steady Eddie was in love with the former prostitute, German spy & hermaphrodite, Wallis Simpson (source) and also his cousin, Louis Mountbatten.

This led to the Queer Mother shagging about with the paedophiles Sir Winston Churchill and possibly Lord Robert Boothby… Who were also stuck up each others bums (source).

Worse still, she allowed her then 13 year old daughter Elizabeth to be courted by the then 18 yr old Prick Philip – who had himself been raised by the nonce, Lord Louis Mountbatten.

Phillip, attended school in Germany and by his own admission says that plenty of heel clicking, Sieg Heiling and Nazi saluting were the order of the day. Course, when Philip married Elizabeth he did a very good job of hiding his Nazi origins – which wasn’t easy being as all four of his Sisters were paid up members of the Nazi party.

Indeed, after the war, the Queer Mother ordered her paedophile cousin, the Russian spy, Anthony Blunt to go to Germany to retrieve sensitive correspondence:

At the end of the war, in June 1945, the British King, George VI, the father of Queen Elizabeth and puppet of the Queen Mother, sent the former MI5 officer, Anthony Blunt, to the Kronberg Castle of Prince Philip’s sister Sophie, and her Nazi husband Prince Christoph of Hesse, to recover correspondence between the British Royal Family and their Nazi relatives, for propaganda aimed at convincing the aristocrats of Britain they had not been in contact all along. Blunt was the ‘surveyor of the Queens Pictures’ and a world expert in the paintings of Poussin, the initiate who painted pictures called ‘The Shepherds of Arcadia’ which related to the Rennes-le-Chateau mysteries. Blunt was named as a member of a KGB unit inside British Intelligence along with Burgess, MacLean, and Philby, the fifth man was never named, but was in fact, Lord Victor Rothschild.

And so, with all of the above being Nazi sympathizers, if the Queer was to shed a tear for anyone it would be the German war dead… Wouldn’t it?

However, if that wasn’t bad enough, it is quite obvious that the the royal family are morally bankrupt.

In fact nothing demonstrates the fact more than Princess Andrew lying to the nation about his relationship with the paedophile Jeffery Epstein.

I mean the cunt says that he only met with Epstein in person to terminate their relationship because he (Andrew) is “too Honorable” … Fuck me, he thinks a lot of himself doesn’t he!

PHOTO: Andrew – What a knob

Yet is anyone seriously that thick that they believe him? After all, most normal people would just pick up the phone and say: “Look Jeff, you are a nonce so I don’t want anything to do with you“.

Nevertheless, Princess Andrew says that he is too honorable to take that approach so he went to stay with the convicted nonce for a weekend in order to tell him face to face… At least that is his excuse for staying with Epstein after his release from prison – Righto!

Moreover, Andrew questions the authenticity of the photo taken of him and the 17 yr old bird that he is accused of shagging… I mean, he can’t remember ever meeting the bird but he DOES remember that on the night in question he was at the pizza express having dinner with his daughter.

That would be the daughter who pranced around naked in the moonlight at her very expensive school:

The 18-year-old daughter of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and Prince Andrew, was caught frolicking in her birthday suit at her boarding school in Wiltshire, England after drinking at a local pub. Doesn’t she know a princess can’t just run around nudie on campus? Hasn’t she ever seen the “Princess Diaries?”

Apparently, a senior member of the school’s staff woke after hearing playful shrieks. The staff member then looked outside, only to be surprised by about a dozen students dancing around in the buff in the moonlight.

Furthermore, the photo of Andy & Virginia Roberts must be fake because the Prick says that he doesn’t do public displays of affection… Apparently

So, that has cleared that up then!

Course, as I say, the Prick calling himself “too Honorable” is a total joke. I mean take a look at the following for fucks sake:

What a cunt!

And to make matters worse for the knob, his ex-wife has come to his defence:

Sarah Ferguson has posted an extraordinary Instagram post in which she defended her ex-husband Prince Andrew, ‘this giant of a principled man’ amid allegations over his close friendship with billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The Duchess of York shared the bizarre and emotional tribute ahead of Andrew’s interview tonight, praising him as a ‘true and real gentleman’ who ‘dares to put his shoulder to the wind and stands firm with his sense of honour and truth’. Source

Fuck me, that is all he needs… An old slapper devoid of all principles sticking up for him!

But then again she would, wouldn’t she since she too has a lot to lose from Andrews involvement with Epstein. After all, she accepted a large loan off the nonce.

And to make matters worse for the not so royal family; Prick Andrew isn’t even the son of Prick Philip… Who was strangely absent from the Remembrance Sunday celebrations.

You see, Andrew is the son of Lord Porchester – the Queers “best friend“.

Think that I am joking? Well questions were certainly asked in Parliament about the matter.

And that means not only was the queer breaking her marriage vows – it means that she also got banged up by her lovers… And I say lovers because her youngest child, Prick Edward is the son of Baron Patrick Plunket:

And as always, the clues can be found in the national press… The following is taken from the Sun:

AS the world awaits the wedding of Harry and Meghan, The Sun today reveals a secret affection that the Queen harboured for a dashing guardsman in her younger days.

Patrick Plunket was the only other  man  she  ever  looked  at, and to this day she thinks of him.

The dazzlingly handsome former Guards officer spent 25 years in her service. He was more than a courtier and much more than a friend.

He danced with her. He joked with her. He served her and guided her. And when her marriage hit a rocky patch, he comforted her.

In her 92 years, no other man has ever been that close to the Queen, apart from Prince Philip.

In 1975, when bachelor Plunket died from liver cancer aged just 51, the Queen was plunged into grief.

This of course explains why Andrew and Edward were born so long after the close births of Charles and Ann.

Moreover, it is a matter of record that the Queer refused to sleep with the Duck after the birth of Ann, due to the dirty nonce Philip not being able to honour his marriage vows.

I mean it is a matter of public record that the Duck’s 20 year love affair with his wife’s cousin, Princess Alexandra of Kent was the one that broke the camel’s back – or at least gave Bizzy Lizzy the right fucking hump, leading to her banning Phil the Nazi from her bedroom.

Nicholas Davies, purported to reveal “a shocking world of royal adultery, passion and betrayal” and stated – as fact, not surmise – that the Duke of Edinburgh’s liaisons with his cousin, Princess Alexandra, with the film star Merle Oberon, and with the Duchess of York’s mother, Susan Barrantes (among others!) were the reason “why the Queen banned her husband from her bed”.

Course, the ‘official’ reason given by the Palace for separate beds is “the Queen’s dedication to duty” as in she needs her sleep… Fuck off witcha!

Nevertheless, these affairs started as little as 9 months after the pair of parasites were wed:

AN ex-royal footman told yesterday how Prince Philip shared secret rendezvous with a mystery woman for nine months after he married the Queen.

Servant Norman Barson was the only witness to the three-hour meetings which have remained a secret for almost 50 years.

Now, in the wake of a sensational new book about the royal marriage, Mr Barson has described in detail what went on at stately Windlesham Moor, near Ascot, Berks.

That was a country home rented by Philip and the then Princess Elizabeth after their marriage in November 1947. Prince Charles was born a year later.

Nearly every week, Philip and his female friend would arrive at the house in his MG convertible.

The pretty, slim girl would have her face hidden by a beret or a headscarf. Source

Then again, it is hardly surprising since the then 18 yr old, Duck had been dating the then, Princess Elizabeth since she was a THIRTEEN yr old.

After all, how much can a 13 yr old girl and an extensively travelled 18 yr old womaniser have in common:

Getting an insight into Philip’s feelings about his relationship with Elizabeth is not easy. Getting an insight into her feelings about him is much more straightforward. The Queen is happy for you to know that, in her heart and in her way, she has been committed to Prince Philip from the age of 13. Source

Apart from Porchester & Plunket of course.

Mind you, there is an even darker rumour that suggests the Duck likes to shag his son’s birds – Penelope Romsey – and worse still, an allegation that he has had affairs with both Prince Dead-Ed’s missus, Sophie and Princess Andrew’s ex, Fergie… A bit of mother & daughter action going on there then.

Course, I have no idea if the rumours are true or not but knowing what I do about the ‘royals’, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting – since the Chimp neglects to mention the fact – that Penny Romsey was married to Louis Mountbatten’s son, making her the Duck’s cousin in law.

This too from the Monkey Boys:

For years he’d (Norton Knatchbull) had to endure the speculation over his wife Penny’s relationship with Prince Philip, who is his first cousin once removed.

Since Philip’s switch to carriage driving from polo, Lady Brabourne had been a regular fixture at his side. She is 57, Philip is 89. 

The daughter of Reg Eastwood, a butcher who left school at 15 and went on to found the Angus Steakhouse eateries, Penny Brabourne was not at first glance the ideal soulmate for one of modern royalty’s grandest figures. But her stunning blonde looks and her determined attitude captured Philip’s attention. 

Often they would travel round the country together without their spouses. Among the tight-knit community who are their friends, the relationship goes unquestioned. 

At one very grand house where they have stayed after carriage-driving events, a fellow guest told me: ‘Everybody knows about Philip and Penny – they are close. But nobody knows any more than that. They do NOT share a bedroom. Read More

And as I said – bizarre and sordid as it may sound – the Duck’s son, Prick Charles of Buggerlugs had also had a bit of Penny:

In mid-August, Charles took off for Majorca, where he was spotted in what at first seemed an overly warm embrace with former girlfriend Penny Romsey.

But the raising of eyebrows was followed by the lowering of the boom: Her husband, Lord Romsey, indignantly explained that Charles was just comforting Penny after she’d learned that her 4-year-old daughter, Leonora, had cancer. (Charles was vindicated when the newspaper that published the rumor of romance retracted it.) Source

Hardly surprising that Prick Willie is such a knob is it?

I mean, his old man is a nonce who has had countless affairs and is married a fag-hag (Camilla) who holidays with the predatory paedophile, Derek Laud.

And as for his mum… Well, that is if you believe that his mum really existed – she was a proper old banger:

Allegedly, Prick Philip wanted to fuck her too.

Indeed, I could go on and on about these cunts… But what’s the point – people will still wave their little plastic Union Jacks.

Just sayin’.