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Christopher Spivey

I instinctively knew that there would be so much more to the death of 15 year old Iris Rothschild-Goldsmith than was being reported on by the world’s press.

Course, that can hardly be surprising to my regular readers since we all know that the Rothschild’s are one of the most evil, secretive families ever to walk this earth.

Nevertheless, 15 year old Iris was supposedly killed in a quad-bike accident on the 8th of July 2019:

Ben Goldsmith and his former wife have been left ‘devastated’ by the death of their ‘beautiful, charming, intelligent’ teenage daughter in a ‘quad bike’ accident on the family farm.  

Ambulance crews were called to the Goldsmiths’ home in the Somerset village of North Brewham on Monday afternoon after the millionaire financier’s eldest daughter Iris Annabel, 15, was involved in a crash. 

Locals in the quiet village told of their shock as the high-profile family comes to terms with the teenager’s death, who is the daughter of heiress Kate Rothschild.

Kate, 37, was staying at the country estate when the accident happened and her ex-husband Ben, 38, was playing in a cricket match, in Surrey, at the time… Source

Course, we know only too well how dangerous those quad-bikes can be. Indeed you only have to ask Ozzy Osborne and Rik Mayall to know that… Although you can obviously no longer ask Rik since he is brown bread too.

Nevertheless, the report goes on to say that Iris was not badly hurt in the crash:

‘We were told at the time the accident wasn’t serious and that it wasn’t a life-threatening situation. We were told that his daughter was ok, but that she needed to go to hospital.’

Mr Khan went on: ‘Ben was on the phone constantly. Even when he got into the car he was on the phone to someone.

‘We were told she would be fine, but that he had to go. He looked worried, obviously. He seemed concerned as any parent would be, but he wasn’t panicking at that stage.

Now this is the first anomaly since it later transpired that Iris died at the scene of the accident, so how the fuck could her dad have been told that “there was nothing to worry about“?

And do bear in mind that the above Chimp farticle was published on the day after her death and then updated again a day later.

The mystery then gets deeper because it turns out that it wasn’t a quad-bike at all. It was more of a mini-jeep fitted with a roll-bar:

Moreover, Iris was with a friend in the jeep when it overturned – yet her friend was unhurt:

A friend who was on the machine with her escaped without serious injury.

And that brings us to anomaly number 2… Because the cause of death has not been established yet:

An inquest into Iris’s death heard today (19/7/19) that the Goldsmith heiress died when an off-road farm bike she was driving overturned on the family estate.

But the cause of her death remains a mystery and post mortem toxicology tests are being carried out. Iris was driving the left-hand-drive all-terrain type vehicle when it turned over at the country home of her millionaire father and his wife Jemima Jones… Source

Yet Iris was buried on the 18th of July… So, is it common practice to bury someone before their cause of death has been established… And why is there such a delay on the toxicology report?

The Chimp farticle then continues:

Mr Williams said: ‘From the limited information available at this time Iris was driving a left-hand drive all-terrain type vehicle when it turned over for reasons yet to be established. As a result she suffered fatal injuries.

Is it really so important to ascertain why the jeep turned over? I mean the two girls were driving it a field and as such it isn’t hard to understand how it did… But why – eleven days after the event – is there such “limited information”.

I mean, Iris’s passenger/friend was unhurt… Or is she blind, deaf and dumb and as such can’t say what the fuck happened?

‘An interim post mortem report from pathologist Dr Edwin Cooper at Yeovil District Hospital states the cause of death is currently unascertained, pending blood analysis.

And that to me sets alarm bells ringing because it indicates that Iris’s body was unmarked. I mean, had her head been caved in or her chest crushed then the cause of death would have been obvious… Not “unascertained“.

Mr Williams added that toxicology tests are routine in post mortem examinations of accident victims. Adjourning the hearing the coroner said: ‘Avon and Somerset Constabulary are not treating the death as suspicious and are in the process of preparing a detailed report for me at a final inquest hearing.’

Iris’s heartbroken parents have been liaising with Coroner’s officer Simon Dobson and had no objections to today’s hearing go ahead without them… Source

Moreover, you would have thought that the press would have had a field day with the funeral. Indeed, it should have been a who’s who of wealth attending, yet the press took no photos of the elite monsters as the arrived or even told us who had attended for that matter.

But as I say, it should have been a who’s who of wealth with the likes of great Uncle Jacob Rothschild and 2nd cousin Nat Rothschild in attendance.

Also present should have been granny Annabel Goldsmith, Uncle Zac (a Tory MP who is married to Iris’s aunt, Alice Rothschild) and Auntie Jemima – the former wife of Pakistan’s current Prime Mincer, Imran Khan… Not to mention Boris Johnson – a very close friend of the Goldsmith family.

Yet all there is to show that the funeral took place at all are two very poor quality, badly photoshopped images of the proceedings:

Do the elite have shite camera phones or summat… And why photoshop?

Indeed, the fact that they are photoshopped and copyright of the Press Association makes the whole event extremely suspect.

As does the information which the press are not telling us.

For instance, Iris died on the 8th of July 2019 – Twenty Three years TO THE DAY (8/7/96) that her GRANDAD, Amschel Rothschild hung himself in a Paris hotel… Paris being a very important city to the Monsters.

In fact Paris is the city where Princess Diana died and she is allegedly the half brother of Ben Goldsmith – making her auntie to Iris… But that is a different story altogether, although Diana was played by the then 18 year old Ondine de Rothschild on the night that she supposedly died – hence all the “Shy-Di” face hiding that took place that night.

PHOTO: Diana and Ondine de Rothschild

And if you are a long time reader of mine, you will know that Bristol is also an important place to the monsters.

Therefore there can be no surprise that Grandad Amschel hung himself in Paris in the Bristol Hotel… The following is taken from the Independent Newspaper and was published in August 1996:

Amschel Rothschild, millionaire heir to the banking dynasty, hanged himself in a Paris hotel room while suffering from depression brought on by his mother’s death.

An inquest heard yesterday how the banker was a reticent man who did not show his feelings but had been distressed since his mother, Teresa, Lady Rothschild, had died six weeks earlier.

In a written statement read to the court his widow, Anita, said: “His family had noticed that he had depressive tendencies. We do not know the reason for this but certain family antecedents predisposed him to this act. The loss of his mother had affected him.” Read MORE

Yet as I say, the press never even so much as mention the death-date coincidence once!

Amschel Rothschild was the son of British Spy, Victor Rothschild and the brother of Jacob Rothschild – the current head of the British branch of the monsters.

But the coincidences do not stop there… You see, a year to the day that Iris was buried (on 17/7/19), it was reported in the press for the first time (on 17/7/18) that Annabelle Rothschild had been found dead in her London home.

Annabelle is the ex wife of Nat Rothschild and Nat is 1st cousin to Iris’s mother, Kate Rothschild… Yet this massive coincidence was not mentioned in the national press either:

The ex-wife of elite banker Nataniel Rothschild has been found dead at her home in Chelsea, London.

49-year-old Annabelle Neilson’s body was discovered hanging from a doorknob in the bathroom of her $4.1 million mansion on Thursday, but news of her sudden and tragic death has only just been made public.

Police have yet to confirm the cause of her death, and haven’t ruled out drug or alcohol use, but say they are “not treating it as suspicious.

“Neilson was previously married to Nathaniel Rothschild – son of Lord Jacob Rothschild and heir to his family’s fortune – for three years after a six-year relationship… Source

THE POLICE ARE NOT TREATING THE DEATH AS SUSPICIOUS“!!! Are they for real… She hung herself from a fucking door knob for fucks sake:

So what you say, fuck all suspicious there… Well there is actually.

You see, not only is hanging a very rare way for women to top themselves (unless you are a woman who has been the victim of a radio station prank phone call), but it also mirrored the death of Annabelle’s lover, the fashion designer Alexander McQueen – who also hung himself from a fucking doorknob:

McQueen’s death was announced on the afternoon of 11 February 2010.

In the morning, his housekeeper found him hanging from a doorknob at his home in Green Street, London W1.

Annabelle Neilson was supposedly the last person to see McQueen alive and she was left devastated by his death

Nothing suspicious there then at all… Never mind the fact that Annabelle’s father-in-law, Jacob Rothschild couldn’t stand her… And her death just so happened to be reported on a year to the day that Jacob’s 15 year old niece was hastily buried.

Annabelle actually committed hari-kari on the 12th of July 2018… A year to the day that Iris’s old man published a bizarre tweet asking god for his daughter back:

Neither do I need to remind you that Iris was Ben Goldsmith’s first born. I mean talk about history repeating its self. You see, Ben’s half brother, Rupert – the first born child of his mother, Annabel – disappeared, presumed drowned, in Africa in 1986.

But then again, these elites have a way of losing their first born child don’t they?

You really couldn’t make it up, don’t cha know!

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PHOTO: Iris and dad, Ben Goldsmith