The Right Orrible, Terry May


Christopher Spivey


Well it is certainly going sweet & dandy for the Monsters when you consider that so many people think that they took a hiding on the vote to leave Europe.

I mean we now have a full unelected government with our new Prime Mincer, The Right Orrible Transvestite, Terry May declaring that there will not be an election until 2020.

Yet when David Cameron was fraudulently kept in charge after the last election the electorate knew who they were getting in the way of a Prime Mincer and Cabinet Ministers – in theory at least – and as such, if all was now above-board then Un-El Tel should have kept those same Cabinet Ministers in place at least until the next rigged voting was upon us.

Indeed, looking like a lanky half-starved She-Wolf about to be unleashed on a huge unsuspecting flock of Sheep, Un-El-Tel’s flat refusal to adhere to the principles of democracy are to me quite alarming and suggests that she has been deliberately maneuvered into the top job, with a specific mandate.


Moreover, her delight in landing the top job – despite having fuck all to crow about – and her obvious wish to stay there suggests that she is a power-craving egomaniac, with extremely worrying psychopathic traits to boot.

For example, her cringe-inducing, embarrassing penchant for copying whatever the model Cara Delevingne is photographed wearing for one, which dominated the newspaper headlines between September and November 2013, to such an extent that Cameron was forced to step in to defend Un-El-Tel – his Homo Secretary, at the time.


Moreover, the way that she appears chuffed to fuck when the newspapers brown-nose her is alarming, which even if it were to be dismissed as just being“newspaper talk”, the welly wearing weeble does nothing to put a stop to the old fanny – something that she could do with a few simple phone calls.

In fact to the contrary since – as I say – he/she appears to positively delight in the narcissistic nonsense giving the tightly controlled, brown-nosing, nonce-protecting, semi-literate presstitutes, carte blanche to churn out an endless stream of embarrassingly written diarrhea.

I mean take a look at the following (which includes a behaviour comparison with the Satanic Hillary Clinton), and then explain to me how Terry is the best that we can muster out of somewhere around 50 million people, over 18, who inhabit this green & pungent land.


And as an aside, if Clinton was really seriously – or even terminally – ill  would she really be standing for US President?… Not that it would matter to the Monsters as Ill-Hill – like Terry – is nothing more than a frontman, dancing to their tune and they will just replace her with a digitally enhanced lookalike if she pops her clogs.

Either that or they will use her death to their advantage whilst Vice President, Tim Kaine – probably much easier to control and less of a liability than Clinton – will take charge as resident puppet… He likes a freebie does Tim.

Nevertheless, there IS obviously something seriously wrong with Clinton, yet the American public seem unconcerned – even oblivious to the fact – that whatever is wrong with her makes voting her into office a serious no-no.


PHOTO: If Clinton needs the kind of physical support that she is receiving in this photo then she clearly is not fit enough to hold down the job of President of the United States of America.  

Not that she is fit to hold down the job of President of Legoland regardless of her elf.

Now, before I go any further, I should point out that I covered some of what follows in my article Agenda Bender, and a few other unconnected pieces that I have written in the past – along with plenty of new content of course.

Indeed, I considered it necessary to do so in order to bring certain factors together so as not to confuse any newbies who are maybe not too familiar with the evil intent and work practices of those degenerate criminals in high office, as well as allowing me to bring information about the mind-controlled puppet leader of ours all under one roof.

Mind you having said that, all the information that I have used from earlier articles has been reworked and mixed in with both the old and new.

You see, with Terry Tubthumper now becoming the cuntry’s unelected – and in my view, unelectable – Prime Mincer, I feel that it is important to document the reality of the actor(s) playing the fraud harriden who are all devoid of morals, honesty, integrity, loyalty & compassion… All of which makes Un-El-Tel a very, very dangerous persona to have in such high office since he/she/they will do whatever it is that they are told to do by those insidious, Satanic Monsters who are really in charge.

Mind you, it is a sham(e) that Terry has given Dave the Rave’s Chancellor, George Osborne AKA ‘Gideon Bean’ the old tin-tac because the equally moronic monster-minion was responsible for a lot of her unintentional, best cringe-worthy moments.

However, let me be equally clear about Mr Bean. He too is a right fucking mug and as Chancellor of the Exchequer – or even a politician for that matter – he was also totally unfit for purpose… That much is obvious just by the Tweets alone posted by former Dominatrix, Natalie Rowe (recently seen on Channel 5’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother’), whom of course knows all of Pasty-Faced-Boy’s kinks first hand:


Indeed, both Osborne & May are actually more akin to immature nerds than powerful politicians.

For instance, not so long ago there was a buttock clenching fad that saw certain, easily influenced, emotionally immature men standing with their feet ridiculously wide apart and Mr Bean must have said to himself: “Hmmm, that’s a good look, I’m having me some of that”.


Talk about a monumental prized prat!

Indeed the cunt wants to try laying off the Charlie.

A quick Spiv on Sunday

Course, wanting the world to know that she has bigger bollocks than Bean, Terry the Twat thought: “Hmmm, that’s a good look, I’m having me some of that”.


Now how in the name of fuck is that a female?

So, for the MSM to even have suggested that during his budget speech Silly-Bollocks-Top was distracted by the he-she’s Silly-Top-Bollocks is just Top-Silly Bollocks… But they did.


As if!

Certainly not my idea of distraction cleavage that is for sure and totally photoshopped to boot.

Nevertheless she does wear them latex covered cheek implants… Which are – as regular readers will already know – used to change a person’s appearance.

Moreover, these implants covered by latex type skin worn by the Monster’s and their Minions is not a conspiracy theory, it is a conspiracy FACT which allows for all manner of skullduggery to be committed by the Monster-Minions.


Sadly, most people are SO blind to the possibility that they are victim to such a deception that the smug-mug, useful idiot, puppets (doing the elite monster’s bidding) will even happily wear these face changing masks despite them usually being so badly fitted that they become blatantly obvious, yet unfathomable remain unseen.

Indeed, so confident are these arsey wankers that people are blind to their deception, that when talking in interview about the Princess Diana fraud car crash, the fake advisor to the French Interior Minister, Sami Nair (Sam In Air i.e. non existent) used his fingers to trace the implants… Three fucking times to be exact… THREE FUCKING TIMES.


Can you see where the implants are? Can you see that his fingers are right on the joins?

No doubt you can now that I have pointed them out to you, but you wouldn’t have had I not done so… Which is why the fanny Sami points out in his very next movement that he thinks you are all a bunch of wankers.


Now I did ask in my article ‘Agenda Bender’ if you could work out who Sami the Snake really is which – as far as I know – didn’t yield a single guess, despite him not really being French and an outwardly respectable pillock of society.

Therefore, I’m still not going to tell you.

However, it is quite ironic that in his role back then, Sami Shithead was allegedly an advisor to the French Interior Minister, discussing the death of the Princess of Wales when the current French Interior Minister is Bernard French-Name AKA Henri Paul – the person whom if you believe the hype was responsible for Diana’s death.

Here, check out these comparisons between Henri and Bernie:


And do not believe for one second that our Un-El-Tel doesn’t know that Bernie French-Name is also Henri Paul.


Albeit why the Monster Minions would have reason to Photoshop the pair of degenerate sewer rats shaking hands is beyond me… Unless of course they never really actually met.

And for those who have trouble spotting Photoshop, ignore the fact that when two people shake hands they look at each other – as opposed to staring dream-like into space, in opposite directions – and instead look at the background in between the pair at around waist height.

Nevertheless, let’s get back to those implants sometimes worn by our unelected, unwanted Prime Mincer.


Can you see them?


And I say “some times worn by our unelected, unwanted Prime Mincer” because I am positive that Belle Tel is played by more than one person.

Here, have a butchers at the following:


Why the fuck am I reminded of Judy Finnigan in some of those photos?


Never mind, carry on!

Theresa-May (2)

The last photo on the left looks like Mark Thatcher to me… Just sayin’.


And they are very good scores especially when comparing a man to a woman.

Still, I imagine that it is pointless me pointing out that I am not saying that Skid Mark is Tel the Twat.

Mind you, to be fair, Mummy’s boy Mark appeared to feel the same towards his ‘Mumsy’ as what we did:


And doesn’t he look like Dennis… Les Dennis, not his old man.


Although to be fair Les Dennis looks more like Keith Chegwin.


In fact Kate Lawler said of the pair, and I quote: “To be fair they did come out of the same vagina“.

But I digress… Again… On purpose.

So let’s get back to Terry May.

Terry May, Ladies & Gentleman – part of the problem, not the solution… And clearly not the first time that she has worn that outfit.

Okay, now you may have noticed that it is not just Un-El-Tel’s outfit that is reminiscent of the Cox fraud – well at least not to the more observant of you anyway.

You see there is her necklace of which Cox’s *aherm, aherm, mother, Jean Leadbeater was sporting one almost identical to it.


And we all know about Jean Leadbeater now don’t we? … Well we do after I pointed the fraud out in my articles Seventeen and Must Hang Sally.

Yet still I have seen fuck all to make me change my mind about the “brexit” vote result – quite the opposite in fact.

I mean, if the Monsters wanted to stay in Europe they certainly had a golden opportunity with that [more than likely rigged] petition, calling for a second vote which has allegedly been signed by over 4 Million people… Yet the Monsters came over all demoncratic and vetoed the idea, thus giving the impression that we the people had spoken and so be it… Sick-Fucks.

Course, at the time the parasites were still going to debate a 2nd referectum in September (source) although fuck knows what happened to that.

Mind you, I bet that the new chancellor, Happy Hammond still went ahead and pushed the fraudulent national debt up even higher by borrowing the unnecessary BILLIONS he hinted that he would need to borrow (source), all with added interest that can never be paid back, in order to“stabilise the economy”…  Whilst by doing so, effectively destabilising the economy.

And whilst I hate to say I told ya so in regard to Nicola Sturgeon being mega important to the Monsters plans for the immediate future, the fact is that I did tell you so. Therefore it was no surprise to me that Terry Tubby’s first job was to fuck off up to Scotland to see the vile-evil harridan (Source)

stream_img (1)

The shit doesn’t go to the shovel, it is the other way around… True saying that, If you get my drift… Of course you fucking do.

Furthermore, I also said that B.O Johnson is far from finished.


And I was right there too.

But by far the most important thing that I have REPEATEDLY expressed concern about is one of the main reasons that the monsters wanted us out of Europe in the first place – namely so as they can do away with our human rights… And fuck me, ain’t the cunts been quick off the fucking block:

Back in April, when she was still in favour of Britain staying in the EU, Theresa May gave a speech in which she said even if we voted to Remain it wouldn’t prevent us pulling out of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Now that we’ve voted to Leave, what’s she waiting for?

If Mother Theresa really believes Brexit means Brexit, she should immediately instruct her new Justice Secretary Liz Truss to give notice that we intend to withdraw from the Convention and replace it with a British Bill of Rights. Source

Now I wonder how long it will take for the collective penny to drop amongst the mushy-pea-brained electorate?


However, the Monsters  piss taking doesn’t end there. I mean is it not a tad fucking strange that Un-El Tel’s husband was the mush chosen to [covertly] shadow Jo Cox’s parents & sister, the Happy Go Lucky Leadbeater’s – presumably in case they decided to treat us to a Rogers & Hammerstein medley?

After all, they certainly appeared happy enough to potentially do so in the days after the brutal murder of their much-loved daughter Jo.

But why did the chaperone task fall to Philip May?

What am I talking about?

Have a butchers at these photographs and all will be revealed.


Very fucking strange… Mind you, Phil & Tell are a very, very strange couple in general.


Mind you, to read the Times of Israel quoting Terry and singing her praises you would certainly think that she is of the faith:

In the aftermath of last year’s Paris Hyper Cacher and Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks, May was photographed holding a “Je Suis Juif” placard, and she has spoken since of the importance of Anglo Jewry to Britain. Addressing the Bnei Akiva youth movement’s Israel Independence Day event this year, for instance, May bewailed the “tragic fact of history that the Jewish people have had to protect themselves against repeated attempts to obliterate them.” SOURCE

And that isn’t even the brown-nosing part.

However, I thought that I would publish that section just so as you know that the following screenshots are taken from that talk and furthermore that you know that it took place earlier this year.


Very fucking strange indeed.

So, at this point I will come right out and say that just like David Cameron, I believe that Un-El Tel also has a made up past.

Indeed, if she didn’t have then there would be no need to Photoshop pictures of her childhood, teen years and her wedding would there?

For instance, the following photo carries the caption: “Theresa May won a scholarship to grammar school”.

Theresa May, future Home Secretary, aged 12. mos picdesk scan 31 08 2012

Yet the background has clearly been added to the photo and is just a mish-mash of different garden plants and stone walls. She is also supposedly sitting on a chair although fuck knows how.

Furthermore, the photo looks very much to me like an adaption of the profile picture belonging to the Huffington Post’s copywriter, Evelyn Rose Worman (Source).

Theresa May, future Home Secretary, aged 12. mos picdesk scan 31 08 2012

Moreover, anyone who bought into this next photo will be thought of as being a proper soft in the head, gullible twat by the Monsters.


Why will they?

Because that little girl is 100 percent not Un-El-Tel, that’s why.

Ere, take a butchers at the following  ya proper soft in the head, gullible twats.


Now take a close look at this next photo:


The eyes have been terribly fucked around with, the fringe is fake as fuck and the long hair isn’t hers, it has been overlaid onto the snappy-snap.

However, the Monsters must think very highly of our Prime Mincer, Childless Theresa of the Gutter because the photo is in fact an adaptation of a photo of Mother Theresa of Calcutta.


The Monsters do like to have their little laughs, don’t cha know.

However, I cannot be arsed to waste more time showing you exactly how Childless T was borne out of Mother T’s photo so if you doubt my word, you are quite capable of checking it out yourselves.

I mean fuck me, I have shown you how to do so enough times – just download Zoner 16 (it’s free & easy), although there are more recent versions but I can’t make head nor fucking tail of how to use them.

And Mother T wasn’t no saint either.

Now, that last photo of Un-El-Tel came from the photoshopped ‘family’ snap below.


Terry’s old fella is a scary looking chap isn’t he? Nevertheless, if you can’t work out where the photo doesn’t stand up to scrutiny I have marked the photo fails on the picture below, along with some other hastily put together fraud photos knocked up by the monster-minions.


Now below is a slightly better quality photo that I found after I had finished the above batch which shows the pairs false teeth and the fact that the old man is dressed for the wrong wedding… Either that or he is trying to upstage his ‘son’.


And in regard to the anomalies that I have just pointed out about the church doorway, I have just found the following photo.


There ya go, I told you that the doorway would be symmetrical, didn’t I?

And why else would the BBC have to ‘create’ footage of him (or her) when documenting ‘its’ life on video?


Now, anyone who pays for a TV license renewal after seeing that wants rogering with a red-hot poker… Although I may have been a bit judgemental about Un-El-Tel’s Massive-Fuck-Off-Hand.


Still, since being upgraded from the Homo Secretary to the Prime Mincer, the Monster-Minions have now had enough time to knock up some school photos of Un-El Tel – just like they did with David Cameron (see HERE).

Wanna have a butchers? Of course you fucking do.


Better still, since starting to write this article another ‘school’ photo has materialized.

Wanna see it?

Of course you fucking do.


Number six from the left is my favourite. She has the longest legs in the world she does.

Nevertheless, it’s not like the other school photo is it… I mean they are all dressed the same and look to be all female – cept maybe for Terry of course.

Terry is in the front row AGAIN (circled in yellow) and has the distinction of being the only one to have a clear cut bow tie on… Like men wear… Just sayin’.

Indeed, the photo is a bit of a hypnotic optical illusion because if you stare at the front row long enough it looks as though they are holding each others hands as they prepare to sing Old Land Zion… Or whatever it is that people sing on new years eve.

Let’s be brave and have a closer look shall we?

Theresa May University Group Graduation

Nuff said.

Course, even if I was barking up the wrong tree – which I most certainly am not – the fact that Un-El-Tel is unbelievably our Prime Minister is… Errr… Well, unbelievable… Go back over the photos and look at ‘it’… In fact scrub that, take a gander at the following.


I wouldn’t let it lead a conga let alone the country!

Mind you, for someone supposedly so fashion conscious she doesn’t care about being seen wearing the EXACT same clothing and accessories for both the 2015 & 2016 budgets… And I literally mean the exact same!


And I have many, many more of Tel in the same outfit but I am sure that you get the general idea.

Now, returning to that college/uni photo that we saw earlier and it can only realistically have been digitally created for one reason only, namely our transvestite Prime Mincer’s life has been invented for he/she.

And as I have already said, in the exact same way that David Cameron’s life was invented for him… As you will find out in what should be the next article release… It is a cracker, trust me.

You see, the pair are just actors, as are all of our Politicians.

It is not them running the country or setting policy… They do in fact actually do very little for their money, which is boosted further by backhanders and one person playing multiple roles… Indeed, with their allegedly being 650 British MP’s and only seating room for 427 (and I would question that figure as being high) in the house of commons – which is usually filled to less than 50% capacity – you have to ask why, having been rebuilt in 1941 it was only done so with room to accommodate two-thirds of the number of MP’s.

And please, don’t insult my intelligence with the Churchill explanation for this anomaly, although it is tantamount to an admission that our MP’s do fuck all for their money.

Now, as we have already seen, our newly unelected Prime Mincer, The Right Orrible Transvestite, Terence May – despite the MSM bollox about ‘it’ being a dedicated follower of fashion – doesn’t seem to have a very big wardrobe of outfits and as such has to resort to wearing the same old thing time and time again for at least 5 years in a row.

In fact Tel is very lucky that the MSM are discreet where the elite knob-heads are concerned and are at times even kind enough to digitally change the colour of  his/her clothes so as to avoid him/her being labelled a soap dodger.


Taking a break in the photos here because I think that those last two photos deserve more investigation.

The ‘official’ story of the photo on your right is that the Transvestite stood with the then Homo Secretary is meant to be a bird called Sue Leigh – a former cub leader – who has opened an art gallery in Terry’s constituency, Twyford:

Twyford MP Theresa May shared her delight at seeing another independent retailer set up shop in the village as she visited a new art gallery.

The Home Secretary attended the launch of ART for art’s sake in the village centre on Saturday, February 2.

“Shops such as these are the lifeblood of high streets all over the country,” she said. “They bring additional customers and business into villages and towns and it is vital that we support them.

“ART for art’s sake is a welcome addition to the eclectic mix of retailers that has enabled Twyford to thrive during tough times.

“There’s a thriving artistic community here and my husband and I are huge fans of supporting initiatives such as the local arts trail.”

The art gallery has been set up by former Wargrave Cub leader Sue Leigh and fills the former home of Aldenham Kitchens and Bedrooms in High Street, which had stood empty for more than a year. Source


I say hmmm for two reasons, the first being that the article proves that our MP’s do not really even do the most trivial jobs in their constituencies (the photo is not as it seems hence May is not working), let alone the important shit.

The second being that Sue Leigh – a play on the chinese cliché of women being called Su Li – is really Philip May in drag.


And their faces match perfectly right down to the teeth!

Indeed they love to take the fucking piss… I mean do you think that our unelected Prime Mincer didn’t know that was his husband dressed as a bird, being passed off as someone called Sue Leigh?

Of course he fucking did and for that alone the cunt should be on trial for treason, even if that had only been the extent of the fraud.

But it’s not.

I mean the Monsters would have you believe that Tel & Phil are god fearing people who religiously go to church every sunday… As-fucking-if.

Home Secretary Theresa May attends church with her husband Phillip near her maidenhead Constituency37a5aa0f00000578-3762235-image-a-48_1472389059026

Now why they want so many photos of Phil & ‘T’ leaving church other than to ram the message home that these people are divine, is beyond me… Yet they are anything but?

Indeed, portraying the Satanic pair as christians is just as sick as using Mother Teresa’s photo to con the nation in to believing that Terry Tubby is whom she is meant to be… He/She most certainly is not.

In fact it is as I say, blatantly obvious to me that Un-El-Tel is played by more than one person – that much is obvious from the nose alone:


Don’t forget that in reality the nose in the left hand photo ends at the arrow… It’s also strange that she hasn’t got that deep groove under her eye in the much more recent right hand side photo.

And a very strong contender for one of those playing the Prime Mincer’s role is the former head of MI5, Elizabeth Manningham Buller.


Manningham Buller (man in gingham bull shitter) – like Terry – has no children of her own, is a counter terrapin specialist, routinely ignored the human rights act when in charge at MI5 and was in favour of torture to extract information from terrapins.  She is also a staunch supporter of the [fraud] war on tewwor.

Just sayin’.

And another, even more powerful contender is the MP Margaret Hodge – albeit Hodge & Manningham Buller could well be one and the same.

Nevertheless, Hodge is a member of the Satanic bloodline, Oppenheimer family… One of the most evil monster families on earth.

Indeed, she has been at the centre of the most appalling child abuse scandals yet she appears untouchable and [abhorrently] above the law that the likes of her & her ilk have imposed upon us.

However, before we go compare take a look at these photos.


Quite a coincidence don’t cha think?

I mean I always thought that any self-respecting woman with cash to spare wouldn’t be seen dead wearing nigh on identical outfits to that of her well-to-do colleagues.

Indeed, in turn that rarity increased the ‘coincidence stakes’ ten-fold being as Terry and Leadsom-On were the only two candidates left in the race for the Prime Mincers job.

Now consider this: If the Monsters wanted one particular person as Prime-Mincer at all costs, yet democracy had to be seen to be done, how could they make sure that their ‘chosen one‘ would come in first?

Well, one way to do that would be to field the same person as the only two candidates. That way they really couldn’t fucking lose.

And with that in mind, have a butchers at the following.


These are extremely dangerous times for the human race that we alone can reverse.

Indeed this sleepwalking into oblivion has to stop people… Just sayin’.