The problems with work assessments run deeper than Atos


Dale Martin


Kinda  busy today, I have a new article coming out later which I need to finish. Never the less, My friend Dale Martin has much to say.


The governments own figures for fraud within the incapacity benefit sector before they implemented this oppressive ATOS regime on disabled people was 0.4%. Put all the political rhetoric aside and consider that one fact, the governments own figures put fraud in that area at 0.4%, not rampant fraud, not widespread fraud as their rhetoric and bullshit speeches would indicate, at 0.4% their official published figures indicated nothing of the sort.

Incapacity benefit actually had one of their lowest rates of fraud amongst all other benefits and for good reason, you see contrary to popular belief you could not just fill out a form and get it, it was a very long and drawn out process which consisted of a benefit claimants own doctor and specialists they were also sent to agreeing on their individual and specific health problems. Further than that you did not get incapacity benefit from day one either, it rose incrementally over a period of months and finally culminated with an assessment being made by the DWP`s own doctors too, it was never enough to simply have your own doctor sign you off, it was never enough for a specialist to follow up on it and confirm the position either, you still had to get past that DWP doctor also who had to concur with the previous doctor and specialists diagnosis or you could not have the benefit.

That is exactly why the previous system of incapacity benefit was so hard to defraud and exactly why the governments own figures showed themselves that fraud in that area was as low as it was at 0.4%

0.4% of the 2.5 million people who were on incapacity benefit would amount to 10,000 of those cases being fraudulent, yet the degenerate DWP/ATOS alliance is systematically throwing off hundreds of thousand from this benefit….. How can that be? How when the governments own figures would indicate that only around 10,000 benefit recipients were fraudulent, how when the previous system was so stringent that it managed to keep the fraud down to such a low figure of 0.4% has ATOS managed to identify hundreds of thousands of what are effectively fraudulent cases?

The politicians involved can stick their rhetoric up their arses on this one, the government figures speak for themselves, the previous stringent testing and assessment speaks loudly on it too, there was no rampant fraud in the incapacity benefit sector, whilst there is inevitably fraud in everything, the stringent testing in the incapacity sector had very much worked, kept it to a minimum and hundreds of thousands of legitimately ill and disabled people are being thrown to the wolves……….. That is the new role of the DWP and ATOS, saving money in a sector where there wasn`t really any significant amount to save at all, 0.4% of the total incapacity bill of £12billion would have meant that of that £12billion roughly £50 million was being claimed fraudulently……… Considering they have paid ATOS hundreds of million to slaughter the disabled that is the biggest degenerate joke of all.