The Perverted Police


Christopher Spivey

On November 18th 2018 I wrote an article on here in response to a scaremongering farticle released by the Chimp about the lack in numbers of police orifficers on front-line duty.

You can find that article of mine HERE

And today (29/1/19), the Monkey Kuntz have released another farticle which is not only in the same vain as the one above, but goes slightly further in its intent:

Private security guards are being used to detain violent suspects in the Lake District by force that has just SIX frontline officers on duty at a time in an area with a population of 100,000

  • Private security in Lake District towns are handcuffing violent suspects 
  • Part of the region was left with just six frontline police officers on duty at a time 
  • Over-stretched police can be up to an hour’s drive away in the area
  • Chairman of Cumbria Police Federation, warned the force’s capacity had fallen since gunman Derrick Bird killed 12 people in a 2010 shooting spree

Private security guards are handcuffing violent suspects in Lake District towns after part of the region was left with just six frontline police officers on duty at a time.

Over-stretched police can be up to an hour’s drive away in the area, which is home to 100,000 people and visited by 15million tourists a year.

Security firms in South Lakeland have now trained staff to use handcuffs so they can detain suspects while waiting for the police to arrive.

The district in south Cumbria, which is the same size as Greater London, is covered by officers based at Kendal police station. Cuts mean a maximum of six frontline officers are on duty in the day and even fewer at night… SOURCE

You see, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the intent in farticles such as these is to scare the public into accepting a privatized police force.

After all, governments plans to do so have been afoot since at least 2012. The following is taken from the Guardian:

Private companies could take responsibility for investigating crimes, patrolling neighbourhoods and even detaining suspects under a radical privatisation plan being put forward by two of the largest police forces in the country.

West Midlands and Surrey have invited bids from G4S and other major security companies on behalf of all forces across England and Wales to take over the delivery of a wide range of services previously carried out by the police.

The contract is the largest on police privatisation so far, with a potential value of £1.5bn over seven years, rising to a possible £3.5bn depending on how many other forces get involved.

This scale dwarfs the recent £200m contract between Lincolnshire police and G4S, under which half the force’s civilian staff are to join the private security company, which will also build and run a police station for the first time… Source

I mean it makes it so much more easy for them to bring a privatized police force into being if they have our backing to do so… Which they eventually will and of course, once that happens we really are fucked.

Mind you, having said that, the plod that we have at the moment are no better than what we can expect in the future. I mean just take a butchers at the following list of coppers who have been caught breaking the law in the past TWO years:

You can read the full list dating back to 2013 along with source links to all of those abhorrent crimes by clicking HERE

However, most worrying of all is the huge number of police found guilty of sex crimes with the majority of those cases seemingly involving children… The dirty cunts.

Worst still, those are only the pigs who have been caught so imagine how many haven’t been!

We really are fucked… Just sayin’.