The Night Of The Living Dead


Christopher Spivey

An in depth report on the death of Diana: Princess of Wales


If I have seen where others are blind, it is because I have spent my time wandering in the dark

If I have understanding, it is because I have done my duty as a man and confronted the beast

If I have seen further than others, it is because I fear for our children… Besides, I don’t know any fucking Giants

Christopher Spivey 02/03/2016

You will all by now hopefully have read both my article “Genesis”  which documents the events surrounding & connected to the death of Diana: Princess of Wales, and done the same with the findings of the Let’s Roll Forum – which I left you a link for.

If you haven’t I would strongly advise you to do so before reading this very long report.

Now there was in fact on one of the two computers that I used to own before they were illegally taken by the wholly corrupt Essex police, on the 30th of July 2014, a fifty thousand word far from finished – report that I had temporarily shelved at the time, about the death/murder of Diana: Princess of Wales … And which I do not now expect to ever see again despite myself having spent months & months researching & writing my findings up.

Course, that may have been a blessing in disguise because the Princes was not murdered.

Now that stolen project was mainly based on the Paget Reportthe  findings of Operation Paget which was the name given to the British investigation into Diana’s death, headed by Sir John Stevens who at the time was Head of the Metropolitan Police.

And without blowing my own bugle, I believe that – despite Diana not being topped – I took the long, drawn out, unnecessarily repetitive, Paget Report to pieces… A report which in truth led to many more questions being asked rather than providing answers to the questions already posed.

Tellingly, compiling the Paget Report – quoted in 2007 as costing the British taxpayer at least £12.5 Million, which I now notice being touted as costing as little as £3.5 Million (someone got rich then) – led to John Stevens being made a Lord… In other words, a thank-you-very-fucking-much from the Queen of England for whitewashing the facts surrounding her daughter-in-law’s death.

So it’s fair to say then that I am pretty clued up as to the facts surrounding the night of August 30th & 31st 1997.

Likewise I am very well versed in both the ‘official’ version of events and the alternative version the latter having Diana marked down as being murdered which as I say, formed the basis for my unfinished report.


PHOTO: Mohamed Al Fayed highlights the UK opinion

Now the official version of events partly concluded that Diana was unlawfully killed as a result of the French Paparazzi’s [alleged] relentless, intimidating, frenzied, pursuit of Diana & Dodi Fayed – which had [allegedly] continued unabated from the moment that the couple had arrived in France from Sardinia at around 3:20PM on the afternoon of the 30th of August, right through until their deaths on the 31st.

Nevertheless – and as you will find out during the course of this report – I can find no evidence whatsoever to back that Paparazzi pursuit claim.


PHOTO: Diana enters Mohamed Al Fayed’s private jet plane in Sardinia on the 30th of August 1997, in preparation for her and her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed’s trip to France, where they were due to have an overnight stay before Diana returned to London on the 31st to see Princes William and Harry.

However, just about ALL of the official media photos & videos surrounding the events of the 30 & 31st are staged, faked or photoshopped and the above photo is no exception.


Now for those of you who don’t know, when creating a photoshopped picture, Rule 1 is always utilise the existing lines to the best of your ability as doing so will hide a multitude of sins.

Mind you, I know that at 5′ 10″ tall Diana was a length up, but just look at the size of her in relation to the others!

Of course, the other, much more emphasised cause of  the car ‘accident’ was blamed on Henri Paul the Deputy Head of Security who ‘tellingly’, was on the night in question, ACTING Head of Security at the Paris Ritz Hotel.

Henri Paul was in fact disgustingly portrayed as losing control of their car – a Mercedes Benz, registration number: 688 LTV 75 – that they were travelling in, due to him being drugged up and drunk as a skunk… He was neither, but trust me, the man IS still an affront to humanity


PHOTO: Henri Paul

Indeed, all of the initial reports had Paul down as driving recklessly at way over the speed limit – supposedly to try and lose the pursuing press – resulting in him losing control of the Mercedes on an “awkward dip in the road” at the entrance to the Pont de l’Alma tunnel.

He then clipped the kerb at the 3rd or 12th column (depending on whose version you read) which ultimately caused the car to smash into the tunnels 13th, concrete support column -whilst travelling in excess of 100-121 MPH.

The following old bollocks was published by the Daily Mirror on September 3rd 1997 – three days after the ‘accident’:

Drunken security boss Henri Paul popped out for a large whisky just an hour before he drove the car in which Princess Diana died.

He downed the nightcap in one go – after already drinking the best part of two bottles of wine in his Paris apartment on Saturday night.

Speed-freak Paul, 41, a former air force pilot and motorbike fan, was a formidable boozer who could down nine whiskies in one night, it emerged last night.

He was more than three times over the limit when he smashed the high- powered Mercedes into a tunnel wall at 121mph, killing Diana, her new love Dodi Fayed and himself.

Colleagues, friends and drinking companions were left asking: “How could a man like this have been allowed to get behind the wheel with the Princess of Wales in the back of his car?”

Party-loving Paul had spent his Saturday night off, knocking back wine as he watched TV.

At 11pm, he walked next door to the Le Bourgogne bar for a large glass of his favourite tipple.

Minutes later, he got the call from the Ritz Hotel, where he was deputy head of security.

He was told he was needed urgently to drive Diana and Dodi away from a hoard of waiting paparazzi at the hotel.

A source at the Ritz Hotel said Paul was “over-excited and as drunk as a pig” when he arrived back for his last job.

He did not consider for a second turning down his bosses’ plea for a driver.

Paul’s drinking binges were not confined to the Ritz. He was a regular at numerous bars around the French capital.

Staff at Le Bourgogne said Paul had lived in the area for 12 years and was extremely well-known in all the local drinking dens.

His favourite drink was five-year-old blended Scotch whisky.

They said he had previously boasted to them that he was due to travel the next day, Sunday, to England to guard Dodi and Diana.

He didn’t stay at the bar into the early hours as he often did, because he said he wanted “an early night.”

In the neighbouring pub Le Mazarin, in Rue des Petits Champs near the French Stock Exchange, Paul was also much remembered.

The patron recognised him at once. He said: “He comes in here a lot and drinks a lot of whisky.

“But I haven’t seen him for maybe a week or so.

“He says he is involved in guarding important people so we thought he was too busy to come in.”

At Willi’s wine bar just up the street from his apartment, the English owner Mark Williamson said: “He used to be in here nearly every night.

“I always thought he looked a bit like a well-pissed Groucho Marx.”

Speed-mad Paul also liked to prop up the bars in his home town Lorient, in Brittany.

The former air force captain loved to fly home in a hired private jet, then thunder off to meet his pals on a 1100cc super bike.

His friend Philippe Proust, who manages a bowling alley in Larmor Plage, near Lorient, said: “We last saw Henri in June and he was his typical self, standing at the bar buying drinks for his friends.

“When he was working in Paris he worked damn hard but when he came off duty he knew how to have a good time.

“He liked fast bikes, jets and a good night out with his mates.

“I’ve known him to drink nine whiskies in one sitting – he was that kind of bloke. But we loved him and so did everyone else around here.

“He will be missed by everyone.”

Another friend, Gerrard Le Flohic said: ” Whenever Henri came to town he’d impress us all with his money and big city lifestyle.

“He was a real small town boy made good with his tales of high society in Paris.”

Gerrard said Henri kept a Honda V-Max superbike in Larmor Plage.

He added: “It was quite obvious he loved speed. He would race around on his motorbike when he came home.

“But he was a good driver and knew how to handle a bike.

“He was also a trained pilot who started on light aircraft but flew much bigger planes as he became more experienced. He was in the French airforce and despite becoming a security guard he always kept his flying hours whenever he could.”

But Paul often embarrassed his bosses with his boozy antics at top parties at the Ritz.

He loved to be seen in the company of the rich and famous.

Our photograph, showing him downing double whiskies in the main bar of the Ritz, was typical.

He was attending a retirement party for a former security chief and was in his element as he got more and more tipsy in the company of the celebrities whom he idolised.

A distinguished guest who attended the party but asked not to be named said: “Paul kept throwing his arms around important guests to try and get pictured with them.

“As he drank more he became more embarrassing.

“It was totally wrong for a member of the Ritz staff to be seen drinking heavily with guests, but somehow Paul got away with it. The party took place around three years ago, so senior managers at the Ritz have had plenty of warnings of Paul’s conduct.

“It seems absolutely staggering that a man like this should be selected at short notice on a Saturday night to drive the mother of the future King of England.

“The bosses must have been out of their mind.

“To be fair to him, there was nothing to stop him drinking while he was off duty that Saturday night – but he should never have been allowed behind the wheel of a car, let alone one with Princess Diana as a passenger.”

The guest who attended the retirement party is a regular at the Ritz’s restaurant where staff members yesterday admitted they were stunned by what happened.

One said: “We cannot believe Henri should have died in such tragic circumstances.

“The picture of him at the party showed him looking happy and in party mood. He knew how to enjoy himself. He was a great extrovert.”

Friends said Paul tried to disguise the extent of his drinking inside the Ritz – but without success.

One said: “Often at functions he would grab glass after glass from a table and then hide the empties behind curtains or pot plants.

“Everyone could see what he was doing, but no one in authority ever said anything about it.

“And when Mohamed Al Fayed was in town, Henri would try to be constantly at his side, trying to impress him.

“If Mohamed wasn’t around, he would try to do the same with Dodi.

“And with someone as famous as Diana, he would be breaking his back to try to show off in their company. He was so ambitious it wasn’t true.

“We have an expression that he was trying for the sky, and that’s exactly what Henri was like.”

Police sources in Paris are saying that Paul’s blood alcohol level may have been even higher than first revealed.

Their analysis of his blood revealed a limit of 1.87 grams per litre – even higher than the 1.75 announced on Monday.

Yesterday two police cars stood guard outside Paul’s apartment block only yards from the bar where he had had his last drink.

Paul will be buried in Lorient on Sunday. Source

And what a crock of horseshit that shit-rag report turned out to be!

Nevertheless I am pleased with my writing efforts thus far, what say you Sov?


Oh right… Sorry I fucking asked now!

Course, the media applied the very same early blame-game to Lee Harvey Oswald, touting him as the man who blew the back of US President, John F Kennedy’s head off.

Likewise, they did the same to Osama Bin Laden touting him as being the mush behind 9/11.

Yet neither is true in either event, as is the case with Henri Paul in the death of Diana.

In fact if you are looking for the potential JFK assassin, then you could do worse than look into the case made for Jackie Kennedy being the culprit.


PHOTO: Jackie Kennedy raises a gun to her husband throat and fires, blowing the back of his head off in the process.

But I digress… Already, and we are only just getting started for fucks sake.

Now tellingly, the original estimate of between 100 and 121 MPH that the Merc driven by Henri Paul was allegedly travelling at on impact – confirmed by the MSM ‘fact’ that the car’s speedometer had jammed –  eventually dwindled down to 60 MPH with the speedo myth being confined to the annals of ‘Forget-we-ever-said-that’, after Mercedes Benz themselves publicly stated that it was impossible for the speedometer to have jammed.

Nevertheless, long before that fact was established – which was obviously more than enough time for the hard-of-thinking to have that 100 – 120 MPH fanciful ‘fact’ permanently implanted in their brains – the conspiracies surrounding Paul’s autopsy and personal life were in full swing.

Indeed it quickly emerged that the blood samples taken from Henri Paul’s body by Professor Dominique Lecomte, were done so in such an amateurish, cavalier fashion (hand written labels, cross-contamination, blood taken from the chest cavity, body labelled wrongly, etc, etc), that it beggars all belief that someone of Lecomte’s standing and experience could possibly have been the person who conducted the autopsy.


PHOTO: Dom-Com… Hmmm, now who does she remind me of?

It then emerged that records of the blood samples etc had been lost and Henri Paul had also been found to have such a high reading of Carbon Monoxide in his blood that he would have been incapable of standing up straight, let alone driving.

Again, the MSM explained this away by saying that the Carbon Monoxide came from the car’s air-bag inflating on impact and coinciding with Paul inhaling his one and only last breath… In turn, Mercedes Benz once again publicly stated that the theory was impossible as Carbon Monoxide isn’t used to inflate their air-bags.

That anomaly was later explained away with nonsensical technical bullshit in the Paget Report – a proper case of if you can’t dazzle em with science, baffle em with bullshit.

And with that being the case, I can repeat my claim without fear of contradiction that the Paget Report is an ideal cure for insomnia – or put another way; it is very long, very repetitive and blatantly written using a clever, carefully worded interpretation of the ‘facts’.

Moreover, where the Paget Report addresses conflicting evidence on something that cannot be proven either way, Lord Stevens has one hundred percent of the time opted in favour of the evidence which suits the establishment’s version of events.

Indeed, the Paget Report was blatantly written so as the evidence would fit the desired conclusion i.e, ‘it was mostly all Henri Paul’s fault, but a portion of the blame can be attributed to the pursuing Paparazzi.

And as I stated earlier; far from putting an end to the many conspiracy theories that have since cropped up in regard to Diana’s death, the Paget Report has only added added to that number.

Now as I say, I don’t really want to get bogged down with all these conspiracy theories as they have all been done to death and believe me there will be very, very few that I am not aware of.

However, as I have come to learn through my many, many hours of researching psyops, these contradictions & anomalies in the official version of events are more often than not deliberately written into the narrative by the scriptwriters, working on the basis that there are always going to be those who – quite rightly – question the credibility of the much more often than not, improbable, official version of events.

You see, by leaving room for conspiracy theories (which are almost exclusively red herrings designed to send those investigating the official narrative down the wrong path), The-Powers-That-Be are able to keep the vast majority believing their fiction, whilst keeping the “conspiracy theorists/nutters in tin foil hats” away from finding out the real truth.


And without shadow of a doubt, the events of the 30th & 31st of August 1997 had ALL of the usual tell-tale, unintentional clues to a fraud having taken place… Except for a shoe – there wasn’t an odd shoe casually lying about somewhere on the crimescene.

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning the huge part that Mohamed Al Fayed played in what is; the most successful government orchestrated hoax ever.


Indeed, perceived as a lovable old rogue simply wanting answers to his son’s death, Al Fayed played an absolute fucking blinder; that never for one moment fooled me – as I stated in my article Monsters Inc, way back in 2012.

I had also sussed that the Keith Allen film, “Unlawful Killing”, bankrolled by Al Fayed would just be sensationalised old bollox too and to be fair I wasn’t surprised to find out that I wasn’t wrong on that matter either.


Therefore do not fall for the media bollox about Al Fayed and the Royal Family being at war with each other because they are firmly on the same side… As I showed to be the case in my “Genesis” article.

Nevertheless, 3 or 4 years ago I was an awful lot more naive and gullible than I am now and as such I was convinced back then that the accident happened, or to be more specific; the accident was made to happen – in all likelihood via the Boston Brakes maneuver carried out by the SAS at the behest of the Duck AKA Prince Philip.


I am however now one hundred percent convinced that was not the case and although that is what the evidence outwardly alludes to, you need to consider that such evidence was purposely planted in the media by the Establishment specifically to keep researchers, investigators and the sceptical away from finding out the real truth.

Now in mid October 2015 I was contacted by a woman called Rania Al Ammar, a Saudi Arabian writer living in Germany, who sent me a link to a very professional, well-put-together website (made all the more impressive by the fact that the website is written in English which is not Rania’s first language – and maybe not even her second for that matter), which she had set up specifically to document her extremely in depth research into the events on, and after the 30th of August 1997.


And interestingly enough, Rania’s research has led her to conclude that Diana was kidnapped following the accident and that the body lying in a lead lined coffin, on a little island, in the middle of a lake, on the Althorp Estate is not that of the Princesses.

Course, as you have probably gathered I do a bit of writing myself and as such it was almost instantly obvious that Rania had to have spent hundreds, nay thousands of hours researching, writing and putting it all together.

Moreover, Rania’s website also contains a link to a very professional documentary that she  has made on her findings and there is another link to a video of an hour long interview that she gave, detailing her research.

Unfortunately, the sheer volume of information become a bit of a problem for me because of the hours needed to read and watch what Rania had to say – hours that are incredibly hard to find in order to spare them at this extremely busy moment in time.

Nevertheless, it had always been my intention to read what she had to say, as I wouldn’t be that ignorant as to not do so. Especially when so much hard work had obviously gone into the project.

And of course you cannot possibly have a valid opinion on any given subject if you only read the one version of events which inevitably will be the one that you want to believe to be the truth – which sadly must be around what 90% of the population do, made sadder still by the fact that their prefered version has come via the state censored & controlled MSM.

In fact there is no such thing as the free press anymore and not a single word or fact is printed that has not been approved by the elite puppet masters.

So with that in mind I had started to read and watch what Rania had sent me, but not far enough to get to what I imagine could indeed well be new information to me.

Anyway, fast forward to late November 2015 and there I was looking at photos relevant to the 2nd instalment of the Piss-Poor-Parisian-Prank that I was writing at the time, when I spotted something extremely controversial – to put it mildly – which immediately led me to scouting around for photos relevant to the death of Diana.

From there I moved onto wikipedia – yes I know about Wikipedia but I find it very good for the “official version” of events – and from there I moved onto the CCTV images taken at the Ritz Hotel,  which is owned of course by Mohamed Al Fayed.

Now the point is, I was quite stunned at the things that I had missed whilst researching & composing that 50,000 word exposé into Diana’s murder (stolen by the plod in 2014) and worse still, these game-changing anomalies jumped out at me straight away.

In fact, as I sit here typing I still cannot believe that I missed these vital clues that change the entire genre of Diana’s death from that of a murder, disguised as a car accident – to that of the now, much more familiar to me, badly executed hoax.

In turn, that fact led me to conclude that I must have been proper shite at the job 3 or 4 years ago.

So, with the murder now increasingly looking like an elaborate hoax – and making perfect sense to boot – it suddenly dawned on me that for all intents and purposes, ALL of the many, many conspiracies theories arising from Diana’s death (of which there are far more than your usual, run-of-the-mill Psy-ops) were the doing of the scriptwriters, thus keeping us “pretend” investigative-journalists working on the basis that the accident/murder did indeed take place, whilst the huge number of anomalies in the official version of events ensured that enough in-fighting would occur over how the said anomalies were interpreted – thus keeping the public in general happy to go along with the official version of events.

And fuck me, if indeed that was the plan, didn’t it work well – despite Mohamed Al Fayed’s claim that 85% of Brits believe that Diana was murdered, all based on the strength of some old bollox that someone had regurgitated sometime back in the day.

For example you had – as I pointed out earlier – France’s top pathologist, Dominique Lecomte acting like Fag-Ash-Lil whilst conducting the autopsy on Henri Paul; the man who was supposedly responsible for the death of arguably the most famous woman on the planet.

Yet as I say, anyone else acting in such a cavalier fashion – given the task in hand – would have been sacked and prosecuted, whereas Old-Gommy-Domi even had the front to turn round and say: “Fuck that pour un jeu de soldats!”, when asked to give evidence at the British inquiry.


Exactly Kenny-Boy, ex-fucking-actly.

Moreover, another conspiracy that quickly arose following that one night in Paris was that Diana’s body had been partially embalmed. although Rania Al Ammar tells me that is simply not true.

However, had someone done so, they would have been breaking French law since you cannot embalm a body – even partially – that is due for an autopsy and not even the Duck of Edinburgh himself could have given the go ahead for that to be done.

Not that it mattered to me either way by now since it was just another one of their was she/wasn’t she conspiracy theories designed to split opinion.

Yet the press had a field day with it all, whereas had there been any truth in such scandalous allegations or had the mistakes not been made so deliberately obvious, then the MSM would have been gagged and such incompetence simply covered up – most of which would have been a piece of piss to do.

And that was just the Tit of the Ice Queen Tip of the Iceberg.

In fact it was as I say; a catalogue of continual cock-ups purposely designed to be leaked to the media in order to court conspiracy theories, divide opinion and of course, the most logical reason of all: To keep anyone from investigating whether or not the ‘accident‘ really happened.

And that then is the third option; the little to none documented scenario that sees all four of the car’s occupants – Dodi Fayed. Diana: Princess of Wales. Drunk chauffeur without the required licence, Henri Paul and Fayed’s bodyguard, Trevor Rees Jones – alive and well today with the car accident being a staged event.

After all, when you think about it logically you had the likes of Butler-Boy-Burrell, described as being Diana’s Cock (least I think that is what he was touted as being by the press) ending up in the dock for nicking Diana’s jewellery and what nots, only to then – halfway through the bleedin’ trial – have the Queer of England step in and say “Oh fuck me yes! One remembers now. Dear, Dear Paul had ones permission to half-inch the Tom-Foolery”, all supposedly done to stop his mouth from getting carried away with its self whilst giving evidence in his defence of the charges… A first in the history of the Royal Parasites.

I believe then, that those are an accurate description of the events, are they not Mr & Mrs W?

Oh right! Staying tight lipped then aye? Fair do’s… I will get back to Butler-Boy-Burrell and the reason that I know that the Queen intervening in the Burrell trial was just more old fanny for the masses, then.

You see, Butler-Boy-Burrell, is a short arsed, precocious little mush who is married with two kids despite him being half a shirt-lifter… A seemingly required credential for employment in the Royal household for any of those whose job meant them coming into direct contact with the Royal Family.

And as such he would not be hard to scare the bejesus out of in order to stop his tongue doing too much damage whilst giving evidence.

I mean fuck me, the ‘men in suits’ took actor/gangster/suspected murderer/protection racketeer/enforcer/legendary big knob and all round nice guy, John Bindon, for a ride in their car after he wouldn’t shut the fuck up about knobbing Princess Slaggy Maggie… And that did the trick, a treat.


PHOTO: ‘Actor’ John Bindon

You see apparently, following that “ride” in which Big John wasn’t physically harmed at all, he never mentioned his Royal-Rumpty-Pumpty again.


And as a reward for keeping quiet, Bindon was later – quite breathtakingly – found not guilty of knifing to death fellow gangster, John Darke in 1978… Which he had allegedly always fully intended to do – despite being badly wounded himself – rather than pay Darke the money he owed him for Cocaine.

Bindon died of AIDS on October 10th 1993, in Chelsea, London.


PHOTO: Bindon leaving the Old Bailey covered by a coat after being found not guilty of murdering John Darke

So, with that in mind are we really supposed to believe that the little-half-iron – who spent over 20 years working for the Firm and was no doubt privy to what they are capable of doing – had the balls to let slip the royal secrets?


Yeah right, of course he did! Not.

Indeed, the very notion that the Duck & Queer were not consulted before the decision was made to prosecute Burrell is as likely as me being made an OBE… It was nothing more than just another controversy designed to keep the murder conspiracy going.

In fact in an article dated February 2008 which was bizarrely updated in September 2013, Burrell was alleged to have been caught on tape admitting to committing perjury at the Diana inquest:

FORMER royal butler Paul Burrell has reportedly admitted he did not tell the whole truth at the inquest into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

In a video recording, Mr Burrell apparently said he held back certain facts and introduced “red herrings” during his evidence at the High Court last month.

According to a national newspaper today, Mr Burrell said on the video: “I told the truth as far as I could – but I didn’t tell the whole truth. Perjury is not a nice thing to have to contemplate.

“I was very naughty and I made a couple of red herrings, and I couldn’t help doing it.”

In the tape, which the paper said was recorded in New York, Mr Burrell said he was not willing to reveal the entire details of his conversation with the Queen after Diana’s death in a Paris car crash in 1997.

He had previously claimed the Queen warned him about “dark forces” at work.  Source

Moreover, don’t forget that Burrell is now a multimillionaire – not bad for a Butler… Neither was he prosecuted for committing perjury… Just sayin’.

And as a postscript to John Bindon and the Queers better looking sister Maggie May No-Doubt-About-It; it is quite ironic that she allegedly died of AIDS, since the disease is a disease created by the Elite-Monsters minions:

Ian Strachan, jailed last year in London for attempting to blackmail a member of the British royal family with video tapes he claimed featured sex and drugs, has revealed in an interview with music magazine ‘Hot Press’, that he has over eight hours of footage.

Strachan claims to have footage of a royal aide indulging in oral homosexual sex and cocaine.

The royal aide was employed by Princess Margaret’s son, Viscount David Linley, who is 12th in line to the British throne. Because a UK media blackout ensured that little of the substance of the case was reported, this is the first time Strachan has told his story to the media.

Strachan, who says he was regularly invited to parties held by the viscount, says: “I got handwritten invitations, done by his hand.” He also says that on the video tapes which he possesses, “it was revealed that the death of Princess Margaret was not actually a stroke. My understanding is that she died from HIV contracted from Johnny Bindon, a gangster she used to date”. Source

Moreover, Diana’s death was very big business with a whole range of cottage industries cropping up off the back of the ‘accident’ – not least in paperback book sales written on the subject.


And believe you or me, I could have easily gone on all day just adding books.

Course I can tell you – and I am sure that my friend, the author John Hamer will confirm it – that the hardest part for those capable of writing a book isn’t in the writing; it is in getting the book published.

You see, a literary Agent will not take on a writer unless they have something really special or a proven track record in writing, although famous names are obviously exempt from the normal policy.

Neither will a publisher entertain you and you should know that the industry is steeped in tradition and protocol.  So, that just leaves a writer with the option of self-publishing – which has many pitfalls and requires a bit of capital.


PHOTO: John Hamer’s, ‘The Falsification Of History’, a truly eye opening read for those just waking up to the fact that things are not the way that they are meant to be.

Therefore, you have to ask yourself just how the fuck did these paperbacks on Diana’s death – many based on nothing more than fantasy – ever get published in the first place?

I mean even with the services of a literary agent, the manuscript still has to be printed by a publishing house – which are all owned by people with names like Sir Moncton Dribble-Piss, who are all well and truly part of the Establishment and as such they will not publish something that is a no-go area.

Yet all these books – some good, some shite – have gone to print all with the general theme that Diana was murdered by her in-laws.

And once again, in hindsight I believe that the reason for all those books making it to the shop-shelves was because they were all pushing the message that the Establishment want pushed… Namely, that Diana was bumped orft.


However, you can bet your life that even if I sanitised this report, it would still not get published simply because it does not fit in with the Elite’s agenda and contains evidence that they most certainly do not want you knowing… In fact it is fair to say that a lot of people like myself have been “suicided” for writing an awful lot less than I am going to present you with.

Now, despite Rania’s theory potentially becoming extremely important to these new clues that I had uncovered, I still did not have the spare hours to read and watch her findings… So we had an hour and a half Skype chat instead, in which time it became quite clear that my ‘new’, revised thinking on Diana’s death is not a million miles apart from the conclusions Rania had reached through her own research.

Nevertheless, since I still have not read her theory in full, all that follows here is based on logic, my own common sense, information new to me and looking at the facts from a different angle.

Moreover, an awful lot of what I am going to reveal has – as far as I am aware – never been aired before.

And so, with that in mind let me walk you through what would allegedly be Diana & Dodi’s last full day on earth and the events that were to follow… In doing so I will hopefully prove that the official version of events are total bollox , as are the events suggesting that Diana was murdered – ritually or otherwise – on the orders of the Royal Family… Or anyone else for that matter.

Moreover, my aim is to put forward enough evidence to convince you all that this much more plausible, third version of events is probably the nearest to the truth that anyone is likely to get – outside of those who took part in the hoax and those still doing so of course.

However, having said that, I have had to do quite a few rewrites and chopping & changing about and as such the report may be a little repetitive in places, but to be fair to myself it has been very much an ongoing project so I make no apologies.

Besides, there is an awful lot of information to take in so a reminder here and there might do you a favour.

Now, if you have read my article “Genesis” you will know that Diana deliberately flaunted her relationship with Imad El-Din Mohamed Abdel Moneim Fayed otherwise known as Dodi Fayed – in front of the world’s press whilst holidaying with the Fayed’s for the second time in two months.

In fact on the face of things, it is now to assume that Diana deliberately caused a national controversy and embarrassed, not to mentioned infuriated her in-laws at the same time by taking her two sons along with her – Little Bald Willie and the one that isn’t gay – who were 15 & 12 years old at the time of that first holiday with the Al Fayed’s in July 97.


And in doing so Diana was laying the final foundations for a plot that would lead millions – maybe even billions – of people to conclude that she had been murdered.

Course, whether or not Diana was really banging Dodi is anyone’s guess as the romance could also have been purely for the benefit of the hoax. Certainly, there were a lot of lies published in regard to the affair.

images (16)

For instance; we were led to believe that Diana had only met Dodi in July of 1997, whereas the truth is very different and they had in fact met – at the very latest  – in 1988, at The Royal Horse Show … Which surprised me because I didn’t know that Princess Anne did a cabaret act.

Furthermore, the Royal Horse show was Sponsored by Mohamed Al Fayed, making a mockery of the much touted MSM ‘fact’ that him and the Royal Sponge-Bob Square Pants are mortal enemies.


Now, the following snippet is taken from the Chimp (daily Mail to non-regulars) in relation to that affair:

Two years ago, a devastating book suggested Juan Carlos was a professional seducer who had bedded more than 1,500 women, with Diana among those he was rumoured to have made a pass at.

According to author Pilar Eyre, that came during a holiday the Prince and Princess of Wales spent with their sons at the king’s summer palace in Majorca in 1986, as guests of Juan Carlos and his wife Queen Sofia, a Felicity Kendal lookalike.

It was the first of four bucket-and-spade holidays the family spent with their Spanish cousins. According to Eyre, the king made a ‘tactile’ advance to Diana, who was then just 25.

Diana herself denied anything untoward had happened but admitted that while the libidinous king was ‘charming’ he could be a ‘little too attentive’.

She also claimed that the alleged encounter came when she was in the grip of the eating disorder bulimia nervosa and most of that holiday was spent ‘with my head down the loo’. Source

Yet the Royal Historian, Greg Hallett goes further still by publicly stating that Kinky & Di had FOUR affairs – one of which allegedly produced Willie Swings-Bothways.


And lets face it, Di Diddly Die did have some very dodgy friends and made some fucking awful decisions – regardless of whether they were scripted or not.


So, to get back on track, the couple left the Jonikal Mohammed Al Fayed’s luxurious yacht – on the 30th of August, via speedboat after which they then took a white Mercedes to Olbia Airport in Sardinia.

They then boarded Mohamed Al Fayed’s private jet-plane and flew to Le Bourget Airport, just outside Paris – landing at 3:20PM.


The couple had intended to stay the night in Dodi’s posh gaff, where he was allegedly going to propose marriage once they had returned from their meal booked for later that night at the trendy Chez Benoit restaurant.

Diana was then due to return to London the following day to see her two boys.


The following snippet is taken from a BBC timeline of events:

1520: Mr Al Fayed and the princess arrive at Le Bourget airfield, Paris, and are met by Henri Paul, deputy head of security at the Ritz Hotel. French paparazzi, tipped off by their Sardinian colleagues, also await the couple. Mr Al Fayed is stressed by their presence and tells their driver to lose them.

Yet despite the claims that the Sardinian Papz had tipped their French counterparts off about the couple’s intended destination, there is nothing to show that the couple were being overly harassed in either country at this point in time.

And it isn’t as if they were not used to being photographed is it? So where is the problem especially since these are long range shots… Photoshopped, but long range all the same.

Certainly nothing for Diddy Dodi to get stressed aboot… Sorry, I came over all Geordie then. Fuck knows why.

Anyway, after leaving the airport Dodi & Diana driven by Dodi’s usual chauffeur, Philippe Ferlop Dourneau in the Mercedes Benz, registration number 405 JVJ 75 – head to Villa Windsor

Villa Windsor was the Nazi King Edward the Least & Wally Simpson’s old gaff from their days in exile, that Mohammed Al Fayed had taken a lease out on in the late 1980’s… Once again making a mockery of the alleged feud between Mo-Fo & the Duck.

Meantime, the back up Range Rover driven by Henri Paul took the couple’s luggage back to Dodi’s flat just off the Champs-elysee.


Now, according to press reports the purpose of the visit to Edward and Mrs Mr Simpson’s old house was so as Diana could view the property as a potential home for her & Dodi once they were married – despite claims that Diana had no clue that Diddy Dodi was going to propose… Doesn’t make sense does it?

Nevertheless, this jaunt between the airport and Villa Windsor was supposedly where the press went to town:

From the moment they left the airport to drive into Paris, they were besieged by a small army of paparazzi. Along the route into Paris, the Mercedes carrying Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed was harassed by a black Peugeot, which, while driving in front of the Mercedes, jammed on its brakes without reason several times, to allow paparazzi in other cars and on high- speed motorcycles to come up alongside Dodi and Diana and harass them.

Later in the afternoon, when Diana and Dodi were on the Avenue des Champs Elysees, the same black Peugeot showed up. One of Dodi Fayed’s bodyguards confronted the driver of the Peugeot, who retorted that the couple had not seen anything, compared to the harassment they would experience as the day wore on. Source

Big yawn.

However, the black Peugeot story is confirmed by Bodyguard, Alexander ‘Kes’ Wingfieldalso known as Kieran Wingfield – in a video that I have seen.

Even so, I would suggest that the story is bollocks since – as I said earlier – I have not seen one shred of evidence to back up the press harassment claim.


The couple then headed on over to Dodi’s flat after which both vehicles – the Merc and the Range Rover – departed for the Ritz with Henri Paul obviously once again driving the Range Rover… I feel sure that I don’t need to tell you that Henri wasn’t permitted to drive the Merc because he didn’t have a chauffeurs license… Do I?

Course, you have to ask yourself just what the point was in the couple heading on over to the Ritz Hotel (also owned by Dodi’s father), where they commandeered the super expensive Imperial Suite?

After All there were no other family members or friends staying there at the time and as I have just written, Dodi had allegedly booked a table at the Chez Benoit restaurant meaning that the couple were not even intending to dine at his father’s posh nosh hotel.

And most tellingly of all, Dodi was intending to propose once they had arrived back at his luxury flat from the posh-nosh-place, so quite obviously the couple never had any intention of staying at the Ritz that night.

So I will ask again; why did they bother going there in the first place?

After all Dodi’s gaff wasn’t exactly lacking in luxury itself, so the only reason that I can see for going to the Ritz was in order to finish off the groundwork and set the scene for the drama later on.

Now that marriage proposal scenario – another conspiracy theory – was written into the script and then reinforced by Dodi’s Butler, Rene, telling defectives working on Operation Paget that Dodi had told him “to have champagne on ice for when they get back home” as he was ‘going to ask Diana to marry him‘.

PHOTO: Renè not Ronè

Furthermore, the old fanny was given further longevity by the claim that Dodi had phoned his cousin from the Ritz, sometime between 4.45 PM and 5.30PM and during the course of that conversation Dodi allegedly told him that “he hoped to marry Diana by the year end”.

Nevertheless, the couple arrived at the Ritz via the back entrance situated in Rue Cambon, which again is a mystery as to why they did.

You see, that rear entrance was the one that they had used to exit the hotel on the way to their deaths and they had done specifically to avoid the Paparazzi.

However, by using that entrance when they first arrived and then doing so again when they left the Ritz for the first time, they were inadvertently making it known that this was their prefered point of access… I mean, don’t forget that they were supposedly being tracked by the Paparazzi.

But all the same, they arrived at the back entrance to the Ritz at just gone 4.30PM – as is confirmed by the BBC timeline reproduced below.

1635: The couple enter the Ritz.


Okay, I lied about the screenshot of the weird mystery couple being the fake one… They are all photoshopped.

Now there are a few other things troubling me about those last few screenshots, not least by the way that it is taking Ritz Vice President, Claude Rouletwho would later deliberately lie to mislead the investigation – so long to get into the lift… After all, he did have a head start.

Personally I reckon that is because MOST of the CCTV has been 10 years in the making and as such had to match the official narrative and the few CCTV screengrabs that had been mocked up for release in the months following the ‘accident’.

Therefore some of the CCTV put together afterwards had to be slowed down whilst other sequences had to be speeded up.

You will however find out why the CCTV footage was so long in the making very soon.

Then there is the way that backgrounds just suddenly change. For instance, with just 3 seconds gone the background seen in the central mirror in the second screen-grab of the lift (found above), has changed from the first (the two black lines above Diana’s head have gone in the 2nd photo).

And then in the screenshot taken one second after that (16:35:05) you can clearly see the blue hallway carpet as Roulet appears to be going to step into the lift, yet the background in the screenshot after that one has changed again – as you would expect – and Trevor now appears in the hall stood behind Roulet, as well as Dodi now having a cigar in his hand.

The background in the mirror has then changed again in the screenshot taken one second later at 16:35:11. You can see plenty of blue carpet (although you could get the impression that the blue is part of the wall – it’s not) and Trevor has disappeared!

Moreover, the photo-grab shows Dodi facing Roulet in the centre mirror as they chat, yet in the mirror on the left hand side of the photo the two men are facing the same way… But as I say, why are they stood there chatting when Roulet is going to get into the lift with them anyway?

It makes no sense at all.

Mind you, the mirror images in the vast majority of the lift photos really give the game away because the reflections are all over the place.

Nevertheless, do not concern yourself too much with what is what in that photo batch because I can tell you now that ALL of the CCTV evidence is faked and made up of clips spliced together or one laid over the other, having been taken at various different times throughout the day… As you will come to realise as we go along.

However, for the sake of my sanity, when I am explaining any future CCTV images pretend that you don’t know that they are faked – these CCTV clips are very hard to explain in words as to what is REALLY what, being as they are hugely complex in the way that they have been spliced or overlaid; as you would expect in a hoax of this magnitude.

Neither is there any proof that the couple arrived by car at the Rue Cambon back entrance (they don’t get out of the parked merc that is for sure) and since you don’t actually see the couple and Trevor walking up to the hotel door – of which there are at least two CCTV cameras that would have picked them up doing so – it cannot be taken as read that they do.

After all you only see Diana’s back, the top of Dodi’s head and a funny looking Trevor, all of whom are just suddenly ‘there’ and do in fact look to me like they have been photoshopped in… This is leading somewhere, trust me.

Likewise, the CCTV of the couple inside the hotel looks very faked.


Take no notice of the red line but look at how fake and at odds with the background the couple are. This would be why you do not see the couple, Roulet and Trevor all walking together and apart from the screengrab of Trevor walking into the hall – which would be a piece of piss to put him there – that is as good as it gets.


And as for the lift shots being put forward as evidence matching the official timeline? Well, the couple were in that same lift on a few occasions so all that would be required was a change of time stamp… And they most certainly have been.

But as I say, I will shortly PROVE to you that the same CCTV footage was used time and again to provide the backdrop for events supposedly taking place at totally different times during the course of the day and night, as well as show you where the timestamps have been added.

Indeed, as I had already worked out for myself 3 years ago – whilst writing that unfinished article that was stolen by the Essex Bacon – far from giving credence to what the scriptwriters would like us to believe, the CCTV footage is indeed at great odds with the narrative.

For instance, the coming photo batch is made up of screenshots described as being when the couple arrived at The Ritz for the 1st time which as we have just seen was via the Rue Cambon [rear] entrance, at 4.30PM as confirmed by both the BBC, the CCTV and every other bastard in the world.

However, the screen-grabs in question are taken from CCTV footage showing the couple’s car arriving at 3.58PM, via the Place Vendôme, [front] main entrance… How the fuck does that work???

11 (1)

And neither is it ever pointed out that the inside footage is taken from the rear of the hotel, which in my opinion is enough on its own to discredit all of the CCTV evidence.

I mean, we now have two different versions of which entrance the couple arrived at, with two different times for getting there, both backed by CCTV evidence that doesn’t show the couples getting out of the car and walking to the entrance… So they may not have even been in the hotel until later that evening – which would make more sense of course.

Nevertheless, I mentioned in that first CCTV photo batch about how Operation Paget had got around the problem of the couple entering the hotel via the RUE CAMBON at 16:35:31, only to be seen later entering the lift at 16:35:01 (30 seconds before they even enter the building) by creating a time anomaly and swearing blind that is how they found the recordings… “Honest Guv”.

Indeed, Inspector Paul Carpenter of the Metropolitan Police – the Bacon Bugger given the job of compiling the CCTV evidence – swore on oath at the 2007/8 inquest into Diana’s death that the FIVE banks, comprising of FORTY THREE CCTV cameras, were out of sync by as much as 2 minutes 52 seconds.

So if there are 43 CCTV cameras in the Ritz how come there is a Camera 46?


It would be funny if it wasn’t so fucking serious.

And it gets worse… It always gets worse don’t cha know?

You see there is a Camera 63… So straight away that is 20 more CCTV cameras than the official narrative has down as being fact.

Yet there could have been all manner of movement by the couple on those 20 CCTV cameras.


Not that you would know of course since the quality is so shite.

Total, total bollox – the whole lot of it.

Did you know about these schoolboy errors Mr & Mr Dobbin?


I will take that as a ‘no’ meaning ‘yes’ then.

The following is taken from a Chimp article written in 2007:

Inspector Paul Carpenter, of the Metropolitan Police, talked the panel of five men and six women through the staggered images.

He told them there were 43 separate cameras in the hotel in Paris, from where Diana and Dodi Fayed set off on their final journey, and that 31 were relevant to the inquiry.

“Only 31 of them show movements of the main participants in these events,” he said.

You will notice that is a direct quote.

He explained a problem with the timings of the footage, saying five different banks of cameras showed five different times.

You will notice that isn’t a direct quote!

Some may be up to 2 minutes 52 seconds off the master clock he had established to try to synchronise the images.

You will notice that started off sounding like a direct quote, but the author seems to have changed his mind halfway through.

However, notice that Master Cock hasn’t said how he had established his “Master Clock”.

Neither had he allocated the time difference to the master-clock for each of the 31 cameras in question.

In fact by Inspector Woody Work  saying that: Some may be up to 2 minutes 52 seconds off the master clock, he is implying that he doesn’t know him-fucking-self!

And without that information it was impossible for the Jury to work out if the CCTV images matched the narrative or not… Course, you would have thought that the jurors would have mentioned that fact for themselves… Just sayin’.


However, with all due respect to Inspector Paul Carpenter of the Metropolitan Police – he is a lying cunt who should be serving a very long prison sentence for perjury, aiding & abetting and perverting the course of justice, because the 5 banks of 43 cameras are not only out of sync with each other; the cameras within each of the 5 banks are also out of sync with each other… By more than 4 minutes in some instances – as you will find out later.

And that is not including the 35 minute time anomaly in regards to what time the couple actually arrived at the Ritz – not to mention how the couple could enter the hotel via the front and back entrances at the same time.

But for now, dig ya selves a deeper hole ya lying arse-clinkers:

“We’re going to start with the first arrivals at the hotel in the afternoon and in the first shot you will see members of the paparazzi arriving at the hotel at about five to four, some time before the Princess and Dodi Al Fayed actually arrived.”

How come the Chimp is being so flexible with the time? I mean why didn’t they just look at the screenshots and then report the exact moment that the Papz turned up?


Nevertheless, there were in fact no Papz on Place Vendôme until gone two minutes to four and then there was only two – both on the one motorbike.

In fact it wasn’t even Tupac Two Papz, since the fella riding the bike – Stephane Darmon – was there, solely as a driver for his pillion passenger, Romualdo Rat… More on them two later.

Course, as is par for the course with the Monkey-Boyz, their estimated facts took precedence over the accurate ones.

I mean the Shit-Rag followed up the Paparazzi’s estimated time of arrival with a good guess at how long after they’d got parked up did it then take for Dodi’s Merc to arrive: “Some time before the Princess and Dodi Al Fayed actually arrived.”

Their level of professionalism is second to none. And none aint worth fuck all.

Now, Dodi & Diana’s car did in fact arrive 44 seconds later according to the CCTV – as we saw in the earlier photo batches… Or at least a Mercedes purporting to be Dodi’s car whenever he is in France turned up, driven by his own personal chauffeur, Philippe Dourneau.


However, we also know that the car – which is two cars stuck together – wasn’t the Mercedes with the registration number 405 JVJ 75.

And to be fair, with that being the case it is safe to assume that Diana and Dodi were not in either the first or second Mercs that the CCTV footage showed us on Place Vendôme, before fast forwarding half an hour into the future to where we may or may not have seen the couple enter the building via the Rue Cambon… Where they didn’t get out of a Merc blocking the road either.

Therefore it is fair to say that one of the following two possible scenarios must be true:

(1) Dodi & Diana, having arrived at the Ritz half an hour earlier than they were meant to, sat outside of the hotel frontage for the 30 minute period, in a Mercedes – different to their own – whilst a marauding mob of Paparazzi, who had been mercilessly chasing the couple, decided to cut the love-birds some slack by not taking any photos of them and instead waving the pair off with a hearty farewell as Philippe Feelop drove them away for the one minute journey to the Rue Cambon, just so as Di & Doh could enter the posh B&B via the rear entrance.

Which will no doubt be the scenario that The Chimps huge readershipwhose skulls contain mushy peas for brains – will throw their weight behind without even bothering to read the alternative version of events:

(2) The nonce infested British Establishment have deliberately used or created fake CCTV footage to reinforce the official narrative for a hoax of monumental proportions and grave consequences, amounting to nothing less than TreasonHigh Treason is still a hanging offence in this country – whilst pocketing untold Millions of Pounds in syphoned off taxpayers money.


Moreover, since the Merc didn’t arrive until nearly a minute after the Papz, how did Rat & Co know that the couple were even headed for the Ritz.

After all, Philippe Feelop might have sailed right on past the hotel to any number of possible destinations.

Nevertheless, what was the point of the papz [allegedly] harassing the couple in their car, to the extent of trying to force their Merc off the road in an endeavour to try and get some practically worthless photos – being as there was already an overkill of holiday snaps showing the pair canoodling – when all that they had to do was tail the motor until it got to its destination.

Moreover the couple were quite happy to be photographed – as the Paparazzi knew only too well since the bodyguards had told them that it was fine as long as they didn’t obstruct the couple.

Indeed, with their powerful cameras there is no need to get right up into peoples faces and it is only those vying for an interview or quote who do.

Therefore, since the Paparazzi are photographers, none of them had any reason to step foot anywhere near the couple and since they are all friendly with each other, in getting close up to their target they would be in the way of other Papz trying to get photos.

Or put another way: A totally nonsensical scenario built on a tissue of lies in order to further an elite agenda which is detrimental to our families well being and that of our future generations.

So, I believe that I have already gone a long way to exposing the CCTV as being a scam, yet I am only just pulling out of the driveway with a long journey still ahead of us… And trust me, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

So lets carry on with that Chimps Bullshite – describing what the MI scriptwriters want us to believe happened on the Place Vendõme – where we [don’t] see the Papz eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Queer’s Mother and her terrorist multi-millionaire boyfriend:


The court was shown colour footage from “Camera 4” at Place Vendome where two motorcyclists arrived, later followed by others.

I would like to know how he calls it Camera 4 because there isn’t a camera number on the timestamped footage… Mind you, that is bloody handy for them isn’t it?

Okay, let’s have a butchers at some more screen-grabs taken from that footage then.


Now what would the odds be on those cars and the pedestrians positions all coming together at the right moment to allow you to draw straight lines connecting everything?

Obviously you knew nothing about the phenomenon Elizabeth, am I right?


Thought as much!

Come on gerron wi’it:


Soooo… No sign whatsoever of press intrusion there then.

Now I do not for a single moment believe that the cameras were sloppily set to different times, as Inspector Paul Carpenter claims, especially giving mind to Mohamed Al Fayed’s near obsession with surveillance.

And whilst it is true to say that being 1997 the CCTV cameras MAY NOT have been as advanced as they are today – and as such, maybe even needed updating and resetting manually – it still follows that the job would have been done by one, maybe two employees, who would have consulted each other on the correct time whilst calibrating the cameras.

Moreover, given Mohamed Al Fayed’s obsession with security, it’s natural that he should have the best:

The Ritz Hotel in Paris was a forerunner for in-house security and CCTV was everywhere, including some of the suites. Source

In fact it was a bit like keeping up with the Jones round the old square there:

Virtually all of the buildings in the neighborhood of the Ritz Hotel have sophisticated closed-circuit television Source

And as it happens it transpires that Henri Paul himself was responsible for the CCTV upkeep:

He came to Paris in 1985 and made a living selling recreational watercraft, a business that often took him close to the Ritz, where in 1986 he learned there was an opening in the security department. There, he was promoted to assistant director, in charge of 20 guards. Much of the job consisted of monitoring surveillance cameras, dealing with petty thieves and pickpockets and occasionally with deadbeats. Source

Certainly given the level of security at the Ritz with all its VIP guests, the fact that the 5 sets of camera banks were at odds with each other by up to 2 or even 3 minutes would have been seized upon very quickly by Henriwho was said to take his duties very seriously – yet we are supposed to believe that 10 years further down the line, Inspector Paul Carpenter of the wholly corrupt Metropolitan Police given the task of preparing the CCTV evidence for the Paget Report and subsequent inquest – makes this discovery… Go fuck yourself.

I will in fact venture further by saying that I believe that the 2-3 minute time difference is the minimum time difference needed to make the story fit – and even then it doesn’t – and that there was still a need for spliced and CGI footage to be included in the fraud in order to get away with that time anomaly.

Indeed, to be frank the CGI is particularly obvious, which is either down to sloppiness (no change there then) or due to the technology available at the time; although CGI was not in its infancy back then having been used to great effect in the 1995 film “Titanic”.

Unsurprisingly to me, there is nothing to be found on the internet in regard to Inspector Paul Carpenter.

More CCTV purrleaze:


Yet that isn’t the whole story.

You see it wasn’t just a case of the couple stepping out of the lift, walking down a short hallway and into the Suite’s foyer – they did in fact have two long hallways to walk down first, although the party are only shown walking down the one.


And remember that there is another corridor of similar length to go down before reaching the short corridor leading to the Imperial Suite’s Masonic lobby. This then is a mark of just how far out the cameras are with each other – something that as I say, I find very hard to believe.

And of course, Glorious Coloured Techni-Shit is a trademark of any good hoax.

The action is then resumed at 5.05PM where we see bodyguard Trevor Rees Jones outside of the Imperial Suite.


Now according to the BBC, Dodi, Roulet and the bodyguards went to Repossi jewellers at 6PM:

1800: Mr Al Fayed, accompanied by bodyguards, picks up a ring he has ordered from Repossi’s jewellers just outside the Ritz.

The purpose of this visit was to allegedly pick up Diana’s engagement ring so why Claude Roulet took a jewellery catalogue up to the Imperial Suite at 5PM is anyones guess since Dodi had allegedly picked out the ring in Repossi’s Monte Carlo branch, after which it was sent on to Italy to be sized and in turn sent on to Paris for collection.

The following is from the Guardian newspaper:

Mr Fayed says that the couple had met the jeweller Alberto Repossi at his Monte Carlo store to choose the ring during their holiday on the Fayed yacht in the Mediterranean. He claims that the ring was then sized in Italy and sent to Paris. There was no indication yesterday that Dodi Fayed had got round to giving Diana the ring but the jury was told that his father believes he was planning to present her with it on the night they died. Source

Nevertheless, that BBC timeline along with every other that I have seen appears to be wrong, since they all claim that the visit took place between 6PM and 6.30PM.

You see, despite us last seeing Trevor leaving the Imperial suite lobby at 17:39:57, he did in fact appear with Dodi at the top of the stairs leading down to the main entrance at 17:38:03 – nearly 2 minutes before he was seen leaving the IS lobby alone… The IS lobby referring to the Imperial Suite lobby and not a bunch of make believe terrapins trying to persuade a government that something or other should take place.


And at this point the CCTV footage took us back out front onto the Place Vendôme.

Although why they insist on using this camera (seen below) and the one behind it, despite there being a camera right at the main entrance is beyond me… Well it isn’t really since I know what is what, but I’m sure you know what I mean.


So, the whole visit to Repossi’s makes no sense and as far as I can see was nothing more than a way of fueling the ‘official’ conspiracy theories – in this case; the were they – weren’t they getting engaged scenario.

And did you notice that the Papz had fucked off? Mind you, it is tea time I suppose.

One thing is for sure though and that is Claude Roulet was in the know and did his very best to muddy the waters.


The following is the transcript of Roulet’s testimony (preceded by that of Franco Mora’s, the Ritz Operations Manager) given at the Diana inquest in 2007 and is taken from John Morgan’s book about the murder of Diana:


Notice that John Morgan also picked up on the time that they went to the jewelers.

Moreover, we have just seen Dodi return through the Ritz Hotel’s front door at 5.50PM so the sum total of time that they were in the shop was 4 minutes.


PHOTO: Albert & Albert as in Repossi & Prince

Roger that – Carry on.


Okay, so on the one hand we have the couple allegedly choosing the ring in Monte Carlo and on the other we have the Repossi’s saying that they didn’t – but then again Alberto Repossi later changed his mind.

In fact he blamed MI6 for pressuring him into saying that Do & Di didn’t choose the ring in Monte Carlo… But that is just old fanny too.

It is however quite clear that Roulet was struggling with his answers and indeed the Paget Report states that in the 10 years following Diana’s death, Roulet’s versions of events on the subject were very inconsistent on a whole.

So at this point I shall reiterate that Roulet was definitely in on the Establishment plot, hence his testimony had to change each time a new detail was made public.

Moreover, most of the parts in the drama were played by crisis-actors and indeed I believe that this is the case for ALL of the Ritz staff who gave evidence.

So much for our justice system then… Although I know all about that wholly corrupt cesspit.

What say you Sweaty?


I rather thought that would be your attitude.

Nevertheless, according to the Paget Report, Roulet’s timeline for his second visit to Repossi’s was thus:


Which does not tally with the CCTV evidence since the only way that the above timeline could work is if Alberto Repossi had the same shite, mistimed CCTV as the Ritz.


Oh hang on he did, didn’t he!

And that screenshot is the very best example that I could find!

So, we see Roulet leaving for Repossi’s at 6:27 PM, although I reckon that he had the right fucking hump


*”the other sports car” being the Ferrari.

Nevertheless, apart from the fact that Roulet is leaving the Ritz at the same time that he is meant to be entering Repossi’s, the timeline on the Repossi’s visit isn’t far off… About time they got something sort of right.

Mind you, with thousands upon thousands of pounds worth of Jewellery on him, you would have thought that Diddy-Dodi would have at least sent a bodyguard with Clawed Bottom – or whatever the fuck Claude Roulet’s name is.

I mean, to carry all that tom-foolery about was madness what with the square being *aherm, aherm mobbed with thug photographers and spectators… And since Kes had been hiding somewhere for fucking ages, the lazy bastard could have done with the exercise.

Nevertheless, the CCTV evidence continues:


So, that mystery door apparently leading into the Imperial Suite must be Room 101 then – although why a hotel has two doors nearly next to each other yet the guests use the one furthest away is anyones guess;

And Room 101, just so happens to also be a room in George Orwell’s 1984 and is described as being:

a torture chamber in the Ministry of Love, in which the Party attempts to subject a prisoner to his or her own worst nightmare, fear or phobia, with the object of breaking down their resistance.

Mind control by any other name… How very appropriate… And coincidental.

Okay, now let’s go over this engagement ring nonsense because it is important and all but destroys the official narrative.

And what we have basically, is a claim that Dodi and Diana chose an engagement ring at Repossi’s in Monte Carlo.

The ring was from the “Tell Me Yes” collection which was then sent to Italy for sizing and then on to Repossi’s in Paris for collection by Dodi – or his minions – on the 30th of August.

And indeed Alberto Repossi, after initially saying that the above was a load of old bollox, subsequently changed his mind amidst claims that MI6 had forced him to lie originally and as proof that he was now telling the truth he submitted a receipt for the ring to Operation Paget:

Dodi Al-Fayed bought and engagement ring for Diana, Princess of Wales, just hours before they were both killed in a car crash in Paris, French jewellery company Repossi said today.

The renowned jeweller said it was making the statement to refute numerous articles in the press which alleged that Al-Fayed had bought the ring for another woman.

The company said it had not made the information public earlier on the advice of its lawyers.

“In August 1997, Mr Dodi Al-Fayed and Princess Diana went to the Repossi boutique in Monte Carlo, where they chose a ring,” the jeweller said in a statement.

The billionaire son of Harrods owner Mohammed Al-Fayed “wanted the ring to be ready by August 30, 1997, at the latest. The Repossi workshops are usually shut during that period but they nevertheless altered the ring to the right size”, the statement said.

On August 30, 1997, just a few hours before he and Diana were killed, “Dodi Al-Fayed went to the Repossi boutique on the Place Vendome (Paris) to collect the engagement ring, which came from the ‘Say Yes’ collection, to give it to Princess Diana”, the jeweller said.

Repossi said it had proof of the event in the form of a receipt and a close circuit television recording from the boutique on the high-class Place Vendome, both dated August 30, 1997. Both had been submitted to the judicial authorities investigating the subsequent car crash. Source

And with that being the case, Diana must have known about the engagement ring thus making the couple unofficially engaged, which therefore begs the question as to why Dodi went to the bother of summoning his limo to drive him the 100-250 yards (depending on which report you read), just to spend a total of 4 minutes looking at a ring that he had already seen… I mean, he could have just sent Roulet over to get it, couldn’t he?


Yet despite the fact that Alberto Repossi subsequently confirmed that the ring was ordered and arranged for collection on the 30th of August 1997, Franco Mora claims that Roulet had told him to get in touch with someone from Repossi’s and arrange for the shop to be open – being as the shop was normally closed at that time of year because Alberto & Angela Repossi worked from their shop in Monte Carlo.

Course, there should have been no need to arrange an opening since Repossi should have already done that when Dodi bought the ring and had Repossi send it to Italy for sizing.

Moreover, Dodi must have relayed his request to Roulet in regard to arranging for the shop to be opened whilst he was still in Sardinia, but since Dodi’s luxury apartment in Paris, situated very near to the Arc de Triomphe, is above a Cartier shop and indeed there is a Cartier shop in Place Vendôme itself – you have to question why didn’t he just go there instead.


PHOTO: Dodi’s flat above a Cartier shop

After all, it was a right fucking polava making sure that Repossi’s was specifically opened up just to collect the ring  – with the Repossi’s stating that they flew back to Paris from Monte Carlo just to do so, thus implying that the shop opening was all in hand and making Mora’s claim total bollox.

After all, the Repossis would not fly to Paris from Monte Carlo if they did not know that Dodi was definitely going to turn up – although they may have arranged for one of their staff to be there.

Moreover, the likelihood of the Repossis just dropping everything and flying to Paris with only a couple of hours notice, after receiving a phone call from Mora makes the scenario even sillier… Dodi is only a playboy whilst Repossi is mates with Prince Albert, so why would he shit himself and fall over backwards just to appease him?

Especially since Dodi was always skint and had a trail of debts (if his father had the hump with Dodi, he wouldn’t bail him out), one of which he owed to the singer/songwriter Paul Anka – all according to the MSM obviously.

The following is taken from Paul Anka’s 2013 autobiography, “My Way”:

After his father bought Harrods, this young kid called Dodi Fayed turned up in Los Angeles. Sweet enough guy, but very much a daddy’s boy.

In fact, he started treating me as a kind of father figure, too – probably because I’d first got to know him as a child through staying at the Paris Ritz,  owned by Fayed Senior.

But news travels fast in that town, so I soon became aware that Dodi was heavily into cocaine, getting into skirmishes over unpaid rent, seeing the wrong kind of women and running around with a fast crowd.

I tried to advise him, but he was too young and wild to listen. Then, one day, he called to say: ‘I’ve got to talk to you.’

We met at the Ivy restaurant in LA, where he began with a long ramble – which always makes me nervous.

‘Paul, as you know, we go way back, our two families. I’ve known you all these years, and your family stayed at the Ritz . . .’

It turned out he’d come back from Europe recently and hadn’t declared he was carrying $150,000 (£98,500) in cash – which had promptly been confiscated.

‘I can’t tell my dad,’ Dodi wailed. ‘Could you just loan it to me for a week?’

Now, I don’t like lending money. But he kept pleading and saying it would be only be for a week, and somehow I found myself agreeing.

Dodi duly picked up the money from my bank, and a week later I tried to reach him.

By then he was in Australia, chasing an actress. ‘Don’t worry,’ he said when I tracked him down. ‘As soon as I come home this week, I’ll get you the money.’

And he did. It was a Bank of America cheque – and when I tried to cash it, it bounced. I couldn’t believe it!

I called him again. He was full of apologies and promised he was transferring funds to another account the next day – this time from a bank in London.

It wasn’t hard to work out that this was a bull**** story. I was livid. Checking around, I discovered he hadn’t paid his rent for months, he owed people money for jewellery, and was living way beyond his means.

Anyway, I called his bank in London that night and asked to speak to the manager – who happened to be a fan of mine.

‘Mr Anka,’ he said, ‘you know I’m not supposed to give out information, but let me be frank – this guy’s been a problem. There’s not enough money in that account to cover your cheque.’

It was one in the morning in LA, but I called Dodi and yelled: ‘You’ll be here tomorrow – or you’re going to jail!’ My voice was so loud that my wife thought I was being attacked by an intruder.

The following afternoon, Dodi came round with yet more excuses. ‘You know what?’ I told him. ‘I’ve found out you’ve been doing this all over town, and you need to be taught a lesson. I’m going to call your father.’

‘Don’t call Daddy,’ he pleaded – but I did. And I told Fayed Snr I was right on the verge of calling the police.

The upshot was that Daddy sent his brother round to see me the next day with an open cheque book and an offer to ‘name any amount’. Of course, I only wanted my $150,000 back.

Then Fayed’s people shut down Dodi’s house, paid off all his bills, put him on a plane and carted him back to England.

And according to the Shit Rag Express, that claim sparked a lawsuit with Mohamed Al Fayed who accused Anka of lying:

Businessman MOHAMED AL-FAYED’s defamation suit against PAUL ANKA has settled in the singer’s favour after he produced cheques the millionaire insisted he had never paid.

Al-Fayed sued Anka for claiming in his autobiography to have loaned the businessman’s son Dodi – the last lover of beloved royal Diana, Princess of Wales – £100,000 after he had a large amount of cash confiscated by U.S. Customs.

In the book, Anka claimed Al-Fayed eventually paid back his son’s debt out of fear the singer would reveal the incident, but the revelation sparked a lawsuit from the angry father.

Al-Fayed denied the entire incident, but Anka’s lawyers produced copies of cheques made out to the singer, at which point the case was settled. The terms of the settlement remain confidential, but editors at report Al-Fayed has agreed to pay £46,670 to Anka’s lawyers.

Dodi Al-Fayed was killed along with Princess Diana in a car crash in Paris, France in 1997. Source


PHOTO: The Cheque’s Al Fayed claims were never written

Nevertheless, Mora still claimed that a shop assistant opened up Repossi’s for the collection.

However, according to Roulet, Dodi did not pick out an engagement ring although he (Dodi) had reportedly described a ring to Mr & Mrs Repossi which he had seen in their Monte Carlo shop; to which  Roulet claims that the couple had no idea what Dodi was on about – very fucking bizarre since Repossi himself says that Dodi had bought the ring in Monte Carlo.

Roulet then claims that Dodi put aside 5 items from the 10 that he had been shown:

  • A watch costing 314,000 Francs
  • A bracelet costing 482,000 Francs
  • A ring with a triangle costing 607,000 francs
  • A ring with an Emerald costing 780,000 francs
  • A ring with a star costing 600,000 Francs

After which Dodi fucked off leaving Roulet to sort the prices out.

See they muddy the waters all the time by confusing every single issue, leaving the reader not sure even of what day it is let alone anything else.

However, given Repossi’s claim to Operation Paget confirming that the couple had bought a ring in Monte Carlo only for Roulet to swear that the Repossi’s had no idea what ring Dodi was on about, before going on to describe a ring and indeed several other items of jewellery on a bill that bore no resemblance to those Roulet had described in his statement to Operation Paget – all makes no fucking sense whatsoever and is confusing in the extreme.


Except for the Pyramids of course. There are many reflections of those.

And for all that we can see, that could be a copy of Playboy magazine.

Now remember, the whole basis for Dodi and Diana leaving the Ritz at 12:20AM (the drive to their deaths) on the 31st of August was so as Dodi could give Diana the ring… There was no other reason whatsoever for them not to stay the night at the Ritz.

Moreover, by way of confirmation to that fact, Dodi supposedly told his Butler, Rene to have “the Champagne on ice” for when they returned from having their meal at the Chez Benoit restaurant… Thus confirming that they were not intending to go back to the Ritz that night and indeed they only did so on the spur of the moment whilst on the journey to the restaurant.

Course, even Dodi’s on the spot change of heart made no sense. I mean the only reason that he cancelled the restaurant reservation was due to the number of Paparazzi stalking them.

Therefore, the exact same number of Papz following them to Chez Benoit would be the exact same number who followed them back to the Ritz.

And with that being the case, it would have made no difference whether they had run the gauntlet at the restaurant or the hotel.

Nevertheless, Rene Delorm’s claim about the Champagne stretches even further according to the BBC:

Speaking by video-link from his home in Los Angeles, Mr Delorm said Mr Al Fayed had earlier asked him to have champagne ready on the afternoon of August 30.

“He said: ‘Rene, have some champagne ready because when I come back I’m going to propose to the princess’.

“The next thing he did, he reached into his pocket, he took out a box and I saw the ring.” Source

So why did Dodi take the ring with him if he wasn’t going to propose until they got back… Moreover, why was it then touted that the only reason that the couple returned to Dodi’s flat was because that was where the ring was.

However, since Roulet took the Jewellery to show Dodisignificantly entering the suite by Room 101 – at 6:50PM (ten minutes before the couple were due to leave for good), he subsequently took the bag of trinkets down to the depository, begging the question: Why didn’t Dodi take the Tom-Foolery with him?

Nevertheless, with Roulet depositing the jewellery at the Ritz, when was Dodi going to collect it?

Moreover, since Diana supposedly helped choose the ring why didn’t Dodi give it to her there and then or over their romantic dinner… Not that he had the ring anyway according to Roulet – although Rene begged to differ.

And of course, had Dodi of taken the ring to give to Diana over dinner – although Rene stated that he did – then they would more than likely still be alive today and as such, that ring is the be all and end all of the events that supposedly took place over the course of the following six and a half hours.

Mind you, some newspapers tried to make out that Dodi had given Diana the ring by photoshopping a picture of the couple arriving back at Dodi’s apartment.


And that faked photo can be for no other reason than to crank up the conspiracy theories suggesting that Diana was murdered… Which as I hope by now you will agree were specifically designed to keep investigators from finding out the truth… Namely that no one died in the ‘car crash’… Well, not on the 31st of August at 12:25AM in the Pont De L’Alma underpass they didn’t.

It is also worth pointing out that the ring pictured above is called “Etoile”, and as coincidence would have it “Etoile” is the name of Dodi’s apartment block above the Cartier shop as well as the name of the firm that owned the Car that they died in… Just sayin’.

Nevertheless, Roulet still made it back up to the Imperial Suite from the hotels depository in time to escort the couple out as they left the Ritz, – which was obviously meant to be for the last time that day.

And I will remind you that they left from a REAR exit.

1900: The princess and Mr Al Fayed go back to his apartment just off the Champs Elysées. They take the back exit to escape the paparazzi.

Yet there weren’t any interested Papz outside the front of the hotel never mind the rear.

Now before we look at the screenshots for that departure, let’s pause here for a second so as I can [sort of] clarify an extremely important point.

You see, you may have noticed that I stated in the last screenshot that the party left from ‘a’ rear entrance, as opposed to ‘the‘ rear entrance, because there are more than one – as you would expect from a building as vast as the Ritz.

So why is this fact important?

And the answer to that is wait and see, carry on reading, but be very aware that I have brought the matter to your attention.

More photoshops please:


Just a quick word on that skull that has used the column to make a hat like those skeleton samurai warriors which were seen in some old film or other – Jason and the Argonauts springs to mind but I maybe wrong… Nevertheless, I am sure you know what I mean.

Now that has been deliberately put in there and is not a trick of the light, which I will prove as we go along.

You see, those horror faces, as well as Diana’s have been worked into most of the video footage of her last day on earth, particularly so after the accident… Kind of like the equivalent of barristers taking bets on being able to work a strange word or phrase into their opening or summing up speech… Not that I was the only one to see these bizarre images tucked away, although whoever was responsible for the image below only saw the one and attributed the image to being the ghost of Diana’s old man, Earl Johnny Spencer.


Not that I am taking the piss out of whoever is responsible for the photo as I am sure that they will not have been looking for anything remiss.

That is the kind of sick fuck humour that these elite monsters like and they would indeed have practically come in their pants at the daft mugs who were in tears over Diana’s [non] death back in 97.

Okay let’s get back to how they use the same CCTV footage over and over again in order to form another scene.


We then go back down to the back entrance with the party stepping out onto the pavement in the Rue Cambon.

However, as this next photo shows, Diana had taken her shoes off.

di_final_day01 (1)

So what?

Well don’t cha see? It’s symbolic of the lonely discarded shoe ever present in these play-acts… Only joking although that could well be the case.

Nevertheless, she hadn’t taken them off on the way down.


And as you will see when we resume the timeline – because I am just about to go off track again – Diana had her shoes back on her feet when she stepped outside onto the pavement.

So, it is strange that the photo where she is holding her shoes is the only one that I can find.

After all, whoever took that photo would definitely want one of her putting her shoes back on.

Therefore, the only reason that I can see for her taking her shoes off at the door and then putting them on again has to be symbolic of something… So I had a butchers-hook and found the following article named The Symbolism of the Shoe, which also stated at the top:

The Symbolism of the Shoe with Special Reference to Jewish Sources


And then there is this from an article called Jews and Shoes:

Shoes have always played a role in history and culture. Everyone knows the story of Cinderella and the glass slipper, or the tale of Puss and Boots. Remember Dorothy’s magic ruby shoes in the Wizard of Oz?

What about Jews and shoes? The Song of Songs 7:2 reads, “How beautiful are thy feet in sandals.” Shoes were considered to be so important that Rabbi Akiva instructed his son Joshua not to go barefoot. They were signs of sensuousness, comfort, luxury and pleasure.

There are times in Jewish life when the wearing of shoes is forbidden. When the priestly blessing is given in traditional synagogues, the kohanim remove their shoes outside the sanctuary before their hands are washed by the Levites and before giving the priestly blessing. Removing the shoes avoids the possibility of embarrassment in the event that one of the kohanim has a torn shoe lace and remains behind to tie his shoes while his brethren are blessing the congregation.


There is also a custom amongst certain chassidic groups to remove their (leather) shoes before approaching the gravesite of a holy person. This tradition goes back to the command to Moses when he approached the Burning Bush (Exodus 3:5), “Remove your shoes from your feet, for the place on which you stand is holy ground”

On the historic day of mourning, Tisha b’Av, Jews are prohibited from wearing leather shoes. The same prohibition applies on Yom Kippur to show remorse and penance.

In the Book of Isaiah (20:2), Isaiah is commanded to remove his sandals as a sign of mourning. Shoes also play a part in the mourning period after a death. During the period ofshiva, the seven days of mourning, leather shoes may not be worn. In Talmudic times, both the pall bearers and the mourners went barefoot.

The question of shoes also arises in Jewish burials. The body of the deceased may be wearing shoes, but only if the shoes are made of linen or cotton. Most Jews are buried in a shroud which covers the feet, so the issue never arises.

Of all the Jewish customs involving shoes, the most unusual and fascinating is that of the laws of halitzah. Going back to Deuteronomy (25:5-9), when a married man dies childless, leaving an unmarried brother, the brother is obligated to marry his widowed sister-in-law. The rationale for what was called a levirate marriage was to continue the name, the assets and the soul of the deceased brother through the subsequent marriage and children.

Reference to this practice is also found in the Book of Ruth 3:4 when Naomi instructs Ruth to go to the granary at night, lie next to Boaz and to uncover his feet.

The brother could also opt to release her to marry someone else. This is the ceremony of halitzah. The widow and her brother-in-law appear before a rabbinical court, a beth din, consisting of five members. The brother-in-law wears on his right foot what is known as the halitzah shoe. This special shoe is made from the skin of a kosher animal and consists of two pieces sown together with leather threads. It must not contain metal and is designed like a moccasin with long straps.

The widow declares that her brother-in-law refuses to marry her, and he confirms it as directed in Deuteronomy (25:7 and 9). She then places her left hand on his calf, undoes the laces with her right hand, removes the shoe from his foot, throws it to the ground, and spits on the ground in front of him. The beth din then recites the formula releasing all obligations.

The shoe is a symbol of the transaction. This tradition is part of the color and romance of Jewish tradition and life.

It is also part of the spiritual tradition. The Kabbalists describe the body as “the shoe of the soul.” Just as shoes protect feet from the dirt, so too does the soul require the body as a shoe to protect it during its journey in the physical world. Source

Hmmm, Paul McCartney was also bare footed on the cover of the Beatles album, Abbey Road – an album cover littered with references to his death in a car accident.

However, I want to draw your attention to the paragraph in the above that states:

The Song of Songs 7:2 reads, “How beautiful are thy feet in sandals.” Shoes were considered to be so important that Rabbi Akiva instructed his son Joshua not to go barefoot. They were signs of sensuousness, comfort, luxury and pleasure.

You see, that passage has huge significance to the article I am writing on the Parisian Piss Take Terrapin Hoax.

In fact, I did mention that particular article earlier on when I wrote about the big Orange bag taken from the Merc’s boot – just after the army of two Papz had arrived – and I do go into quite a bit of detail in the said article in regard to the colour orange and its importance/relevance to the Monsters.

So in view of that passage taken from the article: Jews and Shoes – now may be a good time to show you what I have written about the bright colour in that soon to be released article.

However, I best give you a bit of background on the French Farce first.

Now the article itself mainly deals with the group, The Eagles of Death Metal and in particular the founder members; Jesse big-twat Hughes and Joshua Homme.

And as I am sure that you will know, the wholly unconvincing rock band were supposedly caught up in the shooting of audience members inside the Batalan Club in Paris which was allegedly carried out by ISIS Terrapins.

Course, all of that was just a load of old fanny and the shooting never happened – as I will prove to you in the forthcoming article on the hoax.

However, aside from the ISIS connection to Diana’s death (if you don’t know about that then you haven’t read my article: Genesis) the name of the group – The Eagles Of Death Metal – is interesting because of the 70’s group, The Eagles (of whom their founder member Glen Frey has just reportedly snuffed it) who were in fact Diana’s favourite band, along with Duran Duran, whose hit record “Save A Prayer” was supposedly released as a single by The EODM in the week before the November 2015  bullshit shooting took place:

‘Diana was always listening to music,’ says Lucy. ‘She was always dancing – she was brilliant at it. She had a lot of albums and she  used to sign them all “Diana” so they wouldn’t be pinched. We had to label everything at  West Heath.

‘Being teenagers, we had pop music on all the time. We loved the Eagles and Paul Simon and we played Annie’s Song by John Denver over and over again. Source

Moreover, as well as being bang into The Eagles, Diana supposedly died in a pile of twisted metal – death metal if you like.

And with that in mind, here is what I have written in that forthcoming article on the subject of the colour Orange:

Before I carry on with the rest of that critical review I should just point out that I have also noticed that the Big Jessie makes an awful lot of sexual comments and innuendos – which also applies to the name of their alleged last album Zipper Down… Then there is Heart On, of which the album cover has a hand clutching a bloody heart (satanic sacrifice?) and when the album title is said quickly it becomes Hard On.

Okay, just quickly butting in on myself here. You see, after Diana reached hospital, the surgeon allegedly opened up her chest cavity and massaged Diana’s heart manually in an effort to restart it:

According to testimony of the chief surgeon on duty that night, the operation revealed that the source of the hemorrhaging was a single lesion, which he described as a partial rupture of the left pulmonary vein at the point of contact with the left atrium. The tear was sutured and the hemorrhaging was stopped.

Despite nearly two hours of manual internal massage, and the application of electroshocks, it was impossible to
reestablish a heartbeat. The patient was declared dead at 4 a.m. August 31st 1997. Source

Moreover, Diana supposedly had a fascination with hearts – calling herself The Queen of Hearts, sitting in on heart surgery operations and even dating the heart surgeon Hasllet Can – or whatever his fucking name is.

The following is his statement in full, given to Detectives working on Operation Paget in September 2004. However, although interesting to read it has no real bearing on this report and as such you can skip reading it if ya want:

The surgeon made a statement to police using his full name – Hasnat Ahmad Khan – on September 24 2004.

The inquest was told that reference to a Dr Jarman in the statement may actually be a codename for the journalist Martin Bashir.

In his statement, read out in court , Mr Khan said:

“I have a Bachelor in medicine, a Bachelor in surgery and I am a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. I specialise in heart and lung surgery and I am currently based at Harefield Hospital.

“Prior to  this, I worked at the London Chest Hospital and before that, in 2000, I was at St Bart’s. Prior to that I was studying for my PhD at Imperial College. Between 1995 and 1996 I was working at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London.

“It was in August or September of 1995 that I met Diana, Princess of Wales.

“Diana and I met through Oonagh Toffolo, whose husband was recovering from heart surgery at the Royal Brompton.

At the time, I was working for Professor Yacoub, the heart surgeon, and Mr Toffolo was one of his patients, so I was involved in his medical treatment and care. I first met Diana when I had occasion to speak to Mrs Toffolo, whose husband was required to stay in hospital for some time.

“Diana would visit him on a regular basis. From what she had seen during her visits, Diana became very interested in the workings of the hospital.

“Out of general interest, she wanted to visit the patients on the ward. As Diana’s interest increased, she decided she wanted to watch a heart operation. In fact, she watched two such operations, although you only ever hear of one in the press.

“I was always extremely busy at work during the week, but at the weekends I had more time to spend doing my rounds on the wards. Diana and her girlfriends would often pop in and, when I had finished my rounds, they would join me for a chat. They were all very friendly people.

“I found Diana very down to earth and she made everyone feel at ease. I did notice that she was also very flirtatious with everyone. Over a period of time, we became good friends.

“We were chatting one day and I mentioned that I needed to go to my uncle’s house in Stratford-upon-Avon to pick up some books. I did not think for one minute that she would say yes, but I asked her if she would like to come with me. I was very surprised when she said she would.

“We drove there together and Diana met my aunt and uncle. We had dinner in a restaurant and then drove back to London.“I think this took place around mid-September 1995.

“After this, our friendship turned into a relationship.

“Diana and I had a very good relationship with no personal problems. The only problem we did have was with the media and the only place we could have any real privacy was at Kensington Palace as they could not get to us there.

“I was living in Neville Street in Kensington at the time and the media followed me everywhere, even to my place of work at Harefield Hospital.

“Diana was very protective towards me and wanted to shield me from the attention.

“The media found out about us around November 1995, very soon after our relationship started. I think they had already guessed we were seeing each other, but then someone working at the hospital leaked it out. This happened when, as a joke, the Princess arranged for a big pot of flowers to be sent to me at the Royal Brompton.

“There was a card with the flowers, but no name on it, although I knew who had sent them. A lot of people obviously saw me carrying these flowers through the hospital. Someone found out which florist they had been sent from and rang them up to find out who had ordered the flowers.

“Initially the florist would not tell them, however the person ringing told the florist they were inquiring on my behalf, and if I did not find out who had sent them, I would be returning the flowers. Eventually the florist said that they had been ordered from Kensington Palace. After this, the press went everywhere trying to get information on me.

“They visited old girlfriends, my medical school and retired professors who I had known.“During our relationship, I stayed with Diana many times at Kensington Palace and she also stayed with me at my place. We had a normal sexual relationship and I have no reason to think that Diana was ever unfaithful to me.

“Diana introduced me to Princes William and Harry. Diana just wanted her sons to know what was happening in her life.

“Diana and I were very good friends and we never took what the other said that seriously. Although we did talk about marriage, we did not make a point of sitting down and discussing the specifics. It was something we would chat about generally if it came up in conversation. Neither of us ever proposed.

“My main concern about us getting married was that my life would be hell because of who she was. I knew I would not be able to live a normal life and if we ever had children together, I would not be able to take them anywhere or do normal things with them. Anyone could approach me, in the pub, on the train, anywhere.

“Diana was not in the same position as me. She did not have a job like mine where she had to consider patients and staff.

“The hospital I was working in at the time had started getting a bit upset by the disruption caused by Diana’s visits. It was becoming a security issue.

“Diana was also not used to doing everyday things that the rest of us take for granted. For example, we once went to the pub together and Diana asked if she could order the drinks because she had never done so before. She really enjoyed the experience and chatted away happily to the barman.

“On another occasion we had to queue to get into Ronnie Scott’s jazz club. She later said she loved queuing as you get to meet so many people.

“On one occasion Diana wanted to fly to Spain to meet me when I was over there. I told her that she would not be able to just walk into the airport as everybody would be looking at her.

“She said she would wear a wig to disguise herself. I told her that was a ridiculous suggestion as she wouldn’t look anything like her passport photo with a wig on.

“A lot of people have said to me that even a married man would leave his wife if he had the chance of being with Diana, but I did not want that sort of lifestyle.

“I told her that the only way I could see us having a vaguely normal life together would be if we went to Pakistan, as the press don’t bother you there.

“I know Diana considered this an option for a while and she even went to Pakistan to speak to Jemima Khan about life there. However, after a while, she no longer talked about Pakistan, and although she did not actually say so, I got the impression that she no longer considered living there a possibility.

“Diana considered other countries that may have been suitable. She would think of somewhere and just get up and go there without saying anything to me.

“She would return from these trips and say something or other was not right, like security would be a problem. I know she thought about South Africa and Australia. Her brother was living in South Africa at the time. Diana visited, and although she loved Cape Town, she said the fences were going up and security would be a problem.

“I did not want to have to look over my shoulder all the time.“I had had experiences of working in Australia, but after thinking about it, Diana said it would be too far away from her sons.

“I know that around the end of 1996 or the beginning of 1997, Diana asked Paul Burrell to talk to a priest about the feasibility of us getting married in secret.

“I knew nothing about this until afterwards, when both Paul and Diana told me. I do not know the name of the priest that Paul approached.

“When I found out, I said to Diana, ’Do you honestly think you can just bring a priest here and get married?’

“I thought it was a ridiculous idea.

“I think in her head she wanted to get married, but practically she had not thought about the implications.

“We had an argument about it once and I told her she could not just jump into something like that. She just said that everything would be all right. That was her answer to everything, ’It will turn out all right’.

“If we had married, as far as I am concerned, Diana would not have had to convert to the Muslim faith.

“Being a Muslim, you have to believe in Christ and Moses. As far as her religion was concerned, she could go to a church or a mosque. I would never tell someone what religion they should be.

“My only concern would have been if we then had a child. I could imagine it being very difficult deciding what religion to bring the child up in.

“Diana used to read about Islam and she would tell me what she had learned. However, she never said that she would convert to the Muslim faith and I never asked her to.

“I do not know the Royal Family so I do not know if it would have been a problem for them had Diana remarried.

“We never discussed having children, either married or unmarried, but Diana did mention that she would love to have a girl. During our relationship Diana was taking the contraceptive pill that was prescribed by a male gynaecologist who used to visit her at Kensington Palace. I never met this gynaecologist, but, as far as I am aware, the pill was prescribed to Diana because of our relationship and for no other reason.

“I would describe Diana as an excellent time and appointment keeper, excellent with her boys and a kind person. I know she had personal problems, but I think that is understandable as she had been through so much.

“Emotionally she felt she was still young. She wanted a husband to be there for her, to have a normal relationship with him.

“I would say that Diana was concerned about her safety, but was not paranoid about it.

“One day, in 1995, I had finished work and bumped into Diana outside the hospital. She had been visiting Mr Toffolo and was in her black Audi. She offered me a lift, but I declined because I only lived a stone’s throw away.

“I next saw her in a car just a couple of months later, maybe around December. It was a different one to the Audi. I think it was a BMW. I asked her what had happened to the Audi as it was such a lovely car. She told me that the brakes had been tampered with so she decided to change the car.

“Diana was convinced that Barry Mannakee, who had been one of her protection officers, was murdered in a motorbike accident. She was very upset by the way in which Charles chose to tell her about his death.

“They were on an official visit together and he decided to tell her at a moment when it was impossible for her to show her emotions. I asked her if she had had an affair with Barry Mannakee and she said that he had looked after her very well.

“Diana felt that it was not normal for a motorbike to have a head-on collision with a truck. I told her that these things do happen. She also said that if car brakes failed so often, then no one would buy cars.

“Diana said that following the Panorama interview, she had been told that there was an eavesdropping centre somewhere in the UK. We never discussed this further.

“She never wrote to me about any fears she had.

“I remember, in the winter of 1996, reading that Camilla Parker Bowles had had an accident and I mentioned this to Diana. She said that this was the second accident that Camilla had had, but that the first accident had not been reported in the press.

“She went on to say that, as a result, Charles had arranged security for Camilla. Diana then said that one of them had to go, Camilla or her. This was a one-off conversation we had and never discussed the matter again.

“I would be very naive to think that MI5 or MI6 did not have an interest in me because of my relationship with the Princess of Wales. I really did not think that I was ever under any threat from the authorities, although I am sure that had I stepped over the line, it may well have been a different matter. By this I mean that if I had ever harmed her or the boys, I would have been dealt with through the criminal justice system.

“During my relationship with Diana, I did receive a lot of anonymous threats through the post.

“I have received envelopes containing cut-out pictures of me together with a noose around my neck. This went on and on and it was very stressful.

“I did not tell anyone and I did not do anything about it, although I did mention it once to Diana. I did not want her to worry about it as I knew she tried so hard to protect me. I destroyed all of this mail.

“When I was seeing Diana, I didn’t have a mobile phone, so I would often ring her from a public phone box rather than from my own landline. Then I asked myself what good that was as her lines were probably being bugged anyway.

“I remember one particular day when I rang Diana to arrange to meet up, she told me that ”Dr Jarman“ was coming to see her, but that she would not be long with him.

“She said he was her mole and used the name ’Dr Jarman’ instead of his real name. I never asked too many questions and Diana was careful not to tell me too much as she wanted to protect me.

“On the odd occasion when she did try to tell me things, I used to stop her because it was none of my business, it did not interfere with my life and I did not want to be put in a position where I knew too much.

“In the last year of her life, Diana was just like any other normal person.

“The only worries she had were about her boys, as any mother would.

“I would say that Diana had been emotionally hurt in the past, but I never saw in her anything to suggest that she was mentally unstable. She had been traumatised by her mother leaving and became very close to her father afterwards.

“Diana did not have a good relationship with her mother. She did not approve of her daughter seeing me, a Pakistani and a Muslim. Diana stopped talking to her mother because of this.

“She had originally been good friends with Sarah Ferguson, but they had fallen out by the time she died.

“I think she had got over Charles’ affair with Camilla Parker Bowles and also Tiggy Legge-Bourke’s closeness with Princes William and Harry, which she had initially found difficult to accept.

“Although we never discussed her relationship with Prince Charles, I do believe she had got over their separation.

“As far as other members of the Royal Family are concerned, Diana was always very complimentary about the Queen. Although she did not like the Duke of Edinburgh, she never expressed any fear of him.

“I know that Mohamed Al Fayed had asked Diana many times to go on holiday with him and his family. He used to send her presents.

“On one occasion he sent her two computers for the Princes.

“When Diana went to St Tropez with Mr Al Fayed, everything was fine between us. I said goodbye to her the day she went as I had stayed with her the previous night at Kensington Palace. The boys were going with her too. I left Kensington Palace once she had gone.

“After a few days, I felt something was wrong. Her mobile kept going on to answerphone.

“When I did eventually speak to her, unbeknown to me, she had returned from her holiday with Mohamed Al Fayed, had been at home for either one or two nights and had then gone off to Paris.

“When you know someone very well, you know when something is not right and that is how I felt when I spoke to her.

“I told her I thought something was wrong because of the way she had been acting, but she just said that because of the geography of where she was, she was having problems getting a reception on her phone. I said we would talk when she got home.

“I next spoke to Diana when she had got back from her trip, but she was on her way with her boys to see her sister, Jane. We arranged to meet up in Battersea Park when she got home again.

“When we did meet up in Battersea Park, she was not her normal self and she kept looking at her mobile phone. I told her that I thought she had met somebody else and it must be someone from Mohamed Al Fayed’s contingent. I had no idea who it could be. As far as I knew, it could have been a bodyguard or anyone, but I just knew that she had changed since she had been away with Mr Al Fayed, so I guessed it must have been someone in his party.

“I knew that Mr Al Fayed had children, but at that stage I did not know of his eldest son, Dodi. I was surprised when she denied to me that there was anyone else.

“At the end of our meeting in Battersea Park we arranged to see each other again, the following day, at Kensington Palace. I can’t remember the exact date, but we met in Battersea Park within a couple of days of her returning from Paris. It was at this second meeting that Diana told me that it was all over between us.

“She denied there was anyone else involved. I told her that I strongly suspected there was someone else and I remember saying to her at the time ’You are dead’, meaning her reputation was dead.

“I said this because I was sure that it was someone from Mohamed Al Fayed’s group and that was how I felt about anyone involved with him.

“I did not know him personally, but I had read in the press about his business involvements and Diana had given me a general impression of him in the past.

“It was only when I heard the news on the radio that I learned about Dodi. I think she wanted to be with someone who was happy to be seen with her in public and she could do that with Dodi.

“Diana went away with her friend Rosa after this holiday with Mr Al Fayed and then went away again on Mr Al Fayed’s boat with, as I later found out, Dodi.

“I think that Diana finally realised that Al Fayed could give her all the things I could not. He had money and could provide the necessary security for her. You never see Al Fayed without six or seven bodyguards around him.

“Mohamed Al Fayed can stand up to anything. I cannot talk for his son as I didn’t know anything about him.

“I tried to ring Diana the night she died, but could not get through to her. I later found out that she had changed her number. I think she must have done this while she had been away. I had not rung her for a while because when I saw her with Dodi in the papers, I realised then who it was she had got involved with during her holiday.

“I never wrote Diana’s mobile number down. I just used to remember it. I cannot recall that number now though.

“I genuinely thought it was downhill now for Diana and I thought I would just sit on the sidelines and watch. By this, I mean I felt her relationship would be heading downwards as I had heard so much bad publicity about Dodi.

“I suppose it is possible that Diana was trying to make me jealous, but I do not believe that was the entire reason she was doing it.

“I think that when she had gone away on the boat she had felt protected and thought she would wait and see what happened with Dodi.

“These are just my thoughts. It is impossible to tell whether we would have got together again, but depending on what would have happened between her and Dodi, it could have been a possibility in the long run.

“I would be very surprised if Diana had made up her mind in two, three or four weeks of seeing Dodi to get married to him.

“Diana was a very good mother and was devoted to her boys. She would not have done anything to jeopardise them, and this would include bringing bad publicity on either herself or them.

“I think she would have thought things through very carefully before deciding to get married to Dodi.

“I would also be extremely surprised if she was pregnant when she died as she had been seeing Dodi for only a short time. We were together for two years and she was always very particular about taking her contraceptive pills.

“Had she been pregnant, she would definitely have told somebody.

“I think she would have kept the baby, had that been the case. I never had the opportunity to discuss Dodi with her.

“After our meeting in Kensington Palace, when she told me our relationship was over, I never had the chance to speak to her again.

“During our relationship, Diana used to talk to my family quite a lot and would visit my aunt and uncle in Stratford-upon-Avon when my grandmother was staying with them. She used to do this even without me.

“To my knowledge, Diana didn’t speak to any of my relatives during her first holiday when she was away with Mohamed Al Fayed and his family, but she may have spoken to them on her return.

“I think that when the news of Diana and Dodi came out in the press, she did ring a few people in my family to explain that she was not doing anything wrong. I think these were just wishy-washy phone calls in an attempt to make my family think she wasn’t a bad person for going away with Dodi.

“My uncle, Jawad Khan, has told me that he received a call from Diana whilst she was away. She told him that she was just friends with Dodi and that they were just enjoying a holiday together. As far as I am aware, she did not ring any of my relatives to ask them to mediate between us in an attempt to patch up our relationship. They would have told me if they had received such a call.

“In any case, I believe that had Diana wanted to patch things up between us, she would have rung me direct.

“Paul Burrell told me that Diana had said to him, during her second trip on the boat, ’I wonder what Hasnat will be thinking’. I think Diana was maybe wondering whether I would be affected emotionally.

“I have no views regarding a conspiracy and I think Diana could have married whomever she wanted.

“Personally, I think it was a tragic accident, but I am very surprised that she was not wearing a seat-belt at the time. She was always very particular about putting her seat-belt on.

“The other thing I find strange is that Paul Burrell said she didn’t have her mobile phone or purse with her at the time of the crash and this is very much out of character.

“I think that if Diana were alive today, we would have remained very good friends, whatever she did and whomever she was with. It is a huge loss when someone very close to you dies.

“I do not know what Diana was like in other relationships but she protected me very well, not just from the media but also from a lot of information. Perhaps she protected me because she thought we had a future together.” Source


PHOTO: Diana in ‘theatre wear’ after watching a heart operation 

Just sayin’… Carry on me:

As for their [alleged] album Death By Sexy, if you take the ‘Y’ off the end of the title it becomes Death By Sex – again, as in satanic sacrifice and snuff movies.


And indeed, in most of the articles that I have read about the fraudsters there is always much mention of Hughes and Homme’s nicknames: The Devil for Hughes and Baby Dick Duck (very strange) for Homme.

Moreover, the band’s by now, practically ancient Orange sound system is frequently referred to and the makers name (Orange) deliberately shown in photos.

“So what” you say?

Well for starters Homme & Hughes are both from Orange County California and that is indeed firmly where their roots are based… Although ‘Homme’ is of course French for ‘Man’.

“So what” you repeat?

Well, if you Google: Satanic murders in Orange County, or Satanic child Abuse in Orange County or Satanic Worshippers in Orange County, you will be shocked, nay alarmed at the number of results you get come up.

And then there is the following article from the Guardian which lifts the lid on Orangeism – a Satanic practice and a word recognised by Google spell check:

A former Orangeman who accuses his order of ‘satanic and pagan rituals’ is bringing his crusade to Scotland.

Paul Malcomson has been campaigning in Northern Ireland to persuade fundamentalists in the Orange Order to throw away their sashes and bowler hats. A born-again Christian Loyalist, he now poses a bigger threat to the Protestant organisation than the fiercest nationalist residents’ groups.

Malcomson recently published a book, Behind Closed Doors, which claims to lift the lid on the Orange Order, which claims 80,000 members in Scotland.

He hopes the book will have a similar effect on the reputation of the Orange Order as The Brotherhood did on the reputation of the masons. This weekend the 38-year-old author also launched a website – – to warn Christians about the dangers of Orangeism.

Speaking from his home in Banbridge, Co. Down – an area with a strong Orange tradition – Malcomson explained why he had turned so vehemently against the order.

‘Eight years ago my father, who was an Elim Pentecostal minister, died. After his death I decided to take stock of my life, to look at the way I was living. At the time I was in the Orange Order and a member of a local flute band. Simultaneously I became a born-again Christian and started to question my views and in particular why I was an Orangeman.

‘The more I read the more I became concerned at the rituals and practices inside the order. The whole secrecy aspect of Orangeism started to worry me deeply because Christ worked openly and preached an open Gospel. The secret oaths of Orangeism, the exclusion of women from certain grades, the exclusivity, made me think that they were violating the word of God.’

Malcomson was concerned most about the rituals of the Royal Arch Purple, an elite branch of Orangeism of which he was once a member. He noticed a similarity between the rites of the Royal Arch Purple and Freemasonry, including several bizarre practices he later revealed in his book. These included: Continue Reading

Moreover as most of you know, Satanic Worship and Sacrifice go hand in hand with Paedophilia and Beastiality – both of which I have found references to in the short time that I have been researching and writing this article.

And as for U2? Well, knowing what we do about Bono Ono & Co, it is inconceivable that they didn’t know that Le Terrapin attack was a hoax… I mean fuck me, the snide cunts did all that they could to get the world to believe the old fanny really happened.

I’ll tell you something else for nowt too.

Bearing in mind that these hoaxes are planned years in advance I believe that it is a bit more than coincidental that U2 had a massive hit with their album ‘The Joshua Tree’ 


And of course, our all conquering hero, Joshua Homme was born very near to Joshua Tree, California… Hmmm!

Well written Spiv, would you not agree Chas ‘n’ Dave?


Well fuck you both very kindly!

And to end this orange segment, Diana use to live at Kensington Palace – indeed she still might for all I know – where there is an Orangery.


Just sayin’.

Okay, let’s get back to the timeline and don’t forget that Diana now has her shoes back on as she steps out onto the pavement:

81aaacc733d01543e6963db830161412867729cliftta-2 (1)qq

Now, before we carry on with the timeline photos and screen-grabs, Take a look at the 3rd, 4th & 5th photos up from the one above and perhaps someone can tell me where the fucking door that they have all just come out of has gone to?

I have even added some helpful photos below to help you decide – although I am fucked if I can work it out!


Talk about taking the piss!

However, whilst we are slightly off track I feel that I should also take this opportunity to include another couple of little snippets that I came across in regard to Paul McCartney & Henri Paul’s black Minis and the curious fascination that these hoaxsters seem to have with bicycles.

Now the first snippet came about while I was watching a French video, made on September 3rd 1997 in regard to the “accident”.

And the action in this video centred around retracing the car ride from the Ritz to the tunnel, when all of a sudden the camera turns and lingers on a Black Mini exactly like Henri Paul’s – complete with Bull Bars to boot.


Unfortunately, try as I might I still could not get the registration number.

As for the other snippet which consists of a photo; well it would have been more fitting in my article “Genesis”, but hey, I can’t remember everything can I.

Probably just a coincidence but bikes are associated with hoaxes – and I am not talking about the crisis actor slappers who take part in these insidious agendas … What do you reckon Betty?

I thought as much.

Still, least said soonest mended so let’s pick with the timeline & screen-grabs at a point just after where we left off where we see Henri walking back through the hotel on his way clocking off:


There is however a lack of footage of Henri leaving via the revolving doors. Nevertheless, the important thing to remember is that he didn’t take his car which was left in the Rue Cambon..

Now, according to the Press Dodi and Diana arrived back at his apartment only to be mobbed by photographers. Here have a read of the following:

“The paparazzi literally mobbed the couple,” said Wingfield. “That really disturbed and frightened the Princess, even though she was used to paparazzi. These paparazzi were shouting,which made them even more frightening. I had to push them back physically.”

But once again the narrative doesn’t match the photo evidence.


Hardly what you would call mobbed is it?

Not that it was any different back at the Ritz.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop the MSM pushing the narrative with photoshopped pictures.

But the indisputable fact is that the photos are mock ups.

Now it is really simple. If the Papz were there and they were in Di & Dodi’s faces then there would be the the photographic evidence to back the claim; not two poorly photoshopped pictures that do the exact opposite.

I mean, as our Nob le Queen will tell you, the truth speaks for itself… Am I right or am I right Hazza?

Prince Harry

Roger that!

Okay, let’s have a closer look at that event where the bodyguards had to get “physical”.


It’s good that innit?

So lets recap what we have so far and make a few accusations while I’m at it:

  • The CCTV evidence is all faked although there is more evidence to come.
  • Lord Stevens & Paul Condom spent over twelve and a half Million Pounds of your money [not] investigating Diana’s death (now bizarrely reduced to £3.5 Million) and could not fail but to know that the CCTV evidence was all fake – who has stolen the money fellas?
  • The photographic evidence is all fake and I once again accuse Gay-Lords Stevens & Condom of knowing that fact
  • There was no aggravation from the Paparazzi whatsoever and I once again accuse the Gay-Lords of knowing that fact
  • Quite obviously ALL of the senior members of the British Royal Family participated in the fraud, including the Duck, the Queen and Diana: Princess of Wales – and I publicly accuse them of doing so.
  • I also accuse Tony Blair, all of his cabinet at the time and the labour shadow cabinet now of actively committing treason .
  • I also accuse the whole of the Conservative Shadow Cabinet of the time and the full Conservative Cabinet in government now of aiding and abetting the crime amounting to Treason.
  • I also do the same in the cases of former French President Jacques Chirac, Current French President Francois Hollande, French Judges, Herve Stephan and Marie-Christine Devidal – along with the current French Interior Minister and the French Interior Minister at the time.
  • I also accuse Judge Scott Baker and all the barristers acting at the Diana Inquest of committing Treason.
  • I also accuse various heads of the British Security Services of doing the same.
  • I also accuse Mohamed Al Fayed, his son Dopi Fayed, John Macnamara (who doesn’t really exist) and Fayed’s barrister, Michael Mansfield of doing the same
  • I also claim my reward of $20 Million Dollars from Mohamed Al Fayed for the proof that Dodi & Diana DID NOT die in a car accident.

And there are plenty more who are seriously involved in this charade who MUST be put on trial for their participation.

Okay, the following is in regard to that reward money – my money – still on offer from Mohamed Al Fayed:

Javier Carretero appeared in court on Thursday in Malaga demanding the reward offered by billionaire businessmen Mohamed Al-Fayed.

Al-Fayed originally offered the reward in 1998 in exchange for proof that his son Dodi Al-Fayed and of Diana, Princess of Wales had not been killed in an accident. Continue Reading

And guess what?

The information that I have given you so far has nothing on what is still to come… Excuse me one second please.

Yo, Big Ears & Gorilla? Do you reckon that I may win the Nobel Peace Prize for this report?


Cheese-us, I was only fucking asking!… And you know very well Gorilla Parkyer Horseface that I didn’t ask you if you thought that I may have had a chance of winning the Knob-Ed Peas Bribe so wind ya fucking neck in.

Okay, now supposedly what happened next is that the couple went into Dodi’s drum and got changed in preparation for going out to dinner, whilst Rees Jones and Wingfield went out to have a word with the Papz about their unacceptable behaviour towards the couple.

The couple then headed off for dinner at the trendy Chez Benoit restaurant in the same car that they had been using all day – registration number 405 JVJ 75 – with Philippe Feelop behind the wheel.

And once again there was no sign of them being mobbed by the press – despite the alleged, thirty strong Roland Rat-Pack being in pursuit.

9fce7bafabc2cc353c57d0866b993494 (1)

Well I’m fucked if I can see the ‘in-ya-face-papz’!

But then again – just like all the rest of the photos – those that we see above are also fake… Although you would have thought that whilst the forgers were at it they would have photoshopped a Rat or two in there.


However, the car is in all probability also the one christened 688 LTV 75 (death car), hence one has a black number plate with white numbers and the other has  a yellow plate with black numbers, so as the two cars are firmly perceived in our consciousness as two separate vehicles… But don’t try and figure it out yet, as you will be wrong. All will become very clear in good time

Nevertheless, en-route to the Restaurant – Le Boner, or whatever the fuck the place is called – the chauffeur, Philippe Dourneau rang Claude Roulet (who was supposedly waiting for the couple outside of the restaurant), to tell him that Dopi had changed his mind because of the Papz chasing the car, and that they were now heading back to the La Ritz; arriving back there at approximately 9:50PM (most reports put the time of arrival at 9.30PM), with allegedly around 30 paparazzi following them… At least there were according to the BBC timeline:

2130: Mr Al Fayed’s plans to take the princess for a romantic dinner are ruined as the couple are followed by paparazzi. Mr Al Fayed decides they should return to the Ritz. They are followed by some 30 photographers.

And again, we are supposed to swallow the story that Diana was so frightened by the Papz that she initially refused to get out of the car.


In turn, seeing his beloved upset gave Do-Di the right fucking hump; allegedly leading to an altercation between him and the Paparazzi – or alternatively Dodi having a pop at Rees Jones for not doing his job properly, it is a bit hard to tell which – as the couple fought their way into the building… Or so the story goes.


However, those photos are also fake, but I am only going to show you where one of them falls down at the first hurdle, as doing them all right now would mean getting ahead of myself.


Its going very well isn’t it?

Your thoughts Ma’am-ite?


You don’t live in the Ritz lift mirror do you Liz? … No, no of course you don’t. Forget I asked.

Right, you may have noticed the following photo was included in that last batch.


Now that little girl is also worth closer inspection – not least because she is still running around with the time coming up to 10PM and she seems somewhat out of place in the photo.

And with that in mind have a butchers at the following photos:

pink (1)650eaf4209c55eeea4a0bd09aec1a39a

Just sayin’.

Okay, to get back on track; as soon as the couple had returned to the hotel, the night security manager, Franny Tendil phoned Henri Paulwho must have picked his car up at some point – and told him to get his arse back to the hotel.

And at around 10:05 PM, the acting head of security supposedly parked his black mini at the front of the hotel presenting the press with an opportunity to report that he was caught on CCTV taking 4 or 5 attempts to get parked in a space big enough for 2 buses, thus reinforcing the lie that he was drunk:

The hotel’s security cameras at the lobby had captured Henri Paul’s odd behavior as he arrived: although there was ample space to park two buses, Henri did a series of reverse-parking in his Mini-car – Source CNN 

However, I have been saying for years that the national press editors should face criminal charges for blatantly lying to the public whilst at the same time charging the half-baked gullible mugs a fee to read the obvious bull-crap.

Shall we take a look at that parking? Of course we fucking shall:


So, in reality Paul was hindered in his parking by metal bollards, yet he could have got away with leaving his car where he first pulled up behind the Range Rover – but instead pulled back to leave a bit of room… And that is the newspapers idea of accurate, unbiased reporting. I tell ya, those cunts have got an awful lot to answer for.

Did you clock all the papz outside of the hotel in those screengrabs?

No neither did I diddly di, which is strange because they were taken around 15 minutes AFTER Dodi & Di pulled up to the exact same entrance after aborting their restaurant booking because of the “30 paparazzi chasing the car”.

Yet it is also strange that on reaching the sanctuary of the Ritz the couple opted to get dropped off at the front – rather than the much quieter rear – resulting in them allegedly getting mobbed (again), to the point where Dodi had to get all Kung-Fu with the Snap-Happy-Pappy.

Yet fast forward 15 minutes to when Henri Paul pulled up looking like Mr Bean from the darkside and there was no cunt about whatsoever!

Nevertheless, lets carry on with that CCTV footage of Henri’s arrival back at work:


Now as was widely reported, Paul’s movements between 7:05PM and 10:07PM remain a mystery although he was supposed to have met with someone from the security services, who allegedly gave him an envelope full of cash.

Course, I haven’t a Scooby-Fucking-Doo how true that is but I can tell you that Paul was certainly on the security services payroll – it makes little difference what countries security services, as they are now all deeply interconnected.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the decision was made to use the Mercedes 600 (the one the couple had supposedly used all day) and the Range Rover (which had also allegedly been used as the back-up motor throughout the day), as decoy vehicles not that there was any sign of the Range Rover when they first arrived at the Ritz.

You see, the totally ridiculous idea, which Kes Wingfield later, publicly stated “was a good plan”, was that the Merc & Range Rover – driven by Philippe Feelop & Frank Musa respectively, with Kes in tow – would pull off from the Place Vendôme at the front of the hotel, whilst at the same time the couple, Clever Trevor & Henri the Wasp would leave via the Rue Cambon at the rear, using the death car with no back-up motor.

However, I don’t think that Kes grasped the fact that when they pulled off, the Papz would have cottoned on that Diana and Dodi were not on board.

Moreover – given the day’s events – the Papz would have been well aware that the couple had a penchant for arriving and leaving from the Rue Cambon and as such you would have thought the the barbarian photographers would have had some of their colleagues park their arses round there… Which indeed they must have done since the official narrative has Henri Paul slurring at them something along the lines of “Tee, hee, hee, one, two, three, you can’t catch me for a penny cup of tea” – although the Paget Report established that Paul was far too drunk to say fuck all… And we know how accurate that waste of paper is!

Moreover there is photographic evidence to confirm that there were a small number of Paparazzi in the Rue Cambon… Three to be exact, all with personal invites from ‘Our Enri’ needed there to capture the momentous moment in history on film. 

Not that in reality the Paparazzi were there of course, being as even if they had wanted to take another blurry, grainy photo to photoshop; when it got to midnight you would have thought that they would have concluded that the couple were spending the night at the hotel and fucked off to try and earn a Shilling somewhere else – after all, Michael Jackson was in town.


Tellingly, no one has ever got to the bottom of whose idea that pointless load of old fanny was, although when Kes Wingfield publicly stated that it was “a good plan”, he also said it was “Mr Dodi’s idea”… Mr Fucking Dodi” indeed… What is he, a bodyguard or a 10 year old schoolboy?

Indeed, as far as I can see, the only point in relating the bullshit to the press was to reinforce the story as to how the crash came about, and at the same time adding a bit of drama to the proceedings whilst tying up Dodi’s regular chauffeur, Philippe Feelop as well as the back-up Range Rover, giving Feelop a legitimate reason for not having driven the death car.

After all, it is quite obvious that for the hoax to work and to keep the old fanny a talking point for years to come, it had to be Paul who was driving the car.

Course, another right fucking nuisance was the fact that there were also another two drivers at the Ritz that night who were licenced to drive as chauffeurs – something that Henri Paul wasn’t.

These two were Jean-François Musa, the owner of Etoile Limousine Hire to whom the death car belonged and a car-jockey named as Frederic Lucard, who was dispatched to bring the death car from the underground carpark and park it in the Rue Cambon at the rear of the hotel.

Indeed, since Lucard drove the death car to the Rue Cambon you have to wonder why the fuck he just didn’t remain in the drivers seat.

However, like all fraud plod investigations that cannot answer probing questions to which there can be no logical answer without compromising the safety of the hoax, the Paget Report simply ignored the fact that Musa and Lucard could have legitimately driven the limousine.

Indeed, all three men – Musa, Feelop & Lucard – were outwardly at an apparent loss as to why they were overlooked in favour of un-licensed Henri Paul – although there is no doubt in my mind that they were reading from a script

And with that in mind the following are extracts taken from witness statements used in the Paget Report in regards to the strange decision:

French Dossier D6074-D6079 Frédéric LUCARD Chauffeur, also responsible for parking vehicles at the Ritz Hotel.

‘Shortly before midnight on 30 August 1997, Jean-François Musa personally came to see me and told me quietly, “Right, Fred, would you please get the Mercedes 688 out of the car park and take it to the Cambon entrance, do it quietly, try to see you’re not being followed, it’s for the princess, they are going to leave on the Cambon side and Mr Paul will drive.”

I remember answering him, “And that’s all, he’s going to drive?”  I made that remark as I was surprised that it was  neither Jean-François Musa nor Philippe Dourneau who was going to drive the 688 at the Cambon side, since they had the means to get to the entrance on the Cambon side discreetly, via the hotel basement.

If I can just butt in here, that last paragraph once again made a mockery of the ridiculous decoy plan albeit unintentionally… Carry on:

In so far as Philippe Dourneau was the Al Fayed family’s usual driver in Paris, and he had driven the couple that same day, I did not understand this sudden change of driver’.

He continued: ‘I got out of the vehicle, with the engine running, the driver’s door was open and I stood watching the service door. A few seconds after my arrival the Princess and Dodi Al Fayed came out followed by the bodyguard.  I then opened the rear left-hand door, the couple got in, the Princess sliding over to the right-hand rear seat.

Fuck me, can’t these actors get anything right. Henri Paul left first followed by Trevor & Diana with Dodi following up the rear.

During the same period of time, the bodyguard came round the vehicle from the back and sat in the front right-hand seat. Then Mr Paul in turn came out. He spoke to me, saying “I’m going to drive”. I told him I knew and that the car park ticket was under the sun visor. I am positive that before sitting in the vehicle Mr Paul spoke to the photographers who were present, in the rue Cambon.  I could not be absolutely precise as to his words but he said to them something like, “Don’t try to follow us; in any case you won’t catch us.” 

dodidigrab041007_468x346 (1)

I note that there is another one of those horror faces worked into the background.

Okay, Next up is Etoile Limo Boss, Jean Musa’s witness statement.

Jean Musa In his evidence to Examining Magistrate Judge Devidal on 5 January 1999 – French Dossier D7015, he stated:

‘It was not I who took the decision to entrust the vehicle to Mr Paul that decision was imposed on me by the Ritz authorities. I must say that Trevor Rees Jones asked for the drivers to appear, shortly before the couple left. Philippe Dourneau and I came forward. 

Trevor told us that it was not us he wanted to see but the third driver, to be more precise the man who had driven the Range Rover in the afternoon. The man in question was Henri Paul, and we then left, my colleague and I, and we told the members of the French security, “They want Mr Paul”.

At that time we did not know for what reason they wanted to see Henri Paul.’

‘I will add that the assistant doorman/car parker who went to get the vehicle from the car park was authorized to drive that type of vehicle and could perfectly well have done so, as could Philippe Dourneau, but it was clear that the decision to take Henri Paul as the driver had been taken at Dodi Al Fayed’s level and that there was nothing further to be said.’

And in his Interview conducted by Operation Paget – Statement 200

‘I don’t know who made the plan to leave by the rue Cambon, it was all being done inside, and I was outside. I don’t think it could have been anyone except Dodi or Henri Paul. I am sure it wasn’t the bodyguard’s idea. The family always make the decisions not the bodyguards. The Al-Fayed’s are very strict; they get what they want.

Philippe Dourneau didn’t like the idea of someone else driving Dodi as he saw it as his job; he was very disappointed.’

Interestingly enough, Musa in a further statement implies that the Bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones was aware that Henri Paul wasn’t licensed to act as a chauffeur:

“I must say that Trevor Rees Jones had already come to the Ritz several times and he must have known Paul’s duties at the hotel”.

Hmmm, it’s curious he should say that. However, I will deal with the Bodyguards shortly but for now let’s continue with the Hotel Staff’s evidence in regard to the bizarre plan to let Henri Paul drive:

François TENDIL Night Duty Security Officer, Ritz Hotel. Interviewed by Operation Paget on – Statement 135 

Question: “Did you speak with anyone in the entourage regarding a new itinerary?” 

The new itinerary being that Dodi & the Princess were leaving via the Rue Cambon with Henri Paul as the driver

Answer:  “Yes, I spoke about it with Henri Paul. Incidentally, it was he who told me about it. The bodyguards were also in the picture.”

Question:  “Who decided to change the itinerary?”

Answer:  “In view of the very large number of very excited persons who were in front of the hotel, it was decided to change the itinerary. It was therefore either Henri Paul, or the bodyguards or all of them together who decided, with Dodi Al Fayed’s agreement, to change the itinerary. 

Without Dodi’s agreement there would have been no change.”

“In view of the very large number of very excited persons who were in front of the hotel”??? Hmmm, no one is innocent it would seem.

Now, I am aware that there appears to be a lot of people who HAD to be in the know by the blatantly false answers that they gave to the French & British Authorities…. And obviously there are some readers who doubt that a hoax on this scale could be carried out because of the high number of people required to pull it off.

After all the security services could not risk all of those needed to be involved in the hoax, knowing what was going on – or what was about to happen… But as you will find out, there are considerably less people involved than you would think.

Course that is the same with any government orchestrated drama but this one is special and if the truth were to out on this hoax then fuck me, to say that the potential consequences for the British Establishment would be dire is a very cavalier understatement.

Yet the longer that this report has taken me to write – due to new information almost continuously coming my way – the more that it has become obvious to me how easy it was to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.

You see, all of the evidence points to two possible ways in which this play-act could have been pulled off successfully, with no one dying or even getting hurt – and too be fair, the organisers have pulled it off good & proper for the past 18 years.

So, the first possibility is that a crashed car was placed in the tunnel, off of the back of a lorry moments before the supposed Death Car – black Mercedes Benz S280, registration number 688 LTV 75 – reached the tunnel.

Whereas the second workable possibility (which is actually the one that I most favour), needs no car wreck – in the same way that some believe there were no planes on 9/11 – and is basically an illusion, brought into reality by an onslaught of press mind manipulation and a ton of propaganda.

Indeed, both scenarios would be a piece of piss to pull off and since the plan had – at the very least – 20 years of carefully laid groundwork building up to the ‘accident’ itself, it cannot be said that there wasn’t time to prepare.

In fact, if you have read my article Genesis, you will know that the accident could have been thousands of years in the making.

Therefore, if you have ignored my early advice by not reading Genesis, I would again strongly advise you to do so before reading further because the build up to the car crash is just as important as the actual event… Don’t be lazy, go and fucking read it.

Now whilst in the case of the 1st scenario not everyone I have mentioned thus far would have had to be in the know but the same cannot be said for the 2nd, and as such all those that have been named in this report had to have known to varying degrees exactly what was at foot and willingly played their part in the fraud… Especially where the two bodyguards were concerned.

However, I am getting ahead of myself again and there is much more information to come before all is revealed.

Course, exactly how much Trevor Rees Jones knew about the plan is perhaps debatable although to me logic dictates that he knew just about everything… He is very highly thought of by his masters is our Trevor.

You see, how Military Intelligence Departments work is to only let a participant know what they need to know and nothing more. That way only those at the very top know exactly whats what and you don’t last long in MI if you ask too many questions about the orders you have been given.

Therefore the fact that Trevor states that Dodi had originally told him and Kes that there were to be no bodyguards accompanying the couple was just more old fanny designed to add legitimacy to the story.


PHOTO: Trevor Rees Jones

Nevertheless, the fact that ex MI6 spy, David Tomlinson named either Rees Jones or Wingfield as being on the MI6 payroll cannot just be discarded as being bollocks – which is what the Paget report has done… Although I am positive that both were on the payroll.

Indeed, Tomlinsons subsequent claims of being persecuted at every move he made sound plausible:


Especially to someone like me who is persecuted by the government.

Ere, Elizabeast, is it not true that you hold a weekly meeting with all the heads of our Security Services so as you can keep abreast of all their dodgy doings carried out on your behalf?

Queen Elizabeth II

Well don’t just fucking point at me, is it true or not? Charles? Perhaps you would care to enlighten us?

Does Mummy hold a weekly meeting with the SS?

Prince-Charles (1)

You can take that as a yes then.

Course, on the other hand one of Al Fayed’s housekeepers testified at the inquest that Rees Jones had told her that he will be killed if he ever remembers what happened – which kinda begs the question: If he can’t remember what happened how the fuck can he say that whatever did take place would get him killed?:

 BODYGUARD Trevor Rees feared he would be murdered if he regained his memory of Princess Diana’s death crash, it was claimed yesterday.

The allegations were made by Karen McKenzie, housekeeper to tycoon Mohamed al Fayed, who insists Diana and his son Dodi were the victims of a murder plot.

Ms McKenzie wept as she told the Diana inquest of a conversation she had with Mr Rees, then known as Trevor Rees-Jones, as he recovered at Fayed’s London home weeks after the crash in 1997.

She said the former paratrooper, who had worked for the Fayeds for about two years, remarked: “If I remember, they’ll kill me.”

The lift he had been waiting for arrived so she did not get a chance to ask him what he meant, she added.

“I can see Trevor in front of me, telling me. It is not something I am ever going to forget,” she added.

When it was put to her that Mr Rees denied ever having made such remarks, she replied: “I wish I could do what Trevor has done and just say, ‘I do not remember’. But, unfortunately, I do remember.” Continue Reading

Personally, I would go with Tomlinson even if he was put up to making the claim so as he could be vilified and discredited – thus not being believed in the old double-bluff type of way.

8231526268debd10b (1)

After all, it is quite obvious where the allegiances of the person PLAYING Rees-Jones lay.

And as for how much Kes Wingfield knew?

Well, just like Trevor Rees-Jones doesn’t really exist, neither does Alexander Wingfield AKA Kieron Wingfield, albeit more commonly referred to as Kes Wingfield.

However, the part – or to be more exact “the parts” – that short arsed Kes played made him just about the most important man in the whole shaboodle.

You see, what I have already put forward has fuck all on what is still to come.

So best we carry on with the witness statements.

The following is the evidence of Thierry Rocher – whom as you should know by now is far from innocent:

Thierry ROCHER, Night Duty Manager, Ritz Hotel. Interviewed by Operation Paget – Statement 137

Question: “Do you know who took the decision regarding Henri Paul as driver?”

Answer: “I do not know.”

And then in his statement provided by Harrods to Operation Paget on 17 July 2006

‘With reference to the third car [Spivey note: the death car] which was due to leave from Rue Cambon it was Kes Wingfield who addressed the two chauffeurs Philippe Dourneau and Francois Musa.

He described to them the decoy plan. I have no idea who had instructed Kes Wingfield as to the decoy plan because until then I believed it was confidential between myself, Dodi Al Fayed and Henri Paul.

This conversation with the chauffeurs took place shortly after midnight.’

Course, to pour more scorn on the ridiculous decoy plan it is also worth pointing out that since Henri Paul had driven the Range Rover back-up vehicle earlier that afternoon (at the airport), while Philippe Dourneau had driven Diana and Dodi, you would have thought that in order for the decoy plan to be totally authentic, the same order of drivers would have needed to be applied?

After all, the Paparazzi knew full well that Henri Paul was in the hotel as he had returned via the main entrance and spoken to them a number of times since his return… Not that there were many papz there apart from the CGI’s – and they don’t fucking count.

Furthermore, that would still have left Francois Musa – the owner of the Mercedes and Licensed chauffeur – free to drive the couple.

Nevertheless, like I told you earlier: The Paget Report somewhat conveniently ignores that fact.

Okay, let’s return to the ‘bodyguards’, Kes Wingfield and Trevor Rees Jones – neither of whom contribute an answer to the question as to why Henri Paul ended up driving the death car.

In fact their evidence, as you are about to see is at best vague and conflicting – so much so in fact, that you could be forgiven for thinking that they too perhaps had something to hide:

The evidence of Trevor Rees-Jones and Kieran Wingfield as set out in the Paget Report.

Both stated that Dodi Al Fayed told them face to face of the plan to use a third vehicle from the rear of the hotel and that Henri Paul would be the driver.

Trevor Rees-Jones consistently stated that Dodi Al Fayed opened the door of the Imperial Suite and told him and Kieran Wingfield about the plan.

He believed Henri Paul was present too but in his statement  to Operation Paget in 2004 he stated he could not now remember specifically if Henri Paul was there or not at the time. He was not certain about the specific time that this information was given.

In his first statement, he estimated ‘roughly half an hour before we left.’ 

The bodyguards were positioned outside the Imperial Suite from around 11.10pm.

Dodi Al Fayed and the Princess of Wales left the suite at 12.06am.

Sorry, sorry, only me butting in again.

I will just point out that Operation Paget was so poorly investigated that LORD Stevens couldn’t even get the main players names right, hence he still insisted on calling Dodi by the surname “Al Fayed”.

Dodi’s surname is Fayed and as I understand it, the ‘Al’ is like a title afforded to the Arabian Aristocracy – for want of a better description.

However, Mohamed Al Fayed was not from the Arabian elite but that didn’t stop him and his brother unashamedly using the title as they ruthlessly clawed their way to making their fortunes.

And once they had, Mohamed’s brothers dropped the ‘Al’, but ego prevented the multi-billionaire businessman from doing the same.

Therefore, Dodi has never been and never will be an Al Fayed… Twelve and a half million fucking quid from the taxpayer for pure shite that I could take to pieces and in fact had begun to do so… Just sayin’, gerron with it:

Kieran Wingfield was less consistent. In his first statement (2 September 1997) he was clear that Dodi Al Fayed told him while outside the Imperial Suite that it was his plan to use Henri Paul and that they  ‘would be leaving the hotel in the next few minutes.’

He also states that immediately before this Henri Paul had told him that ‘everything had been arranged with Dodi.’

In his interview with Judge Devidal in 1998 he stated that Henri Paul, after going upstairs to the Imperial Suite, returned to tell him there was a new plan and told him of the arrangements.

By inference this was while the bodyguards were still downstairs in the Bar Vendome. However, he continued in the interview to say that ‘five minutes later’ Dodi Al Fayed, at the door of the Imperial Suite, asked them if they were happy with the plan.

If the inference from the word ‘upstairs’ is inaccurate, then the two accounts are broadly similar.

[Paget Note: These statements of Kieran Wingfield were written in French and then read over to him in English by a translator. Kieran Wingfield signed in agreement with the verbal translation that relies on the skill of the translator]. 

Me again… What a total crock of shit. I mean how in the name of Fuck-Right-Off can an inference of the word ‘upstairs’ be “inaccurate”? Upstairs can only mean UP-FUCKING-STAIRS, WHERE DODI & DIANA’S LUXURIOUS SUITE WAS LOCATED.

Neither is the Paget Report’s clarification for this pitiful reasoning satisfactory. Indeed you would have thought that only the very best translators would have been used during the investigation… It just does not wash with me I’m afraid.

In his final statement to Operation Paget in 2005, recorded in English (did you clock the subtle inference there, thus instantly doing away with the contradictions in Wingfield’s evidence?), he states that the first he knew of the plan to leave from the rear of the hotel with just a driver was when Dodi Al Fayed popped his head out of the Imperial Suite about fifteen minutes before departure and told them about it.

Once again pausing here for a moment to clarify a point. Both bodyguards are saying in evidence that it was Dodi – Not Mohamed Al  Fayed who told them of the plans for leaving the hotel with Henri Paul as the driver.

However, Kes Wingfield also says in evidence given earlier that it was Henri Paul who told him of the plan and that 5 minutes later, Dodi popped his head round the door of his hotel suite and asked if they were ok with it.

Trevor Rees Jones meanwhile claims that Henri Paul was “in and out” of the hotel suite, yet CCTV video evidence obtained by the Paget Report proves that Henri Paul never went into the couple’s suite at all.

In fact the closest that Paul came to getting in the suite was when he was allegedly eavesdropping at the door, trying to listen in on Dodi Fayed’s and Thierry Rochers conversation.

Now, while Trevor Rees Jones can maybe cut some slack – if you go on the official narrative – due to the “terrible head injuries” that he suffered (which I no longer believe I hasten to add), the same cannot be said for Kes Wingfield.

So why did he change his story from what he had said in evidence a couple of days after the accident in favour of a very different version the following year?

Comparison of CCTV images with the evidence given by Trevor Rees-Jones and Kieran Wingfield as detailed by the Paget Report.

Trevor Rees-Jones stated that Henri Paul had been into the Imperial Suite to see Dodi Al Fayed on a number of occasions. This was not supported by the CCTV images.

Straight away, there is a glaring contradiction in regards to the above and what Rees Jones said in his witness statement for Operation Paget:

“Whilst we were waiting outside the suite, Henri Paul had been into the suite to see Dodi on a number of occasions.

I don’t know the content of their conversations. I think he was the only one to go in apart from possibly restaurant staff. I don’t remember any other members of the management team coming to speak to Dodi.

ERRRR, what about when Roulet took Dodi the bag of jewellery and Rocher’s conversation that Henri was trying to eavesdrop on? 

Later Dodi stuck his head out of the door to tell us that they were leaving or would be leaving soon. He told me that he wanted to leave from the back of the hotel with Henri Paul driving just him and the Princess.

He told me “You and Kes stay at the front to appear that we’re leaving from there” I told him that wasn’t going to happen. I don’t know if Henri Paul took any part in deciding how the couple were going to leave the hotel.

In any event the verbal command came from Dodi. I do not remember whether Henri Paul was present when the command was given.  No other member of staff would have heard this instruction. Dodi had remained in the suite and I didn’t see him until he came out to speak to us about the arrangements for leaving the hotel. 

Now, that can hardly be said to be a slight differing from the CCTV evidence, yet the Paget Report once again just brushes that fact aside.

Kieran Wingfield stated that Trevor Rees-Jones knocked at the Imperial Suite door to challenge Dodi Al Fayed on the plan. This is not supported by the CCTV images.

The CCTV showed two occasions that Dodi Al Fayed may have been at the door of the Imperial Suite speaking to those outside, just before he and the Princess of Wales emerged.

23.18: Thierry Rocher appears to push a doorbell and stands at the door of the Imperial Suite. Henri Paul, Trevor Rees-Jones and Kieran Wingfield are already outside the suite when Thierry Rocher arrives. Henri Paul walks forward and leans on a table and appears to be listening.

Shall we see if that checks out with the CCTV?

Yeah, why not aye… In fact let’s start a bit earlier.


Well, at least the time is correct I suppose.

Thierry Rocher in his statement of 17 March 2005 (Statement 135) cannot recall this conversation but does state that he only learned the details relating to the departure at about ten past midnight.

REALLY? Despite the couple leaving the suite at six minutes past midnight, to go and meet the car due at the Rue Cambon?

Remember, Rocher was the Night Duty Manager at one of the most exclusive hotels in the world yet he is saying in the above statement that he made to Operation Paget (the Paget Report) that he cannot remember what the conversation was about which took place in the couple’s suite at around 11.20PM – an hour before they were killed in a car crash!!!.

Rocher then goes on to say that he only knew the details for the couple’s departure at around 12.10AM – Approximately 10 minutes before the couple departed the hotel and 4 minutes after they left the confines of the Imperial Suite!!!

And with that in mind, I would draw your attention to the statement that I detailed earlier which Rocher gave to Operation Paget via Harrods – I wonder why the fuck that was then… He doesn’t work for Harrods:

“I have no idea who had instructed Kes Wingfield as to the decoy plan because until then I believed it was confidential between myself, Dodi Al Fayed and Henri Paul. This conversation with the chauffeurs took place shortly after midnight”.

So, since Rocher is talking about the ‘Decoy plan’ it follows that he knew of the departure plan long before his claim of ‘not knowing’ about it until approximately 12.10AM.

Yet the Paget Report simply dismisses this glaring contradiction as being unimportant, whereas myself, well I would have thought that any glaring errors or differing in a witness’s statement from their original would be classed as being very important – but then again perhaps that is just me.

Continue please:

23.18.33 Thierry Rocher departs (the couple’s hotel suite) and Henri Paul appears to speak to the bodyguards before he himself goes downstairs.

Now that is an EXACT time so talk amongst yourselves while I go and dig out a photo.

Got one… Well two actually.


So, Rocher hadn’t even arrived by 23:18:33… Does it matter, I mean they are only a minute out?

Of course it fucking matters. That was an exact, to the second time that Stevens has quoted yet he has Rocher down as leaving before he even arrived, so logically speaking the only way that he could get it so wrong is if the timestamps had not been added to the CCTV footage at the time… Why wasn’t it?

Well, basically, the timestamps are added to the mocked up footage as I will prove soon.

Tellingly, Stevens then dropped the seconds.

23.20 Kieran Wingfield walks towards the Imperial Suite door and returns to his seat 15 seconds later. Because the door of the suite cannot be seen it is not known who, if anyone, was at the door. The bodyguards then talk continuously until 23.26. Henri Paul is not present at this time.

But even then he can’t get it right.


Why is Kes walking like he shit himself?

Trevor Rees-Jones stated that he was informed by Dodi Al Fayed ‘roughly half an hour before we left.’ The couple left the suite at 12.06am, so Trevor Rees-Jones would have been describing events at around 11.30pm. He believed that Henri Paul was present when he was informed, but cannot be sure.

No he can’t be can he? Henri Paul isn’t there and trevor hasn’t moved in his seat to get told.

Kieran Wingfield in his first statement said that he was informed of the plan by Dodi Al Fayed at around 11.15pm, shortly after being told by Henri Paul. In his statement in 2005 he said he first knew of the plan ‘about 15 minutes before departure.’ The second description obviously puts this time later, at around 11.50pm (Presumably Stevens means departure from the suite, not departure from the hotel???).

Without audio it cannot be ascertained exactly what occurred at 23.18 and 23.20. 

Yes it can. Fuck all happened apart from Stevens totally fucked the time up.

The duration of the second possible conversation, 15 seconds, makes it unlikely that the bodyguards could have protested about the plan directly to Dodi Al Fayed for long if they had known about it at this point.

So, if the CCTV proves that there couldn’t have been much protesting of the plans by the bodyguards – as there wouldn’t be if they were in on the act – why did Rees Jones say the following in evidence?:

Although neither Kes nor I had a problem with Henri Paul driving, I strongly advised Dodi that we should leave from the front where the usual driver Dourneau was waiting.’

‘Dodi would not listen to my reasoning and was having none of it. I told him that if he insisted on this plan of leaving from the rear that I would also insist that I should at least travel with him so that he had some security, leaving Kes at the front of the hotel to leave with the other vehicles.

That was the compromise that I managed to get from him. As far as I was concerned until he had told me otherwise, it had been my understanding that we would all be leaving from the front of the hotel in the two vehicles. I insisted as forcefully as I could that we should not leave from the rear. At the end of the day, his original idea was just him, the Princess and the driver in one vehicle.

However, both of the bodyguards have stated in evidence that they were unhappy with Dodi’s plans – only one bodyguard with no backup vehicle.

So much so in fact, that they maintain that they rang Mohammed Al Fayed’s control centre in London to get clarification as to their options, which is as I said earlier, something that the string pullers would not want happening too much… If Rees Jones did in fact do so at all:

In his statement of December 2004 (Operation Paget Statement 104), Trevor Rees-Jones talked in general terms about the night, ‘I can’t remember if it was Kes or myself who telephoned London. I don’t remember informing London personally but they would have been told what was happening because that was part of the SOPs to inform them of any moves’. He cannot recall the specifics of any telephone calls that evening.

The telephone billing of Trevor Rees-Jones’ mobile telephone is no longer available.

Likewise, the Log of Calls from the bodyguards to the Control Room in Park Lane for the night of Saturday 30 August 1997 is no longer available. It has proved difficult to corroborate the content of that telephone conversation and hence one can only speculate about the other party and the content of Trevor Rees-Jones’ telephone call.


Mind you, I do have to say that I find it a tad convenient for all involved that Rees-Jones’s mobile phone billing is “no longer available” and of course the fact that the phone logs from Mohamed Al Fayed’s London control centre are also “no longer available” increases the convenience factor by fucking immense proportions.

Especially when you consider that the following was reported in the Daily Telegraph’s coverage of the Diana Inquest:

“Mr Mansfield (QC for Mohamed Al Fayed) told the court that neither Mr Fayed nor his security operations room in London had been aware of the ‘decoy’ plan”.

Although a cynic would no doubt counter that by saying; “you can bet your fucking life that Mohammed Al Fayed was lying through his teeth because his mouth fucking moved”… But I wouldn’t say that.

Nevertheless, from that statement the only possible conclusions that can be reached are that either the bodyguards are lying or Mr Mansfield QC is, on behalf of Dodi Fayed’s Father – or they are all acting in tandem in order to deceive… Put your money on the latter.

Moreover, Trevor Rees-Jones says in his statement that he spoke to kes Wingfield on the phone at around ten past midnight – ten minutes before the death car arrived. However, Wingfield doesn’t make any mention of this call in his statement and neither does the CCTV footage show him speaking on the phone at this point.

Also, bear in mind that Rees Jones says he was insistent that he should go with Dodi & Diana despite Dodi originally saying that they would travel without any bodyguards. Crucially, if Wingfield had rung Trevor, why didn’t they use their mobiles?

The Paget Report tries to clarify this anomaly in the following:

00.11 In Hall Vendôme François Tendil enters from outside and walks towards the Hall telephone, followed by Kieran Wingfield and Thierry Rocher. The telephone in the Hall is not directly visible, but from the camera at the main reception desk the three men can be seen standing in the vicinity of the phone. Thierry Rocher and François Tendil walk away, leaving Kieran Wingfield out of direct view but by the telephone.

(Trevor Rees-Jones (Statement 104) said ‘The car was called forward and I spoke to Kes on the telephone’. Kieran Wingfield does not refer specifically to this telephone call.)

How the fuck was the car “called forward” when it didn’t arrive until 19 minutes past midnight?

00.17 The Mercedes S280 pulls up outside the hotel in rue Cambon. Henri Paul exits, followed by the Princess of Wales and Trevor Rees-Jones with Dodi Al Fayed following them. The Mercedes driven by Henri Paul leaves the Ritz Hotel.

00.17 The security guard in the service exit at the rear of the hotel can be seen on the Telephone


But who the fuck is this security guard and why was a statement not taken from him clarifying what this phone call was about?

I mean for all anyone knows this strangely, un-named guard could have been calling the assassination squad to let them know that the couple were just about to set off.

And as coincidence would have it, Wingfield himself does say that he received a phone call at 00.20 from ‘the guard’ informing him that the couple had left. However, Wingfield was out front by 00.20 and always in view of CCTV. Yet no mention of seeing him on the phone is made in the report. Furthermore, all calls were on internal phones which contradicts Wingfields claim that he received this call.

(Kieran Wingfield (French Dossier D1038) stated ‘5 minutes later I received a message on my mobile phone from the guard at the rear that the couple had left the Ritz …it was 00.20 hrs’)

Strange then that kes Wingfield says this message was on his mobile phone. Yet how did the ‘guard’ know Wingfield’s mobile number off by heart when Henri Paul, as the acting head of security had to rely on internal phones to speak to Wingfield?

Nevertheless, we will carry on with the CCTV evidence.

23.41  Trevor Rees-Jones and Kieran Wingfield  leave the Imperial Suite foyer, go downstairs and exit the hotel to the front with François Tendil and Thierry Rocher.


Close, but not close enough… Carry on.

23.44 The four men enter the hotel and Thierry Rocher and the bodyguards climb the Imperial Suite stairs. They turn right and walk along a corridor to the rear of the hotel.

I’m fucked if I know how because both Wingfield and Rees Jones were still in the corridor until 23:43:01, and they still had to get to the main entrance, go outside the hotel with Rocher and Tendil and then come back into the hotel all by 23:44?

Fuck off witcha!

I mean we know that the CCTV time is correct here because it is agreed that the couple left their suite at 6 minutes past midnight.

Yet even if you go by the other set of screenshots, the time is still too short to fit their excursion in.

“the other set of screenshots Spiv”???

Yes the other set of screenshots. The one above has the bodyguards leaving at 23:43:01 and the one below has the bodyguards leaving at 23:42:23, so go figure!


I will remind you that this is the Paget Report I am going on here.

Nevertheless, they then went downstairs where Tendil & Rocher spoke to the two bodyguards but they certainly did not go outside onto the Place Vendôme with them.


And after that, the Paget report continues to contradict itself with the CCTV evidence:

23.45 They enter the service elevator at the rear of the hotel, descend, and exit into rue Cambon.

23.46  They stand outside the service door and then walk down the road past Bar Hemingway towards the Salon de Nuit before returning to the service door where they have a brief conversation.

23.47 They walk towards the Salon de Nuit area and Thierry Rocher then leads them back past the Bar Hemingway through the rear lobby.

23.49 The three men then return to the front of the hotel along the ‘Display Corridor’.

They done fucking well there then since it took Dodi & Diana nearly 5 minutes to get from their suite (18:54:48) out on to the street (18:59:53) in Rue Cambon when they left for Dodi’s apartment earlier on in the day.

23.50 The bodyguards return to their position outside the Imperial Suite. Henri Paul joins them.

They certainly packed a lot into nine minutes didn’t they? After all, as I keep telling you, the Ritz Hotel is absolutely massive. 

00.01  Trevor Rees-Jones immediately goes to the top of the stairs and beckons François Tendil and Thierry Rocher and meets them half way up the stairs.

And then further down the page it says this;

00.04 Philippe Dourneau and Jean-François Musa descend the stairs. [Paget Note: The cameras do not cover the top of the staircase, so there is no CCTV coverage of the men speaking to Trevor Rees-Jones.

Trevor Rees-Jones and Kieran Wingfield walk along the first floor corridor towards the rear of the hotel then return at 00.05 to the corridor outside the Imperial Suite.

Therefore, if the CCTV does not cover the top of the stairs, then how the fuck do they know that Trevor Rees Jones had beckoned to François Tendil and Thierry Rocher?

00.05 Dodi Al Fayed and the Princess of Wales exit the Imperial Suite and are met by Kieran Wingfield. They remain here momentarily. Trevor Rees-Jones is at the top of the stairs.

Once again, how do they know that Rees Jones is at the top of the stairs?

00.06 Dodi Al Fayed, the Princess of Wales, Trevor Rees-Jones and Henri Paul walk along a corridor that leads to the service lift at the rear of the hotel (This is the route reconnoitred by Trevor Rees-Jones earlier.) 

Which begs the pertinent question: How – once again – can Henri Paul be in two places at once since it is accepted that he was out the front at 12:06 AM talking to the paps?


Did you clock the Ferrari on the bottom left hand side?

Good, keep keeping it in mind.

More photos please:


Nevertheless, after wasting twelve and a half million pounds of taxpayers money making the narrative fit the desired conclusion, seven years down the line The Powers That Be are attempting to change history yet again – like they do.

00.07 Kieran Wingfield and Thierry Rocher exit the hotel to the front. They meet with Philippe Dourneau and Jean-François Musa, the chauffeurs, in Place Vendôme.


Erm, I think that you will actually find that at six minutes past midnight, Kes Wingfield was still with the pair of VIP’s.

After all, there is no mistaking him for Trev since Trevor had a black blazer and light green shirt on.

In fact according to the CCTV footage, Kes walked down the corridor with Dodi & Diana and at some point after exiting that corridor – but before being caught on camera in the next corridor – Dodi & Di had been joined by Henri and Trevor.

Indeed it would seem that Trevor MUST apparently have gone down the main foyer staircase looking specifically to get Henri, which – given the very tight timeline – raises all manner of questions as to how Trevor knew that the newly-appointed-chauffeur wasn’t with Kes back at the lobby to the Imperial Suite.

Okay, I think that before we go any further I best clarify this timestamping malarky once and for all.

You see I realise that the information on that last batch of screenshots has all been said before, but that batch was one of the first that I knocked up (back in early January) and this article has had 4 or 5 MAJOR re-writes since then and untold minor ones, as more and more evidence presented itself to me – hence the length of time it has taken to put together this extremely complicated report.

Now we know that both Carpenter & Stevens have deliberately LIED about the fraud CCTV images in order to cover up the real truth.

We also know that the MAJORITY of the  CCTV footage is a hybrid of various other pieces of original footage, which has been created by splicing bits of film together and/or overlaying one piece of film on to another, as well as adding CGI (computer generated imagery) and drawing in lines and reflections where needed… A massive, massive undertaking, hence the reason that the vast majority of footage wasn’t released until 10 years after the ‘accident’.

And of course, in creating this footage, it was necessary to add new timestamps – albeit for one reason or another the camera numbers were not put back onto the newly created footage.

Now, according to the lying Inspector Clouseau Carpenter – whom I doubt very much even exists – there are 43 cameras in the hotel (which we know to be an unforgivable lie), spread over five camera banks.

Moreover, it is now pretty obvious that Lord Stevens worked to an earlier CCTV timeline than the one which was finally released to the public.

We also know that some of the timestamping is different from others and it is likely to be the case that the timestamping with zero’s missing are the pieces of footage most interfered with.

Course I can only speculate at why the timestamping wasn’t re-added as per the original, but I suspect that this was the footage that had screenshots released to the press in the weeks following the ‘accident’ and at that time TPTB (the powers that be), either didn’t envisage having to fabricate hour upon hour of CCTV footage – or they were simply sufficiently arrogant enough to think that it wouldn’t matter as no one would pick up on the mistake.

Therefore, once the screenshots with the fabricated timestamps had been released to the press, TPTB had no choice except to continue with that format.

Course, apart from the missing zeros the difference in timestamp format and absence of camera identification numbers could be explained away by stating that the footage was taken by cameras from a different camera bank.

However, in reality that would suggest that the installed CCTV cameras in any given camera bank, were of a different make to cameras in others of the five camera banks.

And that is where the explanation falls down.

You see, for that to be the case the only viable reason for having different cameras in different banks would be that they were installed at a later date and the notion that the security & surveillance obsessive, Mohamed Al Fayed could not afford to have the whole hotel decked out in cameras all in one go is absolutely ludicrous.

Therefore, the whole network of cameras regardless of different camra banks – which I do not believe exist and were invented simply to try and explain away the different timestamping – would ALL be of the same type (certainly the internal ones would be, with the external cameras – if different – still being of the same brand).

So with that being the case, you then only need to look for timestamping that is complete with all its digits and has a camera identification number stamped on it to uncover the timestamp format used throughout the entirety of the hotels CCTV network.

And that would be the format seen in the screengrab below.


Anything else is a false timestamp although some of the timestamps like in the photo above have also been altered as you will find out in the next photo batch.

So, with that now sorted we will resume where we left off from:

Indeed it would seem that Trevor MUST apparently have gone down the main foyer staircase looking specifically to get Henri, which – given the very tight timeline – raises all manner of questions as to how Trevor knew that the newly-appointed-chauffeur wasn’t with Kes back at the lobby to the Imperial Suite.

Course, you have to question exactly why Henri Paul went out front to speak to the reporters again being as he had been out there less than a quarter of an hour earlier.


Mind you, something equally strange happened when Paul went out front for the 5th and last time… Actually, perhaps “something equally strange happened” is not the best description to use here.

You see, what I should have said is that when I put the screenshots together for what we are told was Paul’s 5th and final excursion out front, I had a moment of sheer brilliance, even if I do say so myself because whilst doing so the final pieces of the jigsaw came to me like a bolt out of the blue.


A quick pause for breath and to tell you to take note of the Ferrari parked in the photo below, in the spot that the Range Rover had occupied.

The Ferrari had been parked up on the other side of the road (as seen in the photos higher up), but for one reason or another had then pulled out as if it was leaving, got to the corner and stopped, before reversing back into the parking space left by the Range Rover.

Now why the fuck would you move your extremely expensive car from a relatively quiet parking spot, over to a place teeming with barbarian photographers and over excited public?


Okay, now with all that in mind we need to go back to when Dodi & Diana allegedly left the hotel at 7pm and later scrapped their plans to eat out, diverting back to the Ritz for dinner instead, because of the trouble from the Paparazzi waiting outside Dodi’s apartment at 1 Rue Arsene Houssaye.

Now first off you need to ask yourself how or at least why the Paparazzi were camped outside Dodi’s apartment? After all they couldn’t have known that the couple would be coming back there, having successfully sneaked out of the Rue Cambon rear entrance at around 7PM.

And since they had obviously always intended to go to the Ritz – for reasons known only to themselves – when they landed in France, why didn’t they have their luggage dropped at the hotel instead of at Dodi’s Drum?

After all, they could just have easily of got bathed and changed there, in fact Diana was alleged to have had her hair done in the hotel’s hairdressers like a normal person – although if you believe that you will believe anything.

Nevertheless, that way, when they walked out of the hotel at 7 PM to go and eat at Le Bon-Bons, the Bell-Ends would have been carrying the couple’s luggage, thus sending out a message to the Papz that they were now either heading for Dodi’s gaff or the airport – leaving them free to drive to the restaurant in piece… Simples.

Yet certainly, the photos don’t show the couple being harassed at either the Rue Cambon or at the apartment, despite Wingfield later testifying – in the case of the latter – that him and Trevor had to get physical with photographers.

And then we were told that despite the two bodyguards nipping out afterwards and having a word with the papz about their behaviour, it didn’t improve any when they left the apartment to go and eat at Frankie & Benny’s or whatever the fucking swanky greasy joe’s that they were heading for is called.

Recap photos purleeeze.


And at this point there are a few points that I need to make, that have to implicate Dodi in the murder plot if we stick to that conspiracy.

You see, the couple were not due to return to the Ritz that night hence Henri Paul clocked off for the night, therefore if Dodi wasn’t involved in the plot to kill Diana that would mean that the decision to kill her was taken on their return to the hotel which logic then dictates that it is highly unlikely that the death car was set up for a Boston-Brakes assassination.

The Boston Brakes technique is highly specialised and requires plenty of skill and training thus there was unlikely to have been  a team on standby just on the very slight off chance.

Neither would there have been the huge number of MI6 agents in Paris that night – which indeed appears to have been the case despite the now discredited Paget Report denying that there was.

Moreover, if the couple were not due back at the Ritz that night as seems to have been the case, or at least was the impression that the scriptwriters wanted to convey, thus Henri Paul not licensed to drive as a chauffeur – clocked off; who then were those overseeing the operation going to get to drive the car had no one been able to contact Henri in order to get him to come back to the Ritz? And in any case, Henri Paul worked for the Ritz not Dodi or Diana and as such there was no obvious possible reason why he should have been called back anyway.

It therefore has to be taken as read that Henri Paul was also in on the plot since he did make himself available, despite there being no reason to do so, and especially so since the ludicrous decoy plan had supposedly not been decided at that time – if you go by the ‘official’ version of events of course.

And in any case there were three people present at the hotel who were legally permitted to chauffeur the couple.

Now obviously those three professional drivers on duty would not have been guaranteed to drive through the Alma tunnel, whereas Paul must have known to do so. After all, it wasn’t until people started questioning why he actually did so instead of taking ‘Route 1’, straight down the Champs-Elysee or ‘Route 2’, taking the slip road leading to the Champs-Elysee, located before the tunnel entrance, that the ridiculous story about going through the Alma being the “professional Chauffeurs” route of choice was fabricated.

Course, that claim looks pretty lame when you consider that the decoy vehicles took Route 1, although you could say “fair enough” there are too many traffic lights going that way forcing the couple’s car to stop, but there is no way on earth that Route 2 (the slip road off before the tunnel) is not favoured over Route 3, i.e. going through the tunnel and thus then having to come back on yourself.

And besides, why would there be an unwritten, “professional Chauffeurs” route between the Ritz and Dodi’s drum?

So that then led to the old fanny being touted that the slip road before the tunnel was coned off with a mush on a motor bike sat in the middle of the road – although I would not write that claim off as being total bollox albeit not for the reason of preventing Henri Paul from taking the said slip road.

You see the cones could have been used to close the road off once the Merc had passed – which the chosen paps could then pass in between on their motorpeds – thus diverting any other traffic down the slip road, and bypassing the tunnel in the process – which in turn would explain why there was no build up of traffic following the ‘accident’.

Yet all the same, you would be entitled to draw the conclusion that there must have been collusion between Paul & Dodi since it was Dodi’s decision to abort the trip to Chez Benoit in favour of eating at the Ritz a decision that was only allegedly made en-route because of the alleged 30 strong car chasing paps… As testified to by Kes Wingfield sat in the back-up Range Rover and Clawed Bottom – or whatever his name is – waiting outside Chez Benoit for the couple to arrive.

Yet even if Dodi & Henri were actively involved in Diana’s murder, there is no way on earth that they would agree to their part involving them travelling at relatively high speed, without wearing seat belts, in a car that was going to have its controls taken over and slammed into a reinforced concrete support column… I mean, at the end of the day there is no evidence to support the pair being totally conkers-bonkers.

And then to add to the improbability of the assassination being planned or even carried out on the spur of the moment, there was no guarantee that – given the time that the couple finished eating (11 PM), which they chose to do in their suite – the couple would not spend the night where they were i.e the Ritz… In fact given the alleged harassment meted out by the Papz, spending the night at the hotel must surely have been favourite.

Course, the scriptwriters got over that hurdle by coming up with the engagement ring old fanny – which once again added to the many conspiracy theories that were allowed to get out of  hand, despite as we have already seen, the ring business defies all logic.

I mean, as you already know, we are told that they left the comfort and safety of the luxurious Imperial Suite to travel back to Dodi’s gaff because he wanted to propose to Diana and that was where the ring was purposely left.

Now we know that it was purposely left because Dodi told his butler, Renewell they could hardly call him Jeeves could they – to have Champagne on ice for when they returned because he was going to propose to the Princess, thus Dodi cannot have simply forgotten to take the ring with him.

Yet surely the place to propose would have been at the romantic meal they were going to and even if he was hesitant, an unexpected ideal opportunity could have presented itself whilst there, so being as it was only a ring, why the fuck didn’t he take it with him on the off chance?

In fact why would Dodi even confide in Rene?

After all, as his butler, all Dodi needed to do was request Rene have some Champagne on ice for when they return.

I mean if he had proposed and Diana had said “I would rather shit on my hands and clap”, Dodi would have unnecessarily made himself look like a right cunt in the eyes of his staff.

And with that being the case, the reason behind the couple leaving the Ritz does not hold water.

However, the lame excuse was milked for all it was worth as a conspiracy theory with the jeweller, Albert Repossi testifying (amongst other things), that MI6 put pressure on him to swear that there was no engagement ring – and I hope you are not daft enough to think that old bollox such as that would make the press unless the media was given the go ahead to print?

Indeed as I say, just like the Boston-Brakes conspiracy, the engagement ring saga was allowed to flourish and obviously by Repossi claiming that MI6 attempted to get him to lie adds fuel to the flames suggesting that the Royal Family were behind the assassination, as was the case with the Boston Brakes.

And there again, theSir’ in front of Ranulph Fiennes name (Fiennes being the one to raise the Boston Brakes theory), should have alerted the likes of myself, that he was in all likelihood throwing out a red herring when he was publicly touting the possibility… And indeed, following Fiennes mighty fine fiction, two other stories surfaced to add credence to the theory Diana was killed via the Boston Brakes technique on the orders of Silly Philly the Duck.

The first story was that Barry MannakeeDiana’s bodyguard after splitting up with Dobby – was having an affair with her and as a consequence was murdered via the Boston Brakes:

The following is fro Wikipedia:

Barry Albert Mannakee (1 June 1947, London, England – 14 May 1987, London, England) was a police officer with the Royal Protection Squad and was assigned as a bodyguard to Diana, Princess of Wales in 1985. He died in a road traffic accident in 1987.

According to the book Diana: The Last Word by Simone Simmons, published 29 June 2005, Mannakee soon became Diana’s closest confidant in the royal circle. Diana would often turn to him for comfort if she was feeling lonely or depressed and Barry was always there for her.

Simmons also claims that Colin Trimming, the Prince of Wales’ personal protection officer, once walked in on Mannakee comforting Diana. He assumed they were having an affair, and he reported his suspicions to the Prince.

Diana thought of Mannakee as one of her best friends. When people thought they were too close, he was moved in 1986 from his royal duties at Kensington Palace to the Diplomatic Protection Group in central London. In Diana’s words, he was “chucked out”. Talking of Mannakee’s death, Diana said: “I think he was bumped off, but there we are.”


PHOTO: Barry Mannakee with Diana’s ‘Medium’ Simone Simons (inset)

The second story was that Gorilla Parkher-Horseface was also made the subject of an assassination attempt after it was made publicly known that a car had inexplicably smashed into her car whilst she was driving alone on a quiet country road – although my understanding of the ‘accident’ was that it did in fact happen but Gorilla was not in a car when she was hit.


Course, Gorilla made a full recovery leaving her plenty of scope to enjoy future holidays with the vile animal, Derek Laud.

Princess Diana was definitely not assassinated.

Likewise, the proven lies and cock-ups in the investigation rules out the official story of the crash being a simple accident… I mean, Henri Paul wasn’t drunk, the autopsy on him had to have been purposely bodged, and there would have been no need to photoshop the death car – which the cunts most certainly did. 

And of course there would have been no need to fabricate the CCTV evidence – which the cunts most certainly did. 

So with that being the case, lets go back to that CCTV evidence showing Henri Paul’s multiple trips out front where he was allegedly talking to the papz so as I can show you that those trips all stem from one or two pieces of footage which would be when the party arrived back at the Ritz having aborted their plans to eat at Frankie & Benny’s or whatever the fucking restaurant was called.

However, first I will also remind you that those claims of Di & Dodi being harassed by the press to the extent that she was reduced to tears are bollox and there is no collaborating photo evidence to substantiate the claim – as you would have thought that there would be if the papz had been out in force.


Nevertheless, the original MSM claims of 30 pursuing papz on motorbikes has long since been revised by half, in true hoax tradition. Course the important bit was for the public to perceive that the couple were being besieged by the papz hence the drop off taking place out front of the hotel as opposed to the rear.

There was then a big thing made about Rees Jones opening the door to let the couple out only for them to hesitate and the bodyguard close the door again… Despite Diana being used to the press being around in much larger numbers.


And as such the dramatic change of dining venue makes no sense except to afford the party an excuse to come back to the hotel – which was of course a necessary piece of the jigsaw needed to bring the plan to fruition.


PHOTO: Trevor supposedly opens the car door only to close it again. 

However, it was also crucial that the Merc followed by the Range Rover drew up to the front of the hotel making sure to be caught on CCTV camera since this footage was used to portray the Papz behaving badly, as you have already seen, and will see more in a minute – yet the footage was faked and simply wasn’t a true representation of the facts.

Moreover, the footage was also used as a springboard to create some of the other events supposedly caught on CCTV.

Likewise, so was Paul’s highly publicised arrival back at work some 15 minutes later on, where it was claimed that he needed 3 or 4 attempts to park his mini in a massive parking space, due to him being pissed – a detail that is no longer so easy to find on the internet and as we have seen, totally untrue.

Course, exactly when that footage was filmed on CCTV is anyones guess since Henri Paul’s mini never left the space it was parked in on the Rue Cambon.

Nevertheless, this footage wasn’t so much needed as an opportunity to vilify Henri Paul, it was in fact needed so as the footage of Paul walking from his car – tellingly down the middle of the road, where he is caught stopping and chatting to people before turning to walk across the road and into the hotel at the last possible moment – so as his image could be lifted from that footage and added to the footage of the Merc & Range Rover arriving, in order to fabricate the footage of his subsequent trips out front.

And that is why we see the Merc constantly pulling up and the need for it to be disguised and the Range Rover reversing into the parking space that it had vacated… A kind of Groundhog Day if ya like.


Okay, let’s do the faked footage of the couple’s arrival back at the hotel after cancelling their trip to the restaurant.


So, just more bullshit in a long line of bullshit then.

Oh, and whilst I think on, there is the question of Henri Paul’s black Mini moving here there and every fucking where.


And whilst we are on the subject of the large crowd – where in the name of ruddy-good-fuck did they come from?


Now taking a pit stop here in order to fill you in on some more crucial detail.

You see, following the events of the 30th/31st of August a rumour began to circulate that the death car had been nicked outside of a restaurant sometime between April 1997 and August 1997 – depending on whose account you read, with the favourite and most common version giving the date the car was stolen as being the 2nd week in August, approximately two weeks before the car made its final journey under its own steam.

The following originally appeared in the People Newspaper:

And the mystery deepened last week when The People discovered that the computer chip stolen from the doomed Mercedes weeks before the tragic crash had no re-sale value.

Experts believe the electronic system could have been replaced with a unit pre-programmed to automatically alter the car’s acceleration and braking systems.

This would have left chauffeur Paul with no control over the Mercedes as it careered into the Place de l’Alma tunnel. Source

Then there is also this totally, totally baffling piece originally published in the Daily Mirror… Tellingly it was first published on September 3rd 1997:

The Mercedes car in which Diana died needed extensive repairs after being stolen by an armed robber only months ago.

Its computer mechanism controlling brakes and steering had been ripped out, it emerged last night. The car’s owner was Parisian Neils Siegel, whose firm rents limos to customers at the Ritz – starting point of Diana and Dodi’s journey.

The Merc was snatched last spring by a gunman who confronted Mr Siegel outside the Taillevent restaurant in Paris. Mr Siegel said its damaged electronic brain operated all safety features.

He said: “There were extensive repairs. But I would not have put Princess Diana or anyone else with that car, if I thought it was not roadworthy.” Mr Siegel said the car had been repaired by an accredited Mercedes Benz service agent in Paris. The work had been officially approved.

He added: “I’m so sorry about Princess Diana’s death. I’ve been crying every night.” Source

Neil Siegel was credited with owning Etoile Limos in the first week or so following the accident, yet his name subsequently disappeared with the story becoming one in which the Mercedes that Diana allegedly died in was owned by Francois Musa, The OWNER of Etoile Limo Hire.

Nevertheless, the following is what I wrote in my article “One Night In Paris” back in August 2013, with this section having been taken from that 50,000 word report now lost to illegal police actions:

The black Mercedes-Benz S280, registration number “688 LTV 75” in which Diana was killed was stolen from outside a Paris restaurant prior to being written off in the Pont de L’Alma tunnel. Most reports indicate that the car was stolen at gunpoint.

This car theft could have happened as early as April 1997 (4 months prior to the fatal crash) or as late as two weeks before the crash depending on whose report you read. Unbelievably, nobody official or otherwise seems to agree on exactly when the theft took place.

However, it is safe to say that the car was found abandoned 4 or 5 days later.

The car had had its braking system ripped out and the only other thing missing of consequence was the EMS chip which controls the car’s on-board computer. According to the author Jon King, an EMS computer chip can be bought on Ebay for around £120.

This begs the question as to why anyone would snatch, at gunpoint, a valuable luxury car just for a relatively cheap computer chip and the car’s braking system. We do know that for the Boston brakes technique to work, the EMS computer chip has to be changed and a parasite braking system has to be fitted. Could this be the real motive behind the theft? […]

The second occasion when the Mercedes could have been tampered with was on the night in question, August 30th 1997.

I should point out that although the Ritz hotel does own a fleet of luxury cars, the car in question is not one of them.

The car is – or was as the case is now – in fact owned by a Mr Jean François Musa, the Co-owner of Etoile luxury car hire.

Etoile’s only client however is the Ritz hotel.

For this reason Etoile are afforded 4 parking spaces on the 1st floor of the Ritz Hotel’s underground car park

It is clearly agreed in the Paget Report, that the Mercedes death car, was the only suitable vehicle available that night.

Now, while I am no detective, it is blatantly obvious to me that since the Mercedes was the only car available that night, it follows that the 4 allocated parking spaces for Etoile Limousines would have been empty.

Moreover, the death car had been used earlier that day and only returned to the Ritz that night at around 8PM. So why is it then that the chauffeur parked the car on the 3rd level of the underground car park, instead of one of the four allocated parking spaces?

In doing so, anyone wishing to tamper with the car had a four hour window to do so.

Could that 4 hrs have been used to finish the modification of the car; the modifications that could not have been done when it was stolen for fear of being noticed by the police when it was recovered?

Strangely enough, The Paget Report fails to address the reason behind this parking anomaly.

The Paget report (PR) then goes on to conclude that the Mercedes was unlikely to have been tampered with because it was not decided to use the car until 20 minutes before it crashed. In fact, according to the PR, Dodi Fayed only decided to return to his apartment, just off the Champs Elysée about an hour before the couple left the hotel.

Having then concluded that fact, it has to be asked why the Paparazzi were still out in force at the front of the hotel when it looked so likely that Dodi & Diana would be spending the night there.

I suppose it could be argued that the car that they had arrived in (which they had also used throughout the day) and which was owned by the Ritz was still parked outside the front of the hotel, a little way past the main entrance along with the backup vehicle, a Range Rover.

This fact could, I suppose, be taken as an indication that the couple intended to leave again.

However, if the PR were correct in saying that the decision was not made to leave for Dodi’s apartment until around 11PM, it would also make sense to assume that it was standard procedure to leave the limo & backup parked out front.

Considering the blame that the report attaches to the Paparazzi, to my way of thinking, a report costing £12.5 Million should have clarified this point.

Course, when I wrote that section on the Mercedes being stolen it was done with the intent to prove how the car could have been readied for a parasite braking system being fitted, if there had been the intention to have Diana assassinated using the Boston Brakes method – with the theft of the ‘EMS computer chip’ being the first stage of the operation.

You see, according to Sir Ranulph Fiennes a parasite braking system is virtually undetectable visually, unless someone is an expert on car engines or they are someone who is specifically looking for one.

Moreover, it apparently takes around 8 hours to prepare a car to be used in a Boston Brakes ‘Hit’ and as such I had ventured that the car had been stolen by the security services and in that time everything that could be done in preparation, unlikely to be detected by whoever was going to give the car a “once over” once it was returned – with the rest of the work being done in the 4 hour window created by the return of the car on the 30th of August and the time that it became needed later on that night… Hence the reason that it had been inexplicably parked on sub-floor 3 in the Ritz’s underground car park.

But what if the car hadn’t been stolen and that was just more misleading information – put out by the orchestrator’s of the events taking place that night – in order to fuel more conspiracy theories?

After all, I fell for it and shamefully admit that to me the story of the car being stolen at gunpoint was pennies from heaven since it was perfect to add credence to the main thrust of the in depth report that I was compiling, with the aim being that the reader inevitably & indisputably reached the conclusion that Phil the Duck had ordered the death of his former daughter in law – whereas what I should have done is treated the story with caution and investigated it much closer.

I mean, it would make more sense if the car had been nicked – not necessarily at gunpoint which is quite possibly a detail designed to benefit the desired conclusion – and subsequently turned up as a write off (say having smashed into a pillar in a tunnel) or even stolen to order and shipped abroad, as luxury cars are and indeed were – especially throughout the 1980’s and 90’s.

In fact a very good friend of mine who owned a plant hire firm with an out-of-the-way yard was arrested and questioned by the Bizzies on suspicion of doing that exact same thing except with JCB’s, in 1989 or 90… Innocent of all charges obviously.

And if that was the case – although this is pure speculation on my part designed to demonstrate how the car crash was staged – had the Merc been a write off there would have been no problem attaching plates with the Registration: 688 LTV 75 to a suitable replica acquired from a scrapyard… Or even using the car itself if the hoax could be worked so as it was possible to drop it off the back of a lorry.

Indeed that article by the Daily Mirror from September 3rd 1997 adds credence to my theory:

The Mercedes car in which Diana died needed extensive repairs after being stolen by an armed robber only months ago.

Its computer mechanism controlling brakes and steering had been ripped out, it emerged last night. The car’s owner was Parisian Neils Siegel, whose firm rents limos to customers at the Ritz – starting point of Diana and Dodi’s journey.

The steering wheel was certainly missing from the death car.

And it wouldn’t be the first or last time that car wrecks would be dropped off somewhere that a hoax was due to take place, would it?

Okay, let’s have a look at some more CCTV evidence and my contention that it was made up using bits cut out from a master tape.


Now I probably haven’t explained these CCTV screengrabs very well although it is extremely hard to do so. Therefore it may be easier to understand if you see the CCTV in its entirety. You can do so by clicking HERE

Mind you, having said that there is also what is supposedly a video taken by an Australian tourist named as Chloe Papazahariakis… However, the impossible to pronounce surname is a dead giveaway that all is not kosher.

Nevertheless, the old fanny was allegedly filmed at about 11.50pm on the 30 August 1997 and using this footage I can prove further that the CCTV footage is as fake as fuck… Check this out:

ab y

Now the fact that the bollards are there is enormously important because the cars that we have seen parked are parked further onto that stretch of path than they would be able to, meaning that they were never parked there at all.


Just sayin’.

We also get to see the Ferrari close up in the ‘tourist’ video and in particular where it reverses into the spot vacated by the Range Rover.


Hmmm, so there is a real possibility that at least some of the CCTV may very well have been taken from September the 15th 1997.

And as a postscript to Henri Paul’s self driving Mini, it was found a couple of days later in an underground car park… How it got there was anyones guess.


Returning now to Diana’s and Dodi’s supposed timeline – as is according to the BBC:

00.08 Dodi Al Fayed, the Princess of Wales, Trevor Rees-Jones and Henri Paul exit the lift on the ground floor into the service area and wait here. Henri Paul and Trevor Rees-Jones check the rue Cambon in the following minutes and speak to Dodi Al Fayed and the Princess of Wales. (The group wait here for 12 minutes while a car is being arranged at the front of the hotel)

Again, total total tosh… In fact they were not even in the lift then.


00.11 Henri Paul, having been passed the telephone by a security man at the rear door passes it to Trevor Rees-Jones. The call lasts just over a minute.

And that was followed by this:

00.17 The Mercedes S280 pulls up outside the hotel in rue Cambon. Henri Paul exits, followed by the Princess of Wales and Trevor Rees-Jones with Dodi Al Fayed following them. The Mercedes driven by Henri Paul leaves the Ritz Hotel.

However, the CCTV images show that the car didn’t arrive in the Rue Cambon until 00:20 and didn’t pull away until 00:21. Therefore, it should have been made clear where Inspector Paul Carpenter was taking his timing from.

I mean in the following Express Newspaper article Carpenter (addressed as Mr?) makes mention of a “master clock” but doesn’t say where this is to be found:

Mr Carpenter revealed there were 43 separate cameras in the hotel in Paris, from where Diana and Dodi set off on their final journey, and that 31 were relevant to the inquiry.
He explained a problem with the timings of the footage, saying five different banks of cameras showed five different times.Some may be up to 2 minutes 52 seconds off the master clock he had established to try to synchronise the images. Source

Now I think that I have proved that the “2 minute 52 seconds” discrepancy is bollox. However, to make his claims credible Carpenter should – at the very least – have stated how he established his Masterclock and further stated how much out each individual camera was whilst also making sure that each camera had an assigned reference number… Anything less is totally unacceptable.

Indeed, the operative word in the latter part of the last sentence in that Express snippet: to try to synchronise the images, is “try” – which obviously casts doubts as to whether Carpenter was successful or not.

However, you have to ask yourself why the Princess of Wales was left waiting 12 minutes for the car to arrive. Why wasn’t the car organised before the couple left the suite?

Not that they did wait 12 minutes.

I mean by my calculation, 00.08 to 00.17 is 9 minutes. Small point’s maybe, but it shows sloppiness and inaccuracy in a twelve and a half million pound investigation. And on the other hand 00:08 to 00:20 is twelve minutes. See the confusion created by the timings being out?

And despite the £12.5 million pound spent on the Operation Paget investigation, the report concludes that basically they haven’t got a clue who’s idea it was that Henri Paul should drive that night… Despite the media stating that it was Dopi Fayeds.

Yet once again, if that was the case and Diana was murdered, then as I said earlier; that would HAVE to mean that Dodi was in on the plot.

Nevertheless, it does in fact appear that the Paget Report bombards the reader with contradictory evidence time and again in order to confuse the issue.

In fact the twelve ‘experienced’ Detectives assigned to the operation certainly failed to come up with an adequate answer as to why Henri Paul returned to the Hotel at just after 10PM or what his movements were from the time he clocked off duty at around 7PM to the time that he returned.

Nevertheless, given the time the investigation took and the money it cost, I am sure that they can come up with the answer as to who chose the Mercedes – ‘the only one available’ apparently – that ultimately became the death car… Can’t they?

After all, Operation Paget was supposed to have been conducted with an open mind as well as free from bias. Therefore, you don’t need to be Lieutenant Columbo to work out that if the Mercedes had been tampered with, the person who suggested using it, would as likely as not be in on the conspiracy.

Does that make sense? Of course it does.

The following is what Operation Paget came up with and we will begin with Jean François Musa statement… Musa was of course the owner of the Mercedes (death car) at the time:

‘At around 23.40hrs I met Claude Roulet in the canopy area at the front of the hotel. He said they needed an extra car. I had no more drivers so the doorman and I looked in the cabinet to see what car keys were there’…

Straight away, it is necessary to pause in order to clarify Musa’s opening remarks. Firstly I will draw your attention to the time Musa says this meeting took place; 11.40PM.

Secondly, you need to remember that Claude Roulet was [allegedly] the assistant to the President of the Ritz hotel. Or put another way, Roulet was the most senior member of Staff on duty that night.

Thirdly, Musa himself was licenced to drive as was the car-jockey who delivered the car to the Rue Cambon for Henri Paul to then take over.

And finally, it seems inconceivable that Musa wouldn’t know what cars he had available at the time. After all what was the point of him even being there if he didn’t know. Remember, Musa did not work for the Ritz and as the owner of Etoile Cars, he was not subject to shifts

‘The keys from International are kept in the same cabinet, as are any keys for the Ritz clients’ own cars. There were none from International and only one, the Mercedes S280, from my company.  That is how the car was chosen – it was the only one available.  They wanted an S class and this was the only S class left, so there was no choice.

Me again. The above then begs the question: Why the fuck did they want an ‘S’ Class? I mean, suppose there was no S-Class available, were they going to say: “Ah, fuck it then we will stay here”? 

There were no keys from International and even if there had been, I would not have taken the decision to use an International Limousine car.

It was definitely Claude Roulet who I spoke to. It was definitely not Thierry Rocher. I’ve known Claude Roulet well for a long time and I am not mistaken; he was wearing a suit and tie.

At the time Philippe Dourneau was also certain it was Roulet, but he changed his view a few months later. It might have been pressure from the Ritz but I don’t know why.

Mr. Roulet said they didn’t need a driver, as Henri Paul would be driving. I said I would get the car but I think Mr. Roulet said I should send someone else. 

Frederic Lucard, a temporary driver for me, was working as the car jockey so I sent him to get it and instructed him to go the rue Cambon. 

I was worried about Henri Paul driving. I knew he didn’t have a ‘Grande Remise’ licence – the special licence to drive limousines – but I felt I had no choice.

There was pressure to say yes; it was impossible to say no. I don’t know what would have happened if I’d said no, but the consequences would not have been good for us as a company.

Pausing again briefly to discuss what Musa has just said. Remember, the above is a direct lift from the Paget Report and I have reproduced it exactly as it is set out – with no omissions whatsoever.

With that in mind, is it just me, or do you also find it strange that Musa volunteers the information that; “There was pressure to say yes”. Why would he say that in evidence following on from what would appear to be a routine request for another car?

I also find it strange that it is Roulet who makes the request personally to Musa, as opposed to the night duty manager Thierry Rocher. After all, according to Rocher and the CCTV evidence, he was the one whom Dodi Fayed revealed his plans to leave the hotel to return to his apartment.

Indeed you may recall that this conversation took place outside the Imperial Suite while Henri Paul tried to eavesdrop in on what was being said.

Therefore, could it be that Roulet was deliberately charged with asking Musa, knowing that the Mercedes was the only ‘available’ car and that Musa would also be afraid to refuse the request coming from someone of Roulet’s seniority hence his comment: “There was pressure to say yes”?

After all, had Thierry Rocher made the request, Musa may very well have said no – as you will find out in a moment.

Nevertheless, you still have to take these conversations and their implications with a pinch of salt, since those involved are all working to a script.

However, before we play along with the story by continuing with Musa’s evidence, I will draw your attention to the fact that originally, Dodi Fayed’s usual chauffeur, Philippe Dourneau concurred with Musa in the evidence he gave to the French authorities, but subsequently – and rather conveniently – later changed his story.

After all, if  your  firms Vice president made a request of you in which you felt pressured to agree to the said request, would you later be confused as to whether it was the vice president or the company manager who made that request?

No, of course you wouldn’t.

With that thought in mind, let’s continue with Musa’s evidence:

‘The Ritz was our only client. I would say no now as I feel I have more influence. There was not really the option to get another driver, as there wouldn’t have been time.’

[Paget Note: Jean-François Musa referred to Claude Roulet in his statements.All of the evidence points to this being a case of mistaken identity. The actions he referred to related to Thierry Rocher but Jean-François Musa is convinced it was Claude Roulet.]

See what I mean about Lord Stevens always taking the side that suits when evidence cannot be established without doubt?

All the same, I would certainly beg to differ with the Paget report on that point since all the evidence – and common sense for that matter – points to there being no mistake on Musa’s part whatsoever.

Then there is the question of time. Musa maintains that this conversation took place at 11.40PM.

And with that being the case, it gives rise to a number of questions.

1)   Why was Diana subsequently left standing around for ’12 minutes’ waiting for the car to arrive?

2)   Given that we are talking about the Princess of Wales, it is inconceivable that she and Dodi would leave their Suite unsure as to whether their car was waiting for them or if there was even a car available. Should Trevor Rees Jones not have made sure that the car was there? Surely, that is a Bodyguards’ duty.

3)   Why did the car take 40 minutes to arrive when it should have taken no more than 5 minutes maximum?

4)   Why was Roulet insistent that Musa should not go and get the car – his car – personally?

However, for reasons known only to themselves those glaring anomalies were ignored by the PR in favour of; “a case of mistaken identity”.

Despite that fact, Musa in an earlier statement had given a different story altogether, albeit he still maintained that it was Claude Roulet and not Tierry Rocher that he was dealing with:

“It was after midnight that I was asked to come to the front of the hotel with Philippe Dourneau, and when I got there I saw the English bodyguards, who asked me where the third chauffeur was. I did not understand who they were talking about, but when they described him I realised that it was Monsieur Paul they were referring to.

I asked that someone go and get him and I then went out of the hotel. A few moments later, Mr Roulet came and asked me if I could provide a Mercedes S Class. I went to check what cars I still had available, and there was one left, so I said that I had one vehicle available but no chauffeur, and that I could drive it”.

Now the above statement was obviously given to the French authorities, since the statement where Musa puts the time at 11.40PM was the one he gave to Operation Paget. This earlier statement, if the CCTV is to be believed – and as I think I have proven, it isn’t – cannot possibly be true.

Yet according to the PR, the hotels CCTV shows the following:

00.04 Philippe Dourneau and Jean-François Musa descend the stairs. [PagetNote: The cameras do not cover the top of the staircase, so there is no CCTV coverage of the men speaking to Trevor Rees-Jones.

Now, since both bodyguards and Henri Paul were supposedly outside Diana’s hotel suite and Musa and Dourneau had just left them to descend the stairs on their journey to the hotel front, why did Musa say that when he got there; “I saw the English bodyguards,who asked me where the third chauffeur was. I did not understand who they were talking about, but when they described him I realised that it was Monsieur Paul they were referring to”?

The CCTV also shows that Dodi and Diana exited the suite at 12.06AM, exactly two minutes after Musa and Dourneau vacated the area, crucially leaving the bodyguard Kes Wingfield there. Therefore, it is inconceivable that the Mercedes was put forward as the car of choice sometime after midnight.

This contradiction in evidence statements makes Musa either a liar or an incredibly bad witness. However, that does not alter the fact that he, and to a lesser extent Dourneau, insist that they were dealing with the hotels vice president when it came to selecting the car.

Meanwhile, the PR insists Musa was wrong as was Dourneau, who later saw the error of his ways and as such, promptly changed his mind and agreed with the PR that it was in fact the Manager Thierry Rocher, who was present when the Mercedes was selected as a the car to leave via the Rue Cambon.

Dourneau however, is not the first to change his evidence to suit the Paget Report. More on that in due course, but for now, here is what Thierry Rocher said on the matter in the original statement he gave to the French authorities:

Thierry ROCHER evidence of who got the car idea

Night Duty Manager, Ritz Hotel.

French Dossier D2134-D2136

‘I should like to make a point. With regard to the third car which was to be positioned in rue Cambon, I was present at the meeting between Dodi’s bodyguard (the survivor) and the chauffeurs (François and Philippe).

He asked them if everything was ready with the third car. It was 00.10 hours. The chauffeurs did not know, but Mr François Moussa [TN: Suggest correct spelling is Musa], co-manager of the company Etoile Limousine, suggested taking one of his cars that was parked in the Vendôme car park.

It was a casual vehicle jockey who went to collect the car and park it in rue Cambon.

Ok, so we now have the Manager Thierry Rocher, stating that it was Musa who suggested using his Mercedes while Claude Roulet is nowhere to be seen… So someone’s lying.

Rocher then provided oral testimony, which totally contradicts his first statement. This testimony is transcribed thus:

Question: “Between 12 midnight and 12.10 am there are a lot of discussions between you, Mr Tendil, Mr Paul and Mr Dourneau, and some movements by all of you between the hotel and the place Vendôme.  Why?”

Answer:  “Kes Windfield went out onto the porch of the hotel and asked François Musa and Philippe Dourneau if everything was ready for the third car. 

They did not understand what he was talking about. Kes then explained to them that they were going to use a decoy in the place Vendôme with the couple’s usual two cars. He then asked Mr Musa if there was another vehicle and at that moment Mr Cavalera, the night parking doorman at the Ritz, indicated that there was a third vehicle belonging to Mr Musa’s company in the Ritz basement car park. 

He then told a hotel jockey to go and find the car, giving him the keys and telling him to bring it to the rue Cambon.

Henri Paul at that moment was in the place Vendôme and joking with the photographers. At that moment Mr Musa and Mr Dourneau asked in my presence who was going to drive the third car and Kes replied that it would be Henri Paul; he then called Henri Paul and said to him, “Henri you leave from the rue Cambon”.

Question: “Do you know who took the decision regarding Henri Paul as driver?”

Answer:  “I do not know.” 

Oh but what a tangled web it is that we weave.

So now Thierry Rocher is saying that it wasn’t Musa’s decision to use the Mercedes, neither was it Lucards.

Apparently, the death car was chosen on the suggestion of a Doorman, who apparently knows more about Etoile Limo Hire’s business than Etoiles owner François Musa.

Also bear in mind that Rocher has just said he didn’t know whose idea it was that Henri Paul should drive… Can it get any worse?

Course it can.

You see, Rocher, then tried to clarify the situation in a statement given to the PR, via Harrods of London.

Now for those who don’t know, both the Ritz hotel and Harrods were at the time owned by Dodi Fayed’s father, Mohamed Al Fayed, although Rocher wasn’t working for the posh shop and as such you would have thought that if the statement had to be issued via a third party, then that third party would be the Ritz.

Nevertheless, that statement read thus:

Statement provided to Operation Paget by Mr Al Fayed on 17 July 2006  

‘With reference to the third car which was to leave from Rue Cambon, it was Kes Wingfield who addressed the two chauffeurs Philippe Dourneau and Francois Musa.

He described to them the decoy plan. I have no idea who had instructed Kes Wingfield as to the decoy plan because until then I believed it was confidential between myself, Dodi Al Fayed and Henri Paul. 

This conversation with the chauffeurs took place shortly after midnight.

In the police statement of 10 September 1997 I am quoted as saying; “The chauffeurs were not aware of it but Mr Francois Musa, co-manager of Etoile Limousine company suggested taking one of his cars which was parked in the Vendome parking lot.”

This is totally untrue and I did not say it.

It was in fact the hotel porter Mr Cavalera who suggested that he had a vehicle available, and he could arrange for that to be brought up to Rue Cambon. A car jockey was then sent to collect the vehicle.

The two chauffeurs asked Wingfield who was to drive the car from Rue Cambon. Wingfield categorically stated that it would be Henri Paul. He then instructed Francois Musa and Philippe Dourneau to prepare two cars at the front of the Ritz to act as a decoy. Henri Paul was at the front of the hotel joking with the paparazzi.

 Kes Wingfield waved to him and called him over. He said, “Henri, you are leaving by Rue Cambon”. Henri Paul did not question that instruction.’

Well, that’s cleared that up then… Not.

However, the fact that Rocher says of the decoy plan; “because until then I believed it was confidential between myself, Dodi Al Fayed and Henri Paul”, suggests that he did know who selected Henri Paul as driver.

Dodi Fayed would have told him the plan during the meeting between him and Rocher outside of the couples suite when Henri Paul was eavesdropping. And according to the CCTV evidence, there would have been no other opportunity.

So, what does the latest candidate for the job of car selector have to say on this sorry state of affairs?

Sébastien CAVALERA Night doorman in charge of parking.

Interviewed by Operation Paget – Statement 155

‘Question: “Who informed you of their departure?”

Answer: “I could sense it because there was a group gathered in the hotel peristyle comprising Mr Philippe Dourneau, Dodi Al Fayed’s driver, Mr Thierry Rocher, Mr François Tendil, Mr François Musa the boss of Etoile Limousine, and one of Dodi Al Fayed’s two bodyguards, the one who was not in the Mercedes, as well as Mr Henri Paul I think.

All these persons were discussing in fact to know which side to have the couple leave as discreetly as possible, and I realized that the couple were going to leave when François MUSA asked me for the keys to the Mercedes, since this group of persons had agreed to get a vehicle out and park it in the rue Cambon to have the couple leave by the rear.”

Question: “Who chose the Mercedes car?”

Answer:   “I think it was François Musa as it was he who asked me for the keys to the Mercedes and giving me its registration number which I do not remember now.

 I then took the keys to the Mercedes from the case in the cupboard in the peristyle; I gave them to a car jockey to go and fetch the car from the underground car park and put it outside No. 38 rue Cambon. 

I sent the jockey as I was the only night doorman present that evening”.

Is this a joke?

So now Thierry Rocher’s claim that Cavelera suggested the Mercedes is denied by the man himself and the blame shifted back on to Musa.

But at least we now know for sure that it was Cavelera who gave the keys to Fredric Lucard and told him to take the car around to the Rue Cambon at the rear of the hotel… Or do we:

French Dossier D6074-D6079

Frédéric LUCARD Chauffeur, also responsible for parking vehicles at the Ritz Hotel.

‘Shortly before midnight on 30 August 1997, Jean-François Musa personally came to see me and told me quietly, “Right, Fred, would you please get the Mercedes 688 out of the car park and take it to the Cambon entrance, do it quietly, try to see you’re not being followed, it’s for the princess, they are going to leave on the Cambon side and Mr Paul will drive

And they wonder why people commit Hari Kari!

So what did Operation Paget do to weed out the liars, I hear you ask?

They wrote this:

[Paget Note: It would appear that Thierry Rocher is indeed mistaken about who suggested taking a car from Etoile Limousine – both Jean-François Musa and Sébastien Cavalera confirm that it was Jean-François Musa’s suggestion. Likewise, his memory that Kieran Wingfield called over to Henri Paul in front of the hotel saying ‘Henri, you are leaving by Rue Cambon’ is not supported by the CCTV images. At that time Kieran Wingfield was outside the Imperial Suite. Henri Paul returned to the first floor before Kieran Wingfield then went downstairs.] 

So there we have the answer then… They did fuck all.

Therefore, Operation Paget cost the British Public twelve and a half million quid for them to come up with the following and loads more besides, all derived at by the same process:

Mr Nobody was responsible for choosing the Mercedes as well as selecting Henri Paul to drive it.

The decision was made by Mr Nobody at around Sometime O’clock.

Conflicting CCTV images prove this because various people are caught on film talking on phones to god knows whom.

They know this because they have decided that the evidence points to everyone falling victim to mistaken Identity.

I repeat, Twelve and a half million pounds that cost you lot to find that out.

However, despite all of the conflicting evidence, it becomes apparent – if you believe our honest detectives – that the Mercedes ‘Death Car’ was not selected to be used until sometime between 12AM and 12.10AM… Albeit there is very contradictory evidence to that fact.


What do you reckon to that old fanny QE2″?


I agree Ma’am-Mite, a total, total failure to investigate the facts properly… Or is that look aimed at me for doing what your Police Force failed to do?

Mind you, the 12:10AM timeline would of course explain the wait that the Princess and Dodi had on the Rue Cambon.

Yet whichever way I look at it, it  still seems mighty strange that the Princess would leave her hotel suite unsure as to whether a car had been sorted out or not.

I mean suppose the death car had not been available?

Had it not, are we meant to believe that having left the Imperial Suite, Dodi and the Princess would then have returned back there?

The Paget Report does not mention this important point at all… “Can’t come up with an answer to that. Fuck it, say nothing”.

It does in fact seem that the report purposely sets out the evidence in such a way as to deliberately muddy the waters.

It is also extremely strange that Rees-Jones’s mobile phone billing has gone astray while all of the other major players phone records in this scenario are still ‘available’.

Could the bodyguard’s phone records have deliberately gone astray? Or was there even any phone records to go astray?

Okay, let’s go to the final countdown, starting with that 12 minute wait for the car.


Fuck me! they waited 12 minutes for the car and when it finally arrives, Dopi decides to chat to Matey, hence he was the last out.

Now, as for Paul being accused of tipping off the papz that the couple were leaving via Rue Cambon at the rear of the hotel – of course he fucking did. The ones that he tipped off were the ones that were in on the ruse and needed to take photos for posterity.

Nevertheless, the spy owned Telegraph newspaper had this to say on the matter:

Until he spoke to them, none of the paparazzi had gone to the hotel’s rear entrance, where Diana and Dodi Fayed would later exit, but after Mr Paul’s conversations three photographers went to the back door, where Mr Paul could clearly be seen waving to them.

Dodi Fayed’s father Mohamed claims Mr Paul was in the pay of MI6, who he believes arranged for Diana to be assassinated.

Mr Fayed’s barrister Michael Mansfield QC asked Inspector Paul Carpenter, the Metropolitan Police officer who compiled the CCTV footage: “On all three of (Mr Paul’s) last visits (to the front of the hotel) he appears to talk to members of the paparazzi?”

The officer said “that’s correct”.

Mr Mansfield asked: “Having spoken to members of the paparazzi, when he finally goes to the rear of the Ritz he actually waves to the paparazzi from the rear?”

“Yes, Sir,” said Mr Carpenter.

Mr Mansfield also asked if the CCTV showed Mr Paul talking to the photographers shortly before driving away the car, but was told it did not.

In the immediate aftermath of the crash, 10 photographers were arrested on suspicion of contributing to the tragedy by driving too close to the Mercedes as they followed it and distracting Mr Paul with flash photography.

But it appears Mr Paul himself – who died in the crash – may have betrayed the elaborate plans which Dodi Fayed and his bodyguards had laid to throw the paparazzi off the scent as they left the hotel for Mr Fayed’s Paris apartment.

A home video taken by an Australian tourist that night, and played to the jury, shows more than 50 photographers and onlookers gathered outside the front of the hotel after word spread that Diana was inside.

CCTV footage shows hotel security staff having lengthy conversations with each other about what to do, and at one point staging a “dummy run” in which two cars were driven away from the front of the hotel, tricking several paparazzi into following them.

The cars were later to be used as “decoys”, the jury was told, in the hope that Diana and Dodi could slip out of the back of the hotel unnoticed.

But as Diana and Dodi waited patiently in a service lobby at the back of the hotel, Mr Paul, unbeknown to them, was signalling to photographers opposite the rear entrance, who, said Mr Carpenter, used the signal “to focus their cameras on that entrance”. Source

Indeed, everything about that night points to all parties trying their best to covertly seek press attention, as had been the case for much longer than you would think.

Now, as I said earlier the correct procedure for getting knob-ed-celebs from a building to a car is by having the car as near as possible from where the VIP’s are going to exit.

And indeed, this was the case when they arrived at the Ritz for the 1st time in the Place Vendôme and when they left for what was meant to be the last time at 7PM.

d14a1b (1)

Yet instead of using that exit at 20 past midnight on the 31st of August 1997, they used the service entrance which at the time you were prevented from walking out into the road by building works.

This meant that as the party left the building they had to walk back along the pavement, almost to where the exit they had used earlier is situated.

In turn this left the party open & vulnerable to all manner of trouble and also provided an excellent photoshoot for the trio of waiting Papz.

And it is for that reason that I believe that the party left via that exit. You see, Diana’s long walk to the Mercedes which will drive her to her death within the next 10 minutes being caught on camera is much more dramatic than if they had come out of the other exit and got straight into the car.

Besides, having the photos of the party walking to the death car made it easier for the MSM to convince the public that this shit really happened.

Image ref 278583T. Copyright Rex Shutterstock No reproduction without permission. Please see for more information.

Now, unsurprisingly the CCTV footage differs from the Papz photos taken at the same time.


Now whilst I’m at it I may as well do the other photos taken at twenty past twelve on the 31st.


Okay, I have already discussed the continuing mystery of the route that they took on the way to Dodi’s drum – Well, I say mystery but it wasn’t really since the crash had to take place in the tunnel as a mock sacrifice and the symbolism associated with it… Regardless of whether a crashed motor was there or not.

And somewhere along the route in the 5 minute drive between the Rue Cambon and the accident site the following two photos were taken.


Now as well as the usual bullshit, conflicting witness testimony, it seems like the car-crash-crap may have been the 1st hoax for Terrapin Scaremongering:

Officers said that rescue efforts were hampered because of the location of the accident. One stunned eyewitness, Stuart Dienn, from Teddington, Middlesex, said: “I heard an almighty smash.” I have heard car accidents before, but never anything like this. This was just an almighty bang.

“By the time I got there there were police swarming everywhere. I saw a zipped up body bag being carried into an ambulance. I had no idea it was them.” Tourist Michael Solomon was visibly shaken by what he had seen and heard. “The noise of the crash was so loud I thought it was a terrorist bomb at first,” he said.”I peered into the wreckage and saw Dodi in a pretty bad state lying on the back seat. “Diana was also in the back, but I really couldn’t tell how badly injured she was”Source

And then there is this doozy:

Francois Levy, a retired ship’s captain from Rouen, France, was also driving in front of the Mercedes, as the cars entered the tunnel. He contacted attorneys for the Ritz Hotel, who passed his account on to the French police. “In my rearview mirror, I saw the car [the Mercedes] in the middle of the tunnel with the motorcycle on its left, pulling ahead, and then swerving to the right directly in front of the car,” Levy said. “As the motorcycle swerved and before the car lost control, there was a flash of light, but then I was out of the tunnel and heard, but did not see, the impact.” He continued, “I immediately pulled my car over to the curb, but my wife said: ‘Let’s get out of here. It’s a terrorist attack.‘ There were two people on the motorcycle.Source

Okay, moving forward to the car crash itself and there are differing accounts of how it took place – as you would expect – but as per usual, the official account is the most absurd.

You see, the official account states that the Merc clipped the kerb situated near the 12th column causing Henri Paul to lose control of the motor:


Now I have hit the kerb a few times in the past but never one that high at 60MPH.

Yet according to the authorities, after glancing the kerb the merc’s back end swung out far enough for the car to aim directly at the 13th column with the forward momentum ensuring that concrete and metal met head on. … Although I can’t personally see how it could have done.

Nevertheless, after striking the column the car’s continued momentum carried the rear end forward, pulling the front away from the column and leaving the car on the outer carriageway, facing the wrong direction… Which I can believe would happen.

dd14f (1)


And of course the Papz then swarmed onto the scene and started clicking away with their mobile phones, at the dead and dying… Allegedly:

One picture shows the Princess slumped inside the car, unconscious and bleeding.

Others show the mangled bodies of Dodi, who was killed instantly, and Henri Paul, with the car’s steering wheel embedded in his chest.

Bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones lies slumped in his seat, his smashed jaw and disfigured face clearly visible. Source

Then there is this from one of the Ambulance Crew… And they wouldn’t lie would they:

Diana was lying across the back seat of the Mercedes, with most of her body leaning outside the car, when the ambulance arrived, approximately 15-16 minutes after the crash, according to one of the ambulance crew, who also spoke to The Scotsman. She was almost immediately removed from the car. Source

Another account has this to say:

Mr Rees was Dodi Fayed’s bodyguard and the front-seat passenger in the Mercedes. He broke every bone in his face and suffered serious chest injuries. Source

Then there is this – also in regard to Trevor:

The impact of the crash was so massive that rescuers found the radiator grill on the front passenger’s lap. Source

And all accompanied by newspaper reports that Trevor had bitten off his tongue and his jaw was hanging off:

A police photo, taken just as his chest and head are being pulled up from the dashboard, a shot of his profile, reveals a shocking fact – Trevor’s face has been flattened, his nose and eye sockets pushed back so far that, in profile, his nose scarcely protrudes beyond the lips.


Henri Paul’s body had been crushed in the crash. His stomach, heart, and liver had been crushed and burst open. Thus, the entire chest cavity was badly contaminated by other body fluids, food residues, and so on, mixed together with the blood. Source

Nasty. But not as nasty as Dodi’s injuries according to Mohamed Al Fayed talking to the Chimp:

He had suffered massive injuries – the entire back of his head was missing. Source

Yet I am left wondering just HOW the fuck he managed to lose half his head ??? In fact how did they all manage to receive such terrible injuries?

After all, they were in a Mercedes built like a brick shit house and they were only travelling at 60MPH – as opposed to the originally stated, 120MPH.

Moreover, the car had airbags – both of which inflated.

But just what in the name of wave your saggy fucking tits around could Dodi have hit to take the back of his head off?

Moreover, what the fuck could Trevor have hit to smash his face to fuck?

I mean if the injuries to his face are representative of someone’s face plunging into an airbag at 60MPH, then the airbags are a complete waste of time.

d22e (1)

And I am not buying it for a second.

I mean if you look at his good eye you can clearly see a white line drawn on the top of his bottom eyelid.

Or put another way, that eye has had some photoshopping done to it… Why?

And as for his bad eye, once again that has been photoshopped around the bottom eyelid… Why?

Then you look at the jagged scar stretching from his nose to his jaw line. That is a scar that you get from being cut with something sharp like a knife or what you would expect from having your face bottled or glassed… Indeed, you could even expect such from being caught up in a bomb blast.

And to be fair, Trevor was in the Paras – some even say the SAS.

Yet it is definitely not the type of scar you would receive from slamming your face – protected by an airbag – into a cars dashboard.


He certainly healed up well didn’t he?

I mean having read the description of his injuries set out above, along with the following quotes:

“You may not recognize your son,” the doctor warned as they approached.
[His face] had been smashed back, widened and flattened. the whole contours of his face were just demolished.
Rough sutures held flaps of flesh together. He was unrecognizable.

Unconscious, his face smashed so terribly that when his mother first saw him she could recognize him only by his legs…

“Oh yes that is definitely my Trevor, I would recognize those legs anywhere” – said no one ever.

And then take a look at his x-rays, for fucks sake:


He was in fact extremely lucky not to have lost any teeth although his neck appears to be broken – but ignore that because there is no mention anywhere that I have seen stating that Trevor had done so... So we will take it that his neck wasn’t brockadid and the X-Ray was mistaken on this occasion.

There is no date stamp as such either. I mean the Sipa Press data gives the date as being 00:00:1997, but no such date exists in reality.

And then there are also the numbers 08:08:03 on the photo itself, but that looks to relate to the time rather than the 8th of August 2003.

Neither is there anything to say that this is Trevor’s face, except for the Press Blurb… Mind you, they wouldn’t lie would they?

So in reality then, those x-rays could have been anybodies, taken at anytime, in any one given place or other – Roger that.

Nevertheless, Dr. Chikhanistrange fucking name – did a brilliant job by anyones standards…

PHOTO: Stan Laurel Dr Chikhani

I mean, all that Chickenham had to go on to repair Trevor’s unrecognisable face was a photo provided by the Rees family.

Yet just 6 weeks later on October 3rd 1997, Trevor left hospital to return to England… And as such, he obviously didn’t break his fucking neck… Or his face.

d22o2 (1)

Why isn’t Dr. Chickenham recognised as a world renown plastic surgeon for fucks sake – he has done a truly amazing job.

Cop a load of this:

The surgeon who rebuilt the face of bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones has explained how he carried out the operation.  

Luc Chikhani said it was a miracle Mr Rees Jones had survived the crash which killed Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul.

He was called into the La Pitie Salpatriere Hospital immediately after the crash in August 1997 to treat Mr Rees Jones.   

“I have never seen so many fractures on a man who was still alive,” he said.   

“There was hope, he was not dead but the face was completely smashed with many different fractures – it was amazingly crushed.   

“The face was completely flat. We had to completely rebuild it. The eyes were apart, the nose was smashed and the jaw was broken,” he says in an interview on ITV’s Tonight with Trevor McDonald, to be broadcast on Thursday.   

Mr Chikhani carried out an 11-hour operation, inserting more than 30 metal screws and plates into Mr Rees-Jones’s face.   

He rebuilt the former bodyguard’s features using photographs.   

Dr Chikhani made incisions above his upper teeth and below his lower teeth inside the mouth.   

His cheekbones were stretched and wires secured to their ends, and the skin was peeled back as far as his chin. Other wires held the two jaws together and locked his mouth closed.

Another incision was made from ear to ear across the top of his head so the flesh below his eyes could be pulled back.   

Dr Chikhani moved the pieces of bone around in the face, which had been flattened and spread out. After drilling tiny holes, he attached metal plates to force the bone together.   

Bone from the back of the skull was later grafted onto Mr Rees-Jones’ cheekbones and flesh and cartilage grafts were used to create a new nose.   

“I have tried my best to make him look as he did before but I am not God – only God can rebuild him as he was before the accident,” the surgeon said.   

He added: “No one seemed to care about this man who was wounded.  

“My aim was to take care of him, but there were people from the Secret Service and police from England and France that came to ask when they could talk to him, but no one asked how he was recovering.” Source

Hmmm, I may return to the good doctor.

Nevertheless, of all the photos  supposedly taken by the Papz in the minutes following the crash, it seem strange that no photos were ever released – officially or otherwise – on’t tinterwebb of Dodi, Trevor and Henri. 

Moreover, there have only been 3 that I have seen of Diana and one of them is definitely fake.


PHOTO: Fake as fuck

For a start there is far too much devastation inside the car not to mention that its three bodies light and contrary to common belief, Diana was out long before the car roof was cut off.

Neither do the other two make much sense.


Unless Diana is down in the footwell here, but then she is on the wrong side.

And why is the quality so poor?

However, what makes me think that this is a ‘real’ photo is the other one, either taken a short time before or a short time afterwards.


The only problem is, Diana looks to me to be about to burst into a fit of giggles!

Although when you examine it closer Diana kinda looks like she has been made up of bits and pieces.

Princess Diana accident3

Yet why is that the best quality that there is  to be found of those last two photos?

And the same applies to the following photo:


However, that photo is nowt to get excited about because it is just a cropped version of the one below… Except the one above seems to have instructions on it such as where to add the exhaust, car back door and oil up the column.

Oh, and the cut off line for the oil on the ground which goes through the fella in the white trousers legs… And still the prat who did the photoshopping got the line the wrong way round.


Now why the fuck would the cunts do that?

Moreover, Mr White Trousers could be Trevor Rees Jones. I mean that red shirt collar has definitely had the red colour added.

And if that was Trevor, then the bird that I have arrowed in the white trousers could be Diana – what with her top having been digitally altered as well as what looks like her dark hair actually being her shadow on the white van.

And if that was Diana, then the bloke that I have arrowed to the far right of the photo could quite easily be Henri Paul.

Course I am not saying that they definitely are, especially since I doubt very, very much that Diana was even there in the first place, to be frank… Because I like being ‘Frank’ – he’s buff.

Photos please:

d14a2c (2)4

Is that even within human capability… I mean I could go on drawing lines and making pyramids for hours, just on that one screenshot alone – and I would wager that you would end up with a photo full of tiny pyramids all of the same size… Yet someone worked all the angles out in perfect synchronicity, hidden within HOURS ON END OF MOVING IMAGES, specifically created to tell a story that was doubtlessly planned to the hour, day and months, thousands of years ago!!! …

And who have we got to combat this genius? Who are the dynamic duo who according to no one but themselves are the Truth & Light ever since they misheard someone down the daycare centre say “fuck it’s the Strewth & Shite… Yes they are of course Eddie ‘givit’ Large and  Jimmy ‘very’ Little, backed by Poo… Tom Cat Poo – collectively known as the Crankies…  Fuck me we are doomed.

Nevertheless, to get back to the original point I was making i.e there is precious little to show that the woman in the photos taken on the night of the 30th of August was in fact Diana: Princess of Wales.


Mind you, everybody thinks that they know what Diana looks like but do they really.

I mean, take a look at the following photos ALL of Diana.


Now if I had have posted some of those photos as being Diana ‘lookalikes’ I would have had the usual mix from rent-a-nonce and the wide-awake-club along with those would be writers who can’t make the grade and are just plain jealous of those who can, shouting “Fuck off you cvunt, they look fuck all alike”… Which is nice because they always make me giggle, but I am sure that you know what I mean.

Moreover, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE “DODI/DIANA HOLIDAY SNAPS” were faked… Think about that – every single photo.

Therefore it is safe to assume that no such holiday took place in order to allow the trip to Paris on the 30th of August to take place.

The following are but a few of those photos.


And remember, all of the photos are made up of sections from other photos and which have been done so in such a way that they can all be ‘pyramided up’.

Yet like I say, the task of doing so – and in doing so – is far beyond the capabilities of 99.9% of the human race.

Want some more proof? Of course ya do, oh yee of little faith.


And trust me when I say that I have a lot more of where that came from!

Now, getting back to the crashed car and of course the reality of the situation was that it had not sustained nearly half as much damage as the wreck that we have all seen in countless photos on the internet… Which would never do for the manipulators, if indeed there was a car in the tunnel at all – which as I said, I tend to doubt very much.

Not one that was smashed to fuck anyway.

Nevertheless, even if there was a car, all that the cunts did to make it look worse was to have it appear as if the roof had been cut off – which was touted as being necessary to get the four occupants out.

Yet the roof didn’t need cutting off because Diana, Dodi and Trevor were already out by then if you go by the revised official narrative.

Therefore, the car’s roof was only cut off in order to free Henri Paul’s body.

But why would the roof need to come off to free a dead man?

Answer: It wouldn’t.

Therefore, the only reason for taking the Merc’s roof off was so as to make the damage seem all the worse.

And to back my claim, the car was ‘somehow’ taken out of the tunnel and placed on the open air slope leading to it, just to be loaded onto the back of a lorry in full view of the world’s press… Yet they had ample space to load it onto the back of the lorry inside the tunnel as you can see in the photo below.


The car was then driven away on the lorry without so much as a tarpaulin placed over it – again to give the press a photo opportunity.

Par145589817fd94ab0bfb659e88a59a9ac53560d6-215 (2)980201

Now I feel 100% sure that you will be looking at the car from the wrong perspective in all of those photos, but I won’t show you why just yet.

However, I will obviously address the matter a bit later on in this report, but for now let’s look at the damage caused to the 13th column… Or lack of it, I should say.

And don’t forget that an S-Class Mercedes travelling at 60 MPH is a formidable force to get hit by.


I see that we now have the obligatory [real] pedal bike appear, although I still maintain that the drain cover that I suggested looked like a bike, was prominent for a reason.

Also take a look at the reflection on the cars roof in that last photo… Does it remind you of anything? Answers on a postcard to anyone but me please.

And then there is the very confusing matter of who was there first… As in the first at the scene and the first to help Diana.

Indeed, according to Pap, Romuald Rat – apparently pronounced “Raa” – he was the first.


Course, Mr Rah is the ultimate pantomime baddie and it is no coincidence that his name happens to be Romuald Rat.

I mean who doesn’t think of Roland Raa when they hear his name?

Indeed, it is no more than deliberate word association for the purposes of mind manipulation – another example would be the Batalan/Batman club which played a large part in the Parisian Prank in November 2015.

Nevertheless, Dr Frederic Mailliez also claims first place, yet according to the photos it was neither – so why would they make such public claims?

Still, it’s strange that there is always an off duty doctor or nurse on hand in these hoaxes… Who seem to have no qualms about returning to the accident scene for a photo opportunity.

Nothing like being professional is there… And returning to the accident site just to get your photo in the newspapers is nothing like being professional in my book.

Nevertheless lets have some photos.

However you will notice that the last photo and the next photo below are more or less exactly the same, just with a reshuffled set of actors, yet the plod are on site. So the question is:

Would the PoPo say:

A) Ahhhh qui, qui, you iz doin zee brylyaunt fuckeen work,  carry on?

Or would the PoPo say:

B) Right you’s lot, FUCK OFF

Once again, answers on a postcard to anyone but me.


Obviously I am only joking with the last photo… Probably.

But anyway, this now begs the question: Is Diana still alive?

After all we saw her smirking in a no smirking area.

And don’t forget those early reports following the ‘accident‘ where witnesses categorically stated that Diana had walked to the ambulance unaided – despite the rumour quickly dying out.

But is there any truth in that claim?

Well let’s take a Butchers at the following POSSIBILITIES.



Pretty inconclusive but not totally out of the question… And note that is a plod van not an ambulance.

The following photo is also worth having a butchers at too.

dd49b (2)

Mind you, at the end of the day it is all just further distraction designed to cause more conflict and division.

Okay moving on and another mystery that needs looking at is the time that the accident actually happened as opposed to the ‘official time’ that we have been given – which of course means diddley-squat; knowing what we now know about the made-up CCTV evidence.

Course that official time of impact was 12:25 AM, but a lorra, lorra people also put the time of impact at around 20-25 minutes earlier than that – In other words, around about the midnight mark.

You may also like to note that in the following witness testimonies the time anomaly is consistent... or put another way; the differing accounts all have the time as just gone midnight and not say for instance 12:15 PM:

VAN SUSTEREN: About what time did you leave the hotel that night?

REES-JONES: Again, I’m not certain of timings. I’m not going to put my name (ph) against timings. I know it was later on, perhaps midnight, maybe a bit later. Source

Good lad Trev… Next:

They left the Ritz around midnight local time in a car chauffeured by a hotel employee. Their black Mercedes was pursued by paparazzi on motorcycles, the commercial photographers who constantly tail Diana to snatch pictures of her. Seven photographers have been arrested and are helping police with their enquiries.

A few minutes later the car crashed in a tunnel at the Pont de l’Alma bridge along the Seine River, less than a half-mile from the Eiffel Tower. The car apparently hit a concrete post in the center divider, then bounced into the right wall. Source

That was actually a press report, but good lads, knob-eds… Next:

However, Mr Michael suggested that French laws on the activities of photographers might have contributed to the tragedy. He said: “There is a difference between the accepted rules and standards between Britain and other countries.” Several people were said to have been trapped in the ensuing pile-up after the crash, which happened just after midnight. Police cars and vans – with lights flashing – crowded the mouth the tunnel on the bank of the Seine, as officers sealed off the area. Source

And there are plenty more reports all along the same lines.

Furthermore, there are also a couple of photos that are quite telling:


Now why would a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER start taking photos at midnight if there was fuck all to take photos of?

Furthermore, if diversions were in place at midnight, who the fuck would take any real notice of the time when they would be more concerned with where they were  being diverted… And they were all probably too Henri’ed to worry about the time by then anyway.

Indeed, even on the off chance that those affected did cotton-on to the time anomaly, who were they going to tell anyway – the press?

That would certainly be a waste of fucking time!

But as I say; it is doubtful that anyone affected would pick up on the time difference anyway, especially since news of the accident didn’t start to air until at least 2AM and even then those early reports – as we have seen – were at best, patchy and contradictory.

Therefore, once those caught up in the diversion did hear on the news the official time of the car crash, they were highly unlikely to think; “hang on we were diverted at midnight not half past”.

But what would the significance be of that 25 minute window? What would there to be gained?

Well – and obviously I am only speculating here – but that would certainly be enough time to drop off a Mercedes Benz insurance write-off in the tunnel… And this is in fact the first of the two ways that I believe that the hoaxsters were able to pull the illusion off.

You see, what is not readily known is that nearly a month after the ‘accident’ the French Judge heading the investigation decided in his wisdom to stage a reconstruction in the tunnel… Using the [alleged] crashed Merc, Registration number 688 LTV 75 – stop fucking laughing.

But isn’t that just one of the most bizarre things that you have ever heard?

I mean how the fuck were they planning to move 2 tons of scrap metal around, let alone move it around with any degree of accuracy?

dd48a (1)a

I don’t buy it for one fucking second… I mean the Met did their reconstruction on a computer, so France must have been living in medieval times back in 1997.

However unlike the 31st of August when the wreckage was taken away without so much as a tea towel covering it – and only then after unnecessarily dragging it out of the tunnel for a photo shoot first – the Merc was brought back to the tunnel a month later (allegedly), well and truly tucked away from prying eyes; under a tarpaulin.

Rather strange!

However, that reconstruction – as far as I am aware – was not reported in the press until years later and even then it didn’t get much of an airing… Plenty of time for people to forget see?

Which as I say, brings me back to my theory of a car being off loaded from the back of a lorry just after midnight on the 31st of August.

You see, it is one thing people telling themselves that they have got their times mixed up about when they had been forced to take a slight diversion, but quite another to convince themselves that they didn’t see a wrecked Merc heading for the Alma tunnel on the back of a lorry… Hence the battered car would have needed to be under a cover of some sort – rather like a tarpaulin for instance.

And with that being the case, no one would take a blind bit of fucking notice.

Okay, let’s have some photos which – despite what we are led to believe – were not necessarily taken on Monday the 29th of September 1997 and were in fact in all probability taken just after midnight on the 31st of August 1997… I mean why on earth would anyone try dragging a Merc around – without wheels that turn – in a cold, dark tunnel, on a Monday night?

Or are we supposed to believe that it was done at night for added authenticity?

17fd94ab0bfb659e88a59a9ac53560d6-211651517bf9bd66fae (1)

And like I say, there was no such shyness when the Merc came to be taken away.

But answer me this… Why is a POLICE LORRY not painted like a police lorry should be?

I mean that ‘POLICE’ sign on the top of the cab isn’t fooling me and you shall see why it isn’t shortly.


Not that there was anyone much left to watch the lorry leave according to Journalist, Christopher Dickey:

Princess Diana died, as it happened, the night of my birthday, August 31, 1997. I hadn’t planned much of a celebration. My wife and I shared a bottle of good wine in our apartment in Paris, and went to bed. About 30 minutes later, an editor called from New York. The wires were reporting there’d been a car crash about a mile from my place: the driver and Diana’s lover of the moment, Dodi Fayed, were dead. Diana was injured, nobody was sure how badly.

Minutes later, I was at the scene among a crush of reporters behind police barricades trying to peer into the tunnel beneath the Place de l’Alma. The lights of cop cars flashed inside with that melancholy rhythm they have when the sirens are off and the action is over. We could see the big crumpled Mercedes sedan, but not very well. We still didn’t know what had happened to the princess. Over the course of the next hour or so, the press corps thinned out until, finally, to my surprise, I was alone.

I was waiting for the police to pull the car out of the tunnel, and in the meantime making calls on my big brick of a cellphone, or answering questions as best I could when American cable networks called me.

As it happened, I had contributed to a Newsweek article about Diana that was on the stands that week. Under the headline “The Flying Fayeds,” it recounted the high ambitions and unsavory connections of Dodi Fayed and his father, all of which were of new interest because Dodi and Diana had been photographed kissing during an escapade off the coast of Sardinia. People magazine had dubbed her “the poster girl for ‘Smart Princess, Dumb Choices.’” Paparazzi, inspired by the enormous sums paid for that blurry shot of the infamous embrace, were willing to do just about anything to get their own version. Several had been chasing the Mercedes when it crashed.

Finally a police truck emerged slowly from the tunnel with the wrecked car on the back. The top had been severed from the body of the automobile with what rescue workers call “the jaws of life” so they could get at the victims inside. The air bags were deployed and lay limp in the front seats. I could not see any blood, although I know now that there must have been a lot of it. The face of bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones had been shredded by the windshield. It was obvious from the twisted metal that the impact had been horrific, as I told the cable news anchors calling me.

Then there was nothing more to see. So I went to the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital a couple of miles away and across the Seine. A French ambulance had taken Diana there. But reporters were not being allowed through the gates. As dawn approached, again, I found myself in sparse company. And then, suddenly, we were told we could enter. I climbed over the police barriers and went inside.

It was, for me, a strange sensation. I had only ever been to that hospital once before, and not for medical reasons. About eight months earlier, I’d gone to see an installation of Bill Viola’s video art in the ruins of an old church on the hospital grounds. In ultra-slow motion on enormous screens, men sank and rose from water, or were consumed by flame. I had called my father afterward to talk about it with him. He was dying, and we had been estranged for a long time, and these conversations about art and poetry were one of the ways we tried to reconnect. A few weeks after that, he passed away.

Now I was waiting for word of another death, albeit of someone I had never met.

The British ambassador and the French interior minister and other dignitaries had assembled to address the press in those dark minutes just before sunrise. But first they asked the doctor who had treated Diana to explain what steps he had taken to save her. For some reason there was no microphone. The doctor spoke softly. Three or four of us huddled around him, almost a scrum, hanging on his every word. He said she had massive internal bleeding. He said surgeons had opened her chest. He said they had massaged her heart. He said he and his team had done everything they could, but at four in the morning they had pronounced her dead.

As I repeated that information live to CNN, my voice broke. Reporting the news of Diana’s death, I remembered my own need to grieve. In the days that followed, I think millions of people shared that experience in various ways: the world seemed to pause to mourn Diana, and in that moment people allowed themselves to mourn for many others they had loved and lost.

For months after that, because mine had been the voice of Diana’s death broadcast around the world, I was assigned full time to follow the story of what happened that night and the subsequent investigation. It was clear there had been many bad decisions, one after another, and there had been no conspiracy,  but Dodi’s father, Mohamed al-Fayed, spent a fortune trying to keep alive the notion that the British royals had mounted a plot to kill the princess and his son. It all came to seem terribly tawdry.

Eventually I got to see the voluminous police dossier on the case, including the photographs taken at the scene by the paparazzi. Dodi, I remember, looked like a mangled marionette, his limbs twisted in impossible positions. But Diana merely looked stunned. She was seated in the well of the car behind the front seat, her legs drawn up slightly. Her eyes seemed vacant, but she looked very much alive. Only when she was taken out of the car and stretched out in the ambulance did the tear in a vein near her heart open wide.

In that same picture, in a pouch in the back of the front seat, there is a magazine: a copy of Newsweek.  Maybe it was the same one with the article on “The Flying Fayeds.” I don’t know. Just another odd and painful coincidence. One of so many that night. Source

17fd94ab0bfb659e88a59a9ac53560d6 (4)

However, I do know that Dodgy-Chris Dickey is also a gate keeper for the Nonce-Elite.

Yet even then that isn’t the full extent of the tunnel shite. You see, as I always say when seeking out videos to do with hoaxes, always go foreign because English videos are always that much more censored.

Moreover, if you can find videos taken at the time of the event – or just after – then all the better.

So I was chuffed to fuck when I found a French site with videos meeting both criteria… Fill ya boots:


How we doing? I think we are getting there… Madge? Your thoughts?

You know that.

So it’s onwards and upwards – shall we do the car’s rear lights now?

Yeah why not aye.

images (15)Untitledcar18a

I really should also point out that those split rear lights do not fit a 1994 model of Mercedes – but then again I think I have proved by now that the Mercedes in the photos is not the Mercedes that we are supposed to think it is… Just saying.

But anyway, that concludes how the fraud could have been pulled off using a car dropped in the tunnel.

However, as I said earlier, I favour version-2 that does not have a wrecked car in the tunnel at all, just a big loud bang, a few lighting effects and a shut off road – with everything else being left to photoshop, fabricated film clips & CGI… Kinda like the Shoreham-Flight-Shite from last year.

Course, that is not to say that four people playing Dodi Fayed, Diana Wales, Henri Paul & Our Trev did not leave The Ritz Hotel from the Rue Cambon at 12:25 AM on the 31st of August 1997 in an S-Class Mercedes – because the chances are that they did, with the Merc in question in all probability being 405 JVJ 75, purposely chosen because of its unusual black plate with white digits, as opposed to the yellow plated, black digited 688 LTV 75 Mercedes; the different colour plates obviously used in order to easily differentiate between the two cars thus serving to further allay any investigators suspicions.

And don’t forget that 19 years ago most people – including myself – would never even consider an event of such magnitude being a hoax… A murder on the orders of the Duck, yes…

Phil the Greek 1

… But a hoax? Never in a million fucking years.

So let me show you how I came to the conclusion that there was no wreck:


Yet those photos do not show the front of the car which we also see in plenty of photos.

However, this is where Part 1 ends.

“This is where Part 1 ends “, I hear you screech, “Surely there cannot be much more to tell Spiv”? Stop fuckng screeching will ya! And yes there is… In fact there is an awful lot more to tell.

I mean just for starters there is the proof that the death car had all the damage superimposed onto the Mercedes registration number 405 JVJ  75.


Indeed, there are still many, many questions for me to write about, not least why LORD John Stevens – author of the Paget Report, former top policeman and Lord of the land – masqueraded as murdered Paparazzi member, James Andanson in order to further fuel the conspiracy theories surrounding Diana’s death.


And then there is the need to discuss the man who started this crusade off for me.

He is Bernard Cazeneuve, the current French Interior Minister – an evil little man constantly pushing the terrorist myth – who was formerly known as Henri Paul:


I am then going to PROVE to you that Mohamed Al Fayed does not exist and never has.


You heard, Al Fayed is just a fictional character played by Arm-Dealer, Adnan Khashoggi- once dubbed the richest man in the world.


PHOTO: Khashoggi (photo left) Al Fayed Khashoggi (photo right)

Course, if Mohamed Al Fayed is not a real person then neither can Dodi be right? … Or the rest of his family for that matter.

Which is true – no Mohamed, no Dodi. There are of course, or should I say ‘were’, people who played the character of Dodi.

For instance, Kareem Fayed – No relation – amongst others.

10256499_10152934137169540_6477428413103963352_n (1)

PHOTO: Kareem Fayed and Other


PHOTO: A Dodi lookalike casting a spell… Note the horns on his trident along with the drum

And given that information you will obviously want to know if Trevor Rees Jones is a real person… The answer to which is: Yes, of course he fucking is… Several actually.

For instance, Trevor is Sion Jenkins – the fella who spent time in prison for killing his foster daughter, Billie Jo Jenkins.


Jenkins was of course released on appeal.

Moreover, Clever Trevor is very highly decorated and a good friend of the Ducks.


No doubt a real feather in his cap as far as he is concerned.

tree (2)

Furthermore we need to look at why the surgeon who rebuilt Trevor’s face from a photograph, also doubles up as Trevor’s Lawyer?


And that is not to mention finding out the answer as to why the fella – given his careers – would make such a cunt of himself by playing ‘Diana Devotee’, John Loughty whilst the fraud inquest was taking place in London?


After all, playing John Loughty is Kes Wingfield’s domain?


I also want to know why THEY ALL cast spells on us whilst being interviewed? Remember Dodi doing it in the photo above?

2 (2)

And when I say that they all do that and then push their hands forward, I mean ALL.


Indeed, it matters not if this mischief making actually works or not, the fact that THEY believe it does is of great concern to me.

And then I am really going to rock your world by PROVING – note PROVING – that Diana Frances Spencer never existed… The clue is in the middle name as it happens: Diana, FRANCE’S Spencer.

Indeed, Diana: Princess of Wales was no more than a life in photos – a lot less photos than you would think too.


This is just a little of what is still to come and far from the full extent of what I hold so please, no writing in saying 5 photoshopped pictures does not prove that Diana never existed.

Mind you, I should also point out that it wasn’t just a case of one head fits all.

Indeed, it was sometimes the case of one body fits all too.

87604Lucia Flecha De Lima suit

In fact I can tell you that there is not a single photo of Charles & Dianaor Diana interacting with anyone else for that matter – that is not photoshopped… Course, if you think that statement now gives you justification to send me a photo of Diana interacting with someone and demand to know where it is photoshopped, you can go and fuck yourself.

I am not your performing monkey so if you cannot see where a photo is photoshopped for yourself and/or don’t believe me, feel free to deposit £20 per photo into my Paypal account ( and I will gladly point out to you where the photos fail… Payment in full returned if I cannot obviously.

Course photoshopping is an art with some efforts better than others, but I am an expert at spotting the bullshit – trust me when I say that because I can spot a fake in seconds.


Obviously the above are all photoshopped… Can you spot where?

Nevertheless, at times there were needs for a ‘Diana’ crisis actress to make a public appearance, hence you have so many different looking Dianas (as seen in that bundle of photos that I put together found somewhere up above)… And what’s more, there were plenty able to carry the part off:

Untitled12 Sophie Rhys Jones – no relation to Trevor Rees Jones – could certainly perform the illusion.


She even has the fucking teeth for the part if you want to get all forensical about it.

Selina Scott is another who used to pull it off.


Hmmm, now let me see? … Who else could get away with it?


Ahhh yes, Alice Beer could also manage it – Alice has to be a part of the De Beers family doesn’t she?


And Rosa Monckton even talks like Diana… But then again the Moncktons are described as being the “consummate spy family”.

And of course Jill Dando was known to have stepped up to the fold a time or two.


Course, there is a Conspiracy Theory that Jill was shot dead because she was about to expose a paedophile ring at the BBC… Oh how they love to mug you off… And indeed they have done because Jill is as much alive today as Diana is.

And all of that and much much more will be revealed in part 2, provisionally entitled “Di, Another Day”… but if you can’t wait, you can always ask Liam Gallagher I suppose… He’s not your average working class Mancunian.


Course, you then have to ask yourself: If Diana didn’t exist, then how the fuck could William & Harry?

To which I would answer that I have been writing articles for years pointing out the fact that all Royal Bashes are photoshopped… Certainly, the *aherm, aherm Princes were not what you would call devastated after their ‘mother’ was killed.


Who the fuck would drag a 15 year old boy and his 12 year old brother out to church, just so as the world’s Press can take photographs and video footage of them,  for the millions upon millions of dumb-fuck, red-eyed TV mourners to gawp at, just  5 or 6 hours after the pair had supposedly been informed that they were now half way to becoming orphans?

But then again, who says that Diana is their mother… Certainly not me?


Fuck me, where does it all end? … Indeed, at this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if the top prosecutor assigned to silencing me by stitching me up in court turned out to be a crisis-actor, playing a grieving father of a fella killed in the 77 bummings… Then again, nah, that would never happen would it?

So, if you are ready Dorothy Diana, its time to follow the Yellow Brick Road… Thank you all for reading – fuck off.