The Mount Anythings


Christopher Spivey.

You don’t need to be a brainless fucking moron to work at the Chimp but it sure helps.

I mean on the 24th of August the semi-retarded Monkey-Boyz published the following farticle:

Now I am really not sure how that perverted old cunt was a war hero but he certainly wasn’t murdered by the IRA.

Nevertheless, just FIVE days earlier, the Chimp published a farticle based on FBI files that branded Mountbatten a homosexual paedophile:

Prince Charles‘ uncle and valued mentor Lord Mountbatten was a ‘homosexual with a perversion for young boys’, according to a secret dossier compiled by the FBI.

The intelligence files describe the 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma and his wife Edwina as ‘persons of extremely low morals’ who frequently had extramarital affairs.

One source said Mountbatten’s penchant for young men made him ‘an unfit man to direct any sort of military operations’. 

The files paint a very different picture of the last viceroy of India – who was hailed as a war hero who led allied efforts in southeast Asia before he was assassinated in 1979 by an IRA bomb… Source 

So you therefore have to question how earlier this week Mount-Anything was a dirty kiddie fiddling nonce and now he is once again a national fucking treasure… These cunts seem to want it both ways.

Course, me and others have been writing about Louis Mountbatten’s noncing for years although the Chimp never elaborates on the cunts kiddie fiddling in their above farticle.

Yet the Monkey-Boyz could easily have talked about his ‘trips’ to the Kincora Boys Home in Ireland and the little boys that he raped in India… Or even his three in a bed romps with his wife and the then Indian Prime Mincer – although to be fair the hypocrites have written about the latter in the past when talking about Mount-Anything’s slag wife, Edwina:

The spoiled favourite granddaughter of a Jewish financier close to the royals, Edwina Ashley was the richest and most glamorous deb of her time.

In 1922, she married the handsome, though impoverished, 21-year- old Lord Louis Mountbatten. Known in the family as ‘Dickie’, he is nowadays best remembered as Prince Charles’s great-uncle and mentor, tragically killed by an IRA bomb in 1979.

The highly sexed Edwina then proceeded to look for lovers from all walks of life.

Her first was the aristocratic Lord Molyneux. He was followed by a rich, polo-playing American, Laddie Sandford, and then by Mike Wardell, the good-looking manager of a London evening newspaper. At times, she juggled all three at once.

‘Lord Molyneux is in the morning-room and Mr Sandford in the library, but where should I put the other gentleman?’ asked a desperate flunkey when they happened to visit together.

While her husband was posted to Malta in the early Thirties, she turned to American golf champion Bobby Sweeny.

Next came playboy Larry Gray, before she went on a Mexican cruise and jumped into bed with the elder of two Californian brothers, Ted Phillips, quickly followed by his sibling Bunny.

This serial sexual gallivanting went on until the birth of her second daughter Pamela in 1929.

By now, Mountbatten, too, was seeking other women. In 1931, he was flirting with the 18-year-old future Duchess of Argyll and even kept her photo in his cabin.

‘The only photo of any girl!’ he wrote to her. Later, there was Barbara Cartland and the Frenchwoman Yola Letellier, on whom Colette based her novel Gigi. Edwina was fiercely jealous, but she didn’t think to change her own habits.

Throughout the Thirties, she had dozens of admirers, known in the private slang of the Mountbatten circle as ‘ginks’.

As Mountbatten himself once put it: ‘Edwina and I spent all our married lives getting into other people’s beds.’

She even dallied with conductor Malcolm Sargent, and then embarked on her most adventurous affair to date, with the bisexual West Indian cabaret pianist Leslie Hutchinson.

Although Edwina successfully sued a newspaper for saying she had a black lover, there is not much doubt she conducted an on-off relationship with ‘Hutch’ for 30 years.

She famously gave him a gold bracelet bearing her name, a gold cigarette case and, conclusively perhaps, a jewelled penis sheath from Cartier.

After independence, the Indophile Mountbattens made many visits to India, and Edwina spent more and more time with the new prime minister Nehru.

This is the point at which her younger daughter Pamela, the biographer in the family, acknowledges that love blossomed between the lonely Nehru and the Vicereine.

What’s more, says Pamela, her father condoned the friendship, even going so far as to call it a ‘happy threesome’.

‘My mother had already had lovers. My father was inured to it. It broke his heart the first time, but it was somehow different with Nehru,’ she has written.As Mountbatten himself wrote to her sister Patricia at the time: ‘She and Jawaharlal (Nehru) are so sweet together, they really dote on each other.’

Undignifed as it seems against the backdrop of the huge historic events in which they were caught up, there are those who suspect that Nehru, like both Mountbattens, had bisexual tendencies, and that Dickie, in a last attempt to establish physical intimacy with his unresponsive wife, may have joined them in a physical menage a trois.

Whatever went on in the bedroom, the Mountbattens joined Nehru in a very public romance with India. Source

However, the Chimp also neglected to mention Mount-Anything’s long time homosexual affair with Prince Edward – who abdicated the throne in favour of marrying Wallis Simpson… An alleged hermaphrodite.

But then again she did like to indulged Prick Eddie in his little “quirks” such as pushing him around in a pram whilst he was dressed as a baby.

Course, when the man who would have been king was not dressed as a baby, he used to dress as a woman.

And the fact that the Duck & Queer often left a pre-school Little Buggerlugs in the care of Mount-Anything should tell you all that you need to know about our ‘paragons of virtue’.

I mean to say; who the fuck leaves their infant son with a known nonce?

Nevertheless – as I stated earlier – it wasn’t really the IRA who murdered Mount-Anything, although the official version of events tells us that the IRA terrorist, Thomas McMahon planted the bomb on Lord Louis’ boat which killed him along with three other people – two of them children. Not to mention the three others that were seriously injured.

And as a result, McMahon – the only person ever convicted of the atrocity -spent 18 years in prison before being released under the good Friday agreement.

However, not everything about that story adds up.

You see, I find it extremely strange that such a prominent and controversial figure such as Mountbatten, would leave his boat harboured unattended, knowing the risks in doing so.

Neither do the anomalies stop there. The following is from the Telegraph:

The terrorist attack three decades ago led to one of the biggest police investigations in Irish history. Two men were charged: McMahon, then 31, and Francis McGirl, 24, a gravedigger.

At the time of the explosion, McMahon was 70 miles away, in police custody – by chance he and McGirl had been stopped at a checkpoint after he had laid the explosive.

One of the IRA’s most experienced bomb-makers, McMahon had flakes of green paint from Lord Mountbatten’s boat and traces of nitroglycerine on his clothes. The bomb had been detonated by remote control at 11.39am when the boat, Shadow V, was about 200 yards from the harbour.

Because there was insufficient evidence to place McGirl at the fishing village of Mullaghmore, he was acquitted and he died in 1995. McMahon was released from jail in August 1998 as part of the Good Friday peace agreement. Read More

Now, while I am no bomb expert, I would have thought that the detonator had to be linked to the bomb. Therefore, the IRA was extremely lucky that the detonator wasn’t with McMahon when he was arrested.

Moreover, it was a 50Ib bomb, which is a lot of lifting and fixing for a fella on his own. Think of 23 bags of sugar and you are somewhere near the weight of a 50Ib bomb. You have seen the size of the boat. So where the fuck did he put it on his own where it couldn’t be seen?

However, the newspaper report does claim that McMahon – a known terrorist – was the IRA’s most experienced bomb maker. Even so, it was a hell of a feat.

Nevertheless, with that being the case, and bearing in mind that McGirl was acquitted (meaning that McMahon hadn’t come straight from planting the bomb when he was arrested), why hadn’t McMahon changed his clothes?

Surely, as the IRA’s most experienced bomb maker, that would have been his first priority… But what do I know?

Therefore, it does however sound to me almost like McMahon was set up.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so either. The following is from the On-line publishing Company:

The evidence was that at the time of the explosion McMahon was some 70 miles away and in police custody having been arrested on suspicion of a stolen car. The bomb had been detonated by remote control at 11.39am when the boat, Shadow V, was about 200 yards from the harbour.

Because there was insufficient evidence to place the co-defendant McGirl at the fishing village of Mullaghmore, he was acquitted and ‘died’ in 1995.

He (McMahon) was tried for the assassinations in the Republic of Ireland, and convicted by forensic evidence supplied by forensic scientist Dr James O’Donovan that showed flecks of paint from the boat and traces of nitro-glycerine on his clothes. That was the only evidence since of course he was in police custody more than two hours prior to the detonation.

So who did detonate the bomb that killed Mountbatten? It certainly was not Thomas McMahon and to this day McMahon has refused to even discuss the matter.

McMahon had served the first 13 years of his life sentence in the IRA wing of Portlaoise.

It was at Portlaoise Prison that he met and befriended Patrick Holland better known as ‘Dutchy’ who died in a British prison under seriously and equally suspicious circumstances. Holland was represented by the man known as the Devils Advocate Giovanni Di Stefano and upon his release from Prison which Di Stefano secured at 1 minute past midnight travelled to Rome to stay with Di Stefano.

It was there that Holland had confided to Di Stefano that Mountbatten had not been a target of the IRA and that McMahon had told him whilst in prison that the reason he had been arrested two hours before the explosion was to ensure he would not be blamed for what he termed ‘special operation’. McMahon was certainly a known Provisional IRA man and he and his father knew explosions well but ‘Dutchy’ was adamant that McMahon had told him he did not do it.

Paddy Holland told Di Stefano that the deal McMahon had agreed was that he would take the blame for all the murders and his family would be taken care of. McMahon’s wife was indeed ‘looked after’ and even entered the political forum and throughout McMahon’s time in jail Holland confirmed that McMahon lacked for nothing.

Holland was jailed for eight years in 2008 for planning a £10m plot to kidnap a businessman in the UK. He was planning to write a book and Di Stefano received some material for what would have been an explosive insight into crime in Ireland.

A chapter of the book was an in detail account of the Mountbatten murder and the startling revelations that Holland said McMahon had made confirming that Lord Mountbatten had not been the subject of a Provisional IRA assassination and that the only targets on that day were the soldiers(refers to 18 British soldiers killed by the IRA on the same day – Spivey) and he was not responsible for either.

Patrick Eugene ‘Dutchy’ Holland, 70, was found dead at 6am 19th June 2009 in Parkhurst Prison where he was serving a sentence for conspiracy to kidnap a businessman.

The UK Prison Service said he appeared to have died from ‘natural causes’, but that all deaths in custody are subject to investigation.

Di Stefano challenged the coroner’s findings without success but all in all the death of Patrick Holland was surely extremely convenient for the British Authorities.

In his book which was scheduled also to be made into a film the most startling revelation of all was that Mountbatten had been murdered not by the Provisional IRA but by the British Security Services because of a deep rooted secret Mountbatten knew that if revealed would have been so damaging to the Royal Family that it may have damaged their reputation for ever. It was all part of the same operation the British had in the 1970s Holland confirmed.

That prison confession by McMahon to Holland may well have cost ‘Dutchy’ his life and the secret Holland kept for so long may one day still make it to the big screen.

“There is no point being alive forever, merely becoming a burden to the people,” said an almost-retired Lord Mountbatten while being filmed for a BBC documentary. A month or so later he was a burden to no-one. One interesting fact that Holland stated was that whilst most world leaders lined up with Britain the United States refused to condemn the IRA. Is that because the CIA was aware that the IRA was not involved?

Gerry Adams, the then Vice President of IRA’s political wing Sinn Fein clarified that the IRA gave clear reasons for the execution of Mountbatten. “What the IRA did to him is what Mountbatten had been doing all his life to other people; and with his war record I don’t think he could have objected to dying in what was clearly a war situation. He knew the danger involved in coming to this country. In my opinion, the IRA achieved its objective: people started paying attention to what was happening in Ireland,” said Adams in an interview to the Time magazine.

What is noted is that the murder of Mountbatten although certainly not carried out by the IRA, Gerry Adams for ever an opportunist certainly performed the task of ‘spin doctor’ long before the phrase was made famous by the exploits of Tony Blair.

As for Patrick Holland what is notable is that upon release he passed a lie detector test arranged by a leading newspaper. His revelations regarding Mountbatten were no lies but may certainly have cost him his life.

Now, it has to be said that the above version of events would also tie in with Greg Halletts version. Unfortunately, many people tend to dismiss what Hallett says, without doing any research themselves.

However, I am not so quick to do so since much of what I have uncovered in the past also tallies with what Hallett says.

For instance, long before I had even heard of Greg, I had concluded that in all likelihood, Lord Porchester was Prince Andrews’ father and Baron Plunket was father to Prince Edward.

BTY6GC Royal Family Racing At Epsom 1967 Queen Elizabeth II And The Royal Party duchess Of Gloucester And Lord Porchester Centre Clap
image007 (1)

And after documenting my findings in my very successful article Monsters Inc, I came across Greg Hallett’s work, and discovered that he had come to the same conclusion. Hallett, like myself is also convinced that the Royal Family make Millions from the drug trade, specifically Heroin.

Course, such claims are instantly dismissed by the mind controlled masses. However, I find the this closed mind outlook extremely blinkered and naive, especially since there is no denying the role that the Royal family played in the Chinese opium wars.

Moreover, at the time of Mountbatten’s death the opium wars had only been over 100 years previously.

And so, with that in mind, here is what Greg Hallett said about Mountbatten in a radio interview:

Those who supplied Prince Philip with children were then invited into his heroin trafficking ring, and that was called ‘The Triumvirate’. Triumvirate is latin for three people who are running a loosely organised organisation with no particular rules in its affiliation, but in this case it is essentially a mafia. So Prince Philip was involved in heroin trafficking using the navy

The Triumvirate was led by Prince Philip, the others involved were Lord Porchester the 7th Earl of Carnarvone, Lord Plunket, and when he died in 1972 he was replaced by Lord Louis Mountbatten.

Now Lord Louis Mountbatten was got to and started to be influenced by Airey Neave who was a British soldier. He was the first or second person to escape from Colditz. He was a barrister and politician, and he was also Margaret Thatcher’s bondage lover, and she used to dress up in her black leathers with her whip.

So Airey Neave was getting in with Lord Louis Mountbatten and convincing him to turn tables and expose the royal heroin trafficking. So then Airey Neave’s car, as he was driving it out of the House of Commons  in London, Parliament Buildings, it exploded. It didn’t kill him, and then Airey Neave was taken to a hospital and he was killed there.

That was the 30th of March 1979, and then Lord Louis Mountbatten was murdered on the 27th of August 1979, so that was 5 months later. And that was blamed on the IRA, and it was considered a 6 man team that did it, but only one person was caught, and that person had supposedly put the 50 pounds explosives on the Shadow V, which was Lord Louis Moutbatten’s fishing boat, and he was out fishing with a local boy and with his grandson and his son’s wife’s mother.

So all four of them were killed on the boat, and Lord Louis Mountbatten didn’t die immediately, he was seriously injured and drowning, and then he was pulled from the water and then he died.

But Thomas McMahon, who was blamed for it all, he was seen at the peace checker post the night before, and that was reported to Lord Louis Mountbatten the next day, or so they claim. But it’s generally considered by intelligence, and this is confirmed, it’s an IRA opinion as well, that it was an MI-6 hit, and the person that controls the MI-6 is Princess Elizabeth and in particular Prince Philip.

Prince Philip was raised by Lord Louis Mountbatten, and it appears that is was Prince Philip who ordered the hit on Lord Louis Mountbatten in order to cover up the heroin trafficking triumvirate, and especially the use of the navy, of which Prince Philip is the head, and using sea horses (a mechanical device)to transfer heroin from one ship to another. Source

Moreover, Hallett’s story is given added credibility, when you learn what Wikipedia has to say about the MP, Airey Neave’s death:

Kevin Cahill, an Irish investigative journalist, claims Neave was on the verge of a massive overhaul of the security services, possibly involving a merger of MI5 and MI6 and arising from his belief in corruption in the security services.

Cahill suggests a link between Neave’s killing, that of Sir Richard Sykes and the attempted murder of Christopher Tugendhat in December 1980. Cahill claims that Neave would have been head of the combined security services with Sykes and Tugendhat as his deputies, with Sykes responsible for foreign operations and Tugendhat responsible for home operations.

Cahill claims to have had a conversation with a drunken Neave on St Patrick’s Day 1979 in the foyer of the Irish embassy in London. Cahill had left a party and was waiting for a taxi. He saw Neave in the room and introduced himself to him as an admirer.

Cahill claims that Neave was inebriated and responded “quite out of the blue” by saying “There are going to be changes here, big changes, soon. There is going to be cleaning of the stables… There has been serious corruption.” Neave then said that there was “no use playing games. We have to win… We will win when the [corruption] is sorted out. Count on that.”

Cahill found Neave’s remarks surprising because he seemed internally preoccupied with the UK, with his Northern Ireland brief “almost a sideline”. Cahill also thought that Neave’s mention of corruption meant Soviet penetration.

Whilst working in the House of Commons as Paddy Ashdown‘s research assistant, Cahill claims to have had around six conversations with the security staff there. The most frequent remark was that “everyone knew” the story behind Neave’s death but that no one could talk about it in detail because it would have been too dangerous.

Cahill claims they did not believe INLA killed Neave but that it was an “inside job”. Cahill concluded that Neave was killed by the security services; MI6 agents working with the CIA because Neave sought to prosecute senior figures in the intelligence establishment for corruption.

Another person who did not accept the generally accepted version of events was Enoch Powell, the Ulster Unionist MP. Powell claimed in an interview with The Guardian on 9 January 1984 that the Americans had killed Neave, along with Lord Mountbatten and Robert Bradford MP. He claimed the evidence came from a member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary with whom he had a conversation.

On 18 October 1986 Powell returned to the subject of Neave’s death in a speech to Conservative students in Birmingham. He told them that INLA had not killed Neave, but that he had been assassinated by “MI6 and their friends”.

Powell claimed Neave’s Northern Ireland policy had been one of integration with the rest of the UK and that the Americans feared that this process, if implemented by Neave, would have been irreversible. His killing, alleged Powell, was intended to make the British Government adopt a policy more acceptable to America in her aim of a united Ireland within NATO

Course, one thing is for sure, The Duck certainly has no qualms about using MI6 to do his dirty work.

In fact it would appear that Mountbatten’s death could have been prevented, which to me only goes to add even more credence to MI6 carrying out the murder.

The following is taken from the Belfast Telegraph:

In a telegram to Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington — released by the National Archives at Kew under the 30-year rule — the British ambassador in Dublin Robin Haydon said there was a widespread belief the attack on Lord Mountbatten could have been prevented.

He said the concerns about the level of security provided by the Garda Siochana were shared by local people who had “greatly liked and respected” the peer. Read More

So, who did murder Mountbatten?  Well the chances are we will never know. However, my money is on the Duck being behind it.

Nevertheless, I cannot help but think that there is a current agenda being waged in the national press to bring down the [not so] royal family.

Moreover, I believe that this agenda is being carried out with the help of the ‘Windsor’ family themselves… Not that they have a choice in the matter.

After all, they are all just a bunch of actors playing their various roles.

I mean take this Jeff Epstein nonsense… For that it what it is, as I have explained in previous articles.

You see, Epstein’s [fake] arrest and suicide has led to the spotlight falling firmly on Princess Andrew – who like his half-brother Charles is also without doubt a nonce.

Yet why has the focus fallen on Andrew? After all, Bill & Hilary Clinton were allegedly much more involved with Epstein than the Prick was. So too was President Donny Fart yet it is Andrew who is taking the flack.

And you have to ask yourself why that is, especially with the press now openly admitting that Mount-Anything was a nonce, along with the current campaign to smear Harry & Smeghan and to a lesser extent Little Bald Willie & Gold-Digger-Smith.

In fact I believe that this (current) campaign to bring down the Windsors started with the fake car crash involving the Duck (see HERE).

I mean he certainly didn’t come out of that smelling of roses. And while the press are being careful not to call Andrew a nonce, they are certainly hinting at it.

And this is why I say that the family are actively involved in taking part in their own downfall, because instead of keeping a stiff upper lip, Andrew released an absolutely ridiculous press statement denying any knowledge of Epstein’s noncing.

However, in doing so he just made himself look even more guilty. After all, they were supposedly good friends for 8 years before Epstein allegedly got sent to prison for noncing.

Yet the first thing that Andrew did when Epstein was released was rekindle that friendship for another 5 years until the press went on the attack again.

And as such, Andrew’s claim that he knew nothing of Epstein’s activities does not hold water. Moreover, the press ONLY publish what they are told to and if Buck House wanted Andrew kept out of it, then kept out of it he would have been.

Furthermore, to add to my suspicions that this Epstein nonsense is really part of a ruse to bring down the Windsors, there is mounting evidence that Epstein was in reality a created persona.

Indeed, in my last article I pointed out Epstein’s likeness to Hilary Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham – who coincidentally died last month.

Which would explain why the Clintons are not taking the flack like Andrew is.

And since writing that article, I have been sent a link to a video comparing a photo of John Lennon to Epstein (see HERE).

However, before you watch that video for yourself (which I can appreciate sounds like total madness), I should tell you that there is credible evidence to suggest that Lennon was not really gunned down in 1980.

Moreover, I have provided untold evidence in the past to prove that photos of celebrities – or those in the news – have been manipulated to create fake personas.

And I will also remind you that everything has to CONNECT in the Satanic World of the Monsters.

So with all that in mind, let’s take a look at that comparison presented in that video.

Nevertheless, I will stress for those who are hard-of-reading that I am not saying that Epstein is Lennon, but I will repeat that some photos of famous faces are used in order to create another person.

Moreover, there is always more than one actor used to create another as I have demonstrated in the past with the likes of Princess Diana, Kate Gold-Digger-Smiff and Meghan Markle.

And most important of all is that everything has to connect and in this case, Jeff Epstein’s photo has been used to connect to John Lennon whose manager was Brian Epstein – who killed himself.

Just sayin’.