The Monsters Of Middleton.


Christopher Spivey

I have to chuckle at the way that the Royal Troglodytes, just a few short years ago, tried to convince the nation that Kate Gold-Digger-Smith and her equally obnoxious family of wannabe’s were commoners – just like you and me?

I suggest that you take a close look at Kate ‘Jolly Hockey Sticks’ face because try as she may, it is easy to see passed her smiling façade which thinly masks the contempt she feels for the public who afford her a  luxury lifestyle that they themselves, cannot even begin to imagine.

I’m pleased to say that the stomach churning ponce’s didn’t have me fooled for a second. So when the following article – the first of many set out below my bit – appeared in the Daily Mirror I wasn’t in the least surprised. Course, the fact that Mickey Middeltons £30 million fortune, is earned off of the back of slave labour will no doubt get the Royal seal of approval. After all, his Son in Law’s family have been making money hand over fist that way for centuries.

Neither was I surprised when I read the transcript of a Greg hallett interview a couple of weeks ago in which Hallett had hinted that Michael Middleton is a sexual deviant with a penchant for orgies. Hardly surprising then that Middleton is also a long time friend of the Ducks. The following is taken from that interview:

  • Greg Hallett: Now Prince Philip used to keep a Black British Taxi, a London taxi and a chauffeur’s cap.  And he used to put his chauffeur’s cap on, get in the taxi and drive to a brothel and walk as so he was going to pick someone up, and then he would stay in the brothel.  And one of his favourite sex-hunting buddies was Kate Middleton’s father. 
  • Jim Fetzer:  One of his favourite sex-hunting buddies!
  • Greg Hallett:  Yeah, so there is a sex-hunting connection between Kate Middleton’s father and Prince Philip. 
  • Jim Fetzer:  This was for the purpose of paedophilia.  Is Kate’s father also a paedophile?
  • Greg Hallett:  If you think of the movie “Eyes Wide Shut”, it is kind of a “Everything goes” party, but what they show you in the movie is very tall skinny model-like girls – generally in their 20s.
  • Jim Fetzer:  That’s the film that gave orgies a bad name.
  • Greg Hallett:  Kate Middleton is good friends with the owner of the Killing Kittens sex club.  And Killing Kittens offers a sexual service like ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ which is the tall skinny model-like women. So, it appears that Prince Philip has got together with Kate Middleton’s father and arranged an “Eyes Wide Shut” type event with Kate Middleton and Prince William, and then used that to entrap Prince William into marriage and therefore make Prince William ‘completely controllable’. Now since the Monarchy is illegitimate, and all the parties in it have been illegitimate since the birth of Queen Victoria’s second child Princess Vicky in 1840, then whoever has the most control over the Monarchy gets to run the monarchy. And it appears that Kate Middleton is an agent, in a similar way that J.F.K.’s wife, Jackie Kennedy who became Jackie Onassis was an agent.  She moved from President of the United States to one of the biggest shipping magnate and heroin traffickers on the planet – Aristotle Onassis. And whenever Aristotle Onassis got in trouble with his heroin trafficking, he would call in the highest diplomat that he could to fluff around so that anyone who wanted to charge him would be too embarrassed to charge him.  And the person he used for that was Winston Churchill. So post World War II, Winston Churchill spent a lot of time with Aristotle Onassis. So the “Eyes Wide Shut” type Sex Clubs like Killing Kittenswhich Kate Middleton is associated with, links to the Drug Trafficking.  And there are a lot of reports, actually on-going reports, of Prime Minister David Cameron, his father being a ‘Ship Jumper’ between the heroin and the money, taking the heroin over and taking the money back. READ MORE


Having read that, you will notice the way Hallett’s allegation re-enforces what I wrote about Sam Cam being a ‘Crown Agents Sister’ in my article ‘Cameron’s Closet’.

Course, you need look no further than Mick the Dick to see where Gold-Digger-Smith gets her evil smile from. Curiously enough, If I didn’t know any different I would swear that he is the son of  soon to be Ex-Pope Ratswinger.

Moreover, since Hallett has a few bob, its telling that Middleton hasn’t sued. Course if you think that Kate is any different from her contemptuous family just ask yourself why she and her buffoon of a husband, Willie Nice-But-Dim spend so much time with her Uncle Gary Pervert-Junkie at his £5 Million Ibiza den of iniquity (see 2nd article).

And, despite what the sycophantic MSM propaganda rags claim about him cleaning his act up, Uncle Gary is still the same Uncle Gary of old. Mind you, the sexual deviant has just got married himself, don’t cha know (see 3rd article).

Will marriage change him?

Well, since he married an old slapper who swindled her old boss out of a cool quarter of a million quid! No.

And what about Kipper Middleton, the sister with the better arse and tits – I can imagine Gold-Digger-Smith smouldering with barely concealed hate every time that fact is mentioned.

Not that Kate the Kike has any reason to be jealous of Kipper.  I can equally just as well imagine that Kip doesn’t shut up about her Brother in Law and his step-brother Harry H Hewitt.

Kipper certainly has bad taste in men. Her ex’s include Sam Cam’s cousin, ‘Cheerful’ Charlie Astor of the well known, Drug Dealing, Slave Trading, Satanic Astor family and a ‘Hooray Henry’ named as being Romain Rabillard, A gun toting legal advisor to Heckler and Koch (see articles 4 & 5).

Moreover, Kipper appears to be under the illusion that having Gold-Digger-Smith as a sister, qualifies her (kipper) as  Royalty… Royalty my arse!  The slag fun loving girl is about as Royal as Jim Royle.

Mind you, try telling her that. The deluded tart is stuck that far up her own arse she thinks the public hang on to her every word. So much so in fact, that the ‘know it all:know fuck all’, even wrote a book.

Furthermore, the fact that the tax payer had to fork out for Royal Protection Officers to sweep the venue of Kipper’s book launch is further proof of Monsters Inc taking the right royal piss while robbing us blind (see article 6). This is what the Daily Mail had to say on the matter:

Taxpayer-funded royal protection officers twice performed security sweeps of the venue this week, even though no members of the Royal Family attended.

And what became of that Book of Kippers?

It sold very few copies (27,000 according to the daily beast) and ended up in Waterstones bargain bucket (see article 7).

However, since she thinks that she’s royalty, as well as an author, I can only hope that she thinks she’s ‘Superwoman’ next and tries flying from a tower block roof.

Neither does Kikey Kate’s brother James Middleton appear to be any better than the rest of the odious bunch. Certainly his taste in birds is as bad as his sisters taste in men.

Jimmy’s bird is also called Kipper as it happens, and she has links to Bo Guagua, the son of the disgraced former Chinese Communist Party politician Bo Xilai, whose wife was found guilty of murdering the British businessman Neil Heywood (see article 8).

That Jimbo has a girlfriend at all is quite amazing, since the rumours that he is gay as well as a cross-dresser refuse to die down. You can read and see more on this matter by clicking HERE

A lot of people are also under the impression that James the Joke is a film producer.

I do find that fact funny. I mean, as if a Middleton could produce anything of quality.

And where as there is a famous film producer who is also called James Middleton; he has no connection with this lot of misfits. Our Jimmy Middleton works as a cunt for a living.

Still, as you might have also guessed, Dim Jim likes to take his clothes off  for photographs (see article 9). However, like his money grabbing sister and her parasitic husband; Jim – Jim Fucking – Dim doesn’t sue those who distribute his silly snaps.

And, while we are talking about the fact that the Middletons love to strip off for the camera. Gold-Digger-Smith’s 2nd Cousin Kat Darling enjoys it so much that she is a professional stripper (see article 10).  Nothing wrong with that, except its hardly becoming of a cousin to the future Queen of England.

Course, if you want to know where Gold-Digger-Smith learned her tricks of the trade, you need look no further than her Mother, Carole. Carole Middleton is very well known as being a ferocious social climber, which has hardly endeared her to Bizzy Lizzy who is a professional ponce by trade (see article 11). If proof were needed, then I think article 12, marks Kikey Kates achievement’s perfectly.

That just leaves me to say: What a fucking horrible family.

Until the next time,

Much love,



The ghetto kids earning just 10p an hour making gifts for the Middletons’ £30m business empire

The Daily Mirror

An investigation has ­revealed that the firm’s popular party toys were made in Mexican ghettos by children as young as FOUR and their parents

Maria Villegas is helped by her son Omar, four, and other relatives as she makes pinatas

Maria Villegas is helped by her son Omar, four, and other relatives as she makes pinatas

The party firm run by Kate Middleton’s parents is ­accused of selling goods made by child labourers on just 10p an hour.

Carole and Michael Middleton’s Party Pieces offers pinatas – ­colourful cardboard figures filled with sweets – on its website for around £12.99 a time.

But an investigation has ­revealed that the £30million company’s popular party toys were made in Mexican ghettos by children as young as FOUR and their parents.

Last night Party Pieces responded to the claims on Twitter, saying: “As a responsible retailer we take the allegations seriously. We will work with our suppliers to investigate these claims.”

The firm sells 40 types of pinatas, which are popular for children’s parties. Created in a range of designs, from lions and castles to Minnie Mouse, the toys break open spilling out sweets when hit with a stick.

But life is far from fun for the families who put them together in shanty towns surrounding the Mexican border city of Tijuana.

They work in their own homes which means they are not subject to Mexico’s minimum wage of around 49p an hour, according to newspaper investigators.

They lose a chunk of their ­already-tiny earnings because they have to pay for the materials to make the gifts.

The operation in Tijuana is run by Javier Perez Quintero, who claims to be an executive working for huge American party goods company Amscan.

Amscan supplies the Middletons’ firm and other British ­companies, including supermarkets such as Tesco.


Middleton's Party Pieces

Stephanie, 5, helps to make pinatas

Quintero has an Amscan email address — but ghetto families have to buy the materials for the pinatas from a firm he runs, called Baja Pacific Paper.

It is not clear whether this is an Amscan subsidiary.

One family agreed to talk about life making party toys destined for Party Pieces, which has made the Middletons ­millionaires.

Maria Villegas, who lives with eight family members in Tijuana, said she and her relatives worked for 12 hours a day last week to make pinata rockets, getting less than 19p an hour between them.

She said she needed the work to feed her one-year-old baby and son Omar, four, who also helps her make the toys.

Her neighbour Monica revealed she relies on the help of her son Jonathan, 18, and daughter Stephanie, five, who chips in after nursery school by sticking on barcodes and labels.

“We are nothing more than slaves!” said Monica, who works 10 hours a day, seven days a week.


“It is so unfair! So much work, so little money! But I need any money I can earn. My husband is a building labourer and there isn’t much work.”

Other workers in Tijuana said they earned as little as 10p an hour for producing items shipped to Britain via a chain of distributors and sent out across the country via Amscan’s depot in Milton Keynes, Bucks. Party Pieces was founded in 1987 by Carole ­Middleton after she gave up her job as a stewardess with British Airways.

She and Michael built up the firm and it now employs more than 30 people, including theirdaughter Pippa who edits its online magazine.

Kate was a part-time buyer for the company before she married Prince William. The firm helped make the family wealthy.

Their children were educated at Marlborough College, where fees are £27,000 a year. Before Kate’s marriage, her parents bought her a £780,000 flat in Chelsea.

The family’s regular holiday haunt is the paradise Caribbean island of Mustique, from which they and Prince William have just returned.

While Party Pieces investigates the allegations, there have been increasing concerns in recent years that complex supply chains mean that customers do not know where the products they buy come from.

Joseph Zepf, Amscan vice-president, said the company “endeavours to comply with all laws and regulations, especially those relating to wage ­requirements and working conditions, and categorically denies any inference or allegation to the contrary”.


Wedding invite for Kate’s naughty uncle

The Daily Express

IT’S TAKEN a huge dollop of humble pie and a spell in an addiction rehabilitation clinic. But 18 months after he was caught in Ibiza offering to supply cocaine and bragging about his royal connections, Kate Middleton’s uncle has been forgiven by his family and told he will receive an invitation to Prince William’s wedding.


Gary Goldsmith, 45, the younger brother of Kate’s mother Carole, was mortified by the family fallout which followed his exposure by undercover reporters who filmed him offering drugs and prostitutes at the £5million villa where Kate and William had holidayed.
Such was the embarrassment naughty Uncle Gary caused that Carole (who has always been highly sensitive about any adverse publicity which could have harmed Kate’s marriage prospects) told him the family would cut all contact with him unless he was treated for his cocaine habit.
“Gary is a changed man; he was full of remorse for what he’d done and he knew he had to pull himself together,” reports a family friend.
“When he successfully finished his rehab he and Carole started speaking again and he was invited to stay at their house in Berkshire. He has been forgiven because even though Carole had described him as an accident waiting to happen, she loves him.
“He’s also spoken to Kate and things have been put right. If he keeps his nose clean, he can expect an invitation to the wedding, although because he feels very sensitive about any attention he might get, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is ‘diplomatically unwell’ on the day.”After making £25million from selling a recruitment business Computer Futures, thrice-married Gary led a hedonistic life on Ibiza (where his villa is called La Maison de Bang Bang, French slang for house of sex). He now intends to spend more time in London, where he has a mews house in Marylebone, and is attempting to make amends with his last partner, Julia Leake, who left him because of his erratic behaviour.
“Ironically Kate and William both said one of the best holidays they’ve ever had was their week with Gary, although they could see he was a bit wild,” adds the friend.“Eventually his life went out of control because of the drugs and hangers-on in Ibiza but he’s turned over a new leaf. He loves Kate and has said sorry a thousand times for what happened. The black sheep is back in the fold.”Observes Claudia Joseph, author of the defi nitive book on Kate Middleton: “Inviting Gary to the wedding would be a signal that the Middleton family are ultimately a loyal and pragmatic family who look after their own.” 

Kate’s uncle marries a fraudster: How Gary’s new wife swindled her bosses out of £250,000 to blow on fast living

The Daily Mail

  • Gary Goldsmith married Julie-Ann Brown, who swindled her bosses out of £250,000
  • She spent the cash on a Rolex, a Mercedes and holidays to Barbados
  • Gary Goldsmith is also set to write a tell all book about his life


PUBLISHED: 00:20, 16 February 2013 | UPDATED: 12:32, 16 February 2013

Gary Goldsmith and his fourth wife Julie-Ann Brown having lunch near their £1.7million Marlybone house

Like many a would-be author before him, Gary Goldsmith is discovering a multitude of distractions to avoid the taxing business of putting pen to paper.

One day this week, for example, Kate Middleton’s black-sheep uncle was to be found enjoying a long and leisurely lunch with friends at the £100-a-head panoramic restaurant at the top of The Gherkin building in London.

Other times, he can be spied tucking into his favourite duck egg and chicken livers starter  at the ultra-smart Dean Street Townhouse  in Soho.

Whatever the venue, the high-living Goldsmith, who revels in the nickname Gary Goldtaps, likes nothing better than to indulge his taste for fine wine, a favourite being a smooth 1999-vintage Chateau de Sales Pomerol — a snip at £90.

In truth, it is hard to imagine that multi-millionaire Goldsmith, the younger brother of Kate’s mother, Carole, is stuck for things to write as he begins the task of penning his juicy memoirs.

After all, he could start with his infamous encounter with the News Of The World’s ‘Fake Sheikh’ at 47-year-old Gary’s colourfully named Ibiza home, Maison de Bang Bang, during which Goldsmith was caught on camera snorting cocaine and offering to get the paper’s undercover reporter drugs and Brazilian prostitutes. 

Or perhaps he could commit to the page his romantic fourth wedding seven months ago to his auburn-haired girlfriend Julie-Ann Brown.

The prospect of reading his account of either event is likely, it has to be said, to have sent a chill down the spine of the social-climbing Mrs Middleton as she reclined with her daughter and son-in-law, Prince William, on the Caribbean island of Mustique this week.

Neither Carole nor the royal couple were present when tattooed Gary — who like his sister was raised in a Middlesex council house — tied the knot in London with 43-year-old Miss Brown last July.

Mr Goldsmith's niece Catherine and William were not at his recent weddingMr Goldsmith’s niece Catherine and William were not at his recent wedding


Gary Goldsmith was caught on camera snorting cocaine by the News of the World
Julie-Ann Brown was convicted for swindling her bosses out of £250,000

Mr Goldsmith (left) claims that Julie-Ann Brown (right) is the one for him and that this marriage will succeed where his others didn’t

And the new Mrs Goldsmith undoubtedly represents a rather colourful addition to the Middleton clan. She is a convicted fraudster who siphoned off £250,000 from a luxury car firm, where she worked as a clerk, and blew the loot on Rolex watches and Mercedes sports cars.

Mr Goldsmith rather sheepishly admitted to me this week: ‘The wedding was a very quiet affair. Carole and Kate were not there. There were just four very close, dear friends. But we are going to celebrate it properly next year with a big bash.’

What’s the betting, though, that Carole and the royal couple — who holidayed with entrepreneur Goldsmith at his Balearic pleasure palace in 2006, but publicly cut ties with him after the embarrassing drug revelations — find they have other plans that day?

Carole Middleton and her husband Michael on the day their daughter's engagement was announced. The family cut ties with Mr Goldsmith after the drug scandalCarole Middleton and her husband Michael on the day their daughter’s engagement was announced. The family cut ties with Mr Goldsmith after the drug scandal

Certainly, the re-emergence of Carole’s troublesome sibling onto the public radar, with his plans for a tell-all book, is something the ambitious Mrs Middleton, 58, could well do without.

After all, she and Kate’s father, Michael, who run a lucrative party merchandise firm, have recently moved even further up in the world by splashing out £4.7 million to become lord and lady of a grand manor house in the rolling West Berkshire countryside.

And what Carole makes of her new sister-in-law is anyone’s guess. Born in Stockport, Cheshire, Miss Brown — who was also brought up in a council house — bears the blinged-up, perma-tanned look of someone who, after a troubled past, has finally landed on her feet.

Over the past two years, Julie-Ann — who favours Chanel handbags, plunging tops, and sports suspiciously inflated breasts and lips — has been a regular fixture at Maison de Bang Bang, which Goldsmith has just put on the market for 6.5 million Euros (£5.6 million).

She developed a rather unlikely taste for the finer things in life in the mid-Nineties while earning £11,000 a year in the accounts department of the Stratstone car dealership in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

Mr Goldsmith's infamous £5.6million Ibiza holiday home, Maison de Bang BangMr Goldsmith’s infamous £5.6million Ibiza holiday home, Maison de Bang Bang


The house has become popular with footballers and those looking to party on the islandThe house has become popular with footballers and those looking to party on the island

Unbeknown to her bosses, she siphoned off cash that she spent on jewellery, including a £12,500 Rolex watch, a £41,000 Mercedes sports car, plus holidays in Barbados and trips to The Ritz in Paris.

When her ruse was finally rumbled, she admitted five charges of theft and asked for 52 similar offences to be taken into consideration at her trial at Chester Crown Court in 1996.

But she escaped jail and was given a suspended sentence after the judge was told she had endured a troubled and deprived childhood.

Clearly, however, her liking for the trappings of money and privilege stuck, and subsequently she has dated a string of rich and successful men, including a self-made communications millionaire called Ray Ingleby, with whom she lived in a property beside London’s Regent’s Park before he was declared bankrupt in August 2010.

Mr Goldsmith now says that he would have a 'nosebleed' if he left a W1 postcodeMr Goldsmith now says that he would have a ‘nosebleed’ if he left a W1 postcode

She then moved on to Goldsmith, who made a fortune in 2005 by selling his recruitment firm, Computer Futures, for £275 million. As well as the Ibiza retreat, they also share his £1.7 million mews house in Marylebone.

Ominously for Mrs Middleton — and royal courtiers who consider her brother a loose cannon — Goldsmith once more finds himself unemployed and with time to kill after abruptly parting company with IT recruitment company InterQuest last month following less than a year in their employ.

Since then, it seems he has returned to the freewheeling, hedonistic lifestyle that got him into so much trouble in 2009 when he fell victim to the now-defunct tabloid’s sting.

With that in mind, perhaps, in recent weeks he has been touting himself around firms in the same field in the hope of getting another position.

But he denies he’s looking for a job, or that deciding to sell up in Spain has anything to do with strained finances, and insisted to me this week that he is in the market for as big a property in London’s West End.

Mr Goldsmith told me: ‘I’m selling Ibiza just because I’m smart with my money. It’s a really good time to be selling something in Euros and buying something in pounds.

‘It’s just me changing my focus and my profile and I’m definitely buying something bigger in London. If I move out of the W1 postcode I get a nosebleed!

‘I parted company with InterQuest on the best possible terms, so we’re all very cool. I’ve had non-executive job offers left, right and centre since then, but I’m catching up with friends at the moment.

‘I’ve not needed to work for a very long time. In fact, for a while, I watched so much Judge Judy [a U.S. courtroom reality show] on daytime TV, I thought I could pass the bar exam. That’s why I wanted to do something with InterQuest and I’m sure I’ll do something again soon.

The royals won't be happy to hear about Mr Goldsmith's plan to sell his memoirsThe royals won’t be happy to hear about Mr Goldsmith’s plan to sell his memoirs

‘I have a got a few personal projects, but at the moment I’m just chilling out and just having some fun for a bit.’

One of those projects is the writing of his book, for which he has not yet sought a publisher, but which, he assured me this week, will ‘tell the world the whole story’ of his colourful life thus far.

However, Goldsmith’s planned revelations, plus, you would think, his choice of wife, threaten to see him banished once more into the cold after the royal couple tentatively invited him back into their fold.

Despite his News Of The World humiliation, he was on the guest-list at William and Kate’s wedding in April 2011, to which he turned up in a £280,000 bright blue Rolls-Royce Phantom convertible.

But, notably, rather than taking his then new lover, Miss Brown, he arrived with second wife Luan and their daughter, Tallulah, now 11, who is one of Kate’s favourite cousins.

He was divorced from wife number three, blonde accountant Julia Leake, 35, just days before the revelations of his drug-taking at Maison de Bang Bang, whose wall bears a 6ft-high mural proclaiming: ‘It’s Gary’s world, you just live in it.’

At the time, Goldsmith was living on the Mediterranean island with a former lapdancer called Antonia.

Despite, or possibly because of, the house’s notoriety, it has become popular with Premier League footballers, and Liverpool and England star Jordan Henderson rented it last summer.

According to Goldsmith, his recent fourth wedding will be his last: ‘We’re very much in love and this one’s a keeper,’ he told me this week.

‘We have just celebrated six months and it’s all been very cool. It was just the right thing to do. I won’t be having any more kids, though, I’m very happy with my daughter Tallulah, she’s epic.’

No doubt, his big sister Carole might have been hoping that with the imminent sale of his infamous Spanish playground, her problems with bothersome Gary might  be over.

But with that tell-all book and colourful new bride, she might just have to think again. Whether Uncle Gary and his fraudster wife will be smiling proudly in the Royal Christening pictures when a new heir to the throne arrives in the summer remains to be seen.

Pippa Middleton’s mystery man is unmasked

The Telegraph

Pippa Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister, danced with Charlie Astor, a relation of Samantha Cameron, at the Boodles Boxing Ball.

Pippa Middleton danced at the Boodles Boxing Ball with Charlie Astor. 

By Tim Walker

7:28AM BST 18 Oct 2011

Although he is more accustomed to entertaining children with his Sharky and George party organisers outfit, Charlie Astor clearly didn’t receive any complaints from Pippa Middleton when he put her through her paces at the Boodles charity Boxing Ball at the Park Plaza Hotel in London.

Still, as flattered as the 28-year-old Old Etonian was by all the talk of him as the stranger who whisked the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister off her feet, he was, say his chums, amused by the notion and poses no threat to Alex Loudon, Pippa’s boyfriend. A distant relation of Samantha Cameron, he was bashful about talking about his moment in the limelight.

Nancy Dell’Olio’s bubbly personality

After treating her to all those expensive dinners, Sir Trevor Nunn may well agree with Jason Donovan’s opinion of Nancy Dell’Olio.

“Aside from always looking so immaculate, she’s just a great character,” says Donovan of his fellow Strictly Come Dancing contestant. “She’s like a bottle of champagne waiting to pop — and it ain’t cheap champagne, either, believe me.”

If all those rumours about how she didn’t celebrate her 50th birthday party a day too soon are to be believed, it ain’t Babycham, either. Mandrake challenges Miss Dell’Olio to provide a copy of her birth certificate to put the story straight once and for all.

That’s a bit rich

Tim Montgomerie, the bumptious fellow who became Iain Duncan Smith’s chief of staff two months before he was toppled as the Tory leader, now has advice for David Cameron.

He says that, after a survey showed that the Tories are perceived to be too closely associated by voters with the rich and big business interests, it is time that the Prime Minister showed himself to be the champion of the “little guy.”

Such advice would carry more weight from anyone but Montgomerie, who is himself perceived to be rather closely associated with Lord Ashcroft, the billionaire businessman who funds his ConservativeHome website, and whose views on the survey he faithfully records. His lordship’s verdict? The Tories are still seen to be “the party of the rich.”


Revealed: Pippa’s gun-toting driver is a LAWYER…. and also a legal adviser to arms maker Heckler & Koch

The Daily Mail

  • Romain Rabillard, 36, was pictured aiming what looked like a semi-automatic pistol as he drove the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister through Paris
  • It today emerged he is senior adviser to Heckler & Koch
  • ‘Gun’ he waved at photographer looks similar to Heckler & Koch pistol


The man who pointed a gun at a photographer in front of Pippa Middleton is a senior adviser to one of the world’s leading small arms manufacturers, it emerged today.

Lawyer Romain Rabillard, 36, was pictured aiming what looked like a semi-automatic pistol as he drove his convertible Audi through Paris.

Others travelling in the car on Saturday have described the gun as a ‘children’s toy’, claiming that the whole incident was a ‘joke and a funny game’.

Lawyer: Romain Rabillard, who pointed a gun at a photographer in front of Pippa Middleton, recently advised Heckler & Koch on a multi-million pound refinancing dealLawyer: Romain Rabillard, who pointed a gun at a photographer in front of Pippa Middleton, recently advised Heckler & Koch on a multi-million pound refinancing deal

Ladies' man: Mr Rabillard has this week taken time off work and disappeared from his £2,000-per-month rented penthouse in central ParisLadies’ man: Mr Rabillard has this week taken time off work and disappeared from his £2,000-per-month rented penthouse in central Paris


A Heckler & Koch pistol that looks similar to the 'gun' Mr Rabillard pointed at a photographer on SaturdayA Heckler & Koch pistol that looks similar to the ‘gun’ Mr Rabillard pointed at a photographer on Saturday

But a source at the German arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch today confirmed that Mr Rabillard represented them in legal matters.

He recently advised them on a multi-million pound refinancing deal, regularly meeting with Heckler & Koch representatives in France and Germany.

The firm is well known for its range of USP semi-automatic pistols, which are used by the military, police forces, security firms and private individuals who need to defend themselves.

The revelation follows claims that the French police were told to scale down their investigation into the threatening of a photographer because of Pippa’s involvement.

Mr Rabillard has, meanwhile, taken time off work, and disappeared from his £2,000-per-month rented penthouse in central Paris.

Mr Rabillard, who was called to the Paris bar in 2005, technically faces a prison sentence of up to seven years if prosecutors can prove that the weapon is real.

Even if it was a fake gun – or one modified to fire blanks – Mr Rabillard could be jailed for up to two years.



He has been ‘lying low’ since pictures of the incident were published, said a close friend, and was today absent from his desk at Shearman and Sterling, the American law firm based on the Champs Elysee.

Mr Rabillard, who is single, is part of a fast-living set of Parisians who have grown close to Pippa in recent years.

He is frequently seen driving around the city in his convertible Audi, and attends friends’ parties in London, on the French Riviera, and in the Alps.

Gun drama: With Pippa Middleton in the front seat, driver Romain Rabillard aimed what looked like a semi-automatic pistol as he drove his convertible Audi through Paris on SaturdayGun drama: With Pippa Middleton in the front seat, driver Romain Rabillard aimed what looked like a semi-automatic pistol as he drove his convertible Audi through Paris on Saturday


Taking aim: As the others laugh and smile, the driver of the car Pippa was in points the pistol directly at a photographerTaking aim: As the others laugh and smile, the driver of the car Pippa was in points the pistol directly at a photographer


In recent publicity photographs he is shown dressed as a boxer and as a pouting gigolo with a chest wig and dark glasses.

A photo taken at a particularly wild party shows a wild-eyed Mr Rabillard dressed in his boxer shorts and an open shirt after downing a glass of spirits.

‘Romain is a very hard working lawyer, but he absolutely loves to let his hair down,’ said a close friend in Paris.

‘He’s always planning holidays and weekends away, and ends up being the life and soul of the party. Calling him a wild man would be about right!’

The emergence of Mr Rabillard’s name comes as police in the French capital said they were ordered to ‘downscale’ the enquiry into the Pippa incident following ‘an intervention from London’.

Today they said the case was a ‘low priority’ – prompting accusations of a cover-up.

‘If the suspects involved were ordinary kids from the estates they would have been brought in by now,’ said one officer.

‘As it is this case is being dealt with at a very high level. Lots of meetings have taken place to discuss the sensitivity of the issue, and there has been an intervention from London.’

Retail therapy: Pippa had made a last-minute dash to the shops before hopping into Mr Rabillard's convertibleRetail therapy: Pippa had made a last-minute dash to the shops before hopping into Mr Rabillard’s convertible


'Wild man': Mr Rabillard was today described as a hard worker who loves to let his hair down in his spare time‘Wild man’: Mr Rabillard was today described as a hard worker who loves to let his hair down in his spare time

France is currently on heightened security alert after Islamic terrorist Mohammed Merah used a handgun to murder seven people in the south-west of the country last month.

Two men were also arrested in the Paris area at the weekend in connection with four murders carried out with a pistol in the nearby Essonne department over the past five months.

On Friday, Pippa, whose sister is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, attended a lavish fancy dress party to celebrate the 30th birthday of Arthur de Soultrait, a Paris fashion entrepreneur.

Arthur can be seen sitting in the back of the Audi wearing a blue baseball cap, alongside a man believed to be his younger brother, Marcy de Soultrait.

Marcy de Soultrait insisted the gun in question was a child’s toy and that the royal in-law thought the entire incident was ‘a very funny game’.


On the gilded throne: Pippa Middleton and other female guests pose with Vicomte de Soultrait (centre) at his 30th birthday party on Friday nightOn the gilded throne: Pippa Middleton and other female guests pose with Vicomte de Soultrait (centre) at his 30th birthday party on Friday night

Party people: Pippa posed happily with the Vicomte de Soultrait (left) during the party thrown for her close French aristocrat friend
Party people: Pippa posed happily with the Vicomte de Soultrait (left) during the party thrown for her close French aristocrat friend

Party people: Pippa posed happily with the Vicomte de Soultrait (left) at the celebration

Mr De Soultrait claimed: ‘It was a children’s toy that the driver had in his car. Pippa thought it was funny.

‘It is fine in France to do that and the police are not investigating. In France there is no problem, just in England. You English think there is a problem, which is crazy.

‘I have spoken with Pippa, she thinks this is all a joke and a funny game. We were just having a laugh. We are funny people, it’s what we do.

‘The paparazzo saw the toy and he knew it was a toy, he has said so. You English need to get over it. It was just a joke that has been blown out of all proportion.’

A source close to the photographer who was threatened said he denied Mr De Soultrait’s claim, saying: ‘He was extremely scared. This was not a joke.’

A source at Shearman & Sterling confirmed that Mr Rabillard last year represented Heckler & Koch in a £295million high yield bond offering designed to refinance the company.

Asked where Mr Rabillard was, the source said: ‘He’s gone away. You will have to contact him via his email.’

Pippa given the royal security treatment for book launch

Duchess Kate’s sister had some unprecedented royal help for book launch, says report.


Pippa Middleton poses for the media as she arrives at a bookshop to promote her new book “Celebrate” on Thursday.

By: Published on Fri Oct 26 2012.
Pippa Middleton has been dubbed “Her Royal Hotness,” but certainly nobody thinks that nickname actually makes her royal. Or do they?

You have to wonder after a report in the Daily Mail that two officers from the royal protection branch of Scotland Yard did security sweeps of the London bookstore before the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister had her much publicized book launch this week.



Forget Pippa Middleton’s party pooper. Not all celebrity books are a bum deal

There’s life in the maligned celebrity genre yet – as memoirs by the likes of Arnie, Bob Dylan and even Piers Morgan attest

Right royal ruckus … Pippa Middleton at the launch of her party-planning book Celebrate. Photograph: David Levenson/Getty Images

Ah, Pippa Middleton. It’s not really her fault, you know. Dazzled by the sight of her in a white dress, some chump at Penguin gave her several buckets of cash to write a book about pass the parcel. And so she did – and now nobody wants to buy it, and critics are mocking the poor lass. But can you blame her for accepting that fool’s coin? Take the money and run, Pippa, that’s what I say. Furthermore, I agree: turkeys are an ideal bird for large gatherings.


Besides, it’s not like she’s the only famous person to write a book that landed in the marketplace like a corpse dumped in an unmarked grave. Arnold Schwarzenegger is rumoured to have been paid millions for his recently published memoirs. According to the Daily Beast, it has so far sold 27,000 copies, most of them in October, the month it was published.Avengers vs. X-Men Versus #6, a totally shit comic featuring nothing but extended fight scenes from an equally shit comic of almost the same name, sold three times as many units in the same month. Snooki’s novelGorilla Beach has sold a paltry 3,000 copies since it was published in May, while curiously nobody seems to give a toss about 80s actorAndrew McCarthy’s memoir of how travelling helped him to overcome his fear of settling down. Well, around 5,000 people do, but no more than that. And Britney Spears is soon to write a novel. Can you spell “fiasco”? She can’t.


And that’s just in the last couple of months. Go into the past and you’ll find many big celebrity books that made oodles of cash vanish like a seaside magician fiddling with a publisher’s gold watch. Edwina Currie’s memoirs, anyone?


But does this mean that the publishing model of big name+any old crap=$$$” is finished? Don’t hold your breath, my friends. Publishers have to make money somehow and throwing scads of cash at a famous moron is, well, easy. After all, glamour model Katie Price’s novels sold, so it’s not as if quality matters. We can look forward to many more years of “novels” and “memoirs” from people who barely know how to hold a pen, never mind whether i comes before e.


Is this much-maligned genre entirely awful? No. Every now and then, whenever I need a break from quality, I indulge. It started a few years back when I read Piers Morgan’s memoir. Yes, I know he’s a knob, but so does he, and the book was gossipy, entertaining and easy to read. I can’t remember anything in it, of course, but I don’t think that was the point.


And it wasn’t the only good celebrity book I’ve read. Bob Dylan’s Chronicles was widely praised, and even though I never listen to his music I gave it a whirl. It’s very good: self-aware, nicely written, full of interesting stories and observations. Another great rock autobiography isKeith Richards’s Life. When it came out, the papers concentrated on twaddle about Mick Jagger’s alleged micro-penis, but over the course of Richards’s book I absorbed not only the tale of a remarkable life led by a clever man who had (remarkably) never lost touch with reality, but also an excellent portrait of a transitional era in British culture. John Cale’sWhat’s Welsh for Zen is likewise a great and thoughtful rock memoir.


These books were good at least in part because the authors hadn’t spent the past 40 years repeating the same anecdotes on chat shows; in many ways they were writing to counteract the myths that had accreted around their names. Written with some dude at the Times, but there was no trace of effort on the journo’s part. It reads as though the legendary singer had mumbled into a tape recorder for a few hours and then shuffled off to drink a smoothie while his collaborator phoned it in almost as quickly as you can say “the cheque has cleared”. Alice Cooper’s Golf Monster reads like extended chat-show schtick. Recently I’ve been dabbling in Rick Wakeman’s Grumpy Old Rock Star. Wakeman’s voice is affable and engaging but every story has the feel of a well-worn anecdote rehearsed a thousand times down the pub. Still, none of those books are boring, and better yet, they can often be found in bargain bookstores for hardly any money at all!


Books by actors I tend to avoid. I did read Charlie Chaplin’s autobiography and agree with everyone else that the first 200 pages are excellent. Simon Callow is supposed to be vaguely literary, but who cares? I heard that Rob Lowe’s autobiography is better than you might expect, but obviously I’m not going to pay for it. The same goes for Michael Caine’s second autobiography. I am, however, up forSchwarzenegger’s Total Recall – as soon as I see it on the “reduced” racks of my local bookshop, that is.


Actually, all that talk of actors reminds me. I once sat in a pub with some people from a prestigious publisher (hint: it sounds like phaber) and was horrified when an editor suggested getting Russell Brand to write a book of essays about Arnold Bennett. I mean, that’s an atrocious idea, nearly as awful as making relevant-in-the-90s pop crooner Jarvis Cocker an editor-at-large. Wait, what’s that you say? They did?


Still, I cannot end this brief overview of non-terrible celebrity books without mentioning the sub-category of cash-in titles by people made momentarily famous by a mega-scandal. These are usually twaddle but at least one of them is a fantastic read: The Politician by Andrew Young. You may remember him as the dead-eyed reptilian weirdo who degraded himself and his family for the sake of shiny-haired reptilian politician and fantasist John Edwards. Read that book, and shiver at its lies, its emptiness, its triviality; shudder at the hollow cores of the world’s most ambitious men and the self-deception of the fools who follow them. Edwards is hardly unique, after all – he just got caught. Friends, forget your Ozzys, your Alices, your Keefs and all those other infamous lords of rock – here is the real heart of darkness.

James Middleton has murder on his mind

The Telegraph

Pippa Lamb, the woman to whom James Middleton is currently said to be ‘connected,’ is a close friend of Bo Guagua, whose mother was found guilty of the murder of British businessman Neil Heywood.

Pippa Lamb, far left, met Bo Guagua, far right, at Oxford University

By Tim Walker

7:26AM GMT 30 Dec 2012

While it remains to be seen to what extent James Middleton is “connected” to Pippa Lamb, a 24-year-old financial analyst with J P Morgan, my picture shows that there is no question about her links to Bo Guagua, the son of the disgraced former Chinese Communist Party politician Bo Xilai, whose wife was found guilty of murdering the British businessman Neil Heywood.

Middleton’s companion became friends with Bo Guagua while they were studying Chinese at St Hilda’s, Oxford, and moved in the same social circles. Bo Guagua gained a reputation among his fellow students for his generosity and hedonistic pursuits. In a trial in August, his mother, Gu Kailai, was found guilty of poisoning Heywood, an expat who had become close to the family, in his hotel room over what was said to be a row about money.

It is thought that the Duchess of Cambridge’s cake-making brother met Pippa Lamb, who is also 25, through mutual friends. They are believed to live just streets away from each other: James in a shared flat with his sister Pippa in Chelsea, and Pippa in a bolt hole just off the King’s Road.

Months before their friendship became public, Pippa Lamb donated money to James and his sister Pippa’s charity ski race, leaving a note on the website page saying “good luck to”.

Pippa Lamb, who grew up in Brighton, is the daughter of Richard Lamb, 61, an engineer who runs his own company manufacturing technical parts for cars. Her mother, Elizabeth, 57, works as a GP at an NHS practice.


Oh, Bollocks: Kate Middleton’s Brother James in Nude Photo Scandal!

UK Online

As the events of last Friday proved, there is nothing the British royal family does better than pageantry, pomp and a little circumstance. Except for crazy hats. And, of course, scandal.

Which is why Kate Middleton‘s family is already fitting quite nicely into the royal fold and waited mere days after the newly titled duchess swapped “I dos” “I wills” with Prince William to make their very first foray into Public Scandal as extended members of the royal family.

So which member of the Middletons has the honor of causing such a fuss? The only commotion Pippa is apparently capable of causing is a riot for close-ups of her derriere. And since His and Her Royal Highness have stayed out of the public eye and Carole andMichael know better, that simply leaves one man: brother James.

And his meat. And two veg.

In photos that were allegedly taken some time ago but have only now, when the potential for embarrassment is at an all-time high, circulated online, the 23-year-old looker (who already has something of a reputation for being naughty…the Middletons’ answer to Prince Harry, really) is seen in various states of semi-NSFW undress.

Though, it is important to note, that at no time are his own family jewels ever on display.

What is on display—and how—is his naked torso.

Among the shots now circulating online: James in his boxer shorts with one hand casually tucked inside them; a couple full moon shots; a picture of him blowdrying his, um, gentleman garden (though he is wearing underwear in the shot and while the elastic band is being pulled away, nothing indecent is visible…better luck next time, girls); a cheeky shot of him fully clothed being, as the Brits are so fond of saying, bummed by another male pal (that the visual takes place in front of a sign post reading “Back Lane” is the first clue that it’s just a bit of boys-will-be-boys larking about); a picture of him with several other men dolled up in French maid uniforms with one of the bros munching on another man’s baguette (and despite how that sounds, no, that is not a euphemism); and, the pièce de résistance, a shot of James fully nude, sitting legs crossed, beer bottle in hand, with his hand preventing anyBasic Instinct-type reenactments.

As it happens, this isn’t the first time James’ penchant for picture-taking has swept the ‘Net.

MORE: Five Things You Didn’t Know About the Middletons

The French maid shot, in particular, is part of a set from a fancy dress party that was released and made the newspaper rounds back in August 2008. During the same year, a shot of him wearing a polka dot dress belonging to sister Kate also made the rounds, though as he was surrounded by more men also in dresses (who are usually cut out of the frame), the scenario seems less drag queen-in-the-making (as the British press reveled in declaring at the time) and more scene-from-a-harmless-costume-party.

In other words, all in good fun, chaps.

In any case, while no dates were released along with the photos, we would assume, given the Middletons’ increasing sense of propriety in recent years, that the others are equally as old.

But no less entertaining to look at. In fact, count us among those most definitely amused.