The Man Who Would Be King


Christopher Spivey


Prick Charles of Buggerlugs now – and only now – claims that he regrets his friendship with the Arch-Pervert, Peter Ball.


I mean does he really regret his friendship with the homosexual nonce or does he regret Peter Ball being caught and the damage that their relationship has had on his – the future Kink of England’s – already tattered reputation:

Prince Charles has given an extraordinary statement about how he was “deceived” by a paedophile bishop who was his friend for more than two decades.

The 2,400-word letter from the Prince of Wales was read to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) on Friday.

The inquiry is examining how allegations against Peter Ball, a former Church of England bishop, were handled.

Ball boasted of his links to royalty and was said to be a confidant of Charles.

The ex-bishop, now 86, accepted a caution for one count of gross indecency in 1993 and resigned due to ill health.

But it was not until 22 years later that he finally admitted his crimes and was jailed for sexually abusing 18 young men over 30 years.

Charles said Ball told him his resignation as Bishop of Gloucester had been prompted by an “indiscretion”, but the prince said: “When this exchange took place, I did not know about the nature of the complaint.”

Okay, pausing here for a second, are we really, really supposed to believe that Charlie-Boy didn’t know why his “friend & confidant”, Peter Ball resigned? I mean, okay, Charlie is as dopey as they fucking come but did the Prick not know what an “indiscretion” meant when attached to a gay kiddie- fiddler?

After all, we are talking about the heir to the throne here, not your average man on the street. Indeed, all those who come into contact with the [not-so] royal family are thoroughly vetted by the Intelligence Services, yet they forgot to mention to Charlie – who was brought up in the care of the sick paedophile Lord Louis Mountanything – that Ball liked little balls?

Fuck off witcha.

Yet after Ball had resigned, the apparently blind, deaf and dumb-as-fuck Prince gave him a house on his Gloucestershire estate:

Ball was arrested on eight suspected cases of abuse against boys and young men ranging from ages 12 to 20 during the 1980s to 1990s. Ball, who was the former Bishop of Gloucester, resigned in 1993 after he was served with a police caution for “committing an act of gross indecency against a teenager.”

Upon his resignation, Ball retired to Manor Lodge, “a wisteria-clad property owned by the Duchy of Cornwall.” Manor Lodge is a property of the Prince’s Duchy of Cornwall.

In reference to his new living arrangements, Ball stated, “He (Prince Charles) has been wonderfully kind and allowed me to have a duchy house. The prince is a loyal friend. I have immense admiration for him, he has been through horrific times and is a great person.” Source

So, Buggerlugs didn’t have any regrets up until 2015 when Pervert Pete was finally nicked for molesting boys. Indeed the very fact that Ball was given an official police caution meant that Prick Charlie MUST HAVE known what the “indiscretion” related to… Yet our Noble Knob-ed Kink in waiting still gave his “friend & confidant” a luxury house minutes from his own!

PHOTO: The Cock & Balls.

The farticle then continues:

The prince said he did not realise the truth of what had happened until Ball’s conviction, adding that his main source of information until then had been the bishop himself.

Today Charles said he was “one of many who were deceived over a long period of time” (continue reading HERE for the Prick’s statement in full).

Course, quite obviously – according to The Times – Charlie didn’t want to make that statement:

The Prince of Wales staged a lengthy legal fight against demands from a public inquiry for him to provide evidence about his long friendship with a paedophile Anglican bishop, it has emerged.

Lawyers for Prince Charles protested that requests for evidence from the child abuse inquiry about his connection with Bishop Peter Ball were beyond its powers, unfair and a breach of the prince’s human rights by seeking to obtain “intensely private and confidential” material. Source

And once again you have to question why Charlie didn’t want to help the investigation into one of the cuntry’s elite sick-fucks… Although the answer is blatantly obvious.

Mind you, according to the press Balls tried to use his connection with the Prick to avoid being charged with noncing:

And I suppose that the very naive could give the wing-nut the benefit of the doubt if it wasn’t for his close, long-time association with Jimmy Savile:

Although if I am not mistaken, Charlie boy later distanced himself from the pervert DJ… In the exact same way that he is now trying to distance himself from Peter Ball.

Yet once again, Charles MUST HAVE known that Savile was a sick-fuck kiddie-fiddler:

And I am 100% certain that the other fella in a skirt in the above photo is Thomas Hamilton… The fella responsible for the Dunblane primary school shooting… The government sponsored event used to rid the British public of guns.

He is deputy Lord lieutenant, Iain Thornber:

PHOTO: Thornber/Hamilton comparison

Nevertheless, Charlie was also implicated in a paedophile ring along with Savile and Dead-Ted Heath:

Disturbing documents revealing close ties between Prince Charles and an elite pedophile network including prolific pedophile Sir Jimmy Savile have been released under the Freedom of Information Act. Source

Predictably, both Savile & Heath were given knighthoods by the Queer.

And in 2012, the TV presenter and former “Goodie“, Bill Oddie claimed that the BBC covered up Savile’s noncing because he was friends with Prick Chuck:

Veteran BBC presenter Bill Oddie yesterday backed claims disgraced Jimmy Savile’s abuse was covered up – because he was friends with Prince Charles.

The Springwatch star, who appeared on TOTP with the Goodies when Savile presented it during the 1970s, said there was a “running sick joke” at the BBC about Savile being a paedophile.

He suggested there might have been some sort of “censorship committee” preventing the truth being released because of Savile’s royal connections.

The presenter also backed claims made by other former BBC presenters that Savile’s antics were well known at the time.

He said: “The idea that youngsters were prey – everybody knew that.

“I was not surprised at all. And the surprise is in a sense that that didn’t happen years ago.

“The establishment or who ever it is decided to keep it all quiet and decided to give him a knighthood. He was, to a certain amount, a friend of royalty.” Source

Course it is an open secret that Charlie is as gay as they come:

Although I am sure that Camilla Parker Horse-face didn’t really demand a divorce… I mean it isn’t as if they live together and fag-hag Camilla likes nonces… After all, she is married to Chuck and holidayed with the vile, perverted nonce, Derek Laud… Just sayin’.

Neither can you ignore the thinly veiled blackmail note that disgraced pervert DJ, Jonathan King sent to Charles (See HERE).

Yet the real question is: Does anyone really want this parasitic, deeply perverted, sick-fuck family ruling over us… I certainly fucking don’t.