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This Daily Mail article first appeared in the Sun, so it is obviously doing the rounds in the MSM in an effort to lambaste the unemployed. I am not going to waste my time doing the usual breaking down of the figures. I have done that a time or two before and as such see no point in doing it again. You can read one of those articles Here if ya like.

However, I cannot believe that a legitimate couple would allow themselves to be exposed and exploited in this way. Surely no one is that daft. However, these 2 people are far too smartly dressed for their own breakdown of their income to ring true. Having said that, the propaganda rag  cannot fucking add up. The newspaper says that the pair of ‘Shills’ have the following coming in every week to live on:

The pair receive £1,473 per month in benefits or £17,680 per year. This works out at £340 per week, which includes £140 housing benefit, £60 child tax credit, £20 child benefit and £110 Jobseekers Allowance.

When I went to school, which thankfully was as little as possible, that sum  of £140 housing benefit, £60 child tax credit, £20 child benefit and £110 Jobseekers Allowance would have totalled £330, which makes a difference of £520 per annum to what the propaganda rag claims. But what do I know? 

Quite a lot actually. For starters they both look far too ‘healthy’ to be feeding themselves and a 4 month old baby on £60 pw. where was she anyway? Usually the program likes to have a baby on display. Course, you only have to add £10 per week for Nappies on to that £60 pw figure and straight away you are down to £50.

I also find it strange, that the news-rag mentions that the shills say they pay:  

“£22.50 on TV, £3.50 on their TV licence plus utility bills”.

Why haven’t they given us an indication as to the cost of those utility bills?

I’ll tell you why. Its because, if they did the figures would look even more like bullshit. Since it is winter and they have a 4 month old baby, which means heating and plenty of washing it is safe to say, at a conservative estimate, that their utility bills will total £30 pw. Especially when you consider that they are indoors 24/7 apart from that one trip to the supermarket. This fact must be so since no mention of weekly transport costs or ‘nights out’ are mentioned. 

Course, this couple will now no longer be getting benefits. You see, to qualify for job seekers allowance, you have to be actively seeking work and I believe you are required to apply for the minimum of 5 jobs per fortnight. Therefore, is anyone really dumb enough to go on National TV and admit that they are not looking for work when they only receive benefits in the first place, on the condition that they do? 

Then you have their £140 per week rent. If the government did their job properly and ensured that there was enough social housing for all, the pair of actors would be paying around £80 pw rent. That would reduce their benefit income by £3120 per annum. Therefore, the article is misleading from the start. 

What we have here is no more than pure government propaganda and it makes me want to fucking puke. It is an insult to those genuinely struggling on benefits yet made to feel like social outcasts, when the real parasites are the ones making the law. 

The pair of stooges are never the less quite right to say that they wouldn’t take a job for less than £18000 per annum. What mug would go out for less money than they can get for staying at home?  They would quickly eat that extra £1000 per year up on transport, extra food and clothing, not to mention the loss of free prescriptions, etc, etc.

If Danny Creamer took a job at minimum wage and worked 40 hours a wk, his yearly pay would be £12,875. Nearly £5 grand less for knocking your bollocks out. Fuck that for a game of soldiers.

The real criminals are those who set the slave wage rate. Let those cunts live on that for a few weeks or even on benefits for a few weeks and it would soon fucking rise. As it stands at the moment, the government ponces would cry if they had to buy their own TV licence… Fucking wankers.  

As for that cunt Schofield acting shocked. Perhaps he would like to trade places with someone struggling on benefits. His job isn’t fucking Rocket Science. Never the less, its nice to know that he is still doing the dirty work for those in high places following the staged, alleged ‘list of paedophiles’ that he handed to the cunt Cameron and which afforded the Child rapist McAlpine a nice payday… Still waiting for my letter Andy Reid.

Oh, and just out of interest? Hows the staged libel case coming along with Sally Moocow? 


‘Our parents pay tax so we’re entitled to benefits’: Couple living off £17k handouts say working for the minimum wage is unfair

  • Danny Creamer, 21, and Gina Allen, 18, receive £17,680 per year
  • The money includes housing benefit, child benefit and Jobseekers Allowance
  • According to Gina, their only luxury is their 47″ flat screen TV
  • Creamer says working for less than £18k just isn’t worth it



A young couple who receive more than £17,000 a year in benefits appeared on ITV’s This Morning to defend their taxpayer-funded lifestyle.

Danny Creamer, 21, and Gina Allen, 18, who live in a comfortable two-bedroom flat in Portsmouth  with their four month old daughter, Talulah Rose, say they are better off on £17k benefits and argue that unless they are able to find jobs that pay £18,000 a year or more, there’s no point in working.

The couple also hit back at those who describe them as scroungers, arguing that because their hard-working parents have paid tax all their lives, they are entitled to claim some of the money back.

Entitlement: Gina Allen and Danny Creamer say they are entitled to benefits because the Government wouldn't provide them if they didn't need them Entitlement: Gina Allen and Danny Creamer say they are entitled to benefits because the Government wouldn’t provide them if they didn’t need them

Gina, who has worked for Sainsburys in the past said: ‘I don’t see that we’re living off the taxpayers, we’re entitled to the money our parents paid all their lives.’

She also claimed that because the pair have paid tax in the past, their daughter should also be entitled to claim benefits in future.



‘We have paid into the system as well and you know, if our daughter wants to claim when she’s older, she can. We’re not going to claim benefits forever so we are going to pay into the system at some point.’

The pair receive £1,473 per month in benefits or £17,680 per year.

This works out at £340 per week, which includes £140 housing benefit, £60 child tax credit, £20 child benefit and £110 Jobseekers Allowance.

Weekly outgoings include £60 on food, £22.50 on TV, £3.50 on their TV licence plus utility bills, which the pair say they receive no help with.

According to Gina, their 47″ flat screen TV is their only luxury, although Danny also admits to smoking roll-up cigarettes which are also paid for by tax payers.

Shocked: Hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby appeared shocked by the couples' commentsShocked: Hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby appeared shocked by the couples’ comments


Although neither have any qualifications, Danny, who has also worked as a shelf stacker in the past, says he is now looking for a job – although says he won’t accept any old role.

‘What is the point [of a minimum wage job]? You know, I’m not going to go to work to be worse off.’ he argued.

Gina added: ‘The main problem is is that the cost of living is going up so much but the wages are just the sameBut people still expect you to live on the minimum wage – I don’t think that’s right.’


Although Danny says he does intend to get a job, the pair say they will carry on living on benefits until Danny gets a job that pays enough or ‘the system changes’.

‘We’ll carry on until the system changes if Danny doesn’t get a job,’ says Gina. 

Danny added: ‘We can’t be scroungers because the Government wouldn’t give us the money or pay towards our living expenses if we didn’t need it.’

Taxes: The duo say they are right to claim benefits because their parents have paid taxes all their livesTaxes: The duo say they are right to claim benefits because their parents have paid taxes all their lives


Unfortunately for Danny and Gina, the change in the system they so dread isn’t far away.

In a statement read out on This Morning, the Department for Work and Pensions said: ‘We have to end the absurdity in the welfare system where people are better off claiming benefits than they are in work.

‘Universal Credit will ensure that work will always pay and people who can work will no longer be able to count on the state to fund a life on benefits.’

Asked what they intend to do when the new system is introduced, Gina quickly replied: ‘He’d have to get a job I suppose.’

LBC radio presenter and Sunday Express columnist, Nick Ferrari, who was present during the couple’s appearance told them: ‘What you two have done is a great shame. You’ve seen it as a lifestyle choice and it’s something you choose to do. You shouldn’t.’

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