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You really, really couldn’t make this shit up.

Hunt the Cunt would have you believe that he goes undercover, working in hospitals to investigate patients complaints.

The fucking crooked pond life Minister doesn’t do his own bastard job, let alone someone else’s. 

And who told the Daily Mail about these uncover missions? Why! Hunt the Cunt of course.

So who provided the Newspaper with the Photographic evidence? Why! Hunt the Cunt of course. 

If these perverted sick fucks were any more transparent they would be made of glass. 


The secret Health Minister: In nurse’s tunic, remarkable image of Jeremy Hunt on one of his regular undercover hospital missions… as revealed during exclusive interview

  • Hunt does regular shifts at NHS hospitals to investigate patient complaints
  • Hunt says he has seen for himself how the NHS can fail the elderly
  • Last week sent in ‘hit squads’ to 11 failing hospitals


PUBLISHED: 22:14, 20 July 2013 | UPDATED: 22:14, 20 July 2013


Barely a year ago, Jeremy Hunt looked a broken man. He was humiliated by the disclosure of dozens of matey text messages he sent to one of Rupert Murdoch’s sidekicks about the BskyB takeover bid that Hunt, as Culture Secretary, was supposed to be refereeing impartially.

The clean-cut admiral’s son and former headboy of £30,000-a-year Charterhouse school, tipped as David Cameron’s chosen heir, was in the political equivalent of the intensive care unit.

Ed Miliband called for him to be sacked; Lib Dem Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg disowned him.

Hunt’s prospects as a potential PM lay in tatters. But instead of firing him, Cameron promoted him to Health Secretary. Eight months later, Hunt’s ratings have made such a dramatic recovery that Tory MPs claim they finally have Labour on the backfoot over the NHS.

Bedside manner: Jeremy Hunt on one of his undercover stints as a hospital workerBedside manner: Jeremy Hunt on one of his undercover stints as a hospital worker

Hunt’s Commons clash with Labour’s health spokesman Andy Burnham was brutal. Labour MPs bawled abuse at Hunt as he blamed them for the Mid Staffs and other hospital scandals.

Instead of looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights, as he did when under Leveson’s cosh, Hunt, the Tory poster boy with a glass jaw, went for the jugular. Now he has his foot squarely on Burnham’s – and Labour’s – throat, he has no intention of letting up.


‘The behaviour of Labour MPs was utterly shameful,’ says Hunt, sitting in his Whitehall office.

‘The last Labour government wanted good news about the NHS, so regulators were muzzled and hospital failure became entrenched.

‘I mentioned patients 19 times, Burnham mentioned them twice. That sums up the difference between us,’ Hunt spits. It is a mark of Hunt’s new confidence that he compares his decision last week to send management ‘hit squads’ into 11 failing hospitals to school reforms by Michael Gove, by far the boldest member of Cameron’s Praetorian Guard.

Jeremy Hunt in his Whitehall office, where he slammed the behaviour of Labour MPs during a Commons clash about hospital scandalsJeremy Hunt in his Whitehall office, where he slammed the behaviour of Labour MPs during a Commons clash about hospital scandals

‘That’s where the Gove education revolution started. We are now doing the same in hospitals.’

This is not the timid Hunt of old. ‘The NHS is bloody brilliant. But it’s such a betrayal when we treat people with dementia – it could be my mum or grandad – in a way we saw at Mid Staffs.’

To learn how patients feel, Hunt, 46, takes time out from his Cabinet duties each week to investigate individual complaints from patients. And hospital porters have been shocked to find the ‘new boy’ doing a shift in ‘scrubs’ alongside them is the Health Secretary.

One hospital trust chief executive will never forget Hunt’s hands-on approach. Hunt said: ‘I looked into the case of a man who found his dad, who had dementia, lying stark naked in  a bed with a catheter in his private parts. No one took any notice and when the son complained, he got sent a standard letter back that wasn’t even signed by the chief executive.

‘To my astonishment, a few hours later, the same chief executive was round my table in this office asking for more money. When I told him about the letter, he said he knew nothing about it. I said, “That’s the problem. You didn’t know what was happening in your own hospital.” ’

Hunt says he has seen for himself how the NHS can fail the elderly.

‘I was at an A&E unit doing a shift with the staff, helping with odd jobs, when they admitted a woman with dementia in her 90s. She had come from a care home, yet they didn’t know a thing about her.

‘In this day and age, for someone to be admitted to A&E and for the hospital not to even be able to access notes, know if she was diabetic or whether she could speak, is terrible. I saw her with my own eyes,’ he exclaims, his sense of shock still palpable.

How do the staff respond when they discover the identity of the mystery ‘shift worker’? ‘They generally say, “He’s so nice, he’s not what we expected” – which I suppose is a back-handed compliment.’

The Minister says it is 'a betrayal' how people suffering from dementia can be treatedThe Minister says it is ‘a betrayal’ how people suffering from dementia can be treated

Hunt had a more direct experience of NHS treatment last year when he was diagnosed with a non-malignant skin growth on his scalp. He had it removed just before the Olympic Games, which meant that, as Olympics Minister, he had to attend events with a plaster on a bald patch on his head, which did little for his dignity.

With hindsight, he can laugh about  it. ‘I was in the operating theatre, stretched out, the local anaesthetic had been administered and the surgeon had his scalpel out. The nurse said, “What do you do for a living?” It reminded me of when Ronald Reagan was shot and went to hospital and said to the surgeon, “Pray tell me you’re not Democrats!” ’

Hunt says he was inspired by Reagan’s soulmate, Margaret Thatcher.

‘I am a child of Margaret Thatcher. I grew up in the Home Counties, which did not suffer the hardships of the medicine she administered. But I passionately supported her.’ He is keen to stress his Tory moderniser credentials. ‘I’m a radical, but I’m a child of my times. I have no problem with gay marriage. And my wife is Chinese.’

Hunt's Commons clash with Labour's health spokesman Andy Burnham was brutalHunt’s Commons clash with Labour’s health spokesman Andy Burnham was brutal

But how can someone with such a privileged background understand ordinary people?

OK, he may have gone to Charterhouse not Eton .  .  . Hunt interjects: ‘Ah you’ve found it! I didn’t go to Eton, it’s been tough!’

More seriously, he reflects: ‘Yes,  I had a massively privileged start to my life.

‘But all the things I have achieved have been through hard work. I set up my business from scratch.’

His online educational publishing firm Hotcourses employs more than 200 people. How much is he worth? Five million pounds? Ten? Hunt refuses to say. ‘Nice try, Simon.’

Asked the worst thing that has ever happened to him and the wounds left by the BSkyB row are still raw. ‘It was the political equivalent of being accused of a murder you didn’t commit.

‘It was horrific. The whole world was accusing me of something I hadn’t done. The only thing that kept me strong was my family.

‘My wife Lucia was amazing. It was a few months after our daughter was born so we had her parents over from China.

‘Her father said it was like China’s Cultural Revolution with hordes  of journalists outside my doorstep in Pimlico.

‘My wife and I thought we had to fight till the truth came out.’

Hunt frankly concedes his excruciating texts sent to Murdoch’s aide Fred Michel, calling him ‘daddy’ and ‘mon ami’ were naïve. ‘Yeah, they probably were.’

Hunt can appear wooden, but he has a romantic streak. After studying politics, philosophy and economics at Oxford, he went to Japan to study Japanese – for unrequited love. ‘OK, let me tell you the story,’ he confides. ‘My first girlfriend was Japanese, so when I left Oxford I wanted to learn a hard language and I picked Japanese. But when I came back she didn’t want to see me – I was desperate to show off!’

He is quick to add a happy ending: ‘Now I have ended up with a wife who is Chinese!’ Hunt met Chinese-born Lucia Guo in 1998, through his company. Their love affair survived a minor blip when a newspaper article said he was ‘ideal husband material except for the small matter of a Chinese girlfriend’.

Hunt concedes that he is somewhat 'clumsy': He narrowly avoided hitting a woman when a hand bell flew from his grasp during the OlympicsHunt concedes that he is somewhat ‘clumsy’: He narrowly avoided hitting a woman when a hand bell flew from his grasp during the Olympics

Lucia demanded to know why she had been dismissed as a ‘small matter’. Mr Hunt proved she meant the world to him by marrying her a year later in her native province of Xian. They have a young son and daughter. I cannot help noticing the Oriental theme in his love life. ‘Japan and China are as different as Italy and Germany,’ he says, defensively. After learning Japanese to impress one girlfriend, he is now studying Chinese to impress his wife, or rather his in-laws.

‘I have to start again with Mandarin because my parents-in-law don’t speak English. I haven’t got beyond “Would you like a cup of tea?” yet, but they are lovely.’

Hunt has a habit of putting his foot in it: He narrowly avoided hitting a woman when a hand bell flew from his grasp during the Olympics. And his quip to the Queen about her appearance with James Bond in the Olympic video (telling her that a Japanese tourist had said their emperor would never jump out of a plane) fell to earth faster than the Royal lookalike skydiver.

‘I may be somewhat accident-prone,’ he concedes.

Snake-hipped Hunt once said  that his favourite leisure activity was the lambada dance, but he has given it up to read bedtime stories to his children.

Their favourite is The Gruffalo, about a quick-witted mouse that  discovers even the biggest, scariest monster is not that frightening.

Jeremy Hunt is the Tory mouse that roared. He is determined to kill off their bete noir: Being painted as political monsters who cannot be trusted with the NHS. He dismisses the idea he wants to be PM, but then again so does his ferociously ambitious role model Michael Gove.

Thousands dead, but not one boss is fired

Refusing to go: Anne EdenRefusing to go: Anne Eden

Not one hospital boss has been sacked in eight years for failing patients at the NHS trusts put in special measures last week for providing sub-standard care.

Despite thousands of needless deaths at the hospitals and concerns stretching back years, their chief executives have instead enjoyed a merry-go-round of ‘golden goodbyes’ and new six-figure salary jobs.

The Mail on Sunday has established that no chief executive at the 11 trusts put in special measures has been fired for failing patients since 2005.

And while some have stayed  in post, resigned or moved on, others have even received large payouts for ‘compensation for loss of office’.

Last night, Tory MP Bill Cash, who helped unearth the Mid Staffs hospital scandal, said: ‘There is a constant pattern of reward for failure and pats on the back when they leave, complete with golden goodbyes. The lack of accountability within the NHS is a complete disgrace.

‘More chief executives should be held to account for what has been going on under their watch.’

Some chief executives have moved straight from one struggling hospital to another.

Anne Eden, chief executive of Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, last week refused to resign, despite the trust being  put in special measures amid concerns over low staffing  levels, poor morale and a lack of empathy over patient complaints.

Mrs Eden has been in the  job since 2006, on a salary of £160,000 and a pension pot  of £1.1 million.

One chief executive has resigned as a result of Sir Bruce’s review. Christine Green stepped aside following a meeting with Sir Bruce’s team during which he told her care  at Tameside hospital in Greater Manchester was well below standard.


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