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These toffee-nosed rich cunts just don’t get it at all.

Michael ‘tory boy’ Gove – a close personal friend of the Cunt Camerons – is so out of touch with reality that its beyond pathetic.

Then again, aren’t they all.

The fact that the snivelling little, shit stained, butt-plug doesn’t even know what his own Party’s policy is, show’s not only the lack of dedication these robbing, pond life have to their jobs – their devil may care, attitude absolutely fucking stinks.

If they are not out buggering children or doing a bit of creative accounting on their expenses form, they are sat loafing about in their second homes, supervising the gardener we are paying for… Fuck me, these cunts make me puke.

If Gove worked for me and came out with such an ill thought out, insensitive claim such as his “every child should have their own bedroom” remark, he would find himself begging for a pittance down the job centre very fucking quickly… The fucking ignorant, regurgitated, spunk bubble.

Will Cameron sack him?

Never in a month of Sundays.

Anyway, the cunts too busy sacking those who had the audacity to exercise their democratic right to vote against him.

Yet the dopey, four eyed cunt, Gove is on at least a quarter of a million pound a year. For that amount of money you would have thought that he would have had the gumption to realise the hypocrisy of his verbal diarrhoea.

Sack the cunt now.

Coincidentally. The article ends with yet another ‘scientific’ study.

This time we learn that children who are given music lessons are generally better behaved.

I could have told you that. In fact children who have any after school activities are generally better behaved.

Unfortunately, most parents cannot afford to send their offspring to lessons costing £20- £30 pound per hour.

However, if the government really wanted better behaved children, what they should do is make sure that there are plenty of decent jobs that pay enough for a man or woman to support his or her family.

That way kids have someone to come home too who is not totally fucked after working all day for peanuts, is not totally stressed out with money problems and is not too busy juggling the everyday jobs that need taking care of.

It really isn’t Rocket Science, Brainiacs.

Neither is providing well paid jobs… All thats needed is to get rid of  all these vile, useless politician wankers and stop the illusion.

I’m glad I’m not a scientist. They really are right thick cunts.


Every child should have their own room to study in, says Gove: Education Secretary attacked by critics over comments in wake of Government rules on bedroom tax

  • Michael Gove said a ‘room of one’s own’ provides space to learn and read
  • ‘Bedroom tax’ rules mean child aged under 16 in a home receiving housing benefit has to share a room with a sibling of same gender
  • Also means brothers and sisters much share room until age of ten
  • Liam Byrne said: ‘Even Gove admits bedroom tax is a vicious policy’


PUBLISHED: 01:12, 6 September 2013 | UPDATED: 01:12, 6 September 2013


Each child needs a bedroom to themselves to fulfil their academic potential, the Education Secretary has said.

Michael Gove said having a ‘room of one’s own’ provided space to learn and read.

But he was immediately accused of hypocrisy as critics pointed out that new Government rules decree a child aged under 16 in a home receiving housing benefit has to share a room with a sibling of the same gender.

Michael Gove said having a 'room of one's own' provided space to learn and read Michael Gove said having a ‘room of one’s own’ provided space to learn and read


The so-called ‘bedroom tax’ also means that brothers and sisters will have to share rooms until the age of ten.

Mr Gove said more children will be able to enjoy having their own bedroom in future because of the Government’s planning reforms, which aim to encourage the building of larger properties.


Developers have been urged to end the proliferation of ‘rabbit hutch’ estates and develop family-sized homes.

The Education Secretary told an audience at the Policy Exchange think-tank: ‘My colleague, [planning minister] Nicholas Boles, is making changes to the planning regime.

‘These are changes which are social justice changes. Virginia Woolf wrote about a room of one’s own and about the fact that throughout history women did not have a chance to fulfil their potential because they did not have a room of their own in which to write.

Gove was accused of hypocrisyGove was accused of hypocrisy as the Government’s so-called bedroom tax means children aged under 16 in a home receiving housing benefit has to share a room with a sibling of the same gender


‘There are schoolchildren who do not have rooms of their own in which to do their homework, in which to read, in which to achieve their full potential. Nick Boles’ planning reforms will make it easier for more homes of a larger size to be built for children.’

Mr Gove lashed out at ‘nimbys’ who tried to block the liberalisation of planning laws, adding: ‘When people oppose these planning reforms, I think they are actually standing in the way of helping our children to grow tall.’

But Liam Byrne, Labour’s work and pensions spokesman, seized on the Education Secretary’s remarks, saying: ‘Even Michael Gove now admits that the bedroom tax is a vicious policy that holds children back.

‘This hated policy should be dropped and dropped now.’

Mr Gove was supported yesterday by Mr Boles, who criticised councils which use protecting the greenbelt as an ‘excuse’ not to build new homes.

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