The Great Brain Robbers

Spivey Vagina


Just got back from the downtown Palais where the music was so sweet it knocked me right back in the alley, i’m ready… Hang about! That was Jeff Lynne, not me.

All that I have been doing is the usual shite, so fuck knows where that came from.

Unless of course I have been brainwashed into believing that I really am a sad, nerdy, loony fantasist holed up in my bedroom, dreaming up ways to attack the rich & famous over the internet.

Possible I suppose.

After all, that was the aim of the local, national and international newspapers – not to mention national radio & tv – whom over the course of a 6 day period, gave it their best shot at convincing their audience that was the case.

Did it work?

Well how the fuck should I know, I haven’t asked so much as one person if that is how they perceive me.

I do know that despite the almighty collective effort put into the libelous efforts of the MSM to portray me as Evil Roy Toad, no one has so much as hissed at me in the street.

Neither have the paedophile filth who troll this site on a daily basis upped their game any.

And after I posted 3 or 4 of the dozen or so abusive Facebook messages sent to me by Arthur Lobotomy and his inbred cousins following that Sunday press attack on my good self, I haven’t received a single one since.

Therefore, a week or so later it is quite obvious that no one even cared enough to get really angry – a measure of just how toothless the rigorously controlled ‘free’ press has now become. Which as it happens is in line with the gradual replacing of real news items with repetitive ‘true’ stories that most weekly women’s magazines would knock back.

Indeed, when you think about the huge financial cost that must – or at least should – go into producing a printed newspaper, delivered and ready for sale in newsagents up and down the country, the mind boggles at how they are able to keep going.

Take the Sunday People for instance – a once weekly shit-rag with a circulation of just over a quarter of a million, which retails for a quid… Or put another way, grosses £250,000 in sales before production, admin, material and logistical costs are taken into account.

Therefore, when you do take into account the cost of all that is required to get the newspaper into a retail outlet – or at least should be required, were the shit-rags fit for purpose – the mind boggles at how any newspaper publication is even able to cover those costs let alone turn a profit.

Course, the answer to that is blatantly obvious albeit abhorrent in what should be a free country – which I will expand upon shortly.

Moreover, the newspapers only have themselves to blame for their imminent demise – or at least their owners anyway – being as no one has £7 a week to spare on reading about how the likes of poor 12 year old Alfie Spechead has been barred from attending school because his trousers are the wrong shade of black, or some other equally trivial old fanny.

And indeed, this claim of mine is indirectly borne out in the following, which was published in the Guardian newspaper last year:

I am in Ireland to address the Irish Press Council’s annual general meeting in a lecture entitled “Have newspapers got a future?”

My theme is that they have no future. Declining circulation figures tell us that people are switching week by week from print to screen. It is simply a matter of time before it becomes unprofitable to continue publishing newsprint papers.

Sales aside, the main problem has been the gradual retreat by the major funders of the press: advertisers. Publishers of local and regional titles have been facing that drama for several years. Nationals, however, have done better… until now.

The news that one of the strongest publishing companies, Daily Mail & General Trust, had to issue a warning to investors after its newspaper division reported a 29% fall in profits should be seen as a landmark moment.

It was largely due to a 13% decline in print ad revenues at its titles – Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and Metro – over a six-month period (with worse likely to follow).

There was some compensation in the growth of digital advertising at Mail Online, up to very healthy £44m, which must be seen in the context of the Mail’s print advertising of £80m. Source

So, despite the usual lack of crucial information needed (a policy akin to all news outlets) in order for the reader to form an accurate assessment of the content, we can still garner that for every £100 the newspapers were earning at the start of the 2016 new year, come summer that figure had dropped to an alarming £70.

Or put another way, if you were used to living on £500 PW only to find that 6 months down the road you were then having to manage on £350 PW – with the prospect of worse to come – I should think that you would be a bit more than a tad concerned.

Course it is the mentioned advertising in that Guardian article that is keeping our national press afloat.

I mean did you clock it? A whopping £80 Million Squids – or should that be ‘Wapping’ – for the Chimp’s shit-rag alone, along with a further £44 Million Squid generated by their Ape-Online shit… And that does not include the doubtless Millions of Squids generated by the Chimp’s covert advertising.

Now tell me? If that £80 Million was suddenly to cease is anyone silly enough to really believe that the Chimp would still be producing printed copy a week later?

I didn’t think that there would be, even though there can be no denying that running a newspaper costs much less pro-rata than it did 40 years ago.

After all, back then printing the shit was a lot more time consuming and the rags had to pay Journalist to get off their arses and go and find the news.

Sadly, in these so called ‘modern’ times a newspaper will retain only a handful of “real” journalists – such as 12 year old Alan Selby – who are aware of what is really going on in the world but in order to further their ‘careers’ and secure an invite to Satan’s Tea-Dance, will go all out to hide the true facts.

For example, just today (03/01/2017) Young Selby – who somehow (although fuck knows how), obtained my daughter’s home address which he sat outside in his car until she appeared whereby he then chased her back indoors whilst bombarding her with questions about me – has published a totally bollox article in the Daily Mirror about Gina Miller… Instead of doing what any journalist with even a smidgen of integrity should have done i.e. blown the whistle on the true identity of the government construct, ‘Windy’ Miller.

PHOTO: The politically devised construct, Ms Windy Miller – who were she to open her eyes fully and go back to her more bouffanted hairstyle would be instantly recognisable to many.

And let me be quite clear here, the likes of Soft-Lad Selby are not writing their bullshit out of ignorance of the truth.

Indeed on the contrary, I know for a cast iron fact from our face to face conversation a couple of Saturdays ago that Selby is aware of the real facts surrounding the news but chooses to ignore them in favour of fantasy… Something that was confirmed to me on the very next day – which ultimately spoke volumes as to his lack of morality and disdain for the truth.

You see, it wasn’t just the content of our conversation that alerted me to the fact that School-Boy Selby was more than aware of the real truth surrounding the subjects that he then writes bollox about, it was also the fact that as he was leaving he shook my hand and clearly stated that because I had answered his questions so “eloquently” – his word not mine – my comments would definitely be added to his article due for release in the Sunday People the following day.

Yet two weeks later, those 250,000 people who spent a pound to read his 3 page libelous make-believe cannot possibly have any idea what my “eloquently” set out responses to Selby’s questions consisted of because he lied when he said that he would include them.

PHOTO – Twelve year old Presstitute, Alan Selby gets another “exclusive”.

And of course, apart from that small circle of self-serving hacks, the rest of our national newspaper ‘journalists’ are made up of £8-£10 per hour Copywriters working from a pre-typed PA story.

Yet the very fact that the Chimp rakes in overall, £122 Million yearly from legitimate advertising is a conflict of interest and compromises their ability to publish what would be deemed as real news.

After all, by way of an example; a Bank is not going to pay hundreds of thousands of Pounds to advertise in a newspaper that is revealing their involvement in money laundering, price rigging and the huge number of homes that they are repossessing after duping customers into taking on huge mortgages, are they?

And of course, the likes of Rupert the Bear, AKA Mad Murdoch are not likely to allow the many media corporations under their umbrella to publish the truth about the sick, kiddie-fiddling activities of the MP’s that they and their cronies own.

Therefore it is safe to say that the likes of Rupert the Bear are now faced with a real problem, namely: How to keep the newspapers – whose silence & propaganda is hugely vital to keeping the elite safe in their house of cards – from going under, when all that they can safely report on is of no real interest to anyone cept the rapidly decreasing lower, middle class housewives with too much time on their hands?

Yet in reality there is still a very real, financially very viable market for a decent newspaper – or even newspapers – as long as they deal with real news, told with truth and integrity. Which of course will never happen whilst the seriously floundering propaganda shit-rags are still on offer.

However, as the shit-rags become bottomless money-pits, sooner or later the mega-rich media-mongrels are going to have to pull the plug on their money-hemorrhaging, un-sellable propaganda comics, which would theoretically pave the way for a small cartel of wealthy businessmen – not bought and paid for by Satanic Paedophiles – to start publishing a proper newspaper staffed by real journalist and then the house of cards will come crashing down.

After all, it is quite clearly obvious to me that shit-rags such as the Chimp are relying heavily on the huge kickbacks to be made from say, extortionately priced clothing outlets, which is why we are seeing an ever increasing number of boring, pointless articles about boring, pointless engagements attending by the likes of boring, pointless, Katy Golddigger Smiff, just so as the Chimp can tell you where to buy a replica of whatever overpriced, dogs-dinner of a dress she is wearing.

Indeed you have to question how a Chimp Online article reporting on such old bollox, more often than not only an hour or so after the event, would be in a position to know who designed the outfit that their articles subject is wearing, let alone how much it cost and where to buy one just like it – along with another 2 or 3 outlets stocking cheaper versions that look fuck all like the product in question… Just makin’ an observation.

Kickback’s from travel agents are undoubtedly another source of revenue raising although much harder to pass off as news but one of the biggest fraud earners has to be from articles thinly disguised as news which are geared up to produce a huge payday for some fat-cat cash-cow charity or other.

And to do that, all that a journalist £9 per hour copywriter needs is a script – usually involving a child – a set of photoshopped snappy-snapz and a link allowing the gullible to donate.

In fact I will end this piece with a quick run-through of today’s scam, criminally published by the Monkey Boyz, which involves a made-up story about a little African boy:

A starving child who was left for dead by his parents who thought he was a witch has been pictured full of joy as he sets off for for his first day at school. 

Straight away reinforcing the Western World’s perception of Africa being inhabited by superstitious savages living in mud-hut villages, run by a fella in a loin cloth with crazy wild hair and a bone through his nose…  Roger that:

Photographs of the little boy known as Hope broke the world’s hearts last year after a charity worker found him emaciated and riddled with worms after being abandoned.


Give the boy an uplifting name to swell the feel-good-factor and all the other positive ideologies the name “Hope” conjures up thus manipulating the British Fruit & Nuts to reach for their handbags.

After all, there is nothing wrong with giving the boy a girls name despite the fact that he must be around 5 years old if he is starting school – doubtlessly built in the jungle – and as such must have known his own name… But why let fact get in the way of a sure fire money spinning yard.

Having made a miraculous recovery, the now healthy-looking youngster set off to embark on his education in a strapping red outfit.

What is a “strapping red outfit” and why do we need to be told what the boy is wearing when there is an obvious photo of him in the said outfit directly below that sentence?

Very fucking small isn’t he? Yet even so, you would have thought that they would have been able to provide the boy with clothes that are not 3 sizes too big and trainers that would drown a 10 year old!

However, at this juncture I should point out that the purpose of this photo is to recreate for comparison purposes, the photo taken a year earlier when the boy was allegedly found abandoned, emaciated,and worm infested – in order to show just how importantly worthwhile your donations are.

However, the fact that the photos are blatantly fraud must mean that the charity has no real achievement photos of real cases with which to use as proof that your importantly worthwhile donations are benefitting anyone else other than the charity chiefs.

After all, emaciated as the boy is he cannot be any older than a year old so why would he be starting school a year on? … despite the boy in red unlikely to be the same one as is in the photo above.

Moreover, despite the irony of the boy being abandoned after being branded a witch having his life saved by a woman who appears to have a picture of a witch tattooed on her ankle, there is no getting away from the fact that the boy is a photoshop.

Here, let me show you.

Now for starters, his ankles are too wide and wrongly joined to his feet… Not to mention his feet being odd sizes.

Neither is his head properly attached to his neck and if that is his left shoulder that we can see as opposed to being his throat then he is horribly deformed. On the other hand, if it is his throat the boy must have a tumour or something.

Moreover, given his tiny stature he must be clutching the smallest can of drink ever made, despite the can being deformed.

Neither is he eating a McVitie’s Digestive although it is hard to make out what he is holding in his right hand. And besides, you certainly do not give a child so obviously malnourished a fucking digestive biscuit to munch on.

Meantime, the photo taken a year on is shamelessly staged and specifically geared up to exploit the cute factor indicating that your donations have been spent on a PR agency – The difference in the birds hair colour being another marketing ploy designed to exploit the passing of time… Oh yea, and lets not forget the conclusive proof that a fraud is taking place here just by having a quick comparison of the hoaxsters lower left arm tattoo as shown in the two photos.

I mean fuck me! The pin-ups head doesn’t even face in the same direction… Albeit full marks to the photoshopper for trying to hide the fact with paint matching the birds skintone.

Although to be frank, having spent 18 successful years as a Tattoo Artist, the fact that the added skin-tone coloured paint then created an anomaly in the tattoo placement is what first alerted me to the fact that something was remiss.

The article then publishes a series of photos of the boy, again all geared up for the cute and feel-good factor.

And at least they have used the same bird in these photos as opposed to the different bird shown in the photos allegedly taken a year before.

The fraud bollox then continues:

The then two-year-old Nigerian boy was found in a shocking state last year.

Oh, so they do know how old he is… And at 2 the lil chap might not have known his own name but why would they be packing him off to school complete with back-pack if he is only three?

Furthermore, why is he wearing shoes to go to school that are 10 sizes too big when he is seen in two other photos wearing sandals that fit?

Hope was abandoned by his family because they thought he was a witch and was found in the streets by Anja Ringgren Loven, a Danish woman living in Africa, in January 2016. 

Course, if they know that the boy was abandoned by his family because they thought he was a witch, it figures that someone who knows the boy’s family MUST have imparted that info so why were his saviours not told his name at the same time?

Mind you, our heroine’s name isn’t your average Danish name since most Danish surnames end in SEN.

Almost a year on to the day, she posted amazing before and after photographs of her holding a water bottle up to the boy’s mouth. 

That is to say she posted photos of two different birds holding a water bottle up to the mouths of two different children.

In an emotional Facebook post, she wrote: ‘On the 30th of January 2016 I went on a rescue mission with David Emmanuel Umem, Nsidibe Orok and our Nigerian team. 

Why was it emotional? How can anyone even gauge emotion accurately via a Facebook post?

‘A rescue mission that went viral, and today it’s exactly one year ago the world came to know a young little boy called Hope

‘This week Hope will start school.’

Are you having that shite? More fucking fool you if you are.

There then follows another photo presumably from a year ago showing the other bird holding ‘Hope’.

Most definitely not the same boy with this version appearing to be in much better shape although fuck knows what is going on with his right foot.

Likewise, I am fucked if I know what the fella in the cap is doing with his hands although his thumb looks mighty suspect.

Come on, tell us some more lies:

Back in January, Ms Loven found the boy after he spent eight months fending for himself and living off scraps.

HA, HA, Ha, Ha, Ha, HA, HA, Ha, Ha, Ha, HA, HA, Ha, Ha, Ha, HA, HA, Ha, Ha, Ha… Oh you pranksters kill me.

So, we are now supposed to believe that a 16 month old baby, who having been abandoned as a witch – as opposed to being murdered – spent the next 8 months living off scraps in the wilds of Africa.

Meantime, someone who MUST know the boy’s family in order for his rescuers to confidently state that the boy was abandoned because he was thought to be a witch, did fuck all to help the tot for 8 months – as did no one else… Roger that:

She bent down and gently began feeding him and giving him water from a bottle. She then wrapped up the disorientated toddler in a blanket and took him to the nearest hospital for treatment.

She did that despite the boy having a very small, horribly deformed can of Limeade in his hand. Luckily however, the boy had the sense to refuse her offer of a digestive as had he eaten one in his emaciated, malnourished state, it would have finished him off.

When Hope reached the hospital, he was given medication to remove the worms from his stomach and daily blood transfusions to incorporate more red blood cells into his body, Ms Loven said.

But Ms Lovensen is a proven fucking liar.

And two days after the aid worker asked for the community’s help with Hope’s costly medical bills, she received  more than $1million in donations from around the world.

BINGO… Yet a Million fraudulently obtained squid wasn’t enough for the greedy sick cunts now looking for another bite of the cherry.

We are then treated to another photoshoot of the boy who we have just been told was rushed to hospital for urgent medical treatment.

Now since the Chimp’s photo caption for this snappy-snap reads: “Ms Loven wrapped up the disorientated toddler in a blanket and took him to the nearest hospital”, it is logical to assume that those concerned looking people stood around watching are the same mushes who stood around watching the same 16 month old baby hunt around for scraps and small tins of fizzy pop in deformed cans for the past 8 months… Or has someone got another explanation?

Course, quite why Anja Ringworm Lowensen – Danish, honest – needed to wrap the instantly growing young fella in a blanket, having first wasted time pouring water down his throat whilst trying to murder him with a digestive biscuit is beyond me… But there ya go.

Another photo please:

The photo caption for this photo reads: When Hope reached the hospital, he was given medication to remove the worms from his belly and daily blood transfusions.

Which is strange since the photo is of him laying unwrapped in the back of a motor, holding a biscuit that is not a digestive.

Next photo please:

The photo caption reads: “Ms Loven is pictured helping give Hope a bath after he was found walking the streets starving, disorientated and riddled with worms”

So presumably these two photos are taken at the [DIY] hospital that Anja Ringworm rushed the boy to – where they are quite clearly so short staffed and skint that what few nurses there are do not have uniforms and before any medical treatment is given the patient has to be given a bath – outside – as the first priority.

Moreover, you obviously have to be prepared to muck in.

Course, this obvious lack of funds would also explain why the hospital has no towels – hence the little lad is being dangled over the bath to drip dry, even as the bath is being carried away to empty it… Roger that, I’m very close to reaching for my wallet.

Especially now Anja has got her correct tattoo on.

Fucking Muppets.

And that I am afraid to say is as much of the old bollox that I am prepared to take you through… The slimey cunts turn my stomach.

You can find the rest of the scamming article – should you wish to read the old shite – by clicking HERE