The Georgia Guidestones: Sorted… Sort of… Probably.


Chris Spivey


So lets have a recap shall we?

The Georgia Guide-stones were commissioned at enormous cost – £15,432,887 at today’s prices –  in 1979 by a fella calling himself RC Christian.

Sometimes called “the American Stonehenge”, the stones were unveiled on the 22nd of March 1980.

Elberton Granite Finishing Company owned by Joe H. Fendley, Sr was the firm responsible for building the ‘monument.

Wyatt C. Martin, President of the Granite City Bank was brought in to act as intermediary for the project.

And according to Martin:

Mr. Christian told Martin that he and his sponsors selected Georgia as the location for the monument because of the availability of high quality granite, the mild climate, and the fact that his great-grandmother was a native Georgian.

He also emphasized that the monument should be erected in a remote area, away from the main tourist centers. Martin suggested that, to work within the funds available, a local site should be selected because of the cost of transporting the massive stones Christian had in mind.

The men spent a day inspecting various sites, and finally selected a five acre plot on the farm of Mildred and Wayne Mullenix. The plot also happens to be the highest point in Elbert county. Source


 Photo: Work began on the stones in 1979


There is however much more to the location than the above snippet is letting on. For instance the “Georgia Guidestones are located in a zone that’s safe from devastating changes to the earth’s surface: earthquakes, floods, asteroids, volcanoes, solar flares—disasters that some believe will bring an end to modern civilization”. Source

Moreover, according to The Daily Paul: “The Georgia Guidestones are located along “Ley Lines”, that connect Washington DC, Philadelphia PA, and Stone Henge”. Source

Now, by RC Christian’s own admission: “the sponsors had planned the monument for years”. Certainly, the stones are an incredible fete of engineering. In fact according to Joe Fedley:

“the project was one of the most challenging ever – partly because of the magnitude of the materials and partly because of the exacting specifications from the mysterious group of sponsors, and those specifications were so precise that they had to be compiled by experts on stone as well as construction” Source

Furthermore, according to the Event Chronicle website:

About nine months after the secretive first meetings with Christian, the monument was formally unveiled on March 22, 1980, in front of a crowd of around 400. The guidebook lists more than eighty people involved in the project. U.N. language experts and college professors were used for the challenging language translations and transliterations. Scientists and engineers were contracted to oversee the project’s astronomical details. Source


Now to my way of thinking, you don’t go to all that trouble for nothing.

Certainly, everyone connected to the stones are always very cagey when questioned about them. Indeed, none more so than Mart Clamp who now looks after the stones and whose father, Charlie Clamp is in the above photos pictured with Wyatt C Martin.

Again, according to the Event Chronicle:

A large man with broad, square shoulders and a crushing handshake, Mart Clamp was born to work stone. Quick to smile with a youthful face, Clamp is a friendly man whom children instinctively like. “I don’t understand why people would do something like this,” Clamp remarks as he cleaves off a piece of polyurethane taking along with it a thin sliver of underlying granite. “Up until the last year or two, the worst thing they’d do is smear chicken blood everywhere.”

“I know nearly all of the men who worked on this monument and nearly all of them were good Christians and good Masons,” Clamp maintained. “I know that none of them would have worked on the Guidestones if they believed that there was anything evil or untoward about them.”

But that is not quite accurate. Nearly thirty years previously to the day, Mart Clamp’s father, Charlie Clamp, was sandblasting over 4,000 4-inch letters into the eight faces of the four Guidestones. Forebodingly, as he carved the words “to an age of reason” into the Pyramid Blue granite capstone, Charlie Clamp says he heard “strange music and disjointed voices.”

The Elberton Granite Museum attendant, a warm, amiable man in his sixties, also revealed that the Guidestones have been a persistent source of controversy with the local churches. “The churches in this area have never been too happy about it,” he said in a perfect, melodious Georgia accent. In a Los Angeles Times article, the man who constructed the monument, Joe Fendley, remarked that he “got a lot of poison calls and poison letters” over the Guidestones. “I’ve heard preachers say it’s evil,” confided Hudson Cone of the Elberton Granite Association in that same article.


Mart Clamp repairing graffiti damage in 2010

Now by way of example of that caginess, Mart Clamp said in connection to the perfectly square notch that had been carved out of the top right hand corner of the slab engraved in English: “It appears that the damage was made over the course of about a year in an on-going effort to topple that Guidestone.” … Which is in complete contradiction to the bollocks news story put out by WSGC radio, who claimed in August 2013 that the damage was made by 37 year old William Ellis from Anniston in Alabama and two unknown accomplices on the night of September 11 2009 Source

William Jeremy Ellis

However, if you have read my article, ‘On Rocky Ground’ you will know that it was impossible for Willie Ellis (pictured above), who bares an uncanny resemblance to the actor Ben Crompton (pictured below) to have done the deed.

Ben Crompton Picture

Now, if you have read my aforementioned article, ‘On Rocky Ground’ you will also know that ‘the notch‘ was filled with a ‘cornerstone’ engraved with the numbers 20 & 14 either on the 1st or 2nd of September 2014.

Okay, so here is the new bit.

On the 25th of September, some three to three and a half weeks after the 2014, made to measure block had been put in place, a fella – who I strongly suspect to be Mart Clamp – arrived to remove it.

Moreover, Clamp was accompanied by a County State Trooper… Why?

And as coincidence would have it, there was a fairly large gathering there to film it, which begs the question: How did they know that the block of granite was going to be removed?

Never the less, removed it was – very easily as it happens – despite having been cemented into place.  That fact was evidenced by Clamp continuing to hammer and chisel at the notch after throwing the granite block to the ground.

However, on closer examination, the block was revealed to be engraved on all 6 sides – two sides having the numbers ‘8’ and ’16’ carved into them with the remaining two sides being etched with the letters ‘MM’ and ‘JAM’.

9Now, once again, Clamp – if indeed the fella was Clamp – was not very forthcoming with information. You see, when asked who put the block there, he replied “some jerk”. Then asked if the block was going to be replaced, Clamp mumbled something along the lines of “I guess so”.

Clamp then proceeded to cut the block into slithers, handing them out to his audience as he did so.

So, was the block really just a prank?

Well, if it was, someone went to a hell of a lot of trouble to pull it off. I mean, just getting up to measure the notch size cannot have been an easy task, especially for someone who wasn’t meant to be there. And then why did they engrave the other 4 sides?

After all, when doing so the odds were against anyone else ever seeing the carvings other than Clamp.

Moreover, why did it take over 3 weeks for Clamp to remove it when it was only 3 minutes of a job?

In fact, why was it removed at all for that matter?  I mean It wasn’t an eyesore so why not wait until the new filler block was ready?

After all, some people seem to think that those seeking to destroy us have fuck all better to do than go to extraordinary lengths to play practical jokes on us… And lets face it, the block was always going to cause more panic in place than it ever would by being removed.

Furthermore, why did Clamp cut the block up into slithers for the inexplicable large number of people present, whom obviously had prior notice of the event – hence him being filmed arriving?

And finally, why did Clamp need police protection?

Very fucking strange… Just sayin’.