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Christopher Spivey


I would like to start this article by thanking you all for your donations which once again has ensured that this site continues for another month.

After all, with the monthly site fees being just shy of £270 the fact that you – the reader – have kept this site online for the past four years is nothing short of a miracle.

However, best of all; every month that this site continues is a major kick in the bollocks for the Establishment, who will be fully aware that the right spark could send the content viral – despite their minions constant efforts to keep it hidden.

And of course, if that happens then the cunts really are in trouble.

So, thank you very much, one and all.

Now originally I was going to base this article on a number of Chimp farticles about various pieces dominating the ‘news’ at the moment. However, due to a video that was sent to me, I am now going to keep it strictly ‘Royal’ – which is not hard to do given the huge number of brown-nosing shite written about the fraud-parasites in the Chimp every day of the week.

So let’s start with the following:

Are these cunts for real!

I mean Kate Gold-Digger-Smiff breaks out in a little trot whilst allegedly watching Little Bald Willie playing Polo and the Monkey-Boyz somehow manage to link that burst of energy to Princess Diana running in a mother’s race at a school sports day!

Therefore, working on the Chimp hack’s logic, I am sitting here writing this article at my computer desk so I am “echoing” Albert Einstein:

PHOTO: Is it me or is it Albert?

Course, Gold-Digger-Smiff, like Diana Spencer is nothing more than a created persona making Billions of Pounds for the Chief Monsters.

Diana – as I have pointed out numerous times – was played by a succession of actresses. Now, bear in mind that no cunt had ever heard of Diana Spencer until around 1980, yet it wasn’t until the 1990’s that we started to see photos of her childhood.

And the reason for the delay is because Diana didn’t have a childhood… She didn’t exist.

Indeed I would wager that the girl in the main photo is Charlotte Colbert, the very obscure, illegitimate daughter of billionaire, James Goldsmith.

PHOTO: Ben Goldsmith and his half sister, Charlotte Colbert 

Course, to add further credence to that claim is the conspiracy theory that Diana’s real father was also James Goldsmith… A conspiracy theory that the Chimp was happy to contribute to:

Now we really have heard it all – Princess Diana and Jemima Khan were sisters. Yes, that’s the hot news igniting bushfires all over Australia with the ‘revelation’ in New Idea magazine this week that both women were fathered by swashbuckling tycoon Sir James Goldsmith.

In the case of Jemima, there is no dispute. Born on January 30, 1974, she is acknowledged as being the daughter of Sir ‘Jams’ and his amply bosomed wife Lady Annabel. In fact, she’s the spitting image of her dad. Source

However, like so many of the conspiracy theories surrounding Diana, they were started by the Establishment in order to give her ‘life’.

Shall we go compare?

Of course we fucking shall:

And Ironically, Diana was also played by India Jane Birley – Daughter of Annabel Goldsmith, the wife of Charlotte Colbert’s father, James Goldsmith.

PHOTO: Diana and India Jane Birley 

Other actors who stepped in to fill the part include among others, Diana’s ‘sister-in-law’, Sophie Wessex AKA Sophie Rhys Jones… Who shares the same surname as Diana’s bodyguard, Trevor Rees Jones:

Indeed it is amazing what a bit of eyeliner can do for a bird… Oh and Sophie’s nose has been altered in that last photo (see below)

Now why on earth would the press alter Sophie’s conk if all was above board?

And as an aside, Trevor Rees Jones, surgeon – who supposedly pieced his face together after the accident that never was – is also his solicitor… Go figure!

PHOTO: Clever Trevor’s solicitor and surgeon

Another actor to play the role was useful idiot newsreader, Selina Scott:

As well as the [faked] murdered, Jill Dando also stepping into Di’s shoes.

Indeed the links between Dando and Diana are too numerous to list.

And on the night that she ‘died’, Diana was played by the then 18 year old, Ondine Rothschild who just so happened to live in Paris, France at the time of the accident… No travel expenses involved.

PHOTO: Ondine and Diana (inset)

And therein lies the reason that ‘Diana’ was so camera shy as she left the Ritz Hotel on that fateful night, despite being the most photographed woman in the world with countless photos (every single one of them faked) of her and Dodi Fayed already in circulation.

PHOTO: Shy Di on the 30th of August 1997

You can read more about those faked photos in my article Night Of The Living Dead.

Diana’s voice was provided by ‘her’ best friend Rosa Monkton – a key member of the Monkton spy family. Listen to her voice in the video below and then compare it to Diana’s:

The Monster Minions were able to allow Monkton to speak for Diana using what is called: Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment (see video below)

This allows somebody to speak for somebody else on camera without the fraud being instantly recognizable, although there are signs if you know what you are looking for – which nobody did, certainly not back in the 1990’s.

However, this technology was used to put words into the mouths of all of those connected to the Diana fraud as I discovered whilst watching a 1997 video documentary on her ‘death’. You see, what I noticed about these ‘witnesses’ and accessories-to-the-fact was that they all had the same bottom teeth (see below)


And coincidentally enough, although I told you about this technology at least 3 or 4 years ago, the Monkey Kuntz reported on it just last week:

Very timely thank you ya traitor cunts.

Now interestingly enough, Rosa Monkton also played a huge part in whitewashing the Paget Report – the British investigation into Diana’s death. Moreover, since Monkton has a daughter with Down-Syndrome, this would form the basis for the [Establishment sourced] conspiracy theory that Charles & Diana had a mentally disabled daughter.

Course, since Diana did not exist, she couldn’t really have had any children which is why William & Harry look so different.

In fact what you have to remember here is that we are supposedly talking about an elite bloodline whose interbreeding means that the bloodline families all look the same going back for centuries.

The Kennedy’s and the Rockefeller’s for example:

PHOTO: The Kennedy’s and the Rockefeller’s all bear the same family resemblance. 

Indeed there can be little doubt that Little Bald Willie is either the son of or a clone of Kink Wank Carlos of Spain.

PHOTO: Carlos & Willie – close in looks and affection

However, Prick Henry’s origins are a bit harder to establish although I rather suspect that he is a Rothschild given his close resemblance to David de Rothschild:

PHOTO: David & Henry

Course, the fact that Diana is not the mother to Willie & Henry would explain why they do not bear any animosity to Henry Paul – the fella who was supposedly driving the Merc on the night that Diana died.

Henry Paul is of course now the Prime Mincer of France, Bernard Frenchname:

Mind you, the cunts do like to give us a clue as to what lies in store in future scripts. I mean take the photo below of Charles & ‘Diana’ taken sometime in the 1980’s:

Now in that photo we see a Land-Rover with the registration KLL 1… Or put another way “Kill One”.

And if we go to Henry and the fake Meghan’s wedding we see Kate Gold-Digger-Smiff travelling in a Daimler bearing the registration number KLL 1… Or put another way “Kill One”:

How very bizarre!

Course, Gold-Digger-Smiff is only a construct too and as such she has no children either, which is why Prince Louie, named after the vile paedophile Louie Mountanything was missing from that ‘family’ day out that I opened this article with… So much for Kate being the “doting mother”.

Neither was Little Louie on the balcony for the trooping of the colour – which marks the Queer’s official birthday… Not that he was the only one absent in the fake photos.

However, those presents on the balcony reveal an awful lot:

You see, Kate is 5ft 10ins tall and Willie is 6ft 3ins – Five inches taller than his wife.

Meanwhile, Meghan is 5 ft 7ins tall and Henry is 6ft 1ins – Six inches taller than his wife.

Charles Big-Ears is 5ft 10ins tall – three inches taller than Meghan and the same height as Kate.

Prince George is 2 years older than his sister, Charlotte… Now go and compare their heights.

PEOPLE DO NOT CHANGE HEIGHT… Although actors do vary in how tall they are.

Notably absent were The Duck, Prick Ed the Ball and wife Sophie (Diana) along with their son Viscount Backwards, although their daughter Louise was present. Prickless Beatrice or Eugenics (one of them was there) was also absent, as was Zara and Mike Tindall and their daughter Mia – although Mia also plays the part of little Prick George.

All very strange for such an impotent day.

Course, as I proved beyond all doubt in my article “Who Is Meghan Markle“, she too is just a made up persona played by many. Nevertheless, if further proof were needed click on the video found HERE(Sorry I don’t know how to download it).

* Take no notice of that last video of Renault Meghan, turns out that it was a hoax… The rest stands.

Indeed, everybody’s gotta learn sometime… Just sayin’.