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Bloody Hell! No sooner do I release my last article on the royals – which included a segment on Prince George of Troglodyte and how he never smiles or looks happy – than an hour or so later the Chimp releases a badly written article about a photo that has been released by Buckingham Palace, showing a happy smiling George to mark his 2nd birthday.

No doubt just another one of those very many coincidences shared by myself and the Monkey-Kuntz.

But why on earth did Buck House release the photo? I mean Will & Skate don’t live there, they live in Kensington Palace.

That is to say that in comparison whenever a photo or press release in connection to Buggerlugs or Gorilla Parker Horseface is made available it comes via Clarence Carter House.


Told ja.

Moreover, the poor quality snap – for that is what it certainly is – was allegedly taken by “celebrated fashion photographer” Mario Testicles – or whatever the happy-snappy-chappy’s name is – at “his little sister” (included in the Chimps txt, lest we forget) Princess Chaz of Troglodyte’s christening, earlier this month.

So why the fuck didn’t the normally extravagant with our money monsters have a commemorative photo taken especially for the occasion instead of using a poor quality, poorly taken, ill thought out photo allegedly taken at Chaz’s bash?

That makes no sense to me whatsoever… And was Chaz of Trog initiated into the Church of Satan outside?


And why has the commemorative photo been photoshopped?

I mean, fuck me you only have to look at the bottom left hand corner of the photo to see that fact. Neither is Georgie’s right foot attached to his leg and the shadow/lighting on Silly willie’s neck is all wrong too.

So, what we have is

  • a badly taken, poor quality snap
  • depicting a photoshopped mix and match of Will & George, supposedly photographed in a Clayton & Chris type pose
  • allegedly taken at a professional photo-shoot by a “celebrated fashion photographer” – who no cunt has ever heard of up until now
  • and indeed the photo is such poor quality in all aspects that even a “high street, run of the mill” photographer would not dream of putting his name to such shoddy photoshopped shit
  • which was then released by the wrong press office
  • Specifically to commemorate the boy’s 2nd birthday
  • which appeared in the Chimp an hour or so after I had released my article: Dog Save James McClean
  • which contains a damning segment on the cruelty being inflicted on the poor child

Do you think that they are panicking a little bit?

Now when I claim something in print on any given subject, I will always have researched all of the other possible ways of looking at the subject, so as when someone tries to prove a point by deliberately contradicting me, it only serves to spur me on to prove that those trying to make a cunt of me are the ones in the wrong… Cept for when the claim comes from the likes of disinfo monkeys who never properly read what I have written anyway.

So I went in search of the christening photos and guess what?

George looks very subdued in all of them… In fact he is even seen crying in one.


Although it is a photoshop… Done for added realism I suppose. But take note of how Willie appears at odds with the background. Look at his shoes. And how the fuck did he get under those tree branches?

I will tell you something else for nothing too. That Skate is an evil looking cow. I’ll bet she is a right spiteful bitch.

And she is not in perspective with Will & Trog. Willie is around the same hight as Skate when she is wearing heels.

Nevertheless, by the time that they walk out of the gate, George has stopped crying.


And here is the thing. You see, what with doing a fair bit of photoshopping myself – albeit with a lot more basic tools than the SS have to hand – over time I have learnt the dodges to make things easier.

I mean look at the photo above compared to the one where George is crying. The photo has been cropped at the very point where the vertical bar is on the fence. Moreover, the diagonal bar on the open gate is perfectly covered by Willie’s body… What a fucking coincidence. Indeed I would say that Willie has purposely had his left arm moved to cover the diagonal bar. Look how unnatural his hand is.

Furthermore, take note of the background lighting around that hand, another sure sign of a photoshop.

I would also bet that Skate has been photoshopped into the picture too, her legs are not quite right, the wheels of the pram are shite, the bottom bar of the gate runs at a different angle to the rest of it , spokes have been left out of the pram wheels because of the difficulty of matching the background in through them, and why the fuck would Georges reflection be seen on the pram?


And when you take a segment of the fence from the photo above this one, and then line it up on the photo of the Trog in tears, you find that the background doesn’t line up despite the fence lining up perfectly.


After all, it doesn’t matter what angle the photos are taken from. The fact that the fence matches up perfectly means that the background should too.

Indeed, it is without a doubt that all three people have been added to the photos.

And when you take a segment of the gate with the diagonal bar, from the Trog in tears photo and superimpose it on to the other one (photo below) it is obvious that you should be able to see the gate in between Willie’s legs.


It does in fact make it twice as easy to photoshop if things like the diagonal bar are covered because it is one less tricky detail to match up.

Mind you, you can see that the gate has been cut short just by looking at how long it is in the photo of the Trog in tears.

And guess what else?

Those two photos are not the only photoshopped christening photos… In fact every single one of the photos that I have found of the christening is photoshopped… Every single one.

Course, a lot more time has been taken in the photoshopping of those photos than has been taken on the photoshopping of the happy crappy snappy commemorative mash-up of George & Willie… But they are still nowhere near convincing enough to get past my eye for detail.

But why would they need to photoshop the christening photos – incidentally in which celebrated fashion photographer Mario Testicles doesn’t appear once. Yet if he was employed to take the christening photos you would have thought that he would have been snapped in the press photographs somewhere along the line.

Nevertheless, the answer to why the christening photos are fake is that the christening was nothing like it was portrayed – if indeed it took place at all.

Furthermore, the royal monsters obviously wanted the christening to look like a private family affair, just like us ordinary people have… Thus sending out the message that they too are just an ordinary family.

Moreover, and as I touched on earlier, why the fuck would Satanist’s want to have their child christened in a church of god.

Course, the very idea of the Queer & the Duck standing around outside of the church following the ceremony, making small talk with Kate Gold-Digger-Smith’s parents – the Simpletons – and Prince Buggerlugs & Gorilla Parker Horseface is laughable… Buggerlugs & the old Duck can’t fucking stand each other for starters… And no one from the family was curtseying to the queer.

So why is George of Trog looking so fucking happy in the snappy snap? I mean the poor lad never smiles or looks happy, yet there he is the the photoshopped shit snap looking happy as fuckng larry… And the spitting image of Willie at his age.

A fact which led me into doing some investigating… And experimenting, although I am not claiming that the results of the experiment have led to a foolproof, sure-fire, debunk that you cunt, conclusion… But they are very interesting.

Now what I needed in order to conduct this comparison exercise was some photos of somebody who had grown up to be the splitting image of their dad, as well as some childhood photos of them both.

Okay, you can press play on the music video below now.

You see, I chose John and Julian Lennon.


So, despite the slightly different looks as children – although as I have told you before anything over 75 % is a very, very good score – as Julian got older he turned into his fathers doppelganger and remains that way.

Ringo Starr and his son Zac on the other hand… Cue the music.

Now whilst there is no doubt that Zac is Ringo’s son, they do not look too much alike at all.


Course, I can’t now do a similar comparison  with Willie & George, since George3 hasn’t grown up yet, but I can compare them as children… Music please Mr Musicman.

Now this may surprise you given the rumours about George’s conception and birth.


George and infant William are a perfect match 100 % of the time whereas Julian Lennon never once made 100% in the childhood photo comparisons with his father and indeed, no two comparisons gave the same result… And I find that 100% record strange… I mean, No 95% or even 99%, just One Hundred percent identical, One hundred percent of the time… Is George a clone?

Or if you really want to get conspiratorial you could ask yourself if George isn’t really just William photoshopped into the photos. I mean why on earth are all of the christening pictures photoshopped?

And whilst there is also video footage of George, it would be a piece of piss to replace a child’s head with that of William’s.

After all, usually the footage is crap like we saw with the Queer arriving at Ascot in her coach a few weeks back and the following screenshots taken from video of the parasites tour of Australia and New Zealand are no different… Although fuck knows why they took George because he was very rarely seen with them on that tour.


Now, just looking at those screenshots that I put together for an article about that tour, I can now see so many inconsistencies in them that I didn’t spot at the time, that to point them out would leave you looking at a mass of red circles.

And the still photos from that tour were photoshopped too… Why?

2776 (1)a

You only need look at the photo on the right to see the Photoshop.  I mean Check Willie’s lower jacket out and the way that the strange shadow spreads across his jacket sleeve.. And neither has George grown much in the alleged 15 months between the two photos.

Then when you look at the left hand photo of Will and the Trog at the christening, you realise that Will is dressed the same as when he arrived in OZ. And what is it with the painted on sun lighting that we can see on his trousers?


And if you look at Willie’s position next to the woman behind Skate – not that her anatomy makes any sense – it would be impossible for him to hand George to Skate from where he is… And since when do you take hold of a baby by the back of the knee.

There are many more photoshopped snaps from that tour but I haven’t time to waste going over old ground so you will have to take my word for it or check them out for yourselves.

Course, the polo game photoshoot a few weeks back was also full of photoshopped snaps of George:


And those photos above make up only about a 3rd of the photoshopped photoshoot evidence.

Indeed it would seem that whenever George is about, the photos are fakes.


Course, I may have been a bit harsh and it could well be a case that Skate really does have two left arms in the photo above.

Yet despite the videos usually being of poor quality it really needn’t be so. I mean Marlon Wayans made a whole film with his head superimposed on a child’s body.

Indeed, all that would be required is a child that looked similar to William/George and the crowds are going to fall for the ruse time and time again… After all, anyone daft enough to still pay homage to that lot is never going to be the brightest tool in the box.

It would then be a simple enough job for a film editor to replace the lookalikes head with that of Williams. After all, the average video is no longer than 2 minutes.


And just as I suspected! Where has the 100% gone?

But what would be the point of all this?

Good question; and notwithstanding the fact that the blue-rinse brigade and silly flag waving fuckers will go/have gone all ga-ga at a heir to the throne who is the splitting image of a heir to the throne, there has also been that persistent rumour that will see George being murdered by ISIS, thus justifying the annihilation of the Middle East.

Course, the royals are monsters but even they don’t really murder their own children, hence George doesn’t really exist to be murdered.

Now I was also told that the George we saw carried out of hospital was one of the twins that Ben Fogles sister Tamara gave birth to… Hence Silly-Willie slipping up by stating that it was the first time that he had seen George – despite the fact that he was supposedly at the birth.

You may also remember Skate’s extra long pregnancy despite not really looking pregnant, which may have been purposely done as a form of mind manipulation which when coupled with a big event also taking place and associated with the pregnancy, would kill all doubts in the more suspicious minded of us that the royal pregnancy & birth was nothing other than all above board.

That “big event” was of course the ‘suicide’ of Nurse Jacintha Saldanha, who supposedly topped herself after being duped into putting a phone call through to Skates room – you will no doubt remember that Skate was in hospital because of Morning Sickness.

Indeed, it is fair to say that I have now for a while been of the mind that no one actually died and Jacintha Saldanha is in fact Ashya King’s mother, Naghemeh


And then there was the matter of how well Skate looked when she left the hospital after giving birth.


And then there is the size anomaly. George looked nothing like a newborn when Willie & Skate introduced him to the world… However, according to my source, Tamara Fogle’s twins were born on June the 4th – same day as Clayton and over a month and a half before George was allegedly born.

Nevertheless, it was reported that Tamara gave birth to a boy – as in just the one – on the day after Skate dropped the Trog. Course, you have to ask yourself why the Chimp would do a full article on someone that most people have never heard of, in regard to her giving birth to a SINGLE male child… It isn’t hard to figure out the answer.

Now have a look at the photos that I was sent in the weeks following the ‘birth’. Moreover, you would be very, very shocked at who sent me the information and photos. I should also point out that the text on the photos isn’t mine.


And purely for the benefit of the “Wide Awake Club”, I am not stating this theory as fact, hence it is a fucking THEORY.

However, you should also be aware that Ben Fogle is very, very good friends with Willie-Ham.


And then there is this:

THE Duchess of Cambridge has instantly become a member of an exclusive mothers’ group created by friend Marina Fogle, wife of TV presenter Ben Fogle.

The birth of the Kate’s son will see her join other members of the club such as Mrs Fogle’s sister Chiara Hunt and Mr Fogle’s sister Tamara.

The Fogles live near Kensington Palace and decided to form the exclusive “Bump Class” to help 10 mothers-to-be who are all due at the same time as Kate.

Marina has been a great support offering advice to Kate and William and now will have a playgroup for the newly born future heir to the throne to join. Source

And to be fair that would make a lot of sense especially with what we know about Skates strange pregnancy and the photoshopped pictures that have reigned supreme ever since his birth.

After all, there is not one photo that shows George anywhere near the level of happiness that we see in that badly photoshopped one taken at Chaz of Trogs pretend, photoshopped, family christening and released by Buck House to commemorate the lads 2nd birthday.

Fuck me, there was a coin released to commemorate his first birthday, yet his 2nd birthday only warrants a second hand photoshopped happy-snap!

Course, whilst there are no other photos of a George happy to be with his Willie, there are plenty of photos which show baby Willie being happy as Clayton Larry… So is Willie holding Willie in that photoshopped snap? I believe so, yes.

I am not however saying that the above conspiracy theory is true and on-going. Nevertheless, neither do I just dismiss it as being pie-in-the-sky.

Especially when there are newspaper reports such as the following from May of this year:

Russians yesterday insisted there had been a conspiracy over the royal birth and a surrogate mother must have carried the baby princess.

Others bizarrely claimed the child – who shares her birthday with Catherine the Great of Russia – was born several days earlier with the event kept secret.

A leading pro-Kremlin paper also claimed the Duchess of Cambridge ‘put the health of her daughter at risk for the sake of her subjects’ by appearing in public so soon. Continue Reading

Now that news report is obviously in regard to the birth of Charlie of Troglodyte, which more or less followed the same pattern as the first pregnancy – albeit the baby used was fuck all to do with the Fogles.

In fact the baby looked exactly like one of those dolls that teenage school girls are given to care for over a weekend.


What mother leaves hospital in high heels the same day after giving birth?

So, that just leaves the christening photos to show you, although there are too many to show you them all.

But I still fail to understand why the evil arse-wipes are walking free and taking the proper piss out of us.


KING'S LYNN, ENGLAND - JULY 05:  Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge and Prince George of Cambridge talk to Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip, Duke of Cambridge and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall at the Church of St Mary Magdalene on the Sandringham Estate after the Christening of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge on July 5, 2015 in King's Lynn, England.  (Photo by Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images)Fuck me Nanny Spanish looks evil. And talking of looks, if you have a close butchers at the above photos you will quickly notice that these people are not actually looking at each other. In other words, they are not really talking to each other or listening to what the speaker is saying.

You also have to wonder what Nanny Spanish is doing there since she is clearly not looking after the two troglodytes.

Indeed, if she was an invited guest then she wouldn’t be dressed like Mary-fucking-Poppins. In fact even when she is at work she doesn’t dress as Mary-fucking-Poppins.

article-2605805-1D23358100000578-795_634x959 (1)

And if you think that the renown mardy guts Sweaty Betty would be that friendly & warm to a member of the royal staff, whom despite being the richest woman in the world consistently refuses to pay those employed by the royal monsters, a living wage – then boy you dumb.

Mind you, Nanny Spanish is wearing the exact same shoes as Willie the Dick and Duck the Despicable… What the fuck is that all about?

But lets crack on with the christening photos.


July 5, 2015 - Sandringham, Norfolk, United Kingdom:  Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge pushes  Princess Charlotte of Cambridge in her pram as Queen Elizabeth II looks on as they leave the Church of St Mary Magdalene on the Sandringham Estate for the Christening of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge in King's Lynn. (Chris Jackson/WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris) ///

I think that is just about enough photoshopping to prove my point although there are many more fake photos of the christening… But they can keep.