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Written by Charity Case


Here ya go, a very well written article by Charity Case which comes via my very good friend Fabooka De Stait.

The article is self explanatory and as such only leaves me to add: The private eyes are watching you, they see your every move.

Rise Of The Photo Cops:


Greater Manchester Police Farce is Britain’s second largest and consists of 7,600 officers who use up tax payers’ money at the rate of £525,000,000 pounds per year, or £1,500,000 per day, in order to kid 2.7 million people that they are out to protect them.

In the spending of that £525,000,000 they recoup some £6,000,000: or approximately four days expenditure on their budget, back from organized crime – which we are all often told is one of their main priorities and reasons for being.

They also have a Chief Constable, Ian Hopkins, who likes to do video presentations advising how we should bring hundreds of people together in order to create a community spirit by way of having them engage in team-building events that serve to raise around £10,000 at a time – or to look at it another way, they attempt to rally the community via Naziesque propaganda in order to feel good about their own lowly positions so as to raise what is in effect, just under three week’s equivalent of his annual salary.

What a jolly and courteous, caring man, he and others like him must be. It seems there is plenty of room for extra snouts at the trough of public finance!!!

Hopkins 1

Prior to Ian Hopkins being in charge of “The Farce” it was headed by the religiously deluded, Sir Peter Fahy: a man whose incompetence in dealing with criminals who were illegally armed with handguns and even hand grenades, led to the totally unnecessary deaths of two of his female officers. Not that anyone in “The Farce” would openly acknowledge such a matter of fact.

Yes, such people were allowed to run about willy-nilly due to the fact that they were only perceived as a threat to the public and other criminals…..So, not like Raoul Moat then.

Fahy 1

Then, prior to Sir Peter being in charge, “The Farce” was headed by the notorious work-place, sexual abuser and misogynist, Mike “Sweeney” Todd. He was a man so mentally and physically removed from any semblance of morality, that he ended up trekking off to some mountains in North Wales and downing a bottle of neat spirits in order to escape from his demons and ended up dying as a result of a different kind of exposure than he was used to.

Mike Todd 1

With a track-record like that at the top tier of “The Farce: Manchester” I am sure you don’t have to imagine too hard what the quality is like down below on the shop floor, so to speak.

Anyway, as well as paying themselves very handsomely at your expense, as illustrated by around a dozen of the top cops being on well in excess of £100,000 per annum, along with many other ex-gratia perks; we get to see many, many crimes committed in a region that is under harsh austerity from those who control the police in order for the police to keep you in your place as you wallow in their very well constructed system of depravity and widespread poverty, that I am sure could be alleviated if even half of that £525,000,000 per year were spent on creating a pleasant and respectful environment for all.

So, why not join us now in this behind-the-scenes documentary as we follow some of those officers as they go about their very self-justifying work that they want you to believe is so important and vital to the safety of this nation; as don’t you people forget, that no matter where you reside, you too can be sure of the fact that you are under the watchful and roving eye of enemies of the people who side with and carry out their duties on behalf of a woman whose intra-family disputes and other crimes against humanity have directly led to the deaths of around 100,000,000 people in the last century alone.

That would make the average of three murders per day across the country something to be very worried about, wouldn’t it?

In our fly-on-the-wall observations of “The Farce: Manchester” we will not simply be looking at the run-of-the-mill financial enforcing that the police use as the mainstay of their diet, whereby they help out a multitude of private, financial institutions and other companies who promote the Orwellian ideal – rather, we will be looking at the serious aspects of their job that would lead them to require search warrants and many men in order to invade homes so as to remove property in order to pretend to trace not-so nasty people on behalf of those who like to portray themselves as victims.

So, without any further ado, let’s get cracking with the knacking:

This week on The Farce: Manchester, we will be following a team of dedicated officers from Wigan Division as they continue their enquiries that will serve to allow them to excel in the pursuit of corruption and malpractice in public office.

We shall be looking back over an event that was around a year in the making and which the Wigan lads of “The Thin Blue Line Of Crime” found themselves right in the middle of, as a direct result of their natural tendencies to drift towards all things immoral and unjust.

First of all, let’s meet Lee Davies: Lee, or 12440 as he would like to be known, is a somewhat strange little fellow. Yes indeed, as he is all of 5ft 7 inches tall and does his best to hide that little-man syndrome and the years of struggle that he probably endured as a result of being rather odd and somewhat of a social outcast in his demeanour. Lee fits right into the structure of modern-day policing, as it seems to be somewhat accommodating of the mentally challenged and those who, despite their own best efforts, just cannot seem to get a handle on what the nature of their career is supposedly about.

Next, we have Lee’s immediate supervising officer: his name is Daniel King, and he is a Defective Sergeant.

Now, the chances are that Daniel moved up North from his original area of residence in order to start a new life and escape some of his past problems and unprofessional mistakes.

Yes, it can be accepted that in terms of being seen as Senpai and Kohai, that Dani Boy and Lee certainly do seem to be the match made in heaven. Aww!!! Bless them.

For the benefit of the uninitiated, I will now enlighten you all as to how Dani Boy “The Wan” King, and Pee-Wee Lee, came to be the stars of our show:

One night, in December 2014, several friends were gathered drinking around Christmas time at a house in Wigan. This was Rob’s house, and a few of the people at the little get-together happened to be readers of the Chris Spivey website.

Recent to this social gathering, Chris Spivey had been maliciously persecuted and subjected to unbelievable levels of injustice from those who hide behind the most fallible aura of the perceived authority of The State. Indeed, it would be no exaggeration to say that Chris Spivey was hounded like any number of persons who would have found themselves headlining on our national news bulletins, if he had happened to be a resident of Communist China or North Korea.

Our politicians would have certainly been screaming at their diplomatic counterparts in order to prevent such injustices for those whose desire to partake in free speech will not be extinguished by any foul means if it had have been in a country we are all meant to think of as undemocratic, that’s for sure.

One of the things that led to the totally abhorrent, attempted bullying of Chris, was the fact that after presenting one of his very informative articles – and one in particular that happened to analyze the lifestyle and tastes of Elton John and his husband, David “not-fully” Furnished. Chris actually highlighted the incredulity of decent people having their children removed by social services all across the country, despite having done nothing wrong or not living a lifestyle that would serve to leave their children as being in a state of neglect. In doing so, Chris rightfully pointed out that there are some serious inconsistencies between normal, working-class people and the kind of celebrity like Elton, who happens to be a lifelong drug and alcohol abuser, tantrum-thrower, sexual deviant and who lives with his husband – when none of these factors seem to cast doubt upon his ability to be a loving parent. So, you can readily observe that it looks like the £300 million pound bank balance has no influence at all on public perceptions of suitability.

At the little gathering at Rob’s home, one of the people present was logged into a Facebook account that was associated with the social and political entity which goes by the name Fabooka De Stait. Whilst logged into that account, they decided to post a picture that belongs to Elton John that highlighted his tastes in “Art.”

The image was accompanied by comments from several people and was subsequently shared quite widely around Facebook as a result of it being posted in a supportive stance on behalf of Chris himself. Yes, because in highlighting what Elton actually owns, Chris was subjected to grotesque levels of interference in his private life. This came by way of the social services whom he had previously been critical of and also via his very unsavoury enemies within Essex Police Farce.

Also, at the time of the posting of the Nan Goldin image, the Fabooka De Stait linked page, had been involved in some very serious altercations with the very, very disturbed and notorious troll, who went by the name of Shillby Shill.

At the time, and due to several women complaining about threats and intimidation from Shillby, the page in question posted a transcript from a private conversation initiated by Shillby Shill, whereby he was issuing threats relating to grievous bodily harm, accompanied by other intimidatory statements.

Those behind the account approached by Shillby, did indeed issue hypothetical retaliatory responses to that most obscene and vile, mentally distorted persona.

Now, as you are all most likely aware, there are two very notorious individuals who inhabit the online world in order to cause a trail of mayhem. They are colloquially known as “The Jism” and “The Jismess” or more precisely, Royden James Jones and his apparently female, equally mental companion, who is known as Jane Russell.

Both of these vile lunatics (one of whom is now convicted for his activities) are despicable, and have been responsible for a torrent of abuse that has lasted several years as they attempt to hijack and redirect the Alternative Media on behalf of those in law enforcement who protect them. In addition to this, they are also very close to the proverbial snake in the A.M. grass, who goes by the name of Sonia Poulton.

Poulton is another despicable fake of a woman, whose only desires are to gain herself some credibility off the back of appearing cutting-edge, by way of involvement with the Alternative Media that she is also attempting to destroy – as evidenced by her many tirades in order to gain sympathy just like Jones, whilst at the same time she attempts to discredit everybody else’s work.

She is, at best, a writer of limited ability and intelligence, and certainly seems to be well in the pocket of media outlets such as Sky News, as she engages in pseudo-intellectual jousting with the likes of her own kind in the form of the monstrous Katie Hopkins.


Now, not much happened after the posting of that perfectly legal image on Facebook. In fact, it was never actually posted in order to praise its artistic merits or anything like that. Therefore, you would probably be right to assume that the picture had been responsible for what the artist who created it had intended: that is, that it stimulated debate as to the way many would subjectively view it, and as such, it has no doubt generated a certain degree of controversy during its time in the public domain.

Anyway, what we need to appreciate about the time-frame of December 2014, is that one of those very nasty trolls who inhabit the online world, and more specifically, the one who uses names such as Jane Russell and Sarah Larner, was doing her usual bouts of “snooping” on behalf of those in law enforcement who allow herself and Royden Jones to cause much harm and upset all over the internet.

Yes, it is very apparent that the woman named Jane Russell is very adept at sneaking about and grabbing your information in order to try and use it against you at any future date so as to allow her and “The Jism” to attack you and then feel they have something on yourself that would prevent you from responding to their despicable abuses; which is something very common among such devious cowards. It is also very clear to all, how she exhibits such actions, whilst ironically having the nerve to suggest others stalk her. However, let us not weigh ourselves down with such reiterations at the moment, as it is not the point, given that many are already well aware of the real nature of the Troll and Trolless.

So, after a couple of weeks, it needs to be stressed that the very sinister NSA information-gathering-tool known as Facebook, wanted to know more and more about details behind accounts that were especially active within the realm of the online media in this country. I am sure many of you remember people such as Danielle La Verite and others being constantly blocked from their own accounts until they provided excessive clarification to their identities and the like.

Yes, it certainly was a bit of a strange time for anyone on that platform who dared to voice an opinion that may have not fitted neatly into the proposed ideal for the ‘Sheeple Of Britain’. So, it can be seen that there is definitely no “Big Brother” for any of us to worry about….honest.

As time went by, the accounts on Facebook came and went due to the sustained interference and wholly unwarranted requests from that organization that were designed to ensnare those who dared to speak up and out against injustice wherever it may be happening on the planet. Also, it should be understood there were other interactions taking place on several platforms for the enigma that is known as Fabooka De Stait.

Obviously, the efficiency with which this account unearthed false and insidious entities who faked their way through the Alternative Media must have been creating a bit of a stir behind the scenes. In particular, it displayed great aptitude in totally dismantling the positions of the psychiatric patient from Wrexham and his little love bunny, Jane Russell.

Such mental annihilation came to the fore after “The Jism” had lied on Mr. Maguire’s radio show about having received death threats from a moderating account on this site named fuck the state.

Fabooka & Co. certainly wasted no time at all in highlighting the dismal on air performance of “The Jism” and it can be seen that the effort did indeed play a great part in teaching those pseudo-outlaws and all of their cohorts a little bit about self-analysis; as without wishing to brag, it changed their whole stance on how they felt they had come across on the radio show in question, within just a couple of hours. This was all quite visible on pages operated by the highly suspicious Kunt Freedom Movement and its equally dubious protagonists such as Eddie “far from the peoples’ voice” Boyce and his Babe, as they along with Jones and Russell launched another one of their totally unsubstantiated tirades – only this time it was against Mr. Maguire himself, when all he had done was allow “The Jism” to speak freely about his mentally deluded fantasies.

So, nobody to blame but themselves….as is usually the case with such ill-equipped no-marks.

Jones a1

(Just look at some of the crap this psychiatric bozo spurts out about others, when he is actually describing his own methods)

As a couple of months passed, the scene and tone within the Alternative Media did alter slightly as people adjusted their positions with respect to many worldly issues. Some that were quite visible and vocal on the likes of Facebook, also changed their own viewpoints with regards to what they wanted to appear to be about, and as such, all these things were and are very natural progressions when taken in the context of a living and breathing entity that responds to many stimuli.

With the above being taken into account, it has to be said that stupid never really does appear to change. This statement can be graphically illustrated when we view many of the ridiculous outpourings that never cease to escape from the keyboards of the likes of “The Jism and Jismess.”

Once again, as the Summer was reaching its lowly height at around the beginning of July, the very distorted and vicious Royden Jones did his malignant best to excel in his ability to put his foot right in it. Yes, as without much prompting, old and shrivelled up, forgetful Roy, had another literary faux pas of epic proportions when he admitted to having an interaction that involved Shillby. In doing so, Remedial Roy, placed himself directly in the position of being Shillby himself. Oh, dear!!!

Now, without doubt, this was a massive mistake that brought all of his very despicable traits to the fore, so as to allow many people to mock him and give him just a little of what he deserved. During the course of the people “getting some back” little Roy collapsed under the mental pressure. His psychiatric ramblings had once more, emphatically wrapped that noose tightly around his scrawny neck to such an extent that he felt he had no option but to pretend he had received another death threat. Didn’t you Roy!!!

Sadly for him, this time, “the fantasy” (his words, not mine) was in written form, as opposed to him simply verbally sprouting his own musings via the airwaves.

Yes, he penned a very disturbing composition that found its way, very conveniently, might I add, into a rather long article just the next day. An article that as it happens was intended to defame and make many insinuations about the activities of others whom “The Jism and Jismess” did not like at all.

In fact, anyone with any ability to question anything would be completely forgiven for asking how come he got that “fantasy” death threat, to fit so neatly into his article that was published on the site he operates in conjunction with the police and others just the following morning or afternoon. I mean, it almost looks like the death threat was written specifically for the article, in my opinion. Hmm!!!!

Anyway, after a couple of months of being skitted all over the internet, having been found out very quickly – Roy remained very sheepish. Jane, by contrast, was most vocal in her accusations against others, wasn’t she!! Yes, she certainly was.

As a result of her browbeating her friends in North Wales Police and leaking other things to those they both liaise with via the National Crime agency, Jane started shouting how she was getting her corrupt friends involved.

The I.P. address of this death threat was there for all to see for many months and it is quite obvious that no genuine police work would be done when trying to ascertain who was responsible for the issuing of it.

Alas, it was very fortunate that Jane, who had been snooping and stalking others for many months and even years, happened to have a copy of the Goldin image that Chris Spivey had been relentlessly and illegally persecuted for possessing. Yes, by the most amazing coincidence, “The Jismess” had been taking many items off anyone’s and everyone’s pages in order to get back at them when her and Roy fucked up along the line – as they always do.

So, there she goes, does this mentally disturbed woman, with the most frightening array of sexually deviant thoughts whizzing through her head all day long, and what does she do, but say to her pals that whoever sent Roy the death threat, was the same person who had posted the Goldin image some eight months earlier.

Aww!!! You know, because they had fucked up as usual and used the same e.mail address that someone had rightly used to set little, mental Roy straight with regards to his online abusing of women and contacting their children and posting highly offensive and defamatory videos on Youtube under multiple aliases. They are so sweet and innocent, aren’t they. (Not)

So, having rightly been told to fuck off over their lies and deception, decent people just kept treating Roy and Jane with the contempt they thoroughly deserve. After all, they are both mentally unstable and fully paid up members of informants anonymous. Aren’t you both.

Several months passed and the fella who had had a little get-together around Christmas 2014 was simply going about his own business, doing what he does, day-to-day. Then, almost a year after the little party, he was awakened by a ringing on his doorbell. When he looked out of his window to see who it was, he could see one small and very insignificant man standing in his driveway, and another really scruffy fucker, sniding by his front door. When he asked them what they wanted, they informed him they were from the police and asked him to open his door. Now, nobody with any sense whatsoever would fall for something like that, would they?

As this little open-air discussion progressed, Rob asked the men what they wanted. The reply of the little man, was to say that they needed to get into his house because there was a vehicle registered to his address that had been found abandoned in Manchester, which is some 15 miles away from where he lives. Hmm!!!

Not being easily taken in, Rob assured the little man that he did not possess any vehicle and that they were very obviously mistaken and so advised them to go and talk to themselves. Then, as he walked downstairs to look out his living room window, he could see several other equally dodgy looking men, standing in his front garden. By this time, the insignificant little man had walked away and came back upon the scene clutching a rather large battering ram. The men were screaming in a hissy-fit that they were from the police and wanted letting into his home; however, still not being satisfied, due to their evasiveness, he proceeded to call the police on them, at which point they were almost ready to attempt to knock his door off its hinges. Well, all this commotion had woken his dear old mother up, and as she got into the living room, he handed the phone to her and opened the door as she was now speaking to the police. Having done so, Rob was rushed by about four men and placed immediately in handcuffs and forced back into his living room.

Now, a couple of seconds probably seemed like minutes during the verbal exchanges that followed, but this is where Rob became aware of the fact that the little man in his living room was Pee-Wee-Lee and the one in the suit who had followed the others, was in fact, Dani Boy ” The Wan” King.

This is the point where Rob was informed he was being arrested for the suspected uploading of an indecent image and…wait for it…..the death threat that Roy and Jane had sent to themselves. Oh dear, what a palava!!!

I bet this all looked great from the viewers’ side of the camera: Yes indeed, “The Farce: Manchester” was certainly in full-effect that morning. An eight man section, geared up and ready for action, after having received a full briefing on the first operation of the day from the master of incompetence and corruption himself, i.e. Pee-Wee-Lee.

As the morning progressed, Rob found himself to be on the receiving end of some very disturbing questions from those brave boys in “The Farce: Manchester”.

Without doubt, never in his life had he ever even contemplated being in the position he was in; which was that of being very poorly interviewed by people of such limited intellectual and professional ability.

Anyway, after one or two very red-faced moments during the interview for Lee and Dani, they decided to let Rob go, basically because they had fuck all on him and only wanted to get a hold of the equipment that they thought belonged to the person who had been uncovering all of the exploits of the Jism and Jismess, who were confirmed as working with the police, by the police themselves.

Rob knew all this talk from “The Farce: Manchester” was complete and utter bollocks, and to be fair, there is a far greater chance of Lee and Dani being sexually attracted to children than himself – after all, you would have to be a bit of a fucking weirdo to go around asking questions like that of some bloke you know nothing about without foundation wouldn’t you!!! Well, unless you class Jane Russell as the leading expert on other people’s sexual deviancy whilst fully ignoring the blatantly obvious deviancy of herself. This situation is also about as factual as her references to threats to commit rape and even male rape as projected on the blog in Wrexham that is operated by the police and NCA, don’t you think?

So, three months pass and after “The Farce: Manchester” Wigan Group, having been in illegal possession of his property, Rob goes and answers bail the other day. Obviously, a lot has gone on in the meantime between himself and senior members of “The Farce: Manchester” and he assures me that he is still ok with the way they are dealing with things. You see, at the time of attending bail, Rob was met by Dani Boy, and at this meeting, Dani, quite categorically stated to Rob, that the Goldin image was indeed not classed as indecent.

Now, whether or not Dani, would like Rob and others such as ourselves to believe for one moment that two major police forces and certain branches of the NCA all happened to be mistaken over such aspects of the law is something that is open for discussion. Personally, I am of the opinion that “The Farce: Manchester” was totally aware of the legal status of the image but simply went and told blatant lies to a Justice Of The Peace in order to protect their friends who pretend to run the blog in Wrexham, so as they can carry on in their attempts to destroy the Alternative Media in this country.

To be fair, it seems there appears to be a bit of cognitive dissonance wafting about “The Farce: Manchester” at this time – as they really just do not want to have to admit that they have really fucked up, do they.

Yep!!! The Goldin image has never been classed as indecent and that is clear for all to see when you visit the Government site of the Crown Prosecution Service. You see, we in this country have a national set of rules and guidance for imposition of what is deemed ” The Law” and as such, it does not vary from county to county or police force to police force, irrespective of what those who are meant to be classed as professional police officers would like us all to think as they run around breaking into people’s homes in order to unlawfully arrest them and falsely imprison them.

This is not some fucking, fascist dictatorship, no matter how much you parasitic cunts would like it to be, and the sooner millions of people get up and tell you lot where to get off, the better. Therefore, Chris Spivey should not still be being subjected to state orchestrated abuses that are wholeheartedly designed to impede and erode any right to free speech – especially across the internet.

The Goldin image is not indecent, full-stop. As such, all constabularies who seek to persecute others who may have happened to discuss it or present it, should stop immediately as those people should not be subjected to the very beady eyes of police officers who are about as consistent and law abiding, even whilst supposedly carrying out public service, as any other criminal who is either walking the streets or behind bars.

You lot listen up: you are not going to find anything on anyone’s computers that you have not found in three months as there is hardly fuck all on them (they could have all been checked in two days at most) and you are not going to find any death threat connection, because you lot are in cahoots with the little beast who sent it to himself.


Fuck!!!! For all we know, his recent conviction could be a total set-up to make people think he is not the lying and scheming, devious, abusive, stalking, psychiatric grass that everyone else knows he is.

So, for all you good people out there; don’t forget to join us next week on “The Farce: Manchester” whereby we will be telling the public we are not out to win any popularity contests and yet at the same time, we will constantly moan if we feel unloved or do not get decent members of that same public to solve or report 90% of all the crimes we actually miss in the first place.

P.S. …….A message from “fuck the state” to the various police farces: “nobody here threatens to do anything in front of children….unlike you lot when you scare the shit out of them by helping your equally corrupt and inept pals out in the likes of social services.”

O.K!!!! You got that? Knob-heads.

(Via Fabooka De Stait)


Cin Cin.