The Duck Do Two


Christopher Spivey

Continuing on from my last article about the Duck’s car crash and I see that the story has now changed again… Surprise, suprise!

You see, as you will know – especially if you read my last article – the Duck was originally rescued from his motor by a fella named Roy Warne. And you will also know that when I wrote that article, Warne made no mention of anyone helping him.

Neither did he mention having any help to free the Duck in the numerous taped interviews that he gave immediately after.

Moreover, he categorically stated that Prick Philip was free by the time that the police arrived.

However, I did remark about how unconvincing Warne was in those interviews, especially since he could not remember if he had pulled the Duck out of the sunroof or through the windscreen.

Yet all that has now changed since a fella named Glenn Watson has been added to the mix:

Horrified motorists who saw Prince Philip’s car ‘somersaulting’ across the road were the first to help him – before his police protection officers arrived.

The shellshocked duke’s legs were trapped in his overturned Land Rover, while the other car in the collision was smouldering and looked ready to explode.

Yet retired barrister Roy Warne and grandfather Glenn Watson bravely rushed to help.

Pausing there for a moment just to point out that Warne is now a RETIRED barrister, which earlier reports made no mention of – Prompting me to question in my article why Warne was still working at 75 years of age… Just sayin’.

Carry on Chimp-Mugz:

Yesterday Mr Watson revealed how he arrived a minute after the smash and ‘two police protection officers arrived just after me’.

He said: ‘He was shaking and just said, “get me out”. We managed to pull Philip out of the sunroof. He was active, and had been trying to free himself but he couldn’t free his leg at first.’ Source

Now, the Monkey-Kuntz are being deliberately evasive there because the way that I read it is that Watson and the two protection officers freed the Duck.

However, you could go out on a limb and make a case for the “WE” in: “We managed to pull Philip out of the sunroof “, referring to Warne & Watson.

Nevertheless, at least Watson states with some degree of certainty that they – whoever ‘they’ may be – pulled the Duck out via the sunroof.

Course, there is no way on earth that two Royal Protection Officers would let anyone near the Duck – trapped or not – because for all that they knew, the Duck could have been deliberately rammed off the road and anyone around the motor could well be a potential attacker.

Nevertheless, two days later and Roy Warne has been frozen out of the picture altogether… In preference to another coincidence… Namely Watson’s grandaughter is called Queenie – who the fuck calls their daughter Queenie:

A passing motorist who witnesses Prince Philip’s horror crash and ran to his aid has been dubbed a hero by his granddaughter, named Queenie. 

Glen Watson helped pull the Duke of Edinburgh, 97, from the wreckage of his Land Rover after he flipped it on its side following a collision with a Kia close to Sandringham.  

Queenie, 9, has nothing but praise for her grandfather, calling him a ‘hero’. 

The schoolgirl from Norwich told Eveningnews24: ‘My nanny text me saying grandad had helped Prince Philip.’ 

‘I ran downstairs saying ‘mum mum!’ and showed her the text.

‘He is kind, funny and caring and he is a hero in my eyes.’

Her grandfather, who works as a sales rep, was travelling between King’s Lynn and Heacham on the A149 when he noticed the ‘chaotic’ scene of the wreckage caused by the smash on Thursday. 

The 58-year-old said he didn’t realise the man in the Range Rover was the Duke of Edinburgh to begin with. 

He added: ‘It was chaotic, a hell of an accident. Once I looked inside the car I could see he wasn’t seriously hurt. 

Mr Watson, who lives with Queenie and her family, said he spent about 15 minutes at the scene and left soon after paramedics arrived.  Source

Not one single mention of Roy Warne in that farticle… However, what the Monkey-Nutz are now asking us to believe is that despite Watson not being given a mention for taking part in the ‘rescue’ for at least two days following the old bollox – if not longer – 9 yr old Queenie’s grandma sent her a txt saying that her Grandad had helped get the Duck out of his motor.

However, why the fuck did Granny not txt Queenie’s mother to tell her first hand? I mean why go through the grandaughter to break the news?

That is made all the more bizarre by the fact that “grandad” lives with Queenie and her parents, which suggests that the grandparents are split up… So why did Grandad let his ex (or in-law) know that he was involved before telling the family that he lives with?

Doesn’t make sense does it… Although it is not meant to because it is all bollox used to disguise the fact that the accident COULD NOT possibly have happened as the press reported it – which I proved in my last article on the old fanny.

The Crash

It is a massive coincidence – nay miracle – that no other motors were involved in the crash since both the Duck’s Land Rover and the Kia were sent flying across the TWO opposite carriageways… Must have been a quiet day.

Mind you, luckily Land Rover just so happened to have an armored spare laying about doing nothing:

Prince Philip’s driving days don’t appear to be numbered just yet after a replacement Land Rover was delivered to him today – less than 24 hours after his horror smash. 

The black Freelander – an exact replica of the one Philip wrote-off yesterday – was driven off the back of a lorry and into Sandringham at around Midday.

An exact replica aye… So it must have been an armored spare just laying around gathering dust ? Or was it really just the same one?

Another mystery sweeping the internet in regard to the crash is that of the woman who was in the Kia and broke her arm.

You see, it appears that she cannot decide which arm that she broke.

However, I would wager that one of the photos – most likely the first – has been reversed in order to deliberately spark a conspiracy theory, once again as a further distraction to take away focus from the fact that it was IMPOSSIBLE for the accident to have happened in the way that we were told that it did.

After all, why else would the press need to reverse the photo… Weird!

Nevertheless, if we are to believe that the accident did happen in the way that we are told, then the Duck HAS to be charged with dangerous driving at the very least.

Anything less is an affront to justice… Just sayin’.