The Danger In The Lie


Christopher Spivey.

My old-man died on Friday night of the Corona Virus… At least that is what his consultant at Southend hospital told us when he rang to confirm that my 84 year old dad had died.

Now, it goes without saying that this is a deeply personal matter and out of respect for my family who are all obviously devastated, I do not want to say too much at this time, especially as his death has not been registered yet… And as such, we do not know what the ’cause-of-death’ will be registered as.

However, my regular readers will know that three weeks ago my dad was taken to hospital via emergency ambulance after collapsing at home. Once there he spent 24 hours in intensive care where his condition became stable.

He was then transferred to a ward where he was being treated for an infection (not Covid-19) and water around his heart – which in itself is life threatening.

In fact the treatment that he received that first week was working so well that there was talk of him coming home for the weekend and then going back the following week to have a pacemaker fitted.

However, after getting my mum and dad’s hopes up, it was decided that since he was still retaining water around his heart, it wasn’t safe to send him home and because he was on blood thinners they could not attempt to fit the much needed pace-maker either.

Now up until this point, he had been allowed to have one visitor a day, but my Mother was not allowed to visit because of her age… This now changed because Mr Bo-Blobby imposed partial Marshall Law on the cuntry and as a consequence no one in hospital was allowed any visitors at all.

Luckily, my sister-in-law works at Southend Hospital and she was able to pop in and see him & make sure that he was okay… Which he was. She also told me that the hospital is very quiet and certainly not overflowing with people popping their clogs.

However, we were then informed mid-way through the second week that the drugs that my dad was being given were causing his kidneys to shut down and this was causing a major problem.

Nevertheless, they continued to treat him right up until last Wednesday at which point he was still sat up in bed, and able to crack a joke or two.

Then on Thursday, he took a dramatic turn for the worse and was moved to a side ward on his own. There he was – in my opinion – bizarrely tested for Corona Virus (Remember he was now in his third week in hospital) which came back less than 24 hours later as positive.

And that fact to me is a bit strange given the quick result since it is my understanding that there is no conclusive test for Covid-19 and certainly not one that gives results in that time frame.

Course, with treatment stopped, he quickly became unconscious after being drugged up to the eyeballs on morphine.

At that point we were told that he was not going to last more than four days… He died, on his own, EIGHT hours later with none of my family allowed to say goodbye to him.

Did they get a little trigger happy with the morphine?

Sadly, I doubt very much that we will ever know.

However – as I say – it is strange that the consultant told us that it was the Cobollox Virus that done for him because according to the Southend Evening Echo there were no new reported deaths due to Covid-19 on Friday or over the weekend.

Therefore, it will be very interesting to see what my dad’s death certificate has down as the cause of his death.

UPDATE: Following a phone call from the hospital at around 3PM today, it has now been officially confirmed that my dad died of Corona Virus… The least said about that, the better.

Now I don’t need your sympathy. I am a big boy and it is true to say that me and my father have always had a somewhat strained relationship but thankfully, we were back on an even keel before he died.

And, at the end of the day he was and always will be my dad and I will certainly miss him.

However, I would ask that you spare a thought for my 82 yr old mother. She was happily married to my dad for nearly 61 years and I am very worried about how she is going to recover from this massive shock.

We also now have the nightmare of his funeral since – as far as I can work out – a maximum 10 people are allowed to attend. This makes it a lottery since disregarding the fact that my old-man was very popular, there is my mum, me, my three brothers and their wives, my dad’s brother & sister-in-law and Nine Grandchildren, so you do the math.

Certainly, many people who want to attend are going to miss out on his send off, and that pisses me off greatly because as we all know, this lock-down has fuck all to do with a virus that belongs to the same group as the common cold… Fuck you Boris Johnson, you are a stain on humanity.

And as I said in my last article: No HONEST government would ever shut down a Trillion Pound economy for a few thousand deaths… FACT.

Course, NO ONE knows for certain – except for the Monsters themselves – the REAL reason why the world has been placed under Marshall Law, but I am going to go out on a limb here and state that I do not believe that it is because of 5g.

I mean, the Monsters may well despise us but they absolutely adore themselves and at the end of the day, they have to live in our world, which includes breathing the same air as us… However, as it stands at the moment, we here in the UK are allowed to voice our opinion on 5g and the Corona Virus – unlike in South Africa where you will be arrested for doing so.

Remember my old mate Stephen Birch? He’s been nicked:

The Western Cape Premier Alan Winde has ramped up his campaign against fake news during this global crisis, after he pressed charges against a man who claimed that testing kits in South Africa were contaminated. But Stephen Birch is a man with a colourful history.

Under new regulations passed by the National Disaster Act last month, it became illegal to spread false information in South Africa with the intention of causing panic or fear. His baseless claims have landed him in some serious trouble with the authorities. But it wouldn’t be the first time Birch has made national headlines.

The fake news peddler is most infamously known for getting involved with the Madeleine McCann disappearance. Five years after the British tot went missing, Stephen Birch claimed to have carried out a ground scan which unearthed human bones near the location where she went missing.

Birch, who admitted to being “obsessed” with the case, spent hundreds of thousands of rand on his own investigations. However, his extraordinary suggestion was debunked by a forensics team.

The property developer is the latest South African to fall foul of the fake news clampdown. The video he uploaded, telling citizens to refuse any form of testing from health officials regarding the global disease, has been widely condemned – and even the Eastern Cape Health Department lambasted the man in front of the camera.

Last week in the Western Cape, one person falsely claimed that all citizens must fill out forms before leaving their homes to go grocery shopping. Although a handful of countries have been operating under these conditions, it does not apply to South Africa. The man who concocted this lie is now facing criminal charges, as per the new legislation brought in during March to deal with the distributors of fake news… Source

Now, that is a proper Police-State.

PHOTO: Stephen waiting to be charged

I mean, although I disagree with Stephen’s Madeleine McCann theory since I now do not believe that the little girl ever existed – and if she did, she certainly was not kidnapped – I do strongly feel that everyone should be allowed to voice their own opinion on their own personal web pages no matter how offensive that opinion might be to others.

After all, you can not give offence, you can only take it and if you do not like what someone is saying, then do not visit that persons web page… It ain’t fucking rocket science.

And I should also just point out for the terminally stupid that there is a big difference between voicing your own opinion – no matter how offensive – on your own web page, to voicing that opinion on someone else’s web page.

However, I have to say that it is totally outrageous what Stephen has been arrested for since he only voiced his opinion that 5g was the reason behind the Covid-19 bollox and he is far, far from alone in doing so.

And as for him saying that the Covid-19 test kits are already contaminated with the virus, well fuck me, even our MSM have admitted that:

Testing kits which were headed to the UK have been found to be contaminated with coronavirus.

The Government has said that it aims to boost the rate of tests to 25,000 every day by the end of April at the latest and has asked private companies to help drive up test production.

But one production firm, Luxembourg-based manufacturer Eurofins, told UK labs on Monday that deliveries would be delayed as core parts had been contaminated with coronavirus, the Telegraph reported.

This shouldn’t significantly affect the UK’s testing efforts, Government sources told the paper… Source

I have in fact spoken to Stephen this morning and he tells me that he is in court on the 14th of July.

Indeed, I wish him luck because despite him putting on a brave face, I personally would be very concerned about the situation. After all, I know from my own experience that when they are out to get’cha, they fuckin’ get’cha.

In fact, it is truly frightening what we are allowing our governments to get away with… Now is the time for revolution.

Just sayin’.