The Dam Busters


Christopher Spivey.

You can always tell when the Chimp is pushing a fake story or pursuing an agenda because they always go right over the fucking top with their reporting.

And no, I am not talking about the latest shooting bollox in America which is following the usual pattern of lone white kid (probably from a good home), with a petty gripe, gets hold of a machine gun and goes on the rampage, killing 20 in a 20 minute killing spree… One person a minute with a fucking machine gun capable of firing 600 rounds per minute.

Where were the police (don’t ask) and was the kid fucking blind?

Well, actually he could have been because you can just about make out that he is wearing glasses in the usual crap quality photos.

Mind you, he is also wearing ear protectors to stop himself being deafened.

However, I am a bit confused because either his AK47 was bent as fuck –making it impossible to fire – or he had it on a strap.

Which then disappeared

But who knows, perhaps he took the strap off and stuck it on the back of his head.

Either way, by the time the police – who kindly didn’t kill him – took him away, he had lost his glasses, ear muffs & strap… He had also grown into a giant and put on six stone.

Although to be fair, by the time that they got him in the back of the cop car, he had turned skinny again… and put on a white vest under his black top.

Also note the white trim on his neck line & sleeve ends in the photo of him being arrested which isn’t there in the photos of him carrying his slow firing machine gun.

Mind you, if he can change his clothes on a whim, there is no reason that he can’t do the same with his face is there:

Course, as I say, the story follows the usual pattern what with babies getting shot – in this case a four and a half month old who didn’t die after getting shot with a very slow firing machine gun – and of course the designated hero (the usual ex military type bod), not to mention the tearful news reporter and and steadfast President:

Add a dozen photos of people crying and cuddling each other and you just know that you are watching a load of bullshit unfold.

So, I am not even going to mention it. Instead I want to talk about the dam busters of which the Monkey Boyz have managed to carve out SIXTY FOUR farticles, in five days, at the time of writing – and as such, you can bet there are many more by the time you read this.

Now it all started on the 1st of August in a farticle about the heavy rain that we had been having – when the Chimp casually mentioned the dam in question:

Meanwhile there were concerns in Derbyshire that a dam at the huge Toddbrook Reservoir could collapse after it was severely damaged following heavy rain. Police cordoned it off and warned people to stay away from the area… Source

And just five hours later, all hell had broken loose… Or at least it had according to the Chimp:

A Peak District market town could be wiped off the map as police order 6,500 inhabitants to flee before the collapse of crumbling dam holding back 300 million gallons of water takes over the area. 

Emergency service workers in Derbyshire have been scrambling this evening to save the dam which is set to burst any minute.

Teams were seen laying sandbags at the dam in order to prevent the water breaking through and wiping out the Derbyshire town.  

Officers went door-to-door around homes in the Derbyshire village, as residents fled the area in case the 1.3million tonnes of water contained in the huge Georgian-era Toddbrook Reservoir starts to escape.

A wall around the reservoir has been damaged and a huge hole appeared in it, as deluged communities across the North of England faced yet more flooding today with another fortnight’s worth of rain set to fall in three hours. 

Evacuees were told to gather at a school three miles away in Chapel-en-le-Frith or head further afield to stay with family or friends following fears over the reservoir, which was built in 1831 and drains a 43-acre catchment area.

Police urged residents to ensure they took any pets and medication ‘for a number of days’, and asked people to ‘make alternative arrangements to stay with friends and family’.

The force said the evacuation was ‘not a decision that has been taken lightly’, adding: ‘We appreciate that there is significant impact on this community, however, this is an unprecedented, fast-moving, emergency situation.’ 

Just before midnight last night Derbyshire Police said they had put in place an action plan, which included usinh water pumps to remove water from the reservoir to relieve pressure on the dam wall. 

Residents in the area have said they ‘have never seen anything like it’, despite living in the area all of their lives, one local also added that it was the worst flood in the village in living memory… Source

Certainly the Chimp provided its readers with photographic proof of the unfolding catastrophe. The first of which was the following:

And as you can see, the rescue workers have piled up a few sandbags to keep any water from going onto the damaged area… Good lads.

Then we come to the second photo, which I have taken a screenshot of in order to keep the Chimp’s caption:

Err, no… The dam has not burst at all as you will see if you read on.

However, presumably you would have thought that this photo was taken after the one above it, given the cascading water.

But before I go further, let me dispense with the Chimps scaremongering. You see we are not talking about a dam at all. A dam holds back a river.

What we have here is an overflow to a reservoir… An entirely different thing altogether and what you see in the photo above is in fact the overflow doing its job.

Which brings us to picture 3:

And as you can clearly see, there is no damage to the overflow slabs, although I like the way that the photo editor has photoshopped the right side corner of the ramp in order to make it look as if the water is flowing over the concrete drainage system.

I’m also not quite sure how the water flow gets so much heavier at the middle of the ramp… Although it isn’t heavy enough to flatten those little bushes that you see in the photo… But shhhh!

Now that concrete drainage system (open storm drain) at the bottom of the ramp that you can see in the above photo is there in order to carry the water away from the overflow, thus stopping the surrounding area from flooding… And as you can clearly see, it is doing a fucking marvelous job despite the photo editors photoshopping attempt to prove otherwise.

We then have a photo taken after the deluge has stopped:

Now notice how the cunts have tried to make the broken slab look thick. Yet it isn’t. It is only around the thickness of your average driveway.

Also notice how slow the flow of water is, which means that the dramatic deluge photos above this one were taken (probably as stock photos) in order to show just how much water the overflow is capable of handling.

Course, that damage then suddenly got a whole lot worse… Although fuck knows how.

And in this photo you can see just how thin the concrete slab is.

Yet despite the damage (which I suspect is largely photoshopped) the water has completely stopped flowing.

But as I said, here is the thing… IT IS NOT A DAM, IT IS AN OVERFLOW.

In other words, it wouldn’t matter overly much if the whole concrete ramp collapsed because it is there purely to carry the overflow water into the storm drains below.

The water would still run down into the storm drain even if the ramp wasn’t there.

What is holding the water back is a fucking great big fucking concrete wall which is at least 6ft wide at the top and will penetrate way below the depth of the reservoir… Understand?

Of course you fucking do… And as you can see from the photo below, that massive wall is fine and as such there is no danger of the “DAM” collapsing.

In fact notice how the wall is around six foot shorter at the overflow point than it is at the rest of the reservoir’s surrounding wall… That it because it is an overflow and is there to stop the reservoir flooding for fucks sake. The THIN concrete ramp is there purely to stop the ground from being washed away… The ramp collapsing DOES NOT weaken the reservoir wall in any way, shape or form.

If it did, then that ramp would span the length of the reservoir instead of the grass banks that you can see in the photo below:


Indeed, this non story is too stupid for fucking words, yet somehow the monkey-kuntz have got well over 100 thousand of them in print so far.

And that is because instead of telling the truth, what the Monkey Kuntz did instead is ramped up the scaremongering:

No it wasn’t set to burst at any minute… It was never in any danger of bursting.

The authorities then evacuated the whole village despite there never being any danger… Probably a fact finding exercise to see how compliant people are.

Someone then had the bright idea to [needlessly] get the RAF to fly sandbags in although I suspect that this exercise was just for show since it really wasn’t practical… I mean where were the Chinook choppers flying out of and were they picking up their sandbags from the local Jewsons?

After all, it would have been considerably cheaper, not to mention quicker, to hire a crane and bring the unneeded sand bags in by truck… I mean there must be road access because there are compressors on site in the photo above – or are we supposed to believe that the Chinooks drop them off too?

However, as I just said, the sandbags were not needed because all they had to do was drain the resevoir, which is what they have done:

Notice how draining the reservoir has not flooded anywhere and certainly was never going to do so.

And also notice the digger in the pic… Another Chinook drop?

Nah, you can drive right up to the reservoir… The life boat is a nice touch though in case the “dam” collapses…. They can then float on the deluge right into the deserted village in order to save no lives – Cunts.

Yet the press have made it sound like some major devastation area when what it is – in all probability – is a huge multi million Pound insurance scam which is going to make a select few people very, very rich… Hence the need to evacuate the village when there clearly was no need to do so at all.

Indeed, it almost sounds as if Marshall Law is in place:

And of course, our corrupt gangster, Prime Mincer, the unelected BO-JO is obviously in on the scam:

Boris Johnson has described a crumbling Derbyshire dam as ‘pretty scary’ and promised evacuees they will be ‘properly housed’ if their town is wiped out.

The Prime Minister inspected the Toddbrook Reservoir – which began to burst on Thursday following days of torrential rain – from a helicopter tonight before meeting with panicked locals and rescue teams.  

Some 1,500 residents of Whaley Bridge have been evacuated in case the dam holding back 1.3million tonnes of water fails and lays waste to the picturesque town.  

Mr Johnson told residents he had flown over the reservoir twice, describing it as ‘dodgy but stable’ and ‘pretty scary’… Source

As is the equally corrupt – soon to be Prime Mincer – Jelly Corbyn in on the act

It all stinks to high heaven yet Dog only knows when the mushy-pea-brained public are going to wake up to this shit.

Just sayin’.