The Outlaw


Following on from the story about Princess P, the poor dog who was left, abandoned in agony, with her collar embedded in her neck, Jimmy Jones left a link to one of his articles.

The article, although abhorrent in content is very well written and definitely deserved of a wider audience .

You see, harrowing as the article is, it is essential reading.

It is no good shying away from the truth… It has to be confronted head on so as you know the enormous task facing those of us who are no longer blind to a world run by sick cunts for the benefit of sick cunts.

I love animals to bits, so I find writing about animal abuse extremely hard. Doing so tears me up inside and provokes violent thoughts of which I would rather them stay buried.

I try to promote peace wherever I can, but these monsters laugh in the face of peace and need hurting… Badly.

There will never be peace on earth whilst people can torture animals for fun or sexual pleasure.

As I said in the piece about Princess P – There is never ever a reason to inflict unnecessary pain on an animal.

Moreover, I didn’t need a statistic to tell me what I already knew by simply using my common sense, namely; people who hurt animals are easily capable of hurting a child.

Never the less, Jimmy’s article ends with the following statistic:

A 2002 study found that 96 percent of juveniles who had sexual conduct with animals also admitted to sex offences against humans.

Just as well really, since common sense is in short fucking supply these days.

And lets not forget the quote by Ghandi:

 “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” It is obvious that societies that treat their “lowest of the low” with such cruelty and indifference are barbarians and should be understood as such.

The world is infested with Barbarians I’m afraid… The task is enormous.

However, sitting back and letting our furry friends suffer is not an option… If violence is what it takes, then so be it.


Jimmy Jones.

‘Man’s inhumanity to his fellow man’ is one thing, I accept that as a given, it has happened throughout history and shall continue to be that way until mankind learns to accept responsibility for it’s own actions.

But, there are certain acts that are simply beyond my comprehension.

My capacity to process certain things is sometimes hindered by the overwhelming sadness that accompanies the discovery of such things.

These things exist however and even though I struggle at times to look past what I have learned, I cannot find inside myself the ability to forgive those who are responsible.

The following account is one of those things.

I make no apologies for the graphic content and have omitted the images that are readily available if you have the stomach for it……


“You are so small and defenceless, you are terrified, in horrific pain, you have been bound and gagged by your torturer with no means of escape. You have been beaten and kicked until you are almost unconscious, then dragged into a room where your torturer has paid another to put you through so much physical and mental pain you are praying you won’t survive.

Still conscious he will deliberately destroy your internal organs, your delicate pelvic bones will be smashed, your skin will literally be ripped to pieces. Your legs will be forced to breaking point, your muscles and ligaments shredded and torn from the bone where your attacker forces your limbs away from your body. So much pain, so much fear, so much horror for someone so tiny, so innocent to endure.

All the while you try to scream out in hopes that someone will help you, anyone, just to make this stop. You try to fight back but you cant, you are bound and your mouth has been gagged so you cannot defend yourself in any way.

You pray that death will be kind and take you to where you cant be hurt any more, because if you do survive, tomorrow or the next day, your owner will again take money from another, to abuse and rape you again.