The Crook Report.


Chris Spivey

After reading the Daily Mails (DM) article on the Police/NSPCC report in regards to Operation Whitewash, Its fair to say that I am fucking livid.

Dunno why? After all I didn’t expect any different to what is being admitted too in the report. Never the less, lets go through the said article  bit by bit and have a first hand look at how we are being taken for idiots.

Before we do, I would just like to say that I don’t feel the need to apologise for the language and sarcasm that I will inevitably use as we go along. And, if I offend anyone , I should just point out that I couldn’t give a fuck…

Ready? Deep breaths everyone, you will certainly need it. 

BBC faces huge payout over Jimmy Savile: Victims ‘hold bosses to blame’ for creating monster who abused EIGHTEEN girls under ten and dying child at Great Ormond Street

The Daily Mail.

A shocking report into Jimmy Savile’s six decades of sex abuse left the BBC and NHS open to huge payouts yesterday.

Couldn’t agree more. Absolutely fucking shocking even by the Mets standards. I have seen some police whitewashing before but this whitewash is on a truly shocking scale.  Did any detectives actually ask the ‘victims’ any questions or did the Corporate policy Enforcement Agents just spend their time putting obstacles in the way of those wanting to give evidence?  

Many of his 214 known offences were on BBC premises and he even attacked a girl during the last edition of Top of the Pops in 2006.

According to the report 23 of the 214 ‘offences took place on the BBC premises – Barely 11%. I’m just surprised  that the cretins who wrote this shit didn’t add that; ‘many of  his  remaining 89% of offences took place elsewhere’.   

The paedophile also preyed on young people at a hospice and 13 hospitals, including a terminally ill child at Great Ormond Street.

What about the dead people?  Tell us about the dead people DM. You usually like telling us about the dead people who perpetrated the crimes so why not tell us about the dead victims?

The NSPCC’s Savile Dossier said the entertainer’s abuse ‘simply beggared belief’

It certainly fucking does beggar belief. It beggars belief how you have whitewashed this whole report by basing it around nearly legal teenage girls who you hint at as being ‘asking for trouble’ by going round the nonces house and then throwing in a few Z listers names as accomplices. Dont worry though NSPCC, I know all about your practices of hiring convicted mass murderers in senior positions and then threatening the whistleblowers with the sack when they threaten to go public. I wont whitewash that one, don’t you worry. 

The victim, aged 11 or 12, told relatives before dying that Savile had touched them inappropriately.

The Scotland Yard and NSPCC report said the DJ spent ‘every waking minute’ thinking about abusing children and used his celebrity status to that end. Eighteen girls and ten boys aged under ten were abused – the youngest being a boy of eight targeted at his school.

Course  by saying 28 victims were under 10 years old you are hoping to get a pat on the back. Unfortunately 28 youngsters under the age of 10 , is as you know, a tiny fraction of the real total. What I would suggest is that all those taking part in this thinly veiled cover up  are made to bend over and touch their toes so as a Premiership penalty taker, wearing steel toe cap boots can take a 10 yard run up and give them the kind of kick up the fucking arse they deserve. 

The NSPCC's Savile Dossier said the entertainer's abuse 'simply beggared belief'

Allegations of sexual assault have been made by 450 individuals, aged up to 47, and some have yet to be interviewed.

So if the report says that 450 people (A Conveniently round number, unless the total has been rounded up, in which case the report can hardly be deemed accurate) made allegations and assuming that everyone of the 214 offences were committed against 214 individuals (no repeat offences against anyone which is hugely improbable but hey ho) you are telling us that 236 people’s allegations were unfounded. Or put another way, 52.5% of victims were lying… Keep calm Spivey, don’t let the bent cunts wind you up.

The 214 confirmed offences included 34 rapes and stretch across 28 police force areas. The most recent was in 2009 but they date back as far as 1955.

34 rapes and 126 indecent ‘acts’ to be more precise. Any chance of clarifying what the other 54 offences were ? After all, you are supposed to be a newspaper.

Lawyers for the victims have already instigated compensation claims against the BBC, NHS and education authorities for failing to stop the serial predator. The payouts could run into millions of pounds.

Yes! that’s the way DM. Make the victims sound like money grabbing cunts.

Victims said it was shocking it had taken so long to expose the DJ’s predatory behaviour. They said senior managers who missed opportunities to stop him should be named and shamed.

It didn’t take a long time to expose the DJ’s predatory behaviour at all.  In fact, the Police most definitely knew about the vile nonces’ favourite pastimes back in the 1950′s. They just kept it to themselves. However, David Icke publicly exposed the cunt back in 1999 and even then, I’m not 100% sure that he was the first.

Mark my words; when George Bush senior dies, some clever fucker from the MSM will expose him as being a paedophile and his victims will be reported as saying they are shocked that it had taken so long to expose the  EX Presidents predatory behaviour. 

Savile was exposed, but those who exposed him were silenced or ignored because the bleached haired pimp was supplying children for Our Royal Parasites I.E the Duck of fucking Edinburgh and his inbred, soppy sons. Oh and successive British Governments too… Isn’t that right Slaggy Thatcher… Sorry you’re ill, I will ask someone else.

Isn’t that right Dead Heath… Oh, sorry you’re dead, I will ask someone else.

Isn’t that right Nonce Cameron? Sorry, didn’t hear that. What did you say?

Oh… Right, I thought that’s what you said.

Course, the victims are quite wrong in saying that those who knew about Savile “should be named and shamed”, aren’t they Esther ‘look Im crying’ Rantzen?

More a case of the cunts should be prosecuted for aiding and abetting a crime.

 The map of despair
The BBC have said that the 2006 incident on Top of the Pops where Savile is accused of attacking a girl is an unfounded allegation.
That would be the girl caught on Camera then who convincingly looked as if she had just been groped. Yep carry on.

Caroline Moore, who is paralysed, said Savile abused her as a star-struck 13-year-old recovering in the children’s ward at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in 1971.

The 53-year-old, from Glasgow, said: ‘I am still very angry there were so many missed opportunities, not only from producers and managers at the BBC who promoted and protected him, but heads of hospitals and schools that turned a blind eye.

You are right to be very angry Caroline. You see, what the BBC actually did  is reward their employees for keeping quiet by using Licence payers money to pay them high salary’s.

People like  George Entwistle for instance, who the Corporation paid a top salary too for 13 years before promoting him to Director General for 6 months and then paying him nigh on a half million pounds to leave quietly. Simple but effective, isn’t that right Esther ‘please feel sorry for me‘ Rantzen.

‘So many people knew what he was doing, mainly to vulnerable children, and did nothing.

Indeed they did, indeed they were and indeed they didn’t. Isn’t that right Esther ‘Golly I feel awful about this now its been exposed‘ Rantzen? 

‘They need to take a long look at themselves and those senior managers in positions of responsibility should be named and shamed.’

You are repeating yourselves DM. Stop it, you’re making me look professional.


1960: A 10-year-old boy saw Savile outside a hotel and asked for his autograph. They went into the hotel reception where he was seriously sexually assaulted

1965: A 14-year-old girl met Savile in a nightclub. She later visited his home and was raped

1972: A 12-year-old boy and two female friends attended a recording of Top of the Pops. During a break in filming Savile groped his genitals and the breasts of his two friends

1973: A 16-year-old female hospital patient was befriended by Savile. He led her to an office where he kissed her, touched her inappropriately and then
subjected her to a sexual assault

1974: Savile took a 14-year-old schoolgirl for a drive in his car and seriously
sexually assaulted her

2009: A 43-year-old woman was sexually assaulted by Savile when he put his hand up her skirt while talking to her on a train journey between Leeds and London

Kim Anderson, a 19-year-old waitress in a restaurant that many of the DJs and stars of the 70s frequented, was invited on to Savile’s Radio 1 Roadshow bus in 1980.

He lunged as she sat down on a couch, and she had to fight him off as he tried to kiss and touch her.

Speaking from her home in France, she said: ‘I do hold the BBC to blame – they created a very powerful man and then let him get away with unspeakable things.

‘They gave him a platform for fame and credibility, and when people realised what he was doing, they just turned a blind eye and did nothing.’

The 37-page report, Giving Victims a Voice, provides detailed findings of Operation Yewtree, the police investigation launched after an ITV documentary exposed Savile’s paedophilia last year.

Peter Spindler, the Metropolitan Police commander in charge of the inquiry, said Savile had ‘groomed the nation’ and used his celebrity to ‘hide in plain sight’ during his offending.

As the sheer scale of his depravity was revealed, it emerged that:

  • Savile abused children as recently as 2009;
  • He struck at 14 schools, often using his Jim’ll Fix It postbag to target youngsters;
  • Almost three quarters of his victims were under 18, mostly teenage girls;
  • Police and prosecutors missed three chances to prosecute Savile before he died aged 84;
  • BBC Chairman Lord Patten was accused of blocking a helpline for victims;

Commander Spindler said: ‘Savile’s offending footprint was vast, predatory and opportunistic. He cannot face justice today, but we hope this report gives some comfort to his hundreds of victims. They have been listened to and taken seriously.’

Commander Spindler; I feel that I should gently point out that all this report does is insult the victims, who are in their thousands not hundred’s you fucking patronizing corrupt cunt.

 Kevin Cook in the BBC TV studio with Jimmy Savile in 1976. Kevin claims that Jimmy Savile molested him in a dressing room after he appeared on the TV show Jim'll Fix ItA wheelchair-bound Caroline Moore from Clarkston, Glasgow has spoken of her frustration that Jimmy Saville is not alive to face sex attack allegations
Kevin Cook in the BBC TV studio with Jimmy Savile in 1976 (left) and Caroline Moore, from Clarkston, Glasgow, who has spoken of her frustration that Jimmy Saville is not alive to face sex attack allegations
Findings: Today's report finds victims ranged from eight to 47 years old, including 174 females and 40 males, with 50 attacks taking place at hospitals, 33 at TV or radio studios and 14 at schools

Findings: Today’s report finds victims ranged from eight to 47 years old, including 174 females and 40 males, with 50 attacks taking place at hospitals, 33 at TV or radio studios and 14 at schools

My Findings: You are all either Brain Dead, Corrupt  or Involved. You ought to be fucking ashamed of yourselves. But be warned, people are finally beginning to take notice you nonce cunts and all you evil fuckers who helped draft this piece of shit will find yourselves in the dock with your fellow paedophiles. You make me fucking sick … Just saying.

His colleague, Detective Superintendent David Gray, said: ‘Savile spent every minute of every waking day thinking about it [abusing children] and whenever the opportunity came along he took it.

How do you know that DS Gray. Did you know Savile personally? If you did, and he told you that, then you must be a child rapist too. Or perhaps you are also just being a patronizing cunt and trying to sound like what you think a policeman should sound like. You most certainly are not my idea of a Policeman, and I will certainly not forget your name or let the public forget your name either you cunt. 

‘He was programmed to think about it and act in that way. He only picked the most vulnerable, the ones least likely to speak out against him.’

I will refer you to my last comment.

Peter Watt, of the NSPCC, said: ‘The sheer scale of Savile’s abuse over six decades simply beggars belief.

‘He is without doubt one of the most prolific sex offenders we have ever come across and every number represents a victim that will never get justice now he is dead.

I will refer you to my earlier comment on the NSPCC.

‘But with this report we can at least show his victims that they have been taken seriously and their suffering has been recognised.’

In view of Peter Watts last sentence, I will now elaborate on my earlier remarks by saying that the NSPCC  Employed Hein Grosskopf  between 1999 and 2005 as a Child Protection Officer at management level. Grosskopf, who is registered  with  the General Social Care Council, was moved under a cloud from the Blackburn branch of the NSPCC, to become the manager of the NSPCC’s Blackpool team. He also happens to have been an ANC Terrorist. Or, to be more specific still, he was once the most Wanted man in South Africa.

Grosskopf ,  was later granted amnesty by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) after admitting obtaining and packing explosives into vehicles to be used as Car Bombs. Grosskopf  then drove the Car Bombs into place, within residential built up areas, and set the bomb timers allowing him just enough time to make good his escape. As a direct result of Grosskopf’s handy work 7 people were killed and 26 people were injured, including a 16yr old girl whom he had looked in  the eye before calmly walking away and detonating the bomb. Ironically the girl had lost an eye in the explosion.  On top of the human cost, 58 buildings sustained damage and 33 motor cars were destroyed.

Grosskopf, who was heading a team of social workers that specialise in trauma and  grief counselling (equivalent to putting a paedophile in charge of school swimming classes) was criticised by his bomb blast victims who are adamant that the murderer showed no signs of remorse what so ever, while testifying to the TRC. 

When colleagues at the NSPCC found out about Grosskopf’s past and took their concerns to senior management, The Terrorist was suspended only to be reinstated when it was discovered that Grosskopf’s atrocities were already known about at the highest level. The three people who had exposed Grosskopf were forbidden from divulging his past to ANYONE, and were made aware that should they do so they would be subject to serious disciplinary action (Sacked).

The following is how the story was first relayed to me via email sent by one of the afore mentioned three whistle-blowers. This person followed up the allegation by sending me a 3 inch thick pile of paperwork, which is INDISPUTABLE evidence of her claims. I have made no alterations or corrections to the Email other than to put Quotation Marks at the beginning and end. 

At the time when we found out we reported our concerns to Newspapers, the Mirror and the Telegraph were going to print but the story was stopped. We were interviewed by Panorama but it never went any where and the reporter said ‘influence’ had stopped it. We reported the matter to the GSCC as we didn’t think Hein or his line managers had mentioned his past career including his training in making bombs, infiltrating and living undercover etc and we wondered how he had managed to gain his registration as a social worker. The solicitor and others in the GSCC were horrified, (initially) a tribunal date was set, statements taken etc but we knew that the NSPCC have ways of stopping everything.

The solicitor who worked for the GSCC said she expected the tribunal to de register him and also Marcus Erooga (Verruca) and Gorden Ratcliffe, (Ratface) the two managers within the NSPCC who had lied on records to enable Hein to achieve registration. We told the solicitor that we hoped she was right but that we didn’t believe it would happen. She laughed at us and said there is no way they are going to make this go away! She was wrong. A month or so before the tribunal was to be held we were told there had been a change of solicitor and days before the tribunal was to be held we received letters saying it was not going ahead. The whole thing was dropped

At one point we contacted Sir Christopher Kelly as he was a trustee for the NSPCC and was also bringing out a report citing the crucial importance of staff vetting, following the Soham murders. We thought surely he wouldn’t think it ok for NSPCC to be employing Hein, with his history, pretending to be a social worker, managing a team working with child victims of abuse. Again we were wrong he spoke to my colleague on the phone and made it very clear that we had no business making contact with him and that he did not want to hear from us again.
We took the whole thing to our MP and asked him to refer it to the parliamentary ombudsman which he did. We didn’t have any expectations that anything would come of it and for once we were right. We got a letter back saying they had looked into it, couldn’t comment on the rights and wrongs of it all but could only look at the process and decide if it had been followed correctly, which of course in their view it had been.
We made formal complaints about the bullying and threats we received by Verruca and Ratface but these were ‘thoroughly’ investigated, took months and we had to trek over to Leeds a couple of times to make statements and provide evidence which we did, even written evidence. Needless to say the outcomes were that they couldn’t find any evidence to support our claims!
We then gave up. But along the way we came across other people who had stories to tell about the NSPCC and all said the same thing…….”you’ll never get anything out about them, it can’t be done.”
 In fact Verruca, told us one day that we had “no idea what we were dealing with” and he wanted us to understand we were “playing a dangerous game and going up against a very powerful machine!!”
I have no doubt that he was telling the truth on that occassion”!

I should also point out that the NSPCC is a Royal Charter registered charity whose patron is Jimmy Saviles very close friend Bizzy Lizzy.

In December 2007, The afore mentioned Chairman of the NSPCC, Sir Christopher Kelly (Freemason) was chosen by the then British Prime Minister Gordon Brown (Paedophile) to become the Chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life . Hmmm. We have already heard about his standards, haven’t we.

You will like this next bit though. Sir Kelly was also head of the Anti Sleaze Watchdog.



The Honours Forfeiture Committee is to discuss the possibility of completely stripping Jimmy Savile of his knighthood even though the honour technically expired when he died – a move that would be a first for the honours system.

More to the point why was the Necrophiliac given a Knighthood in the first place? He received the Honour in 1990, long after it was known that he was a child rapist… Second thoughts, don’t answer that, the Queen likes to give Knighthoods to sick fucks who least deserve them. Does anyone reading this want to try and dispute that the Ponse on the Throne didn’t know about Saviles perversions by the year 1990? 

Having a knighthood means someone is the member of an order with a lifetime membership which no longer exists when the person dies.

Therefore, as Savile is dead, there is nothing to strip him of.

But amid widespread public revulsion for Savile, it is believed the Honours Forfeiture Committee is looking at this issue again.

Should the committee decide an honour should be forfeited, the normal procedure is that a recommendation is submitted to the Queen and she makes the final decision.

The BBC again apologised to those affected, saying: ‘The police report into Jimmy Savile contains shocking revelations. As we have made clear, the BBC is appalled that some of the offences were committed on its premises.

‘We would like to restate our sincere apology to the victims of these crimes. The BBC will continue to work with the police to help them investigate these matters.

Hmmm I just fucking bet you would ya fucking liars. Everything about the BBC is geared around paedophiles and that includes their Radio headquarters, Broadcasting House.

In 1932, the British Broadcasting Corporation, pride of the British people, commissioned the architect Lieutenant Colonel G. Val Myer, to design a building as their corporate headquarters which would embody the spirit of the organisation as they pushed their version of British values across the airwaves to a world still coloured pink on the map of ‘the Empire’.

The building was designed to look like a great ocean liner sailing across the airwaves. Today it is strangely reminiscent of the ill fated Titanic.

In the ‘bow’ of the building, Lord Reith commissioned a sculptor to carve out of stone the figures of Prospero and Ariel from Shakespeare’s The Tempest. So far so good.

Sadly, the sculptor he chose was none other than Eric Gill, a man who confessed in his own diaries to being a prolific paedophile; who had an incestuous relationship with his sister,  his dog and his own young daughters…



‘We have also set up the Dame Janet Smith Review to help us understand how these crimes could have been committed and how we can avoid them happening ever again.’

Course you have BBC, course you have.

Savile, who died in October 2011, abused victims at 14 medical sites and the majority of the NHS institutions involved have launched investigations into abuse allegations.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said investigations should look into whether any NHS employee knew what was going on and turned a blind eye to the abuse.

He told Sky News: ‘We knew when the investigation opened in the autumn that we had a problem in three NHS organisations but today we realise that it’s gone a lot further than that.

‘The question we are all asking ourselves is how could this have happened for so long without anyone speaking up?

‘Most importantly of all, we need to know whether anything needs to change in the procedures that we have now in the NHS in order to be able to reassure the public that NHS organisations are totally safe.’

Jeremy Fucking Hunt wants to start being fucking honest with the Zombie infested Nation. Try this for size you odious prick:

Savile used his fame for decades to cover up his activities at three hospitals – Leeds General Infirmary, Stoke Mandeville and Broadmoor.

Until now it has been unclear how he came to be given rooms and keys without questions being asked.

The Telegraph can disclose that Savile was first invited into the Leeds hospital by its chief porter, who went on to become a paid employee of the disc jockey while still working at the hospital.

And his involvement at Broadmoor was rubber-stamped in 1974 by Dr David Owen, now Lord Owen, who was health minister, government papers in the National Archives disclose.

Savile had accommodation at all three hospitals and came to be in charge of Broadmoor for a period in the 1980s when he was put in charge of a task force to run the secure hospital.

Ministers have ordered inquiries into how the NHS came to allow him such access, but key details have now been uncovered that cast new light on his activities.

He was first involved in Leeds General Infirmary in 1961 when he was asked by its chief porter, Charles Hullighan, to help its new hospital radio station, and promptly volunteered as a porter.

Savile had already been questioned by police over allegations of having sex with under-age girls at dance halls he ran across the north, and had become a pirate radio disc jockey. Before he died in 1995, Mr Hullighan said: “James came to the infirmary as a volunteer porter for a few days in 1961 and he stayed for a long time. He was always available to help.

“Jimmy gave great pleasure to so many patients, and adding the many touches of humour that is so natural to his character.”

Mr Hullighan became an extremely close friend of the DJ, to the extent that in 1972 he was made company secretary of the firm that dealt with Savile’s earnings, despite having no business background.

It is not known whether he told hospital authorities of the business relationship, but Savile paid him a salary and contributions towards a pension, and Mr Hullighan was able to have homes in Leeds and Scarborough.

Exactly what Mr Hullighan earned is not disclosed, but in 1981, when Savile was at the height of his fame, he shared in directors’ pay of £91,500, the equivalent of about £310,000 today. Read More

Was that any help to you Jeremy Cunt? You are on safe ground there, Hullighan is dead… Mind you, David Owen isn’t… Could be embarrassing, I suppose.

And, if you or the Old Bill need any more help but are too shy to ask me, may I suggest you look in the National fucking press you corrupt smeghead:

CABINET minister Ken Clarke was dramatically dragged into the Jimmy Savile scandal yesterday.


It emerged that BBC pervert Savile was “given the keys” to Broadmoor secure hospital around 1988 — when Mr Clarke was Health Secretary.

Mr Clarke was last night forced to defend himself, saying: “I have no recollection of ever having met Jimmy Savile and no recollection of these events.

“The Department of Health are now investigating to establish the facts.”

An aide to the Tory veteran, now minister without portfolio in David Cameron’s Cabinet, said Savile’s role at Broadmoor “may have been” set up by someone else

Now, Jeremy Cunt, just in case you don’t know, Ken Clarke is a rather obnoxious, fat ponse getting something for nothing in the same government as you. As the above article that appeared in the biggest selling newspaper in the country implies, Mr Clarke has a short memory. I will remind you that he forgot all about touching Ben Fellowes Penis who Clarke believed to be 15 years old at the time. I’m surprised that you don’t recall that fact Jeremy Cunt, because Fat Clarke threatened to sue everyone who printed the allegation… Ring any bells Jeremy Cunt? 

It should do because despite myself and many others printing the allegation, the Fat Ponse did fuck all, except issue a few warnings to those in the AM who scare easy… No? Still cant recall who I’m talking about Jeremy Cunt.

See if this helps. Ken Clarke is the Paedophile in the same Government as yourself who had the Penis touching allegation reported to the Police on the 30th of November 2012… Yes? No? Fuck me, no wonder the country’s in a mess Jeremy Cunt… DAVID! Oi DAVID, what the fuck is going on here?

Thought that is what you would say… Prick. 

While you’re here Davey boy, can I just say that I’m a bit surprised that Jeremy Cunt is in your government, what with the dim view you take of those individuals guilty of Tax avoidance.  Y’know, people like Jimmy Carr, your Dad and err… Well Jeremy Cunt really:

In April 2012, immediately following David Cameron’s statement that he would not associate himself with anyone who carried out “aggressive tax avoidance”, the Daily Telegraph disclosed that Hunt had reduced his tax bill by over £100,000 by receiving dividends from Hotcourses in the form of property which was promptly leased back to the company. The dividend in specie was paid just before a 10% rise in dividend tax and Hunt was not required to pay stamp duty on the property.

In September 2010, The Observer reported “raised eyebrows” when Hunt’s former parliamentary assistant, Naomi Gummer, had been given a job within the Department for Culture, Media and Sport on a fixed-term civil service contract after Hunt had proposed departmental cuts of 35–50 per cent. The head of the Public and Commercial Services Union questioned Hunt’s motives saying, “Political independence of the civil service is a fundamental part of our democracy and we would be deeply concerned if this was being put at risk by nepotism and privilege. Gummer is the daughter of a Conservative life peer, Lord Chadlington, who was a director of Hotcourses between 2000 and 2004. SOURCE WIKIPEDIA.

You are indeed a very lucky man Davey boy. Because  I can promise you that if the rest of the British population was as angry as I am, your lifeless body would be hanging by the neck  from a Westminster lamp post by now you piece of shit.

Please do carry on DM.

Kim Harrison, from Pannone, a law firm representing around 50 victims, said the damning report was one of the first steps on the way to them getting ‘some kind of justice’.

Jimmy Savile with female patients at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. The DJ's abuse there and at other institutions have become well known

Jimmy Savile with female patients at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. The DJ’s abuse there and at other institutions have become well known

The report is expected to show that large numbers of sexual assaults took place on BBC premises, such as Television Centre where Jim'll Fix It was filmed

The report shows that large numbers of sexual assaults took place on BBC premises, such as Television Centre, where Jim’ll Fix It was filmed.

Well 11 % of them did anyway. But since that is 11% of 214 offences which in reality is nowhere near the true number of offences that have taken place –  a fact that the writer of the pathetic report knows only too well – its fair to say that, only a small number of the less serious kind of sexual assault were perpetrated at The BBC – A bit of groping for instance.

She said: ‘The sheer scale of what’s happened here and the sheer number of institutions involved will shock everybody, even victims themselves.

‘There’s questions to be asked about how he was able to get away with this for so long, who knew about it and who turned a blind eye.’

Yes, yes we know DM, get on with it for fucks sake.

Lawyer Liz Dux, from Slater and Gordon, which is representing a similar number, said: ‘For the victims, today is hugely important. It represents the end of chapter one.

Shut up you silly, small minded twat. If that is the end of chapter 1, chapter 2 has a lot of making up to do.

graphThe report is expected to show that large numbers of sexual assaults took place on BBC premises, such as Television Centre where Jim'll Fix It was filmedThe report is expected to show that large numbers of sexual assaults took place on BBC premises, such as Television Centre where Jim'll Fix It was filmed

‘The next stage is for the inquiries to take place as efficiently as possible. The police investigation just looks at the criminal side of things, but the inquiries are important because they look at what was not, or ought to have been, done about Savile.

‘That’s important, especially to those who reported something at the time.’ Civil compensation claims for a handful of victims are already under way against the BBC and more claims will be lodged after all the investigations are complete.

Savile’s £4.3million estate has been frozen in light of the allegations.

I hate to tell you this but £4.3 million ain’t going to be nowhere near enough. Best old plod gets his finger out and finds that ‘missing’ £20 million. 

Painful: The Met's investigation has uncovered hundreds of Savile victims but its report says that no organisations were to blame for allowing him to get away with it

Painful: The Met’s investigation has uncovered hundreds of Savile victims but its report says that no organisations were to blame for allowing him to get away with it

If the DM mean it is painful to watch this pathetic whitewash, then yes, they are right about that – Makes a fucking change for the DM… What?  That’s not what the DM meant? Oh… Woop’s, swiftly moving on.


 Alison Levitt

A chance to convict Jimmy Savile for sex offences against three victims when he was alive was missed because police and prosecutors did not take claims seriously enough.

Details of a review of the decision not to prosecute Savile in 2009 by Alison Levitt QC (right), legal adviser to the director of public prosecutions (DPP), were disclosed today.

She found that ‘had the police and prosecutors taken a different approach’ prosecutions could have been possible in relation to three victims.

I’m finding it very difficult to not headbut the computer screen at the moment. Ms Levitt, you too are a cunt.

Ms Levitt said that there was nothing to suggest the victims had colluded in their stories, or that they were unreliable.

Police and prosecutors treated their claims ‘with a degree of caution which was neither justified nor required’, she said.

Surrey Police received an allegation in May 2007 that Savile had sexually assaulted a teenage girl at Duncroft Children’s Home in the late 1970s.

In the investigation that followed, two more allegations emerged – the first that in about 1973 Jimmy Savile had sexually assaulted a girl aged about 14 outside Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

The second was that in the 1970s Jimmy Savile had suggested to a girl aged about 17, again at Duncroft, that she perform oral sex on him.

In March 2008, Sussex Police received a complaint that Savile had sexually assaulted a woman in her early twenties in a caravan in Sussex in about 1970.
Surrey Police consulted with the CPS about all four allegations, and in October 2009 it was decided that no prosecution could be brought because the alleged victims would not support police action.

I am not even going to comment on this matter. I do however intend to do something on this subject  in the near future. Suffice to say, that by their talking in handfuls of victims they are taking you for mug punters. Course, I realise that am preaching to the converted here. Unfortunately though, the vast majority of the population are indeed mug punters.


October 29 2011: Veteran DJ and broadcaster Jimmy Savile is found dead in his home in Roundhay, Leeds, aged 84. His death came after a spell of pneumonia.

December 2011: BBC drops Newsnight investigation into his years of sex attacks.

September 30 2012: It emerges that allegations about Savile will be made in a new ITV documentary, due to be aired on October 3.

October 1: Surrey Police confirms Savile was interviewed in 2007 over allegations dating back to the 1970s but was released without charge.

October 2: Jersey and Surrey police both investigated accusations about alleged abuse in two children’s homes, but decided there was not enough evidence to proceed.

October 7: Prime Minister David Cameron calls for the ‘truly shocking’ allegations to be fully investigated.

You wasn’t serious though was you Dave?  Course you wasn’t. And why wasn’t you? 

Yes Davey, you most certainly are. 

October 9: Scotland Yard reveals they are looking at 120 lines of inquiry and as many as 25 victims and launches Operation Yewtree

October 11: Allegations emerge that Savile abused children at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire and Leeds General Hospital.

October 12: Then BBC director general George Entwistle offers a ‘profound and heartfelt apology’ to alleged victims as he announces two inquiries – one into potential failings over the handling of the abandoned Newsnight investigation, and a second into the ‘culture and practices of the BBC during the years Savile worked here’.

October 19: Scotland Yard, In an effort to sound like grown up policemen, announces that Operation Yewtree, the inquiry into alleged child abuse by Savile, is now a formal criminal investigation involving other living people.

October 25: Scotland Yard, In a further effort to sound like grown up policemen says it is investigating in excess of 400 lines of inquiry involving 300 victims, of whom all except two are women. Commander Peter Spindler says Savile is one of the most prolific sex offenders in recent history and the inquiry into his abuse will be a “watershed” investigation into sex crime.

October 26: It emerges that seven alleged victims of Savile made complaints to four separate police forces – Surrey, London, Sussex and Jersey – while the disgraced television presenter was alive, but it was decided no further action should be taken.

October 28: Former pop star Gary Glitter is arrested by officers working on Operation Yewtree.

The first of a number of washed up has beens who have been earmarked for slaughter.

November 1: Comedian Freddie Starr is arrested in connection with the Savile abuse investigation. He is released on bail.

The second of a number of washed up has beens who have been earmarked for slaughter.

November 11: Former BBC producer Wilfred De’ath is arrested at an address in Cambridge but later insists he was the victim of mistaken identity. BBC director general George Entwistle resigns.

The third of a number of… Who?

November 15: Former Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis is arrested on suspicion of sexual offences. Police say the allegations do not directly involve Savile, and are classed under the strand of their investigation termed ‘others’.

Which loosely translated means, “don’t worry DLT, you won’t do any prison time”.

November 29: A man in his 80s, from Berkshire, is arrested and questioned by detectives investigating the Savile abuse scandal after attending police premises in south London by appointment.

Gidday. Can ya tell who it is yet?

December 6: PR guru Max Clifford is arrested at his Surrey home on suspicion of sexual offences

But not on suspicion of aiding and abetting the serious nonces… “Don’t worry Max, you’ll be ok”.

December 10: A man in his 60s, from London, is arrested on suspicion of sexual offences

Oh yes, this one was interesting. You see, it was actually 2 men who were questioned that day. One was arrested and one wasn’t. Speculation was rife as to who the arrested man was. The fella whose name I was given, assures me that he hasn’t been arrested since 1966… And do you know what, I believe him too and for the record, he definitely is not a nonce.

Moreover, I’m glad that it wasn’t him because I like the fella. He’s got a bit more about him than your normal knob head celeb. However, I will just say that he was very careful in the way that he worded his denial… … Nuff said.  

December 19: Former BBC radio producer Ted Beston, 76, is arrested in London on suspicion of sexual offences and vehemently denies the allegations the following day.

Ted Beston! I think that he used to be my Milkman. 

January 2 2013: Former TV presenter Jim Davidson is arrested but ‘vigorously denies’ allegations of sexual offences made against him by two women. A 53-year-old man is also arrested.

Jim Davidson’s alright too. However, I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not condoning groping in any way shape or form.

Never the less, if  the MSM are right about him only being charged with groping 2 women in their mid 20′s , thirty odd years ago then there is no better indicator of  just how white, Operation Yewtree is being white washed. Fuck me, women get groped up and down the country in their hundreds every Saturday night. I’m not excusing the fact, just stating it.

In doing so, I will also say that the two women in question should have done what  most women who get groped do I.E  Twat the fella round the head, tell him to “fuck off”,  and swiftly follow that up by soaking him with the contents of their glass. To wait 30 odd years before coming forward to complain beggars belief, I’m afraid.

Do you know what?

Some people dismiss me as a foul mouthed yob. That’s fair enough. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, I read things like the contents of this new report and I find myself shaking my head in despair.

In my opinion, if  people worried less about my foul mouthed yobbishness and got up off their arses to do something about the cunts in parliament and Buck house who are raping and murdering our children – then perhaps I wouldn’t need to be so foul mouthed and yobbish.

I really really cannot believe how fucking stupid, gullible, spineless and apathetic we have become as a nation. It is worse than embarrassing, in fact it is nauseating. I wrote in an article just two days ago that Belgium went 15 months without a government and the country stayed in better shape than most other European countries including the UK. So, apart from raping our children, robbing us blind and thinking up ways to cause us further misery, can someone tell me exactly what it is that Cameron and the other 649 useless cunts actually do for a living?

Worse still, the ponces are after awarding themselves a 32 % pay rise. As far as I’m concerned, there are far too many, getting far to much as it is. It simply has to fucking stop. Its time for revolution .. Lets go to war.  

Until the next time,

Much love,