The Corona Conspiracy Part 2


Christopher Spivey

It seems that I need to make a correction on my original post about the Corona virus.

You see, I ended the post with a reference to the Dean Koontz book: The Eyes of Darkness.

And as you will know – if ya read that post – in his book, Koontz wrote the following:

Now that part still-stands as true, which I am sure that you agree if Koontz did not have prior warning as to what was to come in 2020, it was one hell of a coincidence.

Especially when you take into account that for some reason or other Koontz updated this book with this new information in 1989 – being as the first edition (printed in 1981) had the virus originating in Russia… Now why would he do that?

Indeed, the prediction is very much along the lines of many other predictions predicting major world events long before they actually happened… For instance, “The Simpsons” predicting 911 in 1997:

And the 2020 Corona Virus in 1993 – maybe:

First Donald Trump’s presidency, then the Disney-Fox merger and now the coronavirus outbreak?

It appears the prophetic writers of “The Simpsons” have done it again, predicting yet another major world event — or have they?

A series of stills from old episodes of the long-running animated comedy that have been circulating online this week seem to suggest “The Simpsons” somehow knew about the spread of the respiratory illness more than a decade in advance.

The viral collection of images, believed to be taken from a 1993 episode, show multiple characters spreading and catching an ominous cloud of germs. In one snapshot, a newscaster delivers a report on a “corona virus,” as indicated by a title slide over his shoulder. Pieced together, the evidence appears to cement the “Simpsons’ ” status as the oracle of TV… Source

I love the way that the above MSM farticle all about The Simpsons predictions doesn’t mention that one about 911… Moreover, it tries to pore scorn on that Corona Virus prediction:

This time, however, the receipts are too prescient to be true. According to Deadline, the stills in question hail from an episode in which packagers working in Japan accidentally ship the “Osaka Flu” to Springfield. The 2020 coronavirus outbreak originated in Wuhan, China.

Yet the Monkey-Writer blindly neglects the fact that there were 28 Americans on board the ship ‘The Diamond Princess‘ which is quarantined in Japan… But I digress.

So, getting back to my mistake in my previous post. You see, I actually posted two pages which were presented to me as both being from the Dean Koontz book:

And it now transpires that this page is not from ‘The Eyes Of Darkness‘ at all… In fact it isn’t even written by Koontz.

However, IT IS still a prediction which was apparently made in 2008 – Twelve years ago – by Sylvia Browne in her book ‘End of Days‘… See HERE

My bad!

And whilst you may be tempted to now go and buy that book, I would obviously prefer you to buy my new effort: ‘The Filthy Rich‘.

It’s fucking brilliant and available HERE

Course, the MSM have now picked up on the ‘Eyes Of Darkness‘ prediction and are being quick to point out that in the book, Koontz has the fatality rate down as 100% – “Once infected, no one lives more than twenty-four hours. Most die in twelve”… As if that somehow lessens the coincidence, despite the scaremongering press wanting you to believe that the virus kill rate is right up there.

Yet is it fuck! You see, this strain of Corona Virus has nowhere near that fatality rate.

In fact according to the World Health Organisation, the case-fatality rate is between 2% and 4% in Wuhan and 0.7% outside Wuhan… Much more in line with the Common Cold then… Which it would be since it is the Common Cold:

Course, some Smart-Alec’s will point out that the Coronaviruses (note the plural) mentioned in that image are the old kind and not this new strain.

Which would be a good point except if this new strain isn’t the common cold then it wouldn’t be called a Coronavirus would it?

And neither can they ‘tag’ it under the umbrella of ‘Flu’ since “Flu” is short for “Influenza”, which as you can see from the photo above falls under Orthomyxoviruses… Easy for you to say!

Yet as I said in my last post, over 13,000 people died of the ‘Flu’ in 2008/9 in this country alone. And with that in mind, take a read of the following:

Still worried? Were you ever? Of course you fucking wasn’t.

After all, we here have seen and heard it all:

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Just sayin’… Again.