The Conspiracy Of Silence


Chris Spivey


“I have been asking about and there is not one Historic Abuse Survivor who has told me they would put their trust in either the NSPCC nor ANY MP, let alone Tom Watson. It is about time that people realised that we are alone in this fight, there is nobody in the establishment who holds any real power or authority who will dare to put their head above the parapet in support of the children of this country.” – Jimmy Jones. Himself a victim of the Welsh care homes.

“I wouldn’t trust the NSPCC to tell me the correct time in a room full of clocks.” – David Icke.

Tues morning 4 AM and not one TV Station, Newspaper, The NSPCC or Politician who has been told about the Grosskopf scandal at the NSPCC has responded. I believe that shows just how much of a ticking time bomb this story is.

I can tell you that one of the NSPCC whistle-blowers, the one I called ‘Sue’, has now agreed to go public. I have offered both David Cameron and James Duddridge MP the opportunity to meet with Myself and Sue so as we can present the evidence to them in person. I have received no reply what so ever from either… Can you imagine me and Dave the Rave in the same room.

The fact that Sue, a qualified, experienced Social Worker and level headed, respectable wife & mother, has now put herself in the line of fire is an extremely brave thing to do. I have warned her of the implications of doing so and she is still prepared to go ahead. I say that because, where as my large following keeps me relatively safe, Sue has no such safety net. I trust I do not need to remind anyone about the fate met by the nurse Jacintha Saldanha and further trust that no one believes that she committed suicide.

Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say, that to let this scandal just ‘disappear’ now that it is out, could very well end with Sue being ‘suicided’.  I trust we will not let that happen.

I should also stress, just for the record, that Sue no longer holds any of the evidence relating to the NSPCC & Grosskopf. I do, and it has all been placed elsewhere for safe keeping.

Sue has now passed me some more information following some naive Zombie asking me on Twitter why I hadn’t contacted the police:

We most certainly took it to the police, not  least because we found a carrier bag in his office that contained timer switches that had been recently purchased from B&Q, the receipt was still in the bag. Given  that we didn’t use any timer switches at the Acorn Centre (and there wasn’t just one) and given that in Hein’s amnesty statement he details how he converted a timer switch into a detonator for one of his bombs, we were alarmed and concerned.

I went to speak with a police officer that i had worked with and trusted and she took it to her inspector. She got back to me to say that her inspector had told her that if the NSPCC didn’t have any problems with him then there wasn’t much they could do. Apparently though he had conceded that he understood our concerns and could see where we were coming from.

I know that (Name removed by Spivey) also met with some one from the police and they got back to her to say they had passed all the info up to intelligence.

I also passed it onto the anti terrorist unit on two different occasions. The first time i emailed them, following a counter terrorism talk that i attended after the London bombings and every one was given a contact and urged to report any worries or concerns.  The second occasion, i copied a whole file of everything and passed it to the wife of  the police Inspector in charge of regional counter terrorism, she assured me she passed it to him. 

Also a colleague in the metropolitan police was made aware.

Moreover, Sue has also made me aware of the following:

NSPCC CEO Andrew Flanagan is leaving in March. He ran the Scottish Media Group between 1996 and 2006 when he was forced to resign by share holders who were non to happy with his overspending. Flanagan had bought assets including Virgin Radio and Ginger Productions but is reported to have massively overpaid DJ Chris Evans. To the extent that his over spending caused the company to breach its banking covenants in 2001 so it was forced to sell off its assets including the Herald Newspaper Group. Flanagan received a pay off of more than £500,000 plus bonus and pension benefits. It wouldn’t appear then that it was his track record as CEO that encouraged the NSPCC to recruit him. Which leaves me wondering if the decision to appoint Flanagan to CEO of the NSPCC was influenced at all by him being on the board of NESTA, a multi million pound quango turned charity?

Peter Wanless is taking over from Flanagan, he’s a former civil servant come CEO of BIG lottery funding who awarded the NSPCC how much in 2012? One report suggests £4 million. However some of the larger grants of several million are split between different departments within the same organisation and often pledged for three or four years so it’s not easy to find out how much in total has been awarded. Wanless was on the New Years Honours list in 2007 in recognition for distinguished public service. He’d obviously made some one happy that year however he wasn’t quite so popular with the voluntary sector a few years later when he allowed the government to divert £638 million pounds of lottery funding to top up the Olympic fund. He did try to redeem himself, to be fair, by promising that it wouldn’t happen again, at least not until next time.

NESTA has just launched a £17.6 million pound investment fund (£8 million of it from Big Society funding) its now open for applications, guess who is on the selection panel dishing out the dosh? …………………… Dame Mary Marsh former CEO NSPCC.


Childline, whose telephone Helplines are run by volunteers and is now owned by the NSPCC was awarded £30 million pounds of government funding over a four year period. ( I do not need to tell you who fronts Childline – Spivey)


Another source of income for the NSPCC is from local councils in the form of Service level agreements where by the Local Authority and the NSPCC will agree to joint fund a specific project or initiative. The fact that the NSPCC has already been given the money to provide the service either by charitable donations, government or specific Trusts or funds from the likes of the lottery or NESTA, might be worthy of a closure look. Then again who is going to cast doubt over the NSPCC and how it runs its affairs and conducts business? They have groomed the nation and are beyond reproach in any shape or form.

The NSPCC’S management structure includes approximately sixty, extremely handsomely paid senior managers, under which come the area managers followed by the team managers. Then come the workers, how many trained and qualified therapists and counsellors do they employ? I don’t know the answer to this but I know it’s not very many. Don’t be taken in by the catch all phrase of ‘specially trained workers.’ This ‘special’ training may be a basic social work qualification but more often than not does not include any formal training in counselling or treating trauma at all. The NSPCC run a very basic two week, in house training that introduces ideas around communicating with children. This basic course in no way qualifies you as a therapist or counsellor. Although the NSPCC propaganda machine leads the public to believe that they provide a comprehensive counselling service through out the country for victims of sexual abuse it is not true. There are very few projects that provide counselling at all now and I doubt that they would be willing divulge the actual number of full time posts of qualified counsellors and therapists., it is so few that the public would be aghast.

So much for Charity. It is my own personal belief, giving mind to the fact that the likes of Jimmy Savile, Margaret Thatcher, Peter Mandelson and Esther Rantzen are/were so closely involved with the NSPCC, that paedophilia is also involved. I will remind you that Grosskopf  inexplicably and without warning removed Sue and another Social Worker from a case of child sex abuse, when it looked as if the children involved were about to name some household names as being their abusers.

Furthermore, Sue points out that there is no way that the NSPCC Chiefs did not know about Savile’s activities yet they were happy to keep him as a figure head for the ‘charity’.

It is also my firm belief, based on what Sue has told me, that NSPCC chiefs and certain government figures are involved in large scale, multi million pound fraud by way of misappropriated funds. After all, who would ever suspect a national charity set up with the sole purpose of safeguarding children capable of such action. If  I am wide of the mark why else would leading Politicians, the National Press and the NSPCC itself, completely blank such a sensational story.

I would urge you all now to email the Press at the following addresses and demand to know why they have not even asked to look at the evidence with a view to running the story:

The MP’s contacted by myself and others are as follows:


Like I have done with the newspapers, I would urge you all to contact your Local MP and Dave the Rave. You can contact Downing Street at the following link:

I would remind you that being rude will get you nowhere albeit, the arsewipe does not deserve respect. Never the less, politeness is the key. Let me know who you contacted and how you got on.

Lets go to war people.

Much love,



A friend of mine has just received a response from the MP, Tracey Crouch in response to his email. Her response was as follows:

Dear Paul

I just wanted to let you know I’ve received your email.  I will look at the blog post later after a speech this morning.  Forgive me if I don’t get back to you straight away – I am taking a couple of days off to try and recover from a recurring chest infection.  However I just wanted to reassure you that your serious concerns are not being ignored.

Best wishes


I shall of course, keep you all informed of any further developments.