The Conspiracy Collection


Christopher Spivey


Have you bought all of your Christmas presents yet? If the answer is no then why not give someone my new book which was released TODAY.

The book (my 4th) is called The Conspiracy Collection and is made up of a collection of 28 articles which are no longer on the internet and includes subjects such as Racism, 9/11, UFO’s, The Cancer con & The Money Scam… To name but a few.

All 28 articles have been updated, edited and carry an introduction.

This is a very thick book with 311 pages and is great value for money, so not only are you giving someone a great present, but you are also supporting me – which enables me to carry on writing.

You can buy the Paperback version HERE

You can buy the Kindle version HERE

Course, you could also go all out and buy all four of my books which would also give me some much needed money for Christmas:

The Great Cock ‘n’ Bull Swindle

This is a follow on to my first book: Never Mind The Sex Pistols, Here’s The Bollocks.


At the request of Don Ryvita Bogieoné, head of an American Crime-Family, London Crime-Lord, Ronald Kray Jr has agreed to assassinate popular singing sensation Simon Angerfunkell.

To carry out the killing Kray – who is also extorting a weekly ‘insurance’ payment from the shop owned by Sex Pistols manager, Malcolm Max Claren – has sought out the services of reluctant, semi-retired, gangster Frank Frazer.

However, what Don Ryvita and Kray do not know is that the FBI are also aware of the plot, but due to the Mafia Kingpins knack of evading justice, the Fed’s are prepared to let the assassination attempt go right to the wire.

Meantime, much to the disgust of Peter Thump and his lodger, Ali Bhi, Thump’s step-daughter, Ann Hecky’s relationship with Jonathan Smythe Lydon is going from strength to strength. Smythe Lydon is of course the founder member and lead singer with the Sex Pistols as well as the eldest son of extremely wealthy former gangster and IRA terrorist, Paddy Lydon – now a mere shadow of the terrifying man he once was.

Nevertheless, with Smythe Lydon having now sacked the group’s Bass Guitar player, Glen Fiddich and replaced him with his adopted, glue-sniffing brother, Syd Fishers – who is dating Ann Hecky’s best friend, Nancy ‘Spunk-On’ Spunken and cannot play for toffee – Glen is out for revenge… Although he is not the only one with a grudge against the band.

You see, Ilkley Moore – the current darling of Hollywood and former comedy partner of the ‘Pistols’ drummer, Peter Cook – also has his knickers in a twist following the release of a highly controversial newspaper interview given by Cook in which he humiliated the now irate pint-sized film star.

And so our story continues in the aftermath of a hugely successful concert held at the Southend Cliffs-Pavilion, in which the Sex Pistols – acting as support act to singer, David Essex – have firmly cemented their place as the most talented, as yet unsigned, up and coming group in the country…

You can buy The Great Cock ‘n’ Bull Swindle HERE  

You can buy Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols, HERE

Indeed, you only need read the reviews to see how much people have enjoyed it… And you do not need to be a fan of The Sex Pistols or even Punk Rock to do so.

And don’t forget about my other book; Meghan Markle Exposed which you can buy HERE

In that book I wrote the following:

“strangely enough, Meghan doesn’t have any children, and I say “strangely enough” because at 38 years old, a twice married woman as beautiful as Meghan – who claims to love children – not having any is extremely strange… Although I doubt we will have to wait long before it is announced that the new Duchess of Sussex is pregnant – but that will be in reality, a hoax too…”

I wasn’t wrong don’t cha know.

Just sayin’.