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Would you Adam & Eve it?

The old Dog & Bone goes last night and you’ll never guess who was on the other end?

Only Michael fucking Walsh don’t cha know?

Sorry about that. Fuck knows why I came over all Eastenders…. And, Michael’s middle name isn’t ‘fucking’ either.

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever Spiv. Get on with it…Who’s Michael Walsh”?

Fuck knows, I was far too busy doing a Dick Van Dyke to ask – A reference that no one under the age of 40 will get, unfortunately.

Anyway, I would imagine that he is an American Journalist, since he asked me to collaborate with him on an article about Sydney Corcoran, one of the alleged Boston Bomb victims… At least he did in my imagination.

“Did Ruth Styles from the Daily Mail recommend me” I asked? “I bet she fucking did. She is mad for me Michael. Go on, you can tell me. This is all Ruthy’s doing isn’t it”?

“No” he replied.

And that my friends, is how I came to co-write the following article

Boston Marathon victim crowned prom queen says she’s ‘just happy to be back… Back from what is anybody’s guess.

Sydney Corcoran lost bone and tendon ligaments in her foot after the bombs exploded April 15. Sydney said when she was in the hospital, attending prom felt like a pipe dream. Now she wants to get off crutches in time for graduation… More like she wants to get off her fucking fat arse .


BY  & Christopher Spivey

Sydney was crowned Lowell High School's prom queen, and she attended the party with her boyfriend.Sydney Corcoran was crowned Lowell High School’s prom queen, and she attended the party with her boyfriend. Yawn! Did anyone expect any different? I mean, if she had gone to watch the Boston Red Sox she would have been crowned man of the match, for fucks sake.


Its going fucking brilliantly already Mick, don’t cha think… You are alright with the language I trust? You did know I use language when you asked me to work with you, didn’t you?

The prom queen could not dance.

Mind you,The drama prom queen has never been able to do so… Two left feet apparently. And, that fact has nothing to do with the bombing either… You didn’t answer my question about my language Michael so I’ll take it as read that you are okay with it.

Last month, Sydney Corcoran was lying in a puddle of blood near the Boston Marathon’s finish line — a gaping hole in her nearly hollow foot, a chunk of bone missing, a tendon shattered.

No she wasn’t Mickey Walsh… Don’t start making things up. This isn’t the British MSM, don’t cha know.

But just for the record, there was no puddle of blood and she still had her intact trainer on. Therefore her foot was also intact and all the bone that was meant to be there in the first place was still there too.  

Furthermore, her tendon wasn’t in the least bit “shattered”… It wasn’t even fucking tired for fucks sake Mr Walsh.

Fuck all to say Mick? … Then I shall continue my good man.

I have in fact just watched a video of Sydney’s father, Kevin Corcoran talking about the explosion. This is what he said in between crying his fucking eyes out… Strangely enough, Michael Walsh, without any tears:

I have a VIVID MEMORY of seeing my daughter and friends being blown back. Falling backwards, my daughters arms outstretched like this (spreads both arms), just falling, falling backwards. 

I think My wife took the brunt of the impact. When I turned back around, she wasn’t there and no one was standing up any more in front of me.

So, for a couple of seconds I looked left and right and then looked down. And, there she was. My wife Celeste. I saw her eyes were open and still at this point I don’t realise that a bomb had exploded…

Michael, I’m adding a photo here if ya don’t mind. Its only a photo of Kev… For the moment. I do however, have an awful lot more photos to add shortly.


So, we now know from this testimony of Kevin Corcoran’s, that his wife Celeste and his daughter Sydney were stood together.

This must be true, because Kevin Corcoran has a vivid Memory of the events following the explosion. So much so, that just talking about them reduces him to tears… Without the tears of course.

Sydney was blown back and his wife hit the deck like a sack of spuds… Bit strange! One goes straight down, the other takes flight. Hmmm.

“No one is standing anymore” ,except Kevin who presumably thinks someone has let the Mother of all Farts go since he didn’t realise a bomb had gone off… Sorry to monopolise here Micky, but this is important.

I mean, don’t you find it a tad fucking strange how cry baby Kev wasn’t hurt at all Mick my man?

That is, apart from the the odd cut that he says he sustained – of which there is no evidence of this being so, in the many photos that I have looked at, I hasten to add.

Never the less, lets carry on with the video transcript:

I see her eyes were open, I know that she’s alive and I start looking around and there are limbs everywhere and blood and I look down her body to see if she’s okay and I notice her legs. And that’s when it hits ya… SOURCE

Indeed it does Kevin, Indeed it does.

Although, to be honest – which Kev isn’t – there wasn’t actually limbs everywhere.

Then again, Kev, like his daughter, is somewhat of a drama queen. 

Now, also appearing in the video is Kevin’s sister in law Carmen whose husband and 3 children were also at the marathon… But not stood with Kevin, Celeste and Sydney apparently.

Yet the video narrator specifically says that Kevin and his family were there at the marathon to cheer on Carmen.

This fact is re-enforced by NPR News in an interview with Kevin’s wife Celeste, who allegedly lost both of her legs as a consequence of the bomb blast:

She’s recalling how thrilled she was to be near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, waiting for her sister Carmen Accabo to run by. “I just remember standing there, wanting to be as close as I could to catch her,” Corcoran says. “I really just needed to see her face.” READ MORE .

Hmmm. Perhaps they just don’t get on with their brother in law, niece and nephews then.  

Micky babe! You don’t mind if I stick some more photos on here now do you? Just so as the public can see that there is no spare legs, spare ribs and/or special fried rice lying around.. Nah, course ya don’t.


Do you know what I can’t understand Mick. That first photo in the above batch is taken soon after the bomb exploded.

We know this because we can see Carlos the Cowboy beginning to take down the fence and no one came out until the fence was down.

And, the area is still smoking.

Yet going by that first photo there only seems to be around a dozen people injured. 

I have also got photos taken in the immediate aftermath of the second explosion where there are another half dozen or so people injured.

Yet the death toll stands at three and the casualty list stands at one hundred and seventy six.  SOURCE

I’m fucked if I can work it out Mick to be honest.

I mean, where the fuck is Jeff Bauman in the first photo?

Stranger still, the more time that passes, the more other victims start appearing.

Best we have some more photos Mick me lad.


Its a bit like something out of the Twilight Zone actually, don’t cha know.

Course, I realise that these facts are unimportant to you MSM journalists, as well as the vast majority of the brain dead US and UK populations. 

But it bothers the hell out of me and my readers Mick. It surely does. 

Right, you best have a turn now me old mucker. I believe that you too have a photo for us to look at.

Sydney Corcoran posed with her mom, Celeste; dad, Kevin; and brother, Tyler. Sydney said even though she's suffered, it's impossible to be sad on prom day.

Sydney Corcoran posed with her mom, Celeste; dad, Kevin; and brother, Tyler. Sydney said even though she’s suffered, it’s impossible to be sad on prom day… In your fucking face Micky Boy. My photos piss all over yours… Woops! Sorry mate, do please continue

But Tuesday night, the 18-year-old looked almost indistinguishable from her Lowell High School classmates: professional make up, gorgeous dress, corsage … all except for the crutches she used to reach the stage to accept her crown.

Ahhh, the crutches. Why has she got the crutches Mick?

I ask purely because two days after the bomb, Sydney was photographed standing up in hospital, looking out of the window. You would have thought that she would have been pale, red eyed and distraught, what with the shock of being thrown 20 feet through the air, severing her femoral artery and having a hollow foot… Not to mention the shock of her Mother losing both of her legs. 

But no. She was almost as happy as errr…  Well, as her Mother as it happens. Here, have another photo.


“I keep feeling like I’m going to cry because I’m just happy to be back. See now, I’m going to start crying. It’s just really good to see everyone,” Corcoran told local station WCVB.

Well, she would be  happy and feeling like she’s going to cry though, wouldn’t she Mick me old Mucker.

Course, they would be tears of joy, not sadness. After all, she is a fucking Millionaire now.

C’mon, show us another pic Mick… Pic Mick. I like that. Go me.

Parts of Sydney Corcoran's foot were blown away in the Boston Marathon bombing, but the teen says she won't ever let it hold her back.

Parts of Sydney Corcoran’s foot were blown away in the Boston Marathon bombing, but the teen says she won’t ever let it hold her back... No it wasn’t Mick. Her foot is absolutely fine. And Ive already used that photo. But take a look at my photo below. She has even painted her fucking toenails. Who on earth would do that if their foot was hanging off silly.


I don’t like to go on about it, but you gotta admit Michael?  My photos really, really are a lot better than yours.

Just out of curiosity, you don’t know Ruth Styles from the Daily Mail by any chance do you? … No, course you don’t.  Silly of me to ask.

Look, just shut the fuck up about Ruth and get on with it Michael Walsh!

You’re giving me the right fucking hump as it happens.

Corcoran’s foot is healing but is still numb. The spurts of pain have not yet ceased.

So, her foot is numb AND painful… How does her fucking foot manage that then big guy? Numb & Painful at the same time? Hmmm.

According to the Cambridge on-line dictionary Mick. The definition of ‘Numb’ is If a part of your body is numb, you are unable to feel it, usually for a short time

And again, according to the Cambridge on line dictionary Mick. The definition of ‘Pain’ is: a feeling of physical suffering caused by injury or illness Note the physical suffering as opposed to mental suffering. You really do believe these lying toe rags – no pun intended – don’t cha Micky?

From her hospital bed, attending prom felt like a pipe dream. It wasn’t until she started rehab that she realized it was still within reach.

No she didn’t only realise the prom was possible whilst in rehab Mick… Don’t go there. I will make a show of you. Trust me.

Just give us another photo  or something.

Sydney Corcoran said it was her goal to see everyone at her high school after extensive physical therapy.

Sydney Corcoran said it was her goal to see everyone at her high school after extensive physical therapy… She could have scored a fucking goal with a foot that healthy, don’t you worry about that me old son.

“It was a goal just to see everyone from my school again,” Corcoran said.

Yeah, well she can fucking shut it anall. The fucking fake.

I mean to say Mick, come on. Doesn’t she feel in the least bit guilty about conning people into making her a millionaire.

These mug Muppet’s who donated truly believe that her and her Ma were really hurt in the Boston Blast Micky?  And they fucking wasn’t. I will stake my fucking life on it.

And, before anyone comments that I wouldn’t accuse her to her face. I can promise you that given half a chance I would confront Sydney, her mother and that fraud Jeff Bauman too.

In fact, I would love nothing more than to confront the swindling arseholes in person. And the same goes for that fucking fake cowboy too.

Course, by the looks of things, Jeff  Bauman couldn’t be happier that he’s lost his fucking legs.

I mean, just 3 or 4 days after supposedly doing so, his only thought was to give Sydney Corcoran – someone he had never even fucking met – a birthday present… Are the script writers having a fucking laugh?

And, we know that Jeff is *aherm, aherm*, genuine don’t we.

After all, according to many, many newspapers, this is what the brave fella told the FBI while still in ICU:

Just before 3 p.m. on April 15, Bauman was waiting among the crowd for his girlfriend to cross the finish line at the Boston Marathon. A man wearing a cap, sunglasses and a black jacket over a hooded sweatshirt looked at Jeff, 27, and dropped a bag at his feet, his brother, Chris Bauman, said in an interview.


Two and a half minutes later, the bag exploded, tearing Jeff’s legs apart. A picture of him in a wheelchair, bloodied and ashen, was broadcast around the world as he was rushed to Boston Medical Center. He lost both legs below the knee.

I think some more of my photos are needed at this point Michael, my good man… Be warned. There are a fucking lot of them. Oh, and the title above the photos is the newspapers. Not mine.



Told ya there was a lot.

Right! Now, like I said, Carlos the hero told the newspapers and TV news that he had to put a fire out on Jeffs chest.

So, it’s safe to say that Carlos isn’t a hero is he?  He is in fact, a fucking liar.

The following is how the newspapers described his ‘heroics’: 

“With the first blast, Mr. Arredondo jumped over the fence and ran toward the people lying on the ground. What happened next, he later recounted to a reporter: He found a young man, a spectator, whose shirt was on fire. He beat out the flames with his hands. The young man, who turned out to be Jeff Bauman, had lost the lower portion of both legs. He took off a shirt and tied it around the stump of one leg. He stayed with Mr. Bauman, comforting him, until emergency workers came to help carry him to an ambulance.”

And this is what he said in a video interview that he did in which he tried to make out that his hands were shaking from shock.

However, his attempt was so lame it was embarrassing.  

It is also blatantly obvious that this video interview was filmed in front of  a ‘blue screen’. The road scene behind Carlos has a life of its own:

“He had a big fire going on with his shirt” (Carlos makes a circular motion with his right hand around his left shoulder area).

I would have liked to have told you what he said next, about how he put the fire out. But that bit now appears to have been cut out of every single video there is of the interview on YouTube.

Likewise, so has the bit where Carlos say’s that he stayed the whole time with Jeff at the hospital.. Strange, yet unsurprising.

You can watch the video by clicking  HERE 

Still, fuck knows what shirt Careless Carlos was talking about since I couldn’t for the life of me see any scorch marks on Jeff’s shirt.

Then again, these things never seem to concern the MSM do they?

One more thing before I put Jeff to bed… Which isn’t easy since the criminal has hardly spent any time in one since supposedly losing his legs.

The following is Dr. Stan Monteith’s verdict on Jeff’s injuries. Doctor Monteith has been an orthopaedic surgeon for over 35 years: 

“I wanted to just call to your attention the Boston bombing on April 15. What really happened? And I’ll tell you, I don’t know what happened. But I know that they’re lying to us.

And basically, I know that they’re lying to us because of a picture that I saw on that very first day. It was a devastating picture. It was a fellow that had both legs blown off. A young man sitting in a wheelchair, being wheeled, certainly by a gentleman — a cowboy figure — who had a cowboy hat on and he was actually holding a tourniquet on the left leg, which was a below knee amputation, and there below, certainly, the stump of the below knee amputation, was the tibia — a bloody tibia — sitting and certainly, but the interesting thing is why the tourniquet wasn’t applied.

The tourniquet was just sort of underneath the leg, holding it up, it wasn’t stopping any flow of blood because there wasn’t hardly flow of blood on that side. It looked like there was some blood on the right leg which was taken off above the knee. But why would they take somebody who had just had both legs blown off and put him into a wheelchair? He would’ve been in profound shock. And why weren’t the tourniquets on both legs, certainly clamping off the blood supply? And when I saw that, I knew something was wrong.

And then of course as you know, I was a trauma surgeon for many years, I was an orthopedic surgeon. And basically, I looked at that below knee amputation on the left side, and it was a well-healed below knee amputation stump, and certainly, the kind that I would’ve done. I did many, many times, so people could wear prostheses. And there was no tear in the skin, no blood, no nothing at all — just a bloody tibia sticking out of the end — and it looked like it had been attached to this stump. Why would they do something like that”? Click HERE to read more.

Hark at me Michael, hogging the whole bloody story… You have a turn, go on.

The night before the prom, Corcoran’s mother Celeste gave her a pedicure from a wheelchair. She, too, was blown to the ground in the April 15 terror attack. She lost both legs and is waiting on prosthetics, reported WFXT.

Oh, didn’t you know Mick? Celeste has got them already.

In fact she has taken her first steps on them. Strange really, that the doctors let her do so, so soon after having her legs amputated. And on a fucking Zimmer frame to.

Don’t they usually have parallel bars to teach people how to walk on false limbs?

Mind you, from what I have read, it should have taken a woman of her age and fitness fucking years to get upright again… If she ever managed it at all.

And yet people are so fucking blind to the obvious that they cannot even see when they are being taken for  right fucking mugs.

Here is a link to a story about a young fit fella who lost both of his legs and the struggle that he had to walk again. CLICK

And, while I’m dishing out links, here’s one to a YouTube video of Celeste taking her first steps… Six weeks after having her legs nigh on blown off and later amputated in hospital… Do me a fucking favour ya daft, dopey cunts.

Go on Mick. You put one of your shit photos on now… Come on, don’t be shy.

Sydney Corcoran and her mom, Celeste, were both victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Sydney Corcoran and her mom, Celeste, were both victims of the Boston Marathon bombings... Ha, ha. Is that all you fucking got. You’re taking the mick, Mick

“You just get through those days and you just power on,” Celeste Corcoran said, “and the next day is another day, and it is prom day. So you can’t be sad on prom day.”

The lying bitch won’t be sad on any day mate. She’s a fucking millionaire.

As Corcoran posed for pre-prom photos with her boyfriend and friends in her parents’ driveway in Lowell, Mass., everyone was smiling — a far cry from last month’s attack, which she refuses to let limit what she can accomplish.

I’m warning you Walshy. You’re getting on my tits now. She can do everything she did before the fucking bomb… Even fly unaided according to her old man… Then again, we now know that he’s a piss taking fucking liar too.

Corcoran, who plans to major in psychology at Merrimack College this fall, is scheduled to meet with her surgeon next week to see whether she will be able to walk across the stage at her June 4 graduation without crutches.

Fuck off Walsh, you useless cunt. 

In fact, literally fuck off. I will finish this on my own. 

That fucking told him.

Right!  Kevin Corcoran is a lying arsehole and I will prove that fact beyond all doubt, once I finish my summing up of him and his family… Mind you, I say that I will prove it beyond all doubt but there are some idiotic cunts out there who take stupidity to a whole new level.

These mind controlled robots will never believe anything that takes them out of their comfort zone, even when what they are reading or looking at is blatantly obvious.

Unfortunately, if these fuck-wits don’t wake up soon to the fact that the US and UK governments have no qualms what so ever about killing their own citizens, for their own ends, then we are all fucked.

But I digress.  

It is blatantly obvious in his TV interview that Kevin Corcoran sobs without tears while at the same time ensuring people know how to send his family money.

If his story was true, he would have us believe that he was standing with his wife Celeste and his daughter Sydney when the bomb exploded. Once the bomb goes off, he says his daughter Sydney, who was stood next to his wife, flew passed him with her arms splayed.

Yet to end up where she did – according to the photo evidence – means that she needed to fly through the air at a height of 3 or 4 foot for a distance of 15-20 foot.

Kevin also maintains that his wife took the full brunt of the explosion yet unlike her daughter, she hit the deck like a sack of spuds.

Yet against all odds, he personally is unhurt.

And lets not forget his claim about there being limbs everywhere. Claims like that stick in peoples minds and elicit sympathy for the victims. But once again, Kevin’s claim just isn’t true .. So again I will state that, at best, he is a fucking liar.

Meanwhile, Sydney Corcoran happily takes part in this article to talk about attending the prom, while at the same time playing on the readers emotions, naivety and gullibility – especially in regard to her fictional injuries – in order to get the public to donate more money. Take the following three examples for instance:

Sydney Corcoran lost bone and tendon ligaments in her foot after the bombs exploded April 15

Parts of Sydney Corcoran’s foot were blown away in the Boston Marathon bombing, but the teen says she won’t ever let it hold her back

Last month, Sydney Corcoran was lying in a puddle of blood near the Boston Marathon’s finish line — a gaping hole in her nearly hollow foot, a chunk of bone missing, a tendon shattered.

After reading that, it is amazing that she is even standing let alone attending the prom. Yet the photographic evidence tells a very different story. Had any of the above injuries been true, Sydney’s trainer would have also been mangled. 

Neither would it have been possible for her to end up where she did and in the position that she was (head facing the road).

Moreover, had she been – as her father claims – thrown through the air on the bomb shock-waves, her clothes would have been shredded. I mean, lets not forget the state of some peoples clothes following the blast.

And then there is the photo (seen above) of Sydney standing in front of the hospital window, looking happy, relaxed and healthy, just two or three days after receiving life threatening injuries in a bomb blast that cost her Mother her legs – allegedly. 

You certainly do not stand un-aided two days after recieving such devastating foot injuries as well as severing a major blood vessel in your leg. The following is from NPR News:

A piece of shrapnel from the bomb had severed a major blood vessel in her right thigh. A good Samaritan had applied steady pressure to her leg at the bombing site, so she didn’t bleed out and die on the pavement.

Course, if you still doubt what I say, this is what the surgeon who operated on Sydney’s thigh told NPR News:

Vascular surgeon Alik Farber at Boston Medical Center says a razor-sharp piece of metal “the size of an iPhone” — probably a fragment of the pressure cooker used to make the bomb — sliced through major blood vessels in Sydney’s thigh.

“The hole in her thigh was the size of a small melon,” Farber says. “It was very large. Even when we controlled the main artery and vein, there was a lot of bleeding from the muscle because the shrapnel really did a job on her muscle.”

Farber says he was able to close the wound without a skin graft. Despite damage to her leg and foot, he says, she’ll be OK. Read More

Now, as I just mentioned, this is not the first catastrophic event that Sydney has suffered.  

You see, while crossing a busy street at Salisbury Beach in June 2011, Sydney was struck by a car driven by a senior citizen.

The accident left her with severe injuries, including a fractured skull and multiple leg injuries. 

But Sydney, 18, a Lowell High School senior bound for Middlesex Community College this fall, dug deep and fought valiantly to preserve her young life.

Family members breathed sighs of relief, while hoping that they would never have to relive such a nightmare ever again.


Sydney Corcoran! You too are a fucking liar.

However, if even after all the written and photographic evidence I have thus far presented still isn’t enough to convince you that you are being taken for right fucking mugs, here is the conclusive proof that I mentioned earlier:


You can see more photos like the above plus text of  what is taking place by clicking  HERE

Now, since both Kevin and Sydney Corcoran are fucking lying arseholes, it follows that Mum Celeste is too.

After all, I feel sure that she would know that her daughter wasn’t really hurt.

According to NPR News Celeste had 3 operations on her stumps sometime between April 16th and April 23rd, 2013.

During that time, Celeste said that her hair still had bomb debris in it.

The following is taken from that NPR  news article: 

Over the next week, Celeste had three more operations to remove shrapnel and damaged tissue from her legs so her wounds could be closed.

The ordeal was wearing her down. “I felt very weak. I had just gone through my last surgery,” she recalls. “I still hadn’t washed my hair. You know, the bomb debris and shrapnel and smell and everything was still in my hair.

However, that certainly isn’t what the photo evidence shows and is totally out of line with normal medical procedure. 

Then, on the 2nd of May, NPR News interviewed Doctor Creevy – the doctor who had allegedly amputated Celeste’s legs:

Celeste can’t be fitted with her first set of artificial legs for six to eight weeks. Then she’ll begin a long period when the stumps of her own legs change constantly as the muscles of her legs shrink.

“The limb changes size,” Creevy says, “and the prosthesis has to be adjusted and adjusted and adjusted. Usually it eventually doesn’t fit, and somewhere around six, eight or nine months, you have to make another prosthesis.”

She might not be steady on that second set of legs until next spring. Read More

So, 6- 8 weeks from the 2nd of May takes us to the 13th of June up  to the 27th of June.

Yet a video on Celeste and Sydneys ‘give us ya fucking money’ page shows Celeste walking on June the 3rd… She must be super fucking woman, don’t cha know. SOURCE

Shall we have a couple of Celeste photos?

Why not.



So, is Celeste a liar like her husband and daughter?

Too fucking right she is. And, if I was one of those gullible fools  who had  donated money to the frauds, I would demand a full refund and get the Old Bill to investigate the thieving low lifes.

Nuff said.

Course, I have mentioned just about everyone else who was supposedly hurt in the Boston bombings in this article and previous ones, except for the Richards family.

Bill Richards was allegedly with his wife, two sons and daughter when the second bomb went off.

Poor Bill.

I say that because, according to the telegraph:

His eight-year-old son is dead, his wife has suffered brain injuries, and his seven-year-old daughter has lost a leg. Bill Richard is a father stricken by grief after his family was nearly destroyed by the Boston marathon bombing.

But, is that the truth?

No! Not according to a video from which can been found on YouTube by clicking HERE

In fact, according to the video, Bill Richards isn’t Bill Richards at all. He is apparently a chap by the name of  Ali Stevenson.

Whether he is or not, I will leave you to decide.

Well, that is just about it… For the time being anyway.

If by any chance you want to read the above article without my contribution, then click HERE.

I warn you now though… It isn’t anywhere near as good without my input.


“Oi Spiv. What about the fella in the Orange top in the photos with Carlos. You still ain’t said who he is yet”. 

There ain’t no such a word as aint, there aint.

And, I know I haven’t said who he is. That’s because I ain’t gotta fucking clue who he is.

He is involved in something very dodgy though. 

Have a look at these photos. and all will be revealed. I have also added a few extra in for good measure.

That’s my lot. I’m out of here.