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I see Elt and Dave have nipped to the market for another baby. I don’t suppose what I have to say on the matter will be too popular. Never the less, I’ll say it anyway being as that’s the kinda guy I am. I will however, let you read the following from yesterdays Sun Newspaper first:

SIR Elton John and David Furnish have become parents for the second time, according to reports in the US.

We exclusively revealed in November that Elton, 65, was “over the moon” that a new arrival was on the way.

And the New York Post has said the couple have had a second child with the same surrogate mother who gave birth to their son Zachary.

Two-year-old Zachary was born on Christmas Day 2010 by a woman based in California. Her identity is unknown.

David Furnish, son Zachary and Sir Elton John 

Happy … couple with son Zachary

No details have been revealed about the birth of the couple’s latest addition have been revealed.


Elton’s representative Fran Curtis refused to confirm or deny the news, and told the Post: “We never discuss our clients’ personal lives.”

Last year Elton told how he and Furnish, 50, were keen for their son — full name Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John — to have a brother or sister.

He said: “At what stage we don’t know. But we definitely will. I don’t want him to be an only child.”


I imagine that we are all suppose to Rejoice, Rejoice, now that Elton Toilet & Funny Furnishings have ‘given birth to another baby. I certainly won’t be and neither has that fact got anything to do with the pair of knobs sexuality.

What it does have to do with is the kind of man the drama queen is.

This kind of fiasco needs putting a stop too by my way of thinking. Course, we all know that when your rich you are more or less above the law, but what if Elton Bog and his smarmy boyfriend were just your average everyday folks?

They certainly wouldn’t be allowed to adopt.

For starters, there would be a huge question mark over the Rocket Mans age. His weight could also be a negative factor – but lets not go there because he is known as being a bit sensitive and prone to tantrums… Which would also go against his suitability to bringing up a baby. As would the old baldy’s vanity too.

He also keeps very, very dodgy company. I can connect the singer (and very good he is too, but that isn’t the point), to just about every politician and celebrity who has ever been involved in a sex scandal over the past decade; if not before… Birds of a feather, and all that malarkey.

And what of his past… Hmmm. Lets have a butchers shall we?

A good place to start is with rent boys. If you have read my new article, Derek! Who the fuck is Derek, you will know about the rent boy, Jeff Chevalier who was Lord John Browne’s ‘lover’. He was also the person responsible for Lord Browne having to resign as CEO of BP. Lord Browne met up with the filthy vile nonce Laud just after Christmas. The obnoxious pair are in fact  both on the board of Directors of Stanhope Capital, based in the City of London.

Browne, is also very well in with our Royal family – no surprise there. Elton Lavatory is also good friends with Lord Browne and the Royal Family. He even sang at Princess Diana’s funeral.  So, keeping Chevalier in mind, the following passage taken from the Daily Mail in 2007 is very interesting:

Mr Trickey, who last saw Chevalier five weeks ago, said that after he had split from Lord Browne he boasted about having met Tony Blair and about staying with Elton John and David Furnish at the pop star’s holiday home in Venice…

‘…Then he told me that he had met Tony Blair and stayed with Elton John and David Furnish in Venice. He mentioned lords and duchesses that he had met, but the names meant nothing to me.’

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And here is another passage from a different article on the same subject: 

Lord Browne and his younger lover enjoyed a champagne lifestyle and holidayed with the likes of Elton John, it has emerged.

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Course, those of you who read my stuff regularly will know that as well as being sexual deviants, the Royal Parasites are also practising  Satanists. However, if this fact is new to you I suggest you read my lonnnnnnnnggggggggg article entitled Monsters Inc.  By doing so, there will be no surprises in learning that Elton Pisspot is also a Satanist: 

Like so many artists who have sold their souls for rock and roll, Elton John has been immersed in Satanism. In fact, Bernie Taupin who has lived with Elton John and wrote most of his lyrics stated that Elton John’s “home is laden with trinkets and books relating to Satanism and witchcraft” (US, July 22, 1980, p. 42) Taupin like Elton John, with whom he collaborates, is also into Satanism. Taupin admits that he decorates his walls with “satanic art” and has further declared that, “the occult fascinates me”(People, June 23, 1980). 

Many artists like Elton John and Bernie Taupin recognize the devils hand in their success and realize that their fans do not have a clue that much of their inspiration is the result of demonic beings that use them as puppets to deceive the public.  Elton John has admitted that he is deceiving his fans, “Its all a big con,” and adds, “But as long as the public laps it up, I’m quite happy to go on giving it to them.” (Rolling Stone, July 15, 1976, p. 30)

Like all those who rebel against a relationship with the Lord, Elton John lives a lifestyle that is doomed and headed toward destruction. John has stated, “In most artist there’s a self destructive streak. Drugs, sex and doomed liaisons were my form of destruction.”  Besides his sexually perverse lifestyle Elton John has been known for his temper tantrums and deep depression. Elton John has had multiple sex partners, “I would walk into a club a see someone I hadn’t even met and I would already have them on the conveyor belt,” declared John, “They’d come out with a Vercase shirt and a Cartier watch at the other end.” 

After all of John’s worldly success he has not found the true happiness that can only be found through a relationship with the Savior Jesus Christ. John has stated, “One thing that depresses me is that there are so many successful people that are [expletive) miserable with it.” Elton John has sought to fill the depressed, Christless void in his heart to no avail with sexual perversion and materialism. “I haven’t met anybody I’d like to settle down with—of either sex,” says John. John’s sexually perverse influence on the masses is taught by example, through songs as well as in interviews. He has stated:

“There’s nothing wrong with going to bed with someone of your own sex. I just think people should be very free with sex…They should draw the line at goats.”(Rolling Stone, October 7, 1976, p. 17)

Both bestiality and homosexuality are condemned in the word of God as unnatural ungodly. God’s word warns that Homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God and that the sexually immoral will go to the lake of fire. (1 Cor. 6:9-10, Revelation 21:8) Elton John has sung about suicide, Lesbianism (All the Girls Love Alice), glorified prostitution (Sweet Painted Lady), sniffing glue (Bitch is Back) and encouraged teenage rebellion (Bennie and the Jets). John lives for pleasure, but as God’s word declares that those who live for pleasure will never be satisfied. 

Elton John has struggled to fill the empty void in his soul with sex, drugs, fame and even food, “If I was eating a curry, I couldn’t wait to throw it up so that I could have the next one.” Elton John would regularly spend almost one hundred thousand dollars per shopping spree. He once spent nearly a million dollars in a single day of shopping. All of this has not filled the void in Elton John’s heart. So deep has been his depression that he has attempted suicide more than once. John once reportedly took 60 valiums and jumped into a hotel swimming pool, yelling, “I’m going to die!” 

On yet another occasion he turned on an oven and laid his head in the range but subsequently aborted the suicide attempt.

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Course, I have no idea if Elton Crapper & David Fungus are – like most Satanists – into Child Sacrifice or not. It is however, very rare that someone heavily into such a vile form of worship ever gives it up. The Royal Spongers certainly haven’t.

Neither do I know if Elton Loo is a Nonce or not. However being Knighted by the Queen after first receiving a CBE from her doesn’t help with all the rumours of paedophilia that surround the Superstar. Neither did the Sun Newspaper help dispel the rumours. They were sued by Elton Khasi over their front page story which stated that he had sex with under-age Rent boys. This then from Wikipedia:

In January 1987, MacKenzie published a front-page story alleging that pop singer Elton John had had sex with underage rentboys. These claims were without any foundation and entirely false. Shortly after, MacKenzie published further allegations that the singer had had the voiceboxes of his guard dogs removed because their barking kept him awake at night. Not only were these additional claims also completely untrue, but MacKenzie confirmed their inaccuracy shortly after publication by sending a reporter to the singer’s house, who quickly discovered that all of his guard dogs were quite capable of barking (MacKenzie later admitted that in retrospect he found it difficult to understand why he had believed, never mind published, the claims about the guard dogs which he later realised were self-evidently absurd). Elton John sued The Sun for libel over both these claims and was later awarded £1,000,000 in damages.[15] MacKenzie later said of Elton John

I think The Sun should have its million quid back. It hasn’t damaged him at all, has it? Libel can only have a value if there has been some kind of damage, right? Where is the damage? Where? There’s nothing wrong with him. So no, I don’t feel bad about him, not at all

As a foot note to the CBE and Knighthood that the singer was awarded by Bizzy Lizzy. It is telling of the warped mindset that the Old Bitch has by the huge number of honours that she bestows on those with a dodgy past, don’t cha think?

Then there is the matter of the Penis’s Pianist’s Class A Drug taking. Elton John was so heavily into Cocaine that he told Piers ‘prat’ Morgan that ‘Drugs nearly killed him’. I can’t imagine that something like that would count in Mr & Mr Ordinary-Gays favour when the pre adoption assessments were taking place, can you? Especially when you add Elton’s alcohol abuse  &  Bulimia in to the mix:

Sir Elton John was ‘very close’ to being killed by drugs, he says in a television interview tonight.

When he looks back, he shudders at his behaviour, he says.

Interviewer Piers Morgan asks him: ‘How close did drugs come to killing you, do you think?’

The pop star says: ‘Very close. I mean, I would have an epileptic seizure and turn blue, and people would find me on the floor and put me to bed, and then 40 minutes later I’d be snorting another line.

This is how bleak it was, I’d stay up, I’d smoke joints, I’d drink a bottle of Johnnie Walker and then I’d stay up for three days and then I’d go to sleep for a day and a half, get up, and because I was so hungry, because I hadn’t eaten anything, I’d binge and have like three bacon sandwiches, a pot of ice cream and then I’d throw it up, because I became bulimic and then go and do the whole thing all over again. That is how tragic my life was.

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 Then there is this interview which is testament to his sleeping around with every Tom, Dick & Harry – without even bothering to use protection to boot:

 Meanwhile, Sir Elton admitted during his interview with Matt Lauer on the NBC Today show that he ‘wasted’ much of his life on drugs. The singer also admitted that he felt like the ‘luckiest man in the world’ to survive his drug addiction at a time when people were dying of AIDS.

He said: ‘I wasted such a big part of my life, when this epidemic was beginning to happen in the early 1980s.

‘I was a drug addict and self-absorbed. I was having people die right, left, and centre around me, friends. And yet I didn’t stop. I was consumed by cocaine, booze and who knows what else.’ 

He added: ‘When you take a drug and you take a drink and you mix those two together, you think you’re invincible. I came out of this HIV-negative. I was the luckiest man in the world.’

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A book brought out in 2009  entitled Elton John: The Bitch is back, written by Mark Bego, could have scuppered the flamboyant Star and his ‘filmmaker’ husbands  hopes of adopting for a first time, let alone the second. Here is what the wendyista.blogspot had to say on the matter:

 Sir Elton John is none too happy about a new tell-all book that exposes the singer’s past as a cocaine and sex addict.

Written by Mark Bego, who has penned best-selling bios on Cher, Billy Joel and Michael Jackson, the book (Elton John: The Bitch is Back) claims Sir Elton tried to “commit suicide as he struggled with his sexuality and details a kinky homosexual threesome that took place the week of his doomed marriage to (female) recording engineer Renate Blauel in 1984,” reports the National Enquirer.

This book, which will be on sale later this month, could not have come at the worst possible time, as Sir Elton and his partner David Furnish have been trying to adopt a child.

“There’s some shocking stuff here,” a source said. “Back then, Elton went through mountains of cocaine and rivers of booze. He really only straightened out with the help of David — David really saved his life.”

Mark told the tabloid Sir Elton “routinely lied to the press about his cocaine and his sex addiction” for most of his life. What I did was find people who were there with him, doing the drugs and having sex with him, to tell of their encounters. I actually had more Elton sex and drugs stories that I could fit into another book!”

Now, it would be easy to say that the past is the past. But that isn’t applied to us ordinary Joe’s so neither should it apply to the ‘Elites’.

However, if the idea that ‘the past is the past’ was applied to us all, then I suppose the above could possibly be forgiven… If it wasn’t for the fact that Elton WC owns some of the sickest Art I have ever seen.

This ‘Art Collection’ – and I use the term extremely loosely – led to a Police investigation into the Singer and his ‘partner’ in regards to them possessing child pornography ( The sick collection includes the following Picture, that I have Censored this time around. Never the less, it still looks to me like one girl pissing on another. And that is the warped fucks idea of art: 

In Conclusion, I find it hard to understand how Elton Shithouse and his lover David Funnyface were allowed to adopt (albeit through surrogacy)  their first child, let alone any more. After all,  I presume that some sort of adoption procedure still has to take place, even with a surrogate child?

Then again, it has always been one law for the rich, and another for the poor. Well, to my way of thinking, its about time that the balance of power was redistributed. 

The fact that a person is a multi millionaire does not automatically qualify them to be good parents. In fact, from what we now  know about the rich and famous, you wouldn’t  entrust most of them with the care of a pet dog. Especially a rich person with Elton Crapper’s credentials. 

Elton John, therefore qualifies as my Sleezebag of the day.

Until the next time,

Much love, Chris.