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It has been 6 months since I last told you about the dire state of my finances and the danger of not being able to continue with the site. Fortunately you came through for me. Unfortunately, with the site costing [nigh on] £300 per month just to keep it on line and your donations being my only form of income, that money is now gone and there will not be enough in the pot to pay next month’s site fees, due on the 9th – let alone anything else.

Therefore, once again it is up to you if you want this site to continue… 

And you wanna pray that it does because this is one of the only sites of its kind that isn’t owned by the security services, or anyone else for that matter… Nobody owns me and no bastard ever will.

Mind you, that is probably why I don’t get invited to Poland to speak at Conspiracy Theorist Conventions… Unlike the now deceased “Supersoldier”, Max Spiers:

Mrs Bates, an English teacher, told MailOnline she believes her son was sacrificed by the shadowy cult – and may have been ‘slowly poisoned’.

She said: ‘He was making a name for himself in the world of conspiracy theorists and had been invited to speak at a conference in Poland in July. Source

Well I’d never heard of him until last week!

I wonder if the Chimp will report on my death?

I wonder if someone will set me up a Go Fucking Fund Me page? … Rather like the page setup on the 6th of October for poor Max’s mother, Vanessa Bates, an English schoolteacher who – according to the new dead kid on the block’s website – needs a Grand to keep the Polish Police Investigation going:

The fund is now more important than ever. But the reason for the donation has changed. Vanessa needs to raise 1,000 pounds in one week to pay the Polish Police to keep the investigation going!


Vanessa Bates? Does that make Max, Master Bates? … Just askin’.

She also needs another 2 Grand so that:

His family can hold a memorial service at the church where Max has been buried in Canterbury, Kent and so that a Headstone can be purchased for Max. A funeral service was held for Max’s close family. Their farewells have been said, however dear friends did not have their time to say goodbye


And I suppose that Go Fucking Fund Me page is running in tandem with the one set up by Max’s ‘bird’ on the 19th of July 2016… To look after his BayBeee financially, you understand.



Unfortunately, only around 4 Grand has been raised so far… No publicity see… Until now.

However, you watch the funds skyrocket now that every national newspaper in the Cuntry has run with the story… Well, they gotta look after their own ain’t they… The dirty cunts.

I mean, I suppose that the MSM would deny knowing that Maxi was actually a crisis actor, victim of the fake terrapin attack on Paris in November of last year?

Moreover, old crisis actor, Maxi even got a mention in my article – Qui, Qui, Poo, Poo – about the fake old bollox which I released on the 19th of November 2015.

In fact, below is a screenshot of the Maxi mention taken from that article:


And make no mistake, that is him alright… Although he was obviously working under a different name.


What’s more, I even have the photos identification number



However, when you google that I.D number now, all that you get back is 3 results, all for Max Spiers with the photo appearing at the top of a “Remembering Max Spiers” site – which is just 3 days old, with no description of the photo.


Fuck me, she took long enough to getting round to remembering him didn’t she! I mean he’s been dead since July!

Max Spires Expires… Ma X-Spires?

Yet good old Ready Becky makes no mention what-so-fucking-ever of Paris, let alone the terrapin attack in which Maxi died… Which is strange what with it being his first time of dying and what-not.

Therefore, if that photo appeared for the first time on the internet three days ago, how come it is included in my Paris article after I accessed it on the 16th of November 2015?


But with Google Search showing as that being the case, I spent a good couple of hours yesterday looking for the photo amongst the fake victim’s photos and it has definitely gone… Vanished.

And as for being a ‘well known face’ in the ‘alternative media’, I am fucked if I know how that came about since he appears to have had no website – except the one made in “his honour” which was started in July of this year… The month that he was murdered-inc’t

Now have a butchers at the following:


Course, marking Spiers ‘grave‘ with a headstone is as pointless as the “shield” our crooked MP’s plan to put in the House of Conmans in tribute to the nonentity, Jo Cox.

After all, someone who never existed cannot die and neither Spiers nor Cox ever existed.

Mind you. Jo Cox’s old man was also part of the Paris fraud.

People hug on the street near the Bataclan concert hall following fatal attacks in Paris, France, November 14, 2015. Gunmen and bombers attacked busy restaurants, bars and a concert hall at locations around Paris on Friday evening, killing dozens of people in what a shaken French President described as an unprecedented terrorist attack. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

Still, there is no point in going to the police about the many crimes committed as they are all involved in pushing the frauds. For instance, the terrorist propaganda pushing, West Midlands Chief Constable, David – call me dave – Thompson is up to his neck in it.


The smug looking Dick Dave spent most of his career at the wholly corrupt, paedophile protecting Greater Manchester Police and made himself VERY busy where the Jo Cox shite was concerned – despite it having fuck all to do with him:

The Chief Constable of West Midlands Police described the murder of MP Jo Cox as “an assault on democracy” as he outlined measures to protect MPs across the West Midlands.

Mr Thompson was asked about security following the killing of the Labour MP who died last month following a violent attack outside her constituency surgery in Yorkshire.

Speaking at the Strategic Police and Crime Board meeting David Thompson said: “I think the dreadful events were a serious assault on democracy as well as on her and her family.

“There has always been a level of engagement with MPs and we have now redoubled those efforts.

“All of our local MPs have been offered additional security and have spoken to local commanders in their areas. Source

Course, the only thing is, Davey Cockett also masquerades as the independent, investigative journalist, Tom Griffin.


Indeed, Tom/Dave is a Sonia Poulton type of writer inasmuch as he pretends to be on the side of the good guys by writing about corrupt politicians and elite paedophiles – especially in regard to the Kincora Boys Home.

I noted that he has also written about Malcolm Rifkind, although he doesn’t mention anywhere near what I know about the slimeball.

See, their are very, very few who write about this shit that you can actually trust and of course whether you trust me or not is a matter for you to decide. However, think on this: “I am the only one facing a malicious prosecution for having a LEGAL image on my computer… And there are some very, very well known people playing a part in that mockery of justice, I can tell you.

Course, I have already exposed a lot of other Chief Cunstables in my article: Oi, Oi Call A Copper

For instance, the former Essex PCC, Nick Alston is also the current Lincolnshire Chief Cuntstable, Neil Rhodes


Oh and just for the record, Sonia Poulton is in all likelihood Katie Hopkins.


However, there is another very well known person who plays Hopkins too, but I ain’t telling you who yet.

Mind you, I am buggered if I know what has happened to Poulton’s big expose on the McCanns… Maybe she bottled it since the Madeleine McCann story is also a fraud with Jelly & Cake McCann being made up characters.

Now, just the information that I have given you above has to be worth the price of a pint, let alone what else I have lined up for you.

For instance, still to come are articles with major revelations such as, David Cameron is not David Cameron, although it is not easy to figure out exactly who he is since he plays so many roles.

However, the fella Mark (seen next to Cameron in the photos below) looks favourite because he deals with high finance.


Nevertheless, what is certainly true is that his life as Cameron is fake and I am going to show you who else every single member of his family is – from the Astors, to the Sheffields, to his parents & siblings and their partners, right down to his children.

And the prominent members of his ‘family’ are very connected to the Diana hoax.

I am also going to prove to you that every single gangster you can think of from Frank Fraser, to the Kray Twins, to the Train Robbers, to the Richardsons, to Kenny Noye, to the Adams Family are all connected to the government.

I am also going to tell you how the Kray Twins link to the hoax Profumo Affair and equally hoax Moors Murders… Ironically, Myra Hindley is well and living in luxury whilst Brady died a few years ago… Neither spent a day in prison.

However, that is not to say that no children were murdered, although it is looking increasingly like at least 3 of the victims were fake… Nevertheless, child murderers can have all manner of victims slung on their charge sheets which makes it easy for the monsters to Sacrifice them with no questions asked.

Moreover, child murders keep parents in a continual state of anxiety when their kids are not in sight… The Monsters do love a bit of negative energy don’t cha know…. Good money spinners too.

But as I say, Ian Brady & Myra Hindley never murdered anyone.

You see, Ian Brady – or at least one of them acting his part – was played by Stephen Ward of Profumo fame. Course, you then need to ask yourself, who was playing Stephen Ward? … I on the other hand already know the answer to that.

Nevertheless, when viewing this next batch of photos, just remember that it is all a question of where to put the shadow.

brady0044e15300000258-2989569-image-m-15_1426077252690ca. 1964, London, England, UK --- Ronnie Kray the East end criminal, sits to the left of Christine Keeler, the model and showgirl in a London nightclub, ca. 1964. --- Image by © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS

And remember, there is always more than one actor playing the role


And here, have a few more Ward & Brady comparisons.


As for the Establishment being tough on Celebrity Paedophiles?  Well I have already told you who Max Clifford is HERE

But what about the likes of former Radio 1 DJ Chris Denning sitting in a jail cell somewhere?

Well no, he is in fact sitting in the House of Conmans as it happens, under the name of Damien Green… And again think on, it is all about the shadows.


Not that Damian Green is who he says he is either.

Now, what I have told you in the above is just the tip of the iceberg of the information that I have put together, but I cannot live on fresh air and neither should I have to try… I should be a fuckin’ multi-millionaire to be honest.

However, for now I will be happy to just be able to pay my bills, so as I say; if you want this site to continue, then you know what you have got to do.

Just sayin’… Like I just said.

And if ya don’t… Then fuck you all very much.