The Bizarre Death Of Ellie Soutter


Christopher Spivey


In my last article I talked about the murder of midwife, Samantha Eastwood, which – given the overkill reporting in the national press, amongst other reasons – I concluded was a psyops.

And indeed, nothing that I have read since has changed my mind, despite it not being easy to figure out the reasons behind the fraud… The Monsters work in mysterious ways don’t cha know.

Therefore, I would like to make you aware of another extremely suspect death – that of 18 year-old Ellie Soutter.

Ellie – a “rising snowboarding star” who lived with her father in a French ski resort – allegedly topped herself on her 18th birthday. One of the possible reasons put forward for her doing so was that she missed her flight to go training with the GB Olympic Squad:

Her father, Tony Soutter, said ‘she wanted to be the best’ and ‘not let anybody down’.

‘Unfortunately it all came about from missing a flight which then meant she didn’t go training with the GB squad,’ he told BBC South East.

‘She felt she’d let them down, felt she’d let me down and just tragically it just takes one silly little thing like that to tip someone over the edge, because there’s a lot of pressure on children.’

Now first off, let me say that it isn’t a rarity for teenagers to kill themselves. However, it is a rarity for very pretty, immensely popular female teenagers for whom fame and fortune beckons to do so.

PHOTO: A clearly photoshopped image of Ellie Soutter – why would they do that? 

And neither do teenagers top themselves because they miss a flight. What they do is take the next fucking flight instead. So straight away, the reason for her suicide does not add up.

Discussing his grief, Mr Soutter said he had lost his ‘total buddy’ and his rock.   

Speaking publicly for the first time since her death on July 25, Mr Soutter said his daughter’s history of mental health issues, alongside the pressure of competing at an elite level, may have contributed to her ending her life in Les Gets in the French Alps. 

Mr Soutter, speaking SIX days after his “rock” (a strange description for a daughter) topped herself certainly does not come across as being distraught over her death.

PHOTO: Tony Soutter – I know him from somewhere, but I cannot place him at the moment   

Neither does he appear to apportion any blame on to himself, which most parents surely would. I mean, should he not be asking himself if he pushed her too hard? Especially since she had an alleged history of mental illness. Indeed I have to question whether Ellie would have been allowed to compete for Great Britain if that was true.

After all, having the right frame of mind is essential for all top athletes is it not?

Ellie was considered one of British snowboarding’s future stars who had high hopes of competing for Team GB in the Winter Olympics in Beijing in 2022. 

She moved to Les Gets in 2009, attending the local primary school, followed by an international school and then the local college.

Cool, here we see a typical vagueness in reporting. I mean in 2014 the ski-resort, Les Gets had a population of just 1260 (100 residents less than in 1999), so how many “local” primary schools can there be? I certainly cannot find any on Google maps.

Indeed, since Les Gets is a year round holiday resort mainly made up of hotels, bars, shops, and ski-schools it surely follows that most of those 1260 residents are adults.

And what the fuck is an “International School” when it’s at home? Is it something to do with Thunderbirds?

After that, Ellie attended the “local” college… Fuck me, Les Gets is big on education isn’t it?

Yet the farticle then states:

By 2015, her sporting commitments meant she was home schooled for the final two years of her education.

HUH? Try making sense of that.

Yet that kind of vagueness, contradiction and muddying of the waters is how the cunts get away with these psyops.

Her uncle Jeremy Soutter told MailOnline last week there were ‘no signs at all’ that his ‘chirpy’ niece would consider killing herself.

Again: HUH?

Surely if Ellie had a history of depression & mental elf issues then she stood an above average chance of committing hari-kari? Contradiction, Contradiction, Contradiction – always the mainstay of a fraud.

Just weeks ago, on July 8, Tony Soutter announced he was a ‘proud dad’ as Ellie had been selected to represent the Team GB squad for the Junior World Championships in New Zealand.

Now remember that point about New Zealand for later on.

British Ski & Snowboard, the National Governing Body for Skiing & Snowboarding in the UK, led the tributes and urged young people to seek support from Samaritans or Childline.

That will lead to a nice payday for those two “charities”. Childline is of course a front for nonces.

‘Samaritans is free to call on 116 123 in the UK. Childline is available to help anyone under 19 in the UK with any issue they’re going through – call free on 0800 1111’. Source


Course, that farticle does not state how Ellie killed herself, which is strange since her body was found in “remote woodland“. I mean if she took an overdose or slashed her wrists she would most likely have done so at home. That then just leaves hanging, but how can the authorities so quickly conclude that she hung herself. After all, what is to say that someone didn’t hang her?

Therefore we now go to the farticle covering Ellie’s ‘funeral’ which took place a spectacularly quick EIGHT days after Ellie was found dead:

‘Ride high my angel’: British snowboarder Ellie Soutter’s parents mourn over her coffin as 400 attend French Alps funeral of Olympic hopeful after she killed herself on her 18th birthday

  • Rising snowboarding star was found dead in woods in French resort of Les Gets on her eighteenth birthday
  • Ellie Soutter, who had history of mental health issues, may have taken her life due to pressures of competition
  • Her mother and father held each other for support at the funeral before reading touching tribute speeches
  • Mr Soutter said: ‘She was my best friend, my rock. She was everything I have lived for. I will miss you desperately, ride high my angel’

The heartbroken parents of tragic snowboarder Ellie Soutter said their daughter was ‘everything they lived for’ as they gave touching tributes at her funeral in the French Alps.

The rising snowboarding star killed herself last week on her 18th birthday in remote woodland in Les Gets as she struggled to deal with stress.

How can they conclude that Ellie was struggling to deal with stress? I mean if she was then surely her “devoted” father would have noticed and taken action? And since he didn’t then the outward signs were that she wasn’t and as such, the farticle is talking bollox:

Under a clear blue sky, Ellie’s simple wooden coffin was carried up the 15 granite steps of the church in Les Gets to Handel’s Largo. 

Fuck me, the Monkey Kuntz have gone all whimsical and even counted the number of steps… Shame they weren’t so specific about her schooling… Or how she died for that matter.

Her heartbroken parents Tony Soutter and Lorraine Denman, who separated when Ellie was a baby, walked together behind the coffin holding each other for support. 

Again, this is strange since you would have thought that ‘Lorraine’ would have apportioned some of the blame for her daughter’s death onto Tony… You also have to question why Ellie was brought up by her ‘father’.

We then had some photos, which I have take screenshots of so as to keep the Chimp’s photo-captions:

Now this is wrong on a few levels. I mean for starters Christian Bonzon is a professional photographer so what kind of grieving family hires a professional photographer so as they can pose for photos at their dead daughters funeral?

And while I am no photographer, the coffin – which only has 4 handles – looks very unbalanced on the stands and the shadow that it casts is highly suspect.

Nevertheless, you can see the ‘granite’ steps to the church in the far right hand side of the photo and the brick water channel which Ellie’s ‘parents’ are stood in. However, according to Google maps, this area is slabbed (see photo below).

PHOTO: Steps to the church with brick water channel surrounded by slabs 

Therefore, the image is photoshopped… Why is that?

Now I mentioned the fact that the coffin only has four handles – two on each side – because of this next photo.

I mean, 4 handles and six pall bearers makes no sense… What are the two pall bearers in the middle holding on to? And once again we have the mention of 15 granite steps. Is that significant because I hate to be pedantic but according to Google maps there are at least 16, probably 17 steps (see photo below).

And who is the fat scruffy cunt in the shorts and t-shirt at the top of the steps… Very disrespectful!

PHOTO: Sixteen or seventeen steps… Definitely not fifteen.

The [faked] photos then continue:

Now I say the photos are faked because look at the difference in height between the mourners, yet they are all stood on level ground… Which is now slabbed!

PHOTO: Arrow shows where the coffin is placed on the photo above it

More than 400 people gathered at the nineteenth century Eglise de la Nativité de Marie for the hour-long service in the town where Ellie lived and was realising her dream of becoming a top class athlete on the international stage. 

There doesn’t look to be 400 people there to me in the pictures, but there ya go.

And in the above photo we see that the slabs are back, although this could be taken at the top of the first set of steps which means that they are moving the coffin around to pose for photos

The village priest Father Nicolas Owona welcomed mourners from around the world, including the US, Australia and the UK, and then introduced Ellie’s mother.

PHOTO: Daddy Soutter thinks that he is Michael Jackson

Visibly trembling, Lorraine, dressed in a pale pink blouse and black skirt, said: ‘No matter where the future takes us, I will always be there beside you. Loving you. Supporting you. Encouraging you.

Which is more than Lorraine did for Ellie in life apparently, but there ya go.

‘Our private bond meant you and I together could achieve anything. No one here will ever understand how close we were. No matter where the future takes us I will always be there for you.

Again, very strange since her daughter, Ellie had lived in a different country to her since at least the age of nine… So Lorraine wasn’t even a weekend parent.

And once again, despite the 400 mourners from around the world, we can clearly see that the slabs have once again disappeared from the ground.

Nevertheless, this next photo is good:

You see, here we have Ellie’s EX BOYFRIEND – a champion skier no less – and his mother posing for the funeral press photos… Like ya do.

Yet after Ellie’s ‘mother’ read her eulogy, Ellie’s ex boyfriend’s MOTHER read it in French… How long were 18 year old Ellie and ‘Oscar’ together for fucks sake? Is this some kind of sick fucking joke? And if you cannot see how ludicrous that is, them shame on you and I do not intend to elaborate further.

The old bollox then continues:

Her father Tony, with whom she lived in Les Gets, spoke of his ‘best, friend, my rock’.


Glancing at his daughter’s coffin, on which there was a wreath of pale orange roses and a black and white framed photograph of Ellie taken at a relative’s wedding less than four weeks before her death, he told the congregation: ‘Ellie and I moved here together in 2009. She found it very tough at first, for the first six months. Missing her mum and finding the language difficult.

Now remember that Tony and Lorraine split up when Ellie was a baby… So did Ellie always live with her dad? Indeed, if she did then it makes Lorraine’s words very mawkish.

We are then treated to more mourners posing for the ‘official‘ photographs including Ellie’s aherm, aherm* distraught grandma Suzy:

Stop laughing, it isn’t funny. However, did you notice how much grandma Suzy looks like Ellie’s ex boyfriends Mother?

Again, very fucking strange.

Fuck me! We now have her old headmaster and his wife attending the funeral and smiling happily whilst posing for press photographers with Granny Smith Soutter… Who they don’t know from Adam.

Mind you, is he the headmaster of the “local primary“, the “international school” or the “local college“… Either way, he is just getting in on the act.

And in this photo we have the reason why I told you to earlier keep in mind that Ellie “had been selected to represent the Team GB squad for the Junior World Championships in New Zealand“. You see, since that article she has now been “training in New Zealand“… Ho-fucking-hum.

Her ex-boyfriend Oscar Mandin, 21, who remained close friends with Ellie after she ended the relationship last year, said she had struggled with ’bouts of sadness’.

So, despite splitting up when Ellie was a 17 year old child, they remained that good friends, that Oscar’s mother read the eulogy at her funeral… But I have already pointed out how ludicrous that is.

Local dignitaries including Henri Anthonioz, the Mayor of Les Gets, and David Chabanal, Director of the Tourist Office, attended the service alongside Ellie’s schoolfriends.

Fuck me, you would think that she was royalty or something!

Ellie’s former Head Master from her time at Hawthorns Preparatory School in Surrey had travelled to the service with his wife on their motorbike from their holiday home south of Lyon.

Tim Johns said: ‘Ellie was a little trooper. She was energetic and fearless even back then.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha… Fuck, I didn’t see that coming. So now we are to believe that Ellie’s former headmaster who hadn’t seen her in 9 fucking years flew himself and his wife out to France (with less than 8 days notice) to attend the funeral of a long gone former pupil… Fuck off witcha.

‘Last year the school gave her a grant to help with her expenses. She came to the school to speak to pupils last Autumn about her hopes and aspirations for the next Olympics.’

His wife Evelyne added: ‘She always had a twinkle in her eye.’

Oh… My bad… It all makes perfect sense now… If you are a sandwich short of a picnic.

The family had requested no flowers. Any donations were asked to be sent to The Ellie Soutter Foundation, which has already raised more than £8000.

Tony set this up three days after his daughter’s death to give financial help to young British winter sports athletes. Source

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha… So despite his grief, good old Tony set up the fucking foundation three days after his beloved daughters death… In between making the funeral arrangements and what nots.

Still no mention of how she killed herself mind, although I best not say any more or I will find myself accused of harassment without violence and sending malicious communications… Just sayin’.