That’s not a bomb, it’s a cracker


Christopher Spivey

Shall we take a butchers at some of the terrapin shite that the Monkey Boyz have been flinging of late?

Of course we fucking shall. So let’s start with this gem in regard to the aftermath of the New Zealand fake shooter attack.

Fuck me, you can’t help but giggle over that old bollox. I mean the photo is only one set of teeth away from being a Colgate toothpaste advert… In fact I can’t recall ever seeing a more happy looking family sat at the hospital bedside of a shot, brain-damaged 5 yr old child!

Course, the photo will be “heartbreaking” to millions of robots who buy into the Chimp shite but only because the Monkey Kuntz have told them that the photo is “heartbreaking“.

Indeed, you have to ask yourself how a 5yr old girl came to be caught up in the gun fire in the first place since males and females pray in different rooms at Mosques… Unless of course she was waiting outside with her mother, like has been described in the fake testimonies reported in the shit-rag.

I mean many’s the time I have driven past a Mosque and seen crowds of women with their daughters stood outside waiting for their husbands & sons to finish up on the old prayer mat – NOT.

Mind you, the NZ shooter who was predictably bullied at school for being fat yet still managed to somehow make the school football team has had that many faces that a judge had to order that his latest face be pixilated in court.

You know the court appearance that I am on about? The one where he made the “White Power” hand signal?

In fact the very same hand sign that the police are fond of making:

Just sayin.

Furthermore, the headline underneath the photo of the 5yr old and her happy, heartbroken family, in regard to ISIS planning “swathes of attacks across Europe” just like those that they [didn’t] perpetrate on the Bataclan club in Paris, is equally bollox… Yet how do the Security Services supposedly know about these attacks?

Well, it seems that it is all down to ANOTHER forgetful Jihadi leaving his forget-me-not computer hard-drive behind – like ya do! And if you believe that you will also believe that they all carry indestructible passports too.

Course, immediately on discovering that hard-drive, the Security Services apparently felt compelled to notify the press… Like they always do!

And whilst I am at it, have you ever wondered what happened to that super-group who were playing a sell out gig on the night that the terrapins – didn’t really – shoot up the Bataclan?

They were called the ‘Eagles Of Deaf Mental‘ or summat like that if memory serves… But then again, we don’t need to go there because I think that we here already know that they were a made-up bunch of untalented arsewipes.

Mind you, I wouldn’t worry too much about any ISIS attacks… After all, all of their 15 yr old knife wielding assassins must surely have perished in Syria… Unless of course Shamima Begum manages to slip back into the country in which case we are all proper fucking doomed.

But then again, even if she does get back into old blighty it will be 10 years before she can unleash Armageddon:

British citizens who go to live in foreign terror hotspots could face up to 10 years in prison under new laws that come into force today. 

It means those who follow the example jihadi brides such as Shamima Begum and Tareena Shakil face far tougher sentences. Source

So, it would now seem that we are a cuntry where you can get a long prison sentence for doing fuck all… But once again, we here already knew that didn’t we?

However, to add to the public’s sense of outrage, the Chimp also let it be known that Sham-I-Am (and she most certainly is) has also been granted legal aid to fight the ban on her reentering the country of her birth.

Imagine that! A made-up British citizen being given REAL tax payers money to fight an unlawful ban imposed by the British Government in order to further an insidious agenda… I’m livid! Well actually I’m not but a lot of the mushy-pea-brained public most certainly are.

Mind you, the way that the Baboon-arsed-copy-writers announced the news also had another agenda behind it:

Did ya clock it?

Of course you fucking did. I mean you don’t really need me at all anymore do you, because you are smart enough to see through the bullshit yourselves.

Therefore, you will already know that now ISIS have gone – not that they were ever here in the first fucking place – a replacement is needed.

And that replacement is of course MI5 & MI6’s old partner in crime, the IRA.

Now this agenda started back on January 26th of this year when the Chimp announced that:

MI5 has more than 700 spies stationed in Belfast as part of a huge anti-terror operation amid fears dissident republicans will exploit any return of a hard border in Ireland after Brexit in order to spark fresh conflict.

MI5’s newest target in Northern Ireland is the so-called New IRA, which consists of about 40 hardliners that detonated a car bomb outside a courthouse in Londonderry on January 19.

The group is the most active and dangerous group in the province at present and has already been hit by arrests and searches on both sides of the border. There are 48 of the dissidents in jail, 35 of them being in the Irish Republic and last year the group lost a host of weapons including two AK-47 rifles — in a domestic fire… Source

And on the very same day, the Monkey-Nutz released another fear inducing farticle about the Irish Terrapins:

Elderly former IRA terrorists are being brought out of ‘retirement’ to exploit tensions in Northern Ireland over Brexit, The Mail on Sunday has learned.

Sources say the New IRA, formed in 2012, is planning a ‘five to six-week campaign of violence and disruption’ across Northern Ireland immediately after March 29, when Britain is due to leave the EU.

The Ministry of Defence has put all military bases in the province on red alert. A photograph taken on January 14 at a base next to Belfast International Airport shows a sign warning military personnel they face a ‘severe’ terror threat level… Source

So, ISIS use underage teenagers and the IRA use OAP’s… Roger that. But I love the way that the Monkey-Kuntz are blaming Brexit.

And for the benefit of anyone reading this who hasn’t cottoned on yet: Brexit is a distraction making millions of pounds for undeserving elite cunts throughout Britain and Europe. Or put another way, all other news is not to distract from Brexit… Brexit is the distraction… Got that? Good.

Now funnily enough, that car bomb mentioned in the first farticle above, which was supposedly detonated outside of a Londonderry courthouse on the 19th of January hardly raised a ripple in the press.

Yet for some strange reason, it suddenly became big news on the 30th of January:

Very suspect, don’t cha think? But what the cunts are actually doing is planting seeds before the real bombardment commences.

You see, all was fairly quiet then for a month or so until the 12th of March when the *aherm, aherm IRA sent out a series of letter bombs which may as well have had: CAUTION LETTER BOMB, HANDLE WITH CARE written on the envelopes :

The IRA has claimed responsibility for a series of letter bombs sent to addresses in England and Scotland last week, the Met Police has confirmed.

A man claiming to represent a dissident Republican organisation – also known as the New IRA – contacted a media organisation in Northern Ireland on Monday and used a recognised codeword to make the claim.

Four devices were identified last week at transport hubs in London and at Glasgow University, although the person claiming responsibility stated that five devices had been sent.

Police said relevant businesses and sectors had been warned to remain vigilant for potential devices.

In a statement to the Irish News, the caller said three of the devices had been sent to “commercial targets”, while the two others had been sent to British army recruitment centres.

The group said a device discovered at Glasgow University had been intended for a British army recruitment officer who worked there… Source

That old bollox was followed up two days later with a farticle once again designed to provoke outrage in the idiotic public minds:

British military veterans have slammed the double standards they say are being applied to the Troubles – which today saw a former paratrooper charged with murder while IRA terrorists go free.

It was announced today that a former serviceman, named only as ‘Soldier F’, will stand trial for the murders of two men during the Bloody Sunday shooting in 1972 and the attempted murders of four others.

The prosecution has sparked a political row, with Armed Forces groups saying soldiers who served their country are facing investigation while IRA members avoid action under so-called ‘comfort letters’… Source 

So, going on that shit- as far as the Chimp is concerned – it is okay for soldiers to commit indiscriminate murder as long as they are in uniform.

Nevertheless, with precision timing the inquest into the Birmingham 6 bombing which took place a mere FORTY FUCKING FIVE years ago was resumed and reported on a week later:

Former Labour MP Chris Mullin arrived to give evidence at the inquest yesterday flanked by three burly security guards after receiving death threats.

No details about the threats were revealed but they were said to have been made overnight before his appearance at the Birmingham Civil Justice Centre hearing.

Mr Mullin, 71, who wrote a book about the wrongful convictions of the Birmingham Six, has previously named those he believes are responsibleSource

I also receive death threats on a regular basis… No one gives a fuck about them either Mr Muggins – or whatever ya fuckin’ name is – gerrover it.

Nevertheless, that inquest ended on the 5th of this month and would you Adam & Eve it – the IRA were responsible, with all the usual outraged victim’s families demanding justice… Forty Fucking Five years later:

Families of the 21 victims of the 1974 Birmingham pub bombings demanded their loved ones’ killers are brought to justice after an inquest found they were murdered by the IRA. 

Two massive detonations caused what one witness described as ‘pure carnage’, ripping apart the packed Mulberry Bush and Tavern in the Town pubs on the night of November 21 1974, killing 21 and injuring 220 more.

A Provisional IRA member had made a call to the Birmingham Post and Mail around 8.11pm on the evening of the attacks, but the first bomb went off just seven minutes later.

An inquest jury today found unanimously that the warning call was inadequate and the victims were unlawfully killed… Source 

Which takes us to the biggie now being reported on – to the point of overkill, I hasten to add… No pun intended.

I am of course referring to the IRA murder of the “brilliant, lesbian, once-bullied, transgender supporting, well know“, investigative reporter who no cunt has ever heard of:

You really couldn’t make this shit up… Although the Monkey Kuntz do on a daily basis.

Still, I suppose that it gives the Muslims a month or so off until ISIS or Al Qaeda or some other made up Muslim terror group makes a comeback.

And in the meantime, Dog help the Irish Gypsies… Just sayin’.