Thatcher or Democracy – Your Choice.


Christopher Spivey.


I have read some right old fanny from our nonce politicians over the past week about the vile, evil Slaggy Thatcher.

Most of the old bollocks was centred around what a brilliant leader she was and how she put the Great back into Britain… Was she fuck and did she fuck.

So, with the  row now breaking out over the tax payer having to fund the rich old Cunt’s funeral, it would seem as if its the Embryo, William Hague’s turn to step up to the platform.

However, I will return to what the paedophile protecting, closet gay, Foreign Secretary has to say on the matter shortly.

First, I will deal with her funeral.

It is obvious that the Tax Payer is going to bear the vast majority of the cost. This much is obvious since the cunt Cameron has publicly stated that the cost to the tax payer will not be revealed until after the funeral… What a fucking cheek. That is Public Money, not your fucking own ya thieving, nonce.

If that isn’t bad enough, in doing so, the public are having their money stolen to pay for something that they don’t want to pay for… And you thought that you lived in a democracy.

So, I think at this point  it would be wise to remind our toe-rag Prime Minister what democracy is. The following points are taken from a Lecture on Democracy, given at Hilla University for Humanistic Studies:

Democracy as a Political System of Competition for Power

Democracy is a means for the people to choose their leaders and to hold their leaders accountable for their policies and their conduct in office.

In a democracy, the people are sovereign—they are the highest form of political authority.

The people are free to criticize their elected leaders and representatives, and to observe how they conduct the business of government.

Elected representatives at the national and local levels should listen to the people and respond to their needs and suggestions.

The key role of citizens in a democracy is to participate in public life.

Citizens have an obligation to become informed about public issues, to watch carefully how their political leaders and representatives use their powers, and to express their own opinions and interests.

You have the right to have your own beliefs, and to say and write what you think.

You have the right to assemble freely, and to protest government actions.

Democracy is a system of rule by laws, not by individuals.

In a democracy, the rule of law protects the rights of citizens, maintains order, and limits the power of government.

 No one may be arrested, imprisoned, or exiled arbitrarily. Take note Police Chiefs planning to arrest those that you suspect might cause trouble at the slags funeral.

No one is above the law, not even a king or an elected president. 

The rule of law places limits on the power of government. No government official may violate these limits. Are you getting this Cameron you cunt?

Office holders cannot use their power to enrich themselves.  Independent courts and commissions punish corruption, no matter who is guilty.

If democracy is to work, citizens must not only participate and exercise their rights.  They must also observe certain principles and rules of democratic conduct…

Got that?

We hardly have what you would call a democracy going on in this country then, do we?

That fact is further demonstrated in a news item today from Sky news reports.

According to Sky news – part of the corporate controlled MSM – “more than half the British public do not think taxpayers should have to pay for the service”.

If the MSM are saying that, then you can bet that the figure is a lot more than half. Here is what the news channel said:

As Downing Streets announces lavish plans for Baroness Thatcher’s funeral, it is revealed that more than half the British public do not think taxpayers should have to pay for the service.

However, as you carry on reading, you realise that the opening statement by Sky news is generous to say the least.

I say that because the news article goes on to say that only a quarter of the population are in favour of paying for the piss taking sluts funeral. That means potentially three quarters or 75 % are against it.


Now, as far as I’m aware, in a democracy anything over 50%, or half if you like, constitutes the majority.

Therefore, the tax payer should not be paying anything at all towards the useless old cunts funeral… No if’s, no but’s, the public’s contribution should be zilch.

Having said that, the fact that the song ‘Ding Dong the Witch is dead’ is at number one along side of the fact that people are celebrating, en masse the cunts passing – despite her reign ending  23 years ago – should have been enough to convince the government that they have no right what so ever to dip into the money that they are entrusted with to use for the benefit of the country.

How is stealing public money to bury a wholly corrupt, multi millionaire, paedophile to the benefit of a country that is on its knees, where kids are homeless and starving?

And the fucking arrogant, thieving nonces have the cheek to turn round and say “we are not telling you how much it has cost you until the deed is done and it’s too late to do anything about it”… Fuck off.

Why are you people not storming parliament? I think for Cameron to say that is an absolutely abhorrent state of affairs.

The best figure that the corporate controlled MSM can come up with in favour of the vile slag having a state funded funeral is 25%. That is one in four people for those of you who are thick bastards.

To put that in perspective, there are roughly 50 million people in the UK eligible to vote (45,597,461 in 2010 according to a FOI Request).

That means that 12.5 Million people over the age of 18 are in favour of paying to bury the slag, where as 47.5 Million people aged 18 or over are potentially against it… Yet the thieving nonce in number 10 is going to tell us how much of our money he has stolen after he has finished spending it! And you people are going to fucking let him!… Come here and lie down so as I can wipe my feet on you too.

The survey goes on to show that only 1 in 3 believe that the useless puppet was the greatest peace time prime minister – and that is the best that the survey can get from what must be 2 in 3 mind controlled morons.

The survey then says that 41% disagree with the piss taking old boot being the best PM since the war… Did you see what they did there? One in three people think she was where as 41%  of people think she wasn’t. Why express the for’s and against’s in two different ways?

The only answer can be, so as the numbers do not sound so bad.

You see, going by those eligible to vote, which are the only opinions that matter on this subject, only 16.7 Million people out of 50 million think that Old Slaggy Maggy was the best post war PM.

So, in summary:

The government should not put a single penny towards the cost of the funeral. By doing so, they are acting undemocratically, which is against the law. No one is above the law… What we need is a rich fella who can pay for a legal eagle to slap an injunction on the government forbidding them to use public money to pay for the slags funeral.

To read that Sky news summary click HERE

As for the Embryo Hague, the disgusting crusty bogey!

He has said that since Slaggy Thatcher negotiated the country a £75 Billion rebate from the EU we can afford to put money towards the cost of her funeral… Is that bald headed queer cunt for real?

That isn’t how it works you thick cunt. Not even when you buy into the illusionary world.

You see, even going on the Zombies version of reality, Thatcher was elected to serve our interests. By being elected she became a Multi Millionaire.

I don’t recall her giving a chunk of those millions to the people that voted for her, so why should we give her a chunk of money out of what she saved the country by doing the job she was elected to do?

And even then that isn’t the full story. Thatcher only secured the rebate, because we were entitled to the rebate. She didn’t do anything above and beyond the call of duty.

Now, you will need to pay attention here although I will try and explain this as simply as I can. Having said that, I know that the majority of  you are a lot more intelligent than you look… Only joking, before you leave comments threatening to disassociate me with my testicles.


Okay, deep breaths, here goes.  The £75 billion rebate that vague Hague is on about was secured by Slaggy, based on maths, not dogged determination and hard nosed negotiating.

You see, what you have to understand, is that Slaggy Maggie’s great friend and mentor, Edward Heath was a vile, paedophile who murdered little boys once he had finished raping them.

Now, When Heath became Prime Minister (1970-1974), Britain looked set to opt out of joining the EU or Common Market as it was called back then. However, history has since shown that Heath was blackmailed into taking the country into the Common Market under very unfavourable terms.

The blackmail came about by threat of revealing Heath’s penchant for sodomising the afore mentioned little boys aboard his Yacht, before throwing them overboard once he had finished with them.

This turn around in Britain’s decision to join the Common Market meant that  the UK would have to pay a financial penalty for being late in doing so.

Moreover, those countries that had already signed up to the Common Market saw no reason to be generous to the UK given, firstly, our late entry, secondly, the fact that budget shares were already decided and finally that they would be financially better off  if the UK joined on the terms proposed by the Commission.

However, the key feature of the budget was the dominance of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) spending – over 90 per cent at that time – including export subsidies. This put the UK in a disadvantageous position as it had a relatively small agricultural sector and thus would benefit less from the CAP spending and also because it was a net importer of food from outside the EC whereas other Member States were net exporters. – Source

To put that in perspective, the UK was receiving around 10% of the budget while contributing 20 % to the gross costs.

Now, as I said earlier, with Heath being blackmailed, he was forced to accept these very unfavourable terms.

Worse still, the terms were based on the understanding that in the first year (1973) we would pay 8.64 percent of the Common Market budget rising to 18.92 percent of the budget by 1977. That figure was then to remain static for a further two years until 1979 when our contribution would rise to 19  percent.

Luckily enough, there was a proposal drafted into the agreement that stated  “should unacceptable situations arise within the present Community or an enlarged Community, the very survival of the Community would demand that the institutions find equitable solutions”.

It was this proposal that allowed Thatcher to secure the rebate. She wasn’t responsible for putting that clause in the agreement and had it not been there she wouldn’t have had a leg to stand on.

However, it could still be argued that she had to make a case for an “unacceptable situation” in order to get the rebate.

Fair enough, except that wasn’t hard to do since, come 1980, the UK was the largest net contributor to the EEC (as it was being called then) while in terms of GDP per head, we were seventh.

Now, when Heath signed us up, the Common Market Commission had predicted that the 90 percent budget share spent on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) would fall by the late 1970’s.

This in turn would have then benefited the UK. However, predictably it didn’t fall. The cost of CAP  had in fact risen, as had the total size of the EC budget as a whole – and risen substantially to boot.

Everybody understand so far? Good.

Now , it was in fact the crooked little puppet with a pipe, Harold Wilson who had in reality set up the groundwork for the rebate that Embryonic Willie credits exclusively to Slaggy Maggy.

You see, he had renegotiated the terms of Heaths deal which brought about a change whereby more emphasis was placed on the UK’s national wealth when it came to calculating our contribution.

This new agreement negotiated by Wilson left Slaggy Maggie in pole position to argue that under the old terms of agreement, the UK had – at the time – been the 2nd poorest nation in the Common Market yet had been paying the highest contributions towards the budget, despite those contributions benefiting the UK the least out of all of the other member states.

Never the less, it took the old Bitch from the time that she swept to power in 1979 right up until June 1984 to convince the other EU members that “unacceptable situations” were in fact, an actual reality and get them to agree to the rebate. Having said that, we had already received the first lump sum, which was paid in 1980.

So, not such a great achievement after all.

Especially when you consider that the total sum of £75 Billion has taken 33 years to arrive at. By that I mean the £75 Billion wasn’t paid in one go. For instance by the end of 2010, the UK had received rebates worth £68 Billion.

In other words, we are now receiving about £2 billion a year in rebates, which incidentally, the other remaining EU countries are trying to put the block on.


To put that money into further perspective; In 2011 Gideon Bean pumped £200 Billion into the British Economy which he borrowed from the Rothschild’s Bank of England at 0.5 % interest.

When that failed to stimulate the economy, the Rothschild puppet  Mervyn King persuaded Giddy Bean to borrow another £75 Billion (The exact total amount secured over 33 yrs by slaggy maggie) to inject into the economy through Qualitative Easing.

Whether the loathsome pair were giggling while signing the agreement is not known.

However, a poker faced King later told the BBC that the £75 Billion will have an effect on the British economy.

And, to be fair it did indeed have an effect, didn’t it Mr King… You cunt.

You see, we now owe millions more in interest on a fraudulent debt, that we wouldn’t have done had Silly Giddy not been as bent as the Governor of the Bank of England.


Don’t believe the political bullshit my friends. Every time a politician open’s their dribbling mouth a lie comes out.

Thatcher did fuck all to our benefit. The EU deal simply had to be renegotiated in order to stop the country going under.

In short, she secured that rebate in the same way that any other cunt would have done.

Thatcher was nothing more than a depraved, perverted  crooked puppet who laid the groundwork for the mess we are in today.

For doing so, and as I have already stated in a previous article, she should have her body nailed to a scaffold board and placed on top of Pitsea tip so as the seagulls can feast on her… She deserves fuck all else.

Therefore, If the cunt Cameron spends as much as a penny to bury the useless slut, he is breaking the law and the terms of office that he was elected under.

Do not stand for it.

Until the next time, take care my friends.