“Spiv is a wrong-un look you, is it”


Christopher Spivey


For obvious reasons there has been no major articles added of late as they take time and a lot of research to compile.

Course, I am still caught up in the quagmire that is the British legal system as I mount my appeal against both sentence and conviction but I can assure you that Part 4 of the bin lorry bollox is well underway and most of the research done and evidence gathered, needed to expose a more recent government hoax which I hope to start putting into words sometime this week.

Nevertheless, it has come to my attention that Little Boy Roy, a leading figure in the Weeble Movement – a movement allegedly led by Sonia Poulton – had the website he fronts, ‘hacked’ a couple of months ago.

Luckily, it would appear that the hacker was unable to find any witterings of substance to destroy and as such Little Boy Roy escaped without having too much damage done. Indeed, it could be said that the hacker did him a favour by destroying a substantial number of what could be described as “incriminating” articles that unfortunately contradict Little Boy Roy’s moral stance at this moment in time.

That fact however, should not be seen as detrimental to the constant stream of drivel that Little Boy Roy adds to “The Outlaw” in his capacity of site caretaker.

After all, I feel sure that he is the first to admit that his self-evidenced, severe & multiple mental elf problems prevent him from any rational thought and leave unable to differentiate between fact & fiction.

For instance Little Boy Roy was at one time my biggest supporter whereas now he appears to hate me after being caught trying to wreck my website – as is evidenced in my article “Make no bones the midget drones”.



This is consistent with his view on Darren Laverty, whom Little Boy Roy often talked about in his frequent emails to me, describing him as his “best friend”.


As a quick ‘aside’, Darren confirms what I have suspected for a long while, namely Jones does not write his blog:

He doesn’t only leap on the backs of child abuse victims for his free rides, he’s also been free riding on the backs of established authors and intellectuals. I’ve evidenced previously the similarities of my personal blog entries when compared to his follow ups.

But since I published this entry 3 weeks ago I’ve been supplied with over 70 examples of his outright plagiarism. An educational software program which was developed to identify incidences or acts of plagiarism was used to investigate various blog entries supposedly written by Royden Jones aka the Outlaw.

There are enough examples of word theft for any reader to draw to the conclusion that he’s an Internet delinquent who’s maladjusted and fanatical behaviour, aligns himself with delusional aspirations of becoming the another David Icke or Alex Jones from the USA. Source

Yet once again, Little Boy Roy’s position changed and he decided that he hated Darren – whom Jones is now publicly claiming that he met only the once and sussed him straight away.

In fact he decided that he hated Darren so much that he tried to co-opt my help in publicly vilifying his new found enemy, based upon what I now know to be fabricated evidence.


That email prompted me to respond thus:


To which Little Boy Roy replied:


Which is very strange because Little Boy Roy has never been in care… Unless you class Broadmoor maximum security mental hospital as a care home.

Nevertheless, he is adamant that he was:


In other words, one of those kind of people who are no better than those who claim to have cancer to garner sympathy – or worse – yet are in reality as fit as a fiddle.

Course, Jones is well known for befriending GENUINE survivors of CSA, and then shitting on them from a great height. Indeed, he certainly appeared to groom Steve Messham before turning on him (Source)

He did in fact tell me that he was in Bryn Estyn and another “approved home” with Messham, dspite him telling Laverty that he was only at Bryn Estyn for a month which he also claims he spent in solitary confinement:


Yet Messham clearly doesn’t have a Scooby Doo who the fuck Jones is:

JJ with S 2jj 1 with s

Strange that, don’t cha think?

Of course, had there been any truth in Little Boy Roy’s claims about Darren Laverty and others that he slags off, people would have been rightly outraged, yet Jones sees absolutely nothing wrong with trying to discredit innocent people whom he views as ‘getting in his way’ – including me!


Now whilst I am sure that Jones wasn’t behind the SS involvement with Clayton, I do believe that him and Jane Russell AKA Sonia Poulton did maliciously report Danielle Le Verite to the SS.

The following is what I wrote in my article “I Am I Said” in regard to Poulton being Russell, which carries further proof to that claim than what is listed below:

Sonia Poulton is in fact Jane Russell, and as such, I am sure that I do not need to give you an insight as to how vile the acid tongued fake is.

That is also why “Jane” never speaks to the brain damaged danger mouse, who is in fact friends with known paedophiles… The proof is on the web for want of looking.

Nevertheless, Poulton would never lower herself to mix with the likes of Jones who has a rather ordinary – if not substandard – IQ level. Hence she never converses with him except when in Jane Russell mode.

Course, the fact that the Webshite is called Outlaw and ‘Outlaw’ was a film STARRING Jane Russell should have been obvious to all.

And then it suddenly dawned on me. The Outlaw starring Jane Russell, as opposed to the Outlaw starring Jimmy Jones. Or put another way, Jane Russell AKA Sonia Poulton does all of his writing, being as the funny looking fucker can’t write for shite… It is Jane Russell’s site, hence why Jones always refers to himself in the 3rd person – the Outlaw – when giving his point of view over… For instance: “Here at the Outlaw we believe that…” rather than him writing “I believe that… “.

This close – albeit bizarre & unlikely – relationship between Poulton & Jones is further reinforced in the numerous emails Jones was so fond of sending me.

The following emails evidencing the close relationship between Jones & Poulton start with a reply email that Jones sent me after I had passed some information on to him in regard to a mad bird called Sharon Kilby/Zaki who at the time was badgering me to write a ‘hit piece’ on Hollie Grieg:


Indeed Little Boy Roy doesn’t have a good word to say about anyone, even his old mate David Icke. The following is how he publicly feels about Icke:


The truth is somewhat different though:


However, having had time to sit and think about it, this is not a case of Little Boy Roy being a terrible judge of character and as such no one being able to trust a word that he says – you can’t obviously but that is not because of his incredible inability to correctly weigh up any given situation; leading to him constantly changing his perception of any given subject.

Neither is his lack of critical thinking down to him being a calculating troll out to destroy the hard work put in by people genuinely alarmed about subjects such as child abuse… I am trying to be nice.

And neither is he a two faced idiot… Stop laughing… After all, proffesional medical opinion would suggest that he really can’t help his twisted, contradictory, bullshitting, narcissistic, deluded nature.

You see, having now thought about it, Little Boy Roy’s deceit – which has been evidenced (see HERE) time and again – has to stem from his professionally diagnosed, alarmingly poor mental state.

Indeed, had it not been for the disgusting government service cut-backs on Mental Health services – presented to the public by the government spin doctors as “Care in the Community” – Little Boy Roy would have been safely locked up.

In fact, I actually disagree with Little Boy Roy’s doctors who deem him only a danger to himself.

You see, I do in all honesty regard him as being a great danger to all of those he contacts.

However, in saying that I am not for a second suggesting that anyone is in any danger of Jones being violent towards them. After all, Tiny Jim is a coward and far too small to be a danger to any man over 4 ft 11 tall.

Indeed, the danger Tiny Jim poses to others is his manipulating personality and the depths that he will sink to in order to try and break a person… And remember, nearly all of those that the on-line bully tries to break are usually ‘broken’ anyway having had the most unimaginable, horrendous childhoods.

Likewise, his inability to tell the truth stems from his severe nuttyness.

For instance, one minute he will claim that he was the person to ‘out’ Sir Peter Morrison – going as far as trying to plant false memories in my head and urging me to publicly acknowledge the false claim so as to give him a bit of credibility.


Yet in the next breath he will be denying the claim.


Now that proof of Jones’ inability to recognise his own deceitful contradictions and narcissism is indisputable, yet those few who bother to comment on the site Litle Boy Roy manages and who are actually real people as opposed to the many accounts that are Little Boy Roy’s alter egos, are incapable of recognising that his psychological personality disorder makes any claims he make untrustworthy at best.

Another example is that in the above Little Boy Roy claims that he has never heard of Gordon Anglesey “until recently” yet the following email proves different.


Madness to us, normal behaviour to Little Boy Roy.

And then there is the question of Jimmy Savile, a fella Little Boy Roy dedicated a whole status to defending:


Are you sure Roy the Boy?


Similarly is the way that he is unable to feel empathy for anyone as is evidenced time and again on the blog he manages. Yet he is the first to try and elicit sympathy for the problems that his mental instability causes him and his children.


Course, Little Boy Roy was particularly unsympathetic when I was arrested yet he was crying his eyes out to me when he was arrested and fearful that what happened to me would happen to him.


Well if you befriend paedophiles, people will talk Little Roy Boy (source) Why on earth would he want to though?

And Jonsey did like to hang around on my forum… Well he did when Gary was the site tech-guy – the very same tech guy that jones himself put forward to wreck my site.


Dogman thinks highly of you too Royo the boyo… Not.

Mind you, never let it be said that the Welsh Wind Farm does not have principles.

Indeed, there is nothing Woy despises more than donate buttons. In fact he was busy adding an article to Sonia’s site just two days ago banging on about how he WOULD NEVER DONATE TO ANY OF US CHARLATANS.



Indeed, Jane Russell/Sonia Poulton hates me equally as much and shares Jones’ view on donations.

However, for all Little Boy Roys faults… And he really is very little.


I bear him no malice. After all, he has donated money to me on at least 3 occasions and as such, I feel that I should help him out by providing him with one of those selective articles that his “hacker” destroyed.


Come to think of it, Jane Russell set up a monthly direct debit to me donating £10 a month because she thought I was the tits, look:


The hypocrisy is very strange given their ‘holier than thou’ self promotion, don’t cha think.

Very strange.

Nevertheless, before I Leave you with that article, let’s hear from Tiny Dim himself:

The source to that video which makes for an interesting read can be found HERE

You may also like this one found HERE as the comments are particularly good and the article found HERE explains how Jones & Russell operate.

And so to the article… Don’t thank me Boy.