Thanks Smiff – Fuck off


Spiv & Chimps


As the Chimp continues to make a clothing firm oodles of squids by continuing to promote clothing like the royal parasites are wearing – and which fucktards worldwide are daft enough to buy obviously – along with the PR drive to make the hated family lovable, I am becoming more and more convinced that the “family day out” that monopolised the headlines yesterday & today either never took place at all; or it was nothing of the sort like the shit-rags are promoting.

Certainly the photos of Kate Gold-Digger-Smiff playing with Georgie Porgey, that the Chimp has managed to write articles about for two days running now are all photoshopped. 


So that makes it at least four days in a row where the Chimps main headlines have been about the inbred’s, what with their family day out at a polo match and the Bods on the Balcony Show.

So lets have a look at today’s offering of photos – although you might have to click on them and zoom in to clearly see what I am pointing out to you.


Both George & Gold-Digger-Smiff have been cut & pasted into this photo which is particularly obvious by Smiff’s left leg and the underside of George’s arms.


The more I examine the photos, the more visible the photoshopping becomes.

In photo 1 those are not Georges legs or at least not for that photo they aren’t. You can see this clearer in Photo 2 by the white and black lining added to try and match them in.

Other discrepancies in Photo 1 are:

  • the white stripes on Smiff’s top do not coincide
  • White lining added to the edge of her belly
  • The pushchair photoshopped in as evidenced by the heavy black lining
  • The underneath of the pushchair is just a painted in black mass.
  • The white lining added to Smiffs hand (see photo 2)

Photo 3 is meant to make us gasp at George’s football skills. After all, that is a typical Beckham stance when taking a shot. However, I would bet my life savings – don’t get excited they amount to fuck all – that someone is holding him, like Smiff is supposedly doing in Photo 4.

The other anomalies such as the floating trainers and the deformed hands levitating the cardigan are all self explanatory in Photo 3. As for Photo 4, it is quite obvious that Smiff has been added and is not the one holding George… Not with those stubby little fingers she isn’t, that’s for sure.


Dear, oh dear, oh deary me – first time I have ever written that in my life, just sayin’ – both adoptive mother and adopted child are photoshopped into this photo which is quite obvious by the white and black lining added to both to presumably hide the jagged edges left after they had both been cut out from whatever photo they were in originally.

In fact what the photo does show is that Smiff is a brainless bint as there are no signs of a brain in her transparent head.


Now don’t get me wrong, an awful lot of time has been spent on these photos – and not by the Chimp who just publish what they are told.

Yet to undertake a job as immense as this is always going to have fuck-ups visible, such as George’s left arm going down a rabbit hole and his right arm from the elbow to the wrist coming from somewhere else or painted in.

Smiff has the usual painted white & black lining added to her outline. Her hair is a mix & max and fuck knows what is happening with the car in the corner. Moreover, why can you see the top of the bank in this photo and you can’t in the one inset ?


OMG! HOW CUTE IS THAT? “Adoring mummy” dancing with her ‘ultra well coordinated, handsome little prince’.

Pass me the puke bag please.

I mean to say, as if Smiff would ever be so free & easy with ‘the child’.

Based on the way that Clay walks, bearing in mind that he is 2 months older than George, I would say that George is just walking in the photo and Smiff – well fuck knows what she is doing. Nevertheless, they have both been added to this photo.


I mean, why the fuck is that hoarding/partition going up hill and at different angles to boot? Does it not now extend onto the polo-pitch?

The purple line is where the good grass has ended in the cut & pastes. On top of that:

  • Smiff’s right foot is made up of two feet.
  • George’s shorts are badly tailored with one leg tighter than the other
  • Smiff has a blue line drawn right down her back to hide where she was pasted in
  • You can also see where pieces have been spliced into her top
  • Fuck knows what the strange objects are that I have circled between her arm and thigh and between her legs
  • George has a white line drawn down his left hand side.
  • His lower right arm has been added to his upper right arm
  • He also has a thick black line under his left arm
  • And you can see the join on the grass bank where a piece has been added
  • Georges head has been photoshopped on to his body


Practically the same photo as the first apart from you can see more of the motors in this photo and it doesn’t have the strange object that is in the first photo (see section photo 2nd from the bottom right).

Other anomalies that I have highlighted in the section photos are:

  • the white and black lining around Smiff & George.
  • Smiff’s missing little finger
  • Georges claw hand
  • Georges head has been added to the body
  • His shorts are cutting into his leg
  • And the fucked up stripes on Smiffy’s top


How does that 3 armed denim jacket, the floating hat and the free standing wheels work then?

And in an effort to make the two Princes Pricks, Little Willie & Big H appear to be competitive sportsmen, the crawl arse cunts have photoshopped the half brothers in action.

299D9EAB00000578-3123560-image-m-10_1434308438876 (2)

I mean, here we see Little Bald Willie and Harry Hewitt on three legged horses. Willie has had part of his foot cut off but its okay because his horse changes from brown to white.

Meanwhile, Harry Hewitt, whose legs and waist are twice as wide as his upper half is playing with a broken polo stick… But thank fuck somebody has put a boundary around the pitch now.


The Chimps photo-caption states that Smiff is giving Troggy an Icecream cone but she is in fact giving him fuck all because he has been photoshopped into the photo.

Not quite sure what is going on with the polo sticks and matey in the Corduroy trousers has a grey line drawn down the edge of them where he has been added to the photo.


The bitch in the ditch is in a deeper ditch than the ditch that her husband and uncle in law are in.


Fuck me, Little Bald Willie is that majestical he can fucking fly now… Only joking, although where his feet have fucked off to is anyones guess. And there is plenty of photoshopping going on, which the black & white lining is testament to.

Mind you, the bird in the pink top on the far right hand side of the main photo must be a victim of inbreeding with those clown feet and Giraffe neck.


Hold up! Perhaps Little Bald Willie can fly since George appears to be able to do so too… Not sure what has happened to his face though.


And his leg has fallen off.

Do you know what?

I can’t be arsed to do anymore… The whole family are evil perverted scum – an embarrassment to the country and the quicker that they are arrested and put on trial for crimes against humanity, the better.

Fucking inbred, piss taking parasites… URRGH