“Thank you, I’m okay”, says this Jacintha – The mystery of the suicide Nurse deepens


Deccan Chronicle, With Thanks To Alex Fraser

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This whole affair is looking more and more suspect by the day. Below this news is a link to the youtube video of the prank. Listen to it and you will hear Jacintha take the call and say “One moment I will just put you through”. That is all she says. The other Nurse on the other hand does a lot of talking. However, she sounds to me ,very far from convinced that she believes the callers to be genuine. 


Mangalore: “To all the wonderful people across the globe, I am very much alive! Though every local news channel & community website declared OTHERWISE !!! Boundaries Between news & entertainment is so blurred !

Thanks & God bless you all for your concern,” was the message pos­ted by Jacintha Sald­anha of Mangalore in her Facebook account after a section of the media flashed her photo mistaking her for Jacintha Saldanha of Shirve, the nurse who was found dead in Lon­don, after a prank played on her by an Australian radio station.

If the Australian radio presenters created havoc in nurse Jacintha’s life, the media here got it wrong because of identical names! 53-year-old Jacin­­tha hails from Kinnigoli village and stays in Mangalore.

Jacintha, a nurse at King George VII hospital in London, who hailed from Shirva in Udupi district, died on Friday. The problems beg­an for Jacintha of Kinn­agoli after news of her ‘death’ spread in the media on Saturday.

“I got a phone call from my cousin in Canada on Saturday saying my photo was being flashed in the media. When I switched on the TV, I  found several TV channels showing my picture. I found many messages in my Facebook account too. I received about 200-300 phonecalls from India and abroad asking what was happening,” she said.

“I spoke to some  mediapersons and asked them to issue a clarification. But that did not stop newspapers from carrying my picture and so I decided to approach the police. I want these media organizations to tender an apology failing which I’ll have to adopt legal means,” she said.


You tube link to prank call video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHvVXyxn-cg