Thank You, Arrest My Case


Christopher Spivey


Morning, Afternoon or Evening and a very happy Weirdy-Beardy-Man in the Sky-day to you all…. Yes, yes I know – I’m late, but forget about that because its a site news special… YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY… C’mon join in, YAAAAAAAAYYYYYY… C’mon, YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY – please ya fucking selves then.

I will just gerron with it instead… YAA…AY..aaayyy… Just giving you one more chance, but fair enough.

Okay, first up I want to say a MASSIVE, MASSIVE thankyou to all those who organised/played/attended/donated to the Free Speech Benefit Concert on Friday night which was held in the Castle Tavern in Sheerness, Kent.

And as you will see in the poster below, the beneficiary was me… And I’m not even fucking dead yet.


The concert was organised by Dave Marshall who is the headline acts drummer.

Yet I have never so much as even spoken to him… Which makes him a proper gentleman in my book.

The Commited have in fact been going since 1978 and if you like punk rock, have a listen to them belting out their song, Lazy Hacks – which as the title suggests is about the shite that you read in the MSM.

Also appearing on the bill was my friend the legendary Jonny Wah Wah, lead singer of On Trial UK.

Jonny also organises the yearly Rebellion Festival, which is held over 4 days at the Blackpool Winter Gardens and has to be one of the biggest festivals in the country – which I had the pleasure of appearing at in August 2013.

I was interviewed there, on stage by John Robb, the singer, author & presenter of the BBC’s ‘The Culture Show’ and I shared a dressing room with Cass Pennant & Garry Bushell don’t cha know.


Modesty prevents me from telling you which festival I have been asked to appear at this year. Besides, I am waiting on a bit more information and as such I haven’t committed myself to doing it yet.

Course, unlike  Dave Marshall – whom I am hoping to meet sometime in the future – I have met up with Jonny Wah Wah a few times . In fact Jonny has to be one of the nicest, most genuine, funniest & entertaining fella’s that you could ever hope to meet.

And of course a big big thank you also goes to Russ Crimewave and Terminal Heads, both of whom completed the line-up at the gig.

Shall we have a bit of Jonny singing then? Yeah, why the fuck not.

Certainly nothing is too much trouble for Jon and he often gets out and about to support the causes that he believes in – fuck me, he even turned up at Southend Magistrates court to support me.

Now so far the total raised by the concert is £670, which I must say is very much needed right now, so again, a massive thank-you to Dave Marshall, Jonny Wah Wah and all their fellow musicians who took part.

Dave’s daughter Jo Marshall also played a massive part in promoting the concert, so a massive thank you is needed there – as is one needed for Tiger Taxis, whom I understand had a whip round amongst themselves for me.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t be at the Bash last Friday as it would have been brilliant to have been able to say a few words… And maybe even sing a song.

Mind you, Sheerness is only 10 minutes from Southend… By ferry… Which gave up running years ago.

On the other hand, by car it is an hour & a half drive – not that the drive was why I couldn’t make it. In fact when I was a builder I worked in Sheerness for a week.


However, before I tell you the reason that I couldn’t make it, lets have a look at some photos taken on the night – as well as one or two others of course.

10422355_10206843377142521_9058598310895088543_n (1)11204887_10206843377662534_1331372054372648395_n10603577_10152433084995642_4124395175351585393_n

And while I am at it, a big, big thank you to all of you who donate through the site… Without you, this site would not exist.

Okay, the reason that I couldn’t get to Sheerness on Friday is because I was with my Barrister.

Now I best not tell you his name without his permission but he is more used to dealing with organised crime, murder, terrorism and £million pound plus compensation cases than he is dealing with – what are now – trivial magistrate cases such as mine.

Indeed my solicitors, the London company, Criminal Defence Solicitors, based almost opposite the Royal Courts of Justice have pulled out all the stops for me to secure his services… My solicitors are Muslims for obvious reasons.

Now I can’t say too much about the harassment case because of my draconian bail conditions which also stop me revealing a whole lot more new evidence.

However, needless to say that the case has purposely been kept to a summary offence because the prosecution would not stand a chance in front of a jury… Although if they do go ahead with a trial, easily proved perjury will be committed and I really don’t think that they will want that.

And obviously despite being a summary offence, the fact that I have a judge in charge as opposed to a magistrate shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Course, as most of you know I was without shadow of doubt illegally arrested and at a time reserved for the most violent, extreme hoodlums in the country.

The [real] hoodlums, masquerading as police officers did so without arrest or search warrant, stealing my property in the process despite Section 32 of PACE – which the thugs misused to arrest me – CLEARLY STATING; that they can only do so for an indictable offence… Which I am not charged with.

Mind you, I doubt that fact or the facts that the corrupt wankers didn’t follow due process and were devoid of the evidence needed to make an arrest – and detain me – in the first place will count for fuck all in Judge John Woollard’s eyes.

Indeed, anyone at the last court case will tell you that he looks at me like I am a bit of shit on his shoe… But things are about to change.

However, irrespective of that fact, what Judge Woollard and the wholly corrupt Detective Constable Coombes (why are CID heading a case that a uniformed constable would normally be responsible for?) haven’t taken into account is the fact that upwards of 30 people had already reported the very same matter to the police, sighting the exact same evidence that they now intend to use, months before I was arrested.

And that fact runs alongside around 300 complaints made to Facebook, who having studied the matter carefully – or so I would have thought – removed nothing because they [rightly] concluded that I wasn’t causing offence or harassment to ANYBODY.

Facebook has the following policy on this matter:

Our global community is growing every day, and we strive to welcome people to an environment that is free from abusive content. To do this, we rely on people like you. If you see something on Facebook that you believe violates our terms, please report it to us. We have dedicated teams working around the world to review things you report to help make sure Facebook remains safe.

Governments also sometimes ask us to remove content that violates local laws but does not violate our Community Standards. If after careful legal review we find that the content is illegal under local law, then we may make it unavailable only in the relevant country or territory.

Please bear the following in mind:

  • We may take action whenever something violates the Community Standards outlined here.
  • We may ask Page owners to associate their name and Facebook Profile with a Page that contains cruel and insensitive content, even if that content does not violate our policies.
  • Reporting something doesn’t guarantee that it will be removed because it may not violate our policies.
  • Our content reviewers will look to you for information about why a post may violate our policies. If you report content, please tell us why the content should be removed (e.g. is it nudity or hate speech?) so that we can send it to the right person for review.
  • Our review decisions may occasionally change after receiving additional context about specific posts or after seeing new, violating content appearing on a Page or Facebook Profile.
  • The number of reports does not impact whether something will be removed. We never remove content simply because it has been reported a number of times.
  • The consequences for violating our Community Standards vary depending on the severity of the violation and the person’s history on Facebook. For instance, we may warn someone for a first violation, but if we continue to see further violations we may restrict a person’s ability to post on Facebook or ban the person from Facebook.

Not all disagreeable or disturbing content violates our Community Standards. For this reason, we offer you the ability to customise and control what you see by unfollowing, blocking and hiding the posts, people, Pages and applications you don’t want to see – and we encourage you to use these controls to better personalise your experience. Learn more. People also often resolve issues they have about a piece of content by simply getting in touch with the person who posted it. We’ve created tools for you to communicate directly with other people when you’re unhappy with posts, photos or other content you see on Facebook. Source

So, you would have thought that given the sheer volume of outraged complaints made by hypocritical morons who believe in the right to free speech, Facebook would have reviewed the source very, very carefully… Yet as I say, they removed nothing… Zilch… Fuck all.

Except for a photo of William Hague with a dick for a head – which was not posted by me even though the cunt is a dickhead.

And here is the daftest part.

You see, because of my bail conditions I cannot even discuss the finer details of the case – for fear on their part that the stitch up will become common knowledge – yet the very evidence that they intend to use against me is ALL still on this site, easily accessible to anyone who cares to look and which as I just stated has been reported to the police at least 30 times in the past (so they must have had a butchers at least)… And which Facbook must have looked at extremely closely before deciding that it was fine. .

Therefore if – as they are now saying – I have broken the law, then I am continuing to do so with the blessing of the POLICE since I have not been ordered by them or anyone else to remove the ‘offending’ articles.

And that is all that I will say on the matter for the time being as ‘they’ are getting demonstrably very edgy now that their bullshit charges are collapsing into dust and as such, they will no doubt nick me again for not breaking the law.

Mind you, I feel fucking harassed myself  after reading a Sky news report a couple of days ago:

No further action will be taken against dozens of people accused of targeting online abuse at the family of Madeleine McCann, Sky sources have revealed.

Anti-abuse campaigners had compiled a dossier of names after becoming alarmed at the threatening nature of some tweets, posts and messages on online forums directed at Kate and Gerry McCann.

Hundreds of messages have been posted by trolls who believe, despite no evidence, that the McCanns had some involvement in the disappearance of their daughter in Portugal in 2007.

In a letter to the campaigners, Leicestershire Police Assistant Chief Constable Roger Bannister said: “While finding that much of the material was extremely distasteful and unpleasant in nature, it was determined that none of the messages/postings constituted a prosecutable offence.” Continue Reading

Honest to fucking Dog, you couldn’t make this shit up. I mean I don’t send tweets and what not to anyone, I just write exclusively for this site and if people want to read what is on here, then they actively have to seek the site out.

Therefore, if those who do then don’t like what is written, they only have themselves to blame for coming here in the first place… That certainly isn’t harassment on my part.

However, I have no bail conditions on what should have been on paper – had they not conducted their case in the same cavalier manner that they carry out their false flags – a far more serious case than the harassment charge.

I am obviously talking about the [planted] “hidden file” containing thumbnail photos a little boys engaged in sexual activities.

The reason for planting this hidden file was so as to enable the social workers Nicole Miles, and her boss Julie Robinson – both acting in cahoots with the wholly corrupt Southend police to steal my Grandson Clayton… Who is obviously a little boy.

And to make this “hidden file” credible, Southend CID padded the case out by roping in a load of LEGAL images that I freely admit to having on my computer and which Acting Detective Inspector Gary Biddle had investigated and taken no action on in the summer of 2013… He even wrote to me stating that he knew that I had used the images – which were legal – to highlight the abhorrent practice of child abuse.

But that easily evidenced fact apparently went unnoticed by Southend’s finest.

Yet they massively bungled the stitch up too, as evidenced in previous articles and the case against Clayton is now closed – albeit it isn’t as far as I am concerned because WE CANNOT allow the crime to just be forgotten … And lets not forget that the pair of scumbag social workers knowingly broke the law by illegally accessing my daughters & grandson’s medical records.

But just for the record, another day has now gone past with no harm whatsoever coming to Clayton.


That makes it 700 days in a row now… He’s even doing what some might describe as… Errr… THRIVING.

Mind you, that could be down to all the child vaccinations that he hasn’t had… AND THEY WANT TO LABEL ME A CHILD ABUSER!

“Oh I love my Carinthian so much, I am going to have the doctor pump him full of liquid death later today.”

“Ahhh you’re such a good mother Cruella. I had my Harry done when he was a baby too”

“Ahhh, you are also a brilliant Mum then Candida… Where is Harry?”

“I’m just on my way to meet him now, best rush, the special yellow bus will be dropping him off in 5 minutes”.

But worst of all, the fact that our police forces and social services are prepared to work together and break the law, in order to condemn a happy, much loved baby to a life of misery just so as they can stop someone telling the truth is absolutely unforgivable… I will never forgive. Never!

How fucked up, sick, de-fucking-ranged and evil is that? In fact anyone who is prepared to do that to a child certainly warrants the attention of the social services and is a good an example of the back to front world that we live in as any.

Nevertheless, with your support, the sick-fuck, sub-humans are not going to get away with it.

Now, you may remember that I told you in an article last month that one of the charges on the child abuse stitch up had been dropped because the CPS said there was no fucking chance of getting a conviction?

And you may also remember that we couldn’t find out which charge that was… You are going to like this.

You see, it appears that the dropped charge relates to the [planted] “hidden file” containing thumb nail photos of little boys… You know the one?

The one that three thugs kicked down my door and broke my bedroom window for, terrorising my daughter and grandson in the process, so as they could arrest me and search my home without so much as an arrest or search warrant which takes a WHOLE 6 Fucking Hours to obtain… And even then the clueless cops forgot to read me my rights.

Mind you, the three clever cunts played it smart since the paperwork says that I was arrested under Section 17 of PACE, yet the Copper – who much to his dismay was being filmed – insisted on camera that I had been arrested under Section 32 of PACE.

Personally, I think the pig was being greedy… But then again pigs are aren’t they?

Here, have a listen to PC Hard-On contradict the paperwork. Have a listen at how scared my daughter was – and still is. Have a look at the damage that they say they didn’t cause. Watch how the same 3 pieces of dog shit strangle and threaten to kill someone else that they illegally arrested last year (you will need to turn your volume right up to hear the mad-cunt-copknob threatening to kill his victim as he strangled him).

How would you feel?

Mind you, the mini plodman was probably right and the paperwork wrong since the criminal arsewipe wanted me to sign a document stating that they had not caused any damage – But I politely told him to fuck off.


And talking of short arsed mini cunts, that evil one eyed, Welsh dwarf who pretends that he has been abused in care so as he can befriend genuine child abuse victims in order to destroy their confidence and credibility, says that he can’t wait till I’m jailed in July… Then again, he has been certified as being insane.

You can read all that you need to know about Jimmy Dribble-Lips by clicking HERE.

However, talk about off his fucking chump!

You see, aided and abetted by the equally government owned Kent Freedom Movement – who are coming to bea … hang on, just let me stop laughing … Who are coming to beat me u… Sorry, just give me another second … Who are coming to beat me up – he has now gone to the trouble of building a website about me which apparently exposes me as a proper wrong un.

Sadly, their evidence is based on an email that shows my high level of integrity which I sent to Jimmy ‘I would never betray a confidence’ Jones, as a friend (yes he even had me fooled, but then again one of his multiple personalities was very convincing), after I was badly let down by someone that I trusted.

Yet he is that fucking insane that he uses the email to try and convince his 4 followers – three of whom are Jimmy…unbeknown to Jimmy – that I treat people like shit… What a fucking Muppet.

And then there is the photo of me in a dress which is proof positive in these useless, bent, deluded, dribblers mental minds that I am a crossdresser… Despite it being patiently and sl-ow-ly explained to them that the photo is part of a set of photos under the heading of Mrs Spivey MK2, that are still on my Facebook 5 years after they were first uploaded as a joke, which I did because I got fed up with people asking me if I was “okay” following Me and Mrs Spivey MK1 splitting up.

Course, it was the well-ard nuts at the Cunt Flea Cum Movement who first latched on to this damning photo evidence.


Yet despite the fact that the government stooges were put right on the matter, Dim-Jim still uses it on his new website – the clues are in the comments on the photos that you were provided with you dribble lipped, dribble arsed, 5 ft dwarf… I base the dribble arse on the fact that his arse really did when he was confronted by Darren Laverty.

Apparently the short arsed coward ran that fast that a talent scout who witnessed the blur, wanted to sign him up for the British, under 12’s hundred metre sprint.

I do however know for a fact that he is dribble lipped because I have spoken to him on the telephone… Or at least he has spoken to me as I couldn’t understand a fucking word that the funny looking mad twat said.


Course, these people are not usually controlled by the MIT’s for monetary gain. They are controlled because they have no fucking choice usually due to them having a nasty little, sordid secret that they are desperate to keep quiet and as such, living such a miserable life is bound to lead any midget type skank or in-bread farm labourer devoid of what we take for granted and describe as being; a sense of humour… Sign of a psychopath that is, don’t cha know.

You are doing a grand job Chuckie Jones and Max Boyce – you funny as fuck nothings.

As an aside there is an interesting article to be found HERE about government paid trolls.


However, I hate to tell you Chuckup that one of us is going to prison from what I have been told… And it certainly isn’t me sunshine.

You see, having arrested me 6 days too late, dropping the two social workers – Miles & Robinson – proper in the shit in the process, only for the plod-Cid to then have their star evidence unfathomably dismissed by the CPS left them with 18 legal photos to base the prosecution case on, including the Led Zeppelin album cover and an additional 3 beastiality photos.

And given their new description of those 3 photos they are not the beastiality photos that they showed me – of which by their own recorded admission in interview they said that the ones that they showed me could have been downloaded without my knowledge.

Funnier still they say that all 21 images are Category C, which is the lowest category on the ABC rating – ‘A’ being the most extreme… And that is despite legal images not having a category rating.

Nevertheless, just what the fuck does a Category C beastiality photo consist of? A naked dog? A fish with lipstick on?

Is the following photo Category C animal porn?


Course, the other problem that they have is that I have never been arrested or questioned on these 3 beastiality photos – which I am told contain Rottweilers… “Oh don’t you have Rottweilers Spiv, what a massive fucking coincidence”

Fuck me, I am amazed that I haven’t had the RSPCA round yet.

Therefore, in a nut shell what the nice policemen – nice & corrupt – are trying to do me for now boils down to:

  • possessing 18 perfectly legal photographs of children. although apart from Elton John and the Furniture along with Sir Noncealot McAlpine, I cannot imagine anyone wanting the sick shit.
  • that have all been on my computer since December 2012, with the full knowledge of the Essex Police, who have never ordered me to remove them and indeed all of the photos are still on this site now and very easily accessible
  • not forgetting the 3 Category C animal photos that I have never been arrested for or questioned on
  • and notwithstanding the fact that this “evidence” was gained illegally after the unprofessional thugs stole my computers

Fuck me it is no wonder that the prosecution is desperate to have the case tried as a summary offence in a magistrates court based on the fact that “they were legal but they aren’t now”, is it?

Tell me again who is being harassed?

Now, these 18 images are made up of the following apparently:

A photo of the Led Zeppelin record cover – front & back – to their 1972 album Houses of the holy which the police say has now been banned and is no longer available.


Presumably no one has told Ebay and their FOUR HUNDRED AND FORTY THREE members selling the CD or album. – of which most are brand new and in their seal… Which they would be since Led Zeppelin re-released the album last year.

Exactly how much do these Defectives get paid? Whatever it is it is far too much.

I mean fuck me! Did they think that I wouldn’t check? Or is it a case of they didn’t check? Certainly as this investigation goes, the quality of research is on a par with the Kunt Fleacum Movement’s, resident shill, Max Boyce and his investigation into Mrs Spivey MK2.

Nevertheless, as well as prosecuting me for having a photo of a record cover (albeit back & front), they are also doing me for the Brooke Shields photos, which come from the Iconic Photos Website, which still has them on display today – uncensored & very large as opposed to my censored and smaller snaps – and has had them on there since at least 2010.

Still I thought that I best have a double check so I typed “Brooke Shields in the bath” into Google – note not a single mention of age or nudity.

And this is what Google came up with.


Did you ever feel like you are being taken for a cunt?

Which reminds me, Congratulations to Will & Kate who have allegedly just had a baby and in doing so have very successfully managed to take most of the world population for a cunt.

Now according to the Iconic Photos website a court of law decided that the photos are not child porn:

the court considered that “these photographs are not sexually suggestive, provocative or pornographic, nor do they imply sexual promiscuity. They are pictures of a prepubescent girl posing innocently in her bath”. Source

After which Gary Goss – who took the photos – sold them to another photographer, who photographed the photos and exhibited the results in an art gallery.

Then there is the “illegal” (according to the police it is anyway) image of a girl in the bath aged between 12 and 16, which I will assume is this one.


This photo of Sonja Maria Bon which also comes from the Iconic Photos website was taken by her Mother who claims that Sonja was 12 at the time.

However, Sonja later insisted that she had been 16 when the photos were taken. Nevertheless, whether she was or whether she wasn’t is academic. You see, according to the Iconic Photos website:

The photo has already been published in a book and shown in several major European galleries without complaint when it came to the eminent Rhodes+Mann gallery in Shoreditch, east London in 2002.

Public outcry ensued in Britain and Scotland Yard threatened to charge the gallery’s director with the Obscene Publications Act. Although denounced as pedophiliac, the photo was not withdrawn, a court deciding controversially that the reputation of the gallery and the strength of other photos in Strba’s work is enough to consider the picture as a work of art. Source

And the rest of the photos are made up of that horrible, vile photo owned by Sir Elton John and deemed not to be porn in a BRITISH court of law and the [sick] artwork of Graham Ovenden, some of which were owned for many years by Lord Noncie McAlpine.

Indeed, these paintings, drawings and photos have NEVER been declared illegal, hence the reason that Ovenden was convicted in a court of law of touching children, not painting or photographing them… And a quick Google search gives you the following results, despite the search term making no mention whatsoever of nudity or age:


Indeed, this whole sham would be fucking hilarious was it not so serious.

I am being charged following an illegal & unlawful arrest, search and seizure, with something that isn’t a crime – despite a DETECTIVE CHIEF INSPECTOR having known about the photos, why they are on my site and that they are not illegal, for at least two years… Oh the irony.

In fact there can be no doubt in anyones mind who has read the multitude of solid evidence that I have produced over the past 10 months in various articles that the police and social services have colluded to steal Clayton and were it not for you lot, they may very well have come a lot closer to doing so.

Course, these coppers and social wankers were acting on their bosses orders because as my solicitor Assad quite rightly stated whilst beckoning to the court papers in regard to the harassment case – which is full of easily provable lies in witness statements, which I believe is called errr… Perjury – “You haven’t harassed anyone Chris, this comes from the very top”.

And as my Barrister rightly pointed out, more to himself rather than to me: “Hmmm, there is something very sinister going on here”

Nevertheless, carrying out orders is not a defence for a policeman as is CLEARLY SET OUT in the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 which you can find HERE

Now, I doubt that Assad and my Barrister will be willing to take legal action against the police and social wankers, because it would have to be on a no win no fee basis.

However, they cannot be allowed to get away with this kind of shit and I feel sure that with a little help from those of you clued up on the law and a bit of moral support from the rest of you, we can do it ourselves if needs be… Tick Tock you cunts.

Thats it, so once again, to all those of you who donate, comment, travel to my court cases or just genuinely support what I do and to my team who are second to none; thank you very much, I love you all.