Taking The Michael


Christopher Spivey

Did you watch “Leaving Neverland” – the documentary about Michael Jackson?

If ya didn’t then surely you must have read about it, but if you haven’t the following is what the Chimp had to say about it:

Michael Jackson became emboldened after settling his first sexual abuse lawsuit, claims Wade Robson.

In the final installment of the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, Robson claims that just days after Jackson and his team paid $23 million to settle a civil case amid claims of sexual assault and molestation, the singer whisked the Robson family off to his secluded estate outside Santa Barbara.

Once there, Robson claims he was raped and assaulted by the man he had told authorities just months before had never once touched him inappropriately or in a sexual manner. 

At the time, Jackson was at the height of his fame, having performed at both Bill Clinton’s inauguration and the Super Bowl to kick off the year. 

That was all shattered though by Jordan Chandler’s allegations and supporting testimony from Jackson employees, including a chauffeur who said he dropped the singer off at Chandler’s home for 30 straight nights at one point.  

‘My mom and I went to Neverland soon after [the settlement] for a few days,’ said Robson.

‘You know, the same physical scenario happened where mom stayed in one of the rooms in Neverland and I went up into Michael’s room and into Michael’s bed and the same sexual stuff happened all again.’

Robson also admitted that he felt good about the sexual assault because it meant he was back with Jackson after being cast aside for the previous two years.

‘Just first hearing that he wanted to see me, that he wanted me to come there, felt so good,’ said Robson.

‘I’m back, like we’re coming back together.’  

A few months earlier, both Robson and James Safechuck had given depositions denying that they were ever abused or molested by Jackson. 

‘I was excited by the idea of being able to defend him, and being able to save him,’ said Robson, who also gave a television interview defending Jackson alongside his sister and mother. 

‘He asked me to testify,’ said Safechuck of the 1993 case. 

‘I had rehearsed it so much, I was just going through the motions. They asked and I said no of course, just like part of my job to do that for Michael.’ 

Robson also confessed that he in some way wanted to punish the accuser in the case for taking his spot. 

‘I knew it was true, but I couldn’t let myself go there – it just was like Jordy was the enemy,’ he explained.

He then added: ‘Michael told me that I had to lie and that’s what I did.’  

Safechuck said that during this time, Jackson warned him that he might have to be seen with women, or appearing to be in a romantic couple – but it was all for show.

He also bought the Safechucks a house after they testified in support of him in the  Chandler case.

‘He would just call every once in a while. He gave me a car when I turned 16. I was very much into filmmaking and he got me filmmaking classes,’ explains Safechuck of his relationship with Jackson as he entered his teenage years.

Jackson then urged the boy to cut back on his high school classes.

‘Michael tells you you don’t need school, no one who ever did anything good went to school,’ explains Safechuck.

‘And he talked to my parents because I was in some of the advanced classes and he said you don’t need math.’

Safechuck then reveals: ‘So he convinced my parents to pull me out of some of the advanced classes.’

And once Safechuck was out of those classes, Jackson reassured the family by stating: ‘Don’t worry, I’ll be there.’

He was not there for very long though, with Jackson shocking many when he announced in 1994 that he had married Lisa Marie Presley.

‘He is making you depend on him, like don’t go get an education, I’ll take care of it,’ explains Safechuck.

‘And then when he went away it pretty much derailed and I was kind of lost.’… Source

Course, that is just one of around ONE HUNDRED & FIFTY farticles published about the documentary in the Chimp and as such it obviously caught my attention.

However, I will at this point make it quite clear to you that I am not defending Jackson – he was without doubt a member of the monster club and on the face of it, he was a child molester… But then again, aren’t all members of the monster club.

After all, we all know that you do not make it to the very top if you don’t take part in kiddie-fiddling… It is the glue that holds the shite together.

So now let me tell you my thoughts on the old bollox… It was old bollox. That was easy wasn’t it

However, on the other hand the documentary was clearly believable to the mindless masses and what made it so unbelievable to me was the very thing that made it believable to most – namely, it was all too professional.

Or put another way, the two victims – Robson & Safechuck along with their family members who took part were ALL too word perfect and able to cry on cue… They were just like actors and actors are paid to follow a script and make you believe the story-line.

Indeed, ALL of them appeared perfectly relaxed and at home in front of the cameras and that simply does not happen with those who aren’t used to finding themselves there.

Now, what I did notice was that James Safechuck – the more credible of the two victims – was casting spells towards the camera whilst being interviewed.

James Safechuck

Casting spells – as you will know if you are familiar with my work – is something that I picked up on a long time ago and involves those that do it [quite unnecessarily] flinging their hand with splayed fingers towards the camera. (see photos below)

On the other hand – no pun intended – the second victim, Wade Robson’s story was full of holes.

For instance, Robson claimed that after Jackson’s 2005 court case the singer took the then 14 yr old Robson back to his city apartment to spend the night… Apparently with his mother’s blessing.

Robson then claims that this was the first time that Jackson tried to have anal sex with him but it was too painful so they stopped and just had a wank each.

Robson then claims that Jackson rang him the next day in a state of panic asking him [Robson] what he had done with his underwear… A strange thing to get in a panic about given the number of times that they had supposedly shared a bed together over the past 7 years.

Nevertheless, Robson – who said that he had put on “NEW” under crackers as opposed to clean ones before leaving Jackson’s place – told Jackson that he couldn’t remember, after which Jackson ordered him to find and destroy them.

So Robson dutifully rushed home and said that he had found the pants – complete with blood stains – in the wash-bin, which he then transferred to the dustbin.

Therefore, we are supposed to believe that after Jackson tried to roger Robson, the boy put his pants back on (which he must have done to get the blood stains in them) but at some point changed into “new” ones, although he wasn’t sure what he had then done with the old ones, despite taking them home and putting them in the family wash bin… Doesn’t make sense does it?

Robson and his wife

Robson then claimed that he started therapy some years later as an adult but could not bring himself to tell the therapist (or anyone else for that matter) that he had been abused by Jackson… That is until some months later when after looking at his baby daughter he decided that he owed it to her to tell the truth.

The documentary then immediately moved on to Wade’s brother, Shane being interviewed – who told the camera about a dream that his wife (Wade’s sister-in-law) had about Wade being abused by Jackson… A strange thing for a sister in law to dream about.

Shane then went on to say – as the usual coincidence would have it – that Wade turned up at his house an hour and a half after admitting to his therapist for the first time that he had been abused by Jackson – the therapist in question now being the only person in the world that Wade had told about the abuse.

Shane then – apparently unprompted – told Wade about the dream that his wife had had the night before about Wade being abused by Jackson after which Wade admitted (an hour and a half after telling his therapist) that his sister in law’s dream was true… Fuck off witcha!

But it gets better. You see, two months after that remarkable coincidence, Wade decided to tell his mother that Jackson had abused him from the age of 7 up until he was 14.

He did this by making an appointment for her with his therapist who then told her whilst Wade waited outside his office door. Yet once again we are supposed to believe that Wade’s brother and sister in law kept the revelation to themselves for a further two months… Again, fuck off witcha.

Course, the trouble is knowing what is true and what is false when it comes to Jackson. I mean he was a commodity from start to finish and the purpose of such is to make money for other people.

And the fact of the matter is that those people out to make money from him did not give a flying fuck about how they did it.

Indeed it is true to say that the lies started right from the word go when it was put out that the singer Diana Ross was responsible for discovering him and his brothers… And from that lie onward, the pattern was set.

Mind you, what is obvious is that Jackson was subjected to all manner of medical experiments before he had even reached his teenage years in order to delay puberty… In fact it is alleged that he was even castrated at his fathers approval:

MICHAEL Jackson was chemically castrated by his dad to keep his high-pitched singing voice, the late star’s former doctor has claimed.

Conrad Murray – who was jailed in 2011 over the King of Pop’s death – branded Jackson family patriarch Joe “one of the worst fathers in history”… Source

Course, if that is true then that would explain why Jackson had such a high pitched voice and was never romantically linked with a woman or a man. Or put another way, he sang like a girl and had no interest in sex.

And although he later married Lisa Marie Presley – another fuck-up whose father was also a nonce – no one in their right mind would believe that his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley was anything other than a publicity stunt.

Mind you, it has been suggested that Jackson was ordered to get married to Lisa in order to take the spotlight off him being a nonce but I find it hard to believe that his advisers would suggest such a thing because all that the marriage achieved was to make it look like Jackson had married Lisa Marie to errr – take the spotlight off him being a nonce.

Castration would also explain why Jackson’s three children are not biologically his, despite some claims that they are. After all, Jackson had very dark skin and Afro-American features… None of which are shared by the three children

Yet on the other hand, if Jackson had been castrated that would also contradict him having sex with children too.

Yet both Wade and James state in “Leaving Neverland” that Wacko Jacko liked to ♫ Beat It ♫ in front of them after which he would ejaculate. But then again, the pair could have just been following the script.

See what I am saying?

In fact the only thing that you can really say with any certainty is that there has been so much shite written about Jackson over the past 50 years that it is impossible to say what is true and what is false… I mean it is even claimed that the real Michael Jackson died in 1984 and was then replaced by an impostor. (see HERE)

Mind you, if you buy into the Paul McCartney died in 1966 conspiracy theory then the Wacko Jacko version isn’t that far fetched either.

Moreover, even if you disregard how white the older Mick became (and you can forget about that colour change being down to a skin disorder too), when you overlay a photo of the older Mick onto the younger Mick using the chin and eyeball to line the overlay up, you quickly realise that the nose centers do not line up and neither does the mouth. (see photo below)

In fact if you didn’t know Michael Jackson was and I presented the above half ‘n’ half photo to you as being the same person, you would never believe it would you?

Yet that theory is no more bizarre than most of the Jackson myths which I personally tend to think were ALL carefully scripted including the peadophilia accusations.

Therefore there is really only ONE thing that can be said without fear of contradiction about the “King of Pop” and that is that Michael Jackson is still to this day very much being used as a cash cow by some very undeserving monsters.

Just saying.