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Christopher Spivey.


I had hoped to have “A Bridge Too Far”my book exposing the Westminster Bridge hoax – published in time for the election but the chances of that happening now are zero.

Course, as most of my regular readers will know – being as I told them – there is an awful lot more to the hoax than first meets the eye; the vast majority of which no one has picked up on and indeed are not likely to what with the subsequent Manchester fake terrorist attack and the latest London bridge fake terrorist attack both having been played out… Hence my decision to shelve my other major work in progress: “Book-Ends”, in order to document the hoax in full.

However, when I first set out to do so I never for a moment thought that I would still be writing it up over two months later. Yet at over 58,000 words and hundreds of corroborating photographs, and with many more still to write and upload, that unfortunately is the situation.

Indeed the hoax is massive.

Mind you, I can also tell you that what there is on the internet is a lot of deliberate disinformation about the hoax from the usual sources masquerading as bastions of the truth.

Now I say that the disinformation spread by these cretins is “deliberate” because it is. Indeed the aim of these “useful idiots” is to continually pump out bullshit under the guise of exposing the “truth”” in order to allow the government more ammunition to censor the internet.

For example, Ed ‘the ball’ Boyce from the [outwardly] anti-Semitic, Kent Freedom Movement uses his natural good looks, enviable physique and charismatic nature to try and persuade viewers of the video that he put together “exposing” the Westminster fraud, that the London air ambulance landed in Parliament Square at 3:22 pm… The inference being that 322 relates to the ‘elite’ Yale University undergraduate secret society called “Skull & Bones”.

But did it fuck.

A bald Monkey and a hairless Primate.

The air ambulance ‘officially‘ landed at 2:52 pm and took off again at 3:41 pm… So, no surprise then that the rest of Boycie’s telling of the tale is littered with all manner of amateurish mistakes that can be easily proved as bollox – thus tarring us all with the same nut-job brush… Which is of course the aim of his game along with the vast majority of others who profess to being the good guys.

Gosh I hope he doesn’t threaten to come and beat me up again… All that laughing makes me cough.

Nevertheless, with the election right on our doorstep and the three recent fake terror attacks – four if you count the fella arrested outside the Treasury with a rucksack full of knives – I feel that I ought to point out a few things about Terry May… The first being that he/she doesn’t really exist… It is a creation… A created persona, just like Diana Spencer was.

Madeleine McCann was another.

Course, such a bold claim is hard for the vast majority of readers to get their head around – which I can understand but it is nevertheless the truth.

Incidentally, there is a bit of a hold up on the release of Part 2 of my Princess Diana trilogy: “Night Of The Living Dead” as an eBook and Paperback… Something to do with formatting, but I don’t get involved in all that… Although Gary told me to let you all know… Just sayin’.

Nevertheless, with the 20th anniversary of the accident-that-never-was looming and already sparking an upsurge in articles about Diana – which are nothing more than total bollox – I will tell you who played the “Princess” in a short article to mark the release of  “Night Of  The Living Dead“.

Now, whilst you would think that it would be impossible to fake a whole life, it is in fact much easier than you would imagine, especially when the whole world believes the lie… Yet like Diana, the un-elected Prime-Mincer, Terry May is nothing more than a series of photoshopped images and a hand full of actors who vaguely resemble the public’s perception of what Un-El-Tel looks like.

Indeed, the main poser for May is a man, which when you take into account the transgender-agenda being foisted upon us by the press and the fact that the American Monsters probably pulled off the very same illusion by passing Michael Obama off as Michelle, the idea isn’t as ‘out there‘ as you might first think.

It is after all indeed without doubt that the Monsters like to mug their slaves off.

Mind you, to add further credence to Michelle being Michael there can certainlybe little doubt that the totally mind-controlled Barry Obama is gay:

Now, why would the Monster-Elite’s mind-set be any different over here?

Answer: It wouldn’t.

So let me tell you again. Teresa May does not exist. He/She doesn’t need to because he/she is like all of our politicians i.e surplus to requirements. I mean they certainly don’t do any work. In fact try writing to your politician to ask for help with a problem and all you will get in return is a reply from a minion.

Indeed our MP’s are nothing more than front men put in place to mask the biggest [on-going] fraud by far to have ever taken place in this country… And indeed all other countries are the same.

That is why we are told we have 650 elected MP’s yet in reality we don’t even have a third of that number… The non-existent MP’s are played by those that do.

In fact ask yourself why all of our MP’s have other jobs. I mean how can they be earning their huge MP salaries when they are acting as consultants for major corporations or on a junket giving an after dinner speech somewhere.

Fuck me, Blow Job Johnson even held down the job as a magazine editor whilst masquerading as an MP.

Indeed go and have a look at our 650 MP’s for yourselves if you don’t believe me… It is almost like playing a game of Snap.

And once again, this is just another case of the Monster’s creating people who do not really exist except on paper. Yet the paper money paid to these fraudsters year in and year out is very real.

Course, you can believe that the likes of George ‘five other jobs‘ Osborne isn’t also the MP, Dr Paul Monaghan if ya want… But you can only ignore the fact when you genuinely don’t know.

If you do after you have been shown then you are living a lie… You are a coward of no substance.

Nevertheless, when you are aware of the major fraud taking place there can be no real surprise to learn that the life of Terry May is just another one of them.

Indeed the photos of her life from child to present are all testament to the fact because they are all photoshops.

Course the easiest way to tell that the snappy-snapz are photoshops is to look at the varying height between Philip May and his husband Terry.

You see good old Philip has no qualms about dressing up as a woman.

Moreover, the Press portray Un-El-Tel as a ‘power-dresser‘ yet unless that is a euphemism for dressing like a right fucking idiot, I see little in the way to impress.

In fact that is what you would call a national embarrassment and fuck off with your ‘power-dressing‘ old fanny.

And indeed would someone who was so passionate about clothing be seen on the world stage dressed in the same outfit twice just months apart?

March 2017 

January 2017

Yet if that wasn’t pie in the sky for any self respecting woman then the fact that I can trace the outfit back to 2012 certainly is.

August 2016

And also note the dick bulge in some of the following photos

Bottom left circa 2012

Now as I say, May is played by at least 4 different people and at least one of them is a man… Probably and quite ironically, Mark Thatcher.

For sure, it certainly walks like a man.

Although many photos of Old Tel are just rehashed photoshops.

You may also have clocked May wearing that ‘outfit‘ again in the top left photo.

In fact all in all it is little wonder that our un-elected Prime Mincer isn’t allowed to take part in unscripted debates for the election. After all, May is renown for breaking down at the most inconvenient of times.

Not that our top coppers are any better. Again, they are nothing more than mind-controlled, non-too-bright actors presented to the public as trust-worthy men, commanding of respect… Yet nothing could be further from the truth when you look closely enough.

Take the supposed top-plod, Mark Rowley for instance. Rowley is nothing more than a front man used to perpetuate the terrorist myth. Indeed the shyster even doubled up as an Australian witness to the Westminster Bridge bollox in a further effort to do so.

PHOTO: LEFT – Australian Witness to the Westminster Terrorist Attack RIGHT – Mark Rowley

Yet in reality Rowley isn’t too smart at all and certainly deserves contempt, not respect. In fact watch his reaction in the photos below whilst being discreetly guided into position for a press release.

And don’t forget the monumental fuck up he made when confirming that that the now deceased, supposedly unarmed copper allegedly killed by the Westminster Patsy, Khalid Masood was in fact armed… Although fair play to Rowley, he did realise his mistake straight away which led to the reaction seen below:

Sorta lost for words… Proving that these actors are fine with a script but fucked when asked unscripted questions.

Course, what worry’s me more than these actors playing the roles of powerful people is the fact that they are implementing the policies of their evil masters.

Indeed I told you back in April 2013 that there was a mandate to rid us of our human rights… And that is exactly what these fake, contradictory, terrorists attacks are all about.

And should further proof be needed that I was right all along, then take a look at the following headline in today’s Chimp:

Course, the fact that we here in Britain currently have no government to implement Un-El-Tel’s new policies seems not to have occurred to anyone.

Worse still and totally demoralising to me is the fact that the vast majority of ‘right-minded‘ people think that losing the human rights act is a good thing, because they are too fucking thick to see the bigger picture.

I mean just think about it. We have these “lone wolf” terrorists who are not on the ISIS payrolls, have no contact with ISIS leaders, are not provided with orders, support or equipment via ISIS, yet according to the Press these laughable terrorists are most definitely part of ISIS – a supposedly powerful, multi billion pound outfit who falsely claim responsibility for a government patsy committing a terrorist atrocity armed with a fucking knife… Grow a fucking brain will ya!

Yet these very same mugs will buy into the patriotic old bollox dished out by the dribble-lipped actors who contend that we have the greatest security services and plod in the world… Yet conveniently ignore the facts that after every terrapin play-act it will be announced that MI5 had the patsy responsible on their terrapin list but had somehow managed to let them “slip the net“, whilst there are more criminals employed by the British Constabulary than any other organisation in the country.

Yet the fact is, the lying criminals need that contradiction in order to move on in the fascist agenda because very soon the government plan is to start rounding people up and putting them in concentration camps. First it will obviously be Muslims deemed as a potential threat. And then it will be those like myself who speak out about the sick-minded criminals… After that everyone is fair game,.

Course, there will be no fight back. They have had the guns off us and now they are working on banning knives – hence all these terrapins are knife fighters.

Indeed, to see the danger that we are in just use the following as a check list:

The permanent arming of the police is also on the agenda.

All in our best interests of course… Fuck that!

Indeed, the propaganda on show in that Chimp article is worthy of anything Joseph ‘jingle‘ Goebbels could have come up with.

Yet arming our half witted, criminal bully-boys and girls – bitter at not being born with a dick, as are the women – is akin to giving the slow minded, egocentric, school bully an AK47 and telling him to take no crap from anyone.

So, since I haven’t been able to get a “A Bridge Too Far” finished in time for the election, Gary has taken an exposé that I wrote on Terry May last year and converted it into an eBook which is available now to buy on Amazon.

As for content material, the eBook is 167 pages building on the above and I believe that it will also be available shortly as a paperback.

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And of course I sincerely thank you all for your continued support.