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Rude, lazy and intolerant – is apparently the public’s verdict of the British police.

Thuggish, inept, perverse and corrupt is mine… Indeed the boys in blue are an absolute fucking disgrace.

And you only need go into the police category on this site to see that my view on the shower of shite was formed long before I was arrested last July.

Indeed, all that my illegal arrests achieved was to confirm to myself that I was one hundred percent spot on in my opinion of the yellow-backed, knuckle dragging, imbecilic, wholly inadequate bully boys.

So, hardly surprising then that the equally inept, corrupt IPCC are now receiving complaints in record numbers.

Course, you may as well address your complaint to your dog as to the IPCC, since your dog will take more notice:

Complaints against police have reached a record high with thousands of officers accused of being rude and lazy.

Almost 35,000 cases were brought against forces in England and Wales last year, according to the independent police watchdog.

The most common complaint, making up almost one third of cases, was that police neglected their duties. 

This was followed by allegations of ‘incivility, impoliteness and intolerance’ against members of the public, including victims of crime.

The figures led to calls for a radical overhaul of the system of making and recording complaints.

According to the latest figures released by the Independent Police Complaints Commission, 38 of the 43 forces recorded a rise in complaints.

There were 34,863 cases involving 61,694 allegations in 2013/14. This was a 15 per cent increase in cases on the previous year and the highest since the watchdog was established in 2004. 

The largest number of allegations – 18,624 – were for neglect or other failures in duty by officers and civilian staff. This was followed by rudeness (9,165), assault (5,925) and ‘oppressive conduct’ or harassment (3,880).

The largest percentage increase in complaint cases year on year was recorded by Northumbria Police. They rose by 98 per cent from 401 to 794.

The next biggest increase was recorded by City of London Police, where complaints rose by 90 per cent from 123 in 2012-13 to 234 in 2013-14. But the City force said this was due to the addition of complaints against Action Fraud, the much-criticised national anti-fraud helpline.

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Unfortunately, the Essex police are worse than most with scandal following scandal. Indeed, at this moment in time many officers are on restricted duties due to corruption – particularly in regard to their handling of sexual abuse cases.

Infact I did actually ask a Southend Central based Defective, point blank, face to face about these allegations and he told me that ‘he didn’t know anything about them’. So, not one to give up I persisted that he must know since the news had made the national newspapers.

And yet again he told me that he didn’t know what I was talking about… Which kinda sums up the calibre of our Defective Cuntstables.

Essex Police is investigating 30 cases of alleged child abuse, the force revealed today.

One detective has been suspended and 11 detectives have been placed on restricted duties. Source

Nevertheless, in my case there can be no question that they are trying to stitch me up. However, quite unfairly I can’t tell you how they are in any great detail because it would break my bail conditions.

Needless to say, given a fair trial the bullshit charges and blatant lies are a piece of piss to get found not guilty… The only problem is that I won’t get a fair trial.

Mind you, what can you expect from a force mainly made up of half-wits, operating in groups equivalent to the blind leading the blind, who are as clued up on their job as they are on quantum physics.

And to make matters worse, they have to take their orders from the likes of Chief Inspector Pervert, Ben Hodder:

An Essex Police officer has been sentenced having admitted one count of making indecent images of children.

Ben Hodder, 34, from Thurrock, appeared at Snaresbrook Crown Court today, Friday, April 17, where he was given a six-month prison sentence, suspended for two years.

He was also made subject of a six-month electronic curfew which is part of a 12-month supervision order, will pay a £1,200 fine and will be on the sex offenders’ register for seven years.

The officer, who was a Chief Inspector at Thurrock, admitted the charge on March 13. He has been suspended from duty since May 8, 2014.

A special case hearing will take place on Friday, April 24, where his future employment with the force will be considered. A criminal conviction of this nature would ordinarily result in the dismissal of the officer. Source

Mind you, it is strange that the cunt was charged with two counts of making indecent images of children last October, yet when it came to the court case there must have been a sale on because Hodder had managed to get a whole 50% off… Then again, that fact is no real surprise at all.

A man will appear before Magistrates in Basildon in November following his arrest by police officers on May 8, 2014.

Ben Hodder, aged 34 from Thurrock has been charged with two counts of making indecent images of children.

He has been bailed to appear at Basildon Magistrates court on Thursday, November 6. The man is a police officer and has been suspended. Source


Needless to say, Essex police – just like every other force in the cuntry – are run by perverted corrupt, satanic, paedophile freemasons.

And as such, all of the nations forces are staffed by criminals with police orificers from various counties having been found guilty of Murder & rape, right through to stealing charity money.

Think that I am exaggerating?

Click HERE, HERE and HERE for documented proof.

The fact is: Any half decent copper is quickly drummed out or walks out on his or her own accord only to be replaced by the likes of the wholly corrupt, sick in the head, DC Coombes… But time is running out for the cunts. Tick Tock Coombes, Tick fucking Tock.