Stop This Cruelty Now


Christopher Spivey


Sometimes I fucking hate being me.

Sometimes I hate being a part of this world.

Both statements are particularly appropriate when I receive emails like the one sent to me by Karin MacCurrie (reprinted below).

The email is about animal abuse, in particular dogs. Anyone who is a regular reader of mine will know that dogs play a big part in my life. In fact, to say I love the fury bundles of fun, friendship, loyalty and unconditional love is like describing the Pacific Ocean as a big puddle of water.

Therefore, after reading the content of the email and looking at the links, I find myself writing this with murder on my mind… And believe me, I fucking hate feeling like this.

I don’t think it unfair to describe myself as being fairly good with words. However, after watching the video in the first link I cannot even begin to describe the hatred I feel towards the cunt involved, or the pain that I would inflict on him.

These people are sub human… There is never an excuse to justify animal cruelty… If the monster can do this to an innocent, petrified animal, then he is capable of inflicting the same on his own species.

Gandhi once famously said that an eye for an eye will  result in a world full of blind people. I’m not Gandhi, unfortunately. And, try as I may to encourage peace and love, as far as I am concerned, some things are just too unforgivable to let pass unavenged.

Karin needs our help. Lets not let her down ay. 


The Email


I am trying and have been trying desperately to get this to the attention of Chris.

It’s not just an appeal for one dog in a world of tortured animals, it is sooooooooo much more now.
It started with the persecution of an already crippled animal (quite common in Bulgaria where are animals are treated like scum) and Dr Litvko his owner who found him 12 months ago dragging himself accross the floor as somebody had crippled him and severed his spine. Since then the village Doctor has been vilified and threatened by the villagers resulting in the attack that can be seen here and has caused world wide condemnation. … s-own-home

Since then people have been up in arms and e-mailed the Bulgarian parliament, the police, the mayor of Selcha, the prosecutors office, most of the EU MEP’s, the Worldwide media (mainstream), and TV7 who filmed this attack and promotes the “WAR ON STRAYS”. Well guess what TV7 was purchased last year by Alegro Capital based in London and here is the article that explains this:-
We then found Alegro Capital and Patrick Martin and his LinkedIn e-mail address has been bombarded too.
Chris to date we have NOT HAD A RESPONSE FROM ANYBODY. We know they know about it as ‘open letters’ are being published in Novonite (another Bulgarian media outlet) but since then the Doctor has been served with an eviction order and death threats, the police in this hell hole that passes for a member country in the EU. (, the one the EU has told should treat the other EU countries as it’s playground … playground
This is the latest, so the animals and Dr Litvko and all animal activists in this country face a worrying time and not one of these so called leaders have done a damn thing to help or intervene or even acknowledge our pleas. CAN YOU SHOW THIS SHOWER UP FOR WHAT THEY ARE AND HELP BRING THIS TO PEOPLES ATTENTION. You must be seeing what we are seeing now. The EU don’t give a shit about standards of decency from Bulgaria and they have been given carte blanche to come and reside with us, they are savages with the full approval of the EU and not a thing is done about it. Please please do an article on this Chris.

Sorry forgot to attach this latest update. … 4Borko.pdf


Karin Mac Currie.

Justice for Disabled Borko! Punish the man who savagely beat him in his own home!

A Lynch Mob and the Media staged a shameful act of barbaric abuse on a family dog and used intimidation in order to force the village Doctor, Dr. George Litov, out of his home and work, only because he is helping the strays in the village, where there is no vet and no shelter. The TV news article in no way criticised the mob for their actions, they only blamed Dr. Litov for helping strays. The Police were called, and they did nothing. They did not even attend.

This is typical of the out of control Media in Bulgaria …The Bulgarian Journalists are the main instigators of the so-called “war against the stray dogs” this is the exact term they use in their TV shows and articles. They are the ones who encourage the barbaric primitive acts on the defenceless stray animals and should also be held accountable for their despicable actions.

This is the 21st Century, yet Bulgaria, a member state of the European Union, does not prosecute crimes against animals and allows atrocities like these to happen unchallenged.
Bulgaria has very good, modern Animal Welfare Law (APA 2008) that forbids inhumane handling of animals and places strays under special protection. On 14 April 2011, Bulgarian Parliament passed an amendment in the Penal Code, which criminalized Extreme Cruelty to Animals. That came onto force on 27 July, 2011. So, what is the problem then?

The problem is that Bulgaria has no enforcement body to implement the new law and therefore change cannot take place. Bulgaria has no legitimate Zoo police with powers and Bulgarian police officers do not want to bother to investigate and take animal abusers to justice. Since 27 July 2011 we witnessed a number of extreme animal cruelty cases in Bulgaria and no criminal was caught and punished with jail term, or even with a fine. Our complaints go unnoticed and in some cases we’ve been told to “shut up or else”.

Bulgarian animals live and die in agony! Criminals never get investigated and punished! In most cases Police laugh it off or simply do not accept their duty to protect animals.

This must STOP NOW!