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Lordy child a good days comin’,
And I’ll be there to let the sun in,
And bein’ lost is worth the comin’ home.  (Stones – Neil Diamond)


There is an agenda forming in this country whereby you will have no  fucking rights over your children.

The social services are one of the governments most secret, sinister and corrupt  departments.

The ‘secret courts’ are not there “for the good of the child”.

Secret courts are in place only for the benefit of the child snatchers, so as the nation cannot be made aware of what is really going on.

As it stands at the moment, Social Workers have very little power and have to rely on their cunning, lies and your naivety to snatch your child.

They always prey on the weak and naive but shy away from those children really in need of help.

Children such as Baby P.

These are the children who are really being let down by the system and all because of  some pathetic, bully of a social worker who is too fearful of  the parents of children such as Baby’ P’s, to carry out their job properly and with integrity.

A bully is after all by definition, someone who preys on those weaker than themselves.

And this is why there are many, many thousands of children needlessly in care because of their parents naivety.

Below the article sent to me by Maggie Tuttle is an article from the Independent in which the Cunt Take Monster, Michael ‘guff’ Gove is advocating more children being taken off their parents.

To make his  point Guff  refers to these high profile cases such as Victoria Climbie to make his point.

Victoria was one of those children let down by a number of spineless bullies masquerading as social workers.

It is in fact true to say that in one hundred percent of these high profile cases, the social services or the NSPCC have already been involved and the child in question could have been saved.

Taking children from their parents on the flimsiest of evidence of child abuse, if any at all, is not in the child’s best interest.

Guff is a cunt, and Dog forbid if all things were equal it would be the elites having their children removed from them. They are the ones who are a danger to children.

As it is, the State steals children for the elites to abuse, both physically and mentally. It has to stop. No ifs, no ands, no buts. It has to stop.

Do not comply with social workers. They most definitely are not on your side, no matter how much they claim to be.

ALWAYS record or film all dealings that you have with a social worker. Tell them what you are doing. If they do not agree, that is their problem, not yours.

Do not sign anything.

If you are in danger of losing your unborn or new born baby DO NOT register your baby. You have nothing to lose by not doing so and everything to gain.

If you feel that no one cares about your plight, then the chances are they don’t… Get over it, man up and educate yourself.

Do not employ a solicitor, they are not on your side. Always represent yourself and your child. No one will fight harder for them than you.

Do not donate to charities such as the NSPCC, they are a front for elite paedophiles.

The article that follows shortly was sent to me by the well known Child Campaigner Maggie Tuttle.

Maggie, actually only lives a 5 – 10 minute car drive away from me so it is a measure of how busy we both are that we have never actually met in person, although we have spoken on the phone.

Like me, Maggie is absolutely aghast at the true nature of the NSPCC. The organisation is truly rotten to the core.

Maggie’s campaigning has brought her to the attention of the authorities, and as we all know, they will use every dirty trick in the book to silence whistle blowers… The fact that it more important to silence them rather than act on their information should set alarm bells ringing in everyone’s heads.

It is no surprise then that Maggie has been subject to all manner of dirty tricks… They will however, need to do better than that to silence Maggie Tuttle.



       The desperation of one child stolen by the state



In the photograph you will see four stones with a total weight in excess of 10 stone.

When a little boy living with his grandmother was told he was being taken from the school the next day and driven into the unknown (care system) it was without the knowledge of his grandmother that this little boy aged ten and of small build put one stone under each of the four wheels on the car to stop the grandmother driving him away from where he was safe and happy.

The grandmother had to ask a passer by to help her remove the stones as she could not lift them, then she drove the little boy to school to be then driven to the unknown.

What happened next in the school play ground could have made a best selling film or book and with many witnesses looking on for more than one hour the little boy was on hands and knees holding on to his Nan, begging with hands clasped praying please, please don’t take me from my Nan, I love my Nan.

He was crying a river and pleading with the social worker who had no court order, could not speak or understand English properly and who was not even registered as a social worker.

She was from Romania and when in court on oath as the main witness she told the judge I cannot answer the questions I don’t speak or understand English. She was dismissed. 

One of the stones was taken to court only for the judge (and all in a child’s best interest) to say the evidence is irrelevant, we are in family courts not criminal courts.

And so another child was sentenced by the Judge and sent into the unknown only to be abused by the first foster carer, with all contact stopped with his Nan. 

Where is this child’s justice who will give him justice?


There are no doors to open.   

The stones should be used as evidence by the media. If anything they should be front page news so that the world can see and know of the corruption and of the desperation of just one child in a system with no human rights, no wishes, or wants.

It is a fact that children in care in the UK are the silent witnesses to all “In a child’s best interest”  by those who think they know best.   

Although the helpline hears daily from families so desperate for help, this is one case with the evidence of one child’s plight.

And as the photograph shows the world needs to know.

Maggie Tuttle

The silent witnesses here lies the truth.

This email will be sent separately to all MPs lets see if any one cares.  



Michael Gove calls for hundreds more vulnerable children a year to be taken into care, and for an end to ‘preoccupation with rights of biological parents’




Friday 16 November 2012

Hundreds more vulnerable children a year could be removed from their parents and placed in care or adopted to prevent them suffering “a life of soiled nappies, scummy baths, chaos and hunger”, Michael Gove has signalled.

Tearing up two decades of child protection orthodoxy Mr Gove said the state had for too long exposed children to “appalling neglect and criminal mistreatment” because of its “preoccupation with rights of biological parents”.

And he called for social workers to be “more assertive with dysfunctional parents, courts to be less indulgent of poor parents, and the care system to expand to deal with the consequences”.

Mr Gove’s intervention – his first on child protection policy – comes after the publication of an independent report on children’s services at a council which sparked David Cameron’s pronouncement that Britain had become a “broken society”.

But his comments drew sharp criticism from social workers who questioned whether the Government would commit the resources necessary to expand effective state care. They also warned that there were long term psychological effects of taking children away from their families.

But In his speech in London Mr Gove said the case in Edlington brought home the need for the state to intervene faster and more decisively in child protection issues.

“The state is failing in its duty to keep our children safe,” he said.

“It may seem hard to believe – after the killing of Victoria Climbie, after the torture of Peter Connelly, after the cruel death of Khyra Ishaq – but we haven’t.

“We are not taking the necessary actions, to prevent thousands of children growing up in squalor, enduring neglect in their infancy, witnessing violence throughout their lives and being exposed to emotional, physical and sexual abuse during the years which should be their happiest.”

Aides to Mr Gove said evidence suggested that many social workers had an inbuilt “optimism bias” when dealing with problem families.

“You might have a mother who is a drug user with a violent boyfriend but when the social worker visits she says she has got rid of the boyfriend and trying to come off the drugs.

“When you look at the case reviews where things have gone seriously wrong you see that social workers honestly want to believe that things can improve because it’s a difficult thing to say that I’m going to start proceeding to take your child away.”

To get round this problem officials are looking at tightening the thresholds at which child protection proceedings are begun with further guidance to the courts on how to deal with cases.

But Mr Gove said the state also had an obligation to improve the services that young people in care received along with a push to open up adoption and fostering services.

He announced a new drive to improve the quality of social workers – modelled on the Teach First programme which has been successful in attracting high calibre graduates to teaching.

“I won’t deny there are many things we must do urgently to improve the treatment of and prospects for children and young people in care,” he said.

“Not least, to improve the education they receive, to make sure that they leave school and college with good, valuable qualifications, ready to progress into HE, work and adult life.

“But those who point to the numbers in prison, or suffering mental health problems, or in poor schools, or without qualifications, or who are unemployed and who are, or have been in care, and conclude that it is always care that is responsible for these terrible outcomes are making a terrible error.

“They are confusing correlation and causation. It’s as foolish as concluding that because so many die in hospital, hospitals are bad for your health.”

But Bridget Robb, acting chief executive of the British Association of Social Workers, said Mr Gove’s analysis of the problems and strategy was simplistic.

“Social work professionals will concur with Mr Gove in recognising that the voice of children should be heard first and foremost, and ahead of any professional or other interest,” she said.

“What his analysis overlooks, however, is that protecting children also involves learning from evidence from around the world telling us that simply cutting them off from their birth families is not always in their best interests.

“We need to be careful to resist taking a punitive approach to struggling families – an approach that may play well with the media but may fail vulnerable children who need protection.”

Ms Robb added that none of his solutions – at a time of huge pressure on local council budgets would be cheap.

“The minister’s speech offers no recognition of how part of the state’s ‘failure in its duty to keep our children safe’ lies in a refusal to understand that it requires sustained investment in better services, whether this is done through intensive work with parents in the family or by taking more children into care.

“The latter option is not cheap, and to pretend that social workers can take on ever greater caseloads with ever diminishing resources is a miscalculation that Mr Gove surely must recognise.”