Sticks & Stones and all that old bollox


Christopher Spivey


I feel sure that the vast majority of my readers will know by now that my appeal against my conviction in August 2015 for 2 counts of Harassment Without Violins and 2 counts of Sending A Malicious Communication was not upheld at Chelmsford Crown Court earlier on this week – Monday 16th of January to Thursday 19th of January to be precise.

Now for some very strange reason the paedo-trolls – who are at best on a Parr with those tiny, wiggly white worms that you occasionally see in fresh dog shit – appear spunk-festly happy that I lost.

In fact the news of my unsuccessful appeal was so well received by the warped nonentities that they immediately left their excrement homes just to come out in force to try and post repeated, monotonous comments embroidered with references to all manner of perverse sex acts, just to celebrate the fact… Honestly! They really did. I’m not lying or fuck all.

Although obviously the fact that they have done so is very fucking strange and extremely alarming in my book since the gratuitous references to sex acts in all of these postings would indicate that these paedo-trolls have become sexually aroused by my failure to overturn the 2015 conviction, which now has very, very serious consequences for us all – a matter that I will discuss shortly.

Moreover, the ‘money shot‘ for these sexual deviants seems to centre around a collective notion that I will no longer be writing.

Course, what puzzles me is not only why this throng of shit-dwelling-tiny-maggots are creaming themselves over the fact that the appeal was unsuccessful when I have repeatedly documented that I never expected to win – that was never the point in the first place – but more bizarrely still, I am totally flummoxed as to why on earth that result should mean that I would be quitting writing?

After all, had justice been done i.e I successfully appealed the conviction, the consequences for the Establishment would have been devastating… And as such they were never going to allow that, yet why the result would spell the end of this website is beyond me since the conviction dates back to a year and a half ago.

Still, I shouldn’t really expect any different from those akin to Tapeworm.

Nevertheless, apart from me having to neglect this site for a couple of more days whilst I sort legal matters out (which are not only in relation to last weeks appeal), you can rest assured that for as long as your donations keep this site going that I will continue to write… And just so ya know, as it stands at the moment there is enough to pay next month’s hefty fee which means the site will continue until at least the 9th of March.

Have you ever seen a Tapeworm lose its erection… Well that fact would certainly do it.

Mind you, I know that some of you have a job understanding why I have to pay nearly £300 per month to keep this site on-line, and as such I will take this opportunity to very briefly explain.

Now obviously given the subjects that I write about along with the website attracting huge numbers of people, it was always inevitable that the Government/security services would quickly learn about me and the sites existence and given the insidious nature of those running the country, it is equally unsurprising that they would use illegal methods to try and close me down… As has been repeatedly evidenced in various articles that I have posted.

However, those (continuing) efforts failed to do so albeit they did originally cause me immense problems in which time I was forced to move the site from England to Russia and then from Russia to Iceland, where it still is.

Yet even there I was forced to put the site onto its own server, at the continuing cost of nearly £300 per month – a huge amount of money to find although that monthly expense means that the website is:

  • able to remain on-line & accessible
  • is guaranteed by the company who own the server, ‘Orange‘ (nothing to do with the massive Orange corporation) to remain that way for as long as I keep up the monthly payments, regardless of any pressure put on them by any countries government – indeed, when the British Security Services working out of Cyprus were foiled in their illegal attempts to shut the site down by me renting the server, they turned their cyber attacks onto Orange itself


  • My tech-guy gets tremendous, free help, advice and support from Orange as well as the occasional ‘freebie’ up-grade
  • And the site’s security is second to none.

In fact the site has NEVER been offline since that agreement was reached by myself and Orange in June 2014… A month before I was illegally arrested on suspicion of harrassment.

It should also be noted that in the 6 months leading up to that agreement, such was the velocity of the Security Services cyber attacks on this site that it was offline and inaccessible for long periods of time.

And just for clarification, the huge number of sustained attacks, the methods and technology used and the subsequent tracing back to the source (Cyprus) means that the only people capable of spearheading those cyber attacks are the British Security Services, acting illegally… You can decide for yourself what that says about your government.

Okay, let me get back on track.

Now part of what losing the appeal means is that today I will be splashed all over the Sunday Specials alleging all manner of things about me that are simply not true, whilst safe & smug in the knowledge that I cannot defend myself against their old bollox because to do so would have to involve me breaking the terms of the restraining order imposed on me in August 2015 – which I have reluctantly adhered to ever since and have no intention of breaching now.

However, 99% of the total tosh being unleashed in today’s papers will actually have originated from ONE woman only, who tellingly only sat through roughly half of the proceedings which were carried out over the course of four full days.

That woman – who looked at me as if I was shit on her shoe – was the ONLY reporter in court. Yet not only did she miss at least half of what went on, she certainly never once tried to speak to me, even after the verdict had been announced and likewise I never once saw her approach my barrister who at the end of the third day, bizarrely asked the judge to grant him press anonymity.

However, Judge Christopher Morgan did make it clear on the first day whilst reminding the court that there was a reporting ban in place, that he knew who she was and that he held her in very high esteem.

I can also only conclude that the prosecuting barrister – who just so happened to be a part time high court judge as well as one of the most experienced barristers in the country, FACT – was filling her in on the details of what she had missed since I saw them both immersed in very friendly conversation at least once a day, every day and sometimes up to as many as 3 times a day.

And that I am afraid to say just about sums up the integrity of today’s British National Press.

Course, I couldn’t give a fuck what they write about me, although it certainly comes to something when a man cannot defend himself against such hostile, untrue allegations being read by millions of people who swallow every word hook line and sinker.

After all, that is no different to what the sewer-rats did a year and a half ago and nobody had the bollocks to front me in person back then or since for that matter despite me never going into hiding.

Nevertheless, such outrageous untruths for which I have no means of recourse cannot have any other outcome than to potentially put my life in danger.

Yet I am sure that I won’t lose any sleep over the fact.

However, you have to feel a bit sorry for my daughter, Stacey and Grandson, Clayton who are the ones who will be most affected by the soaked up bullshit what with Clayton having just started school and what not.

But of course, that fact will also go unmentioned in the press.

Now I say that 99% of the old fanny will originate from the old fanny popping in and out of the courtroom, but the other 1% will originate from a 12 year old Sunday Mirror Journalist Monkey who I spoke to yesterday morning… Least he looked about twelve.

You see, this came about after I was woken by my flat intercom ringing which is connected to the exterior door bell.

Now, as you know, unless I am expecting someone I don’t never answer the door which is fuck all to do with the events over the last couple of years; I have in fact always been that way having concluded many, many years ago that no one turning up unannounced at my doorstep is there to give me something to my advantage.

And besides, since the unknown fella was very young looking I kinda figured that he was looking for the young fella who lives in the flats above and had either rung the wrong bell – as happens very often – or having got no answer from the person he was looking for, was just ringing the other flat buzzers in the hope that someone would let him into the block – as also often turns out to be the case.

And I ain’t nobody’s butler.

Moreover, the fact that having rung my bell once yielded no reply, he fucked off after a little bit of foot shuffling and I in turn fucked off back to sleep.

However, I was woken up less than half-hour later by Stacey ringing me to tell me that a young fella had knocked loudly on her front door three times – having waited a suitable amount of time for the door to be answered between knocks.

Stacey went on to tell me that the fella was now just sat in a car containing another fella, staring at her house… Although hopefully this time next year the young man should be able to apply for his provisional driving licence.

But all the same, having by now described to Stacey the fella who had knocked at mine and what he was wearing, and having further ascertained that it was the same mush, I concluded that he was in all probability a Monkey.

And since I live a maximum 5 minute stroll away from Stacey or a 1 minute car drive, coupled with the fact that the young Chimp wasn’t of threatening appearance or stature, I told her to go outside and ask him what he wanted – whilst all the while remaining on the phone to me.

However, having got out of the car whilst telling her that he was from the Sunday Mirror and that he wanted to talk to her about me, Stacey shouted (she has a long drive) that she had nothing to say to him and that he would only print shit about me anyway.

Yet he still proceeded to follow her when she turned to go back inside, at which point I told her to send him round to me… Although I should have really battered the little bum-boy for intimidating my daughter. Then again, I am in enough trouble as it is.

There then followed the quickest flat tidying ever bar none, since the last thing that I wanted to do was to give the Tapeworms another spunkfest by affording the Mirror-Monkey the opportunity to describe me as being someone along the lines of: “A Twisted Troll living in a squalid hovel“.

However, when I buzzed him in and opened my front door, looking as if I had just been in a spunkfest of my own, he twice refused my offer to come in – therefore I can only conclude that he thought I might eat him if he did.

Nevertheless, the stairwell which echoes like fuck was not the place to talk so we went outside into the car-park, which is when his dad – or whoever it was in the car – unbeknownst to me took that rather unflattering header photo… Although I have never seen that background in my life, even if it was in focus.

And having already told him at the door that I couldn’t adequately answer his questions or defend myself from what would be inevitably written about me because of the restraining order in place, I then had to repeatedly tell him again in the car-park, especially since his enquiries appeared to centre around why I insisted on putting the prosecution witnesses through the ordeal of having to give evidence… I really do sometimes wonder what passes for brains or common sense these days.

Nevertheless, I asked him a hypothetical question along the lines of: If I made an allegation to the police about you and that allegation was extended to include my friend and backed by statements by two other friends of mine, both of which contained easily provable lies, would you not want those people to appear in court so as you can have your barrister cross examine them, or would you be happy to just let the allegations backed by deliberate lies go unchallenged?

Course, that was clearly not the answer that he was looking for although he was forced to concede that indeed he would want his accusers in court.

I further told the reporter that were it not for the restraining order I would gladly debate the true facts leading to the court case on television or wherever with anyone.

And I also wanted him to stress that – regardless of whether or not I have – I have sincerely never set out with an intention to harass ANYONE at all, other than our paedophile infested government. Neither would I knowingly deliberately do so especially where children are involved. FACT.

Course, by doing so he would be defeating the object and as such, declined to publish my request in his nonsensical hatchet job.

Unfortunately, I did forget to ask him how he got my address and even more alarmingly Stacey’s since neither of us are on the electoral roll and Stacey’s address is supposedly a secret being as she was fast-tracked up the housing list after it was acknowledged by Sanctuary Housing that she had been traumatised by the police violently invading our home and the potential danger posed to her and Clayton by living in a house that was vulnerable to attack due to the hatred whipped up by the national press via their vindictive, libelous reporting… FACT.

Yet in my opinion I do not consider the press to be harassing me. In fact except for maybe inciting hatred towards me, I don’t consider the press to have committed any crime at all against me. Course, without doubt their reporting is morally repugnant, libelous and an affront to journalism… But not criminal

And as for Justice being done last week?

Well it was always going to be a stitch up although I cannot tell you what went on in court in regard to the evidence, but it is suffice to say that unsubstantiated claims now trump those backed by indisputable evidence produced in court, when it suits the desired outcome.

Furthermore, I can tell you that despite the judiciary having had a year and a half to organise the appeal I was again denied my basic right to a fair trial, because there was only the Judge and one magistrate sitting – as opposed to the Judge and two magistrates – a fact which I was opposed to and after taking my instructions, my barrister made my objection known to the judge.

It is also correct to say that the only person affected by postponing the appeal would have been me.

Yet it was made crystal clear to the Judge that I was happy to wait for however long it would take for another court slot to become available, be it six months or even a year.

But nevertheless, completely ignoring that fact Judge Morgan still ruled that the appeal could go ahead, quoting a law that gave him authority to do so under “exceptional circumstances” – although I am fucked if I know what those exceptional circumstances are! .

However, that was always going to be the case because it was already blatantly obvious to me that Judge Christopher Morgan had been cherry-picked for the job.

You see Judge Christopher Morgan is a newly appointed Crown Court Judge having only been appointed in November 2016. He is a very religious man whose 12 year old son was killed six years ago in tragic circumstances.

Moreover, the boys death had been reported on twice by the aangirfan website – a website that would be deemed by the Establishment as being a conspiracy theory website.

Therefore, when you take those facts into consideration along with the godless appellant (me) and the background to the appeal hearing that Judge Morgan was now presiding over, it doesn’t take a genius to work our that the Monsters couldn’t have had a better choice of Judge and I couldn’t have had a worse one… Although it will take a lot of repeating until the Tapeworms are able to digest that fact.

I should also point out that there are nearly 3500 articles written by me on varying subjects on this website whilst also pointing out that there are many websites and forums on the internet exclusively and specifically set up for the purpose of writing about and discussing the possibility that Kate and Gerry McCann murdered their young daughter Madeleine – most of which remain active to this day.

And despite the McCann’s suing a couple of them for libel there has been no criminal charges brought against any of them.

Yet I have never so much as accused or even hinted at anyone connected with my case being involved in murdering anyone.

In fact you have to look at the bigger picture involved here and how this prosecution came about in the first place.

After all, the prosecution commenced in response to an email sent by myself to Stephen Kavanagh, the Essex Chief Constable, accusing him of deliberately not investigating my complaint against the police which he was avoiding doing under false pretences.

And of course his reply to that email two days later was to summons me to court for harrassment via postal requisition, despite me not being due to answer bail for another month and as a further consequence does in fact mean that to date, I have never been formally charged with the offences that I was convicted of.

Course, disregarding what the Monkey-Press are writing in the newspapers about this case, none of them will print the evidence which convicted me on Counts 1, 2, 3, 4. And whilst I can’t tell you either because of the restraining order, I can tell you that from this point forth:

  • You can be guilty of harrassment just by writing anything on a website that would be offensive to a person, even if what is written is not intended by the author to be seen by them.
  • If you publish anything deemed offensive on your website written or created by someone else – even if that someone else is unknown to you – questioning why that person (known or unknown) would publish such a thing, you are, in law, guilty of sending a Malicious Communication.
  • Finally, if you write about any event reported in the press whilst expressing a belief that the event was a government orchestrated hoax, then by doing so – in law – can now be construed as sending a malicious communication… Think along the lines of Holocaust denial.

Moreover, if you think that I am pulling your pisser or even exaggerating then all you need do is apply for a copy of my appeal judgement to see for yourself – something anyone is entitled to do.

Therefore, anyone rubbing their hands with glee at my impossible attempt to overturn my conviction is either wired up wrong or a real enemy of the State. All I have done is attempted to draw attention to the danger that we are all in, at a very high cost to myself.

So in view of the change in law I am now considering amending the way that this site can be accessed in order to protect myself from further potential charges of harrassment although access to the site will still obviously be free… Moreover, if what I have in mind is viable then by doing so nobody will be unduly inconvenienced except for the paedo-trolls, who on discovery will certainly find a lot of extra work involved.

And of course, those who will be prosecuted in the immediate future using these precedents will be very few and far between. However, give it a few years and then see how this travesty of justice will have been used to quash any government dissent, having by then firmly eradicated the last remnants of free speech.

Oh and one more thing, can I sue the press for claiming that I am in receipt of benefits – something that is totally, totally untrue… Not even housing benefit I’m afraid to say Monkey-Scum… Now that really is the state of fact checking by today’s ‘free’ press.

Just Sayin’.