Christopher Spivey.


Just a quick heads up on what is happening here and a thank you for all of your support.

I take it you are all aware of my last article: “Ripped Off“?

Good, then I will continue.

Now Gary Heath paid me some royalties money for my book sales yesterday just like he had promised to do after – albeit only after – I released my last article on the subject.

That is all the email said. However, I found that amount of money very suspicious given mind to the fact that my book is still selling well and my problems with Gary started at the beginning of the year.

I will therefore remind you that Gary first approached me in 2016 with a proposal to ease my ever-increasing financial crisis and he certainly talked a good plan. And neither did I have any reason not to trust him.

However, by the start of the new year I was having to repeatedly ask him for the money he owed me which is paid into his account by Amazon on the 28th of every month. You should also be aware that Amazon are always a month behind – for example, the February payment paid on the 28th is for sales made up to the 28th of January.

Now, on the 4th of April 2018, Gary finally replied to my repeated requests for the money that he owed me and had in fact received himself from Amazon on the 28th of March.

He told me in that msg that my royalties were £180 + but didn’t transfer it to my account, although to be perfectly fair, I didn’t press him for it… However, by the same token I should not have had to even ask how much he owed me so much as once and the money should have been transferred as a matter of routine.

On the 4th of May, after again repeatedly asking about what he owed me for the month ending the 28th of April along with the money he already owed, which again Amazon would have paid him for, he msg’d me telling me that my royalties for that month were £51+.

This means that he now owed me £231+ since he hadn’t paid the £180+ from March 28th.

He also told me in the same msg that to date (3/5/18) there had been 90 copies of my book sold. However, since the book wasn’t released until the 10th of April and all Amazon payments are a month behind the £51+ would not relate to any book sales.

After repeated requests for the £231+ he owed me – which were ignored until I took to writing on Gary’s Facebook wall for the money – he finally sent me £105 on the 30th of May… A strange amount since he had already been paid the £231+ he owed me.

Nevertheless, that meant that he still owed me £126 + as well as the royalties on the 90 books and the many more that have been sold since.

Yesterday (29/6/18), Gary transferred £409 to my account via an account in a lady’s name whose last name wasn’t Heath. Therefore, if you deduct £126 from £409 you are left with £283… Which is supposedly the royalties from my book… Or put another way, just over £3 for every copy of a book costing nearly £15 to buy.

Moreover, it is interesting that Gary chose yesterday to pay me since he will have received another royalty payment from Amazon the day before. So, even if my royalty payments are a measly £3 per copy – despite Amazon offering up to 60% of the market price on books to sellers – am I supposed to believe that I have not sold anymore books since the 3rd of May?

Especially when you take into account the following screenshot:

I therefore, wrote something similar to the above on my Facebook wall and low and behold, within minutes of me doing so I received the following Email from Gary:

You will note that he does not say how much more. Furthermore, that money will have been paid to Gary so why wasn’t it paid as a matter of routine? Ever get the impression that you are being taken for a cunt?

So why haven’t I withdrawn the book from Amazon, you might ask. And the answer to that is simple – I am caught between a rock and a hard place. You see the book has sold so well it is still high in the book charts and there are currently 19 five-star reviews. If I ordered Gary to stop selling it – which I originally did, but changed my mind when Gary said I was being hasty and I would get my money – I would not only lose the high-ranking in the charts (Amazons book charts go into the millions), but I would also lose all of the all important reviews.

Now here is the thing, I have been trying for the past two months to get a Literary Agent… Something that is nigh on impossible to do and even fucking harder when your name is Christopher Spivey.

However, against all odds I was offered a publishing contract by Melrose Books – albeit one that was an insult when you take into account their excellent summary report on my book: “Never Mind The Sex Pistols…”.

Now that contract offer was what swayed me to keep my book on sale by Amazon, since if I am offered a half decent contract the book will have to be withdrawn from Amazon anyway and in the meantime it is a good advertisement for all the other agencies that I have offered the book to.

Mind you, I suspect that the Spooks will step in to stop anyone offering me a contract, and tellingly I have not heard back from Melrose Books since turning down their original offer – and I am still waiting for replies from many more.

And that is rather strange given their excellent summary report and the fact that there are also two follow up books on the same story nearly ready to go.

But why would the Spooks step in to stop me getting a contract?

To which the answer is simple. You see, getting a publishing contract is akin to winning ‘Britain’s Got Talent‘ and just as hard to win. Indeed, with a half decent contract it is not out of the question to make a million squids with a three book deal… And the Spooks wouldn’t like that at all.

Moreover, a contract would lead to this websites viewing figures going through the roof… And they definitely do not want that to happen, although with a million quid in the bank, I would probably retire anyway.

Nevertheless, I won’t hold my breath.

Course, if you are daft enough to think that the Spooks have not got the clout to prevent me getting a contract then boy you really is dumb. Indeed I have a letter tucked away in my desk here from Essex Police admitting that the search and seizure of my computers in 2014 was illegal but despite that admittance in writing, can I get a solicitor to sue them? Can I fuck… Even after 4 years!

That then also begs the question as to whether Gary Heath is a spook?

And the answer to that is I really don’t know. Certainly, by his own admittance he was on the verge of the big time in the music industry back in the 1970’s

He also told me that he had some “very interesting stories to tell me about the music industry“, but never did.

And when you look at his Facebook profile there are definitely clues to suggest that he could be a wrong-un.

I mean that is definitely an eye in his profile picture. He also describes himself as a “Master Alchemist” and he attended the London College of Music which is a breeding ground for Spooks… He certainly isn’t skint so why keep fucking me around for a few hundred quid which he knows that I desperately need?

The answer to that could be to keep my vibration levels low – something that he has succeeded in doing but not because of the money as I am not a money grabber. Indeed it is the breach of trust that never fails to feel like a proper kick in the bollocks.

However, what really made me suspicious of Gary is a video that he sent me for publication, advertising my eBook, “A Bridge Too Far” which I instantly knocked back – see if you can guess why:

Did ya spot it? If you can’t, look at how the fella in the screenshot is stood – something that I picked up on right away and which Gary claimed to have not noticed. And if you are still scratching your head, stop being a thick cunt and look at the photo below:

Fuck me, if that video had been released certain people would have had a fucking field day. And in hindsight, I now find it unthinkable that someone as clued up as Gary didn’t clock it.

Now I am not going to lie, all this and the other shit that I have to put up with along with the constant struggle to keep a roof over my head has left me feeling pretty burned out. Indeed, it gets harder and harder for me to motive myself for what is much more than a full-time job when all I get in return is betrayal and a distinct lack of support.

However, I have also been tied up with writing to Literary Agents and getting my next THREE books ready for publication – which I will have full control over.

I have also been doing a bit of tattooing simply because I can no longer afford not to, all of which means that I cannot spend the time studying the news and then writing about my findings on here. By the same token, I do not expect anyone to donate to the site when there is a lack of new content, which throws up a Catch 22 situation since the £270 a month site fees still have to be paid to keep the site online.

Therefore, I will pay the shortfall on the fees due on the 9th of July out of my own pocket, but be aware, I can ill afford to do so what with having no wife and three dogs to support and it certainly is not going to be a regular occurrence… It is in fact simple, if you don’t show your support the site will close, whether it be in August 2018 or any given month or year after that.

Indeed, it should not have to be the same names cropping up on donations time and time again.

In the event, I do expect Gary to pay ALL of what he owes me eventually, and if he doesn’t I will take him to court… I have done it before when I was a builder and I will reluctantly do it again if I have to. Now I say that because a few – well meaning – readers of mine have contacted me saying that they will collect the money for me in person, if you get my drift.

And while I thank those people for their support, I do not want ANYONE going near Gary… Fuck me, the Spooks would have a field day with that.

Mind you, amidst all of this gloom and doom I was given a little chuckle by a photo sent to me today. I mean if you have read my book you will know that photos like the following are to be expected:

However, the one that I was sent today took funny to a whole new level.

This is one of my readers mum… How cool is she! I mean if my mum was ever to read my book she would either die of a heart attack or beat me to death with it.

New article to follow in a couple of days – just sayin’… Over and out.