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Fuck off Voice of Reason.

So, in regard to yesterdays article ‘Chrissy One Jag’ I was pleasantly surprised to see how many of you hadn’t been taken in by Russell Brand.

From what I had been reading last week the second coming had just about been completed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I found Russell’s TV shows quite funny – unlike a lot of you apparently – and I do have a feeling that he might well have wished he’d stayed doing what he does best, in the near future.

You see, I never for a second believed him a credible leader for the wide awake club. Logic dictates otherwise.

Therefore, he must have an alternative agenda which cannot be beneficial to us. And as such, I would imagine many, many others can now no longer look at him in the same way as before.

And, as you probably know, I did in fact request an interview with Russell early last week when “Go with the Brand” seemed at its peek.

My intention was to conduct the interview over the phone or Skype and transcribe his answers into an article – I don’t do videos, I am a writer.

Unfortunately, despite feeling absolutely certain -based on past events if nothing else – that Russell knows exactly who I am, he did not so much as acknowledge my request… Very rude.

Neither am I the only person to ask him to speak to me. That request too was met with stony silence.

Perhaps he knows the kind of questions that I was going to put to him… After all, you don’t need to be a genius to work that out.

Mind you, from what I was told today, Russell’s quest for contender of the new messiah has now all but come to an end.

Nuff said.

In the same article, I was particularly scathing in my criticism of three people who passed judgement – without foundation – on me in David Ickes forum, whilst I was off-line last week.

The one who came in for most criticism has since shown their self to be the one with the most integrity and publicly apologised to me on both here and the Icke forum.

I was more than happy to accept that apology. Anyone who can still apologise after the savaging I gave them has to be made of the right stuff in my opinion.

In the meantime the other two Herberts continue to bleat on and have been joined by another two dumb fucks who no doubt wish me to waste my time writing long articles refuting their claims.

As if that’s going to happen!

I have said all I intend to say on the matter now. If they want to continue digging a hole for themselves then that is their lookout. People are not stupid… Well they are a little bit, but you know what I mean.

So, what’s in the news?

Well, it seems that in 11 days time it will be Prince Dobby’s 65th birthday and the Daily Chimpanzee – in a sycophantic effort to whip up some public enthusiasm – have released an article about the big eared twat.

Course, any article that starts with the sentence: He is on the verge of becoming the world’s most famous pensioner – and quite possibly the busiest one too, is never going to be anything other than a load of grovelling old fanny.

I mean, how the fuck is he busy?

From that point, it just gets more and more cringy as it goes along.

What the Chimp with either a hard-on or wide-on (the propaganda rag doesn’t say who wrote it) neglected to mention is that the man is an evil monster, has little interest in women, but a big interest in children – and not in a good way – hates you all and wants you dead.

Therefore, any cunt who wishes him happy birthday wants shooting in my book.

You can read the embarrassingly fawning piece of shit HERE



However, what is interesting is that on the same day that The Chimpanzee publishes the Dobby article, they also published a seemingly pointless short article that unless it is either hugely coincidental or I am reading too much into it, is funny as fuck.

You see, the article (found below) is about James Hewitt, father to Harry H Hewitt AKA Prince Harry.

Now, as far as I am concerned the article does not constitute news and would be far more at home in a woman’s magazine – and even then I doubt that Hewitt would be worthy of their print space these days.

Therefore, the only reason for the Chimp to publish as far as I can see, is by way of a subtle dig at the Royal Ponce.

If so, it is about time and I salute the Chimp whose ideas it was.

Also in the Chimp today is an article about the vile old bitch Esther Rantzen.

As we know, Rantzen promotes herself as someone who gives a fuck about abused children but as subsequent events have proved, she doesn’t and has in fact been protecting and aiding child abusers with her silence.

And judging by this new article, its quite obvious that the woman is desperate for publicity.

Mind you, giving her the print space now negates any good that the propaganda rag did by publishing the Hewitt article… Bad Chimps.

The Article has the headline:

Esther Rantzen claims a police officer lied to her and her husband when he pulled them over for speeding

And starts thus:

Television presenter Esther Rantzen has claimed that she and her husband were the victims of police dishonesty 15 years ago.

According to Miss Rantzen, her late husband Desmond Wilcox was stopped by a traffic officer while speeding on the motorway, but he asked the officer not to take his licence because he needed it for a holiday they were about to go on.

Her husband wanted to deal with the matter in court instead, she explained. The 73-year-old said it was only later they heard the officer’s version of events.

‘He wrote down that he [Mr Wilcox] had said: “I am the well-known celebrity producer Desmond Wilcox and my wife Esther Rantzen is a TV celebrity. Don’t you know who we are?”’ she said.

‘Of course we would never say anything like that.’

Miss Rantzen added that the couple had decided not to take the matter further because they did not think they would stand much of a chance against the word of a police officer. ‘But you never forget,’ she admitted.

The presenter made the comments in the wake of the ‘Plebgate’ affair. Read More

Hmmm, seems Rantzen lives her life by hindsight.

Now, as you know, I’m no fan of the Old Bill, but I can quite easily imagine the couple using that tried and tested “Do you know who we are” line… Just saying .

so, how about fuck off Rantzen.

And finally, I see that our Dishonourable MP’s are still at it.

They really are the most obnoxious, creepy, corrupt, thieving, slimy, self serving, perverted, poncing, lazy most useless cunts in the country.

Quite how they are allowed to get away with this shit I will never ever fucking know.

We have people in this country who cant afford heating yet we are paying the energy bills on these millionaire cunts second homes.

Fuck me, people really do deserve what is waiting around the corner for them.

If I had the fucking backing, I would clear the fucking houses of parliament  tomorrow followed by a swift march to Buck Fuck house.

How much longer are you people going to let these cunts destroy our world?

Hundreds of MPs – including Ed Miliband – have together claimed a total of £200,000 on expenses to pay their energy bills.

Politicians have claimed up to £6,000 each for gas and electricity in their second homes, leaving hard-pressed taxpayers to pick up the bill.

Some 340 MPs, some of them multi-millionaires, have taken advantage of the perk at a time when many people are struggling to pay rising utility bills.

Even Labour leader Mr Miliband, who has attacked the Government over spiralling costs, claimed £403.59 for fuel at his constituency home in Doncaster. Read Me

Get angry, and take back what is yours… You know it makes fucking sense.



Back home, Diana’s dashing ex-lover: James Hewitt seen walking with mother as it’s revealed he has moved back in with her

  • James Hewitt, 55, was spotted walking alongside his mother in Devon
  • Had a greying, receding hairline and had gained a few extra pounds
  • The cavalry officer began a five-year affair with Diana in 1986


PUBLISHED: 23:45, 3 November 2013 | UPDATED: 08:25, 4 November 2013


Pale and greying: James Hewitt, 55, was spotted walking alongside his mother in DevonPale and greying: James Hewitt, 55, was spotted walking alongside his mother in Devon

He was the dashing Army Major who swept Princess Diana off her feet – before breaking her heart and fleeing to Spain. 

But now her old flame is back in the UK – looking a mere shadow of his former self – and living with his mother. 

Wearing a cardigan, chinos and suede shoes, James Hewitt, 55, was spotted walking alongside his mother in Devon.

The cavalry officer was seen looking pale with a greying, receding hairline and had gained a few extra pounds. 

The Gulf War tank commander had a five-year affair with Diana but broke her heart and then fled to Spain to open a restaurant. 

He moved to Spain after being dubbed ‘The Cad’ for writing a book about their affair and trying to sell Diana’s love letters for £10million.

His restaurant in Marbella folded after four years and last week he was back home in England.

Mr Hewitt is now living in a spare bedroom with his mother Shirley in a £250,000 two-bedroom flat in a former country house near Exeter, Devon.

He has been seen driving a Fiat Punto car – rather than the £60,000 Range Rover he used to drive around Chelsea. He has an Army pension of nearly £500 a month.

Lovers: Diana and Hewitt are pictured at a polo match in 1989Lovers: Diana and Hewitt, who began their affair in 1986, are pictured at a polo match in 1989
In 1995 Diana spoke of how she was in love with Mr Hewitt and ‘adored him’, adding: ‘But I was very let down’.

Their affair began in 1986 when he taught Diana and Prince William and Harry to ride.

Mr Hewitt has since claimed he considered committing suicide following their affair.