Spiv’s Day After The Day After Boxing Day Special


Christopher Spivey


I really hope that you all had a great time yesterday and by “yesterday” I mean Christmas day being as I am writing this on Boxing Day whilst waiting on Stacey to get ready for our yearly excursion to my parents house for dinner… Well my yearly excursion; Stacey goes to see her Grandma & Grandad Spivey quite regularly.

Therefore I am not certain that I will have finished writing this article by close of play today.

Course, I had hoped to include the Chimp articles that I am going to comment on in this article in yesterday’s Christmas day special, which if you have read it you will know that I didn’t get around to doing so due to the time that I spent looking into and writing about the Glasgow garbage truck rubbish.

And rubbish is exactly what the official version of events amounts to, despite a few of you disagreeing with that assessment of the situation.

Mind you, most of those comments dismissive of what I wrote were along the lines of:

“Hi Spiv, long time reader, first time commenter. First off let me say that I love your work and agree with just about everything that you say, but on this occasion you are wrong fella. I live in Edinburgh which is a 5 minute walk from Glasgow and as such I know the Georges Square area like the back of my hand and after speaking to a friend who has a friend whose next door neighbour is the uncle of a woman with one leg, who shags a fella called Eddie, and Eddie works with someone whose brother saw the whole thing and he said that the event happened exactly like we are told it did, so with that being the case great mate, I am afraid that you are wrong for once.

Never the less, I guess we all have our off days, perhaps you are over doing it, you really should take a year or two rest which no one would begrudge you for all the hard work you do for us. keep on keeping my good man and love to you Stacey and Clinton”

Which is just about the only way that a troll’s comment will get passed the moderators on here… A fact that the Trolls know only too well.

Course, to be fair it wasn’t just the trolls who disagreed and to those few that did, I say “fair enough you are entitled to your opinion”… But I would also ask:

  • have you read the official story?
  • Do you suffer from selective reading?
  • Have you studied the photos and carefully read the huge amount of information that I have written below each one?
  • Have you tried cross referencing the eyewitness accounts with the map of the area and the available photos?
  • Have you watched the Chimp video with the dubbed screaming and the crisis actors taking up position?
  • Have you mostly ignored the points I made because you live in Glasgow and as such know what you know?

I would also ask where you get your facts from, because I have seen no mention whatsoever of anyone bailing out of the lorry. Moreover, like the Woolwich Signposts, Glasgow must have the toughest brickwork and sheets of glass in the world… I mean did you not see what stopped the lorry?

Or should I say the lack of what stopped the lorry.

If you didn’t then I suggest that you have a look at the angle of the lorry in relation to the inch of brickwork that stopped this bull in a china shop – which against all odds finally decided to veer away from its straight, dead ahead course without a second to spare, thus allowing the colossus battering ram to come to a halt  having narrowly missed a major supporting column holding the train station up, whilst at the same time, not diverting far enough off course to slam into the hotels glass conservatory like frontage…  Which I hasten to add, astoundingly did not suffer so much as a single cracked pane of glass despite the undoubted reverberating thud that the lorry must have sent shivering through the building.


Now, those glaring anomalies that I highlighted were just for starters, after having had a QUICK look at the old fanny whilst writing the Christmas special.

Moreover, I could indeed have highlighted many more inconsistencies but I didn’t have the time, and after doing so, I may then have even felt the need to dig a bit deeper.

However, contrary to the misconception that I see a conspiracy in every single event that happens, I don’t and have far too much to write about as it is, without me getting bogged down with trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Never the less, I do feel the need to point out that apart from those in disagreement being from Glasgow and as such qualified to dismiss the lack of traffic as being normal – in direct contradiction to many other Glaswegians who claim that the place would have been teaming with traffic – there has been no credible refuting of the evidence that I put forward… But then again, that is the norm.

Now, I also commented in yesterdays effort on how quickly the MSM reporting on the Aussie & Pakistani false flag events had died down, given mind to the early over enthusiasm and totally over the top reporting that dominated the newspapers & TV news programs at the time of the hoax events.

After all, in comparison the Boston Bomb fraud created week after week of headlines.

Course, I fully appreciate that the lives of 130 odd Asian schoolchildren are unimportant to a Western world who have been conditioned by the mind manipulating MSM into believing that peoples lives have different value depending on ethnic origin.

And by the same token, Australian news – despite Australia sharing our sovereign and laws – does not generate the same interest amongst the British public as news from America does.

Yet even so, the two hoaxes disappeared extremely quickly.

Having said that, the Australian effort was piss poor by any standard of false flag and as such, the less reported on, then probably the better.

And whilst the Pakistan hoax was a lot better standard and certainly presented as being a lot more barbaric, the location and nationality of the victims ensured that the perceived mass murder of school children was never going to generate anywhere near as much sympathy as there should have been.

Course, it was quite obvious to me that the Pakistan offering was all about resurrecting the Taliban bogeymen and destabilising the country’s government, thus paving the way for American intervention.

After all, Pakistan is of course logistically crucial to America’s war-plans for China.

And as such, the school massacre served its purpose with the American government being quick to capitalise on the hoax:

Five Taliban militants were killed in a US drone strike on a hideout in northwestern Pakistan today as the military response to this week’s school massacre continues to intensify.

In a separate operation, officials say Pakistani security forces also killed seven ‘terrorists’ on the outskirts of Peshawar – where the atrocity unfolded on Tuesday morning.

Since the appalling attack – in which 148 people, mostly children, were murdered – Pakistani air strikes and ground operations have killed around 200 militants in the northwest tribal region near the Afghan border. Source

Course, depending on whose account of the ‘massacre’ you read, there were between a half dozen and nine Teletubbies responsible for the murder of around 147 -150 children & adults.

Yet despite being armed with assault rifles and hand grenades Tinky Winky and his gang only managed to kill a maximum 147 people in 15 minutes – the other three reportedly being army personnel killed in the battle to retake the school.

Mind you, looking at the bullet riddled walls I am surprised that they managed to kill that many. I mean, the silly bastards were lucky not to kill themselves with a ricocheting bullet.

Lets have a look at some photos and you will see what I mean:


I’m not having it… Had it been a normal school then yes maybe. But an army school? No fucking way!

Indeed, you just know that the event has been staged to garner sympathy from Western audiences when women and children take to the streets just hours after the event with placards written in ENGLISH, with the subtle US governments message pushing their insidious agenda, easy to spot by those of us with eyes to see.


The bullshit really isn’t hard to sniff out once you stop and smell the roses.

If the evil fucks want everyone to believe that they are innocent of such atrocities then show me the evidence I say, and not a load of badly bandaged, healthy looking kids in their school uniforms pretending to be hurt.

Course, as well as raising the spectre of the Taliban, the two tales of bullshit also gave our very own fear-mongering voices of authority a chance to peddle some bullshit:

Britain has been just ‘days away’ from a terrorist atrocity like the Sydney siege, the UK’s top policeman said yesterday.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said five terror plots in London had been foiled in the past four months alone, including one gang who came ‘very, very close’ before the security services pounced.

The Scotland Yard chief said on LBC Radio there was ‘no doubt’ there were extremists in the UK as dangerous as the gunman behind the Sydney siege, and some plotters had been ‘very close to hurting somebody badly, or killing them’. Source

And we all know that Boss Hogg Howe would never lie would he… Say no Chris.

Twenty million to one Bernie… Twenty million to one.

However, the Teletubbie Taliban were not the only scary monster, super creeps to benefit from a bit of MSM propaganda, over this past week or so.

Remember Procul Haram?

You do?

Well they are back… Yep, you heard me – Procul Harem are back, having apparently finally sold the remainder of their 200 kidnapped schoolgirls into sex slavery:

A new video from Nigeria’s home-grown Boko Haram extremists shows gunmen mowing down civilians lying face down in a dormitory, and a leader saying they are being killed because they are ‘infidels’ or non-believers.

There are so many corpses the gunmen have difficulty stepping to reach bodies still twitching with life. Most appear to be adult men.

‘We have made sure the floor of this hall is turned red with blood, and this is how it is going to be in all future attacks and arrests of infidels,’ the group leader says in a message.

‘From now, killing, slaughtering, destruction and bombing will be our religious duty anywhere we invade.’ Source

The setting of the latest video appears to be a school, a long dormitory furnished with bunk beds which the leader says is in Bama, a town 40 miles north of Gwoza
Now do you remember what I told you in “If you believe they put a man on the moon” – my article giving the top ten tips for identifying a false flag operation?

Cool, and do you remember what the number 8 top tip was:

(8) Is the film footage of the terrorist attack of exceptionally poor quality at times and as such you cannot always clearly follow what is taking place – a sure fire indicator of foul play?

Nuff said.

Mind you, apparently our home grown terrorists will be able to get up to anything they want now thanks to the whistle blower, Edward Snowden:

Intelligence chiefs have lost track of some of Britain’s most dangerous criminals because US fugitive Edward Snowden exposed security service operations, it has been claimed.

The UK’s eavesdropping service, GCHQ, has had to stop monitoring drug gangs, paedophiles, human traffickers and money launderers as a result of the ‘significant’ damage inflicted by the leaks reported in the Guardian newspaper, sources said.

The Left-wing paper published a series of articles giving details of the activities of US and UK spy agencies, based on the top-secret files stolen by Snowden.

The reports helped to blow a massive hole in Britain’s intelligence-gathering capability by exposing sensitive methods to terrorists. Security chiefs said that extremists were ‘lapping up’ the articles and using them to evade detection. Source

What an utter crock of horse-shit, specifically designed to vilify all whistle-blowers… Not that I am sure of Edward Snowden being a bona fide whistle-blower in the first place.

After all, as far as I can see the only information that Snowden has blabbed is that which the MSM keep telling us about i.e the security services are spying on us… Which I most certainly did not need Edward Snowden to tell me that blatantly obvious secret in the first fucking place.

Then again, Snowden is in all likelihood a false flag himself with the aim of the game being to deter all whistle blowers from blabbing what they know.

However, lets get back to the league of terror and of course it would never do for the Chimp to forget about their number one golden boys ISIS would it.

Unfortunately there has not been that much happening on the Icicle front although that doesn’t stop Dacre’s Dunces from making shit up.

For example, the following is what the Monkey Boys wrote on the 20th of December:

A British mother-of-two who joined Islamic State jihadists with her ten-year-old is luring young girls to Syria through Twitter with the promise of ‘an awesome life’.

Muslim Convert Sally Jones, 45, told a reporter posing as a fictional 17-year-old ‘Aisha’ that she would ‘never want for money again’ and live a good life if she made the journey to Syria to become a jihadi bride.

The unemployed mother from Chatham, Kent, who survived on benefits while living in the UK, ranted online about how she wanted to behead Christians after fleeing to wage jihad with her toyboy husband.

Using her new name, Sakinah Hussain, the former lead guitarist in an all-girl punk band revealed how Isis militants are offering to pay travel expenses for teenagers looking to become jihadi brides.

British mother-of-two Sally Jones, 45, told fictional 17-year-old 'Aisha' that she would 'never want for money again' and would live a good life if she made the journey to Syria to become a jihadi bride

But she said that some British girls had kept the money and never made the ‘hijrah’ – holy migration.

‘People send money to girls to make hijrah and they take the money but dont come my sis said,’ she wrote in a message to an undercover reporter at The Times.

‘At the end of the day if ur muslim u have to get out of ul kufr [the land of the disbelievers] to please Allah if you can. Continue Reading

And this is what I wrote well over 3 months ago on September 11th 2014:

This is the photo that the Monkey boys used of  Silly Sally the benefit scrounging scally, in both of their articles.

Sally Jones, 45, from Kent, claims to have joined jihadis roaming the border between Syria and Iraq

She actually looks a bit like Faye Dunaway in that photo don’t cha think?

But it can’t be… Although Sammy Lou Lew tends to be Adele and Lilly Allen when it suits her.

Never the less, I can tell ya that Syria Sal’s photo has actually been cropped.

I know that for a fact because the same photo appeared in the Metro Newspaper

And this is what it looked like along with their caption:

British Muslim convert Sally Jones, 45, mother-of-two who calls herself Sakinah Hussain and uses the pseudonym Umm Hussain al-Britani holding a large handgun.  Sally Jones who allegedly travelled to Syria to join her Islamic extremist husband had earlier been tobsessed by "witchcraft and voodoo". TIM STEWART NEWS LIMITED:

British Muslim convert Sally Jones, 45, mother-of-two (Picture: TIM STEWART NEWS LIMITED)

“So fucking what?” I hear you say.

And the answer to that would be that not only was the photo cropped, it had also been ‘flipped’.

Indeed, the photo below is how it should have looked.


And again I hear you say ‘so fucking what’?

To which I would say, have a fucking butchers at this photo:


I should just say that in the bottom left hand side photo I have overlaid the photo of Sally onto the forum photo… Matches perfectly.

Now, since releasing this article I have been informed that the above photo – the one from the gun control forum – is in fact the front cover to Irish author Colin Bateman’s 1st novel, ‘Divorcing Jack‘ which was released in 1995.


Popular photo isn’t it?

Quite ironically, Jack – as in Divorcing Jack – is an alcoholic journalist.

Moreover, in 1998 the book was made into a film of the same name.

You will like this… Take a look at the ‘Divorcing Jack’ film poster:

Now, the actress who plays the part of the Nun – and is seen posing as such in the above poster – is called Rachel Griffiths.

And according to the blub about the Australian born actress on the IMDb website:

Her mother, Anna Griffiths, is an art consultant. Her uncle is a Jesuit priest.

Just saying.

Now, prior to making that film, Rachel – still a relatively unknown actress – caused a controversy when she got her tits out in protest at the opening of a casino:

Rachel Griffiths

THE opening of Crown casino 10 years ago is remembered for many things – including an acclaimed actor flashing her breasts in protest.

It’s not every day a future Oscar winner struts around in nothing more than a loincloth and crown of thorns.

That’s exactly what Melburnian Rachel Griffiths did on May 8, 1997.

Griffiths took security staff by surprise when she ripped off a kimono to reveal her semi-naked body in front of crowds of people, including Premier Jeff Kennett and the media.

She declared the government of the time had “succeeded in raping our state of its dignity, compassion and sense of community”.

When asked why she felt compelled to strip in order to protest, she replied: “If I didn’t flash my t–s, you wouldn’t have put me in the paper.”

The Six Feet Under star years later said the protest wasn’t so much an anti-gambling stance as a comment on what had happened to Melbourne’s sense of community.

She said she continued to feel the casino was a waste of an important site in the city.

Griffiths was unavailable for comment yesterday. Source

So, the question that we should be asking ourselves I suppose is: Is that Rachel Griffiths playing Silly Sally in the photo?

936full-rachel-griffithsERRRR HELLOOO!

Mind you, in their defence those Chimp photo-editors have never been that quick on the uptake.

In fact you only need look at another Chimp article that was also published on the 20th of December to realise that fact.

The article in question was in regard to what is apparently termed as being; Black eye Friday – the last working Friday before the Christmas holidays:

It is known as ‘Black Eye Friday’ – the last one before Christmas, with emergency services stretched to their limits. 

But in Blackpool, as colleagues struggle to arrest a drunken reveller, a WPC appears to find time to take a bizarre souvenir photo. 

As two men drape their arms around her colleague, the policewoman appears happy to snap away, then seems to hand the phone back. 

She seems oblivious to the struggle going on at her feet. 

The man, pictured with his face planted firmly on the pavement, was later taken away in a policevan. 

Elsewhere a police woman was seen posing for a photograph with another woman as she tried on her hat. Continue Reading.

Now whilst I am all for any article that shows the plod up for the Numpties that they undoubtedly are, I also feel that in doing so, it should be done with integrity and honesty.

And with that in mind, the following are two of the photos that accompanied that article along with their captions.

In Blackpool, a policewoman takes a photograph of two revellers as her colleague struggles to arrest a man on the pavement 

In Blackpool, a policewoman takes a photograph of two revellers as her colleague struggles to arrest a man on the pavement

As her colleagues struggle with the man on the floor, the policewoman hands a phone back to two revellers posing with another police officer

As her colleagues struggle with the man on the floor, the policewoman hands a phone back to two revellers posing with another police officer

Do you see what I see?

If you don’t, here’s a little hint:

As two men drape their arms around her colleague, the policewoman appears happy to snap away, then seems to hand the phone back. 

And if you still don’t see, check out the arm round the copper coming from his right hand side.

Course, in the grand scheme of things, my mentioning this may seem trivial. Yet the Monkey boys clearly state that there are two fellas, not three and even then the two that are mentioned do not look right.

For instance look at the fella in the white jumpers right arm – the one around the plod. It looks to me to be bent in two places.

And as for his mate, although he is clearly leaning forward he is a whole foot length behind his mate and looks to have a false left leg.

Therefore, how do we know that the whole story isn’t just made up?

And of course, a made up news story is a very big deal.

Okay, switching subjects now from terrorists to social workers and here we see the Chimp running yet another story about the scheming, snake-eyed, evil crone’s wrong doing:

A social worker who falsely accused an innocent father of abusing his six-year-old daughter was allowed to continue working with vulnerable children, it has emerged.

Suzi Smith alleged during a custody battle that she had seen Jonathan Coupland, 53, attack his child.

The accusation – made while she was ‘really, really angry’ – led to him being handcuffed in front of neighbours, thrown into a cell and banned from seeing his daughter. The Daily Mail revealed the case in April, and since then a disciplinary hearing has found Mrs Smith guilty of misconduct and ruled that her fitness to practise is impaired.

But she was not struck off or suspended. Instead, she was given a three-year caution order, which means she can continue to work with the most vulnerable children.

It has also emerged that she was allowed to continue working as a social worker after making the false accusation. Source

Absolutely unforgivable and the fact that the shit stain on society is still at liberty instead of behind bars is a national disgrace… Just when the fuck did our children’s welfare cease to not matter any more?

Course, now that we have succeeded in getting the ball rolling in regards to the complaint against the unfit for purpose Miles & Robinson, I do hope that the above article is not an indication of the shape of things to come.

I mean, quite how a sick fuck old slapper like Smith can sink so low as to accuse a loving father of abusing his young daughter and then be allowed to carry on in the profession is breathtaking insanity. To my mind and I feel sure anyone who is half way right in the head will feel the same; Suzi Smith ought to be in fucking prison… End of!

Indeed, in regard to Miles & Robinson nothing short of them both being struck off the HCPC register will be a satisfactory outcome as far as I am concerned… They both conspired to steal an innocent child… My grandson.

Now, it is one thing for the authorities to try and stitch me up. In fact I could even accept being slung in prison for 10 years on a trumped up charge, but it is quite something else to involve an innocent child in their quest to silence me.

In fact it is just about as sick, depraved, and unforgivable as it fucking gets.

Indeed, if revolution ever comes – and I have a feeling that it will – these grotesque parodies of human beings must be wiped off the face of the earth. They are a disease, a curse, a leopard does not change its spots and as such there is no room for them on this planet.

And if you think that is harsh, see how you feel when someone tries to hurt you by hurting your infant child or grandchild.


Me and Clay on Boxing Day

Now, don’t you all go thinking that the outcome that I want for Miles & Robinson is just pie in the sky.

Indeed it is actually a very realistic possibility as long as no one rests on their laurels now that the ball is rolling. Certainly the response received from the HCPC by those who used snail-mail to write in and complain was, very favourable.

Unfortunately the replies that I have seen are all marked “Private & Confidential” and as such I don’t want to give the HCPC any scope to shirk their responsibilities by publishing one.

Never the less, if you still haven’t written a letter of complaint, it is nowhere near too late to still do so… Please do. The more complaints that they receive, the more realistic that outcome becomes.

Remember, you are quite entitled to complain, and you do not have to lie or embellish the facts because the evidence of wrong doing speaks for its self.

And neither will £500 be anywhere near the compensation that myself and Stacey are looking for.

Yet staggeringly that is the amount that the wholly corrupt Essex Social Services believe is compensation enough for having tried removing a child under false pretences… Worse still, the child in question was very nearly lost to the innocent couple forever after being put up for adoption by the sewer dwelling SS:

A baby’s first smile, their first Christmas, those unsteady first steps… these are precious moments every new parent cherishes.

But one couple missed nine months of their baby daughter’s life after officials wrongly took her away – and initially offered them just £500 in compensation.

Their child was even put up for permanent adoption before the case was thrown out by a judge, who described it as a ‘debacle’.

Cheryll Rich and Jack Barnes have now been reunited with their daughter Misty (pictured) who was put up for permanent adoption in the 'debacle'

Cheryll Rich and Jack Barnes have now been reunited with their daughter Misty (pictured) who was put up for permanent adoption in the ‘debacle’

Cheryll Rich and Jack Barnes, who have now been reunited with their daughter Misty, told the Mail of their disgust last night at the ‘insulting’ compensation offer.

Miss Rich said: ‘Those are months we will never get back. We read the log from when Misty was with the foster carer. When she rolled over for the first time. Her first teddy. Pictures from her first Christmas. Continue Reading

How vomit inducing is that?

ALL of these slime-ball, pox infested, sub-humans have to go and when I say go, I mean put on fucking trial and sentenced to a very long prison term.

After all, these are not isolated incidences of unforgivable errors of judgement being made by incompetent social workers, they are the normal working practice of evil psychopaths specialising in child trafficking.

And what you have to realise is that it could happen to anyone of you at any time.

Course, I did mention why the Chimp runs these kind of stories which often also quote judges who are vowing to change the law in regard to the Children’s Secret Courts, in my article from the 21st of December entitled: You Cannot Be Serious

Judge Jimmy and the Monkey Boys talk the talk but have no intention of walking the walk because they are the problem, not the solution.

In fact it should by now be blatantly obvious that the reason Judge Dread is blowing meaningless hot air and given print time in the Chimp is because Child Stealing by the State has now become such an epidemic that it is no longer a fucking secret and as such the Establishment have to be seen to be doing something about it.

I mean, why wait till “next time” to jail the corrupt social workers?

After all, parents who are powerless to stop their children being stolen by the secret courts have no choice but to break the vomit inducing, twisted, sick fuck gagging laws, in a last ditch desperate bid for justice yet they are not afforded a“next time” let off?

Indeed, it is up to us to change the law, because those who make the law certainly fucking won’t… The law suits the nonce scum law-makers just fine.

And as long as we have the likes of the Rat featured, nonce protecting, Deputy Children’s Commissioner, Sue Berkowitz spewing blatant fantasy old bollox as reason for keeping the abhorrent secret courts as they are, our children will never be safe

I mean to say for fucks sake, according to Berkowitz – you can guess which crew she belongs to – if the veil of secrecy is removed from the Family Courts, children will be likely to commit suicide if they believe that their names will become known to the public:

Children will be pushed into committing suicide if the secretive family courts are opened to public scrutiny, a senior government official has sensationally claimed.

Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz said children will kill themselves if they believe their names and their troubled lives will become known to the public.

In a controversial speech calling for the courts to stay closed, she said: ‘I have worked closely with profoundly distressed and damaged and troubled children all my working life. I know and understand their minds; it is my job. I know how little it takes to tip a child over the edge.’

The remarks were greeted with astonishment and disbelief by campaigners for open justice. 

One said: ‘I don’t know what planet this woman is on.’ High Court judge Sir Roderick Newton, who spoke alongside Miss Berelowitz in a legal debate on whether the courts and their decisions should be reported in the media, said family courts should be open to scrutiny.

How blatant is that sick fuck?

Indeed, I would bet that children and parents alike who have fallen victim to the Nazi like ‘Secret Courts of injustice’ would be over the moon if that veil of secrecy were lifted… In fact, I would venture further by saying that there have been far more suicides committed by children screaming to be heard (which is also the name of a Charity, reg: 1144679, please donate) than there would ever be by those who have had their names made public… Not that there is any reason for their names to automatically be made public anyway.

And it is because of paedophile protectors like Berkonbeak – or whatever the fuck its name is – that allows the likes of Smith, Miles & Robinson to operate with impunity of the law.

Indeed, I doubt Berkonbeak has any children, as is the case with many Social Workers and as such they are all about as much benefit to families in need as a driving instructor who has never driven a car in their life is to someone taking an advanced driving test.

Furthermore, even the ones who have children are shit parents.

In fact a young lady that I know very well – and have done for a long time –  has a registered Social Worker for a mother, yet this lovely looking girl has been addicted to heroin for at least 3 maybe 4 years, has worked as a prostitute and is now making a living as a topless pole-dancer, even though she hasn’t had her 21st birthday yet.

Moreover, I know for a fact that her addiction stemmed from her troubled early teens, yet Mother dear – too wrapped up in her own life -just let her get on with it… Now that is Social Workers for you.

Therefore, why would anyone be surprised that the monsters have monsters in charge?

In fact, it is hardly surprising that the Social Services are grossly mislabelled as being there to help families – whilst in reality they are anything but – when we have SS bosses like the evil, sick-fuck monster, Berkonbeak coming out with frightening statements such as the following from 2012:

“We should start from the assumption that children are being sexually exploited right the way across the country. As one police officer who was the lead in a very big investigation in a very lovely, leafy, rural part of the country said to me: ‘There isn’t a town, village or hamlet in which children are not being sexually exploited.’” Source

And once you digest that outrageous assumption and then look into the eyes of the Rattus norvegicus peddling such abhorrent nonsense, you start to come to some idea of what we are up against.

Rattus norvegicus Berkonbeak


Course, with the likes of Berkonbeak in charge and Social Workers being taught from the Persecution Manual, anyone without a platform to be heard who falls under the evil eyes of the flesh creeping insidious SS is basically fucked.

So what is the Persecution Manual?

‘The Persecution Manual’ is the title being given to the procedures being used by Social Services in certain countries, in particular Sweden, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the other English-speaking countries. The title has arisen from a comprehensive study of the ‘persecution strategies’ employed by Social Services by a Swedish academic. This study can now be used in constitutional and human rights actions by parents against Social Services.

The title of the study is ‘The Rhetoric Case – Persecution strategies in a child care order investigation’ and it is written by Linda Ärlig, Department of Social Science, the Psychology Section, University of Örebro, Sweden.

It is an immensely important document, which can be put to good use to protect persecuted parents. The full text is here.  Source

And in a nutshell Linda Ärlig’s findings amount to the Social Services using persecution techniques such as:

  • The authority knows best
  • Blackening the names of the parents
  • Making children and parents to appear in need of care
  • Pushing through and sticking to decisions that have been made
  • Disregarding laws and regulations
  • Destroying relations of importance to the family
  • Influencing the reader
  • Disregarding elementary aspects of objectivity

And I am sure that anyone who has had the misfortune to encounter these harridans will be able to relate to those techniques and those fortunate enough to have avoided them – so far – would do well to wisely take note of them.

After all, even the slightest accidental knock, common to all toddlers as they begin learning to balance on two legs could lead to doting parents finding themselves caught up in an unimaginable nightmare… And that is not me being alarmist – Indeed it is a cast iron fact.

Moreover, my American readers will recognise that what is taking place here, is exactly the same for them over there:

Officials with Riverside County, Calif., removed a newborn baby from her mother without a valid reason or a court-ordered warrant, a practice that the county does very often, according to claims made by the mother in a federal class action lawsuit.

The lead plaintiff in the suit, known as “A.A.,” which is the baby, filed suit against the county, Juvenile Dependency Investigator Karla Torres, Torres’ supervisor Felicia M. Butler, and “all similarly situated county social workers and investigators” Dec. 12, Courthouse News Service reported.

The plaintiff’s attorney, Shawn McMillan, told the news service that his firm, which focuses on civil rights cases against government child protective agencies, “uncovered an alarming trend” about one year ago while undergoing discovery for other cases.

“County child welfare agencies regularly subvert the constitutional rights of parents and children by seizing children from their parents when there is no danger to the child, and in fact no need to seize the child at all,” McMillan told Courthouse News Service. Source

Moving on now to another of my pet hates at the moment, the wholly corrupt, unfit for purpose British Police Forces… And in particular, the Essex Police.

Now this next story is about YET ANOTHER BULLYBOY ARSE-WIPE OF A COPPER belonging to the Essex police and is described by NEWS SHOPPER, who published the article on December 10th as being thus:

Our story about a St Paul’s Cray mum left bruised and fuming after an off-duty police officer arrested her for swearing in a school playground has sparked a huge debate online.

So far the article has generated nearly 300 comments here and more than 160 on our Facebook page, making it one of our most discussed stories ever.

I have to say that I was quite surprised by that fact being as News Shopper is a fairly well known news site.

However, it just goes to show you how popular this website is since 300 comments on here is not a total rarity by any means and as such is a clear indication that WE CAN make a difference and WE CAN force change if WE WANT CHANGE BADLY ENOUGH.

All that is required is a little effort – and it really is only a little effort – on your part.

As for the article itself, the following is how News Shopper described the events:

It comes after Roxanne Beaven, of Whippendell Way, reported to us how she was chatting to fellow mums at Gray’s Farm Primary Academy when an off-duty police man overheard her use the word “c**t.”

The Essex Police officer, who was taking his own children into school, asked 24-year-old Ms Beaven to mind her language as he passed her shortly before 9am.

When the 33-year-old copper returned to the playground a few minutes later, he threatened to arrest her if she swore again .

Ms Beaven then admits telling the officer to “f**k off” before he grabbed her arm and tried to wrestle her to the floor.

The mother-of-three, who was with her two-year-old twin sons Archie and George Lugg, said she did not believe the man was a police officer at first.

She told News Shopper: “I admittedly told him to f*** off at first because I didn’t know him from Adam. Continue Reading

Roxanne Beaven, 24, was arrested for swearing in a school playground

Roxanne Beaven, 24, was arrested for swearing in a school playground


Hardly surprising then that on the same day as News Shopper ran that article, the Southend Echo ran an article stating that complaints against the Essex Robothugs have increased this year by a staggering 23 %:

COMPLAINTS against Essex Police have increased by 23 per cent over the past year.

Among the most serious cases under investigation are the delays in tackling paedophile teacher Martin Goldberg and the case of a man who had a heart attack and died after being restrained by police.

The latest quarterly report on complaints, misconduct and related matters shows 478 complaints were made against the force between July and September this year – 90 more than during the same period last year.

The total number of complaints for the 12 months to September 2014 was 1,690.

Other serious complaints including one from a domestic abuse victim who claimed she was seriously sexually assaulted by a former partner, after police failed to arrest the man for breaching a restraining order.

Essex Police and Crime Commissioner Nick Alston, described some of the cases as “of deep concern”. Continue Reading

Now that last sentence in the above snippet is very interesting indeed… Or at least it is to me and I would imagine quite possibly to a few of you as well.

After all, many of you wrote to Alston recently to lodge a complaint at the harassment being dished out to me and my family courtesy of the Essex Robothugs.

And of course you will all no doubt be aware of the lacklustre response from Alston – a man taking money under false pretences.

I mean, just what the fuck does he do for his huge salary?

Never the less, my next major article that I have been alluding to over the past week or so will tell you all that you need to know about Alston, as well as the IPCC and James Duddrige MP Absolute Disgrace.

However, above all I intend to expose the shameless arrogance of Essex Chief Constable, Stephen Kavanagh and his blatant disregard for honesty, truth and justice… And trust me when I say that you will be shocked, bemused and outraged at what I have to tell you.

Well, you will if you are not just one of the nations indifferent sleep walkers anyway… Stay tuned.

Finally, I will just quickly mention that Morris has asked me for an interview to be screened on his YouTube channel, which I have agreed to do and is in fact being recorded at 7.30 GMT this morning (28/12/2014).

For those of you not familiar with Morris, you can find his channel by clicking HERE.

And the following video is of Morris introducing himself and what he is about.

Righto, that’s ya lot for now… Much love to you all… Byyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee